716 Week in Review - July 19, 2018

This week's edition features the latest in the LeSean McCoy saga, a Buffalo man accused of killing his girlfriend's son, and a recap of the Buffalo Billion verdict. We also look at local development news in Buffalo, including the future of the Adam's Mark Hotel and complaints in the Elmwood Village. We wrap up the podcast this week with Jim Kelly's emotional speech at the 2018 ESPY Awards.

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716 week in review was recorded at 12:13. PM on this Thursday July 19. Things may be a little different by the tiny hear it though and you can always stay up to speed with the latest coverage of Western New York news at the top. And bottom of every hour on WB yen. And WP yen dot com week number three of 716 week in review. Let's get right into this week's shell. I. This thanks for tuning into this week's episode of 716. Week in review. I'm your host Mike Bagger mean we break down the top news stories of the week in this podcast. Make sure you help yourself no when this rate review and subscribe on iTunes you can tell friend you can follow us on Twitter at news radio 930. You can follow me on Twitter at Mike Bagger mean we've got new episodes recorded. Every Thursday. And again the best way that you can help us is to rate review and subscribe on iTunes also a great way you can help us now. Download the radio dot com that it's the new app for all the Entercom stations including WBBM WGR Sar one to 2.5. All buffalo 1077. Kiss 98 point five and it's Entercom station it's on the radio dot com Matt. And you can listen to us anytime and anywhere so. Another busy week on this show Lotta stuff has been going on and you know we we follow a lot of the national stories conversation as your really well aware of the best on the point this podcast. We're focusing on all the local stories so of course everything. Controversial that happened with president trump and his meeting with Vladimir Putin that giant scrutiny. We don't talk about that. It's not local to national thing sober stick and all local and let's get right into it LeSean McCoy back in the news again earlier this week. Police stunning mill in Georgia released the 911. Tapes from. He is in cement. Not necessarily from this past week but from a year ago when he was. In bit about conundrum with his girlfriend to Lisa Gordon let's give reign to that call. Man and one what is the patches appear emergency. Economic pat. Our. Philip Obama. Won't win. Well. No we wouldn't ever probably wouldn't like but it won't let her go right. On the court ordered the importance and so that belong to long. Summit that apart you know all that well below that level. About a lot of the equipment felt. All right I'll but the problem won't I won't play well oracle superior everything they. But I can't look on the mind. Update it. There. Mail option is well on in the felt. Compelled. I'll put up with the Buffalo Bills. And one problem with caramel won't take. They tell you that location now William if we play football. Yes that had to edit the information off my apartment at one but it got confirmation pay our but the way it went there what didn't happen. I laid out that they should follow Leo. It went a lot of Jews enter. That require our world. Out at one month. A pain is the person in the area. Almost normal ball up. When. Easier here anyone well. What. He he he anyone now. I don't think he wasn't rampant that color purple. Like for punitive but I think if what we're about what. And that in many medical attention. Well. I can't keep them on at this. One moment and but take effective date seventeen separate itself apparently for the contact Bob Hebert windows. And the first return to honor and it comes immediately after they've seen an obstacle is expected possible. But just clarifying that she would love an hour ago yeah my record. Out and a lot of those there. I think we're gonna have an option there out there is that possible and it was worldly. There's going to be two officers responding. Oh but there what vehicle it should be driving. And her description. Look up there out there as possible ultimately the key to keep it mate and partner. So here's the latest at the time that this podcasters record deletion Gordon left mccoys home in mill in Georgia on Monday seized. Also in no longer certain of mccoys involvement in last week's incident where she was assaulted. No charges have been filed against McCoy. And also the Buffalo Bills in the NFL they've had no response to this McCoy it's been very quiet ever since he hired his attorney. He again last week refuted all of the allegations. Saying that they're not true and baseless. We'll have another Buffalo Bills story coming up a little bit later in the podcast but we do wanna go into our next story. A 23 year old man named bush are hall he's been charged with manslaughter in the first degree. All stemming from an incident on Tuesday Warner he allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend's two and a half year old son on Wednesday he was charged with manslaughter in the first agreed that say. Charged if he's convicted he faces up to 25 years behind bars. He appeared in court on Monday Erie county district attorney John Flynn. Give us some details about the relationship between hall the child the family situation and talked about the cases a hole. John was a boy his son. The mr. hall with routing the residents here with his girlfriend. It was his girlfriend's child where another caller. Hey did you were there were there were true what are your short when alcohol involved workers shoulder. And cultural work and go home art jester well all. Radio. Trauma which. It's ourselves. And goes this is progress. I can't. This time I can't argue it should be she also matters. That figure is. Because I don't want to talk about the programs that are bigger media fair trial and just kind of generally. Tell you. The the allegations that the usually occur if these are all. 911 was home fall. Individuals run her pulse. And you know what what do you obviously weren't medical personal life how. And it was on which treatment on us. What is not what I'm not sure that's the the child was then taken to children's hospital. And has a certain amounts. So I don't know that that child. You are comfortable Bernard. I'm. Oh yeah now I'm sure there are grounds forty yesterday. Yes it is only that hole. Right after me is Christina or was there at the time we you know I I have I had indication based how much investigation. I don't want to talk about that right now we don't go into the and certainly there's a trial. Children. Ages as a bomb on actual runner or. Good days they were our. They were brutal truth twelve what were destroyed. Haitian. As. Com. The yes I do happen here. I can't comment on that would go or. Mere numbers are accurate. Yes. It. So not just a smaller. We missed all kind of crucial. Yeah they're your children that they had any signs of injury or use. Where. You you know yeah. Did you make any statements on the record they can share our catcher. There are going to work. As a trial. Yeah there really hasn't been arrested in the past the ability. That was so he's always reasons that this. Where. Utley and our. Charge or. Trial sugars are. No difference offshore