716 Week in Review - September 13, 2018

716 Week in Review with Mike Baggerman
Thursday, September 13th
Protests and a state investigation into the Diocese of Buffalo. Buffalo Police shoot and kill Rafael "Pito" Rivera on the west side. When to expect an announcement on NY-27 with Nick Langworthy. Tonawanda Coke is back in court. Follow WBEN on Twitter @Newsradio930 and Mike @MikeBaggerman.

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Someone six week in review recorded at 327. On primary day September 13. Things may be able to different by the time you're hearing this but you can always tip to speed with the latest coverage of Western New York news. At the top and bottom of every hour on WBBM WB EN dot com and the radio dot com map. Aren't most into the sweet self. I. In this week's episode of seven point six week in review I'm your host W begins Mike bag man. This week we breaks down your top news stories of the week just like we do every week helped a salad this podcast great review and subscribe on iTunes. Tell friend follow us on Twitter were at news radio 930. Follow me on Twitter on at like Bagram and we've got new episodes recorded for review every single Thursday another very busy week. I mean I can just go into every single little story that's happened in Western New York a lot of got a preview. Some stories I'm not going to be talking about today you know I can hear some people saying like oh you're not covering one thing. One of the big things of course has been sports you know a Buffalo Bills Buffalo Sabres in town. Fisons bandits if you love all those sports to unfortunately. Under a Tino there's an enemy to consonant. But. We are news station. And we have in a sports station right next sort OS WGR Sports Radio 550 let's see if you've got the radio dot com map. GR REF deduce a search WGR you've got sports 24 sevenths over and talked. Mostly mostly about news we'll talk sports a little bit later on in the podcast but we did have a lot of stories that we needed to get into this week. Including the clergy sex abuse scandal also loaded later it got the officer involved shooting that happened on Buffalo's west side. Another another update on and why 27 Justine gearing and like 27 probably until this whole thing is done. And then of course tunnel wanna Coke. Which has been a big story in these recent weeks so assert things off the clergy sex abuse scandal you know the the interesting thing about this podcast. Is you heard me say what time were courted right. Well the moment after I finished recording the last podcast thing installed the editing and put it to the web we had a new development just moments after we finished. The attorney general of New York City announced that she is investigating all eight of the diocese in New York State Barbara Underwood though. Isn't going to be the attorney general come January 1 so the question is. Who's going to be the next attorney general won't cover that and a whole different podcast but what we do know is right now the attorney general's office. Is investigating. All eight of the diocese in New York City you're back in August in. Pennsylvania. There is a grand jury report that came now it actually led to a couple. I charges against two priest down in PA this is all about the clergy sex abuse scandal that has taken New York State by storm ever since February. We spoke with Dennis Rocco who is a former state attorney general served from 95 to 98 no big deal he talked to Susan Rosen prime mess around ski ball. What the state exactly is going to be looking at what kind of information are they going to be asked to turn over. Well part of the morning students what could be within this morning. With the up the initial opinions I think will be looking for. On the diocesan records so concerning allegations of abuse. They will also probably be looking for. On records that are. Associated with what whatever investigation. Or findings may get out of result could trump. Feel being. Complaints in the first instance. How long might this process take a once they made this announcement yesterday enough also hit in addition the announcement of a hotline that was set up. This kind of like fact finding process. How long is that expected to take how long can it take. It is difficult to O'Brien I think that their concern. The information that they figure. I think there are playing is so an interesting piece. Our hot wind in my estimation when I was attorney general without a word. To. Solicit. A complaint Serb from people who are unwilling to come forward who work. You know for whatever reason has not previously come forward. So I think that's how I mean is potential potentially very capable of generating. Complaints that previously weren't there. Award no or where we're yeah completely people would have been previously have heard from. So that the heartland I think is that is that they get a wild card. In terms of the link of the cold I think it's just difficult to look to speculate at this point in time we'll think that they need to be pointed out though is decked. There's been involvement of the attorney general just doesn't change the underlying facts here in them like crackling and there's. Will lead to cases are complaints and allegations. That are beyond despair at this stage such limitations in New York State so. You know I I I get what's going on here from an investigative point of view and political order you'll. But I think that 11 thing that can't change at this point. Is spiritual vacations and so clerk I don't think that Goodman any lack of attention by the recording just returning as a percent of any of this. I think that says that the newspaper was clear that he's been unable to prosecute Democrats because of the strict limitations. Even assuming that he gets sufficient evidence to pursue a claim against an individual. So I think that this is at its steep hill to climb I think that there's always go. But this sort of moment collecting that Serbia that hotline. Will stimulate additional. Could stimulate additional complaints. And because of the statute of limitations that you're talking about Dennis. It it'll mostly be a civil investigation and right. Well the the it's that a civil investigation because if they're you know they're using the authority of the DA so. Is it that the people power of the attorney general prosecute cases. Is it latent afford it is rarely. The eight years it is rarely able to use that authority. And her own initiative. That's like she needed the cooperation of our vehicle and and nobody is around the state to come together to give the HE. The authority to expect the actual work to commence a criminal investigation that's their. That big computer this is a criminal investigation because you're already. Stimulate this case this investigation columns from the county district attorney. But because of the statue of