716 Week in Review - September 6, 2018

716 Week in Review with Mike Baggerman
Thursday, September 6th
Highlighting Tonawanda Coke's "controlled fire" from Monday night, just hours ahead of their appearance in a federal courtroom. We also recap a return to the Capitol for Congressman Chris Collins and new developments with the Catholic Church.

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716 week interview was recorded at 12:30 PM on Thursday September 6 things might be a little bit different by the time you're hearing this including my voice it doesn't sound good but. Hate always stay up to speed with the latest coverage of Western New York news at the top and bottom of every hour on WB yen. And WB EN dot com all right let's get into this week's show. I. Our thanks for tuning into this week's episode of 716 week in review I'm your host WV UN's Mike Ackerman and we break down the top news stories of the week in this podcast. And yeah there's a big way that you can help us out of this make sure you rate review and subscribe on iTunes and when you do the reading part. Treat give me five stars it's really helps it helps me makes me look good to be company and to small guy working for a big corporation. Trying to make things a little bit better tell buddy about our podcast follow us on Twitter. We're at news radio 930 you can follow me on Twitter I'm at Mike Bagram and we've got new episodes recorded for you every single Thursday. You know it was a pretty busy week in Western New York news that's as really every week has been some Tyson this podcast about two months ago. There hasn't been a week that's gone by day you can consider quote unquote so long. Played there was a week this is the closest thing you'll get to a only because not because of contents but just because of I guess. A smaller sample size there's plenty of contents in my forties that we can cover on here listen over the weekend there is waiting for us that was going on that was a big. Big celebration for people people were loving it. Then he got money you got Labor Day. And not much was going on until Monday night we're going to bat a little bit later. That you may hurt you mentioned right at the very start of this podcast that. My voice sounds off maybe TU it sounds. Totally normal. I think my fiance was telling me that I sound fine. But I just feel absolutely awful and got this congestion thing. You know we had a four day weekends. And you finally get time bought let me rephrase that. You get a three day weekend I took a fourth day because Tuesday was my birthday I appreciate all the. Happy birthday wishes on the social media but. I spent. All of Tuesday basically just the stuff he is person in the entire world and still battling it I'm recording this on a Thursday. I'm still on the struggle boss would this congestion. Eight true story so to say is our birthday right. And my fiance is mothers in my future mother in law. She said I'm going to just Sinclair Tim for your birthday churn off I got. Two big goal things declare it's and so thanks to appreciate anyway enough about my personal life and the reason you're listening this podcasts is because. You wanna know all the top news stories from the past week's sell. Why don't we get right into let's start with something that indeed did happen on Monday night and that concerns tunnel wanna Coke up on river road now. Tunnel wanna Coke essentially is a local coal plant it creates an iron ore that's used in the industrial world. On the downside to smoke commits this thing called benzene which increases their risk of developing leukemia so locals. Are a fan of the town wanna Coke plant. Well recently who's given a cease and desist sort of I was back on July 20 by the State Department of Environmental Conservation. If you go back to our pass episode you can find out more details spot that but just to recap. State DEC said that there were repeatedly. Violating the permits on wanna Coke was. The plant said that they had a collapse of waste heat tunnel contacted the DC about the issue. And they'd been working on a hour long term solution to the operational issues. They said the violations or originated from the original waste he collapsed so flash forward to Monday they were on the eve of their appearance in. Federal courtroom in buffalo. Tunnel on a Coke had what they said was a controlled fire however photos from dignitaries and photos that were sent to our Twitter showed that. The fire could easily be seen from the 19 B which really signifies that it's a larger fire than expected to think back a couple of years ago. Remember that the fire on the Bethlehem steel plant. You know you could see that from the three way ET the smoke and Nina it's not to the same size of it buy it when you see a large fire like that. The objective personal look at that and say I don't think that's controlled. Well the local fire officials were called out they were apparently blocked from entering the facility to play and now. And it's obviously led to some questions about what was really happening it's at tunnel wanna Coke we're not allowed to go inside it they won't even let the firefighters then. And really to sum up this entire story you can get this quote from TomTom one supervisor. Joseph and injure summing it all up in this little sound Bible we are going in depth on the issue some look at it from all angles here's a manager. It's incumbent such attire that you know you're you're certainly there's a serious players who have nothing. The just so. You would a lot of firefighters who are doing student citizen response. Not gonna try to wait a minute mark. So Todd wanna Coke and a little bit of trouble is some area dignitaries but they're real big battle is in the courts they had a hearing on Tuesday in. On the Western New York federal courtroom on Niagara square. City tunnel on a mirror Rick Davis congressman Brian Higgins spoke out against the plant just before the meeting. I don't wanna Coke's been some that I've been playing for four or the last twelve years and and granite I was in there but. You