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Friday, March 31st
Hear Deputy Buffalo Fire Commissioner Vincent Muscarella on Jewett Ave. with WBEN's Dave Debo at the scene of a three alarm fire 

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And we are with deputy buffalo fire commissioner Vincent must gorilla on June avenue the scene of a three alarm blaze earlier today Tommy Mars. We had 42. Story frames. Two of whom were fully involved. One was fully involved upon arrival. Seven residents all made it out safe two dogs. As of right now no firefighter injuries I'm happy to report that. We are continuing operations we actually answering exposure number four. And hitting hot spots hitting some small fires in side. If if it extended to four buildings there must've been pretty re extensive. The very extensive. The men and women did a fantastic job of keeping it soon. The area that excited and and a couple of houses next door. Very problem disease. Talk a little bit about the damage is obviously the one house is a pile of rubble. It's the first original house was they occupied building four residents lived there with two dogs element out save. We put about a 150000. Dollars damage to the ability of 80000 of the contents. It was fully involved upon arrival at first it companies. Require that it was fully involved. Todd talk a little bit about any difficulties you had I I know there was at least chatter earlier. Getting water to the scene might have been top. So the difficulties. There was some power lines it came down across one of our first in engines my power lines. Obviously that's a concern of ours we don't wanna see anybody get injured from from something like that. That hampered a little bit and the water but it had any water problems for say. We just get a lot of water to put out a lot of fire. So we we sets of companies go to some writers around the corners over a Wakefield over and Holden and we utilize those fires over there. And obviously I have it's too early to talk about causes their anything. Sure would talk about an absolute right under investigation undetermined at this point. Tell me about the status of the buildings what I need be demolition. Good at least one of whom will be 11 I've already gotten right I will. Full comment on that so I get more information out of high and how saga do you think you'll be a team. Hard to say but we're just about under control and in all of the buildings to a whom are under control. The original fire building is all under control. And the fourth one the exposure for that we call it we're working inside as we speak. How listen I've got to control shortly. I'd venture to say hour and a half maybe.