limitations. But you know I'm I'm really I really question where this this is going. Other than perhaps. The sound the same aspect of the AG in Pennsylvania pursued which is ultimately a grand jury report. That issues findings but no charges. It is that who wore fit enough fire it in your mind for the attorney general to get involved because so much has come from this Pennsylvania report where. Even though the statue of limitations has passed. A lot of people would argue you know just having that report in and of itself as exposing what went on for years and years and years. It's enough to warrant all the effort put forth and an investigation. What well coming. You know with the efficacy of this particular Pope or you know speculated that weather report comes out of pattern match. On the near their laws they see. Some work tool is available so that a grand jury. Who doesn't. It should chargers. And write and publish a report. That that has buying and it can make recommendations. Typically to the legislature. Of war. How the law can be changed to address the flying in the grand jury. Are determined during the course of the probe so ultimately it's it it's this is nothing more of their investigation leads to greater report. Agree injury report could then. It should findings or recommendations that are actually legislature. What hole can be changed now you know that the most obvious area it is would be my Aerospatiale obvious sir it would be substantial rotations but there's our bill. Ford legislature that has been. It's been debated him as you know intensity past. So I am not so sure what additional. Recommendations. A group of 23 citizens from you know whatever kind of scripture using pills and perhaps in and in several companies. And that's what you would recommendations that grand jury could record that the legislature that the legislature hasn't already contemplated. Erie county DA John Flynn saying that his office will assist in whatever way they can so that was all at the end of last week just hours after we recorded our podcast. Move on into this week. And this is some of what was going on there. What are you hearing protesters the week this week clergy was marred by a couple notable protest the first came on Tuesday in front of the diocese. With a couple dozen Catholics one of them was. She said that she was another victim of clergy sex abuse where she was allegedly abused by a non as a child. If she is speaking with me outside the diocese. This organization. Asked that says that they wanted to speak to some of the victims. And that's why we're out here. Yes Caroline you a few weeks ago you know as a victim. Known sex and Maggette knew about that press conference. Since you've told your story how has life changed for. Well I have found out that the same none that raided my younger brother who is a year behind me. And then he. Ended up going to screw up my heat my mother got him out of her class the next day. That was a Thursday his little hand. He's spent three years I'm going to just go let's apply and then tiger you know pockets protect. I want to their toys their identities and everything. And that's affairs I learned about the N. But I've gotten support from my fan right blitzes are big camp like rambling you know. I'll lay down a road. It would. You think about bishop Malone owns letters he sent to everybody's saying it's going to resign despite public. I think it spoke. I think it's no I think he should do the right thing and ES and he's made some very bad. Decisions. And he is not responding to the community. Mercury and I'm review of its radios that you tells yes it says. Catholic churches and not places where eight year old kids should be great obviously you're very. This entire issue are you surprised. To see that there are so many other victims of the court and coming out these last. Several months no. No because child abuse is rampant. And the Catholic Church is a secret organization. And that. Actually trusted had a files because of their secrecy. And the sentence of none abuse is about 10%. And adds. The same as an agenda populate. Men vs women those bars that doubt what you think about the state attorney general's investigation to all the diocese of New York. Long overdue. I'm overdue and this thing going on. They say decades and I think it's much longer. I think it's much much longer. Do you think was seen from charges coming out of this investigation. C report similar. I don't think we're gonna get this virus Pennsylvania. BK because they gave him so much or warn me. And their lawyers have been meeting with them and they've been taking out back society here. And I think there's been a whole lot of spending going on and Larry Connors said. Take that word secret. All your documents and everything so I don't think. They're gonna find as much information here even you know. Pennsylvania three hence 300000 Catholics. And we had 700000. Catholics. SI think it's really important for victims to come forward. And I would like to find out who is Manning this hotline. I don't know if they act trained there fans have Arabs are speedboat. Hi there Tom act starts who is. Manning this tough minded base setup. Then on Wednesday another protest this one with Christoph Pierre the air Vatican ambassador to the US was visiting the Catholic Charities USAA's annual gathering which is going until Friday. Robert hodes and you've heard him several times over the last several months in Western New York. He's an advocate on behalf of the clergy sex abuse victims he described the reason why they had a protests outside of the buffalo Niagara convention center. Here but. Things here and archbishop Christoph year. Who is the papal Nuncio to the Vatican or to the United States from about it. Is it delivering a plenary address. Today and we're here to impress upon him bad as the leader of the Vatican. In the United States. He has to know about the crisis here in the diocese of buffalo with bishop Richard Malone. So we're here to reiterate our message that this alone has to go. And that archbishop here has to petition the Vatican. To assign you leadership. That will lead the people and not simply. Continue the cover up. That has gone on here for decades. Do you think it just you know what's happening oh I'm sure the papal Nuncio has every. Piece of paper every protest paper. Every inclination that that there are serious matters here. Well he could petition Pope Francis to accept. The pleas of the politicians of the area of religious people of late people of the victims of sexual abuse to replace bishop Malone. Eric I. No no we hit we won't we won't get inside we know that they know about all this we're just here to reinforce the message. That. Buffalo needs new leadership in the Catholic Church. It. It's very well here and regard it. It option to your program. Yeah I mean that there's there's so