716 Week in Review - July 12, 2018

This week on the podcast we look at the shooting on the 190-N which took the life of a 25-year-old. Buffalo Bills RB LeSean McCoy has found himself in hot water after abuse allegations. Another victim of clergy sex abuse, a woman in her 60's, has come forward. Plus, we break down the controversy surrounding the death of the Amherst bear.

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And anywhere so we're doing our second episode of love the you're the second ever episode last week was the first. We recap here top news stories of the week. There's a lot of stuff that is constantly going on in so that you might have forgotten about but some of the big things that we've been focusing on. Revolves around four different stories and we'll start when their very first one the 190s north. You might remember on Monday your afternoon drive right around that Niagara street area. That's usually one of the busiest places and all of Western New York especially during the evening hours 'cause it's right outside downtown buffalo. There's a shooting Monday in the 6 o'clock hour New York State Police spoke to our map marine and to get an update on what was. Basically. Yesterday evening around 615. Troopers here that's he Butler responded to what was originally called an as the motor vehicle accident. I'm the 19 northbound. They're mad or street after arriving on scene they were on it was determined it was a result of a shooting incident that. The driver was taken that that you're kind of medical signer and such police succumbed to his wounds. Com. Our investigations candidate. Let us down the road that it was. He was shot come from it is used driving northbound another vehicle bomb. You know on shot his vehicle and instruct him. And which led him to it to drive off the job. From the settling into the cac creatures he very their runs down a little road. Home. Our plan preliminary investigation at this point it's led us to. Moral rule out that it was a road rule regions that and it's also. Let us rule out that it was just two random act seems like it was a targeted act. Against that victim. So what's car user. We're going southbound prevail. Hope. It. It. There were trailers seem dry accessible northbound Omri you're in nag street plants. Consider. That. Each other. Players. And there's. Connect. Should between these these vehicles. Right now from what we learned it if it doesn't seem like it was just a random act like where there drag racing any kind of rural regions that seems like a bomb. He was targeted by the individuals. Individual or individuals com. That being said com. We're really not prepared you know at this time we don't really have information developed that is to say what the relationship was if five or trying to develop a suspect now. And Burnett really at that point that we know bomb. You know the the victim's background potential suspects background and any kind of relationship these individuals would have with each other. They it's and we're now you're 24 hours since the accident and so is it is time goes I'm hopefully will develop those leads will develop. You know. The suspect and in India look tie this all together and resolve this first family. There are other people in the vehicle of where of the vehicle that the victim was and still work on that as well on and at this point ruling that at that point or we want to divulge any and information. So just I'll just leave him that there and he video footage that you can access that could be able to see that. Anything that you possibly can help you with this case. So a lot of questions have been coming up. Might tack runs cameras. I'm highways in the area those are all life feeds they don't record so that's that's something we can pull footage from and opera view that the come up with. In suspect vehicle or anything like that. So long and basically it is gonna come down interviews and and trying to put pieces of the puzzle together and a you know develop a vehicle and and subsequently. A suspect or suspects. That coming with with gathering yeah I any eyewitness I mean people are driving they're not trying to maybe look out for those kind of things but if you could maybe ten point. Discern amount of people that were driving around that time it is certainly Danny puts to find those kind of people. So 6:15 PM on the highways extremely busy with people going home from work so we're asking the public if anybody did see any thing. Contact. State police in Batavia. And they'll gather information see what kind of you know. Basically anything anybody's able to provide his were looking for now we have. Some evidence to go on some you know arm leads that we're still tracking down and there with the hopes that you'll be able lose determine who did this and you know bring them to justice. Is there anything I mean. Shootings happened of course all the time but. I shooting on a highway were cars were moving. Even though many Dan rush hour we're Mayer maybe it might have been some traffic going on but. Has your season link that especially here awful. You know out here we do get reports occasionally of you wrote road rage incidents where you know people report that somebody pointed a weapon and number displayed in kneipher. Something along that line but is very you know extremely rare that ought gunfire is actually exchanged. Or rom. You know like in this case unfortunately you know and and pianist fatality. And then work on here but while I'm in and now I can't call any such incidents. You talk with the victims Stanley of you know understanding who the victim is where they come from their backgrounds and is there anybody out there that would