8-10 Bauerle and Bellavia Live From Erie County Fair

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, August 10th

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News radio 930 WB ENBC. Com hourly in David Bellamy asked its hourly and Doleac on news radio 930 W. Incredibly hot air without anyone noticing it. And value of indigestion. Yeah but that's okay because visitors to the young living essential oils she is gave him all night guys something called that permit well that's what we told them at love well that's about half. Help block there were a little might not Socrates though that. Albert the great we just found out the second part of the fear. Which is Hugo hall would have extreme Hartford in Chicago now. Now with all of the stuff over that you feel like garbage goes as many. Now now you today. The only food be easy to access that makes me get it ain't over believe that can be yours is elements. Or that one element especially at all as. You know that you yet to meet a person who's there with more than one. Close. And it's. Let's go back to the calls as we talk here. I'm ready the WB yet yet we get calls the other Shalit. Outwardly you press the button and that whispers it. Let's go to what they. It is you are on partly about me one bit I know. You got going at it. And it is this keyboard player for a while. And men. And if you see him driving his car is the one with the hurt my license plate. You're gonna talk to us about the proposal that. Right here and on the propeller beanie. I. They keyboards dot. I have not I can't keep it all of his stuff but open but palace beanie pat. You know always at coming up and saying hey I think you're being. I'll. Put it though the entire. This is because your celebrating that time that it's gone by rag that's all right. It's gone wild. Ether for the award today it would be hard but that I've ever seen you offstage wearing a beard there are people. I actual spot unless you wanna be recognized at that keep our players are not while you're wearing a propeller hat. Because your history its merry. At that. Keyboard player that's about the best that's happening yet dummy on which. The bass player's agent that based players go below. These players are based players go home alone it's always the guitar guys with a beautiful women laughter. But but I mean I guess the propeller hat with the spirit aero where the propeller it was actually cool. I don't think that. At. Last it was 1990. Kelly arrives on. You know what actually. Reference on or about August or September. Urban neighborhoods across America. You you guys look up I don't have access to be right now look at. It across America one month with the other ethnic. Stock. Like the it will elbows. That's. Generally kept that habit. If we play. A game where you get you know surgery. Dictionary if I a propeller. Is. Automatically get it they eat where it. That's why the whole whole point while he wary about the fact. She that it had there have proposed marriage but he pitched. Like that you eat the union that it. It is actually by the day it is. You know that there's no purpose. But discussions about upper end physics. Well there. There's a practical purpose of this I'd get all of the credit department as well but that it likely that that the. Off of eight bit great keep supporting Kurt while it's not hourly. I'm very it's counters it up there please dark yet Eddie thank you it is nice that the let me get a bit by the way. I hope you guys didn't mind that I've played with lithium last night aren't you my friend that value added tax and and you're fit thank you want to call it. All of the light view and not talk to JJ. JJ. Now are well what hourly development if this is JJ from JJ swing got really gonna think the entire music industry at Western New York estate over Michelle okay with that picture you're at WP yet. Thanks guys. I guess planet I went out and they're very on. Our whole family which are kidnapped spam might get a better and I would I would. I couldn't even I don't eat right don't gonna rookie right I thought I. But it isn't that I am a baby borrowers okay. But I ate my dad thought he thought hey what I think it was more like a part whipped out bowl at. You need to quit. They'll make that Child Protective Services now listening very closely the story any time somebody says yeah. That's where my parents used to beat me rate that was a weapon fall to us about the open about Annika. I read. Usually I can make it in the kitchen by the war. Stood up our act element about Iran has preached all of them with a whip and I'm O we had very strong solidarity between five K. And so we got together or that we're gonna destroy those lips so we destroyed. We caught up in them that tiny pieces. As we aren't we're back at our and we threw in the newspapers Darby so they wouldn't find it. Okay page and horrible story at all if you take an oath never rat on each other and what that your mom and dad say when they realized that. Was gone episode from stranger things written. Into. She should let you don't seem that would look where we're going right I. Really like to beat you with its underpinnings ethical awareness. Holes like each. Child a year ago that. Brought. Acknowledge that do you do you believe. That made about a person hit you know the corporal punishment. Yeah. Our. Well I thought well. It's something special. Lot. I should have been mores which agents major ticker story appreciated by any good stories about the affair that involved keeping me. Yeah I. At that spills like that person again. I was