coastal sections of the hassle of first degree. In particular results shouldn't act I charged under. Is it recklessness. Anger voters. Provision in the penal law and counselor for degree worth fifty. All per triggers a ball eighteen years of age. And he did them is below average years of age. You want it engages in reckless conduct. That causes. Individual. Lenders. And insurers. For servers are sold or so and so reckless this error reckless conduct. Culture. Quote it's trial under the age or whether in this case. You know shaking and the numbers. There is C section Walters co sanctioned murder obviously still has the tanks. To commit murder. Charge on you cash collection numbers and agree. All that it will difficult case here I had no indication that you can't kill this child all. All however older it's easy all over Ohio. Reckless machinery in the murder statute. It's called depraved indifference. It is an individual acts within three difference. Towards that don't act actually childhood that. Charge. Now unfortunately that charter. The U. Horse in this state are not real big fans of charge for whatever reason Obama I haven't heard that all your. What. And no ripped pieces. Losses. Over the course of the past number eager to worry. How courts. Not charged yeah. And yeah. Either guilty plea and a more open more lives or. To revert. Surgery or. Depraved indifference. And O ports has no it's not an opera creating different than me or charge so. I got you obviously but I can't get that there's not going to long. There obviously capital Idaho law I was up five bars case law that's all there. I'm longer. That when she's an obscure anyway. Well looking at this bird calls so. Far. So. Now they're there for a wash out looking very carefully at the the actually Craig indifference murder charger. What Andy doll house first. I was in medical records from our dollar exactly. How bad is being beaten off and I. Look at medical records I can determine how badly beaten off and I can perhaps tangentially. In the course of my investigation figured out what actually occurred here. And then battle formal analysis doesn't matter at hand off tomorrow. What kind of humorous that. I've written arrest was apparently on her and literally laugh about it if I'm G-8 GOP was at the residents Stiller did awful police have caught and try to. And now you call them I'm not sure what I'll. Here. No once is too regretful or. Stay. Just today. This horrible and I'm cars capable partners and all those innocent. And so I think this morning is all allegation so her partner in this I'm scooter. What. Currently. He's happier. And he is an act here result if they ask me to trial. Whenever. This occurs in this city orders count whenever anyone's life and obviously. Cost. Whatever. Twelve year old child loses her life. Now here. There. Are. I cannot. Cannot comprehend. What would be this one. Can use this alleged acts. I'm. On the father lives. All in the bill and I countless times in my life. Eighties crime. Water. Sector. If you keep you can imagine my health care markets. All you know twenty years ago. So. I just no matter how bad these crimes. No matter how bad kids were acting. Whether one is the not under our care or are rarely do if it doesn't justify. Played all right soul. Ash and more action and it all this case what. Her child her. Doesn't warrant. PD were shaking. Up not us and so what I see. Her office. That's more. Upsets me. It's. Uncle whole league and we certainly. Usually your more fortunate. Right now. Well you know once this matter resolved. You know. Potter thing. Bought my. Voice is. Two. Once we don't hurt me all your. Upset the child child child is getting bigger. And hers. Well you know it my whole. Your. It'll walk. Leave. No clue that Iraq. You know you know take a step back and think well what you're doing here before you leave each behavior. He's carrier or. People or more accurately her. There are a number of our and our resources that are out there. Our number of programs are all their own public anger management courses are so correct road courses. The only easy if you are you know there's this young 23 people. If you are. You all are young pair. Older pairs to where I obviously you know worst over for younger Paris. If you are Yonkers. And you know you need. Parent skills. First of all know where your future your teenage parent Riordan is twice you know he usually happy you are still developing or rural schools that. Not not your face where these parent. In this case here. This situation here are three young children house. Usually. No you know the peace. You know this individual. Again hello allegedly you know what you did here. You know they beat the height of individuals. Who we call the APC. To court house classes in the council's work. And so that you know that batters better what I recommend. As far as you know you short term rhetoric he is leading in court and out. The author has obviously players. How else error. If you actually solutions out there so there you can. Call me better. Now you heard the DA talking about how he would present the murder charges it doesn't appear at least based on what we've learned in recent hours about that case. Apparently the mother of the two and a half year old child that was killed. Said that Paul had never intended to hurt the child never intended to do what he did. And so I don't know for murder charges actually gonna come to fruition but still hall has been charged with manslaughter in the first degree and if he's convicted. He faces up to 25 years in prison. Let's take a quick break when we come back we'll go through some bar other news of the week including a Adam's mark and has a new owner and it's a familiar name to any of you who follow development in Western New York that's up next this is 716 week in review. It's 930 in 716. Once that it's still linger in each weekday we post a new addition of our new daily podcasts. In essence it's a 932. Look at the big stories we're covering talking about in the 716 on WBBM it's a great way to get some quick in depth perspective. When you work drive play catch up to speed and 930 seconds from 930 and 716. Powered by the Brothers have mercy. Five star rated skilled nursing residents offering of affordable living in a country setting. Subscribe to 930 and 7164. My tunes that Google play store and available on WB PN dot com and the WD EA mobile labs. Here on C. 16 week in review I'm your host Mike pandering. Please please please please please rate review and subscribe to this podcast on iTunes. There really help the size helps people keep eyes on this podcast and what it means for the western new York community. And nine makes me look good to my bosses so that's why I want you to do it. Anyway let's get right back in. Your top stories as I previewed right before you heard that last promo. Adam's mark dubbed big hotel that you see right off of the 19. Well it's got a new owner and it's a familiar name Harry Stinson who you might remember he was in the news. I wanna sailors may be back in February. Or sometime over the last winter. He was the old developer of buffalo central terminal on the east side which garnered a lot of attention because of the talks about having it become. Buffalo's new train station. Well central terminal