716 Week in Review - July 5, 2018

In our inaugural episode of the podcast Mike recaps the Grape Street shooting where a grandmother and her infant granson were killed. We catch up with the Stop the Violence Coalition to talk about their work in the community. Also, it's Fourth of July Week, and our Brian Mazurowski talked with a WNY pro wrestler competing in the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Competition. We also preview the 35th Annual Taste of Buffalo in Downtown Buffalo. Rate, Review, and Subscribe on iTunes and follow Mike on Twitter @MikeBaggerman

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716 week in review was recorded at 311. On Thursday July 5. You might imagine things might be a little different when you're hearing at what you can always stay up to date with the latest coverage. Of Western New York news at the top and bottom of every Al around WB EN and of course WB EN dot com let's get right into the shell. I. Oh. Happy to be here happy to start this program and my thanks to you if you're listening to this in our very first episode this is something that I can. Pretty much guarantee is going to be catching on the more people start to listen to it now what this podcast is is exactly what its title is about. It's a weakened review of everything in the 716. Now there's a lot of news stories say you're gonna hear throughout the week in fact. There it gets to the point at least for me when I go on the field I tend to forget a story that I covered on a Monday or Tuesday. Our Wednesday and that's me I'm physically at the location of where things are. So I'm trying to think OK if I'm forgetting about something. Well there's a good chance that you could forget about something as well maybe not. Maybe you have an incredible memory me I'm not that type of person though so what I wanna do in this podcast. Is I wanna look at some of the top news stories of the week OPEC at some of the things that we've done throughout the week. And we decide which ones are the most pressing. The most important ones for you to know so that's the inaugural. Speech of our inaugural episode this is going to be a fun thing I really appreciate you listening to this if you ever have any comments suggestions for me. Send me an email Mike dot Bagger remain @entercom.com. And really thanks for listening to the show we're right here right into things the very top story this week that want to dive into first there's no question for me. About what story want to get into first I know earlier I was saying I forget some but this. No doubt in my mind something that's been sticking with me and I know it's been something that's been sticking with the community a lot this week and that's the horrifying event that happened on green street in Buffalo's fruit belt neighborhood happen on Monday at 12:30 AM. In the 200 block of great streak. I we'll get into a little bit more details during the course of this segment. But let's get right into some of the knowledge that we've learned first we wrap up press conference would buffalo police he is captain Jeff Renaldo. Last night it's 12:34 AM awful police responded to a shooting call 200 watt read street. Upon arrival there were four victims at the scene. In many other people it's been described to me is well these extremely chaotic as well so horrific scene. There was a 34 year old male who was shot in the league. There was a 48 year old male who was shockingly. It was a fifty year old female who was deceased. As well as a seventeen month old child who is deceased. The child in the female her grandson grandmother. Our information right now is still coming in it's still an active crime scene investigators evidence collection. Officers at the scene as we speak still working the scene collecting information. At this point what I can tell it's from the information we garnered last night early this morning it appears as if there was some type of family gathering. People were outside porch and win a number of unknown persons approached the porch in open player. Our officers that are done in seeing campuses wells looking for video and interviewing witnesses as we speak. We are absolutely in the public's help with this. This is a terrific terrific for running a seventeen month old child gets shot and killed on the city's streets. We cannot allow this to happen I can tell you that our entire homicide unit has been worked this relentlessly until we bring somebody to justice what again. There are people in the community and know little bits and pieces of this story and then come forward. Eyewitness that anybody there is information kind of take you there are confidential tip line which is 847. 2255. Or you can call our homicide office directly to speak to a detective. That number's 8514466. With that I'll take a couple questions but I can tell it is now a lot of information we can put out yet. There. Our information is that there was number of people seen running from the scene as far as how many shooters I don't. Let him. Correct there formations that they came out. To hear from the house where. There are presently about working that right now hole in the campus. That it targeted. Well again it's. So early to say that but. Anytime you have a large group of people for a particular interest somebody opens fire on the interest charges saying that it was random but again. It's still very early on in the investigation we're looking over to him he's trying to figure. If you knew they knew any of this package. They recognize anything. It at this point there's on the press to talk. So again as we get more information we will be update yet. I suspect that there's some time later today or possibly tomorrow we will his name's Gloria. But again it is still an active things seem all right great. And again I can't stress enough we need some community involvement in this. We need people to stand up take the stand and say this is not going to be tolerated were seventeen month old child. It's killed on the front porch of the house over. Anything let alone nonsense so again please 8472255. Or 851. 