716 Week in Review - August 2, 2018

This week we recap the tragic story of Conor Long, who died in a fall at Zoar Valley on Sunday. City of Lackawanna Police are investigating a drive-by shooting that resulted in a massive manhunt on Tuesday night. Plus, the National Comedy Center in Jamestown is open and Governor Cuomo takes the next step in the potential legalization of marijuana in New York. All that, and more, on this week's edition of 716 Week in Review. Follow Mike on Twitter @MikeBaggerman

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716 weaken review was recorded at 335. At the top and bottom of every hour on WB Ian. And WB yen dot com another edition of 716 week in review let's get into this week's shell. I. This week's episode of 716 week in review I'm your host Mike Ackerman and we break down this week's. Top news stories. In our podcasts and picture you help yourself please wait review and subscribe to this podcast on iTunes. Tell a friend tell you can't tell your parents tell your students so her coworkers tell everybody about this podcast. And make sure you follow us on Twitter work and news radio 930. You can also follow me on Twitter I'd. Mike Ackerman and we got new episodes reported every single Thursday you can subscribe to this podcast. You'll be able to hear first and another great way that you can support this podcast please download the radio dot com that it's. The new official home of WB yank you download that that you can listen to a sick anytime you want. All on the main content whether it's our on demand line wind interviews win. People from a new morning. Your bodily and now via saint ET. We hear all of those like downloading the radios dot com that so it's been. Another busy week here in western new York and you might notice first of all. That does podcasts sound quality is a little bit different. Normally when I record this shell on doing it from inside one of the studios and her com buffalo. Well actually I am just coming from the corn festival I wing did a story out there on Thursday afternoon. And I figured while rather than drive back up to Amber's I'm just gonna record this from my couch. So on that year giving you some of the top news stories of the week and it definitely was a busy one. There's been so many things we won't be able to get into every single little pebble go through. A lot of all of the top ones and we're gonna start first with a tragic story happening honors or value over the weekend. Or valley known as when the top hiking areas in Western New York the site of a terrible tragedy over the weekend. Rescuers were called on Sunday after reports that twenty year old Connor long fell between forty and seventy feet. He was hiking with some friends when the ball occurred in mercy flight was unable to help long because the weather conditions at the time of the fall. Connor died from that fallen we learn more about Conor over the course of the week and a conversation. With Hamburg school superintendent Michael Cornell. Here's bad news for you right now Michael Carnell is joining us on the phone Michael you find out the terrible news about Connor long over the weekend and I imagine. As. At Hamburg central schools you guys SP devastated. Yes that too poor to good work. Connor was. Just an amazing kid who touched a lot of lives. Wolf you know adults. And it is classmates. And many of those younger than him. He served as Taylor counselor in the Boston. Rec department served as a volunteer coach. After graduation and R&R running programs. And you know because here's Irish try to find. Ways to get back and help others he touched a lot of people wouldn't and you know news and his staff whose. Similarly touched a lot of people. You know you there's been a huge reaction from the Hamburg community about his death at this time to go fund me page for him it's raised well over 20000 dollars I mean Howell. I think I guess. Surprised are you to see this outpouring of support for. Not at all surprised. Column you know Conner had this they always had a smile on his case he had this in her light. They animated every team but he did so when he was involved in this company EE. True people closer. And you know it's not at all surprising that and capacity he also has pulled me close together and in other gulf gulf Sunday. Page views that they just a manifestation of unimportant XP to close together. I know obviously here we are in this school summer time but can you imagine. During the beginning of the school year in September they're still going to be a little bit of shock given that I'm sure some of the juniors and seniors at Hamburg now went to school with Connor. Yeah it I'm sure that there will be be shock I'm not sure that the you know use. And is passing rule will cast our shadow. Are sometime so. I would not be surprised if that students. Helped the fact. But his passing but I I think that while we you know more and involvement some might think that. What kind of remark is that we learn common to and I fully expect that you know our communities are we spent generous in giving him. And the service oriented and I think com. You know be their colleague can learn from his slice. Will be felt. Through you know more I'm giving up a part of community in this and more. You know more you know a renewed effort to continue to reach out and help others cadets are kind of result about so I think that would be learning. From his life wolf. Will be. That which perhaps we feel. As the school year begins and continues. Michael I know it's only been a few days but there are there any plans for Hamburg schools to hold a memorial service form is there any plans to had any sort of like scholarship or dedication to Connor. Well you know I. I think as students. Have some ideas. And as is our custom