ultimately wasn't picked debts the train station and Stinson was still the developer at the time. All out of the blue bell he was let go from his position the central terminal restoration corporation they're kind of the body that watches over the entire area. They aid. Abruptly ended their relationship with sense and so you think that he's out of the area not exactly. Earlier this week stints and made headlines by purchasing. Adam's mark a big hotel on church street and he's planning to rebrand it as the buffalo grand hotel. Earlier this week use on a new morning with Susan Rosen Brian mass aroused he. For an in depth conversation he was in studio with just talking about his goals for a the Adam's mark but also. What it could also mean for the central terminal stay tuned for this year's Brian and Susan talking with Harry Stinson the Canadian developer about his newest goal. It's just one of the projects are talking about this morning joining us live in studio. Terry Stinson who just purchased the Adam's Mark Hotel Gary thanks so much for coming in studio was staying in buffalo. That of course the Adam's Mark Hotel. While your here well I know somebody's got yet detail how is that the past few days then Iverson's you. Close to finalize this deal. It's been quite a revelation but I feel better about every day you know it's it's them. It's it's a huge building so it's a challenge and there's no question it's a lot of work to do. But the general response from the community and from the staff is usually positive and so many people coming out of out of the woodwork who were on staff there are just Koreans say you know in the old days they used to used to used to use to have the banquet here were at a wedding here. Used to work there are forty years it's been there. And there's just so many stories. And it's almost positive was it that drew you to the atoms mark. Well it's it's a big cold talent had been looking for a big conference hotel and it is it is so far. Fact it's much larger than I thought it would be in depression or should the market it is the largest conference hotel outside Manhattan. In New York State. And not counting casinos but it it's an enormous scale. But I it was an accident I happened to stay there 1 evening my had a meeting in City Hall next morning quarterly. And so I need to hotel and I just stumbled into it. And as a person who has run and owned hotels before it struck creative there was a lot of unrecognized opportunity to suggest that it just seemed. Mystifying it was it was just coasting along they. The facilities there will be the coffee shop was closed. It just just things were happening there and and it became apparent that the the ownership of it you know was in the mood to sell. Mom they openly said it was not their expertise and their expertise with more of the limited service hotels. With which they have many and and do a fine job with. And my specialty is the of the news the out of the box over the top places that the white elephants the dinosaur true medical. And this hotel has hit the states. Joined live in studio by Harry stints and in new owner at the Adam's Mark Hotel here it's one of those hotels. That is maybe the most visible in buffalo from its location. From its size and everything and it's so one of the hotels I think a lot of people have driven pastor maybe. The past ten years and said. It relieves a facelift or something on the outside and I'm guessing. You agree what's in store for the Adam's mark in the coming yours absolutely as you say Israel's moves exactly do hit on the point. It could not only use of faced with a could actually use a sign on the hotel that sent hotel. Yeah I drove past the building for years and did not know was a hotel Adam's mark. As it as a chain which was a chain of twenty large conference hotel that was the smallest one. Collapsed ten years ago. So there's the name on a hotel chain that doesn't exist that nobody remembers. And the words hotel doesn't appear so it is sort of starts we've. The social media is all great but you know a sign on the building telling group of people what you are is is apple fashion but it does work. But are also lift does corporate. Our focus is definitely going to be on reviving when it was originally which with a group event title tell you know it's struck me of god I'm in the lobby every day now of watching and we have tour buses pulling out one DO sometimes we have 678 and died a day. To tour buses pulling opera most hotels in buffalo would fill hotel period and Olympia. Because most hotels are a hundred rooms giver today is his 500 rooms and and that's the focus that was the focus when it was built and it lost it. It just became overnight accommodations so we're going back to that we're gonna revive the food and beverage not chain restaurants are owned restaurants and there are 24 hour. Cafe Delhi just just make the thing. You know a destination for all say events large and small there it's an anniversary to 12100 people sitting down in the ballroom. But just totally. Making inexperience. You wouldn't be spending and Alter ego acquisition proper close to thirty million dollars topping the acquisition and the rest of it. Updating their rooms the rooms are you know their data that's more than you paid. It's about how they don't have to I mean it will be in terms for the bell of the building itself. Actually it'll be about two and a half times the acquisition price total. How much other property deal on Harry what do we know I don't know an awful lot but I I would of done a few very distinctive approach one can last is probably building and that's comparable hotel intro. If you went stories and it's totally non branded. And and yet it has 96% occupancy. It's 500 rooms actually it's a huge hotel. And it started 92005. We opened its its running independently to this day. Would you like to run. The Adam's mark the buffalo grand hotel the same way you running now on yes and the the buffalo ran good point buffalo grind is the new name. With the same ways event driven but the difference is that. The buffalo round how is 72000 square feet of functions race that's equivalent to the convention center. Meets six times as large as pointing in terms of its conference pars. We're joined live in studio by Carrie Stinson the new owner of the Adam's Mark Hotel soon to be re branded soon to be little face lifted and I do wanna get into why buffalo with you in just a moment but. We're still talking a little bit about what's in store. For the Evans mark him we were mentioning kind of you know what it used to be M what it can be in the location. Has a lot to do about you know it's one of the places in buffalo you see driving in on the 190. If you're getting off you know you might be overly. Get off the three way right in front of that hotel that's great at Texas right on either side yeah right I canal side of receive prime location is it a surprise to you that. That hotel now is in the condition that it's in. In a way it is. That bit but on the other hand the hotel industry has migrated very much towards the franchised the brand you know the standard Hilton garden and that's the merit courtyard which are very good you know clean reliable tells. But is done it they're not the same as conference hotel they're easy to run the