4466. Start thinking it was their previous calls for service. I'm not that I'm aware that didn't seem accurate. Ebony I guess reassuring words for people who live in the area after I mean something terrific use this to mean. Be able to walk outside again and hear about a seventeen month. I mean again the level of violence in some of these instances is around us but you know it's. The community has to come together. We are all responsible for the safety of one another not only the police that the community is all I can tell you that obviously will have extra patrols in those areas. We don't believe that this was necessarily random act of violence but again it's somebody's going to shoot and kill seventeen mobile. That person has been taken off the street immediately. And in order for it to be accomplices as possible. The more cooperation we get faster we can accomplish that makers streets safer. I. It was still investigating the reasons behind it but again. Basins very very preliminary information we have it. Looks like the party's may have been known each other to some X and they were treated at the hospital and they were released so. Investigators currently costs. It it appears that they are all all the victims are known each other we can confirm that the two deceased her grandson grandmother as far as the other two appears that they were all having him back again hey I know it's. Urgent but it's clearly been put together as we speak he's shooting occurred at 12:30 in the morning. I Thai people were taken houseful treated we're still literally work for us. You killed him. It. And I thank him. I don't know thanks. So thank you very much as we get more information will be updated. I figure buffalo police captain Jeff for an all the talking about this incident a horrifying attack in Buffalo's fruit belt neighborhood. This also drew a strong reaction from buffalo mayor Byron brown let's take a look at what he had to say. The police work on these issues of violence around the clock. The shooting that took place overnight. Berry Berry tragic senseless violence. I'm asking anyone who has any information. Regarding those individuals through the individual responsible. For the shooting to provide that information to the buffalo police department. Or ready information from the public it's coming and the public is really outraged by these shootings. Demanding. Justice. And providing good information. To our police department we have solved. A number of these shootings we solved the number of homicides. And when we get good information from the public we're able to solve these crimes. I think that's less a barrier we're seeing more and more cooperation. From the public. The public is outraged by this senseless violence. In the case of the shootings overnight. A grandmother. And on grandchild seventh month old baby. Targeted. By a killer. Those two. Both disease just horrible horrible. Act of violence in this community. And the public is saying that they will not tolerated. And information is already starting to come and and I urge anyone with any information whatsoever. On the shooting that occurred overnight or any other shooting in this community to turn that information over to the buffalo leads some. Things we learned throughout the rest of the week as we are talking with some people within the community. 54 year old event Johnson her seventeen month old grandson. Hi re killed those are the names of the people involved and they're also a couple other injuries to family members. And again this podcast being record on Thursday we haven't learned yet if there's been any arrests made. But what we have learned so far is that buffalo police are receiving tips. And you you hear this notion that. Snitches get stitches right you've heard you've heard that. Freeze before that. If you speak out against. Crime there's a chance for retaliation while I wanted to go into the community itself. And I had a chance to speak with our Lee Daniels who was just a great person to chat with our Lee is. The program coordinator for stop the violence coalition in the city of buffalo what they do essentially and Powell. Get into a little bit of a preview of that the formula partly explain all that more. What they do is exactly with the name entails they stop the violence in the city of buffalo it is a tough task for them. And during this interview they agree here with our lead. He was telling me how they go about doing it is you can say we wanna stop the violence will house an Don. Earlier we heard that tragic news of the shooting that happened early Monday morning and before we get into the shooting itself might wanna get an understanding though. Bus stop the violence coalition but it's obviously than any kind of speaks for itself but all what is up the violence do in the. Still the front coalition was put into that was formed. Do within alarming number of homicides back in 2004. And so we decided that we would come together because no other organization. In the city of buffalo. We're addressing the alarming number of homicides the way happening then because no one would mean it was being arrested for these homicides. So we decided to find out. What we can do different. That would make a difference in the city of buffalo that would bring. Notoriety and we'll bring. Some clarity on unsolved. Murders in the city of buffalo. And nobody happening so Fred. So in the fourteen years since the start in 2004. What have been some of the major things that saw the violence coalition has done what's what have been some of the big. I initiatives that you found in. We'll sort of big initiatives we've done any community and we were able to. Intervene in several different images. Young man who are. That one another in several. Areas in the city of buffalo. Some of those areas in the city of buffalo. That we had a chance inner being into intervention and prevention work. And not return back to its normal self. You know backing for retaliation. Kind of students and fighting. And and maintain unity of buffalo. I think what the thing that we also. Had a chance to do that makes this so different animals that we established program. And mentoring GE. Good night madness like management skills program. What to stop the violence coalition organization. And so those things we know. Critical expression that comes to trying to get into the mindset of these young man and young woman who we believe. That risk. Experience out here in the propelled neighborhood treatments and those programs. And I used to live on in this particular area on this particular street. 