716 Week in Review - August 16, 2018

More fallout for Congressman Chris Collins as he announces the suspension of his 2018 re-election campaign. Everyone goes "All In" for NY-27...but can it be legally done? Everything is covered in this week's edition of 716 Week in Review. Follow Mike on Twitter @MikeBaggerman

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The radio dot com that it's in new ways that you can followed WVU and download it wherever you get your podcasts from subscribe to WP you know or sister stations and oral turns off most are 12 point five. Yes please do it the radio dot com. So it's been another big week in Western New York news in my. Just get right into it you heard last week the indictment of congressman Chris Collins on insider trading. And also for lying to the FBI we covered it extensively in fact I was the only topic that we did. At the last episode we'll we've had new developments within the last week and it affected started just two days after we recorded our last podcast. Congressman Chris Collins initially saying he was going to remain in the November race. Well Saturday he suspended his reelection campaign for immediate reaction we contacted Carlo calabrese a GOP political strategist. Well I had mixed reactions surprised that. I'm not surprised there are surprised because I I know Chris Collins and while. You're. A fighter views on paternity yours don't use. And literature was a participant. Some of that defector he would not suspends campaign sprite and I'm not surprised because I think what occurred after the initial shock. Of the indictment. And then Lott Republican leaders. Began to talk amongst themselves and they expressed concerns and I think is that still. Became more and more concern on the part political leaders in the district that. What should be a very very wonderful seat Maine peak. And I think all of those discussions were occurring furiously over the last couple of days. That was two cars making this decision to. We are only about three months from the mid term elections of any idea how the GOP leadership is going to go bow. Selecting who's going to be on the. Are to be out by Cuba because reputable shipped to research and what weapons are we in any candidate. Endorsed candidate. Suspends her campaign importance to. Find another candidate rights are accurate or else it sit get them up to speed on that I noticed. I'm a bit and you. File petitions and circulate petitions started when dale archer comes to the orange sign him. I'm a petition in addition to Kim and me. Are you on six there have been other people's names called committee to fill vacancies. And under state law if they. They think he concludes by certain peak in the political order that that committee so it can pick a candidate you don't appear. A party convention or primary while they have the power you know what I need to its readers. You know with several circumstances. I at this time in the political calendar. Triggered get committee to fill vacancies. So that rule I don't know yet and a computer that today. I know this news is just breaking and you know there is an indictment against the congressman right now but. Politically speaking is his career over. What if he doesn't run for congress and the tool for now if you were to suspend his campaign. On. And be acquitted on that one out in the future there in the Q and conquer some sort on them. So what's a given day in court put forward now suspend his campaign Huckabee unity it's over now. So it's over for now so he just in particular for his name not be on the ballot on the rights of questions who's going to be the next person to start. I'm not clear on our art. I believe their case I believe. There's a certain date in September. Yet even if you got stalled. Now the question becomes. Suspend. Its withdrawal would as a mechanism procedures for replacing Burnett and I don't want parents to that. Could go into the legal aspect the Democrats were quick to pounce on. Collins news Germany's owners speaking with me Saturday morning saying that he should resign. Well I think it's very disingenuous. Congressman he needs to resign. And of this district can move forward there's already a cloud over this New York 27 process and he is just showing his raw sheer arrogance. By by saying that he can. Suspend his campaign yet still serve our community in congress and that's absolutely ludicrous so I think what Chris Collins needs to do is resign. Confessed his guilt and move on so this community can move on. Because right now it's just more of a shame on this community we've been an international. Sheen right now we've got from all the way from Australia it's to New York City just to California. You know Western New York has taken a lump on the chin because of Chris Collins is this replacement process work into my understanding that technically right now human talking. He's still on now well I really don't wanna get into that. I mean I I I. The commissioner of the board of elections here in Erie county with this the most likely happening in Albany at the state board but right now I'm not prepared to talk that. Can you then talk a little bit about the other side's response they're saying it's going to be completely up to congressman Collins whether he should resign but. The Republicans are saying one thing Democrats think you need to. Well of course they are because they wanted to control this process because the Erie county Republicans care about power. And they wanna handpicked. The next person to be in congress they could care less about our community. They could care less about the people the 27 district. All they care about is making sure that back phillips' hand picked person matters if if there can be back though and that's the real tragedy here it is. It's brought shame to our community this whole process and today Chris Collins doubled down on his arrogance. And and tries to talk out of both sides of his mouth by thing I can no longer running campaign. But I can serve this community as your congressman won it I've been arrested. And I'm under arrest. And to mean that is shameful it is his press conference the other day when two days ago that news gonna fight visa run for reelection. Obviously something happened between them and. Your county comptroller stuff on my hi Lou as and made a public announcement he's got a Stephon for congress type of email out there he's signaled his intent to run for congress measuring. Well I think he's obviously a political opportunist who should be focused on the residents of this colony that he just duped into what re electing him. Obvious no. Skills to represent us and Kyle and congress he has no background are represented in congress. As I said I don't know how he expects to run for congress because right now Chris counts is on the ballot and running for congress. Com but again here's a guy who was embattled last week. For taking. The most money from a top polluter who's who's literally choking our community and now he's now the Republicans put him up. Wanna put him in. Back room deal and put him in new congressional seat I just don't you know back across. I know you've had to render or small couple times before this count indictment came out and light when he seven was solid red. District now it's still likely to be right homeless and home health plan does it. Well it's I I guess that was a lot of people's opinion but we saw candidate in the McMurray who represents a conservative. Community. Right now he was elected by a conservative community and so we chose him because we thought he most represented the values of the 27 district. He is not somebody who wants to come take people's gardens he believes in the Second Amendment. He has moved around the 27 district. And you know 68 months ago talking to anybody that he could. And he's got a great response so the confidence in the people in Washington who say you know seats are red to blue this one isn't gonna go anywhere they have their own thoughts. We have believed in me from day one we've always been there form. Com national people have thought what they want now they're taking more attention so they will be involved in this and you have that can he win without the support from state Democrats national and I think he has support from state national. And can afford island Cuomo said that he'd rather hope. Well that's your opinion. He's I well the governor did say that he thought kiss local would be about a candidate. And that is what it is but the point is that need McMurray is running he has the support of every Democrat I know including the state committee Kathy Oakland torched him two days ago. Everyone's with him and we're gonna move forward here there's a clear choice innate McMurray for the seat. There's been one person on our side of the ballot who was wanted to represent this district from day one. Now we have this charade this dark cloud over this process. The Republicans. Continuing to spit in the eyes of the people in this community by. You know shaming us with Chris Collins and you know trying to hand picked somebody to jump into this race at this late date. Com we'll see that it's. Last I checked out for McMurray he's been branded as far left candidate. How does he convince the people who are Collins supporters that they should vote for partly. Well she's been branded by who by his opponent by the Republicans who as I said could care less about the 27 district they just wanna hand picked someone. To be there to go to Washington and and and represented their party. I think Meeks made a pretty good case to people out in the rural communities that he is the right cutter present cost of. Saturday all the son became the race for people to announce that they were all in a total of about fifteen different Republicans in Western New York. Announced that they be willing to step in to fill that spot on the congressional ballot which. You can't fault them for wanting to advance their political career but you throw some names into the next. You can draw to stuff the Obama ran off the bat he Carl Paladino. Stephon my Hai Lu who Ari had an email scripts saying it was Stephon for congress he and that all sets ago. He got those two are also Lynn Dix in Erie county legislator at wrath several states senators including Michael Rains and offer. Patrick Galvin Chris Jacobs mail through their names into the mix. And somebody that we spoke with on Saturday David Bell VW BE and show host who's been railing against congressman Chris Collins. Ever since the Wednesday indictment came out here he is speaking with the financial guys. Then there really tough spot. For Chris Collins. And the core of this. Whether or not you look at the charges the indictment. There is no doubt whatsoever that the southern district of New York. Took their sweet time. Stick to go after Chris Collins yes there are definitely. Individuals involved in this decision making that wanted the Republican Party in New York 27 and the national party to be in this position right now. No doubt this has been going on for a year in the world we're looking at articles literally from over a year ago in this who has done what this went down and they just happened