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The following is paid programming securities offered to pick brokerage LLC member funeral SIPC investment advisory services offered through independent solutions wealth management the financial guys an independent solutions are not an affiliate depict brokerage services LLC the political views and should not reflect the views of peak reports the show was not intended to provide specific legal tax investment or other professional advice please consult a professional for your specific situation this radio show is for informational purposes only and is not intended to solicit or recommend any particular security information discusses obtained from sources believed to be reliable but its accuracy and completeness or not guaranteed. It's time to talk money. I'll go back go about. It's the financial guys radio program. It's Glenn wiggle all my god. And Mike Lomas. Oh boy she'll walk get bad. Welcome back to reach Glenn might now call 8030930. Pull free 180616. WPA and himself calls are free and started 930. Now live from the WB EM studios. Here is my window and Michael. Ernie welcome back you've got the financing guys alive in the studio here when little Michael Lomas Ron Moscow in studio and especially yesterday stuff I. Phones. Pixel. The difficulty here talking about. While it's on the pot holes today in public you're counting every time out Medicaid we have so much to talk about. I guess in nine hour radio. Nine dollars we could fill in artery it really could be so if you do wanna join us is going to be GM pat shows O line up your phone calls early in 030930. I enters recounts are 10616. 9236. Feet actress. Turn them exercise them through that would have been. Well I meant I meant I meant don't talk today can you just jays he's pulled the plug their right their cases 39 hours. And you guys sort of we're gonna be arrogant and tonight. Tax line is open by the way it three's yeah 93 units 3930. And now we use of FaceBook live as well so we've picture you like our FaceBook page follow us on Twitter at thin guys will be put some stuff on Twitter. Throughout the shows as well some pictures of from its road closures actually just coincidentally those in the Russian urgency. To fix was apparently at some muddy them to come through it actually gets stuff done. Amazing though we'll talk about this today. Never a shortage of money for going past just on other on out I'll brand new bike Apatow and millions of dollars yet or studies to ban plastic bags. Did you tell the way did you see the latest oh Starbucks opposite team like Starbucks band. Plastic straws. But that tops that they went to. Create more plastic waste of course has dropped it is that liberal policies. They are working government and create sugar why he wants you to step down as that was crucial step down as CEO star yes on other team other things the rumor is he might run for president may be considered geniuses in the in the public sector interim government right now it cost more there's more waste our right and I got an item. They always have the best of intentions that the results that we better than ever are they just never work but they keep doing it though it's like little keep banning plastic rather than this man Allen averaged just keep him my favorite those like mr. Paul tires you know he did a cost of 75000 or stay a plastic bags and went nowhere. It's like the study to know what the same piece breaks a study study study enough. Why I even mop head opposition Judy he wanted to spend an additional. Tens of thousands of dollars to study whether or not we should build it where it should go for new convention center right now I believe the county has already spent. About 150000. Dollars and he went wanted to spend even more. It'd make many friends and the rest bill and they says look I'll give you dollar fifty here's my study it's a dump enhanced ago we don't have money to build a new one. This 800000. Dollar is now very young are around their inadequate locations places doctors don't know have done. You just throw the corners of L 10 yeah I know I'm. And Obama everything's a lot of it was like the whole ranking thing we study rankings for years I studied it just enough until the election was over to see who gave him more answers I don't know I guess that would just enough to get through the election is that we now looks like the environment can't handle it somehow Pennsylvania. Cesspool of pollution credits span even positive lately the roads are -- all the trees are dad and it is just it's -- school plan miserable failure Pennsylvania is on fire them fire area you know YouTube you can light your your your tap water on fires still out there it's the situation. People fleeing moment. Dobbs has minister but oh that's near the best yeah it. So let's it's only applicable only if you and Jewish in a 39 Rios to our mind there's three on sell 106169236. Let's jump right in and talk about the potholes situation like I guess my brutal way between Windmills and upon polls is my two favorite socialist as my three favorite topic to talk about here. Western new York and I travel I I do I enjoy going and road trip to address the Michigan I drive back to the floor I've and a juvenile than the states in the country. And it's not as some states have tolls New York Illinois. Most enough that's a lot of I had to bet that those two really. Most in but yet most have better roads and we do and and we called Markel Karzai when we have a chance to assess between Adam it's always