1629 maple do I used to live. House over there and stay where allowed my grandmother stayed right you own more varied. Street who's next you know we're gonna head all of whom who stayed down the street here on. On maple. And or uncle and my grandmother. Moved from maple two points treatment went Obama must all go. That don't locust so I have some familiar already with through good area and we certainly had some. Can dialogue. But some parents as well as some young men over here. We see in now is it different reading young man here a lot younger in some of the ones that we were really doing with fourteen years ago. Now going back to this Monday shooting four people injured to dead including a 54 year old grandmother at seventeen month old Phoebe. This has gotten just. One of the most heart wrenching stories they weren't sure. Well this anytime there's a child and and infineon. Coombs. Under the age of you know weight baby can barely walk. It's certainly alarming. And effectiveness baby's grandmother also was killed. We had not seen this kind of climate in this city about moments and years. Going back to note when you before we started the movement. So certainly it's alarming and it's got a lot of people want it's and so. And we hope in. That the retaliation. Of this. That act of behavior by a few. Doesn't cost next to me and what the next level of this kind of me hanging to start manifesting itself to where not even. Children. Senior citizen this. So how does stop the violence coalition response. Team program that you're talking. Focusing on the aerial little bit more different it. Well we respond by going to try to. Comfort the family. Of the deceased. And trying to communicate with the young people. Who who who who could possibly retaliate. And we know that when you lose you move to loved ones who weren't considered civilians. In this kind of shooting. That emotions are running guy in drones are pumping and most young men don't want to hear anything. Except retaliation. But we tried to talks on logic. Then there is a system in place. Call law enforcement. And that system is designed. To bring those responsible. For this kind of act of violence injustice and so we would you know try to appeal to those young men to. A lot of officers do due diligence you're job. And try to bring these perpetrators. To justice because no one wants to see more bloodshed. In the city of buffalo. It's that idea of if there's a retaliation wolf then you're going to be in the same prisons that these people who committed those murders to begin ethnic I think. Absolutely I mean you know when you. Have me. A lot of retaliation back and forth is just a matter of time. Before your number is called in the police start to close in so you'll be in jail. Incarcerated. Going long terms. In in in in and in in in prisons sales was Summitt is saying people we were few and would own history. And then there'll be no place that you can certainly. Take shelter. If you're in the same institution. So it just continues the cycle of retaliation. Gang association gang affiliation. It also continues inside those prisons and in some of it never heals because once the person is finished going time. Where they long stretches a short stretches they still have that burning desire for revenge. If the person who has committed to an act of killing their loved one is still alive missile on the streets. How often hasn't been able to go to war the idea of I think people don't retaliate let the police do their job you know that there's been instances of people you've talked to. He can still happens that's continues. How often what books like the success of having those perceived. Venting or find. Weird you know. They can go from 5050. Than 50%. My distance which this pluses but I think overall. You know we still have to put that information not even if we are not successful. We can walk away with a good conscience and we made an attempt to do the best we could. And trying to. You know down play the retaliation. Targeted in trying to communicate with the young people who we believe. Where it brings to be retaliated against in the old school at risk to retaliate. So you know he. Percentages. Are. You know 5050. You out of remembered it you know we do what I mindset and young people who have adjusted to kind of social media. Glamour. And reality TV glamour and video game. Addiction. That spells. You know aggressive behavior. And so we always see these reality shows we see stuff like world star. And you see constant people. Engage in in some sort. Me teeming chaotic behavior. Well this dispute that we've seen enough you young people today. Yeah games like grand auto theft. Who you know so people Heidi equity shoot a gun and how to aim at certain targets not to miss so you know we we got our hands fool. And because we don't control the media. You know we're not the billionaires who marketing these games. Two urban communities and urban. Children. We know we can't compete against it only thing we can do was try to do we can do from our hearts and figured out here in tried to bring. Unlike to these activities. In some of the things we've seen happen. This precipitate any bad behavior. The monkey see monkey do we'll follow following you know I don't see him use the word term monkey do. What we've we've used that term and is as a general statement you know term. Every race and use. And you know in the history of you know folks being followers you know see somebody do something in you do so we've sane and in essence. You know. We have a mean and Irish gains we haven't imposed gains we have a man in and Latino gangs we haven't and Mexican gangs and most government going exact same thing. Following that pattern. Older guys who don't sound and trying to live up to those expectations. And so we have another generation who was not around. Thirteen fourteen years ago when this food go and whoever it'd be too weak Central Park where did before where it has started. And because it wasn't around on the Internet and could go commando especially when they used to seeing in and in and around and having some. You know window of opportunity. To see. You know Heidi were how different. People are referenced it in there in neighborhoods that he gang associated game affiliate. Well either. You know narcotics traffickers so. Yet some guys who has inherited the mantle. Of bad behavior and they believe that. You know this this is what keeps. That legacy tool you know I mean no date info older guys and go for nothing. And we certainly shouldn't go for nothing. Goes in and he's over there. With them and they have to be enemies are today and we tell them that's not necessarily how it go because