to do it right before elections is look at it before elections. Barn door the immediately be closed and and they can get an indictment and all these different there's no doubt whatsoever that this could have been done. For five months ago so let's just you know what's called an appeal from the room the but the other piece of this is that this is self inflicted. And it comes in the district that suffered. Two. Horrible. Embarrassments. And warn that I would say mismanaged candidate who could have been a real rock star in the Republican Party Jane Corwin. Again there were so many different pieces to got in the way of people knowing who the real Jane Corwin. And that unfortunately. Led ticket he local. So wedded to this decision is gonna come out every one of them others go to other pandering. I really odd that this is a very. Good opportunity. To keep the Republicans see red. But here's what it comes do you still have I got out of Grand Island who's working his tail off. As if this was a five month race. That's what the race where you had you know other spring and a winner to get involved. Pretty much like we had last time around when I had a primary gets good talents. You condemn police say hey you know you have enough time to get out there and Ontario county meet all these folks. But a lot of people that are interested in this that our State's senators well I don't know if you checked out the that the spread in this. State senate purpose for Republicans in New York State. We can't hemorrhage a state senator mean I mean who what are we gonna and we it was lying to give up the states senate seats so that we can. Maintain what should be. You know a comfortable. I hold. The Chris Collins is is. You know it appears that. She's suspending his campaign. You can read into the subtext of what that means the legalese but. Although packet and reach an elected official already dead and also there's a lot of decision but they're not the candidates deficient all we can do. If draw had to rate help and were interested in court it would go up there Ehrlich. But he we need to find a spot for him first I mean that's the problem if he if he's on the ballot as a Republican candidate we've got to find something else he can run floor. Our crisis that we the Republican Party does or else nobody else can get into that spot right. I guess it's driven New York 27. I don't know how many times. I can tell you the exit to get to do and bill for India to get you know hamper all the way to the other side of Victor. This district is enormous 58 counties there expect them Monroe County in this district at what seems to leave out Monroe County because there's only two counts. But you have half of Ontario. You've got to I Genesee Livingston Orleans Wyoming. Reid of course Niagara and will count. This is one of the largest districts in the entire state. And it is very eclectic district you have tremendous amount of dairy farmers she's got crop farmers you have. You know affluent people you have poor people. As you know Heidi you also have Democrats you can't look at the things that work you know whoever this candidate ends up being. It's going to be something where you have to hit the ground would name recognition. You have to knock on the door and you don't have time energy issues self knocked on the door hopefully they remember you from. You know four years ago six. But it's gonna take work it's not gonna take mailers it's not gonna take. You know the culture and stuff is always funny people that believe he campaign. Make more out there but often called every single day trying to sell his message. And I believe that of all the folks out there I think there's one guy. That they've got something to do it an edge in just looking in my inbox the good deep trouble they wanted to do do it I think partly as a model. Scared the heck out of the I'm still here and and I pomegranate. Full disclosure of one of the first people that we contacted after the news that congressman Collin suspended his reelection campaign was his democratic opponent Nathan Mick Murray. McMurray also called for the resignation of congressman Chris Collins in go to our web story when it first came out from Saturday to hear that initial reaction. But we want to give you the whole length interview that he had on Sunday. With Kevin Harvick who has that Sunday morning talk shows to politics not talk so hard line with hard wake you could hear every Sunday from 10 AM until noon. Here's their extensive interview Kevin Harley also. Western New York reporters Ryan Whalen and Dave graver speaking with Democrat Nathan McMurray. My phone just kept ringing and ringing rang and I try to ignore it because if I don't I can't get through the jag. And I finally looks considerably calendar and go back home quick. So I ran back the house. And from there really was five days of not sleeping and pretty much moving moving moving. Who was calling you was it people from I godly people from Washington we're calling you and people I mean winds and fundraisers for you. Two when no is like that was mostly just friends and family saying did you see the news did you see what's happening. Just you know texts from well wishers and people that were excited about that moment. Bill there's a big event like this in and you're headed you know your your major campaign and you had about a big campaign staff I'm sure there wouldn't people scheduling things and making calls. And in ten minutes you'd be here and claim that you be there. Beer that you didn't have much of a campaign staffs and had to be a little bit like where to like go what do I do now I mean I know it's a big day but. What do I do. Well this district is huge estate counties it's a giant huge area and you're right and from the get go we've done it grassroots bottom up. And you know we've done it through my car and my cellphone and me just trying to get to meet people so we didn't have that huge infrastructure alliance. So we didn't have to scramble but I do trust my guys my guys are well intentioned they're not that experience. I've referred to us is that bad news bears of politics before but we got together we we work to balance of how we get approached this land. The money our money fast forward to yesterday again another bombshell Collins announces that he suspending his campaign. Now in his statement. Announcing the suspension of campaign. He references. The democrats' desire to impeach trump. And that we don't need a nine a year you know two elected impeached trump. Democrat he mentions Nancy Pelosi and becoming speaker again. Obviously he's he's trying to get that you by inference do you want to dispel any of these notions of he's trying to plan out there by saying. You know I'm not out to impeach trumpet and I will level for Nancy Pelosi. Well I've said multiple times a month over Nancy Pelosi. My first campaign video which I made with my own. Cellphone was with a Rus Thompson where we took a shot at Nancy Pelosi. And I got a lot of negative feedback from the political establishment for the democratic hopefuls that option. But the reason why did as I believe they have not let us where we need to go I think that Democratic Party needs new leadership. I think the country needs leadership from both sides I think you concede corruption here in Western New York. Beyond that if people like him around like mister Collins wants the fame means a way. I could see strongly that I'm no radical I got prime more private sector experience my pinky than just about anybody who wants to run against me. Gave graver from channel four has a question coordinate McMurray you know I'm curious a lot of campaigning especially as we approach Election Day is kind of responding and reacting to what your opponent is saying or doing or something like that. How difficult do you think it's going to be because for at least the next couple of weeks until a candidate is named. Your kind of campaigning only for yourself which could be an advantage in in some respects but. How do you go out and campaign when you don't know who you're campaigning against at. At least in the sport well I'm excited about that because my mess is that gonna change no matter who they threw me my message is consistent it's not personal. It's an emotional. It's about jobs jobs jobs middle class middle class middle class I market changed my message I don't use I don't use focus groups and he's pulling. Comes from my heart. That drives a lot of people crazy but I got to fight for what I believe in my compass is the same come it's always been. What policies will help the working people Western New York a college we'll help families like mine. Ryan Whalen from Specter news capitol tonight program has a question for Nate McMurray. Mean I have heard the Nancy Pelosi stuff before from you but I did you do wanna follow up on the second part of Kevin's question there because I'm interested in hearing your response a lot of people assume if Democrats take back the house. That it's just a matter of time until impeachment hearings come up for Donald Trump. Is that something that you would support would you expect to go in and and start that process for president if you come into a majority. There's a lot I don't like about Donald Trump I think he has done some things that hurt our country I think these terrorists are hurt our farmers here in Western New York. And I am concerned about his behavior overseas and concerned about him talent up with a Kim Jung and of all people. I think too I think it was disgraceful. The best at that being said if my priority is not Donald Trump. How am not worried about and I understand why a lot of people voted for and they voted for a because he had the right message the message was. People in America have forgotten now have his policies help those people doesn't look like if you look at the facts if you look at the numbers we deal with reality and someone who deals with reality. You know whether it's he if you got to fix a tire on your car fixed or refine your house yet to deal with certain realities of the reality is right now working people in America are still struggling. Despite a booming economy so where's the money going so impeaching Donald Trump is not I might top priority list. Well currently an eight year running against Chris don't be suspended his campaign still on the ballot. I think I told a graver the other night endings. Four that. It's almost impossible to get him off at this point line. Because he's not a lawyer any Cameron for some Supreme Court seat. Turns out it may not be almost impossible. There a couple of scenarios out there one of them is that eight. If someone resigns. Their elected seat as some time between now and September 19. Debt position via the dog catcher in Batavia or whatever will be on the ballot and if it comes as qualified to run for and to establish residency can slide in there. And then they can replace him on the yen on the bill. The other thing people are talking about some people say he could move to Florida or DC or someplace like that. That's a little bit iffy the election laws not entirely clear on that but that's another scenario people mention. The last time that that happened that we