wanna target them that's all being worked out you know as we speak so. We have thought cholera investigators are working on it that's her in primary focus right now is developing a back prominence in you know arm. It's basic old fashioned police were trying to track down leads in and talk to people and and and and hopefully. Through the public's cooperation will solve the case. When it comes you finding that that that the criminal in this you know what's your hope that that. They can be five meet him it possibly be solved and and figure out who witnesses. Based on what we learned so far and a short period of time from. Were were pretty hopeful that will be able to you know locate who's responsible and and then bring that person at justice for those people to justice. It's a horrific incident. Itself something occurred Demille Russia aren't busy highway. So. It's extremely dangerous we're very fortunate that there wasn't a bomb. You know more people injured. Or killed. Spaced and you know. The chances. Multiple vehicle accident being caused by this or you know somebody gets struck a stray gunfire. So mom. And in that regard we are we are very fortunate that that at all you know result it was just the unfortunately the one victim being built. Comes the details how the person died was he shot in the head where part of it where did the boy come from them mail effort came from where did it enter into the car. Yeah it from you this new shot and had com. Other than that. You know what what directions what college stuff will be determined through com. You know our forensic investigation team. Though they'll be looking and all of that and they specialize in that kind of you know Avant election. And done. You know that's definitely a pivotal point of what the other thing that happened cars is with them right now that that they had sweeping accurate and and that's part of fining the anything that they can now put this. Exactly yes bill. You know peace becomes a piece of evidence and then you know ports presidency we come up with and you know it's all about at this point. Trying to take you know dangerous individual or individuals off the street and get some sort of pop. Resolutions and for the fans. You mention of course that there was no other car to cut cup was part of this insane rate there was it the car got shot that and hit this the Bay Area air but it did and cars right. This cracked from promo learned so far there's been no reports of you know and the other vehicles be involved com. Other than the victim's vehicle and they in the vehicle you know suspect vehicle. Kind of backtracking but do you believe that when the person who shot had that they need to I immediately. I think. Analysts say this is your transport EC MC. In the exit on the of their injuries there. So the there's proper medical attention on everything that could be done. Was done and unfortunately. It does. To some period injury just the upper management and Alexi measures from being successful. Said that. No just ask the public if you know they witnessed any thing here have any kind information even if they don't think it necessarily is important. Sometimes it is sometimes opinion piece of the puzzle you know that we're looking for that you know. Tie everything together so there are as follows the police on SP Batavia there given number for that that that station. It due home but off the com. And with a number here is 9356570. Com. They can also call this number. Or. Honestly dictators and troop worse. Our thanks for that matter weren't a lot of details when this 190 north shooting first happened but slowly we've been learning the details about it. And it was all confirmed to us on Wednesday when. Crime stoppers in New York State Police both told us that they're looking for 22 year old Wong Cologne of buffalo. He's done primary suspect in connection to this shooting. The victim 25 year old Angel Marcy out he was. Apparently previously convicted of felonies including Harriet heroin selling the head fentanyl in it so there's. Appears to be a targeted shooting in this scenario real tragic story police are also looking for a white 2003. Toyota four runner that has the license plate. HY yen 3229. And if you have any information you're asked to come forward and if doing the right thing isn't really enough for real well crime stoppers buffalo is giving a 2500. Dollar reward. To anybody who has information that leads to the arrest of one Cologne again he's a 22 year old from buffalo. Being sought in connection to this shooting the next major story that we've been following on the podcasts is the look Shawn McCoy drama the Buffalo Bills running back is in some. Series water after some allegations surfaced this week on Tuesday. It all started at around 318 a yen there's an armed robbery at mccoys home in Georgia. And venom Tuesday afternoon. Allegations started to surface first on NC grand and then it was acknowledged by Nikolay essentially what it is is. I'm not sure if it's a friend or Phil is mccoys ex girlfriend directly but. Somebody on into Graham accused McCoy of domestic abuse animal abuse and also. The use of performance enhancing drugs in very serious allegations. We saw it before we reported naturally but. Will we decide to go for once we realized that. Nick Kuwait is referring to these allegations he acknowledged them on his Twitter is at that point we decided that this was a story that needed to be Ron. The Buffalo Bills have also chimed in on the matter will talking about what the bills had said about it. After this interview we had with Mitchell in north and he spoke on WB yens a new morning on Thursday. He's a reporter for the Atlanta journal