about well. I think it was B and re famously sent. I could raise your taxes but beat yet listeners would like that you. Going back to 22012. When he took office his spending is up by more than 150 million dollars wow it's all about priorities. Right now we have a current county executive that's totally checked out from the job he cares more about giving illegal immigrants driver's licenses the fixing potholes he cares more about. Banning plastic bags and fixing our wrote he cares more about. The Paris climate accords and maintaining our bridges so really all about priorities what is he doing his that's his role totally check out from the job and even look at the school consolidation issue and you gentlemen have talked about it lob in some cases it would raise taxes. But this has nothing to do with county government. That's why I say this guy is totally checked out from the job is focusing on these extra liberal extremist he started to make Nancy Pelosi and build a blog you look conservatives because there's. You build applies you he's reminding me a lot more more of bill applies heal completely ineffective totally clueless. Really unable to shoot to accomplish much of anything and I can't look to an outside the bike path. I can't look to Erie counties say look at all the things were accomplished a lot Chris Collins was there. We could say OK people criticizing companies and a budget line anyway the serve any sort of war a war chest against saint 12100 million dollars aside that's right which Paula I think went through and will a year and a half. Well you know it in keeping mine to the the fund balance was like I Chris Collins Chris counts was the airy fairy judicious when it comes to making sure that. We provide services and had a healthy fund balance as well. But again it's someone who is totally checked out from the job and again cares more about. Being in New York City liberal than about actually fixing roads and I'll ask anyone who's listening right now are you happy with the condition of your roads. And I interest app Selena and I took some heat because. I said a lot of the county roads and Erie county resemble more. Third World countries via an eighty go to the sort of an insult us on the four contract. I stood we'll be go to the Google machine and there roads are in better shape than the ones we've seen in Clarence Boston. A lot of our suburb is on the Belmont I could say my road looks like garbage. Absolute garbage is you have to go to outlook you can drive down Walden avenue in the middle I don't know I just a lot and I happen to me I know it looks like garbage. But I think the only people or happy right now in god bless them are mechanics you know while there are making a pretty penny fixing your rims fixing your dented. Rings in fixing a flat tires shocks and you know all that stuff in in pull -- defense so guys potholes aren't gonna vote Democrat no numbers so. The illegals will let her you can get those driver's license so we can just bringing to. Mean Lou is a threat you know I just don't click attacks or here's one you guys an opportunity landry's polling in New York town right now and yes we are he's going to be. He is our special guest coming up on the bottom of the hours and fifteen minutes. Once she gets a chance to corporate campaign. GA as we speak is just finishing. A cross country bike ride he's been for 45 days out so look at not a motorcycle and I know vice bicycle on assisted no follow card completely by themselves for 45. Yeah he's raised the bunch of money while military widows. God bless our men and women who serve our country who have it is former core players don't yes but the former military air force that and Allen did something for. Military widows. And he's tremendous individual and I'll see if it Dickey strategically avoided New York US cycle with a crowbar to make sure that is aliens and that's straight actors are gonna county road and he goes drivers like released you know to. You know it's here to train for he was writing is like from. From Alden outline all the way to the office is that's part of his military training pretty much guided you smashed a pothole hereby commit roll off by at a bar hop back got it it's part of the military trainers tried absolutely so obviously we will be a time when you will be checking in Ayers was his chance to catch is Preston you know on court I know we got to take a break but I definitely talked about a fund raiser he had and yeah let's start my summer family picnic in alma. And Iran as part of even Toms it very involved in Tom moment you know we're so there was an able to meet to cement but I heard it went off pretty well I do I do also want to ask you about the buffalo billions immigration. And we got a lot talk about your son or black folks a lot of hop on board here. In mr. all kinds of your out their open invitations are still an empty seats for ya know again you set on Twitter you'd comment polish your policies and and defend these left wing policies in the 75000 dollar bags and leave it alone she'll each and every Saturday early near free and nobody's there a limitation any time I'll carpal. I'm almost start to think there is no defending some of those policies. And I know god and that's why they can't they can't debate the look here's the deal if they're ideas really matter if liberal progressive policies worked in government spending drove economic growth. Erie county would be a Mac. We economic development so instead we're growing at half the national average what does it. It's not rocket