can remember around here I think was in 2008. When John powers was a Democrat candidate he lost Ellis crises in in the primary. But he was on the working families line and they try to get him off by moving him to someplace. And the Republicans sued trying to keep him on the ballot. And I guess my question UN this amazingly strange question but what everybody calling for Collins to resign in everything light and I just suspend his campaign. You think it did it if he moved to Florida and tried to get off the ballot. The Democrats. And yourself included would sue to keep them on the ballot. I'm I'm I'm monsoon anybody I'll say this. Where were they all week ago. When you're hammer and me for check in on this guy's record for challenging his record. All the stuff about mr. Collins was in the public record. We've had numerous hearings numerous documents that there was evidence piling up for over a year about what he had done. Yet they endorsed him yet they celebrate him. No one challenged in the primary. And now this is bait and switch things are gonna reach deep into the bag of tricks there's reasons why we have these laws so people understand and can hold. Not only candidates accountable but the system that supports those candidates accountable. So subtly they wanna say what forget all that we never you know we wanna reset we want mall again all the stuff that we set about how great mister Collins was a week ago. Please don't pay attention to that in fact I heard one these party bosses either they said it electing me would be a crime. I think that's pretty ironic who they and considering who they endorsed me. So I mean I don't know what they're gonna do that's not up to me to decide on the stay out of them withstand my message is my matches is consistent job through Western New York infrastructure Western Europe middle class. They graver from channel four has a question. Part of your adjustment. Should you come out ahead in November is going to be trying to figure out how to go from local politics. To the biggest political stage pretty much in the world right so how do you think you're gonna be able to make that. Transition and and then what do you say it's it suits people who are critical views saying listen. We have a three term congressman who. Who despite being or. Despite the fact that he was indicted if he were to win you're talking about decades of experience. You don't have that how we make an adjustment what he say to critics say in on experienced enough. Well there's definitely a learning term politics when I first got on politics I was. More prone to to be hurt you're hurt or hit my feelings hurt her take things personally I've I've I've grown a bit. But the same time I mean that's like the pressure is nothing where the pressure I had my pastor was like. Twenty mine for drug buy groceries but I get my car fixed I mean that's the kind of life I have for a long time that's real stress. And if you look at my experience. But tons of experience I mean I think private sector experience and some of the biggest corporations in the world. And the vice president and one of the biggest corporations locally right created jobs here locally and fought for some of our greatest. Local establishments and local franchises. I believe in America and I believe that the experience I had worked in the private sector will help me greatly going forward. Ryan Whalen of Specter news has a question innate I'm gonna try to get a two for him here because you want to be interest in knowing who you would. Rather run against an indicted Chris Collins or generic Republican. And the second part of that question being between last night. Every time I talk to somebody different we hear different things about whether they can get Chris Allen's off of this ballot I'd I'd the interest in knowing what you expect because. From my standpoint. I just don't think that the Erie county Republican committee. Would have gone forward Orkut the Chris Allen's campaign would've gone forward with suspending his campaign if the committee didn't truly believe that they could get him off the ballot. Well I the first question was 21 among developers like this do you I indicted discount of about his generic Republican and. Well I think in incumbent is always powerful I mean it's look back two days ago or just three days ago they were saying despite his indictment. There's still saying he's gonna win. I think I sit in the online I bet you twenty bucks but Murray loses anyway. They were proud of scramble and they didn't know what to do they are still celebrating this guy. So I would rather go against someone who's new rather than the incumbent who has an infrastructure with his staff. Who is our how many millions and millions of dollars this man has. But that's very difficult to be 98 from the get go but I knew it was the right fight to have because the system is corrupting the system that prop this man up was corrupt. Going for with who you might want him off the ballot I want him going on period. I think the era. That he represents of corruption in western new York and he's his system of cronies and these. Inside deals needs to end and the political leaders who talk you. Who said believe him. Trust me we have your back we're of the same party trust me trust us that this is the right person to represent Western New York despite all they knew. They knew who this guy we all knew. And yet they asked us to close our eyes do you trust that system again this system is who is twice now. Had representatives from this region have to resign and stepped down in in dishonor. Do you trust that system I certainly know it. You know I wanna do I wanna turn to some issues now you're on as you mentioned. Couple months ago. But at that time I don't think anybody really care curt. They show I was just coming back to the show and and many your answers and sure as many people were not listening then there's they're listening now. First one I wanna get to you know I said it was a move pogo phone calls I see that one of our callers has one of the questions whether hot button issues. So we'll go to Patrick Patrick in Hamburg Patrick welcome to the program. Thank you wanna know right from the horse's mouth before I get inundated here hampered with all kinds of mail saying there's no bigger sisters that your great. How do you feel about guns. The Second Amendment do you have any military experience. In general what are your feelings about the Second Amendment. Patrick thank you for their question I'm gonna drop viewing you to listen on air. I support the Second Amendment strongly. I think remember who I am I'm not some radical person. I'm a guy was an eagle scout who grew up right here going to scout camp. It shall coffee scout even and be around people who are engaged in hunting and fishing and and sports of all types. My entire life there are some my best friends and Grand Island where we have to gun ranges. We've begun range and I'm ransom wrote and we look operationally and I leave between like even in ransom wrote I visited both coming as multiple times. There's video of me on line of defense soaring Grand Island which is a self defense training institute I even did a little op Ed commercial for those folks and they're good people. How to feel but the military support the military never served in the active duty it was a briefly an intern at the end with the military with a jag corps. While I was in law school. I have the utmost respect for those the men and women who help protect our country. I think there's service has been taken advantage of I think we have has too much for adventures that put our children at risk our young people at risk and we stick our fortunes. Do you do understand we spent four million dollars power in Afghanistan. For seventeen years. Can anyone tell me what that's old now and what the mission is what the goal is we need to ask tough questions about where this money's going. How we're spending this money but accurate to a question I fully support Second Amendment the same time we have to figure out ways to make your schools safer to make sure that criminals have access these guns. And that's that'll work to do I put I put as thorough as in our school in Grand Island unite. You you know I'm sure we focused on that when we talked earlier but I can't for the life of me remember exactly what your response was. Look let me follow up to Patrick's question ask you do you think that there are other gun control measures. Necessary now that are not currently in place yet who we are under you know within the confines of the Second Amendment. So you have to worry about that the law of unintended consequences. He might be fixing one problem creating a whole new set of problems. I certainly Peco the Second Amendment. Is a check on tyranny and entered anybody's sense. The check on tearing it not just the tyranny of some crazy conspiracy of black helicopters the theory of the bullying your neighborhood. So we do it takes steps we have to think the steps out more of the mistakes that Governor Cuomo made it the force that's safe to act on our throats. He it was done and I ham fisted way. That did betray the trust of many people in New York State. So we need to figure if we're gonna do anything the maker schools safer wouldn't be Smart about it but we can't do is do nothing and just do whatever their asses today. We have to balance the interest of the same time the number one priority is protect the Second Amendment. The big. Tragedy and all this is it that MS drug trial actually failed. I know people with MS diamond and next door neighbor with the MS. She struggles when that she's actually think are doing okay right now. My wife has rheumatoid arthritis and it's it's it's crippling it's it's terrible I've seen what's happened never. She was done Hume Mara she's notes switch this past week she and he got on another drug because. He Merrill wasn't the miracle that that we had hoped it was. But you Miro was very expensive I mean we we spent in the course of last year so. Thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars we haven't spent that we had to get 25 dollar co pay a month. But her insurance company is it's it's very very expensive. You know Chris Collins and company were invested in that. Drug hoping that it would pay off. Had it paid off they would've made an obscene amount of money. Instead they lost. The investors. Whoever they were lost an obscene amount of money. I don't have an answer to this question one I've wrestled would maybe if I had an answer I'd be running for congress but I mean there's there's there's a problem there. That I mean you want to give the drug companies these benefits because without them they won't find the cure for MS or rheumatoid arthritis or anything else. But the same time once they find it they've got you edit it just it's a victim larger and larger portion of our GDP every year and it's bankrupting all of us. Do you have any general thoughts on where we should go with healthcare and specifically prescription drugs in our country. Well for a more dangerous more I think you said. I don't think there's ever. The motivation for these people was actually find cures for