mad can I couldn't go on the bit right I thought my time I went out well. All all all all well while I'm still level people writes well JJ we don't this week therapy goes well. Well huh. Deliberate tactic that you draw apparently built it expects the the stories to be so. Evil does well with. As the cry for help there yet you know let it these messages to properly say quit JJ three times here. If at all I can't threw well. Adultery a thirty all right the strangest thing you've ever bought at the fair. You have your habits must do at the theory they're coming capital that we talk with the people from that bitter. And we want to make that reference to the enemy the we want to make that we what I meant that as. Hazmat suit. Imagine bat shattered it. Yes it. Now we we wanted to make reference to the fact that. Our radio today is being made possible through the generosity. Over for a TV dot com. And I almost what events all over the last hour Tom and another. I would competent without it which you know now it. Now just. As. Sauces it was the after it was that your it was hot place it was hot spicy little bit salty so slightly more hot doing what it was actually this year is there a moment that threw tear your heart. I felt that the horrible if or an. As second part of your ego it was it was probably when the third that reflected. That at that moment flirt but I'll go up or beef jerky alike is that stupid that's why what what's don't Hugo. You know that the fair story like did you hear that. It may be. My mother's watch maybe twice yet so it so it is really proper description. Ice thinking he'd be too hard. That we don't want it to go through what I question. Beat appointment until I hurt my action I. Well if I wanna give this information out its judgment areas as either. I. Am asking this question what authority. And now you know. I think the future appears to be. Your cute little lack of blood or there about the law. You know the dangers remind that much maybe you. You know a cap try to give it to the you that in no don't touch that a health. Kick off. I. Others ultimate weapon coming up at future epic yeah. A holdover. My mother had a bump of all weapons and it's not which doesn't make him make him wait before you idiots we're gonna while she by colony confirm or deny this story that in the your parents use on you capital punishment in the use it your kids. I. Admitted first off how's it fairly well behaved kid until a bikini teenagers and rebellious and I don't think that ever grow out of rebellion and don't like it ever will but my mother. The only time she would lay a hand Bentley was just twice and when I see lay him down. That's that just distraught and I'll talk a swat like just just the smallest of swat it would even now as this thing. But my mother's ultimate weapon. Was your eyes. My mother which is it. And she always got into this one look into my eyes like to see what your line it was impossible to pull over anything I'm bomb. The never touched me I think that would that once he threw us at a car keys that as I went out without permission it's laid out to law. And I can't really lit offensively missed. I've found that most guys. Yes well hits you with anything under five dollars. And five meter if of their proximity. I don't ever meet with him obviously people. There. Your your speak your. Mind about I never disciplined me when ops that. They would cooled off. Then he joked that now. There's that and it was you know what you did. At equipment on while public wants. A bar where. Don't know but again that's out of the week it was supposed to be a pick that that is the closest thing. A book I epic that the closest thing Paula well. Not only with a perfect strike the slight it was like it the birther bill that's how good the game lives and that particular. You hear well. It is that there's one that's been here here's the funny thing. Discipline here by throwing the ball hit it in the head with a on all the kid but now that the bond while it. You know I've seen those doors that we proved yours. Yet. Yes. Sell one in the range. It optical they were angry and they went to slam the door but it wouldn't close. At that rate in the world or when they go to slam the door and it's the system worked is because basically bounces the ball. That's right but to go on an Alley went to slam. Would go good god that I'd certainly have a with the huge holes in it now but it's we were going by evil you know. Maze of quote where her body. Bears got on the east just beat us with that Mays by the way is that it looks like a ball but it gets spikes Everton who. Change yes it it used to use that in the first world war the Second World War veteran twittering. And I'll bet that that really dangerous. They still may still find those that buried in the fields of grants to. That would any message. You know every year's series crew every year and France all over with the first second. Wars were fought. Others that are quality when they fight or let's. Get some of which is still volatile day after that it ready. Google find out yeah Ottawa the belt. Then let it grow its got its shoulder high by the fourth of July 2 years later. Armistice ya so but. It is but they actually will have you go to the rich are driving down rich country it's called them the French army comes out and they'll actually dispose of this World War I that will work to ammunition that was basically left to it to rest it will be in the fields of rabbits I can't imagine. Wanted them. Explosive ordinance as well. The spoils the bomb squad. We work at