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Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, July 21st

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Thank you for tuning in to buffalo means business news radio 930 WB ENN I'm Randy bush over. The program highlights local businesses and services in the region and if there's a local business or service you'd like to hear from. Send me an email and Randy got bush over @entercom.com. With me is questioning our protect owner Paul Welker. And before we talk about what Western Europe protect is let's talk a little bit first about how you got into this line of work does this something that you've kind of been. Doing more or less all along. Yeah Randy. I started in this business back in 98. Came out of school. Left on engineering. And few job offers I was considering. Can't sit on the couch so they picked up a few jobs in sales. Work it seniors. Selling computers sewing machines vacuum cleaners you name it interest to stop by that well and I found that sales was. An interest team. Job career that I could pursue and Acer working for a security company in which is no longer around but. The sales manager there. Opened up each he security dealership and most people out there know who that company is their competitor of ours. As well as we're authorized dealer freaking out display so we can do our own service we can provide the key security service and we know what else is out there's bars competition and equipment and services there available that's how I guess start with this in my first year working for them full time there was no reason look at my. My engineering careers as direction because they found one. So what Western New York protect does then is. Offer security systems and probably a lot more than that I'm guessing. Yes so the security business. I worked further ADP dealer for about 56 years really cut my teeth learned that industries learn the products. What are competition would be out there and then went out on my own and started another company and kind of grew from that. Saw that we're dealing with residential. And small business owners. And civil how can be provide more than what we are you provide they'd like the dealing one on one with me beside to a lot of the tech work besides the sales were so I'm multi facet as far as that goes you. He wants something done in your house. You're not sure how to do it they call me I get text messages 2 in the morning hey my TV doesn't seem to be working right and ideas are it's a late. So next morning at 7 o'clock in the morning and respond I hope your sleepy because Iowa and we kind of go from there so yeah we we do security services we do audio video services. Cellphones we just started getting into that DirecTV is one of our main products we offer they were bought as many people know about a year and a half ago by eighteen key. And AT&T is now him and us become more of a cellular dealer because that world is changing the stars audio video bills and Kotnik cable and deal with that. So when you get down to why is it that someone would call Western New York protect vs all the other options that there that are out there for. Especially for so many different things. This that's exactly the reason why. Is because your calling one person you're calling one office I have an office number I have an 800 number I have a local number and I have myself on which. I've learned over the years I try to give that well less than last unless they're really. We need to because I do get those messages and I do in sermon and all my clients they have about. 3000 clients through my security company here westerner they all have my cell phone number. So there's a problem their colony and if they need something switched your service to its pars TV Internet phone service goes. They're calling me and I started now attracting a lot of on the home office because it. There's only one me. Right now with that many clients how many people actually have out there working in the sales force so I do we have a crew of about eight working people right now I have two contractors and also do. Access work where were overflowed. But I have a full time people answering phones. Doing installations. Taking care of billing issues that's an ongoing thing you called 100 direct TV here on hold for 1520 minutes before you talk to somebody in the stimulus transfer you. You call us Michelle in my office in the pew answers the phone and says I'll call you back with an answer. It saves you a whole lot of time as a consumer. Makes extra work for us but it it it's my customers my consumers come back to me clients. You just mentioned your and a few whereabouts. Transit road right near brought with us here. Rate within easy access to any of the major byways and highways and rusty or 30000 cars a day pass us right there. So they're easy to get to us. And one of the things I understand is that as someone currently having Internet service or cable and any other combo. That that is out there if they call you they can you can maybe beat there price with a package. And an average we definitely be the price. One of the things we do care about is making sure you get what you need and want and now what you. Are overpaying for and a lot of cases. So if you get that bill this month and it jumps up 304050. Dollars vs last month which is very common and it in the business. You call us and say why is this changed how can you help me. And I keep track of what you're paying and what we've reduce your bills two and last year alone we analysts numbered. We've we've discussed it before his 754. Dollars and six cents is what I see my average client last year. So. It's almost like you're kind of a broker for Ali's home services. Yet. The AD we. We know allow these prices can be tricky for us because the promotions change so frequently. And the products and equipment change so frequent so it