you know you just don't keep making enemies and phone and it. Our lead anytime you know I hear about a thing and it city of buffalo the buffalo police will then send out a statement saying anyone with. I information contact awful pleased that the best tip from thinks there homicide unit but they didn't stroke ticket. It's from people perfectly. Any idea of clients. Speak council people the soft something that happens can help you guys from your investigation as retaliation snappy answers helping law enforcement and it won't be won't force. Well I think they are speaking to law enforcement I think did. So if he. If you person sees them but the police felt. It's not in their best to. You know they got people who are cooperating that you have certain. And certain students in certain high profile cases of murder. Gang related gang associate. That you know people are providing information and a great deal that information act information. That was provided to young man. An arrest for the young man who killed a person over there on. Feel more in Utica you know just to community did step and so. I don't think I think people swept past the stage of being scared anymore. About. Saying something they see something. And we have to remind our young man is you know you you become. I know since you've become a terrorist no community the most own people in that you know we we can't tolerate this and so we action them. 22 to think before they act. And you know think about the impact in his corner calls on countless families. Based on the reckless behavior. So buffalo police having the and this option whether it's caller we have Elsa and attacks line also. Does that help people speak out are. Give people the option to come out and not have to be nervous because it would be don't anonymous. Absolutely and then and we know we're very thankful and I'm. That you know that this process has. Who has been a part of you know crying. Prevention in crime intervention. For a long time history of buffalo I mean you know no one wants to get on the stand. And testify. Or you know be known. In the streets. A snitch or read it until folks all the time is it. You know honest citizens can never be they would niches. They don't be leeway as witnesses. A snitch is somebody who commit a crime was somebody else. In this to save his own neck tunnel his co hearts. So. You know we we igniting concern about that title because if you are a law abiding citizen and you won't change your community and certainly you have to us because you have to show that you are not afraid. You know two to speak up on things that she knows it could actually spillover to go back here and so you know we we we certainly. Take my hat off to those folks who have come forward and that you know whatever they label you. You've done the right thing especially if it's not something that you were directly involved with the try to save known. It is these witnesses here like he's entering law abiding citizens there near the witnesses that there would be some sort of retaliation. Of this thing in and testify against the alleged shooters so. There's always the fear of retribution. When you take the stand when you give a statement against. You know. Elements in the community that hell bent on creating. Kind of madness that we see. Today and then concern in his seventeen. Month old baby in the food for your grandmother. There's always a fear of retaliation. But I think. To speak. And in bring true for an an and an intake skeptical person who won't stop. This is his his his his or her ways of of being a minister and I community. Outweighs. Their retaliation cited this thing so we stand and in retrospect this day. You know. So we'll deal with that down a line in that we would certainly want those who are thinking about retaliate against a me you law abiding citizen. Force beacon after telling the truth. Is that you know your days are going to be darken. If you would so much think about retaliating against somebody who spoke often told true because they do not committed to file had not done which he's done. Then there wouldn't be no body to take the stand against him and so we're tired of it in the community I mean we've come to the point where. You know. You know we just wanted to stop and we got to take some of you guys. Out of our community. By way of jail. Incarceration. Then so be no because you've been warned. And you know this is not Dodge City and we certainly can give it their respective day it's a lawless money. This wanna say that to stop the violence coalition is very much still. In the forefront of you know turn to. Here's some things done in terms of prevention and intervention. And that we certainly. You want people to know you know I mean you know we are volunteer organization. Well all this is volunteer we don't get paid to come out here and do we do every day all day. In trying to make somebody else's. Families safe we would encourage these pairings. Who are sitting back dormant in their houses. Would blinders zone. That they would try to find a way to better communicate with their children any sign of bad behavior. That you see. Concerning these young men and young women in your family that you reach out to wanted to neighboring organizations for some help. And so we can do intervention to prevent something from happening. You can reach out to talk about of course listen with a 7168827882. To 24 hour hotline at some once it. 8827882. But you can reach out to meet directly with the 716. 