smaller compact to. This is not this is a village or hundreds of people and stuff it's a seven acre site you know 500 rooms in this. It's 26 banquet rooms that the complexity of running this hotel is significant. And most hotel operators are noninterest it's much simpler to have a standard brand limited service you know hundred rooms outdoor parking. No food and beverage to worry about you know the head office tells you whatever the color is you know it as the rate structured does the advertising. You know if it's more property management island mr. org org to go to the boutique hotels and there's some really good boutique hotels and in buffalo now. But they don't have the capacity do the offense and this building was built by Hilton. Forty years ago as a conference hotel it was the big conventional delusion deliberate. And it was it was government supported it was a you know it was a Urban Renewal pro check to bring things big things back down tolerate it for two years. The irony now is that the times even better with canal side having developed and so much happening around downtown walk humbled now. You know it's always integrate location shall for the organizers visit buffalo Niagara they'd like it now because they can sell the city for big events. Harry our listeners want now they're texting and it is wonder if that weird red looking logo I don't know what it is that it felt like I you know youths. What do they call it Theo birthmark it is on the road it's just it is it's going off. So the via you know a grand logo up there for the buffalo ground. All right so that's I think a lot of people via happy to hear that so wanna get. The reasoning why buffalo from you because a lot of people remember your name. From the central terminal your efforts there to try and you know get some sort of re development going. Now with the Adam's mark go why the interest in buffalo. It's a fascinating city I specialized. Over the years in restoring historic buildings big gold historical building that we're sort of unusual that again. Same as what the hotel industry development industries is cookie cutter. It is still glass towers and draw or particular everywhere I've taken on in usual buildings. I'm buffaloes are so many wonderful historic buildings that dot character downtown. Which you know is is someone missing and throw it is sort of ironic strong Tony and things off closer to cruel and AG and and people buffalo all seem to think Toronto is very cool sophisticated and you always like that he can and to this tour and and there is that there is a connection back and forth so many people fly out of buffalo Canadians shop here. Mean it's a huge part of the buffalo economy I just became fascinated by this the energy of the city and the potential and I. Was it was perplexing that it just wasn't a major hotel functional. And don't manage our law actually there was it just was hiding. In plain sight. And end at 2 tie in with central terminal. It was that I found it because I was going to a meeting at City Hall about whose central terminal they're going to that. You know moments where that other train station and fallen apart they're deciding what to do with the turn on and now it seems to a sort of faded into the background. But it was apparent that one of the challenges I was facing with the central terminal. Potential acquisition was I'm letting you know I'm an unknown from out of town. So why should this community turn over this grand historic landmark. That so dear to so many people this guy from out of town who had no track record. So I've run across this big equivalent facility it it is an event facility. That was right there was fully operational. And could be acquired. A private transaction no government no committees though studies and you know just buy it and do it and prove that it was credible. So it's this is almost like a trial run for you from the central terminal. It's trot Willie could be it could be but it also I thought would provide the infrastructure to central terminal is basically it's it's got nothing is abandoned its stripped of this would give us the infrastructure of the back how's the food beverage the reservations. Everything that was needed for running a big events under. We'll be there in place already in central terminal is not downtown. So it has to be part of something I don't think on its own it could survive. It needs something behind it just just sort of announcing all of this is a big cool space it is but it's it's a hundred million dollars to fix it up and then what you do. They are still interested in oh absolutely. Why would any vehicle accident. And what you write to me I told her I think a lot of people would be asking the opposite question why are you still interest today because it seems like it's such a humongous. Undertaking not only to redevelop that entire space but. They get people down. Yes but it is a destination itself it is a restore clamored you go into that space and it's. Anybody who goes into as well. And that's a disgrace and expanded into a full event destinations that are properly marketed with that we were gonna have a hotel or rebuild the whole village around. Or is studio this morning with Canadian developer Harry Stinson who just purchased the Adam's Mark Hotel. Planning to. Renovated inside and out. For the buffalo grand hotel which will be its new name. But we're just talking about your previous interest in the central terminal that's hell yeah became but that's how we kind of got to know you Harry from the central terminal. Which you're still interested in Oakland do you feel like if you. Have roots here you know you're developing redeveloping. The ams mark that you may have another shot at the central terminal. Well my priority is to get the Adam's mark up and running and prove that we can do a good job with and if the central terminal still there are willing to talk and I'm certainly like him to. Mean you've got to do in usual things with the building like that in the film industry there's been a film shot there has been number of them but the you know the the one film they shot recently which generated a few thousand dollars for which was grade. But we know we to a quarter million dollars a year just in location shots that OneCare one. You know at at the building I haven't Hamilton dobbs actually two sites and Hamilton were doing usually a movie. In one of them constantly have a film series being shot full time and one annual schools were generating. You know hundreds of thousands dollars and your own empty mile an insight locations. So I mean that's part of it. But you can't just say okay we'll do that well having a doc brown and the connections in the credibility of film people wanna know they're going to be taken care of properly not just handed the keys in there well. Here it is there's no heat there's no water good luck Austria you know there has to be a whole infrastructure in place so is the intent was to do a whole community. Here. And Terry Stinson joining us live in studio we're also joined on the line by genes morale the chairman of the buffalo. Planning board days James have been talking about the Adam's mark your hotel downtown you know you see the development every day. Down at one Seneca tower you know wondering how things have changed within