constitution. They'd been following today incidentally LeSean McCoy and his hometown. When this story broke. I'm curious to know reporters down there and Atlanta. Was there were a lot of buzz going on now what was this as big of a story is today it was around here in buffalo and Philadelphia other areas where LeSean McCoy is played. Syria going to have me on arm in you are actually solve the you know I think the initial. Things that are coming out about quarry on Tuesday it was. Think it all started with that and examples from manner account that we still don't know. Who find. Not all of some. Yeah morning but it what can really connect Q hard to work yet that the umpire know I think that McCollum who beat him. Leaving him no matter how earning. You and as you know it's more important one you know we are. You know groups that are common reason that happened. That it out of the yes and then. You know keep an audit your dealer journal constitution and you know huge majority have been reported on it. I'll eat the big deal we're we're definitely. You know on this story extra and I'm not under present to our site metrics but I think it was one of the most great stories are what city. Thumb yesterday and they are you people are deathly interest in this story and you know a lot of the media outlet governor cover the Krewell. Mitchell what are the options here that he did it. Which I guess kind of seems unlikely because it really seems like he was in Miami that he had someone duet. Or that she did it and she's framing him right. You know I'm up early cure. You know police are. Mobile police department could be a look great now omni really haven't released a whole lot of information. Must always been pretty quiet you know aside from that that's Steven that he could also can be on Tuesday. Yeah I don't know we had beaten them when you have nothing to do. Around with. You know whatever happened there movie Hillary and how it looked at home court. You know who we and I'll according to our best quarter loans orders. Police record that disorder Kirkland who was in the home and home invasion happen again according Cooley here on. And you're an elementary in Greece and edit their own guns. Our book report that not yesterday communal farming in a series. You know lack a lot of you know I'll put that back up their orders are actively assault their home with a good. We'll bat that article Robert. But we didn't and now there's not a lot of backup their own and their home and he's not. But column where its home. And she was the victim of. Now we learned yesterday that McCoy hired defense attorney Don Samuel to represent him what kind of reputation does he have around the Atlanta area. Yeah the movement who came into it it definitely hear a profile than you know between. You know the focus of their buffalo. You know moment to moment you know some other folks are so and present who it was. Compact and about you know when. Lewis who's I think Clark with a double homicide here in Atlanta. I think that was around the corner creating an rental plan. That the quote. The current residency got dropped so. Well definitely an active in the court has got drop. Represent them problems there and they my sexual harassment is that I want to move. You represent. Rapper he got in multiple viewers are humble heart macabre who. Locally that might not be the border with good. He was a pretty high profile attorney himself down here. Army and he was actually convicted. I'm guilty of murdering his wife undue influence on the bums out of them. All of them definitely. Like that you know workers and some high profile people and as experience were present folk where's. Yet and is the woman in this case claiming squatters rights. Lou I'm not exactly sure there are home with. Exactly Clinton let. It took a course record property records to go home and that could own by us. Although the group. And when they. Cost her some didn't somewhere that are in my career EEE. Debt that Elin and taxes you know we're in this sort of the cost of the focal actor stroke. That got them home and it's not over court entered school. Com or don't houllier on the program was also in Atlanta she gloom. You know used within the home since October 26. That there are quote record to kill them of course has LightScribe is that we're on the course then yeah the summer point seven. Who grouped them because we've. Ever. Yeah that was final. But some wind as we have been practicing actress from her on this despite. The we've seen home and I am trying to look at duke and we at the school massacre. I have this. That supplies on your lips and Curtis you know what room. And cart and cultures into that you've noticed he served properly. Salmonella never done it more who offers weekly column order you know we can't service that you noticed that you specify. If that was literally followed up on. You'll. Recently didn't you didn't come quick try to picture them at the time from one of its expert in that universe expert. Probably eviction notice on the incredible warrior. School because of that. Reward either the current. You know that this century noted just talked down from party as per followed it. Not but he was ordered. Art all Mitchell we appreciate all the information and hold to be talking with you again soon in the future it's Mitchell Mitchell north them. Now right after McCoy addressed the allegations we did reach out to the Buffalo Bills they told us that. They are investigating the matter what we roll right now at the time that this podcasts is being recorded. McCoy has not faced any disciplinary action he hasn't been suspended by the league we saw. On the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback team as Winston here a six game suspension that I believe was reduced in half. And he is facing allegations of his own. McCoy though has not been charged with any crime yet so we'll see how the NFL wants a plane itself. Brent take a break when we come back another major news story that actually came out. On Thursday morning it was another incident the next chapter. Of the Catholic diocese sexual abuse scandal that's up next on 716 week in review. It's 930 in 716. Once that pays him linger in each week James goes to new addition of our new daily podcast. In essence it's a 932. Look at the big stories we're covering talking about in the seven point six on WBBM it's a great way to get some quick in depth perspective. When you work drive play catch up to speed and 930 seconds 29376. Powered by the Brothers have mercy. Five star rated skilled nursing residents offering of affordable living in a country setting. Subscribe to 930 and 7164. My tunes that Google play store and available on WB PN dot com and the W. EM mobile lab. Thank you for your top stories on 71. Six week in review I am your host on WB yen reporter Mike Bagram and we had a new development that happened. Just a couple hours before we started recording another new clergy sex abuse scandal now. This entire sex abuse scandal is something that I've been right on the front lines reporting on this entire time. It started just a couple of months ago in fact when Michael Whelan a man and I believe the lock port area. He came forward with allegations of abuse that was confirmed by the very person that. Abused him and that has really opened the lid of everything that had been going on with the Catholic diocese of buffalo they've been heavily scrutinized. Ever since that first insulin Michael Whelan came out but one thing that all of these abusers. Adding common bank had been talked about so far. Is that all of the victims were male. Won't this time a new development today. Is that we have the first female victim that has come forward to speak about her experience in the clergy sex abuse scandal. This woman G-8 Carol Becker she said that she was abused by unknown. Back in 1955. When she was just a five year old and I do want to warn you before we start playing this audio is that. Some of what is gonna be described here you might find graphic so if you're listening in the car would any young kids. This is something that personally shouldn't use your phone while you're driving by if you had the opportunity. Fast forward a little bit through it we the only mention. It a very brief moments but it can be very disturbing for some years so be warned that that's what's coming up next. As I was five years old they didn't have a kindergarten. And I was put in first grade apparently. My teacher was sister Pauline trade. Delegating them. I hit it in the hands. I've played in. Just a pilot. Who is remember that there in Italy. And the principle here it was mother alone. While this honest and my friend it's time and again. My first name is Jay. You know what I was always count Carol that's my mother's name is taking care who choose to unionize care. Sister telling tennis refused to tell me. This is September 19:59. AM and when I wouldn't answer my into his colleague Jane it's get up in my face to make me stand up. Yell at me about being still. Tired and slow. And I was so Tampa I didn't know what was going on the night. Wet my pants. The third time at Hampton and she had sent me home the first two time. To get a taste of their time at camp and she grant me my arm. Took me to the continent said they were going to their cell. Which is her room. And she made me take tough. Man under PM. And seen great neighborhood and crews are. Name it's. Cook your meat crowd and I got traffic. And let's put it here at her underwear and me and maybe that the rest of. Did Dave. In class. When I got home. No. We're changing to go see it go out. My mother. My mother said. My mother got very angry and and he doesn't eat and and I knew I was in big trouble. And felt very same thing yeah. As I've done something very very wrong. And boom. And while my. Housekeeper to me or bail. I don't remember there was blood in you underwear or not I don't. And my mother called mother. Salon. Com on. I'm a nun sister Colleen Trace. I mean Carol. It was very neat CNN. And all the other kids coming Betsy went CAM. And other names on them. Shortly after that incident. I'll listen on us and another nun and I didn't recognize. Took me down to delegate to the mother house. And we stopped along the way up the F pay at candy cigarettes. And I remembered trying to smoke them like my mother and I'm like I'm an apartment. I cannot just eat them. And they put me in I myself and they went I think that went. My Indianapolis there she gave me in the name when. And I thought they are gonna leave me. In town and to the end. Is very frightened that night not welcome to be there and I'll let you know it SOK. Time. They came back shortly there after and I know they had tried to talk to me. And question me in the fact that I hit the associated. And then I had to substitute identity disorder and PT EST. As a result of this I'm. And and yet many dishonest about so and that. And yeah state. The lions take me home. Now we did reach out in the diocese of buffalo they really deferred all the questions on the subject to the order of the Franciscan sisters and Allegheny. We also spoke with sister Margaret she won provide any kind of tape comment other than a written statement that. W the yen has yet to receive. The reason why sister Margaret is being brought up is that she's being accused of intimidating. Becker when they met last