size even nine year old can look at cause and effect of say the shame of it is he went through 150 million dollars in a bull market. We're in a blog growth and expansion phase in the country what happens is only going to with a you know short term better. We're in trouble let me tell you the big difference here philosophically my dad was a typewriter repairman and mom worked in a factory near Democrats my dad's still is a Democrat. And I had dinner with a very prominent democratic official from the dams calories he said you know why. When I worked in the party we represented the working man and now liberal extremists like mark pulling cars all these left wing wacky liberals. They represented the non working that's right exactly and that's a slap in the face to every hard working union member and a Democrat who paid your bills they're struggling to send their kids to college yet but they care more about letting grown men use a same bathroom as my twelve year old daughter. That's right that's right yeah that's right Iran and I exactly why Donald Trump one right because he got that he got the working class vote they supported on the mode a support him again and then you know warriors no doubt I would think a very short break if you wanna join us to get stuff I'm highly in studio 803093. Host our mind there is a free columnists of 100. 6169236. Of course the text or is 3930 in the funny to guys. We re back at history of 930 to UV. Welcome back. And little light moments from Moscow in the studio we plan to guys alive and stuff on an island. It's easy eyes is that. My bullet Garza's it was a document today and apparently at Firestone getting his rams. Stewart week. Via a techsters appreciate the code we have the best listener that's hilarious. And good job stimulus plan that's what this marks or else you're about to smash everybody's rims and we're the number one tire repair country come area in the whole country radio Leo made a three nights Rios is 31 liners don't forget folks to follow us on FaceBook like this on FaceBook. Follow us on Twitter at you guys go to Wesley use as a resource to be funny to guys night if you just about the week's 331515. And six we re 1515. If you like to pop up as forty compliment. Consultation or you can always taxes here. Announcements talk parliament which here talked about Medicaid up and ask you don't want to talk apparently to get a tax about Medicaid to relatives that you actually brought that up for the show the ones are pledges he raised a lot of money we spend. And property text before that. We have we wanna talk about your fund raiser and a family picnic yes yeah and I'll lobby I you'd I've a lot of folks I think I'd planned on attending but we could they couldn't actually get your father and I don't know that helicopter Taylor has rightly that we anglos you know glide and. I have an annual summer picnic this year re held at the Elmo village green park that's at 3007 Boeing wrote so for the first time we had all county roads. That led directly into my fund raiser so we put on social media it was going to be and don't win many many weeks ago over a month ago so it was in the public domain where it is. And so our volunteers got their very early in the morning and they were shocked. That apparently an emergency road closure was declared. And numerous entrances. Roads leading in in my fund raiser were closed for construction. Boeing in the town supervisor did know. A week or two before that but one was going to be closed but with they did not know when they were not holes. That all the other entrances and cheer factory full list girdle the back end of Clinton. Where. And in a miraculous emergency road closure the quality of what was working elves emergency while tally I I've never seen our Poland her so energetic to close or road and fix it. That just happened early and deny fund raiser we've got to ask you know it's actually looks for it every few years now. I solution here's Obama as if there. If MR Poland hers. Has to do his job and me hosting fund raisers on they have a family picnic at the corner right in every street in Erie county between now and Obama. Could you do if I'm run with it. Are out Saturday until it began it was you know again I I will never that's the that is the that is a thinker that well it's like is better at the coast and we thought it was a. Was Chris Christie in New Jersey which bridge game that is it is it a coincidence that every single county road and every entrance leading in my. Murphy and a ticket fund raiser was closed because and have an emergency. I don't know but it was it was quite curious like I said before I'd never seen mark Paul Kirk's old quick to close erode and. To find out what the effects really because I'm a taxpayer that that is if he's just it is shut down roads. To make you mad I want my money back when there's a fire heart so liberal maybe a re distribute some of his own income. To it to you don't make good on what he did a little hope that that's not how liberalism where single distribute their money did distribute other people's. What it and it is the alma supervisor was notified about that one small section. But one wrote all those other roads he received no notification that they're going to be closed as a fighter hall. On that road normally residents are told it's our understanding that theories emergency Colbert work being done that hell just happened to close what does that in me bro I. We got to get to culvert on it could rain any time you yes absolutely and we're out we're