it from awards. Battled but kept in the worst conditions cold I saw. You touch that they ought to wanna beat you. I don't wanna be too late for the for the break here but that pulled mr. before the year we we ship listeners. I think at least old house which is located at 345 Massachusetts evidence there and my aunt Lou it would nursing home. And as a result of purple they obviously we ultimately the vehicle the bones because it definitely does. So I just ever making my uncle about the things go the basement at that she's got some really cool stuff for the basement and they were adamant now it's already been built used nothing in that basement. And sure enough it. The people who move in. And beat the irony of the story news. This guy's daughter and my daughter which later played hockey together but the people who hit the version goes. They go to in the basement at 345 Massachusetts avenue and they five. What my great uncle that ripped off from the US army in World War I a legitimate. World War I with aerial bomb the kind of Bob. That was dropped from an airplane but it wasn't dropped by the mechanized device these guys literally would halt the Banja over the plane's. Drop at the and it stretches hit the buffalo police bomb squad was called and that they went up like oh. You hit that with a hammer and yes you'd drop a bit like most your response mean no offense that's one of the most immigrants Bible. Can you all I read uncle was it would occur that made an average fell. It is that you have moved the house you lose that neighborhood YouTube magical lawsuit are now like I don't know what happened the bomb now. At everything with her yet we got to break this deal is getting antsy and whose regular thirty WBB. End. Little cheesy topped the air base that nicely done Bill Kennedy back this nation is ready at 930 WP hourly develop via. We have some nice folks here who are looking at the bath that are displayed in the party picked up their bathrooms so. That generated the business you have it but it's just weird sitting in front of a bathroom let that you guys are going to be units and showering had been hit it weaknesses. It's strange. But we are joined David my. Very special guest. We got chopper bath fitter who I got a chance to tour the facility. Right here in our backyard and I gotta tell them that. The big blew me away now you understand it. That better makes every one. You call these guys up. And that difference between the competition and that they're they're in and out of your house one day and the reason why there it one day. If that tire warehouse factories fed up. Like at Daytona 500. You know every everyone has the job there's a purpose and they just feet right along and and you think about to happen is they make the machines that make the actual Tubbs and it helped and it requires job you do literally have. Every bathtub. It history about to it Western New York. You have actual tub just hanging out there like an airplane hangar it billion cups that's right yeah. Physical thing in the world. It is neat it is and the Cayman here in. Right now we've got 200. Eating into jobs 289. To object lesson this sort of form more than comment. You're right up in the and they need the of course you know exactly what you're looking at so that otherwise it would take. You know maybe five days to match everything up and. If there's one speck that's wrong what it's yeah they're going to be up bubble popped and that's what we what you leave my house after one day what is that better. Every expert level there's no pops there's no buses there's no way. If we strive for yes. What do you give us an idea of the Genesis of bath fitter and what you're aiming to do for people. I mean just look like David that your aunts and I listen to his ads and what I believe in listening to David understanding is that. With a lot of bathroom jobs in a lot of different companies you're looking at day after day after day of being in convenience between the tile the tub bit betrayed him the pictures everything else. But what you guys do if you're able to get in and out like a military operation in one business that. Is right yet know. What makes us. Different in what we view is that Blackhawk helicopters in the republic of all. This. All we we don't do we build on confiding in the basement and they'll do. They'll exploit you know to a ability. This is are we so you know like it that would mean that some reform them they'll be for about. Fifteen years. Guy for eighteen years you know this is all we do India maybe installed right now. Just out into the job at it. So and so each package to job so we're not like it I call now. Right now honor. If these were about two and a half weeks. We we did thirty times for you beat and it that we can. Why so dive right now to port to 899 out of them for that matter. They got that's what it's an opt noble peace that you get this now with three kids that they throw it into the mine aren't yet for. I think people of Erie county fair there walking around there Oreo Cookies in there with tacos and all the food at their spy game with. No way. We had a nice way to stop by and I got as well liked everything out. In the hand yet you know that's where you were here. In her core. Customers. The clearances now you're too I mean we do them there but her core customers two to one. Let's. Buffalo we were echoed that you know. Hard working people. But the other thing that this is they'll sell stuff I mean this mean there's all this is this is quality stuff that's look at it got a great look to end. The other