many policies and practices of the pitchers that need to be changed. We're here specifically about the sexual abuse issue by clergy which which we know by now has been completely mismanaged and covered up so. Whatever they're talking about inside. They should be focused on all of the people that happened harm than hurt. And continue to be harmed and hurt by the practices and policies of this church including. Innocent children of sexual abuse and you know we know just from recent reports that that. Richard Malone has participated. With bishop head and bishop candidate in bishop and then sell in the cover up. That is very clear you know. That there are over eighty priests that we know now who may have sexually abused children. And bishop Malone told us only half the story. Back in March he said there were 42. Well it could be three times and that number but he's not the one that we can trust to. Make this transparent and honest and clear to the people we need it here here here. Kind of message is that sending about it's here's. Well what is clear is that the church is inherently incapable. Of policing itself. Meaning. Nobody is safe from the Catholic Church when the Catholic churches in charge so we're calling on once again. The state legislature of the State of New York. To pass the child victims act. Because if the church is under the law then law enforcement can make sure that the church doesn't force those laws. Yes I employed. Barbara Underwood my applaud hopefully I applaud. Theory VA Flynn I hope. That's their words are going to be matched her gonna turn into action. That they're gonna be very very serious they're gonna give subpoena powers that indictments perhaps it will come down. In other words to use the entire force of law enforcement and the entire. Strength of law enforcement to make sure that all of the diocese in the State of New York. Or investigated carefully and then. Take it from there. At the end of the day. We want bishop Malone to resign. Or be removed. Cardinal Donald Worrell evidently resigned today in the Vatican. Unfortunately Donald Worrell was already over the age of 75 so it's not a big deal. The Pope could have accepted his resignation two years ago but here is 77 year old cardinal. Washington DC has resigned as well we want bishop Malone to follow suit. Because we know what cardinal law did in Washington DC. And Richard Malone did the same thing here or is doing is thinking about. It story today about dramatic increase in the pre errant idea bishop's presence in February what you make it. The announcement today by the hope that he's bringing in the presidents of all the Catholic bishops of the world. That each country is absurd. He's gonna wait five more months now. June supposedly. Concoct an action plan. But as we know the Pope has promised and promised and promised to clean this up and all we've gotten is. Establishment of commissions. Establishment of committees. And here's another meeting that he's going to have with bishops. And they're probably going to talk the issue to death once again. And come out of that meeting with absolutely. No action plan. Giant waste of time absolutely. He's actually. Having played when he going to stay here. What makes you think you're gonna change that would basically it's captured and forced him. Well we always we thought cardinal law was going to be there permanently through because of his position and his authority in Boston. And he ended up resigning I think the more that comes out about bishop Richard Malone's cover up which by the way is bound to happen. We'll just keep putting the pressure on him to resign so the more he claims that this will pass over. You know this well and and that we'll go back to normal no that's not going to happen. Because courageous victims are coming forward and courageous politicians are calling for resignations. Courageous church people are now calling for his resignation. So as the pressure mounts I think bishop Richard Malone will have second thoughts. So maybe we've all of us we've talked to many people within the churches and they all. Are either reluctant or very weak and their condemnation of what's happening with the jurors also for the church and no one has come built on the ground. All of the folks at church won't save the one bishop long to step down what do you account for that. Well I'll tell you what Catholics for centuries have been told three things. The flock. Must pay. Pray. And Obey. That message has been drilled into Catholics for centuries. We still have the remnants of that especially in the older populations. And so we have a very passive flock still. That is slowly becoming educated. To what really is happening in the church so the notion of pay rate and Obey isn't working with the younger people. But it there is still the remnant of that. In the older prisoners so I'm hoping that the younger people impress upon their parents and their grandparents. That's what we are saying here on the streets. Is the truth. That the church can't police itself that we need outside forces to help it reform itself. And that. No longer pay cradled by we're gonna not take over archer. So the clergy sex abuse scandal continues to unfold channel seven had another report that came out on Wednesday showing that there were. Actually over 100 priests credibly accused of abuse remember when this whole thing started to unfold only 42 were announced. This one more than twice the amount that was initially unveiled in February. Now on Thursday the diocese placed another priest on administrative leave they said that retired father John chase are Dina was accused of abuse. Coming up an officer involved in a shooting on Wednesday morning in the overnight dollars on Buffalo's last sign we look at it from all angles. I don't know rivaled those of confrontation with an individual was armed with handguns and shots were fired at this time there is a deceased suspect unseen. Here in the 400 block of Plymouth. We dined into the officer involved shooting next on 716 week in review a new morning. Would Susan rose and Brian mess around scheme it's more than just headlines political strategist Michael Capuano is in studio where breaking down Jeff Sessions testimony Michael what's the impact. I don't think this testimony from attorney general sessions is going to have an impact on him in a new morning goes in death. Twice each hour and fifteen and 45 day two of the three. London attackers have been identified one man. CNET TV documentary where he expressed his extremist views the attackers seen in video in the midst of their kids dancing fifteen and 45 high powered by the final no less. Because we know final. Part of a new morning weekday mornings at five till night on news radio. We're back at 716 week review I'm your host WV UN's Mike background looking at your top news stories of the week. Again this is a