know I had the same report said that the chief had access to and and everything from blocking access to first responders. To. And the numerous. Environmental issues that this company has had over the many decades IE. If they were you and I. I don't think we'd still be in business so. Begs the question wire today. Me and I'm hoping that today and in federal court is is the start of time wanna Coke. Being shut down for good. Not to my knowledge. It's. There there are going to be discussing. Title and coax appeal of that cease and desist but there is say and a separate case going on with such threatening. They were placed tunnel article was placed on probation. For a certain period of time and he is going to be reviewing whether or not they've broken that probation. On with the incidents that have happened there recently. In their mind they have been and they will continue to do so until somebody forces them to shut down. I don't see one. Not me personally. Even. There is a one city resident that that works in their plans so. From from my perspective I don't see one benefit to their plants being open. Yes a pick in pick in 2007 night worked with the ticket teams creating. To install a air monitoring station. And actually. Two houses down for where my houses. Neck continuously. Monitors air samples says that come across to with prevailing wind direction of the winds from. The southwest you Cary. The exhaust from kind of wanna Coke over the city its panel on in Grand Island. Tom I worked with the EPA to extend. Those not air monitoring stations past the air and hit that they are supposed to be there and there are still there to this day. My assistant Jackie. And on the soil testing that. Is currently. Under way Bolton in the city. The town and more and Grand Island. And and unfortunately can't be there today for the first. First day. Hearings on this but. You know I I think. Most of us are pretty. I unified behind the fact that. I don't wanna Coke needs that close. Not only that but they need to play for the cleanup. The years the contamination whether it's. Air contamination. Of soil contamination or water contamination and of record at their plan for. Probably hundred years. As soon. Had to act like every time I hear about something happening there I think what's next what what is going to be dad. That tipping point that causes somebody say you know what that's enough. You guys Hirsch you guys are gate shut down you're no longer allowed to operate. You know I'm just. I'm curious to know when that when we will get to that point I'm open. Last night is. We'll find out it's far too. The reds left. And I did I don't know if it was actually controlled burn at that tunnel and Coke my way. Idea and I'm no meteorologist but a controlled burn uses that we send me bunch of firefighters out in an area where. We. That's. That there's an active wildfires and we kind of burned an area out at had a bit to China. Try to pinch off that fire from from spreading even further. And 99 that's what a controlled burn as its. It's spurning an area in order to. To get a moral larger fire under control I can't see how. There would be any reason for controlled burn over and a Coke factory. And medical expert. Yeah we've we've been in contact with the the new York State Department of Environmental Conservation today. Officials from state the easier on site at China wanna Coke. As you know federal. Kind of like cookies in federal court today. I represented my staff is there. The incident that occurred last night is independent. Chew anything that occurred previous. I think the events that title 1 o'clock last night denying access to first responders. I'd characterize seen what was going on there I don't wanna focus. Controlled fire I think that assertion. Is going to be challenge of the next 48 hours. And I think it is a trend. On the part of title wonder Coke. That endangers not only the people that lived in the underground tunnel Monaco but the employees as well. And when when tell Monaco. Asserts that there is any control fire. And they blocking access. 21 responders they are endangering. The safety in the lives. Of the first responders. So I think China wanna Coke. I'd generally speaking. As Jack did it with great level of irresponsibility. And he is in danger now and only united said the people that worked there people live there. But the people that are entrusted with the responsibility. For fire protection. In this town in this circumstance you had really three jurisdictions responding. What was going on tunnel Monaco so they're denied access. Which is the very least delays and access. So if it's not a controlled fire the fire gets presumably worse. We with the league action so I think there's a number of questions have been raised here. As they said their federal court today DEC according chew the spokesperson. That was in contact with our office is on site. And do we look forward to a full. And do a complete an investigation report about what it actually her last thing you know be a basis from which a future action would be taken. Well what I'm not a expert in tire safety but let me say this you. If I don't wanna Coke it's not a statement saying it's controlled fire. And fire officials question that assertion. People that have experience of these kinds of things. In their blocking access you know I think that's. It's a very grave violations. Public trust it and allowing. First responders to do it is they do. So let's flash forwards of that appearance on Tuesday in the courtroom are Matt Moran reported that the federal government delivered a motion to immediately shut down the plant's operations. Prosecutors said they're looking to see if the company violated its probation now assistant US attorney Aaron mango. Was in the federal courtroom he works under the US attorney James. Appearance. On Tuesday finds time I don't wanna Coke. On the sentencing in 2014. And so we're back here. The. Convicted felony her fellow and this company. So our sport is a convicted felon. Continues to violate the law by polluting the air that the