almost a monsoon season now is that a good all around I had an idea in. That we all that I without the Colbert could open in that it would be flooding everywhere. And by pure chance all of our campaign volunteers have the bright neon yellow shirts yeah and so we had to literally station is there were no individuals weaving their construction flags at any -- closures also need to think about it just inevitably their work it all you saw a massive orange barrels you could not get a German tank cast he's been orange barrels either else are we to put volunteers at all the different road closures leading up to my fund raiser in the there was about a twenty minute detour for people to get there but we put people at all these closures to say. This is how you get. Unreal back end around Clinton to get to ball. I wanna find out I think we should forces' hands and find out what exactly they did I wanna know what they did I live up and I did take a right over look at those callers are there and do you totally clean. As of right now we know that there's been no emergency formally declared with the county legislature that is required. Are it's also raw our understanding too that there's a specific big book about emergencies. And so if individuals wanted to see you look whether or not those contractors were called as bylaw. It's our understanding they were not. Mean we're gonna find that out that that is my mission this week to find that out came expert it's a move that would make Chris Christie crowd just the cost of somebody we paid somebody puddles very subject to sit there for an alpha. I mean of course it's not his money's on mark's money and your pointed out around it's that's what liberals do they don't care about that they care about their own money. Not have a re distribute it you can go anywhere in this country you are taking to the richest places rest Hollywood Beverly Hills they're all left wing live reliably at. Loving liberals but not they don't let anybody into their house to spend that there's only illegal immigrants hanging out at the Kardashian in house while I shouldn't say that they're the ones cutting the law. But they're not sleeping over yet another message over to the polo season inviting kids in the you know undocking because their house and a little knowledge of legitimate. And we also have the documentation. From the county that show what specific. Rose or things of that nature were going to be close in the Andrew has chair factory girdle if you actually look at a map. There's really and in an I'm not an engineer if you look at the map at how the rows were close compared to the minimal Covert work that was done. It could be dean somewhat suspicious and and I just can't. They have like that is happening ever fundraiser yeah there's an emergency and all six rows I mean the odds of that got a meteorite hit just a problem. A tornado go through and dropped trees all over by. We'll ask when he's in studio and yeah chairs they'll let that aren't college Jody but he fills that chair Alaska that but I guess I've and I've never seen count the county I'm still heavily app ethics erode the site favorites X one wrote every seventeen years that I think we are great idea though guys if anyone has a pothole taxiing in and I will have a fund raiser in front of them pot hole. And then they'll block off the route in a fixer right away little exit Culver. Culver is done however. If we'll see everybody has some heavy equipment is that they decide if he gives it a shovel it out. Rate in justice around with the spray we don't have enough money you for the real equipment that he knew now that'll be the next town there's money to ban plastic band there's money for studies but there's no money to fix roads are weighty should be we have the best bike paths in western and it does decide it is until there's no he only missed out on East Coast I like guys are awesome it took me a ninth goes to 930 -- -- to -- college for the break and go to Doreen in Clarence I during our. I am fine today you guys have really hit me when I'm hot topic. Is making me even more Amy. Ariel is a mandatory if it. If it gets into the net. And we went prior to pick kind of want a creek with a us terror billion. Yes Carl is that still like he's still like drive into the river potentially as you go either. You can't go to totally blacked out. That all it so well I think here six years. Click here is supposedly is appropriators. But because they are now fixing Goodrich road in the north and apparent apparently they can't work on to project at the same time at least that. While they can and alma are. Nick Cannon elf any idea they can and all of that Syria out a way to shut the whole area off I'm having a fund raiser clearance next week knew I was pleased. With the product and consider the next on a lot of grief that we find that we're absolutely gonna planets we are gonna play out about a guy that we have to figure this out we've got a story well outside together yet. And all of this will this all year long this will this fall earlier Dorian I got to take a very short break here hold on the phone though as we can be activists that want to ask you like past ours hang Allen's second preach it represents a Ontario we have ninth Rio. Start 930 got the funny to guys at least he'll be right back injury and three going to be. Welcome back. Is there the voice I think commercial fantastic news did him many many more of those. Coming up through the so. That's the letter is a lot of elements like an hour ago that that'll work. The