keeps us constantly busy learning training. And understanding. How old we can best serve our customers. But if you have spectrum and you want something different we can help if you have. DISH Network or direct keeping some different we can help you. Yeah Verizon or AT&T cellular service. We have some great promotions for those who we just talked to changes tough it's hard people don't like to change we make it easier. Especially in this area there they're resistant to change and a lot of things from viewing habits to listening habits to. You know whoever they might have four or stay home security or. Other things that which is part of what you do in moments in this in this second once we reestablish that we're talking with. Paul Welker who is the owner of Western New York protect on buffalo means business here on news radio 930 WV and and I'll tell us a little bit about your alarm systems division. So again security I've been involved in an industry since 99. And start off as a sales representative. Learned a little bit about what people. Consider when they're looking at security if they really learned and how big. On May help them understand what they're getting on your matches giddiness security system that makes noise when someone tries to open your door. You're getting fire protection you're getting medical or services now you're getting home automation services. So when you head off to work and you see me and I forget to turn me. Alarm on just go on your phone. Are your system and you're set to go. You like check on your dogs you put an end or camera into the alarm panel and you go on your phone there's there's your dog can do with other products. But this is all tied in the same thing and you're not paying anything more for cause that's all I'd in the one Smart little up. That alone should check on your house in your family and be aware of what's going on there. Something else that people should know when they invest in an alarm system from you they can also get an insurance discount on their homeowners policies. Yeah it's gonna depend mostly on your insurance company but there's a reason they give you that discount as because they know it works. You typically get 510%. Discount on your insurance for having just the standard alarm. But he he had fire protection and some other. Armed services like maybe water protection in case your sump pump fails you can go with highest 292225%. Off. Insurance that's because they know works. It's not something that just is gonna walk in the police are response gonna see you. A lot of headache and concede that insurance company cost. And one thing we haven't talked about is. For those who again just tuning in western air protect deals with cable satellite Internet. Cellular and alarms and much more we ever really talked about the cellular aspect. Yet again so there's new to us it's restarting and learn more of that industry is we call I did higher sales manager that came over from Verizon Wireless. So she's really opening my eyes and help me understand how that product and service works. But for example right now. You can take me. Verizon building your pain a 180 dollars to four and we can get (%expletive) Two new Smartphones. Cut that bill down to maybe a 150 dollars with two brand new phones. And is there are there any specific deals are specific packages that you have been your offering right now you wanted to throw author. Well it depends what product line we've talked. Direct he has always has. Creek promotion. You can have Europe. That's it would two TDs because I don't want to shore with just one TV put two TDs through DirecTV HD DVR ample for them. Record in one room watch another room you're looking at 52 dollars a month to deal they have that service with honor if I channels. We're giving you the NFL Sunday ticket for this year for freedom to traditional offer. But right now were also thrown in 200 dollar he's against curt. For new customers so. You get your first four months of service paid for yet the NFL Sunday ticket. Don't know if you can really be dead compared to spectrum or additional work. Right and another repeat people's interest how would they go about contacting you for for something like here's our anyone of these services. They're the easiest way to reach this is probably caller local office 5662732. Or 829 save as also a number you can call. Analyst Sarah look at supper and WNY pro tech dot com you can check her offers and get all of us through their two. Excellent now what else that you wanna throw out there before we go. Search. Can we talk about. It is. No I'd like to think I was zero but just in case analyst the other so much that we do offer that they really hate you know say call us about this because. Everybody has digital services in their home. Everybody has a problem with it for you don't have the kind of figured out make sure it works right call us we can help you figure out nature works right. Whether it's your audio system I have a great friend and client that we recently. He called me up some him contractor failed on me from outdoor audio system. I don't show up took a look at it. Got it set up works better than what you expected and now three of our mutual friend's girl calling to say hey I wanna do some somewhere in my home. It's not something we can't do is just something about if you need something corrected. Its cars digital services for your home audio video security. We're gonna give you the right solution and we warn keep everything we keep her here everything. I don't charge for service calls because we do right the first time. If we don't work on vector to fix for the second time for one more time on the numbers. 7165662732. Or eight to nine saves. Doesn't get any easier than that Paul thank you very much pleasure thank you. Paul Welker owner of Western New York protect this is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WP yen.