citizens of Grand Island and I don't want to have to read. And it's the kid continuing more so what I asked for today was to proceed with an immediate hearing. Two. Two to put evidence before the court. So that the court can make a decision as to whether probation. Terms of probation were violated her. And if that's the case we're then gonna ask that they shut down until they can comply with the law. That's a fair request. Based on the case that we have which showed. Repeated numerous disdain violations. For decades. Releasing Coke oven gas and known hazardous air pollutants into the air. And that that is now continuing again. And we can't have done. Sure well. I mention one thing in court which was. Just a dereliction of duties and in getting their battery repair work conducted. That was approved in February of 2018. And as of may. Nothing was done to fix that battery. Wolf we'll put that into submission that we're gonna file tomorrow. And the companies went file something today and we'll get a chance to. Respond. Appropriately Clancy just. He didn't give us a little bit more time. You'll see it will documents. What we feel is their dereliction. Prepares for the company realty yeah. Mean you know. No I DEC has been taking very immediate action it along the way the company has been fighting. And currently there's periods that for October took revoke their title by government. That's pretty serious thing for the for the department of environmental conservation to do. We just wanna move. We don't wanna wasteful October. Why are required concerning to me because. Into the government. Because while you were so we're we're we're helping access the site. That. That causes that great concern to the government in terms of what was actually. It's like that would cause them to one with the whole emergency responders. From responding and trying to appropriately put out any type of fighter that might. It died that's that's that's part of a well I don't know locking fire personnel. I think it's. But part of what we have here in court. Is violations of state law that DEC regulations. And the federal regulations under the clean error. They. Again. No we've got its schedule in place to judge made very clear that he's taking it day by day. He wants to. Get all the information before proceeding which I think is it's a fair. A fair thing because it's not it's not the it's not something that the government. And they're asking for like leadership company down until they can comply with the law and I think that's that's a serious request and I think that takes. Penalty kicks a few days. They wrapper for that and convinced a federal judge that that's an appropriate thing to do so via it. Well arcades this historical the violations of party been noted by DEC. On numerous occasions there's been. Tens probably almost hundreds of inspections since our criminal trial. Which have documented numerous ongoing violations at the scene. That's what they'd that's what our cases about. Are racing you heard mangoes say that the next court appearance for Ty I don't wanna Coke is coming up if you didn't catch it it's Monday September 10. Now for a lot of view they're listening to some south sounds guy myself you prying never had to experience this smells and the dangers that are associated. Would that coal plant whether you live in buffalo the east of the city. Or anywhere in the south sounds like myself but someone who has had to deal with this for a significant portion of her life. Jackie James creed and she lives in ten more now but she grew up in tunnel Wanda. Just a few minutes from time to want a coach here she is with Susan Rosen prime mess around ski on the Wednesday edition. Of a new morning Jacqui. Why tunnel wanna Coke still operating when it's answering multiple violations. They're a good question and we want to know why. They have thinking ten healing. It is their shenanigans. Or are a very long time and and it's fifteen years ago at IE. It I I I respect her right hand built back and I suffer from chronic illness. And I spoke out. About my illness and I found out that there were so many other. People in my community that we're real human and long ball online story short we found out that the company cult tunnel and a Coke was spewing. Time and time of benzene lead and Coke oven gas into our community. So old. Again this thing going battle for way too long and and we're tire and we're really really angry and in these Clapton. This plant shut down one for. What did you hear in that courtroom yesterday. Well I realize that the justice system can't go out there you know. There step along the way. Speaking to them some of my way community. I'll community members after Abdul looked it up front street so that because of the crap out but didn't need to go through that federal government needs to go let me and I understand they're doing. As much is that they hadn't been at this time that. Be then after the fire the other night. You know it it really has heightened anxiety. And that community. You know obviously the judge is hearing. And the community and realized that that is of urgent need to read. Tried to resolve this matter. Sooner rather than later. Cook can shut down tunnel on a Coke is at the DEC or does this have to come from. A judge the courts. Well ultimately. I believe that. That. It it it's really difficult with the current. Rules and regulations. To you know have a system go and and and closed down. A facility it they have to show that there is an immediate how they injure. To do so and so far the data that we're receiving from the air monitors. Is not a 100%. Supporting them. They act claim then that means that that it isn't true I mean Betty you know you have the other. Aspect of of anxiety and fear and these. Time then. That these these opt out which the air monitors. Generally do not caps be up that. The upset meaning you know they've had a number about that upset but the fire the other night there was a tremendous amount. On air packs and released from Matt. The air monitors generally. Captured that. Over a