disease well we will go to question him but the point is the the argument is for allowing them to make obscene profits if you don't let him do that they won't take the risks and you'll have. Croshere for won't have miracle just accounts for I I don't know what we don't know yet what it will be on that if you is that general principle about how these companies are gouging us. They have a monopoly. They're granted illegal monopoly over these drugs that's what it comes down. Now the we thought about the free market the free market doesn't exist and is just out there the free markers made up of rules that we create. And those rules that keep in these folks a monopoly but if you don't give them their monopoly they're not gonna find the cure for fill in the blank but look at the history of that monopoly. If they use lobbyists and that that the powers they have good the best lawyers in the world. To extend these patents continually beyond what the founding fathers ever wanted when he first created talked about patents and in in the early days of our country. So they're gouging us they're using their political power to gouge us and extend their rights are the property right now you're right you have to have an incentive. But when the when the incentive in there's always a balance in government. When the balance coast the point where people can not survive. On pills that are costing parents pennies to cents to make the cost Hodges is a thought or even thousands of dollars Dubai. You have to start a look at this is how can we leverage the power of the people to make these things cheaper. Good let's move on a graver questions you know especially at the beginning your campaign you kind of were out there on your own campaigning by yourself small staff. I don't wanna see loner is I think that goes a little bit too far but certainly you were doing this by yourself with not a lot of support lot of detractors so on and so forth. I am I'm assuming that has changed now there's a lot more momentum not even withstanding last week's crazy developments. What is your relationship now like with the state in and Cuomo and in local and all those books for so wanna shout out. The guys who with me when no one else believed to me those are good young men and women and they went to meet with events and they knew that both sides of the aisle work with us because we didn't have the money we worked. We weren't made men neither party it worked her way up and kissed rings. We are outsiders and I and I am appreciative of those people they're gonna stay with it and that's. It beyond that it Governor Cuomo. Is there is they're let me ask is is there any politician or any person in your status up the governor more that I have and a think about it. Think about the forms iPad where you know I have gone toe to toe. I don't out anybody including him or any of these party heads. Now do he and I share some of the same values yes but if he thinks he's gonna intimidate me anyway he's never going to you now if I can find ways to work together with him. When other people and we it's sometimes the enemy here your enemy is your friend and we can work together so be it but on the new examine that I'm not I'm not gonna go out and. Does that make it more challenging for you because it you do have that perspective that approach to say listen. We may share the same values but I don't need yup I'm gonna do this thing Amaya does that make you more challenging. It absolutely does not penalized if I just played by the rules and say unless they were the Communists and do what they want me to do. This would have been maybe easier from the get go but I can't change who I am in my heart. And you know I need that same thing you when I took a shot and it blows your early on. That pretty much Mimi radioactive some of these people. But I got to speak my mind and I think that's the best I think we we look at individuals rather than teens are parties and this isn't the bills vs patriots here. This is our country. And we need to work together from both sides to help figure out these problems I need to look at people as they are and not look at their position. Or the or. Specter present just for the record bill vs patriots you put them under bill senator belong Brian Doyle has a question from Specter knew that I've heard you say something to the extent. I'll take whatever help I can get multiple times since this has happened but I I. Openly questioned whether you would actually want an endorsement from Governor Cuomo in this district because. And that's several people if you poll tomorrow. Who's more popular in your point seven district Chris Collins or Andrew Cuomo. I still think Chris Collins comes out ahead. Would you take an endorsement from the governor at this point is you have this ready made thing where. He didn't want you right so anybody that tries to say you're Cuomo a Democrat you can buy it back but if he gets involved in this campaign you don't have that. Well we're we're in talks right now and I. I want to see what he can bring this table and I can bring this table. I wanna winds I can rivers in Western New York but again. If he says that means I getting you know suddenly become a Cuomo man into everything he wants me to do I'm not gonna accept an endorsement. I. Again I'm on a move onto another issue and I see one of our callers once this question the same issues on gonna go to Mary Mary welcome to the program. Yes I would like to know what your feelings are on abortion. Thank you for that question Harry. Primary thank you for having the question. Well I believe it's a very difficult issue but I believe in reproductive rights and protecting reproductive rights and the rights for women to do with their. They're doctors team figured out the best solutions for them in the family. It's a tragedy and sometimes this happens and it's always heartbreak for the people involved. I don't have any personal experience with it all. And my family's very religious and family did you know it's so much families area. The village we attend Catholic mass every single week and they may have different views on it. But I think we need to find we need to understand first of all it's abortion in some former there's going to be with us always whether it's illegal or not we know that from the history of the world. If you look at every country has ever tried to ban abortion sometimes the results again the unintended consequences are horrifying. We need to find solutions that are based. On the medical science and based on the the best and the brightest in the end of the ethical world and our country today. In not a random decisions for Portland's. Let let let's sneak in another question before the break let me ask you a quick question about immigration. Eric every few months the president in the Agassi's doing right now threatens to shut down the government if he doesn't get his money for the wall. You've got the Stanley separation thing out there which is turned into a nightmare. What are your general thoughts on immigration how would you differ let's say from your predecessor there if you get elected Chris Allen. Well I think it's a it's a wave to divide us because so many people this country are hurting and they think about people from other countries coming here and taking from them they don't have a lot I think that scares people and rightfully so. I've been asked numerous numerous times of I would support the of abolition of mice. I said no I have friends of mine people who work on the local. And local fire department and people who work in off close to me where work for rights and if there's something ice is doing that's wrong. We need to address that but I'm not for these knee jerk reactions. Duke it out now at the same time I'm not for race baiting. In for rabble rousing and wasting our our precious tax money a wall no one seems really sick and work. Is that there's a lot of questions about whether work at all. You people in this region home that we did you read it infrastructure here that are bridges many of our bridges are dangerous and they're teetering. So what is the real prior not the emotional response. What does that if this was your money and you were managing company and you look at the priorities we're priority be a wall around your house than me network. Which fixture water entering a rough. Wheat is beyond that which if the water was flowing through the roof would you look at that first. We have G rated infrastructure now mucking up the been around the world and do a lot different countries. If you don't travel you'll see airports thing clean that are these courses. You know this monument to human ingenuity. You don't see that stuff here anymore we used to lead the world with the Golden Gate Bridge in there and and that it interstate highway system we need to catch up now. So I think that should be temporary. When you set up this campaign and and there is going to be very little time over the next couple of months. You've got less than three months. Do you Republicans thought to pick a candidate that means things are going to get a lot harder and a lot more handy because there's just not a lot of time. How do you prepare yourself for what is as you know stuff hum hi Lou put it last night on our air what is is expected to be a very bloody campaign. Well I wanna talk about ideas. I would hope we can have this campaign about ideas no matter who comes out of that. The the Republican side of one analyst I think our ideas are better. I think that our ideas are for the people western you work if you think the leadership that has been here for you so long has actually built this region. Look at their record. Their record speaks for itself. We need new people people who are independent. People do not come from this party system and I wanna make of ideas on how I can prepare myself my family I talked on this is going to be rough. They're gonna after I say things about me their true they're trying to spin mean paint means some way that I am not. I told them look at if you believe in who you are in the inside doesn't matter what the outside since. So we're gonna have to we're gonna to go through this together and we're gonna we're gonna do our best to. To stay true we are. Ryan Whalen has another question. There will more than a dozen people that are lining up to run against you right now and I know we can't talk about all of them so let's talk about the one I think that. And people are very interest did that he threw his name in the ring yesterday said Ramallah and on Twitter you went and talked to people. Carl Paladino. Most recently removed from the buffalo school board. Former gubernatorial candidate. How seriously do you take him as a candidate for this and if he was ultimately selected how does that change this race. Really is is a very wealthy man he is he's a fighter there's no doubt about that the guys a fire. You know I metro before. Hey you know in I'll be honest he's nice to me. And that on this that radius and never with him I think in the past week talked about pulls together. And a close friend of mine we puzzlement brings name up a close friend in my responses is very close with Russ. And these guys do you believe