model isn't about it and not loosened. Continent carefully and see what they have in mind. You know there's also. In other than other than you know just kind of talking to the students here in the immediate. Morning Sunnis. I think bull. Lol. You know will spur of the whole wall. Nature and it would be and it's sitting way otter Connors light in memory. Here in the immediate and problem. Worry about the other stuff after had a chance to communicate more closely with congress parents. He hand. Those conversations take us. After capital for the time. Michael's or anything else that you want to mention not Connor. Yeah I think it's important that people know and I've served as another. Other interviews but I I think it's important to put pureed and he he he was shining example all that good people. He risk kind and generous and considerate. You know he was because I kids. And a person who was always looking for ways to help other people. There are there are people who help with the raft of other people who'll go look for ways to help but go look for ways to make a difference. And Connor and I had coffee a month ago. And he was talking about. He wanted to if you wanted to talk about the possible ways he could use. His professional life. To help other people. And that was part of this consideration. In terms of figuring out what he was gonna studies in Butler University crafting a of course the study. That would position him when he was done that to be able to make a difference in the lives of people professionally. So that's the kind of person he was hand. You know and enough. And a look at me society. Kind of was a breath of fresh air in the sense that he was always the about others not himself. At a community continue to mourn the loss of Connor throughout the rest of the week there's a vigil that was held for long on Wednesday night trying more than a thousand members in the Hamburg community. Media including us here at WB and we rant section and I'll sign of the vigil. Around the Hamburg light after requests from the family we were grinder expect that of course. And while normally a crowd of a thousand people you think how field whether it's for football gamer lacrosse or soccer match. Would mean excitement. On the vigil at least from where we were on the outside of it. A much different atmosphere payers somber peaceful crowd reflecting on a light that was cut far too short a funerals going to be held for a long on Friday. And on Thursday there is a week held for Connor. And against a tragic story happening over the weekend ads or valley. Ran take a break when we come back another incident this time in the south towns you might have noticed on Tuesday if you were at home or. Doing whatever outside there are a lot of heavily armored vehicles that were zooming up of southwestern boulevard heading towards the area of habit road. We've got the details about what happened after this this is 716 week in review. A new morning. Would Susan rose and Brian mess around scheme it's more than just headlines political strategist Michael Capuano is in studio where breaking down Jeff Sessions testimony Michael what's the impact I don't think this. Testimony from attorney general sessions is going to have an impact on the admin a new morning goes in death. Twice each hour and fifteen and 452. Of the free and London attackers have been identified one man. CNET TV documentary where he expressed his extremist views the attackers seen in video in the midst of their kids dancing fifteen and 45 empowered by the final no less. Because we know final part of a new morning. Weekday mornings until. Sooner you can you can hear the top stories that are happening only at the top and bottom of every hour on WB and this podcast mature you break. Review and subscribe to it on iTunes and download the radio dot com our next story. Concerns 81 incident a man hunt down in the south towns Tuesday night startling for a lot of residents in Hamburg after reports of several vehicles zipping by in helicopters only appearing late in the afternoon. There's an alert goes out by Hamburg police saying that law enforcement agencies were searching for two Hispanic males. And a couple of black men who were fleeing on foot. Around the lake avenue at that road and will that road areas. And eyewitness at the scene explained what he saw in a conversation with our Tim Winger James some Luis. Now what happened on actually mean my cousin or just eating at Applebee's and we drove out of the parking lot and we saw other helicopters and she's all. She always does like. Crime investigating like we just love that kind of stuff. And we drove around we saw all all the helicopters are flying super low and we actually. One around the block and there were so many cops there width. And rifles in my stuff like that and just their guns drawn and everything just all in like. The woods and we actually drove around here where we witness the swat team. Hahn had the dogs out and everything else like that it was it was absolutely like out of a movie. Bursts. So on in you know experiences did you know what you were looking forward and no I had no idea actually we just pulled in this parking lot and we saw their getaway car bomb. There early. How how far is that. Like. On 800 feet or something like that I don't know and today you know I somewhat or witness a toll now and then I was asking people here. Ahmanson what happened and I guess they didn't drive by earlier that day and lock wanna. And then after that they came through. Write off of Abbott wrote here I guess. And shot up like two or three more house's and now they're on the run. Still have no werder I have no idea what's going on now quiet. They just told their car and everything else. Can Carlos it was a Honda civic. And did they take the