longer period of time not so upset. When you look at since this whole process as it's going on now and what happened yesterday you'd kind of mentioned the fire kick started may be a little more interest. In town on the Coca hearing what you did from. A weather was the county executive some audio local us state senators say and representatives. So local mayors and as things of the lake. Are you may be more optimistic now that this is going to take a step forward that the opinion has turned against tunnel on the Coke thing you've ever been before. Well ultra here I mean it's gotten very political rain now and they kept the good thing that are working anarchy you know it was cute teen years to come out and eat it. Wouldn't meet the an air sample up and it and a lot of Coke. Not knowing that you know to require air album would become the kind of land a Coke. But. You know we we're considered a bunch of tree tigers then and nobody believed so. And queens where we came from to where we error rate Alley is is accused shaft. So this held this symbolic of thing. Jackie how close do you live to the plan. Well I grew up fairly close downwind. Just about a violent that have a one great ally presiding Chan bar. So you're not currently living that close to the plan. Well. You know what. I know but what people don't understand it this air air amid. Golfer my I don't and mild the mild camp that company. I know I've talked to the number folks saying 00 didn't you know North Carolina though our north buffalo we're not a impact as well. You know. I hate to tell you what you are. We do more interviews on this topic you can check them now in the on demand section of the radio dot com Matt and mullah gambler in the next development. With tunnel wanna Coke for this vs the New York State DEC. On Monday coming up next does congressman Chris Collins. Still have any power in the House of Representatives. Or so well water the power to his old Carlo calabrese and others breakdown on the congressman's return to Washington this week. As congress just finished its summer recess this is 716 week in review. Seems easy she's hurry here I guess you can get eight deltic kitchen faucet Camby turned around through Amazon's Alexa voice assistant. These things are until we are however I live without them I really don't understand. Private label push to Amazon has been building its own brands of course you might make Amazon want to take over the world. Amazon could be your next superhero in a bad man move realize your bank. CD do each week days now until we don't have news radio 9:30 PM WB and no. Six week in review I'm your host WV UN's Mike vaknin looking at the top news stories of the week we just did a lot of stuff on tunnel wanna Coke. If you missed it while you can rewind that's the beautiful thing about a podcast. And always follow the latest development at WBBM WPN dot com be able search bar on our website. Well yeah I do just taken tunnel wanna Coke you'll find everything they. He needs to know about this topic that's coming up on Monday the next court appearance for tonne wanna Coke. But something that's been happening for. About a month now an emphasis on New York's 47 congressional district we talked about this a lot in the podcasts over the last month. It all stemmed from the August 8 indictment of congressman Chris Collins. Because of alleged insider trading as well as lying to the FBI he suspended his campaign on August 11 that was three days later. I was on Saturday and really decide everything and up into a Tizzy. Congressman Collins now essentially a lame duck in congress because. He's not running for reelection but he can still legally fulfill his duties because there is that phrase in the constitution. You are innocent until proven guilty. After the news about congress and Collins returning to Washington because of the end of the summer recess. I spoke of political analysts and GOP strategist Karl calabrese. About that return to Washington this week here's an interview with Karl again idea as soon congressman Chris Collins is I guess. Influence in Washington he got back there on nine Tuesday night to vote on a couple bills but. While he's under indictment does he really had any power. Well civil war has the power to his old. Peoples and NT one of the reasons people something watched and so you continue to blow them important as the and that of course reserved. I put all the work on it and what those probably certainly diminished in Washington can be a very cool links and you know what year when you're on the right Carter or Roger Clinton and Barack looking for quite some. Papers from your NAFTA. Kind of armed. Now that doesn't mean that the permanent situation. You know would be exonerated. Go respect into the ground won't even with whose relationship with the president with. Real quiet a lot of it was voted to let crime. Whose whose influence. And use. He has power award terms of other issues besides when they're in order for his district is certainly diminish noticeable thing about. Washington. If you want award from Washington didn't talk. It's it's topless. Carl some people have been asking how come congressman Collins is allowed to go back to Washington and do his duties. Well that's simple I mean you're innocent children into your country. That important principle and I know that we should government's. Site of their fair bet he would not headed in court. And well right now I understand that. The media in the court of public opinion against the guilty but have been plenty of examples where the government brings a prosecution against want to control. While only to have their own out of court we get it network funeral home page here. Former now disgraced attorney general works program brought indictments against Federer Laporte. A lot of publicity. Out of the attention the first day of the trial judge ruled out. And chastise. Me. Attorney general for bringing a case in front of his court with no evidence and then and then how dare you there to take up my valuable prime McCourt are out. And that was under the so