review podcast keynote you could argue that the biggest stories actually happening today. This is David this contest is reported on Thursday's primary day in New York State but listen. We don't know the results today. We know a lot of candidates he had over the WV UN dot com right after this post you can see the entire coverage that we have on there. But if you're listening to this. 49 o'clock. You're not really getting much John and it's a war recap primary day next week as well as tied into what we hope will be the future of NY 27 but. Wool go into what we know well and my 27 a little bit later right now -- about this officer involved shooting that happened on Wednesday morning on Buffalo's west side. Happen if the 400 block of Plymouth avenue actually just outside of the old school 77. The call came and right around 305 AM. Now this investigation is still early but we do know that a man in his thirties has died. We're restarted beginning event buffalo police captain Jeffrey Ronaldo briefing reporters at around 5:30 AM at the scene. It's 306 this morning our officers respond to call them and gone and 400 block of summit avenue. Upon arrival was a confrontation with an individual was armed with handguns and shots were fired at this time there is a deceased suspect. And seen. Here in the form of life supplies into over officers are currently eighty Cianci. With non life threatening injuries. Our investigation is obviously just brilliant very early stages so there's now a lot of information. That I have to get to you but it will take a couple questions of the officers who were injured what's how were they injured. It's part of our critical instant policy whenever an incident like this occurs they go to his skis and he had checked out. I don't know the totality of it and I don't know what threatening injures at this. Not been chattering like that. No officers shot. Can you confirm that I was running at the time. Heard accounts he was running away from us right now our homicide detectives are talking numerous witnesses to figure out exactly what happens I don't have enough information story. Couple more questions you mentioned that the out call came in for me with a gun who made that call. This program investigation right now I know there on site taxes are tracking down the source of the column information they had me. And calm and one time get to did this happen at the old converted school business that's part ever seen so based on our investigation we're determine exactly where they confronted the suspect and where this. That took place to tell me. One more accurate answer on the one suspect one suspect that this ends. One more of any word on how many shots were fired by still investigation. Later that afternoon pushing buffalo which recently held a ribbon cutting at school 77 because that's where their offices are. Sent out a statement which said that police violence was wholly unwarranted. Now police responded to the shooting again later in the afternoon briefing reporters on. On the latest that they know why they had to use deadly force deputy police commissioner Joseph grew Molly are speaking with reporters including our own Matt Moran. At approximately 305 this morning officers responded to a man with a gonna call vicinity of Plymouth Massachusetts. I'm at that time officer encountered a man who had gone and engaged in a short foot pursuit that ended in a parking lot in the 400 block of Plymouth avenue. The suspect refused multiple requests by the officer to put the gun down. At that time the officer discharge his service weapon to stop the immediate threat the suspect post. Officers immediately called for first day for the suspect and ultimately was pronounced dead at the scene. As part of our investigation. We've interviewed several witnesses and reviewing video at this time. I can assure you that at this time loaded weapon was recovered at the scene. We are asking anyone with any additional information. To please call or tax their confidential tip line at 8472255. The deceased is a 32 year old male so awful and the officer. His eight year veteran of the awful police department. Questions. It. What was the other. Oh yeah. Other officers were arriving at the scene and were officers I want one officer just churches what. You know Minneapolis. That's part of investigation right now we're. Most on the team this suspect buying power at this time it does not appear to suspect that churches look what. These brand is the way at any time to break up the weapon was so now the weapon was in his hand. He's going to end any time jobs are at that time Lisa officers are reviewing video and that will mount as part of an investigation into this thing. There is video. If you know please. He's from. Location is. Yeah. We're not gonna comment whether it came from this time he's gonna fight and know that the pilot project and did so they were not wearing my cameras to. A three hour. That's part of our investigation this so well. I'm just. Now there is. Started running and the the officer engaged in the short foot pursuit atlas might have to block. I remember as a result. It. The officers responded to a call me and with the gone and had rate that vicinity three of the suspects still running when Casper. We're still looking at the video reviewing its yes the suspect. Was a continuing forward motion. Forward or you know well again we're reviewing the video and more information on it will be released. Absolutely we'll get more information on that what's the status office. The officer that discharge his weapon is normal protocols. On the issue. You know me. If you know and I'm not gonna comment on this time. On. Dust. You know what kind of him here. On the medical examiner still conducting their investigation. When you make that turn. Then. What's the protocol. It's. Turned. Sir. Can we go through. When you get to that highest points which is being loaded weapon the officer still. Issued commands to put the weapon down. That's the the escalation tactics and it got to a point where the officer had to stop the immediate threat. And has Fisher is what. Odds are involved in this here this. Each game. Even more than and that happened. Steve and I think that people in the community or just add up. I guess a little bit of everything. Don't all the entire town where faster than it was very quick it was seconds. Well that's the weakness. Her investigation this time it's. I'm sorry that injury generals office and hope. The way video order works is that your Communist attorney's office we notify them immediately as part of our homicide investigation. The Erie county district attorney's office notified as the attorney general's office they responded they came out ultimately up to them. As for the governor's order to decide if they're going to move forward with the case or step back. I. This is a situation where the