in their message that's like I believe in my message. And do I think a lot of things that mr. Paladino sent or Paulson demean her and hurtful to our country absolutely. In no tellem that. Com but just like in our households we have different people the dining table sometime he may have uncle illegal boy why did you say that since I need to work together work against. People we may disagree with the so as a human being I've met him. And he is not some demon as some people want to train as believe it or not. But here I just don't agree and I think soliciting she set her to stop her folder. They're they're damaging to our community and I thinks maybe some of his his goals and objectives are damaging to our community. So I will confront those and if he runs I will I do my best fits into that steers no way to unite has that in divides us. OK I think we have chance to squeeze in another phone call here let's go to Kevin in Pendleton Kevin thank you for holding. They were injured on the morning shows node nor BA you know I could end up people we stop button and it ticket on the right. And wait that industry doesn't need that and right. Democrats need to quit calling that the topic you only to Japan fifty pictures. You know what you. Are the two. My question to you and I like it bio great impression that question that you are Chris Carlin Daniel parties. Are part of the problem another solution to broken electoral system. Equipment and infrastructure equipment for the court and you'd eat that. You know. Impeachment of president but it didn't say it's not I think that I but he sure. I think you mean apartment. Are are predicted what does a nice one Bruce's name. Percent. Let me a little. Okay thank you Kevin. Who Kevin if you're talking about how difficult it is for someone as an outsider Ron I completely understand that. And it if you I think there needs to be changes done to have that there's more open yes but look at. Look at my record Imus as a small town supervisor one of the first things that put forward was term limits. Term limits for a Democrat says that we need to open this thing out we can have mr. supervisor in the Merck fifty years we have new voices in the game. New ideas. And what I was out there giving signatures there was some party infrastructure fight for me every day I was out there. You know going to you know going door to door in the cold in March by myself and I think we got 3000 signatures. So there the appears dissident is imaginary story that there's as huge party infrastructure behind me. The reality is it was me driving my car in different counties talking to people in getting those grassroots people as they look at I think names different. I think need to make it help us out hearing helped lead the second question you're gentlemen U members and his relatives of the market signings it was it was impeached trump open gets it twice before if you look. If you go and it just like anything you have to look at all the evidence before you now I am not following this is both the nobody else I'm disturbed by it. Undisturbed by a lot of what's going on in the news I think this is for is is a crazy time for our country in field and appears stomach every single day. So I can't say yes or no but that's not my priority my priority is jobs jobs jobs in the middle class here in Western New York. Just a quick editorial comment from the host on their first question Kevin pointed out rightly that it takes more signatures for independents begin the bill. One of the reasons for that is I as a Republican next year can only get Republican signatures not everybody is a Republican in the independent candidate running. Can get anybody as long as they haven't signed Republican Democrat. Green Party. Blank whatever so that hopefully clear and by the way congress can do nothing about that states control for the most part they're electoral system that's the state elections people. We get about five minutes left let's let's go to another quick ground. Date graver channel four. Question sure your constituents. Prior to this were on Grand Island your constituents now are across eight counties. You still hold your position obviously supervisor Grand Island. How do you that there are only so many hours in the day right in your doubt for dollars you're on the road now constantly. How do you continue to split your time and still make Grand Island a priority because. You are at supervisor well first I was so people are very now every prominent national show the first thing I say is. And from beautiful Grand Island New York the best place in the world like ridiculous old plug speaking yet I love Grand Island is now home with from my children on school it's the only home either really known. It's my passion we've G if you saw all the way I've led grand Alan I let it all hang out I didn't think about political consequences. I thought about how can make this community better. Now just like anybody's running excluding the twenty different people wanna run against me they all have to split time it's part of politics. And you know we have a we have a great system plays and a great staff I agree team. It's not about how you get the grass cut withers says there's your lawn mores about getting cut. In on the once at their sign all the invoices on the won their were reviewing all the laws on the war in all the meetings and would never forget and I love going home for the rest my life is my home. The B place I can't even my heart program and therefore at that moment or whether I have to move you better believe that what I think what we're love the most Grand Island. I'm for Ryan will in this one last question Ryan make it either and I I I think we should talk specifically about. When we're talking about getting help nationally from Democrats what that means that typically what it means is infrastructure help. I'm with your campaign. It means media buys sometimes from the CI DNC. And and some that sometimes honestly means pac money so hard are we expecting to see a lot of pac money the next time your prom. Campaign finances come in and and specifically who is coming to help you know you're doing a shark. Well okay the first thing is it is cynical people already want them. Doctrine into product of some sort I told my no amount is it working with the the last this last week of some discussions isn't that California would come in some other person game in DC I have no. You're gonna coming here trying to make me this of the I'm not it's not gonna happen to be me ordered by for what I believe in that fits my message for me. And they were they left. So if they're gonna find someone who's gonna help me be me help us be stronger I have be happy to accept that person but I'm not gonna suddenly change who like him. On the second mile packed mindful pac money. If it's coming from someone I believe and yes. If this comes from dark money source that I can't recognize her track forget it if it's coming from a union's endorsement. Not endorsed I believe and I'll take that money. It but you know I'm not sure the rules about how I can even take pac money anyway I mean. You like I said I'm pretty new to politics I didn't think I'd be in this position. We have to figure that out but if some court you know mystery source right can't track the money once a silly fun my camping aisles and no. And I say this before some sources came in already early on his campaign they wanted to give me money. Look at the background. I'm a corporate attorney all of this person who's created millions and millions of dollars investments. Don't you think that that took some corporate money. I get it. I said notre corporate money already and I notice that truth and dirty money so people over Western New York who give me money is taking your money. And that's going to be my attitude going forward I'll take your money I believe in you and I think that trust who you are it was definitely a busy weekend and. Now here we are recording this podcasts on Thursday. They'll work did not stop there for not just reporters but all of the political officials are gonna take a break when we come back. We're gonna start focusing on the race to replace congressman Chris Collins. On the ballot this no members this is 716 week in review. It's Susan rose from WB EN thank you for listening. Starting tomorrow. He will no longer be able to hear any great shows on WB EN on tuna and now the only place to listen to WB EN. Is radio dot com or go to radio dot com slash listen. Poured download the radio dot com ever now to continue listening to this and many other great radio stations make the switch from tuna and two radio dot com today. We're back here on settlements if he can view on things. Podcast greatly that you can support us not to listen. Download the radio. Those dot com. Like listening to want podcasts and music. We can do it to three podcast people out for you every single Thursday the. Race to replace continues. On Monday Susan Rosen Brian as around ski from a new morning talking win a couple of the candidates who have come for first we're gonna have. Erie county comptroller Stephon my hi Lou. Then Carl Paladino why those interviews back to back his stuff on Barney. The entire universe changed this week with a very unfortunate. Event that happened in the district. And so I talked about Caylee talked to my wife and I did and soul searching and thought. I could be the best candidate. To defeating McMurray in November we could lose this seat if we do not picked the right candidate. And I had some bloody battles here in Erie county winning three. Very very tough races in a blue district. I'm very conservative on pro life I support the Second Amendment and a concealed carry permit holder card carrying member of the NRA I leave in the district. And myself I can actually vote for myself on Election Day compete compared to name McMurray. And armory take the fight straight to him easy job killer he spent his professional life. Exporting American jobs to China and Korea. We can Eleanor radical liberal extremist. I'll vote for the impeachment of president trump on day one and so I'm making my case to donors 4800000. Dollars in commitments. Over the past 24 hours by the finance team simply said the campaign team in place. So that if I am honored enough to turn it. This nomination and I'm going to hurt yet from the eight county chairs that we can pull the switch hit the ground running in the victorious in November. Seven why should this go to a seasoned politician. And not a newcomer who doesn't have political baggage. Student it's going to be a political brawl on this will be at dowdy broke up Donnybrook. And you need someone who's battled tested that's the difference. I need McMurray is a brawler blocked. Again he's a horrible record of exporting American jobs overseas how the Democrats are not going to let this seat go quietly now. Because there's so I'd open seat. And so I have been battle tested like never had an ear error I'd easy race and Erie county. I've won the net and Obama presidential year as a conservative Republican a blue district. And you need someone who's been battle tested. And I'm the only campaign erased that has banned when it comes