4441963. And number of Charlie Daniels and I certainly would be offering my help. To you as a community activist and somebody who just wants change in their community to come and talk to your children. Your nieces and nephews. Your neighbors. And try to see if you know something I might you say you know. Of organization goes from the bonds coalition can say that might make some sense then that might allow them to look at things in different light from. You know to retaliation. In the fighting fire with fire. And of course and sad stuff to hear out of that great street shooting make sure you stay up to speed on WB yen. As you'll be following the story as soon as any news breaks were to take a quick break and then round change topics going to a fun one. Fourth of July in western new York and I'm not gonna give you the full details yet but find out how one person was able to consume a plethora of hot dogs so that he could compete. Down in Coney Island that's up next. It's 930 in 7160. What's that pays to linger in each weekday we post a new addition of our new daily podcast. In essence it's a 932. Look at the big stories we're covering talking about in the 716 on WBBM it's a great way to get some quick in depth perspective. When you work drive play catch up to speed and 930 seconds with a 930 and seven and six powered by the Brothers have mercy. Five star rated skilled nursing residents offering of affordable living in a country setting. Subscribe to 930 and 7164. My tunes that Google play store and available on WB PN dot com and the WD EA mobile labs. I'd get on her 716 we can you want to be VPN reporter like Batman. And we're switching gears going away from great streak. And I wanna talk about the fourth of July which if you listen to us that people podcasts himself it was of course yesterday got to see the fireworks you can see everybody talking about. The fact that you can now. Legally buying fireworks in New York City was something that kinda came as a surprise. But everyone kind of knows about that stuff I wanna go and you'll really fun story that I really enjoyed listening to this week. It was about a man named megabyte Ronnie he's he's a buffalo resident I don't think he's originally from here. But WB yen reporter a new morning host brain that's around ski got to chat with megabyte Ronnie. Honey got to compete in the Nathan's hot dog eating contest and we got those hot dog eating tips coming up right now. How does somebody go from western New York City Nate can stage. Well actually kind of funny I'm I'm brand new to Western New York are so what does moved up here in January. So. He gets to get to the Nathan's hot dog eating contests. Major League eating hold about fifteen qualifiers around the United States. The year leading out to the contact. And the pot man of the top woman from each call fire move on to two they could contest it kind of like it's the simple bullet sport the winner one of those qualifier by. I poachers your ticket. Aren't so what qualifier did you compete in and how many tries did it take to qualify for the big event. So I who won the one in Nashville which was actually held last October so I'm. I was the third person who qualified operational ticket a little bit early. But I had. You know to qualify for this contest since 2014. Through this in my first year back in four years that I lost a lot of all fired in the past four years. Well what's changed what's different this year. I'd do a last year when outlawed and Obama that you know what I came due and of the year watch in the content from all my going to be there I I put in the work and I practiced and I. And I had my best doubting for sure and natural. So really a Major League eater is just like any other athlete. You you practice you watch somebody take home the trophy on TV. And then you're saying you know I've what what worked to want to do in the off season to make sure there. Yeah that's absolutely correct you know I had I had been somebody who ate around. Anywhere throughout (%expletive) team 222 than that number just wasn't good enough to qualify anymore every leader all leaders out there are getting better and better and better so. I'd go back to the world figure out what I needed to do not a call I look at numbers. About 28 point 75 and that puts yet the night highest position that coming out there on the fourth. All right so why do what exactly. Is the training like suit did that number up there I. Can only imagine it involves a lot of hot talks. The it's different for different people I'm. I'm actually a professional wrestler as well so I can't be out there clearly I'm not trying to be out there gain a whole lot of weight carpet for a contest. But what I'll do it for hot dog specifically I'll do like what McAuliffe speed Iran. Where I'll eat about ten of them at faster I can't mention to get my technique doubt. But I know I don't step up their practiced like a full ten minute contest I'll only be about ten hot dogs and it and it went like he did that is not. You know about did not outbound and about a minute 152. While what's the technique. So most people do the whole bit and the body of water so it's different carrier group our personnel at the tape I think one Wiener a break it and have put them on the out. They divide dip in the water pretty much as. The just swallow it down. I I don't want it once and people go to two winner than and Cuba and so discredited political with. The in my cheer for special wrestler where do you wrestle and what named you wrestle longer. So I go about megabyte Rodney which is actually my ear name and blow. I I'd just a mood of the buffalo Richard B professional wrestlers wrestled for I did you have and that that brought forward. Paris for a company car as he Debian that now they kind of they kind of travel around Western New York. Lets you bomb bomb up Rockport college alarm. So familiar with that area. And so great to hear that you're making the round suited me you know from a Brock fourteen here to continue your professional career I'd have to imagine being on the stage. As a professional eater and being in the ring as a professional wrestler a lot of similarities that people might not understand. Yeah yeah it's funny that you mention that so what Howard because you must first contest I had just gotten back from Afghanistan. And I did my item up for eating contest two weeks after it back for Afghanistan and I didn't really know what I was getting into the act how I did it because people. That actually do it I didn't know what to expect our competitive eating but. You know I got introduction in competitive eating I got my own being all right got to onstage like there's a lot of similarity professional wrestling and that's why that's what. That's what actually put me in the competitive eating is despite palace felt the much like Europe and. Yet there at the scene the pageantry around at all you know a lot of people are watching this event on the fourth. Do you get stage fright before eating you find the get up there on that stage and you you just can't stomach the 24 top doc. No no Ali for that that definitely motivates me I'm one of the more. I would say active eaters that deal lot of jumping around like a speed up the energy. Of the crowd good crowd at Lincoln egg me on like I had a great crowd in Nashville and they were. They were all behind me and and had eight been you know we have like 