suspect any deadly weapon and loaded handgun. And again you situation. And how do you address that situation dictated. More often by the suspects. What they do so unfortunately he had his gun in his hand. Pose a threat to the officer and unfortunately the officer know very critically at 20 discharge his weapon and the threat. Or where or how. I'm sorry. I'm decades in his office. One officer once and possible losses discharges level the other officer went with an officer he was treated and released. Not gonna give them this time you've treated and released. Are. Thicker. And the man who died was identified by several local media as Rauf IL Pico Rivera. Erie county DA's office is investigating this shooting death as you may have conjuring the core Molly interview. The attorney general is not involved in this shooting unlike other previous officer involved shootings. Because Rivera was armed with a loaded gun and the old age he only gets involved. If there is a unarmed suspects. So continue to follow all developments a vigil was held for Rivera. Outside of where the shooting was on Buffalo's west side on Wednesday night. And this is another black guy in the relationship between the community and buffalo police. Coming up in a moment and why 27 the race to replace continues its. Hourly and Olivia you wanna make peace with the Russian got a good relationship with Russia might not this is the most ridiculous. In the world now there's perspective. And we need to happen in the media this is your call to have you heard the president of Russia talk about 400 million dollars that went from the Russian. Currency over to the Clinton Campaign not a question about that nothing written about that. Hourly and they'll be three till 7 NEWS radio nine. Turned a 716 week in review win primary day happening after this Comcast gets posted follow along with all the latest results on WBBM dot com the radio dot com at and hate if you listen this contest first of all I truly appreciate it. Appreciate all the time messages that I've been receiving about this podcasted briefly just to catch up but all the big stories of the last week from start to finish. One way that you can help me now even by continuing to listen or subscribe on iTunes and legal finest are reviewed by leaving reviewing a nice and five stars all that jazz it helps people. The message out here what we're doing out here. They're paying me any extra do this I'm doing this on my own so help me out by subscribing. Re reviewing and downloading the radio talk comment so we continue on with the program. The race to replace continues but there was. A major interview that was done by WR IDB's Dave graver. Graver from channel for speaking with indicted congressman Chris Collins it's coaches. First public statement. Since his last public say and I know that's kind of a weird thing to say but. Calling you might remember on August 8 was indicted down in New York City he flew back to buffalo that night. Where he was supposed to have that press conference a spouses are at 6 AM but it. Didn't end up starting until after 730. And then he never took any questions from reporters afterwards. So this was the first time that Collins spoke with a member of the media. Great get by WI DB's Steve graver we'll defer to their website WI VV dot com you can hear the entire interview there. They did give us permission to play parts in the interviews here's one of the major takeaways from it. I've been expressed to the county leaders PH county chairs. I will cooperate fully. Intend. Deferring to them as they look for someone to replace me on the ballot. That man I am not involved. Collins did say that he will no longer be in office after December 31. Out there is still plenty of speculation about the future of congressman Collins his position. Is he going to. Stand the ballot. Is he going to. Be placed on about somewhere in eating dinner Amherst or maybe even his own home district of Clarence. That still all up in the year. You're recounting GOP chairman nick Lange where these speaking to me on Tuesday reacting first of all today interview that Collins had winds WI VB. And about the future outlook of NY 27 and what can we expect since were coming down to the wire. You've heard it said many times before about how we have to wait until the primaries on went as jewels September 19 deadline. We talk about those states why they're important and he gives us some clues as to their plan I think. He's made a rate decision for his family says call and a career and in focus on his legal tree which is there. A map a plan and is there a way to get him. I yeah again I am not in any interviewer do going to write the legal brief for opposition cell. I know groom lake knowing exactly how everything's going to work out but it's just not something that you were prepared. Rule out at this time. I am as confident today is I've been confident from the beginning that there are mechanisms in place with congress from columns while operation to replace him on the ballot. Just like. Just like. If he Andrew Cuomo is to win on Thursday defeated Phoenix. Just like their game plan they've talked about. In the press. In New York City for two months on how they're gonna try to pull her off the working families and that's what the they have mechanisms in place there to try and remove her from the gubernatorial ballot. They're gonna use knows if dad if you feed Cuomo successful make no mistake he knows how. She is a serious threat to him winning. Another term if she should stay on the ballot. So does the Democrats who cried foul and cry fraud. Because. There Mac and some place New Year's election ought to switch ballot positions around. After the primary. I challenged them or they can call their own governor fraud she takes it seems situation. Are they gonna cry foul. When it really pleasing situation. Then go back problems what is the current direction if you don't have a specific. Candor method to get a mop what's the direction. Well I mean is this is we we told people. The last time we did we met which was the time he can't screenings. We first thought was fast process that we are going to. You know continue on with the more we work whether attorneys the slower rule on me it's because. Because a New Year's election law a lot of documentation is not germane until after the primary. So we've inference it's Abrams speculating on Eden because there's multiple agencies in town those vacancies occurred after. Petitions were filed in July. So there was no mechanism for those vacancies to be kept him in prime. Those get filled by a document in an instrument called certificate of nomination which assign my immediate county chairman to feel spot. Were there were not eligible and prime. It basically permission slip for us to put candidate now those can't be turned him into action prime. Only things we've learned our. Unity