to wanting to how we live in a very blue district and I am very conservative record. I plan on going to Washington to be president Trump's biggest cheerleader. You sound passionate about this it begs the question why then. Were you not say interested in challenging Chris Collins in a primary early Iran when all of this surrounding insider trading. PO weather was a congressional investigation was swirling around its name even without the indictment. Are Republicans that are very difficult time winning races and Erie county in our region just because of our massive democratic side disadvantage. We're down 821 in the city buffalo 21 in Erie county and I won three times. The last thing we should be doing is fighting each other we the big and a battle when it comes to fighting Democrats. And so when Chris count suspended his campaign. I can write and the rain because I believe I in the conservative that can win this race. I think deepest respect for nick laying worthy in the seven other. County chair I'm working incredibly hard bringing opponent meeting with people day in and day out soccer earn their respect and earned their trust. But I think we're going to be unified front to make sure that radical extremist name McMurray is not our next congressperson because. Mark my words ID one if Democrats take the house. They'll vote to impeach president trump and we cannot answer that in Washington. So you weren't concerned at all before last week come Wednesday about the investigation surrounding Chris Collins. You know I'm I'm a little busy running Erie county is your CFO what is Erie county comptroller and then when the universe literally blew up in changed. I'll that's when my focus turns to all of this open seat and I firmly believe I'm the candidate can and will win. I in November we have to have a a battle tested these in the. Politician that's been through the wringer of many big battle. This is going to be a war in November and I'm going to put the tape on the knuckles coming up punch hard comic take a lot of punches but I'm used to it and you know what. I'm gonna win in November from the candidates. How much money Stephon is it's going to take to win this race. Let's agree part of my candidacy is because of my name recognition of being a top elected Republican over the past few years and Erie county. In my time as a broadcast journalist here buffalo. I'm I mean the idea is very high so and RCC and Washington and will not have to spend the million dollars. Just building up my name ID at all unlike other candidates. So we can hit the ground running on day one I've already have a 100000 dollars in commitments. And I will have their resources. To engage in a knock out drag out brawl. I'm gonna punch hard and I will win. What is the most important thing for whether it's you whether it's somebody else who wants a representing this district is it to issue mentioned before. Advance the president's agenda or is it to bring the local agenda of that district to Washington. It's still incredibly important that no matter who they are now many years and I do hope it's me. That we keep radical it McMurray out of it cease a liberal extremist and a very conservative district. I can vote for myself of that district I wonder where he's going to go from hell on Election Day he can't. He a lot of touch with the voters in the district that he didn't even live there is campaign headquarters. Hi is out of the district I think the most important thing is that we need to win this race for our community. And our country. A president comes tax cuts. That a positive impact on taxpayers across the 27 congressional district and we need to make sure we send a conservative Republican. To Washington to support the president's agenda of cutting taxes being tough on China and Russia. Opposing. Basically unfair trade deal that decimated our communities and be really tough with foreign countries around here. Do you believe the decision on a candidate will be made it. Locally and not nationally by the NR CC. So I think never everyone involved is respecting the process this is an election of eight individuals. On and that's why it still incredibly important they have the deepest source back. For those eight shares aren't going to be their decision I'm working incredibly hard contacting them calling and emailing writing a note. Not to show them that I in the conservative candidate there can win. You know again. Three countywide races interfering blue county is difficult I never had. Free pass or easy race and this race for congress is going to be a battle. And I mean battle packed. I've won three times and I hope I can earn the respect and trust in these chairs onto my fourth. Race kid to be honored and humbled to represent the people of the 27 congressional district. Carl why are you running. For Chris Collins a seat. Because the way I feel for it but it's very important to have somebody. Take that seat loose. Support to support the other person in other states. You know over the last five or so years of your political career your focus is spent on. The city of buffalo whether it's serving on the school board in the city of buffalo no talking about other issues with in the city of buffalo. Why don't turn your attention to a seat that doesn't include the city of buffalo at all. Well and when you go from the offshore area to or she should you actually. I have abilities to assist the entire Western New York area and from my perspective. You know might. My home has always been the city and its environs of rocket and this is part of him fired two rounds Serbian. And you know by police and education. Stay there. Understanding of of all the major issues that are confronting this country right now. And standard. Some. And acrimony with president trump. Lead me to believe it many of these candidates that there have been some analysts will not stand strong. For this president was doing such wonderful job and him will continue to do so. From from the perspective of continuing to. Fight for issues including. Schoolchildren an awful I've but it like that day will continue to do and so. Carly was reported over the weekend that you don't live in the district is there residency issue. Well I don't think there is I have also. The Orchard Park and it is indeed mr. Why do you think you are a better fit than some of the other people who are thrown their hat in the ring. Because of my disposition. Sort of values. Integrity character. I think they've shown in the past and willingness to fight these our. That's. I want a sudden the best person to Washington. Represented 27 and its people. These people suffer all the common problems of. The American people in general. It's populist. Era and it's time to make sure that these people have and the families have every every best opportunity. To send their kids to college and then to care of their children stay at razor families in the area with. Jobs here that can accommodate these children. Apparel stem from a pilot told us earlier this hour that this is going to be a political brawl ends the candidate has to be. Battle tested do you agree with that. So fun as getting his energy from that can actually justice state chairman who would I hit I have criticized constantly as being the person. So inept in the job and shouldn't be there and and right now that's where stuff and its energy from. And makes silly remarks like you know there's absolutely key is all the sudden the fighter from Western Europe. Then the true fighter I've shown people Ali stand on the issues and impervious to two fear over over. The idea I'd say it was so in my mind I think it's important if somebody in congress. Letting the other people involved in the Republican caucus. Understand that they should be speaking a little bit more defensive and advocating for the president. Carol you just mentioned Ed Cox having some influence here. What about Chris Collins himself is he still pulling some political strings trying to pick his successor. Not to my knowledge no different fixes chris'. Maintain a neutral should. Who do you think we'll wind up making this decision on who replaces Chris Collins on the ballot will be somebody from. The national committee will be kind of a statewide. Vote or will it really beat those party chairs who are in the district. There's very. The national. Political. People will have something to say but it's gonna come down to. Are eight local county chairs. Who I had suggested. That they do a poll and examine the results of the poll to determine. Who did people in the 27 districts want this. What about money. How much money do you have for this race how much will it take. You know people ask about money and I'm all in for whatever it takes to win this race. So you can already hear some of the political bickering going between two different candidates while the GOP officials they have a lot on their hands trying to find that replacement. On Tuesday there was a meeting with all eight of the GOP chairs representing eerie. Niagara Genesee Orleans Livingston Monroe Wyoming and Ontario county state met. Kind of coincidentally at Batavia downs casino he had race to replace Batavia downs there's joke. But they gathered there to figure out the process involved with removing congressman Collins from the ballot. We tried to get some answers ahead of time front chairman nick Lang worthy and also chairman rich injuries from Niagara county. They didn't really give us much other than say that they want to have a positive discussion ball inside Batavia downs. We weren't able to go physically to the meaning. Reporters and the public was barred from attending however we did catch up with chairman Lang worthy outside of Batavia downs. Shortly after the meeting ended he is chairman language they speak and porters. Did you decide whether this is going to be a way to processes can be one bit and it's a matter the party rules and is awaited pressed its so that gives. Your cameo artwork. So we have a large portion population. With the track record of your county's average. People. Giving maybe close to Google enforcement I think it's Mary party rules I think we were clever that we were working together many candidates are. Hail from the globe region so I didn't hear any sort of problems from these pictures here. Did any new problems surface things. No idea we have we have very positive meeting we discussed. A timeline going forward. You know I think we heard from everybody and he spoke their piece. Putting eight county chairs in room doesn't happen very often to. They're really hash out some of this mean we were handed this extraordinary situation that we don't. You know we're happy to find ourselves in all we have to work through we have to work together. We have to work collaborative Lee. And we need to nominate a candidate they can succeed. In all eight pounds to deliver a victory in of them at you about. I we are very confident Japan consulting error what are some of the best selection choices in New York. Dad says there are mechanisms in place to remove congressman pals from the ballot we we'll be working out with him. And cooperation to you dad it did it's that time. There are a lot of names around you