20000 people. At the contents watch and has flu like I feed off energy more than I don't really get page right. And that it's good a year because there will be a big crowd there on the fourth it's got its this is like the Mecca this this is wrestle mania. Two Major League eating right I mean there's no other eating event that even comes close to this. Right that's correct and I you know I would say this that the super sport but. Who did you got a good point there this is more like wrestle mania like this with our our big event that. The whole year lead to this you know I think that this contest with over people and we talk about batons and and 2019 so. It is definitely the big one for a. Now gee do you take part in the chicken wing eating contest that we have here every summer. So I took money out of the last year I came up about low for the wings as than it was the second Gama came up about what last year came up for. I wanna mommy friends wedding and I came up for Wayne says the last year was the first year I did the wing contest but. The thing is is that on the very first chicken wing updated and cracked my tooth society ID there at the content strip and the need out with my hand cited the two LSU but I. I definitely plan on. I redeem myself this year. Yet come on chip your truth on abolish I would have to imagine the technique that you got to work on nets and make sure that never happens again. I don't know why there was I think I was just so excited that they get into the lane that. I do I don't know I didn't completely odd I nailed that bones that I'll I'll work on this year that's for sure. Art so we've had a ahead of the wing eating contest a couple of years ago we had Joey chestnut on this program. What are you gonna have to do to make sure he doesn't walk outs the Nathan's champion again. I'm gonna need a miracle actress. Friday may because it's it's it's that they huge gap in and skill player that I'm going to there was the the night I caught fire so. And I ate twenty point 75 and Juli says that's probably to meet somewhere in the ball markets certainly thought appeared to have beer probably have. At least three people EXP. And probably at least six or seven people who eat forty so. It's been steadily people out there were a distant. They're number one thing that this is you know competitive eater that's what they train year round for. CIA guy they need urgent pretty good at an hour train for a couple weeks before contest but it. You know you've wrestling you my number one things that are just there on the fourth advocates are. Who's the go Joey chestnut or co Biaggi. Not even close because every time they went head to head did you not beat them. And anchor Biaggi ran for a moment that is tell her you're just not through the greatest eaters and history. Until I see Kobayashi on the Nathan stage again I'd I can't I can't make up my mind. Well you'll you'll competitor. Our great eighth for everyone is gonna be a tuning in. You mentioned your your eating name what is that against we can make the teacher some watchdog. Are a megabyte Ronnie that'll be on all the sure it's all across Western Europe we wish you luck and thanks so much for joining us. I. Mean. Mine chatted with any. I think what it did a year or two before the actual Nathan's hot dog eating contest Joey chestnut of course set the world record seventy. For hot dogs how convenient 7474. On July 4. Setting a new world record I think I agree tweeted something I don't remember exactly what it said. It was like a nutritional charts the calorie count on 74 Nathan's hot dogs 22000. 500. At a burger and I felt guilty that I says the comparison would mean. But megabyte or anyone know how we did. Eighteenth place he tied with some guy named Eric in Denmark 21 and a half hot dogs in ten minutes soul. 21 times three. Yes he multiply that by three and you're still less than Joey chestnut I'm not I'm not had nothing megabyte Ronnie by any stretch of the imagination. It's it's quite the feat but you wanna compare where the champions are to some of the competition. Joey chestnut won that. Prize which was I think it was 40000 dollars I read on their website. The rest which topics taste a buffalo is this weekend we're going from looking back to looking forward this weekend is the taste of buffalo. It's the largest to date food festival of the year. Brian has aroused he again got to chat wind. The organizer which McDermott whose the chairman of the taste of buffalo festival it's running this Saturday and Sunday. Here's says Thursday interview. Rich McDermott did prying eyes around ski. And rich you brought a different friend with you this time we're joined by the cheesecake guy. Met sure letter MI pronouncing that right shelters show shelter if my hours I apologized. Now on my docked one piece of cheesecake I think you have to take go away from the plate here for you brought in a couple different ones including. In a war winner from last year you won a couple of awards last year when you yet we go we won the other rookie year was their first your entries. And then we also won the best overall item. For our ought not to mothers can't border in Jones she's the best overall lies that's not just best dessert that's not just best new light at the best thing at the entirety of in order stressful huge honor a lot of great food restaurants are all awesome and loans were ars oh. I was thrilled wells tennis taken back it and actually know what to expect and make it more and presents net loss that was we are polar oblong Weymouth family barriers tears shed things that that that the well rich having. In all your time with the taste. Have you ever recall that someone. Coming in new and winning the best overall item in their first year. You know. Looking day cares and ensures camping before. Good restaurants and buffalo. But. He is is desserts that are something to from them taste. Yeah I was. We're talking just before we came on the cheese case probably the best taste of buffalo item because cheesecake and generally don't want a huge slice of cheesecake because it's so rich. And especially if you're walking around all day eating. Drinking having good times sampling everything. On May be a little bit of a smaller taste yen down big cheese cake that you get the taste of buffalo it's probably like the perfect thing did satisfy that craving there we we we. Various sizes song you know you can get a couple for fools seniors you're at