maybe the past even five years. For you on the planning board looking at development in downtown buffalo and if it's gotten kicked into I guess sort of a second year. The leaders. Lot of excitement and vote and doubts about about it happening throughout the city with major infrastructure think that the city. It's only gonna lead to development project. On some of these. Major areas within about how to what's happening is what these Arctic until well we're who we're and after the other developers have more developed with intensity to our local projects. And other projects continue. James it with your role in the planning board I mean are you busier than ever in scheduling things. That are coming up before you guys. Here we go we'd have one or two major projects come through. Now almost every other week there are major crisis and then and they're there's they're privately financed these are private developer coming then cut in the waters. In putting their blocked well. And they can develop and patent with in the city of buffalo actually in the outcome. You know looking at the Adam's mark and the one Seneca tower specifically to big landmarks how important. Is it that these two buildings that are so visible downtown. Be turned around. I think the you know is that that there are single project and once they come on minor going to be great because. The close proximity means they'll. Quote proximity to. The rail lines as a lot after the what we need to do would continue with the development especially with the anchor pride. We're glad you could join us this morning with the update that's James Merrill he's chairman of the city planning board and joining us in studio still Hillary Stinson the new owner of the Adam's mark you know we mentioned one Seneca tower you kind of neighbors now oil Seneca tower right there with the Adam's mark. Have you kind of had an eye on what's going on there are all of the construction in the plants and sort of the redevelopment of Buffalo's tallest building. Well I haven't had the irony is that one of those other things that tied together. Is that I started getting interesting develop when I ran into Steve Fitzmorris who was running HSBC tower. And actually I was contacted by the mayor's offices as you talked to mr. Fitzmorris does HSBC is leaving and we need to do something with the tower. And that's sort of where I got interested in the whole you know rehab and renovation now obviously it's taken a separate route that as. This fellow Doug Jamal seems to have the resources and energy to do it's over and no maybe this to us from out of town who worked night usually jumping into the fray. Have you met Doug yet I have not I've heard a lot of bottom who I didn't is that just the old guys they're sure business. They're coming to buffalo dollars in royal a big project. Does that that's a meat kind of similar in away and not so much obviously with the location but the scope of the project. That in the central terminal once second tower of they have a lot in common don't they do they're doing and and it. Is the old concepts go bigger hole you start to get people's attention you rehab and put new back porch on one nobody really notices but you do something else rages. And it starts to become self fulfilling. Mean initials those senses inevitably well I don't work and you hear that a lot and I went through that and Hamels and I went through in Toronto thirty years ago. We're with developments there going to the candy factory loft than in Hadera elect part of downtown draw which is now queen west the very cooled after but the skeptics were always there. But if we because it was big they couldn't ignore it that's as well this is if this works if this works the copy. So that's okay going to said that you know it's if these anchor pro checks. Will bring other people long not that there aren't doing what the development of Rocco Germany is doing and Carl piling up in there are some really interesting things happening here. We are joined live in studio by Harry Stinson a new owner of the Adam's Mark Hotel if you missed any of our conversation by the way it's all on demand. It WB EN dot com you can go back. It's worth talking about some of the plans that you have in store. For the Adam's mark soon to be the buffalo grand hotel Le face lifting your talking a lot about the food service there. You want it to a change 24 hours a day some world class you know coffee you were talking about things like that. I to a put request to make that I'm you warn these Adam's mark coats now for. Quite some time now couple years it. In my opinion deep best. Chicken fingers I have beaten. Anywhere I lay that to the kitchen I think anywhere in my simple request is that you're going to make some fantastic changes it sounds like. Maybe. The chicken going to assume can be the one thing that states that anything that's good shall remain and that's what I have been doing is just talk and just talking to customers and so we what do you like what's not all right what's the menu going to be sold send your suggestions and I was a little worried about the chicken fingers though like a set. I want chicken fingers in my life. I've been five years old I think that's all eight from ages five to tell us the best chicken fingers. At the Adam's Mark Hotel right now pretty settled Dorismond there I you know what I event I've eaten alive so I think you got Harry's words that they're saying IE I would love to see them stay on the manual the special seat for users. And I appreciated by Terry thanks so much for taking the time to join us in studio and you. No idea when Stinson is going to be back in the western new York community but very interested to see what goes on with the Adams marquee guy I remember that place was built back in the late 1970s. So it's been. A a real notable spot in downtown buffalo over the last several decades and you imagine it's been getting a lot more business now because the redevelopment of canal side. Our next topic rang get into the elm wood village of course that's one of the most popular areas of downtown even when you tell Taurus about. Places to go see him buffalo elm wood village might not come in the you know top two or top three but if you are a western new Yorker whether you've lived here for a month. Or thirty years you know the home would village and its popularity of very. Q. Quaint place downtown. I'd been there are several times whether it's for work or to go ought to. Parking is difficult there and there's other factors that are coming into play new developments I remember hearing stories about chasing affinity several months back. Well are they new developments starting to cause a change in the culture of the I would village. Our memory and had a chance to speak when Jesse Fisher who's the executive director of preservation buffalo Niagara. Talking about the future of the Al wood village and concerns over development here's that in. Jesse you always you talked stay a lot about helmet and how it's being pecked away. I these developers. And maybe losing its its its historic feel you know. Why do you think that's happening. And what can really be done to stop these. It's so much a question of stopping it developers and I think unfortunately that tends to be Alex app it's the people vs the big