expect all of those people to. And it hit stage two of an interview. Well we haven't settle on exactly you know what the timing or. Or or what time people will become you know how many units will be coming and vote you know we're gonna have some conversations on the side he. How serious some of the potential candidates are. At this point. And you know by next week. We'll have final roster of. People that are coming and you think that there's that'll get every one thing here who crosses are good. Up. Are you really have that V8 shares are committed to working together on this process so that we can. Have each of our communities represented. To ask the tough questions to listen to. The presentations at the potential candidates won't have. And everyone will be represented in the room so we can work together and discussed it together once they finish that you play every week. We will be can be reconvened. We I and no details. Like at least when it. There is no Fred there's no weeding of the candidates front runners. I'll let you all decide who you think the front runners are. We have a process to maintain. We have to continue to work together. You know there's there's candidates from you throughout this district you represent different versions of this district. We're getting it we're going to we are dedicated which is finding it conservative Republican candidate. It can't win these district in hell president trying to achieve this agenda. Are you going to. Senate campaign or they get one up and running even want you what you've heard if you were pretty stressed that time. What we that we are all very aware of that. Constraints here and that's why we have to act swiftly we do not pay out. The opportunity to let this goal. Four in lengthy period of time in our organizations. We always have to work and you know Republican vote in. You know that's where we'll consider candidates and their ability to have name awareness around the district track record it's makes him an attractive portion of the to. There's such a heavily weighted Republican district. Bad reference point barring them taking it there throughout recklessly giving an insider trading it's almost appointment why. Do you think it's a process where he chairman in the room. Pick somebody who hasn't gone through the primary process and give him every candidate cancer. Test so give us the chance to make tour. Howard I am and ask you do you think we wanna be in the situation right now I'm wondering if I mean I think it's a bush to questions. Next. So your answer because I if we find ourselves I've already addresses we fighters have an extraordinary situation. We don't want to be here we this is in us and an unfortunate time for us. We are doing the best we can't would win the election law as it exists at this late in. And you know that our. I still feel the same old. Place. This statement. Before we need to we need a candidate that we can all get behind counties it can work together. It can be out here meaning the voters talking about important issues to vary geographically diverse district. Mean you have you know cities you have suburban towns you also have a lot of world and agricultural areas so you know you have a lot of different. Types of people for for kids if it's via federally. Even if there's data that they might not understand is the federal grant those are things that we have to get. He hit the ground running very very quick. We definitely did. Yes we are you talked about it there's been the election law is we did vote. Calls for we'd go situation based upon the votes cast for congress in 26. Between sixteen election on the Republican. How much is sage and Nashville. I say told you earlier were in consultation you know we've yesterday at a meeting with a White House political director. To discuss this race. I have been in discussions with the executive director of the National Republican Congressional Committee they're very concerned about the future deceit. They wanna make sure it stays in Republican hands and we have. Stress to them that we are dedicated to finding a candidate they can deliver and win four the president's agenda in November. I'm curious you've said that your confidence. Saturday and tonight. If there's a mechanism for towns off the island. You've also said that you haven't spoken directly to Chris pounds so I have said I hit spoken. Through. Through his his team. And we him. Communicate that important I am not too. Directly persons. Who has his team indicating blindly on the matter what what ever you come up with congress from college cooperation. We're confident there mechanisms in place or his name in view from the ballot we can nominees and it and you're happy you'll get clobbered him off and after what am. And will you mean a little bit toward it currently elected official because they've been added and you know they've been kind of you've you've you've checked them out over time I I personally think that this is probably not the time. A complete new candidate someone doesn't understand the political process and maybe hasn't been a part of an election before in big league level. I don't think there's a lot of time learning curve for a first timers and process. But elected officials certainly you know him in awareness and understanding about campaigns there are wrong and finance it what goes into those efforts and I think you know it. Yes an embarrassment of riches here can't they put their names forward enters its. But. It. What's that up to this point. Or better at stake here we were I mean a few exceeded you all reported they've pulled their names you know made it awfully old couple names off the list on. By that time you know next week rolls around we have interviews in the penalty or fine. Loses it in importance he. Would you like it. Fundraiser something absolutely yanking community yesterday were right suffers from come in for a congresswoman Tammy to theory patsy. And I know they've raised an awful lot of phones. In a short window it usually when we lead up to you and and there were hundreds and hundreds of people there showing their support and in Rangers sports cars from I would love to see it. It was his presidential visit and colleagues. I want you to be different from Western New York some work. We also learned is right around the same time we were talking with chairman Lange where the event the front runner according to sources telling WB yen. State senator Michael Rand and offer is the front runner for the position at the time that were recording this podcast. Branson offers still to favor according to the sources by WB yet. Now laying worthy telling WB yen on Wednesday morning but they hope to have a decision by the end of next week. He reiterated though that there is no front runner we have the information out rants and offer. Lang worthy saying that you said double check your sources. Livingston county extend an invitation to all candidates on Wednesday night to attend an executive committee meeting out there. None of the candidates that are running for and my 27 hail from Livingston county so this is an opportunity for these candidates to meet some of their constituents that they could be representing. Now Michael Rains and offer is the favorite and we did speak with him. Any concern. With your editorials obviously the Albany how tight it is in the states. You would see this nomination. And thrown into the job down there yet feel good about that like things that. Republicans will be easily. What about funding this is an accelerated race. What you expect you can do in terms. Enough money to be able to compete with me earlier this sort well what I would work very very hard or purported. If what to. Considered. Part of that is getting out there and beating people part of this fundraising and you know not leave any stone and her. It would be able it. It. Concerns about you know questions always come off hand you know obviously with the LLC situation when you've been a state senator some issues there come off. You worry about anything with your record in Albany because. Come back appoints you you run as a congressman. I'm pretty clean record briefly records so much concerned about that. Really good about. Reputation that was so I feel very good about that why. We record it. If elected kind of look for. Well. You know get that's really putting. Or we'll force field. Right now on this year to be with the executive committee. How Republicans and. Just share some of my idea. Questions go. That really is. Consideration for down. This. A race. We know. I think that there or many many good candidates. I think that the H shares of the eight counties that are making the decision. Very deliberative. There make it very very good selection. Also imagine that. Everybody rally around that's collections so. Of course you know you would we get it right you want to pick the right candidate like. We just have so many good candidates choose from that you know I think we're pleased. Eerie quiet. Well Bob as I said there are many good candidates again if we're getting a little bit ahead of ourselves just here to cheers of my ideas. My thoughts with the committee here. Again you're just why you have lawyers did for what I've done. VoIP speaks for itself so. Q1 president from campaign for you if you wore the company again I'm here to talk to. Quote from the committee here. Shares of ideas. It comes to us right now. Divorce. Process. Collection. Long hole. Strong rumor that you may be. Well in all not you don't know that they said. You to share my thoughts with them. Get on the process will play out over the next several days ago. Depending on the ugly things. While the Republicans try to figure out the race to replace congressman Chris count on the ballot in November it's important to remember a couple things there are a lot of nuances with election law. Democrats they're plans to sue the Republican Party should congressman Collins be removed from the ballot we reach out to Erie county democratic chairman Germany's Eleanor beating his reaction to this he did not reach out to a however. We did speak with Judith hunter who's the democratic chairperson. How in Livingston county we spoke with her about what she thinks will happen should Collins come off the ballot. Election laws it's very clear that federal ballots were sent wait decadent April. You don't get suggests college do over when things get inconvenient. You know Chris Collins has been under an ethical cloud for a long time. And they made sure to clear the way for him. Or is hurt and should be better candidate. They got redder the person who's trying to primary him and they put up on me. Me fake Green Party candidate to split the anti collins' vote so. That we're all in for him it's only when he got caught. That it became inconvenient to stick. Stick with it missed their candidate and now they're trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat but it's possible by election. Now aren't there are some legal avenues that they can take I mean we've heard day if congressman Chris Collins where to get assigned to. Different concur a different seat for office if you were to move around the area hours you know he were to