no he is still innocent until proven you can export to the official and he's in in that capacity can certainly. All countries there are of importance it is district. It McMurray sent out a tweet on Wednesday morning that said that congressman Collins is back at work but they really think the rules don't apply to then meanwhile it's nothing but time clock punching late fees. And unflinching consequences for the rest of us. Is this just in taking advantage of a moment knowing that the congressman is under the indictment and will be scrutinized basically everything he does. Well of course that's politics and if that he. Tables were reversed and you can sing quite called response from Republicans who viewed it can be expected. But again he can still a lot of issues that are important to his district trivia luck constituents and our constituencies. In the district talking with him a while we will certainly be coming to the floor that they want him to go to vote yes don't want. Part to those groups and those individuals those are important issues and they expect the congressman to can continue to do this job toward our armed. Outrageous no apology clock he is voting on issues and could delete and you know. There are a lot of those issues are being followed very closely by people whose district. Well you don't want him to do what they sent in to do faces day in court at a later date. Read some reports that said that congressman Collins didn't take the main entrance into the house chamber. And since he's going to be in Washington because the sessions ongoing. How does congressman Collins fly under the radar and not address what is the elephant in the room to reporters. Well that they're going to be parents than or. Sometimes he wins at which guys. And currency doesn't go and we'll have to face. Or cameras and microphones but it just because the confrontation occurs. And folks in the be find out which we're going indoors immediately question all politicians. But we blowing kestre. The prior since accusing Israel and so this go to behind points a game going on between. An artist and try to avoid the media and the media trying to crack down you know every step of the way and in the capital. Looking at the agenda for the house of representatives on Wednesday there's a pair of committee meetings where. That congressman Collins was once a member of that committee house and energy can meet but since he got kicked off of it. I mean was he essentially do just go there and just watch not contribute. He could or. And keep it also considered to. Aborted the media scrutiny of sending a step probably in somewhat of despair in in Washington was an expert. On that committee unit's work. And he is very orders and their staffer to sit in the Durham. In the gallery and take notes and report record cart and IIQ you won at Phoenix. And all the congressmen who are not quite sure and certainly going to insult or. You know spread peace and made. Carl comes at things from the perspective of a political insider somebody who was a former deputy county executive in Erie county under Joseph Jian Brooke. But we want to talk to somebody from Washington that's when we spoke with Dave Leventhal from the Center for Public Integrity he's a man who's always walking around congress trying to catch up without the represented is keeping them accountable for their actions. Dave Leventhal speaking with Susan Bryant about congressman Collins is a return to Washington this week. Chris Collins. On nine Tuesday a little bit later in the day after we talk with you. Silently returned to Washington spotted on the floor voting on bills kind of catching a lot of people. By surprise where you among them people who were caught surprise sick talents is a kind of silent return. Unnecessarily he is still a member of congress he has not resign despite all of the legal problems that. You know basis and even though he's not running for reelection he has every right. At the congressmen again regardless that his legal situation. Come to Washington DC to show up at the US House of Representatives. The cast votes and he has gone ahead. And on all those things that Brian he hasn't exactly had been making public spectacle that than this and avoiding reporters and not talking relate to anyone at. Just going about doing his business but gap is still here. And ostensibly is going to be doing this for the foreseeable future and this term officially ends in general work. How easy or difficult is it for someone under indictment to kind crawl around the capital and avoid the media. It is relatively. Easy in the concept say in other ways and that represented them then the capital and general Zia. Kind of went your way through hallways and secret passages that. Really kind of a in any funny plays where it it is easy if you know be it if you know the map here. Which he certainly is some Hispanic are for awhile. But that is not the only congressman who's under legal. I'll be legal cloud right now Duncan Hunter Republican representative from California is also under indictment or various other issues that relate to campaign finances and I give back to vote them out despite the fact that that paid Applebee's issues going on our back in congress Duncan Hunter the difference with him at that. He is standing for re election and he's going forward we're trying to win. This seat back and even though he's also facing a federal indictment. So as we all know indicted doesn't mean guilty but even that being said how much stature. Influence is Collins lost because of the indictment in Washington. What you see as well number number one he. He has his legal issues number Q he's not running for reelection and south the term lame duck comes up by he's not going to be facing. I another term carpet there're are going to enter another term in office airport there's only a limited amount. That he can deal he can take votes but you know nobody has nobody thinks he's gonna be back of course as a result. After does that diminish a little better your ability to you anything that's just gonna be a beyond