car. Yes they put it they loaded they actually they had to bring it told our odd tractor out to pull it. Because. It wasn't like to tow truck couldn't go back there. And so they actually had to. Have a tractor pull it to the tow truck where they loaded it up on the air in the tires were shot out windows were broken homes. So what happened was the the got out of the car your quick ran into the woods let the car. Yes yes it was I I didn't witnessed out but like I said there were helicopters and swat team everywhere it's like yours and has some non of them. One of the two vehicles found behind our lady of sacred heart church was taken by authorities the police. Never announce any arrests of the four individuals involved in the instinct Hamburg police actually suspended their search late Tuesday night telling residents. And there's no immediate danger. We learned later that the city of lack of one a police department who's now leading this investigation called it. And isolated domestic incident. The Foreman were apparently involved in a drive by shooting in the city of lack of one at the time that this podcast is being recorded they're in no arrests announced. Another major news story happening not too long before this podcast was being recorded net Governor Cuomo. Taking another step towards the legalization of marijuana in New York State. In the past Governor Cuomo has that marijuana is a gateway drug and recently he changed his stance on in fact it all started right after the buffalo billion convictions happened. Cuomo of course never accused of any wrongdoing in that investigation however. Maybe two draws some attention off of the convictions and self Cuomo announced that. While he's in support of marijuana. Legalization so he appointed a worker. Which will now begin to draft legislation about the legalization. Of recreational marijuana. The state legislature right now it's out of session for the rest of 2018 but this may be Sunday if the governor of wins the election in November. Marijuana could become legalized in New York State the work group. Is consisting of about twenty health professionals police experts public policy professionals several more people you can he be entirely over at WP EN dot com. There is a name from Western New York date you'll immediately recognized on the list it's our little rain Collins who's an associate dean for research at the university at buffalo. Well I mourn to this topic as the week progresses but this news breaking. Early Thursday afternoon renting another break in them when we return don't look at some of up on news stories of the week then national comedy centered thing. Decades in the making for this idea of Jamestown. And find out what the national community center is all about this is 716 week in revealed. It's Susan rose from WPM. Thank you for listening. Starting tomorrow he will no longer be able to hear any great shows on WB EN on tuning. Now the only place to listen to WBBM. Is radio dot com and go to radio dot com slash listen. Or download the radio dot com ever now to continue listening to this and many other great radio stations make the switch from tuna and until radio dot com today. Are you back here on 716 week in review our new podcast. Every single Thursday. Right after rightly for the I won't put up on the web obviously takes a little bit and. Sound bites and all that jazz club featuring great review for instance flying to this podcast on iTunes greatly help us out spread. Let's return here's what's the way into the southern tier this city. Jeans down. They're getting huge boost you know why because of funny nets that's right it's been years in the making. But now it's finally come to fruition and national common senator in Jamestown. Officially open for business it's up fifteen million dollar facility near tendency voters have yet. It's amazing it's an art museum dedicated to all the best ever in the world of comedy. I got a chance to go there earlier this week there's relics of Lucille Ball of course he's the most famous Jamestown resident. They're Rodney Dangerfield answer signs now are the banks from George Carlin as well. Get a chance to do a lot of stuff going here there I was told that you could spend days. And not see everything that it has qualified I would recommend heading down there. Earlier this week I spoke with journey to under and who's the executive director at the national comedies energy told me all about what it's like there. You'll definitely want check it out the first listen this interview would journey journey Wednesday as the big day for the national economy center here in Jamestown to ensure an exciting time for everyone here. It is. For myself it's been eight years in the making but for the community james' talents and decades in the making. And so we couldn't be happier with how it's all come together in advance of the celebration August 1 through the fifth. Not team's owners being really put on them. Happier because the national comedies but obviously the comedy roots here in Jamestown run well before this honor went steel ball. Yes it was at Jamestown native loose Obama who sent to the arts council in the late eighties. Don't just celebrate me John just put my stuff and glass cases. Maintains kind of destination. For the celebration of all comedy. And in a way that would educate and Foster and inspire. And that's what we set out to do and to hopefully you'll agree I think we've done. It I mean walking through here it's it's a wonderful place but obviously this didn't happen overnight and what are some of the steps that that's on the major steps that it took to get this into fruition the way it is. It was a lot of careful. And sent fast fundraising throughout. And then leveraging. Milestone moments. Into bigger opportunities. And also