bad developers right. And I don't think that's the issue the issue is when animals at about an hour community in those rules should be based on how do we get a vibrant successful community so the reason I think lack of developers are in. Salmonella right now is because this is a really vibrant successful community and people wanna be part of that. And for many years that six fast was jammed and almost entirely by small business owners I homeowners I folks who own maybe two or three houses in the neighborhood and also lived in neighborhoods so we're really invested in making sure that. On that quality of life act states not. Now that that has paid got an outlet is routinely. Listed as. I'm not just one of the most vibrant neighborhoods and have Western New York but we seemingly every not in national publications about being quite as migrant communities in the United States. I am I think developers want to be apart now and certainly they should be in a lot of cases they are welcomed and there's a lot of areas. And need in filled about him in and we need more appropriately scaled development. But the question is we don't want it lose the things that make us unique and special and successful in the first place in order to get those things. So it's really a question of what are the development rules proudly hold everyone accountable how to make sure all playing and a level playing field. And probably get a community that continues to be six passed on insanity that's a victim of them. Mean like you said it's about the the right spots right locations are and Helen but once answers to work its way into these residential areas and homes are being taken away. You know that's win that's when they're really doing something that is is wrong. And that's it weed I am I obviously like to see teens in. In this project so these houses. We never offered for sale on the market so that a homeowner against Italy can I dabble in exit app and Livan on Parton rent out the other part of app that entity and that type in the they were purchased ads basically accessory properties to this large development here. Which was also built out of scam Olympic green coat and so now the developers and light bulb is really large building. And which have business in and that is serving not the local neighborhood that is a destination for you know. People from outside neighbor had and so now I'd like to further impact the neighbor had but also taking doing houses where people cut land. And replacing them with things frankly you could find in any suburban community in Western New York overtaking make things that are on the national superstar places. And replacing them something that. Could literally be in an eastern Armenian lasting art and that's how much became special and that's how it is gonna continue to make much success in the future. So it's important to protect what's special about this place. And also to have rules in place that say content dude about it where it's appropriate and how it's appropriate and that's our fighting for today. You mentioned there's twelve buildings that are planned for demolition fifteen more that. Our that you know about that that posse and and even if you could continue to grow is they're causing concern that I'm wide. 1020 years from now could really be a real different place and maybe it's not you whether you wanna say change for the better for the worse. I wrote the replacement for people know right now. Adding that is that concern is and every community grows and changes overtime and certainly that is the history of how letting nobody wants it. Preserve this community exactly the way that it is right this minute it's not Colonial Williamsburg right we're not going for that. We just wanna make sure that adds mounting on his hands that it adds to the vibrancy and that it takes it Wayne wanted to add in the six instead of making plastics fast enough. And so you know it. Buffalo's slightly behind the curve of a lot of cities Lancaster re urban is them as the turnover folks moving back to the city little bit I met her but our record which is exciting because we weren't on record many years ago. But we've seen what's happened in other communities where. Neighborhoods that really started out as like DIY grassroots efforts revitalize. Have now crossed over into an accurate where. It's really become a very different place and it's unrecognizable and it's an affordable and it's become more of a playground for folks. I'm coming in from outside and a real place or people live and their kids to school and locked to the grocery store and locked in neighborhood supporting businesses and us is we don't probably was just wanna say. We know if they. I don't panic the pace of change if we don't manage that type of change. That we will be common these places and twenty years we'll look back and how did we let that happen it was only how steer house there was only. A really big bar here are really large restaurant there but in the end the cumulative us accent pollen that are. Are what we're really concerned about possibly wanna make that we have new development that it's in that's appropriately scam that takes advantage of them backs of our community. And preserves the ass crack community and then hats and the arts where. You know where we do anyhow I think for instance this building on nine of I it. Alma avenue instigating and love and be handing gas station announced and read about as an excuse building which I think is agree. IDS the problem. Only is that this building is overly scaled this neighbor had and that. Bar and restaurant that's inside as well release Elvis neighborhoods not a neighbor and I asked and it's a place that's really design in them to attack people from all of our. And they didn't. Taking account the amount of available parking that also protect the neighbor I'm right so. You know we call that India urban planning game is a self created carts so this adjective and designed differently. So we kind of replace that. At any gas station and Batman building and development it's in adamant that neighborhood that is causing these problems so all we're asking is don't causing more problems. You know that's protect the hearts that are working outlets here development towards those tactics really need to be on and I think stat and well. And then we can follow that happily ever after. Al wood village also in the news recently because assembly men Sean Ryan whose district encompasses a lawn of the elm wood village. He said that the only village is starting to lose the neighborhood feel you can hear his interview with Matt. Over on demand at WB EN dot com. Two more stories to get through on this week's edition of the podcast. One of bum kind of coming from last week in fact. I'll have more on it in a moment this is one of those situations where al-Qaeda podcast was recorded at whatever time. And just moments after it posted the news broke. And that's the buffalo billion scandal will go into that we'll have some analysis coming up from. WB Ian legal analyst Paul came bring up also the big story that you couldn't miss this week it was Jim Kelly that's up next on the podcast 716. Week in review. Us bodies. Here here is in new satisfaction poll out from Gallup public satisfaction with the direction of the country is