cool thing at the counter to everything so fast and effectively that you commercial jobs. Think you'll hotels that you dormitory there walking in there and knock it out which might take. Six weeks but it also war vote now they're not get these things out like because it is broken down. It's such a theory that effective way to. What people were to look like garbage you ready to a lot of house slippers real estate flippers. As well with people later renovating or. Hotels we do some of those be the flippers their goal to get in and out keep them at a point right now some of and they know the quality. Then Marie and you know commercialized. For awful mean. Visible on the deal. There's people. Back this up so I mean we we don't get phone calls we get like tank guarantee. On the acrylic. On the plumbing. I hit I telegraph about the what does that light keeps them. Rates at how quick it can make that it makes it I'll tell you when that happens and it happened two years. Not from back to port to 89 that you now you guys at the premise that we can our own shower which opposed yeah Bob yeah. Have to do that. You'll I think I'll have another question where that is this what if somebody does he did they don't need Newt Ilie that is needed to shower door. Is that of these guys do or jeez yeah we don't you go to use it it's the whole it's the whole thing yes. Cool cool bath fitter. And topic so what you're up to count count the reason why we're here at the Erie county fair to get to fourteen. And again well you think 20% off. And order before. August 31. Regional consultation. You went out with the for him and now which it's early days that. She stopped that is qualities. It's solid and it's clean showers clean. Things. Better he smells a lot but it is America although my hat that. At all. Anyway thank you so much with that and now we well. You know. The restore order so right now delicacy. Counties received the restraining our I dropped the charges along ago we need enjoyed that the team for such other shows that anywhere we are public. And are both great guys right. Out talking and they show. And their elected that I'd like that they'll eat it and so for sure true. Like ran around to help them out Belfort has become a celebrity is all right yeah it is that your. I made you drop it restraining order because it was a 500000. I. And we've got a they'll they'll feel too bad because level out with a veto elementary school or Chucky Jeanne it's not done Everett got answers phone. I miss earth says. But emergency outward. And now we're we took that picture up she immediately where you're at an apartment at its ability. Don't know if one of the guys to sign this album were eager illustrate your. Have a great sense of humor but your all so very that guy who come model that we appreciate that so what about the present. Oh I love mr. David I mean there's so many things that I won here before. They have bombed. Does this red state thing if you want a close something that might go a paper. Punitive. You know they really don't feel like yeah it yet use slider over and keeps it from spilling it keeps it fresh picture did you actually. Use that well but. All with. I've story that whipped him at this school round thing there when you have the snow and ice and we shall we have. Those we have those okay bill they're made in America. OK and I got to play. They are so much better than the scrapers we bought so. Before this at one of the best one of the smartest thing is that ever but it's a circular plastic coated thing that they might block your car windows now it's the the mechanics or your arm not fit in the camp with things to do this article yes yes de ya all at duke this is is so old school. It doubles in place. A funnel to it yet to put some fluid in your yes. Yes now it's great well what else what else it is mostly relatives and paid for on TV. That the it's. Like a lot of the different foods. Which are examples. A lot of David maple surprise. That's an awesome thing. Be here with security. It's very here Abbott to it and try to get really bad idea huh. Hot spring Turkey had look at him. Tears are only got a guy. It was the worst thing interpreted. News he had received horrible. The hot security. What else so what do you do. I like watching them. There's this when he first came in there as a kid going down that slide it was an even at the bigots like this where it's currently. And yeah. But it went bill repeat yesterday. Yesterday that would most creative things any listeners that we and bill yesterday that the game when we're talking about Chris Collins. Meritless or true. And I kicked out of not a century before I came out here today I was literally left in my driveway thinking about would be awesome if the bill put together forest Maryland but for error list or through her that was it that was a fun game bill they could and that's very kind of sit down it was it was pretty awesome. The old cigarette merry. Yes there are merits I think it was a bear cigarette in the mirror to America Seagram was it was ridiculously vote are vote nicotine I think the other thing Arabs called inner. There here this that was the other which yeah. So caught up very funny and does that song that he does not like it's that. So what what's on the agenda for the restive measured they're going experience well she got them. Think that is going to be the reconnaissance data and look over different things and Condit later on in there and it like out house. I can get this the most. I ever heard that they're actually. Well it is a bit north and