the immediate horizon at the last few months you're term. Hey Dave. Let's talk about what's happening right now in Washington specifically the White House and and and that's New York Times ran an anonymous op Ed piece from what they say. Is a senior trump administration official. What is this a mountain. It it's not an unprecedented in Beirut for the New York Times to do that they have run out of that's the ports are very rare thing so the fact that they had done that. And I it'd been mark a departure from the normal operating procedure you well of the New York Times if it. Let Washington ablaze here. And it and that's saying a lot this and that given the fact that every week here and usually they're. The mall that it is who is going to be faced by everyone here indeed he. Perhaps whether you are in politics with a Euro lobbyists Whittier struggle that your lights that there's been an extraordinary week Burke. A number of reasons not the least of which is that also too you have the cab and Supreme Court hearing that that are taking place you have. I'd congress trying to avert another government shut down is it that you you have the lack debate in the NFL I mean there's literally a dozen and one. Things going on at one that any single one and a normal week. Where it would be huge news but barrel happening at the same times that that's a sort of meet new state of being here in Washington DC that we've come to expect it. Are you surprised at all at the White House response you know usually something synonymous Surrey somebody quotes and anonymous source in the president comes out and says well let's take non source it's fake. This time they're not doing down there instead. Kind of saying well who is that this person should show himself. There's there's obviously great concern out not to be sure and and that applies to Donald Trump in is quite have the supplies to Barack Obama has White House. Almost every day there are quote. Senior White House officials who are talking to members perhaps this would happen all the time with me were members of the White House. We call for comment tried to get on the talk about something that so now we can't have our names attached. You can Courtis senior administrative official you can quote it is a senior White House official. This is just the regular native Europe and anyone including the president says that at this is something that is abnormal. And that extra simply not case they get. All presidential administrations. Try to play this game that the than very. Strange situation now that there's somebody quite literally in the White House. Two is he is fighting against the president or trying to defend against. Actions that the person being the president is doing to be detrimental to the country's it's very bizarre situation. And one again that is really wild the White House out president. And just based on it many tweets that is create about asthma at bay. Two significant significant degree again. There there's you know at all from the Bob Woodward book title other seems to be some degree here here what this person is going to do. I guess by the tone of the op Ed to you know you would say that dispersants fighting against the president but is it fair to. May be always categorize it like that you know these people are advisors and they are advising the president on what they think. Ya how much of this is a shocking revelation how much of this is a White House official doing their job. I it and there's always part of that and also Q right now I think it's important to that. Regardless of who the person as they firm may be at at that cabinet secretary. There's going to be a limited amount that he or she is it going to be able to do the president is still the president then. Decisions are going to be made by the people who would have been what it to you. Execute the power to have advisors. And people who are in the orbit but not the decision makers themselves. They they inherently having limited ability to affect the ultimate outcome of political decisions that are going to be made. Now you've heard twice about some votes that the congressman made on Tuesday nothing really groundbreaking it's not a major healthcare bill that they're voting on. One of the bills included a rejection of appropriations. In defense spending. The other creating a program as it relates to immigration. Not a lot of major stuff but congressman Collins. Despite indictments still performing his duties as congress because he legally is allowed to do so but the real question that people have been. Kind of keeping an eye on this all the stuff going on with Collins in Washington is just secondary if you will. Then race to replace NY 27 that race. Really still for debate Nathan McMurray no debate there he's the democratic nominees. And has been campaigning heavily he's gotten renewed funding. Renewed energy in his campaign courtesy of some donations as a result of that August indictment but Republicans. Are still scrambling to replace Collins on the ballot. He could do three things one he can move on a state. Two he could take a different office within the district and that's an idea that's been pretty widely panned by just about everybody. Or the congressman died he can legally be taken off of the ballot regardless. If he were to come off the ballot what we've learned is that Democrats will likely sue in order to keep Collins on the ballot because. It makes me McMurray looked that much stronger since he's going up against an indicted congressman. Regardless we haven't heard any new developments with the race to replace there's eight remaining candidates Stephon my highland Carl Paladino. Rob Moore Chris Jacobs ray Walter Steve Hall Lee Lee Dixon and breath. Yeah we can say that in one breath now we help though to get some new developments on this story by this time next week because a week from the town that this podcasts is being recorded. Is primary day September 13. Deadlines for certain paperwork we'll need to be met on that date that was something that we were talking about the past. Win and I Erie county Republican chairman nick Lang were be re reach out to nickel lately just to see what's going on with their search. And now he never got back to a so it's really. Kind of harsh process going on but expect something next week. Coming up in a moment a quiet week regarding the local clergy sex abuse scandal. But there is a president from a local college that is speaking out against the Catholic Church. Here that a tax and find out why it's important. It's Susan rose from WPM. Thank you for listening. Starting tomorrow he will no longer be able to hear any great shows on WB EN on tuning. Now the only place to listen to WBBM. Is radio dot com or go to radio dot com slash listen. Or download the radio dot com ever now to continue listening to this and many other great radio stations make the switch from tuna and to RadioShack. 