the highest it has been since September of 2005. You would never know that if you did nothing but watch drive my nose all the folders one other little thing I'd like to end to it as well. Economic growth this a Wall Street Journal economic growth in the United States leaves the world behind Rush Limbaugh. Weekdays noon just great news radio 930. On the 716 week in review podcasts on your host Mike Ackerman. Please please please please please please I told you a great review and subscribe on iTunes this is a free podcast that we're putting out for you. Another way that you can support download the radio dot com that you can stream all of the Entercom stations life. You can speed things on demand you can. Comcast's on demand through their you can also hear CPP to show you can hear how early hell via. And one of the the things that I always like to listen to be on the man interviews that are done. By our morning show a new morning wave Susan rose and Brian masse around ski literally moments after they finish an interview it will be up on the website so. For example. Earlier this week. We had congressman Chris Collins are reacting to what president trumps. Comments backtracking on the whole brush. Interference in the 20s16 election the congressman was talking about that. We're back at feature that on the podcast this week like you can listen to on demand. At WB EN dot com and through the radio dot com that that's an interview you're not gonna wanna miss not on the podcast this week has more of a national story bite. Definitely my checking out radio dot com WB EN dot com check it out over there to more stories get through this week the first. We're gonna go with the buffalo billion scandal Lewis and Minnelli to developer who won the request for proposal ward. Couple years ago I think our last year it was regarding that. Giant buffalo billion project and the 715. Million dollar riverbend project. Which houses that Tesla facility and the Panasonic building over in south buffalo it's pretty close to the Ohio street lift bridge. While he was found guilty of bid rigging as part of the buffalo billion scandal it's been a huge story these this last year. What's he gonna be found guilty now. A lot of this questions how far does that go up the chain of command in New York politics. Governor Cuomo was never convicted or accused and any wrongdoing over the course of this investigation. We talk to W began legal analyst Paul came Maria. About his reaction to Lewis and Nellie along with the three other developers that were I convicted of bid rigging here's an interview with chamber. Paula the buffalo billion defendants have all been convicted though little similarly. I like oh euros in two from Syracuse. Your reaction to this verdict any surprises here. Well I am surprised. On my partners those involved in the case and I am surprised I think the difference here was. Where are now out very co defendant. Decided to plead guilty and testify yet so it will I think that obviously have. Major impact on the case. Without his testimony right that they had no pews. What was surprising to work. Well. Again I thought that at most they would convicted of conspiracy. That's a little easier to do. In the end. Because Oprah. Il made in the testimony by the code of Canada and that's what tipped the scales here. As far as. Going forward are with future projects here. I'll what did this mean as far as a piece of anomalies eligibility. And also the process for the building. Well I think first of all. To get through the appeal process. It and these are complicated. Pieces. Aren't. We don't know the outcome would be an appeal. That's a personal thing as far as the company. As far as I can tell what we've read it's a lot. East course and some whole slew details on the company's be run by sun. And so are rarely attracts their beer it's going full work. You said that there will be an appeal process. Aren't sure of opiate appeal or ask to be an appeal. In this case current number of patient there legal issues that need to be resolved. On appeal. Are you deliberate say what some of legal issues are. Well it's an experience intercede you know lately you saw. That there were reversals like consumers case and so on. It is a complicated federal statute. When it deals with so called Gregory. So why you aren't sure that there'll be an appeal year yeah the circuit circuit in New York City that disordered. Do you feel that the jury be used you've obviously give the jury may have been influenced by one of the defendants. It would have taken a plea deal and testified against the defendants here you set that weren't the case there would have been a case. I don't think that job great dedication from the testimony that idea follow. It seem to read that whip out that. Co defendants testimony. They would not changed. Are many thanks to our Tom pocket for getting that interview with W began legal analyst Paul came Rea. Get the buffalo billion is a pretty big thing and something that I kind of thought was strange coming out of and I saw on Twitter a lot of people were buzzing about this as well. Is that is the governor trying to distract from the negative publicity regarding the buffalo billion trial while the results of happened and then the next day. Our report was released by governor Cuomo's. New York State. That basically said that New York should legalize marijuana had been a really controversial topic but is that a planned for Governor Cuomo to distract away from the results of the buffalo billion scandal. We'll let you decide on that one but again many things over to Paul came reaffirm speaking win our Tom pocket. About the buffalo billion trial what we know and next coming out of that they'll. Those convicted including Lewis and an Alley Alain Cali Eros they're going to be sentenced in mid October's it will bring you coverage of that. And of course you can read more about it over at WB EEN dot com. We want and the podcast this week on a on a happy now and it's regarding the legendary Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly. You know his statistics if you're a fan of the Buffalo Bills you know he spent. Eleven years would buffalo 237. Touchdowns the four straight Super Bowl appearances in the 1990s. You know how important he has to the western new York community yet can't. Not watch the TV and see his face on commercials talking about. Charitable self with Roswell park. Jim Kelly is huge in the western new York community number twelve got inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Back in 2002. Is number twelve Jersey was retired by the Buffalo Bills. Jim Kelly one of the greatest. To ever play in the game certainly the greatest of all time to play in buffalo. While you know his story he was diagnosed with cancer and 2013. It went into remission for a little thing he continued to fight for the people who suffer from cancer. I can speak personally on this my father was a person who was diagnosed with cancer in return went hand Wallin also returned with Jim Kelly. Kelly's cancer returned back in March he had to get John surgery down state. I remember seeing Jill Kelly was posting all these instead grand photos of James recovery it was. Heartbreaking to see one of the buffalo bills' best players ever go through this prickly anybody