stage at the Ontario are its policy the only thing Cuomo did it. In the last months years I thought all that that's actually something that very upright as the moral commission yes yes and then fit he'd pick gets close to me shut it up juicy prize only bar were doubtful one thing. Yeah that is no idealists say it you know maybe you know let's be tough on corruption I mean clearly. It's a cesspool on their all right so. You have great in the shots at them. But nothing he could've done by the way muscle billion think now he did not think he had no I think about it now all is right hamper and that was taking key to everything about it when he was shoveling this at all here's a picture of awful news but it didn't -- his dish rag of a of paper it was sitting out and the lobby here but this is look at these look at these clowns are pulling tires I'd like for them in jail details of that mayor brown anybody Andrew Cuomo the former solar city CEO. Howard's and ski. Mr. is that you have of economic development he doesn't know what the definition as a weapon that what is the what his business when the starlets when you start. Is that we mean when you start to start that we mean by opening. The F twenty years and two dollars a month already compete for their shovels and a picture they all every Darren laudable new took everybody credit with the shovels and in the ribbon ceremony but they do nothing about Buffalo Bill you know we caught them. Now amazing just a quick shot in the audience it in a 3930 and go back to dory just a second before we do we have a special guest joining us here Jay Blanchard. Just finishing the ovaries after 45 days bicycle. Riding across the country people to raise money. For. Veterans' widows and military widows so Jay Blanchard power user at a hockey forty in the month and a half. And it doesn't feel good that I am and that's celebration mode now. That's that's our our nation's congratulations today you've completed an epic journey I mean really unbelievable how are you feeling right now I mean obviously the relieved. I mean you got to be Sorin places I could even imagine. Yeah I'm in an app hits battle source and like a very and you know when I get up in the morning I'm kind of slowing. I really. A few good hit worst time out on a course and toward the end up about it started early recover and more yeah. So let yesterday with a really short days so I got to watch a police this and it did a third call me just finish up this morning. I. 4200 miles not I mean clearly I thought watch your crazy. Got bless you that but you don't want of the things that I guess that I really didn't didn't even register in my mind. When you hear somebody's gonna ride their bicycle 4200 mile giving you still think well it's like a straight shot right it's not it's up and down hills and you Lowe went through a tornado. If you read through L storms that mean you don't you sort of forget about all that's W I just in my brain when you say you're gonna do an advocate. 42 miles a cyst a lot of miles but a solid a lot of miles that's a lot of different conditions including. You know some 95 degree days that you winter. Yes so 100 different things about when you're out of play is here are susceptible to whatever is happening on the course you know. I met him on a wet batters like horny but usually I'm travel and put them loaded. Well that's about an hour or so you can't help storm blows and you can't really avoid it also time. Tenured. Jet delivered what happened. By the grace of god and some really kind people. Covenant heroes bill expands this. They were brought an air emergency action. System and they caught me on the road said. Always says there are you gonna do you treat it like around airpower struck back to the school. They're gonna get credit itself a tornado siren and how I wish I was integrated turn on. A half an hour later tornado operate down a highway and and I'll tell law. Power lines by buildings I mean I'd I'm discount my outlook is certain so here. JU road for a military widows. And I just watching a plug that that project that you raised money for. And and I I think Q did you know it was sides I mean I think a pretty much solved every David seem like you were dedicating a day. To a different fallen soldier every time it left in the morning right. That's correct so our way things we decided to do is I don't remember holders. Achieve their lives. Am not all school you know remember and honor of the way so it are now increasing families without. Without their fathers. And so security cart for staying any soldier. And I have another promise I made was I was gonna lead goes anywhere and of course I was gonna lead then summer significant so I left. Those cards that military nine immense and churches. Special people would ask what I'm still at and I would say what you like best open Eritrea like. My older that they would you create for their family and it's there reactions of people this starts sobbing. Orders. You know it whenever I got and it's it's obviously never ever done in my life but what Harry spiritual source for myself. I thought about these ladies put a noise that they are on this like you just go on and you think so fit just shuttle flight. What a blessing. God bless you. He's probably one individual. The most difficult portion of the course please. Should actually a significant things. In the first. I realized I was in over my head and well probably wasn't. As good as they should be. Yen the enormity daughter earlier in your net are critical for each quarter