716 week in review this the last big story that we're covering for this week's edition of the podcasts include. She had sex abuse scandal before we dive into what the new developments are this story. Do want to remind you download the rebuke dot com to only listen to listen time. Where you can listen to all of our interviews on demand all in one place it's. We've moved dot com I literally just got an iPhone on Tuesday I'll tell you the story at the end of the podcasts about why ahead. Getting new iPhone but I got a new iPhone on Tuesday. I went to the apps or won the first things I did was get the radio dot com that it's super easy you download it yacht. Open it up and then you just allow your phone to get notification is sent simple. Idiotic questions they'll send us email news German WB EN dot com I'll tell the full story about the foreign and now a few minutes the first. Let's talk but the clergy sex abuse scandal the diocese of buffalo. Did you get a lot of publicity this week compared to what they did in recent weeks however since our last podcast. Tunisia is college president John Hurley spoke out against the church's handling of the scandal. But he also proposes a solution wind and it. Curious with Susan and Brian last Friday morning talking about a letter that he broke to students faculty and alumni can nations. John good morning I'm guessing this had to be a very difficult letter for you to write. He was a challenging letters there's no question about it. Or what cause you did take this step and come out today and express that these feelings sued the community. Well I may ES practicing Catholic with a deep love of the church. I've been educated in Catholic schools and I'm leading a Catholic. College and trying to articulate our mission. Two prospective students and to our alumni. And he didn't feel so I could turn a blind eye to what is a Greek crisis. Within the worldwide church and certainly the church here. In the United States. You know and you take a stand to about women and John your calling for women to take a stronger role in the church. You feel like if they worry involves much earlier. Things would be different. Well I eight he played the truth I been thinking a lot about money mother the last couple of weeks and I think about the way my mother protected for children. And it caused me to think that it's women had been involved in this situation. Is there any doubt that the women would of done everything possible to protect the children. Are you alone do you feel in that thinking lord to a lot of people share that that opinion that women need greater role within the church. I and then email backs this morning that is jammed full of people. Saying that they found by remarks to be a source of great consolation. And in particular my statements about the role of women in the church. Speaking event Jun. What should the response be of faithful Catholics right now at this time of crisis. Well they say in my letter to the community. We we need to stay in the battlefield and and remain engaged in shaping the future of the church. In the United States and down because to walk out the tour is so. It is not productive so. I'm committed do. Staying Ian Ian I think institutions like a college where were were promoting among our students. The the idea that they need to be calm thoughtful critical. And constructive people adults and when they get out of here. We need to lead by example and and show them how they can be done. Looking at you mentioned the future of the church there's been a lot of talk about the bishop's role like here in buffalo should he resign or step aside. How do you think the leadership. Can change and you will change moving into the next months and years says said the church deals with this crisis. At the church is the is an evolving. Institution. It it has been around for centuries. We have Ben if you study church history you'll see that we Ben through periods of crisis before. And my predecessor Terry tenacious other bids and cook was. Was very philosophical about this then he would often fatal alumni. We have to remember that this is god church and what happens and got churches up to god. And our job as humans has to discern that will of god so. Our Japanese monster headers to discern the will of god and see where god is calling his church. We're speaking live with John Hurley the president of can nation's college in buffalo. John do you think that in the months and maybe years to come that the church eat locally and across the country we'll have to open its files to prosecutors. I suspect that the case then I you know I think bishop Malone has recognized that in his statement last Sunday that. He's willing to 22. Cooperate in any way. But I I think this is that that question really of the buffalo it's it's when you look at that Pennsylvania report. I think. Attorney general and the district attorneys around the country. Are looking at what came out of that grand jury investigation and IE I suspect that we're gonna see a year. You know a domino effect where 11 state after another impanel a similar kind of grand jury. Do you think is going to get worse before it gets better. Very possibly because. When you look at. When you look at the