testing the power of flavors so. But I want to be too much where you know what are your Morrone do we want more simpler mania sorbet and a lot of ice cream and all different types that case and only so. Yet small samples keep it fresh. And then a variety of different flavors and sizes for people that you mention though ice cream soared days I mean Brit she Kamal front tees the buffalo just make it the taste of good dessert buffalo if you wanted to. BP and everything we have over 200 different foods so. There's a lot to choose from it 200 different foods Hollande as dessert so we have to ask what is the secret. They're making a good cheating you have to have a secret yeah you're winning all these arrests are always wants to know the answers that. I mean there's a couple things we do alone give away all the secrets but it's it's looked a little about technique is how art she's he is different from the rest of the cheesecake factor by some weapons tops wherever. Arm we try to keep it creamy consistency brawler flavors. And and using fresh ingredients old news Philadelphia cream cheese the best of the buses as it and about it that. Fresh fruits fresh farm Aggies. You know top line shoulders Graham crackers and that that's so. Keeping the same recipe consistent and an altering of flavors strawberry flavoring or you know cinnamon on wore heels once and that things. It just keeps it fresh and and smooth and creamy consistency so. We we do have a couple little treated secrets that I won't really get into what it's all about the technique. Keep in premium with it nice and debt freshen you can taste the difference when something's fresh yeah yeah word or never frozen we don't freeze anything you we make it to order couple days now for our events and on earth would draw. Private hearings weddings everything's fresh made. I am very firm strong believer in Russia over frozen. As we're growing it gets a little bit more difficult bullets that's that's one of things that we struck form as he rushed I have to manage he matching growing. Winning these awards at the taste of buffalo last year just being in the taste has played it wrong. It was our business ago immediately after that there's the buffalo last year. I mean literally the next day we had orders for. Specifically for the not from others peanut butter and jelly. People wanted to for grad parties. There's a couple of weddings that they wanted to for. We have people protests of food truck Tuesday and say you know we we didn't get a chance the tested out at the tastes are so busy ran out on Sunday night. How we get more so we've we've we've incorporated that on or truck. We actually built the trailer with a concession trailer now to that'll be rolled after the tastes. So you know we've booked out for private events that put. Yeah our our business pick up truck the cheesecake guy truck I think a lot of people have seen men around Western New York a lot. Did the business starts. With the idea of a food truck being the main partner Regis you know making great cheesecake and you know Desai we have to do something yeah soul. It's is a family recipe goes way back when Paramount and that actually put the rest the other 35 years ago since I'm having on the planet. Fans. Pretty much the trop you know the trend of trucks and buffalo there was a lot of great foods out there and I looked at it from a business perspective and not getting myself into deep. With a restaurant yet taken a huge plunge and then trying to bury myself lot of that. So we decided uses the whole truck concept so we could bring our product to people with crowds are. Whether it's from Tuesday or differ from rodeos around town business parks for launch. Some losses we treat you know for the employees who do that. And that cannot allow must do to had now with the crowds and so far so that was our business plans to keep storefront Golan restaurant. Several facilities and that's. So new customers I'm guessing you're seeing all the time because you're going on at all these different places especially the taste of buffalo it's like last year what are you expecting this weekend when. You know people come up they see the cheesecake I have the first time her. And so you know they've got that they take the bite of maybe it's the PB and and day you can see that they're enjoying what they're reading what's Alan I mean through two. This summer it's my one is our truck is crazy look in we have curfew my friend of mine as a graffiti artists and he spree pain at the giant picture might face what he thought I looked like. Seoul is different so people come up ninety pitchers next to it the two month column for this. And they're taken photos so I'm always smiling like people are always assessment why you saw happier working so hard. That's just. I mean literally like my job is awesome every single person comes up. They pop the fork in that they can buy it and telling him how does this mean I have quotes on the wall the just think people say so. A rule as is always smiling and and and satisfy so it's it's a huge plus for us are it won't be sure if you're heading down to the taste of buffalo this weekend to I checked out the cheesecake guy his award winning a war what's it called it's not not not your mother's Pina potter and Jolie not your mother's peanut butter in giant that'll be available to chase this year yes you gotta bring it back on the players that are right so be sure to check that out this weekend did taste of buffalo its bigger this year. Expanding their footprints and who. Still even though it's bigger a little more elbow room still the greatest of buffalo you always know like checking out this weekend and go a little bit more for you. As the week goes along rich Matt thanks so much for stopping at the travelers. They had a taste of buffalo runs this Saturday and Sunday it's a free festival you can get in for free just have to pay for the food to get in there. There's going to be a lot of road closures are on the Delaware avenue in fact it's starting I think around Friday at 6 PM. We do have the full list of road closures over at WB EN dot com I'm planned to be there on price and we out a few photos of that and it's it's going to be a fun time I'm looking forward to eating the food rented one more break come back. And talk about something that's kicking off on Thursday night the eleven day power play. And find out. The past and what to expect this year that's a Texas is 716 week