mile or Mike got off topic and do it and and that I got in one night and I subtlety got to do this she got it your your screen. On trips here it'll lock down. And so I decide to all the question I have to answer what I get up in the morning this terror writes today that says. Chatter right today. And that's side notable laureate and not some this thought on Sundays so sure and the amount the. Of those funny thing is said you learned you were worried about being fit enough but clearly aware right that mentally. You overcame that and then made it. And an effective thing is. A few times probably straying. You know that but right now today and whatever is an eight game I had had and it was tiring me out maybe it was a in you're like thirty miles out on the couch. Yeah and your brain like you know I'm bill I'm gonna make Jeanette and your body like. Or tackle it. It didn't look at it. Eight AJ this is stuff from highland the county controller want someone on the text or said your third biggest challenge was getting a two day detour because my fund raiser was on a county road on your path let. And so hysteria that and I apologize that that it but with. The. Yeah I'm so sorry all right while we were making jokes are supporting that you didn't title for New York because just in case you couldn't ask a separate and avoid upon us that's unreal lied OJ you said you know these these ladies you know all Boller or more of a man I guess would demand mainly it's women right that we've raised money for some widows of fallen military student you know we've lost him plenty of women in the military as well but. You said these these folks don't need a handout they need a hand up and that's what you've been raising money for a lob. Yeah yes so. You know I wish projected signature to a lot of them and one I got down sort of they hit it narrowed down mystery and I enter pitcher either. Yeah and you know you guys know me I'm all about big and grow. An unpopular topic like this like Tehran at this point it and you could get so much bigger bit and it's such certain person and she's such a please understand my mission is to eliminate security not grow it. And yet she's unbelievable individually editors special guest on this show. And you know obviously just an unbelievable individual channels money gem a praising throughout your journey here. I think I think though they're pretty different out over we're real close supporting grant. Miles away Jay how can I ate or other people were listening donate is there an account online the people can go to. Bridge you had a good go to it's www. Ride it's our 88 for the number four widows. Back. In their donations page there. And then I teach you hope crowd funding page all their money goes directly to cheer it I never get my hands. It's awesome. Congratulations jail lets you go celebrate and look forward to seeing you love that the Western Europe this weakness in put your body like a bucket of lice from like six days. I hope I have it right back. I hope I got right back here from Virginia. Good well congratulations test of champagne I don't completed unbelievable journey he should be. Very very pride OJ each ridiculously healthy but it might be that one Beijing that you finally break down and have a burger what's next churches who. Our very proud I would Florida seated on anybody Gailey deceive this week. I. Agree. That's products. So that's incredible. God bless we'll see you Monday about a eyes see you Monday during a weekend day gets arrests. As Jay Blanchard who just completed a 4500. Mile journey from Oregon. On the West Coast all the way to. Virginia on the East Coast took him 45. Days unassisted. Raised almost if not over 20000 dollars. For charity and right for for widows and just unbelievable and it. I think the mental fitness probably was a sounds to me it was just as difficult Zia has a physical fitness but Jay has got to be one of the toughest most determined. Individuals like Nolan and I knew when he started he wouldn't be. Got it again it just it. Luckily my cargoes that long and 45 I don't allow my I think about that red thing if you set averaging 4200 mountain trip in a car my problem. That's really pretty strenuous in my body CS. I don't like do 42 minutes. Now I think the thing. If he's there on the let's go let's go back Doreen allies that its historical background if you're a joint is by the way mr. Obama island Erie county controller in studio with us we're talking about. The potholes leadership years after the break a bit and talk about Medicare and Medicaid patients today. And a few things but now let's go back to Doreen thanks story for patiently appreciated. Hello I wanted to ask you about the bypass it clerics and elders several new things going but. You know what's what's going on as far as you know a positive projects there vs the actual need projects. Personally I'm not real or I mean I know with the white pants. Tying note that. We use them my eyes eyes. Up and down Goodrich road a lot to go over the one minute that goes east and last from like trance road toward Akron. But as far as any new bike I don't know if there's any new construction. Stop but there are quite. And they driving down them during the I don't that yet I'd out of harm our. I just he's so this is so so just that to the road for a sec is sold part of the Oak Creek road has fallen into the tree correct. More lives and one parent I don't agree yes. Like like. From the double yellow line. All the way to decree all look into the creek like there's no driving