counties in the district. There Steve parties and answer jurisdiction in this situation. Those that reorganized. And have there been a reorganization meeting is election for party leadership. Those that are in even years this year like myself here in the eerie kind of comedian counting in Ontario county means. We must hold our party re election. In order to. Conduct business. And substitutions. Seoul office prematurely ruling came out before legal steps were in place. We needed collective season you know the advice of counsel to slow walk. Or. Soul here refiner shelter or closing in on primary day things will start to happen. First to. Do you guys kind of regret the mad dash that you took at the very beginning to replace Collins before finding all the nuances but I I don't I don't regret. The way we conducted interviews at all because it if it allowed us in shares in party leaders. To sample what's out there of possible candidates to go back and talk to our communities. To have conversations those candidates have also permeated the different organizational meetings. Then I don't regret at all I will see that much of the mad dash was January industry's behalf more than mine industry. Yourself. I regret that we're in this process and in this situation I regret that. You know. The incidence among actually if world where nick and I don't be here I'd rather be folksy electing Republicans opened on bail out gives me traction. I would rather not via conference call with legal team every single day. Discussing scenarios played books and you know things at great cost in rates. Distraction from our party. This is this is not. In the best interest of our party to be doing is what we're doing well to my nation to allow Detroit. To be made. By voters did share a conservative Republican philosophy and I in the county chairs of of the Republican party of Western New York to make up the 27 district are dedicated to offering it choice to voters. That will be someone can serve this community in congress without distraction. That will be conservative Republican voice for Donald Trump's agenda in congress. What line number. There it's that is not lesser paying headed this group but. The big difference when he's the Amherst town clerk for instance. Because it something that's come options this process is taking place but it was also something that was well worth x.s. Machines job it's awful it's a full time commitment. Marjorie beard he has made her resignation effective the eighteenth of September. That guarantees it on the ballot this year. And her. In nineteen is the last day for if he can she can be achieved now it. The vacancy occurs on the twentieth or after it would be next yours now for. Any idea when you guys come out when that announcement and are hoping by then that September 19 years. Much of while we're facing. Post primary things will start. I can't. But I think after the primary that in in the party elections and have to take place in things for us to do business appropriately. So our company mean reorganizing and 14 September. I normally would wait till the 25. Weekend package and an up. Wouldn't the after the primaries and possible Republican mean in. I'm Friday night to get this done so that we are free to business this is cost. On us a great deal of traction. And hit it is made you think it fared differently than we would normally be function. And it's dome so that we can give you choice to the owners. We also reached out to all eight of the NY 27 candidates only spoke with a small handful of them. There is some growing impatience that might be best expressed by this interview that I did with state senator Chris Jacobs now Jacobs you have to remember is also running for a different seats. There is that trickle down effect so listen to this interview would Jacobs and then you'll concede their mentality going into this. I have not been told anything so at this point in time I really a 100% focused on running for reelection by senate seat. It's been an honor to serve in the senate I'm not I'm very much focused on. Continue to serve throughout my term here and hopefully be back be up there again serve and in the new year. So the other decisions outside in my control and really at this point and time again I'm really just focus on I sent it. Applications. Have have you had any conversations with the local leadership about and like 27 in the interviews and TV three weeks ago I have not. George seed in the sense. He's one of them that it is very much Republicans won key to just one mature. Do you think that you'll be selected for my twenties well I I AM. I'm on the when I when I talk to. Several weeks ago I felt that there was good path for someone else to take. The take up running and and continue to hold the seat. I'm less confident in this now with how long and protracted that's just it. So I would say at this point. You know would be a discussion if they had come pick if they came to me at this point in time because it is important to keep. The senate majority I felt a month ago when this discussion is happening. It was viable now there were heading. Getting close to October. I think it's less that way so I am very focused right now so who do you think they picked her spy accounts. I have no idea I have not you know it's great to meet with the leaders there and and talk to them about issues it is a huge district. But beyond that I haven't heard anyone subsequent. Another candidate we chatted with the Stephon my hi Lou he's arguably been the most aggressive candidate throughout this entire process. He shared his insight regarding what he thinks the future is going to be in the race to replace and what he's been told. I think the biggest concern right now is getting Chris talent off the ballot and from what I understand it's going to be more difficult. Than initially thought. You know that the process has been what clocked. At first we are told we got to find a candidate quickly and then. Focus on the court case potentially Chris Collins is to be removed from the ballot. What I'm being told. It is going to be a massive. Perky -- effort shocked to get congress and talent off about. So I would not be surprised it got the end of the day congressman towns is going to be the nominee in November. And that's fine I think most important thing no matter who cannot mediate and that it stays in Republican hands we can outlet liberal extremist. Take over that seat in NY 27. And I think the voters in the district know that and they will vote Republican no matter what. To fonts and maybe three or so weeks since you all had the interview at Batavia downs casino all. You know all nine of you at the time when to go interview. What kind of conversations have you had with the local Republican leadership since your interview process. I think a lot of people are getting cold feet because of the factors. A lot of