in review. Rush Limbaugh is. Here here is enormous satisfaction hole out from Gallup public satisfaction with the direction of the country is the highest it has been since September of 2005. You would never know that if you did nothing but watch drive my nose all told there's one other little thing I'd like to end to it as well. Economic growth this a Wall Street Journal economic growth in the United States leaves the world behind you Rush Limbaugh we d.'s new until free news radio 9:30 AM. 16 we can repeat. Ryan your host on WBBM. Order like back. Some of the stuff from this. Frantic weeks. Street shooting which results in the. Destitute people but we've also been looking at a lot of the positive things have happened this week in the region. Including the fourth of July festival here in Western New York coming up to highlight a little bit of megabyte Ronnie the professional wrestler slash professional eater. Who got to compete Nathan's hot dog eating contest. Taste of buffalo coming up this weekend but something that started on Thursday night the eleven day power play I remember last year. I didn't participate in eleven date power play but. I got to see. Some of the people as they were wrapping up their very lasted a final hours it sounded exactly what it is. Eleven straight days of a bunch of guys playing hockey and I remember seeing Allen Davis that the program director of red WGR. Not just him but everybody. Like EU. Tried low light run a marathon. They did like an ultra marathon they just like a hundred miles it was insane the amount of fifty that they all have but the moment that they all finish it. That was one of those rare times that you go out into the field this reporter and you get goosebumps and about. Us that was it's fantastic event and I got to cover last year this year it's a little bit different it's not. Two teams going for eleven straight days they've opened up the pool there's gonna be up on two different teams attack harbor senator. And rather than having me explain it all Tom pocket WB EN anchor from 1130 to seven. He and interview with Mike classic housekeepers to coal organizer with his wife Amy. My class accounts he talking about the eleven day power play which kicks off Thursday night. I'm Mike this time around it's going to be are more than just two teams playing. Ships for eleven straight day it's going to be eleven days what will be different this time. Actually at the G-20 guys. In the world August he gained one continuous game over 200 hours. And you're out pretty good except you know Ingrid automatic or are what are. And we decided to. He's the darling and then having to order a video community. And we now have over 15100. Players. Buying and scholarships. Aura of a decade 1:1 heartbeat if I am just we have many more player but in our people about. How special is that too is seen this many number of players. Come in and take part in this as this event opened up. It's over it's really great going to see what the very first thing we got. As an organization that opposite that was put out. Security that we are surging eighteen. And that we had no idea that you know it's gonna be a pop art it was going to be our culture and the others. Interest and about all of it turned out that. Yeah it by amateur we're seeing all right I'm not immediately. And what point you got to really get hearing that we ought to Iran I think are going to pick got. Got and here we are greeted generate its orbit back and we're almost a million dollars. How did you get inspired to do this Lebanese power play. Well our porch was due to capture that affected by that I like that actors about what cure breast cancer. Doubt that night. And I was very difficult and she she can out of it the other and they operate and that about. But averaged Dario had been met him at a bar that sort of bottom well. And my mother died after years ago and I wish you'd expect these young lady that. What about all all all ladies and yet but it lawyers. Apart that it kept herself after it. Eric got through what I liked but he got through. And I decided he wanted to get back and rhetoric about it for entered Gaza. These search and others org partners and that was the reason behind. And how can we check this out. Well our charge right back there yeah. We have an opening ceremony door to open it I expected it to all of you know I saw indirect what you expect. Armed it should be all harbor general. And are all about that they have about almost neighbors production troupe putting I don't know ceremony. And it's going to be a party atmosphere a lot of our. I'm while Apple's special moment I don't know the guys that is accurate honor them people that. What a catch in the past year but some of them about cancer. But if you can if you can't urged readers or listeners who are just showing up out there did not support doesn't wander off. I'm from the fact that it. Again never stops and Robert that are opened the public. There's a charge of and. They come out and have not have a beer and have a copy of German team is all and feel good about it. He does so at our website at eleven they are quite got on the number eleven. And we also have got to donate you can text the word about it they won one day. The number 71007. And all of those were bad read it to make a donation about it. So that's the eleven day power play kicking off on Thursday night picture support these people who are out there they are doing it for a great cause I know. I'll WGN's Brian as a rounds he's gonna compete there. There is out former producer over at WG yards and using that as well but you can see a bunch different charities run by all the different teams. I'm picture you hope donate and caused a while they're harbors and even expert just for Tony. We're gonna visit from outside its stock on inside harbors tanner and now which all these teams the best because I was a great cause a great. Great initiative that was for started by Mike can you knew less accounts scheme. As the eleven at our place so that's it for this week in review I'm Mike Bagram meaning to keep up with the latest on WB here. At the top and bottom of every hour. We've also got our website WBBM dot com and of course featuring followers on Twitter at a news radio 930. FaceBook. WVU now hard surges while find me on Twitter I'm Mike. The crime and send email. Mike got back from. Dot com all right that's it for 716 week there. For this Wednesday July 5. See you next Thursday.