month. I did speak with the direct communications director for the order they said that they are aware of the allegations. They're continuing to follow their own internal protocol for investigating the matter. We only played about maybe. The entire. Thirty minute press conference that was held you can watch that entire press conference over at WB EN dot com. Wanted one more break we're gonna get into our final story in this one is a controversial one. In a strange sense you know these are all serious stories that we're covering this week but this one. Is a little bit more light hearted but agreement ending the Amherst bear which had been running around the Amherst and gets Ville area since the end of June. While that there was killed by Amherst police on Monday we'll have more details on that the first one more break and I'll come back previewing Amber's there. Rush Limbaugh and his. Here here is in new satisfaction hole out from Gallup public satisfaction with the direction of the country is the highest it has been since September of 2005. You would never know that if you did nothing but watch drive my nose all told there's one other little thing I'd like to end to it as well. Economic growth this a Wall Street Journal economic growth in the United States leaves the world behind the Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon to a street news radio 930 him. You again. Six week in review I'm your host. Mike I mean you can follow me on Twitter. At Mike Barrett and our final story that we're covering this week. The Amherst and bear it was rummaging throughout all of Amherst and gets built going through some. Trash cans bird feeders for the last several weeks while the bear was shot and killed by Amherst police on Monday. We caught up with teams MacNamara the police captain for the Amherst PD here's what he had to say about it the entire press conference. Here's. Before we all about the press release that was released earlier they regard to the fair as you well know. He emerged police monitoring of rare for the last couple weeks that's been moving in throughout our tone. Hammer's please policy is to allow the bear free access and the ability to move through the town. Monitor for public safety. And to mean insure that the public is aware of the dangers of bears feed the bears. Securing food sources stuff of that nature. So west two weeks we've gone around. We've and advised by the public at different times of the bears in different locations. But now we've observed that have allowed their free access to inform the public pull that through social media. Into conversations with them and regarded as food sources of the day's affairs. And the pair seem to be moving appropriately and with the consultation to DC is our understanding that there would. Leave our our good talent here in short trip. Unfortunately practically weak field affair was struck by vehicle and that. The very suffered an injury to his way and inhibited appears to have visited the bears' ability to move in the normal path that it would. We are called this past weekend in Roxbury neighborhood. It gets Phil. Regarding the bear at that time it was moving freely. What didn't appear to be endangered the public reminder it is and so and that there was again. A move done. Yesterday on the ninth of July we are called again to be. Client Hopkins area that there was observed several times. Once again we observed it it was moving freely allowed access to continue mine was noted that it was injured and if you it's normal routine. Its ability to get out of town get out of the public area highly dense obvious cut it was inhibited. Contacted DC at every step of the way in touch with the DC. Following their advice. A are in tune with our policy. Agree with our policy with all the accordingly. There was some conversation regards to tracking the better hope it tranquilizing it lead to a more appropriate area for the fair to live. All that was in the works and we were continuing along that path as long as there was no concern welfare for the public. Possibly we thirty hours last night on the ninth. 8:30 PM. The there was observed in the area Renaissance in Covent Garden. We can't take it by several citizens. You arrive you observed that there it was in our so we yards there were many people they've been enjoying the nice weather. During their properties are about. Yeah officer at that time observed it appeared in movies. It is out of several yards. It was hindered its movement was senior began it was the same period previously. And observed injured by the board vehicle accident. And the officers at that time believe that there was a danger to the public concern about public. When there. Moved itself to a physician and officers offices to euthanize it safely it is. That he'd been in routine contact would debt and on Ortiz. When they. Decision was made by the officers last night to take down there was there a final call made to the DEC reporting what they observed and that they so what. Lines he did do this. We did contacted DC. It yesterday last evening there with the sisters during the day and they were context listening and we did not consult with them in regards to. Euthanized in the bears the officers on location at that time felt it was necessary to take measures to protect the pop. What can you describe you've you've studied injured and was displaying. Signs of injury. I'm an untrained eyes so what did your officers sees fit determined. And and I'm assuming. That they're they're not some colleges or anything else that. They have to make decisions every day about everything. You know. How to explain how that injury manifested itself. Where they decided. It taken