pervasiveness. Of the problem in Pennsylvania. I I don't think I don't think the years the people of the church in Pennsylvania felt that. It was anything remotely close to they have and so this has come as a great shock him and then integrate did disappointment to people. Yeah you have via a unique perspective in both being around church setting him being around plenty of college aged. Students every single day in many of them not necessarily devout Catholics whether there other faiths or. Catholics who don't follow their religion extremely closely. That's what have you noticed about the attitude of people may be in neck college age range. Toward the church and toward how the church's handling this. Well they yelled up apart from the years the sex abuse scandal we we error what we're committing a I think among all religions. But but the mainline Christian religions are seeing. You know growing particular patient people drifting away from the institutional churches and what we're trying to do that our students is you know I can't I can't turn the bad guys can't put among our students can do. A devout practicing Catholics what we. What we encourage among our students and what I encouraged her freshman when I met with the last week blessed is the timing college to explore relationship with god. Because saint Ignatius boil all of the founder of the Jesuits found that that was what gave flight meaning. Are you taking a position John. On whether or not bishop Malone should resign. He you know in this discussion about bishop Malone I think am told our elected officials seem to think that the bishop as an elected position. And that he can be. Hounded out of office you know like the state attorney general was and that's just not how it works so I not taken any position. Bishop Malone and I get a very good working relationship and I. Intended that's productive working relationship helping to build the city of getting here in the diocese of buffalo. Is it concerning to you to see what's happening in church leadership. Kind of a high ranking communications official last. This weekend the bishop deciding to go on vacation reportedly over this weekend while this is being dealt with it. Is it concerning may need to see how things are being handled how this crisis is being dealt with at the very top. I think I think all Catholics in the diocese are concerned. And down and I ate and we include among air in our prayers purge for bishop. That we get through this. There were a couple small tidbits that came out in the media over the course of this week wanna from a new report. Showing that security cameras were added at the diocese in response to leaked documents that channel seven a tired from. Bishop Richard Malone inner circle. And another kind of a new development we found out last week that George record the spokesperson for the diocese resigned from his position as spokesperson for the diocese. Maybe about twenty minutes before we start recovering this podcasts are sending email out to George. Asking if there's any sort of in terms spokesperson. He said that nothing's been announced at this time in we basically have to further all questions to. A phone number at the diocese of buffalo so we are still waiting on some developments coming from the diocese as it relates to a news spokesperson. Pay some of the other major stories we aren't gonna be able to cover in its entirety. The Buffalo Bills are back football is back thank god they play the ravens on Sunday they are on the road though. Nathan Peter may named as the starting quarterback for your Buffalo Bills. You know they say as Joseph mom ray wants roe Peter Main candidate governor that signed got a YouTube it's a 1 o'clock game on Sunday the home opener. Is weak too that's next Sunday against the Los Angeles chargers. I'm on the fence whether I'm gonna get tickets to it. I'm I'm cheap and I just Spotify and don't tell you more about than a little bit also a couple other major stories. I knew welcome centering Grand Island right off the 19 need that just finally opened this week I remember Cuomo wasn't town. But a year ago talking about how there's gonna be a new welcome senator that's gonna sell everything from Webber's mustard. To. Not anchor bar and Chavez suffer it's for the Taurus but it's apparently a really good welcome senator. And this week the return to school for just about everybody college students went back late last month. But local. Grade school kids they are packed the teachers are backed the roads are crammed. It took me a ball and I'll work I wanna say to get around town from Amherst all the way to buffalo it took me an hour to get there. Thanks all lot of traffic people hey listen to say I got a chance to play golf I was a sobering my birthday with a body and mind. And this is the iPhone story though Sony about here's really important lesson. If you ever. Have an iPhone I have the iPhone eight plus he's at a six points. Don't sit on and on your back pocket I didn't think I did anything to it I looked at it the phone was totally flat but apparently I did like this microscopic. Edge of phone I kind of vented just lately. And it totally messed up the screen like the button worked just fine but I couldn't tightening things I took it to Apple Store. All next thing you know a thousand bucks later in the crowd I guess owner of a new iPhone. Plus no one's paying the same. So it's not a commercial. But this is not on the years of the FCC can't really do anything easily consumed over I want anyway and I can do and that's it for this week's edition of 716 week in review. Make sure you follow us on Twitter were at news radio 930 you can follow me on Twitter. I am at my bag and an Afghan public email to Mike dot Bagram and entercom.com. Tell your friends coworkers family all about this podcast great reviews subscribe to it on iTunes and you can always get it first. Like downloading the radio dot com that he can listen to that on demand that any time we have a new addition coming out for you next Thursday. I'm like Baghran we'll see you next Thursday.