ever anybody. Was ever been touched by cancer knows the effects that it can have on you your family loved ones. Well Jim Kelly. On Wednesday night was presented with the Geneva deal ward. Here's his entire speech and Wednesday night's espy's. It is never she's you watch some video. Obama. But my son's. So meantime got to drown. They continue his dream about my son hunter what do you do about it while life. They were never saw. No well look doctor I civilians. And I see you on. I just look what about cause some residual we've been through his policies we went through it all in good times are golf chairmanship you know. We had someone fall. Did you and I Dowling. All. Year after year flights here. In Jong. On behalf of the class of ninety days three to five reporter about ties you for what you choose Super Bowl forest where your pursuits especially community and then. But. I'll look dot com in my life. I've always lived in Bonn and the poor else. The one I had out. But I'll tell you it was wrong even though still upon. I'd put you wanted nerve he's worked really on the ever house. Noticed by Tenet. What is it good or it's got his plans. This play is revitalized. Through my son hunter we won't measure differs. Mike Timlin. While. Unless presented by daughter Daryn everything load times who walks digital hospital no 103 ever have a prowler things. It was always Jen you look so good. The horse shoe reducing your real hub like dark hair grid. So it's on Schubert called really an album do you wanna leave her. Go but even today we're through gone beyond a lonely vertigo. In limelight field. Your life heart. You are like soul. You or what ever incident all of revealed. But. Broadened. My blog broaden. Ted ray do you smell blood. You've been through every zoom with these are good times about times. Is Super Bowls we had fun. But I'll tell you what I wanna be here today it's a wonderful life are brought a lot of Auburn does what bill slam wins. On including Wilson sailed into Syria simply drew our new owners. So well after your body is a modern rules Thurman. Are all Andre Darryl biscuit. Wills tasker. All you guys. Every single day to continue to have improved text messages and it drives me X rays and eloquently and it. But shouldn't do it and basically allowed to push Volvo live spaces. While hundreds hope to have went. Through six you Phillies great column Buffalo, New York. There has held the same disease and my son house. Or tried to make a difference ice flow I don't know. That I will be home tomorrow we're like family through. So would do and BO will Roger make a difference my friends altar while high school football coach sue. There's really not have a gold after three not turn to tussle agree on still sit here Terry hundred. All these coach on Augusta people on here today in the audience appeared on. Taught me in Denver Kermode best friend why should super warrior spirit so excited you all for Beers everybody Bartolo warned here. And finally. The thing it's. I tell you what was assay and basic differs too dead. Push someone who's fighting to preserve tomorrow. When I looked across. This arena there much talk to people on look at digital need to be headed Russell Wilson. And they're brought her to make the difference doctor. Every single policy is proved to be a difference maker. You can visit your old closet don't put this up Barbara Morgan goes to work. But you exhibited difference maker put it small hotel isn't what kids are proudly detailing to say we don't want to dip verbal brawl on her face. Toys urge anybody odds are you have some realtors operated dug up to me ten through. It's the result being on average good date to be your mom or dad. It's a real grand parents what you say GM whose small you have water like that to me that differs in that magazine today. Remember that always always. Works for rear exit Libby said he never ever give thought. In my bills fans back home. I love you and everybody here tonight into dream we apologize and thank you for all our lives and humbled me with this award all of your all Bob isolated go to work continue to bust some guys who. I didn't watch the espy's on Wednesday night but I happened to watch Kelly speech on Thursday morning you know it's tough. Not to get emotional listening to something like that they it it came courting Jimmy V saying never ever give up. And to do something today. To help somebody in their fight it's for tomorrow. It's so difficult for anybody to try to argue with that kind of logic Jim Kelly. Of course so huge in the western new York community and not fight against cancer. It's heartbreaking it's being able to see him on all those commercials and all the interviews that we've ever done without him over the years. To hear his voice the way it is following the John surgery you know selfishly. You want his voice to come back but also he represents the real struggles that people face when it comes to the fight against cancer. A real motivational speech by Jim Kelly and congratulations. And for receiving the Jimmy V award at Wednesday night's espy's. He's a guy who absolutely deserves affirm all of the struggles he's had over his life yes he knows he could say OK he was a professional football player he led to real blessed life. And yet he'll probably admit that too but. You know the fact that his son had died the fact that he had to battle cancer you know lot of stuff going against this guy also. Really puts things in perspective for you are bass goes out to Jim Kelly and the Buffalo Bills organization. That's a for this week's edition of the podcast there were a lot of things that we just didn't have time to get into a for example we're starting to see some rumblings about the race for. You re county executive mark polling cards is the incumbent stuff on my high loop comptroller currently now looks like he's gonna be competing for that. I don't think he's officially said that he's going to bubble akin to amble paglia more free you next week is that race starts to heat up a bit more. But Ted's hosting its 91 cent hot dog day for his birthday and because national hot dog day it was on Wednesday. I in fact we got to be Allen at Ted's on Thursday morning. May I got there may be too when he mitzvah for the downtown location opened up a child was some people being like hey what are you doing down here obviously they're getting hot dogs. I spoke to the very first woman in line she's didn't wanna go on the record when me and Mac username or anything like that. But she is Tommy she was waiting in line for two hours which. I have a lot people are kind of land putting that on Twitter wide wait. My two hours to save a couple of bucks take on that and argue that this moment let her do it she wants the supreme world at any rate that's the end of this week's podcast. Make sure you follow us on Twitter at news radio 930 you can follow me on Twitter on. Mike Ackerman. Tell your friends about 716 we can if you type your coach. Workers tell your family all about this podcast and great reviews subscribe via iTunes and it always makes your ticket is. And also. 26. I think I'm right on that if I'm not let's are right send me an email it's a very public email Mike Scott Ackerman and Telecom dot com. And know what you think and frankly there's something you can't.