thus. But I would have gotten into that better. About my house bristles with cameras but it bristles. Up argue. It's so much. To aid casts out of every day. And then if it's gonna rain and they you know when you go inside some buildings you can cut. Riser. I'm like that's your right to manipulate. Yeah not a lot of mean things like tops and Egypt that we get through it all the such affairs Leo it's now the worst thing in the world it's probably the age thing it's an experience heartburn. Other well I take. It's so funny you mention that because at this discussion with my kids over the weekend as we could return after red road trip that we can do in a dad kids at this point their lives. Am I said are you guys still do rights at surprisingly in their twenties they can still do right or at least they think they can still do right. Because look what happens to a terrific what we get there early twenties or some cases thirty years old. You don't I mean that the idea in your stomach she you know. Jingle the king golden everything else is not as appealing it now as it was when I was six years old I I rented Q. One. Pilots. From the airport and the key York studio. I when he went up and they got to keep plugging. It would help that your show but even major flight tankers to keep your eyes went there anyway we were talking about that he'd like there's a certain age. Where no matter what you're doing. Actually differently equilibrium with different. It all like it's a public market to the world at the best thing in the world and they just like it's on at all I don't want the kids. I don't mind the rotation like he counts and this new world like that right at like the octopus that goes around and then just like yes yes. After a wild thing and then he's. Actually rise. To the doctor mentally I think you're you're at these groups. Got a great idea let's bring people rounds force dropped the war in. The question is if you have one of those being him to the Republican right those rights to me. By the way. But there's while god where's that that he actually said he'd remember and it's almost like September 14 1990. I don't. I thought about well I'll probably go here. One person clock how about. These but a lot of them lately haven't eaten so there's no shortage of agricultural America agricultural western new York road where you live. If you spent any time with that the poultry or the other animals. I am not there yet this year but you know sometimes mean yeah rigorous and the other animals under him. I don't think I'll. Here that's that. Roads were humorous voice. 5000 phone calls the hourly the shield now it's built and why it was that theory county fair. We're wrap this thing up. What you think I can watch what you make of the memories of this year this your first round which Iraq yet. And those versed on. Concerned for your first it prevents this nasseria yet so what was the figure if you go back tomorrow would check out. I'm alleges Saturday and science in argue that I used to barely scratches are opting to stay away from the but he gave her again you look at you mr. beef jerky. You're out of the federal became another. A little older values bird. Right well enjoy enjoy the rest of your time at the Erie county fair bags of native bill ratio for you ladies Joba I think. I think my most pressing every day most vivid memory that is going to be. The the nice people that averages is that we had a chance to meet. And that we've yet to get appreciate that you with his it was pretty cool nothing's gonna be it's fun at what happened in 21 days. Went out the 31 of August when you receive your picture and all sure I gotta be alive the days of mail art we open it because if it breaks at all you've got to get in the and that means that you have to go. Centrifuge whatever then no it's just it is it's literally. Literally. A missile just there it's. So maybe. To come into the video instantly in dealer you'll ally ally and we do corporate feel happy feet are just had. It's a loose ball. These Democrats. Reds vote with Republicans and over what. That is if it ought at any human to go to Italy have. Texas. With all popular act like I. Their air wolf the bottom monies spent at that they've whether they're slightly they're going to be have a crowded region. Yeah awesome and by the witnesses there will accompany you tomorrow at cigar Dave statements. That. Or else a little thought well we'll start viewing them or all I oh it's all about being here so. There's is going to be but that will be a Iraq's current I think through security equipment that. It starts at ten 3 PM doors open and it goes all the way until 3 o'clock and if you leaps over you're lucky and you get a ton of stuff that. Yeah oh absolutely. Well at this at this is that arrive with a look at it used to do all that but he remotes but that was at the gates the engineers at. I'll date date was amazing absolutely. Thank you. You're absolutely stellar it was a great and bill and that Kennedy of course John Murphy calls. Great event it's eerie county fair come on outer support local in. Vendors that are your account while that basket or two fortunately that night and I bet fitter and of course our friends that it's up. The easy viewed TV dot com if it wasn't for easy du TP dot com letting us basically hack into their electronics we definitely wouldn't have been able to do the show. We're gonna have to wrap it up will look for you but they between three and seventy current news radio 930 WP yet we'll be back in the studio. Let yourself look good and safe weekend.