uncertainty on one or not congressman talent can in fact be removed. From the ballot. Diet or someone in the states senate or assembly tickets off of their respective ballot right now. And that congress talents state on the ballot there out of a job. They cannot get back on their respective states senate or assembly. Ballots. So the uncertainty is giving a lot of people. Pause about one or not they'll move forward pertaining to the nomination. Mean it's a big gamble it's a major risk. Now if I had to risk giving up my currency to run for congress to be the nominee. I don't regret what you are family wife and baby twelve year old daughter now I would not be taking that risk. And if it meant potentially losing. My current seed if in fact congressman cal state on the ballot. So I think Ayers a lot of cold feet right now with a lot of individuals and whether or not. He would pursue the nomination only because there's zero guarantee that congressman talent will be removed from the ballot. Still exists so the clarify all of them are you still wants to be running for congress. Yeah I mean I've you know what I can hold on the town cheers. In many instances that I am the strong respect and on the secret back. If I am the nominee and congressman cal and germane Alan Bell there's nothing lost. There's no negative domino effect down on the ballot on a contract Christie's on the ballot and it's not techniques were dollars. And our state senate and hanging precariously. By one vote majority so there's a lot to lose. If any state senator he's chosen and then in the end counselor talents that stays on the ballot. I think the situation changes. By the day and quite frankly by the hour. And that uncertainty. Of whether or now we're getting congress accounts off the ballot is really causing a lot of people to pause and think well. We're really wanna lose my current position. For a potential run for congress and that's why it may depiction of I am the strongest that you know based on the fact that I've won three countywide elections in five years in a very dark blue county. And also there's nothing lost its congressman talent stays on the ballot. Have they as anybody said TU. Waiting to expect an announcement it I Lusaka were lying where the on. Tuesday and he told me that there is the local leadership reelection on Friday and then they can make a decision from there are so do you think that you could hear something on Saturday or even late Friday night. It's possible but highly unlikely. I'm keeping in mind. Even if there is a nominee from the eight counties cheers there's no guarantee that individual will be on the ballot in November. It is very likely impossible scenario that Chris Collins remained on the ballot in wins in November. I'm not a betting man but if I were. I do believe there's a strong possibility that congressman count stays on the ballot in wins in November. Stephon so what do you do between now and I guess. Early next week just wait and see. I am working hard being the pest controller I can agree. Raising your baby go in twelve year old daughter and then we wait and see what happens in the coming days and weeks that. County chairs holding their re elections on Friday's you heard me mention during the interview with my high low which was mentioned to me before by Lang worthy. You've heard us talk about how the GOP assigned positions in the town of Eden amber send an as the Buffalo News again reported on Wednesday. There's the possibility now Nick Collins may be on the ballot as a town of Clarence councilman Sobel wait to see how things unfold. Next week going to be a busy one on the podcasts out and why 27. You can call me now and if I'm wrong then don't leave a five star be legal for adult and don't give me bad reviews can't help me out another break that our final soaring. Tom don't wanna Coke bank in court again will stay open or is it going to close find out next. It's Susan rose from WB EN thank you for listening. Starting tomorrow he will no longer be able to hear any great shows on WB EN on tunis. Now the only place to listen to WBBM. Is radio dot com or go to radio dot com slash listen. Or download the radio dot com ever now to continue listening to this and many other great radio stations make the switch from tuna and two radio test. A segment of seven. 16 week interview on WV UN's Mike Bagley and follow W began on Twitter work at a news radio 9:30 am on Twitter at. It might back a man. New episodes recorded for you every single Thursday you get a first on the radio dot com that's our final story. Tunnel wanna Coke more fumes came out of the plants over and. Summer and as a result the state DEC issued a cease and desist order. And a Monday tunnel wanna Coke had a appearance in federal courts their second appearance in two weeks. As policy would all federal courts we aren't allowed to bring in our recording devices or cameras so it's tough debt actively. Show you what the scene was like but there were I wanna say maybe five or seven representatives from Tana wanna Coke whereas the government. Only had two representatives so Tom wanna Coke is taking this very seriously. Attorneys spoke with the media afterwards in the courts attorneys for the government wanted an immediate hearing on tunnel wanna Coke but. On the other side the defense Tom wanna Coke they were pushing for another hearing to beat at the end of October they cited another reason having to do with problem between then and the state DEC that they want to resolve first. But judge William scrutiny opted to push the hearing to Friday because of the serious allegations that are being made after the hearing. We spoke with Erin mango and assistant US attorney outside of the federal court house. Was there. Are you guys doing it's it's okay you guys on him again and you've been dining and well we were prepared if the judge wanted to order a hearing today. We are prepared for hearing but now we're prepared for Friday and we'll be prepared. To present our our evidence of daily violations of the environmental laws. And we'll we'll see see on other deaths. Secretary thank for you knowing that they want to get to the end of October when you desperately needs this right. Why don't I don't like to characterize it as a victory or loss or it's. We asked for an immediate hearing now scheduled for four days from now. Seem like news. We were we're talking about over the past few levels it. You can do is plain old little bit better through them like they're saying even if they're passing little sound like they're saying yes it's about twenty. But they're saying that the that the air quality that's coming up but you guys ever. But differed from what one doesn't matter to what's your what's your comment what's coming up right we disagree with third third claim that there's no hazardous air flew. Movies coming out of up land that documents we filed