really designing and keeping the progress moving forward. Wild concurrently fundraising for the remaining capital budget so. We were building the plane is they're flying it and every time we had a new grant commitment. We've put it right into it can and it first the feasibility analysis in the steps really plant the feasibility analysis. The master planning the conceptual stages. The design phase that detailed design phase and then immediate production so it's been quite a journey. It's all come to fruition on Wednesday when people come here on Wednesday for the official opening can you describe for them because this is radio. Can you describe for them what it again seize the moment at times. Visitors are greeted with some of being. Most of varied in iconic welcomes an all time in comedy. And then they complete a sense of humor profile and that data is stored on their left and bracelet and a data chip. That they continues to. Personalize the rest of their experience so for example in the stand up exhibit. The exhibit reads the room just like any comedian needs to it takes into account the sense of humor of the people in space. There are more than fifty exhibits on all things comedy so there truly is something for everyone. And mixed right in would be cutting edge technology in activity in Immersion. We have. Artifacts so that visitors can stand in the presence of the DNA of some of the greatest comedians of all time. As I was walking into the spectrum here at the national comic center one of the comedians that. I saw just a small little display but important displayed because of how significant he was for the comedy community is George Carlin. I remember last year you guys it was like your first ceremony he talked about the importance of that getting the Carlin papers scarlet letters here. But specifically what George Carlin. How did you guys go getting all that amazing class. It's. We were connected to his daughter Kelly Carlin through one of the designers on the project. I flew out to Los Angeles and spent some time with her. Eventually to at her home I'm going through the archives with her. She spent time in Jamestown getting to know the people behind this project and that the plans for the face. And came to the conclusion after many people had not her father's. Was the right one in her eyes and she decided to donate the 25000. Peace archive two James Jones national Congress Center. And it's not just George Carlin that's being featured here who are some of the other major comedians that people listening Mike recognized. We have artifacts on display an archive material on display. From Rodney Dangerfield. Joan Rivers Andy Kaufman Jack Benny. Jerry sign cells. And Charlie chaplin's cane is on display we have papers and and ink on ghostbusters from Harold arraignments. I could go on and on Phyllis Diller The Marx Brothers it's really. You know we say from chaplain to Chappelle and everything in between. Wednesday and really this first week that you guys are all open here program a lot of comedians coming through here who can people expect to see. We're thrilled that Amy Schumer will be in town. Who will definitely you know in retrospect later go down as one of the most successful comedians of this area. And so it's very fitting that she is one of the headliners of the national comedy centered grand opening. Also with the legendary Lily Tomlin. And the legendary original cast members and a writer from Saturday Night Live one of the few entertainment institutions to endure more than forty years. I'm American consciousness and so did an actress Lorraine knew in an downside though will be here's part of that. Looser and as the daughter of Lucille bondage and has been an incredible entertainer. Will also be presenting a show here in town during the grand opening. This is going to be really busy I can only imagine these first. Few months maybe first year but after that first year how do you guys continue to. Get people to come here as if they come here once they're gonna want another reason to come again what's the long term. Sheriff so the feasibility analysis that preceded any design work on this facility. Told us that for sustainability. It was imperative to design with repeat visitation in mind so whether it's a local or tourists. Everyone who comes to the Comedy Central needs to leave feeling like they could come back and wanna come back a second or third time. And all of the feedback we've gotten from our beta testing phase. Verifies that we've done just that there's so much here you could spend days at the national Comedy Central and not see everything. Could we expect to see similar to what's in Coopers. Kind of comedians Hala. Here. Time sure so the original concept did was described as a hall of fame and that concept evolved mainly from conversations with. The comedy community itself. In that our approach is more that of an art museum. So you go to the net and you're seeing the greatest bodies of work and the accent is less on the syllable of measure levels of success for celebrity and more on the very in various contributions to the craft and so that's been our approach and at every turn comedians artist. Members of the comedy community have. Told us that they appreciate that that approach vs Paula and actually. So I mean I'm I'm just going top mine awareness you know over the weekend in Cooperstown the Baseball Hall of Fame pictures thousands of people from. You know baseball players that. Being inducted into the hall of fame. That's not be immediately here's more focus on the arts and. Backs that are here just not sure. Certainly would be. With the approach of an art museum vs hall of fame we forego the fanfare that comes with an annual induction. But our approach will be to have weekends where one can