down. The bear had did not have the use of one of its way it was. Operating entryway was dragging. The way. We think it's clear that is tonight we didn't euthanize the bear due to its injury as a humane effort. It appeared the bears' injury was preventing it from you know over there and natural ground that would cover. And get out of a populated area. Can you detail how that there was you that your answers. They shot there. Which there with their service weapons controllers. I'm running shotgun. And rifle used to. It's it's the choice. It's in two and ultimately. Yes. It's an issue KG three sixes shall rifles standard. Bird. Most police news knows it's time it's in the neutral losses. Miners correctly because it used appropriately could not airy and why it. If to find different food sources. America was removed and we have area animal health specialists of comes and picks up. A year. Yes justice those. No. We countered if he sees if they needed you any idea testing of it they. Take this back this morning elected not to do that it was. That's certain to do so we turned over to this point. But good news for you what's dangerous. Circumstance. Career. Out there. Again the officers out here you have to make a decision based on proximity to the public and there there's several people out and warm. When. That there during the properties. Obviously relayed information to them up and down the street fairs out to be careful and to sit there advocates small. As we have done for the previous two weeks I'll put you off at this point I'm just certain that there have been. And out traveling in the same area. In these very scared to answer that while did you receive any yet from the EC confirmation. Your officers did the right thing. We have attempted we've discussed that there's if there's been any communication between you and we can't take these two there you. Close offices. And that. It's using. Project. So. Between the time where they obviously England and around. Three lights apparently and citing well I think it's time we need to do something here. It. Follow it for another half hour actually got some place. Near anything. Yes they they monitored the bears we have been for the previous two weeks or they monitor I would say they follow that the miners would come off it would arrive in day care to be observed. It would it would trails and other vascular. At one point they or did will be in the field behind Holmes. And they felt they. And a chance to euthanize it safely if you practice it when it for a meat eaters so you know. When he went. You know earlier approximately. Correct. Could you explain to what extent there any damage property. Of people out there. So that the fairways in and around people throw as previous to the previous two weeks we're able to. If two people we do with it notify them through social media we did and I'm not tonight and doors campuses letting people know. So the danger to it to the individuals was limited exposure because we are able to. A warn them there were. Property in the way of bird feeders are freeway dumpsters have been you know any real content damage at least it would be negligible. So. There should be life. Well we leave that up to the experts as they said we were contacted DC for the for the entire two weeks I spoke with them myself several several cases I spoke them. A Saturday evening there was the plan in place but they were working on it. So we are not veterinarians we are experts we've heavy equipment tranquilizer air traffic there and I do that are. Patrol officers to question for the DC obviously they have a special division that does that. It takes. Some parameters that they would be better inform him to be able to do that so there was a plan in place your attempting to get that done. And fortunately. You know as they said we monitor for two weeks trying to allowed access to to view the town of campers to leave a less. Less populated area. Or in conjunction with the C hopefully get them out to trap them trafficker tranquilizing move to a safer place but unfortunately. To our office's list and present danger to public and they. I'll just do. There was down. And you had been in contact with them but just so we're clear. You're officers on the scene didn't make one last phone call that easy. DEC and say OK listen when things about taken down here's the situation should go up like that. Correct and if we do not officers have our our officers have discretion through through her through our policy a policy is to my out of the bear. Allow access. The rest of the bears' lead but there is a danger to the public is would officers on scene believe there's a danger the public hear authorized. It off there. Going. You come across the Baird QB's in order to earth. Churches are monitored not pursue it matters to me that the grass seed avenue to them to leave the area. Contact the public protector social media offices so they can take the public there Evans at the public. Through to oratory but he outside and know the situation. And my honor or see. Your. Was seen there. But obviously doesn't Wear out faster would be Halard inning like that so featuring guest right there. I'm. A 100% positive that there was only one there were three limbs dragging you of course when. And we have had no other bear sightings or observations cents. There. Absent. It will lose your policy is we do and every instance you're policies interest. Accordingly. But yet you. There's. He's just as well. DEC also responded to it we spoke with wildlife biologist Ryan Rockefeller he areas on Wednesday morning on a new morning with Susan Rosen Brian masse around ski. Brian what is the DEC's reaction to the decision by Amherst