on Friday. Which include color photographs and show black smoke blew smoke. All types at different emissions going into the air. Established that there are hazardous air pollutants. The smell of Coke oven gases is that is a known hazardous air pollutants. So we disagree without it will present evidence on Friday that there are hazards. Being admitted into the here. This is not a new right it's been going on for quite some time right. That's our position that this has been an ongoing problem. Now. Well they'll capacity has been continuous since may second. However that started in January. With several past violations in January and February and march there was a violation two years ago. In 2016. So. There's there's been a variety of notice to the company. That they've been violated a law and so it company talked about repairs that they've been making a Coke ovens to address this problem should become. So the community. He. I just relieved that anyway that goes down with those repairs are taking place lied I think we'll present wolf wolf present evidence about our. Believes in and in our assurances. What we feel that the community should take out of the assurances from time oracle. We want an immediate hearings to present that evidence. We've we've filed documents which indicate that we cannot trust what their. Going to do or going to save it pointed. It just its own thing it's Aaron mango AA oral and and the Ngo and an assistant United States attorney. With me today with Patrick. Keep yourself. Patrick Duggan regular spelling Patrick Duggan do you Gigi and I'm on trial attorney with the environment crimes section apartment justice based on C. We're and evidently dad to a Aaron is already provided you we will certainly be adding more before that hearing on Friday. Or if there are hopeful thing. So. Wolf what we're hoping for is that the communities to protect. Then inside Jeffrey sure venal representing tunnel on a Coke speaking with reporters we're looking forward to being in court on Friday. Is he says that hearing if you heard me say I'm content and making commitments to address that capacity. As aggressively and safely as possible a more committed to the community. And as you heard me say I'm a resident Grand Island and I don't believe there's any proof in the record showing that there's an imminent and substantial infringement you. So now they can actually be appropriate for media talking further given object if a short time. That's us dollars prize that. The tickets. Hearing and vote. Felt like a court has shown that he's you know theory interest in exploration process and its use he and his staff at one time to read the papers that he was short deadlines but I'm not. Where were you know the judge as to what he thinks is right where Olson do we. Hear. That. Correct we have received. Man down so we're gonna be reaching out mr. mango. The judge instruct us tonight or leave it after. And requested right. And explain what you feel those that. Well through the air monitoring these days and that's right near the top one hope so and so we believe we're at and we believe it can't show. This increased capacity. Is that. Causing any imminent substantial endangerment. Of a and health and environment. It was a packed in ninth floor of the federal court house would on a community members from Tana wanna reacting to the judge's decision that day. All in all they were pretty thrilled you're Jackie James creed and. Were hurt our community that this day I with the judge's decision today just that statement that we Lannan. We have been hearing which is like a mini trial and it starts this Friday. And we'll just take one day at a time but I was extremely excited about the possibility if it. The if they do indeed. Show that they are in violation of those. That's a title when it hopes for patient that they're possibly could be at least sentencing of the company. So. We weren't aware that and that is awesome news. Potentially maybe that's more more good news or projects for many I don't know it's too soon to tell. We're just really happy right right. So Friday at 9 AM that's when the court appearance will be for tunnel wanna Coke will it stay open. Or will it close that's the million dollar question and we're gonna bring you that answer. Tomorrow morning as soon as it happens Friday morning 9 AM that's the court appearance it yet can't listen to a slide. We'll break it on our Twitter page at news radio 930. And non don't. UB EN dot com so big day tomorrow for town wanna Coke and members of the Taiwan a community. Some stories that we're pretty notable but we didn't really jumping into too much today. Parole he's apparently being allowed to bowl after an executive order by Governor Cuomo. Allowing them to enter a school at 7 PM that's strong a lot of flack because local legislators are saying now sex offenders can get into the school. Also you know why you heard me mention earlier about how old we don't cover a lot of sports in this sometimes I don't sometimes we won't. This is not a day were Rand diamond a sports but huge news. Josh Allen named the starter for the Buffalo Bills Sunday bills played the chargers at 1 PM I actually just had to sell my ticket for personal reasons. Also talks about a new bills stadium are on hold until after the November election so expect to hear that in the coming weeks. Jimmer brows ski a Cheektowaga town councilman. Asked resigned by colleagues after domestic abuse misdemeanor conviction Western New York hasn't forgotten the atrocities of September 11 2001. But also remembering. A brave men and women who sacrificed their lives new headquarters for buffalo police and is he heard me mention a couple times throughout this podcast. The date of this contest being recorded is coronary night and they tell you this right now and I'm not saying this because he's my boss I'm saying because you can get extensive coverage on it. Primary night coverage goes from. Starting at 9 AM on Thursday night I don't know what time licences since 9 PM Thursday night that's when primary coverage starts recap on WB. Also on the 93716. Contests in one year's man who's going to be recapping primary night and that podcast. But hey that's it for this week's edition of 716 week in review. Make sure you follow us on Twitter or any news radio 930 you can follow yours truly Mike back from an act might fragment on the Twitter machine. Tell your friends coworkers family all about his podcast great review and subscribe on iTunes. Always get first by downloading the radio dot com that he was put on demand at any time. And Davis shot out tonight defaults to my Japanese friends cape code though there. We had a blast his first time ever this thing and also shot out of Fargo restaurant always. Great wings. It and it right after that but that's it for this week's show we'll see you next Thursday and 716 we can do.