celebrate for example. The relationship between comedy in the First Amendment and learn about Lenny Bruce or we may have made. Celebration of slapstick week where people are enjoying and and reviewing the work. Of The Three Stooges and so that's our approach we will still have major event weekends that are fanatic. It. Sort of like you see the summer of The Rolling Stones as a rock and roll hall came. We will have annual celebration of particular artists are bodies of work. Cars and comedians performing maintenance here. Yes. Well I can't say that most of the shows that happened during the grand opening celebration on mistresses says he plays in venues that are stone's throw. From the Comedy Central museum. And so we use more than eleven different venues downtown bringing more than twenty comedians town. Just stand to showcase featuring Lewis Black heart kind of volatility cloud now Judy gold Tom potter and Maher. And any of late night comedy in the Tropicana room above the Lucy Desi museum. We're here where we sit right now this is an exhibit of comedy karaoke where anyone can feel the rush for what it's like to make others laugh. And again long term thinking no I think comedians going to be coming here into the neighboring stones hurled. Areas like you were talking dollar is that kind of the long term plan also to have comedians. Not every day coming here aren't regular. Yes yes I think one of those things that will happen summer organically. And certainly driven by the national comedy center but also other entities in town is just an increase of live comedy entertainment. For visitors each week. Or. During the grand opening week the national comedy centers admissions are between the hours of 9 AM and 7 PM so that no one feels that their experience is too crowded. You staggered admissions if you're listening to this thinking of what the crowds in ways. If you want any part of history and enjoy that first grand opening celebration week. The staggered admission insurers that you're going to have an amazing experience that's not to credit. And then following the grand opening will return to year round hours of I 10 AM to 5 PM seven days. There. And national comedy centers dot or. You heard me ask the question about Cooperstown and that was intended to be and knock against the national company and I want to get a perspective of what you were going to do in the future. And remember just so happens that the last weekend. There was the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony so I want to see if that's something that gene on one to consider in the future. In the Tony menace that I walked around their though it's definitely something you'll want to check out you can get lost looking at all the things in there. Amazing stuff I happen day here Louis in her. Talking about Bob Hope and his impact on the USO shows. Highly recommend it. National commie senator in Jamestown. Definitely worth the trip. That's it for this week's show there's a lot of stories that we weren't able to get into this week just because some time constraints but I'll give them a quick mention there was another nursing home in San this time. Young TLC daycare force by New York City to surrender its license after reports. A corporal punishment against a two year old. Anger airline to it this week but that's because we're doing a whole morning about it on Friday. You'll want to hear all of that stuff you can hear on a new morning from 5 AM until nine yen and if you missed any of Brian in Susan's one point interviews technology in the on demand section at WB EN dot com. You know I'm a huge baseball fan. Vlad Guerrero junior baseball's top prospect. He's in the Toronto blue Jay's system. He just got called up to the triple A level and triple A Toronto Blue Jays that means he in buffalo playing for the by reasons for the next several weeks. Is he going to be one of those guys that it's the September call which we usually seen with some of these top prospect. That remains to be seen American dive into the weeds all that but if you get a chance. You'll want to head out to Coca-Cola field to you what why Guerrero juniors all while and oh by the way. His dad just got inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame over the weekend so. Check that out. And couple other big topics that we dove into this week coexisting waited two types of bees the first. Bayer's gay member of that public meeting earlier this week local leaders meet with members of the Amherst community. Talk about how we can learn to live in conjunction with the bears after the controversy last month. Over the killing of the in Amherst bear. Our Matt Moran spoke in depth with community members concerned about bears in their neighborhood plus the other being that I was talking about. Bicycling the relationship between bikes and drivers in the city of buffalo. Low roll buffalo joint WB yen in studio for a long conversation about the topic. We just talked with city engineer Mike and about it here all that on demanded WB EN dot com. We also delve deep into the idea of 3-D printing guns after New York City joining a long again. 380 printing guns a lot of controversy about that and also the buff. We'll bills we aren't going away. From them posed pre season match up. Buffalo Bills back in action net new airfield but that's it for this week's edition. A 716 we can you make sure you follow us on Twitter at news radeon 930. And you can follow me on Twitter on had my back and tell your friends coworkers family dogs cats about this podcast rate review and subscribe to a. You can always get hurt by downloading the radio dot com. We'll have a new. Recapping our top news stories have we can't always send your tips over to newsroom at W beaten. And dot com. Host Mike Benjamin. It's next Thursday.