die for example. When that be an example where he could come off the ballot and that's the avenue that Republicans are taken what's your response. Well. It's it's not that he. First to hospitals. There is case law that says. If you lose that state. That doesn't. Matter you're still on the federal ballot. When Tom DeLay was indicted act before the 2006 election. He tried to move his residence and federal court would not accept that would not. Let in his name he removed from the ballot. So. Not simple and it's simple and cons deciding it's clear it's Florida properties is official residence. He can't just do debt. In terms as slotting him in for another office. There are going to have to find somebody who's willing to. Give up. Their position. They're going to have to make a lot of dominoes lined up precisely. And the fact that they met for three hours the GOP chairs met for three hours last night with a bunch of lawyers. And didn't conclude the meeting with an announcement of how they're going to do this. Suggests there's still flailing they still had not found a solution. That's because one is almost impossible to find and we would suggest it would be. I disgraceful. Wouldn't be as honest trek. At this stage of the game. Judith what would be your response if this a something similar were to happen to a democratic candidate they get indicted. When the Democrats also want to pursue the same legal actions that. The Republicans are doing right now. Well you can certainly understand why would they would want to do but the law's the law so. It applies everywhere. Not just. Republicans not just Democrats but every once and that's that's what concerns about. By the Democrats going to use sued the Republicans should congressman Collins come off of the ballot. I don't have any. Specific information to give comments but I cannot imagine that this situation will end up in litigation. Whichever way it goes. How popular is Nathan McMurray in Livingston county. The enthusiasm for Nathan McMurray is growing by leaps and bounds. Everywhere he goes. He has. Really robust crowds. Last night in Ontario county. In that town that didn't even have a republic. Sorry it's democratic committee last year he had over a hundred people turn out. And we are. So excited. At the chance for real representation. After being ignored by Chris Collins for six. Tears. There is in new poll day come out just this morning in fact that showed that there are five Republicans. Out here in the Erie county area that. Had double digit leads over Nathan Mick Murray how difficult. Is it going to be for McMurray to convince the rural areas of Western New York that. They should vote for him. Well there's a lot of time between now and Election Day and I don't think that the you know legal listed light his hands that the Republicans are going to try to pull here is going to sit very well with the voters. It's it's simply. Acting. As his. They're entitled. To a college in here when the eighty made the call. The Republicans may need to call that Chris Collins was their guy even though. It was absolutely clear that his financial dealings. We're completely inappropriate for a member of congress. That a bipartisan. Congressional. Ethics office. Had voted unanimously. To continue its investigation of him mother that raised any red flags that the Republicans. It was only when he got arrested. And won't be keen. Too embarrassing. To keep him on the ballot that they tried to abandoned him but it's not that easy. Just last person that I've got Fauria is Livingston county is kind of thought as kind of like want the tertiary counties in terms of numbers with the Erie and Niagara being the focus. How much does Livingston county represent and my 27 in terms of voters. Well we are. A rural county in Livingston. And there is a huge portion of the New York 27. That its rural even as sections of Erie county. That are in near twenty cent and so pistons distance AM. I'm represented his county. We here at county is small town. As it did 27 district as a whole. Any idea like the percentage of voters in Livingston county we've heard Erie is 40% non anchor is warning and then living send any idea can you ballpark before us. It it's. It's not high proportion but all of the county chairs are working together we're united in its position. Every single county chair has. Participated in this process and signed on to Israelis. So I'm I'm not simply speaking for Livingston county here. I don't know the exact numbers I can tell you the exact numbers Democrats and the proportionally in the district but I don't know overall. Ralph Moore as the GOP commissioner for the Erie county board of elections he was speaking with Bryan and Susan this week talking about election. Well this latent stage. The only ways to get a person named mark the ballot. This either right depth this qualification or a nomination or another are. Disqualification. Would have to move all under the rules of the US constitution. Which the qualifications her Rupert turnovers over the age of twenty cry at the US citizen and amber resident of the state. So it would obviously involve residency. The other option would be the nomination for another public office. Is there a vacancy that you know on und. For another office for counts. Well currently. Mr. counseled not expressed an interest in Mo running through another process that does need that it wouldn't changer vacancy could occur sometime between now. And the time period in which a vacancy would be able would be so. Well all this maneuvering in having did take place you know somebody might have to step down from a position to put that on the ballot that would move. Talents over here all to do what you know everybody knows he just wants off that spot. Is it time to me be real look at these election laws to either allow for that to happen or to disallow. For some of these other maneuvering to take place all the cover up what we know what's happening. Well there has to be some stability with a on the ballot then we're required by federal law. To mail out military in absentee ballots where it's hard to the election. Of course we have to principles ballots and have the ballots are. So that would be that they run somewhere around September 20 saarc and the election more replies to the vacancy occurs in the not so so prior to September 20. That it gets built at the upcoming general elections so you know the country's very tight. It does allow for changes. You know Ralph when you think about it the Republicans are going to go to court to try to get chris' name off the ballot. Democrats are gonna go to court to try to keep chris' name on the ballot with courts are slow and when it comes to emotions decisions appeals. I mean there's less than twelve weeks or could this speed literally going to the wire. Well we have hit cases that have gone up to the weekend before Election Day and I know when you're actually the Internet cases that have been decided the day before the election. I think the courts here in Western New York expedite the election cases provision in the state law. Or those cases to be heard expeditiously. And I believe that we would have the decision. But it worked. It's either side or go to court. How long. Confident are you with that Republicans will be able to make this happen I think the conventional wisdom is. Chris Collins would not have suspended his campaign. If they didn't believe that they could replace his name. On the ballot do you think that it's a very likely will see a different name on there. Well to my knowledge there were no conversations where bartenders and Allen saw prior to the suspensions and campaign. Our navy and subsequent not aware of every. I think that there was a decision that congressmen not challenge it. With his own personal situation in consultation with those people who so he he speaks to all of you know courses so similar concerns. I thank you. That there are mechanisms by which. Person they intend re removed from the ballot it certainly going to be up to congressman Allen Sam. And the other officer and the other of persons involved to make this happen at current at this time and there hasn't been an expressed. There's been a desire but not an extra interest to do so. Would Collins himself have to go to court to try to get his name removed from the ballot. Are die if there really there were tipped reactionary statement on the part of mr. talent you know I'm a bit. You know and some purpose steps that turns down stakes couldn't changes residents say and that's not a certain. I don't the other thing is that there was denomination to another public office garrison town would have to accept in the documents that are filed with the board of elections. Because consent to run whatever other Oval Office. Eight rounds have you read all of New York State's election law. Nobody hit the I'm pretty familiar to me your. An election collection with many of the proposed. That brings us to where we are today. The plan right now is for the rest of this week candidates will be contacted to win that next week the plan is to interview the candidates as you heard earlier in the podcast the goal for Republican officials is to come up with a candidate. By the end of next week now there was a new development with the actual case against congressman Chris Collins keep in mind that this all started back last Wednesday. When Collins was indicted on federal charges of securities fraud and also lying to the FBI part of the insider trading case. And it Nate and you know therapeutics essentially. Collins tipped off his son Cameron about failed drug trial which was gonna put the company under. And a son Cameron and told several other people. Who sold their stocks and I knew in the you know therapeutics congressman Collins did not allegedly sell his stock in the company because he was already under congressional investigation. Now the new development that happened on Thursday afternoon Cameron's fiance Lawrence our ski and her mother Dorothy agreed to a judgment by the Securities and Exchange Commission. They agreed to what's called the scorching they have to give back their gains of about 20000 dollars that they saved by selling their shares of the Nate. They agreed to also pay a fine of the same amount. Now if you wanna dive into the specifics. Lawrence our ski agreed to disgorge her gains of 191440. Dollars plus she had to pay back 839 dollars and interest. The civil penalty the same as the gains who has 191440. Dollars. Two are these cars you while. Had to disgorge 22600. Dollars. It paid 975. Dollars back in interest and and the civil penalty. And again 22600. Dollars the SEC's case against congressman Collins his son Cameron. And Stephen's our scheme is I'm going. That's it for this week's edition of 716 week in review make sure you follow us on Twitter were at news radio 930. You can follow me on Twitter at Mike Bagram and tell your friends all about this podcast tell your coworkers family all about us rate review and subscribe on iTunes. And you can always get this podcast first by downloading the radio dot com that you can listen to WP. I knew contest comes out on Wednesday with an announcement to compete and.