police to shoot and kill the bear. Well ill and bird like flew. Lou gather you know. We can confirm that the yearling male that was struck on the 990 ending clean it is it likely the same bear that was dispatched. By the Amherst police department on Monday July 9. And you know we we can pretty much confirm that because the reports are that the beard that was dispatched it'll have an injury to his right front leg. The you know police department has. Has a responsibility to ensure public safety in the perfectly within their jurisdiction to dispatched. Missiles violate that they deem is. Threat to public safety and though you know live. They have that right and they need to make that decision and you know we oh lead that would denounce. A direct them to do so and then they don't need our direction to do so armed it's obviously unfortunate. The current but. You know they're sometimes it is not. A better way out of situations and that's what the members police department decided. For everything you've seen and there heard about this Spiro of the last few weeks do you think it was of public safety issue that it was a cause for concern. You know I'm not I'm not really wants to decide that today. I wouldn't. There on the ground. They evening. The reports are that there were many. People outside. Neighborhood kids it was late evening. And there is coming in very close proximity to many different residences. And other than a new or location aware. Maybe some of the residents were not even aware that there is a bear. You know around I really can't can't say to them I was not there. I've heard this over and over it. Could there have been tranquilize. And some medical attention and given to its leg. To to the second question purses it's very difficult to rehab adults. Allow black bears palisades when possible and I'm not a veterinarian. It obviously would have had to be looked at by a veterinarian to decide whether or not. Eighties and had a chance being rehab but I mean the bear wild animals especially adult bears. In our urban areas that are approaching adulthood you know this was not a cub. Is very difficult third to rehab eleven and kept a tight situation. There very resilient and that it's possible of this. They're could've meaning that so when it may have completely. Recovered from a group is injury hit me in May not have there. There's Ben many Beers observed in the wild. Has had made it around offer many years and three land. And took the first question. Move them all played lovely as always a risky. Endeavor. To both humans involved in the any animal. Anesthesia so. Which humans there they go through many tests and we know. What folks that are allergic to and what types of medications and it was loudly if we really do. So there's always a large risk borrower and mobilizing animals. And kept their free ranging animals. Such as was there to sell a landscape. Can't move. Cover a lot of ground between the time that it would be. Dark it was you know that a mobilizing drug. And to the time it would lose consciousness and you know I would I would be afraid and scared and. It could literally take off on Beilein runs than anything potentially leather that would be a person or grow it it's gonna. Partly built through so. During treating Lovelace in a suburban area like to have such a large. Mammals such as the black bear. Would be very undesirable. But boy you believe that the bear could've survived its even with the injury and that's something I've heard from a lot of people over the last 24 hours that you know we're talking about a wild animal here you know they're built to survive. Sure they a lot of places amazingly. Resilient and I've seen many different species of always. You know. Become injured in twenty different ways and. You can tell that they they overcame those injuries because of the injuries were healed and. They were they are still sort of surviving in and didn't play well even in very good body condition and in black bears are on the top of that list as far as being. Survivors so. I would not be surprised at all if the bigger rooms able to recover from the injuries. Do you consider. What happened with the Vienna with despair the shooting of the fair is that considered euthanasia. You know lay. It is and who is in me happy again I'm not I would there's so. The I guess these videos of the Bay Area immediate head. Got himself into or even. Worst condition with the injury. It in the united then. Moving as well as they had been before and it says it again itself until a more dangerous area where became more about a director of Republican. Much less able to move around because of his injuries there and then yes and it really capacity. Our Ryan we appreciate the time it's a Ryan Rockefeller wildlife biologist with the state DEC joining us talking about the Amherst bear that's been traveling around the north towns. Over the last the three year weeks or so. Shot and killed by Amherst police yesterday Rockefeller says he believes the bear could've survived just fine with his injury Amherst police say. They believe it was a public safety issue. And this is a pretty big Newsweek there's a lot of stuff that we never even got into for example the Italian festivals going on this weekend. Shark tanks mr. wonderful Kevin O'Leary was in buffalo for FaceBook community boost event. Chucky cheese they had. Meeting with the Amherst town board on Monday to go over some of the security changes after the flights a couple months ago. Plenty of reaction to the Supreme Court pick you can see it all back. And more over at WBBM. Dot com that's it for this week's edition of 716 week in review. 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