them out. There hasn't been any driving on it. And even when it fell in people's unfit that are trying to drive. Over other people whine because there was no growth to drive and they had to put up serious flack they just stop people from continuing to still try to get through their growth. And well my auntie is called the county though I mean dessert is there any sort of planned well they I mean pulling cars is gonna have folks out there but it was way more more important with the massive amount of rain we've been having hero fix all that he had a day to dig the roads out next to your fund raisers and try I'm cup. And Clarence for that one veto it so shameful though we don't we hear from Jay who's doing so much I mean literally working so hard to raise money for veterans go back to Memorial Day in blaze. They had actually cancel their Memorial Day parade because they are afraid of people walking on the county. Walking up. And I had to shut it down it was a safe yeah yeah I did not hit refineries are on that right by the way idea pleaded Poland Karzai now between banks projects. Planned for years plan for years that done and why did you pick Memorial Day weekend. That's the Cathedral City to close that they have canceled the anyhow shameful when you on their holiday Memorial Day bright in here to cancel parade. Because the among people who could walk on county road because driving down and a two miles an hour parade would be unsafe and why he thought the timing of the county road dog senate minority thank you so much feared your college preaches that you patent on mr. Other another envelope that says Julia November of last year when the snowflakes were flying. Anything happened in two days I'm Goodrich road the clearing north and that's Claire because road has been found dead ends. So many. Powell so let's have yet surfaced that. It couldn't be properly repaired they put down a top coat of blacktop. The pavement as the note was flying in November. See that's funny you said that has bookmark folders so that we couldn't do the blazed a road until warm enough. Now the funny thing laws as Wal-Mart and target where exceed. Redoing the parking lots of Mike march. Hit the private sector and they seem to just hold up justified it begs the politics of the culinary appreciate it and dominoes paving erode now now these deaths in only if it's your house of you know if there yet and they're putting their logo on all of the patches. I'd welcome them honor it absolutely good for them get them Erie counties that ultimately. You know what my next fund raiser will be catered by Donna dollop. Double and I love what we're gonna set up a website we're of them aren't all that is correct we're gonna do so. Thoughts on Al ansari I had to leverage your pre Natal 39 via one's two and it's our 933 on us now. Of course 106 once you've W you know they have just changed the fundraising model for every politician in what raised slash road repair I have to do get Decatur county roads fixing to get Merck pulled her to work a mall and you are selfless individual I drive fast. It very sharp break if you do sought the weekend and folks we have an office full of of very diverse financial professionals mother be estate planning we tyrant playing Allen playing. Most of them are certified on all the recertified and in some area or dollar letter B. You know certified financial planners chartered financial analyst side certifies those three claiming strategist and and much much more opinions about the week. He was talking up a 6331556331515. Be right back here he's ready at 930 WV. The welcome back. You've got the funny to guys my clothes run Moscow news studio our special yesterday's. Slightly eerie kind comptroller. Like possible potholes wasn't York's newest of going and we've talked about magic needed coming up here it's amazing. The dysfunction. In Erie Downey in the good times and the needs of the good times it is the time with the economy growing things that are growing. And and it's us early right now. It's a state to a you know what's really sad about your state. You know if you look at your state geographically it's very conservative right. But you've got these little patches or op really potholes. That if that's of voting blocs are really destroy the state. You know you look at the eighteen square miles of New York City. That you know things didn't even own cars and yet they're making our policies on cars and more we drive what we can do a summit would set. And the same is true around here you look at you know his little blocks in the city of buffalo that. You know world we that that put in a poll in Paris geographically every other town in the area and couldn't stand up. You were down roughly eight to one enrollment in the city buffalo and down to one in enrollment Erie county pertaining to Republican vs Democrat and it's very challenging. For those of us were fiscally conservative. We respect tax payers were the urine Democrat or Republican onto winning countywide and I think it's a testament to our party and our leadership. And all the strong candidates that we have that we're victorious despite the fact again being down 321 in the city buffalo and down to who won. In all of Erie county. It's tough to win New York State to you know less that getting any better because of most of the fiscal conservatives are just simply leave it there either right door. Venezia and taxes and in Florida you know growing and growing and growing and they're leaving so you're gonna get more lopsided dissenting it is get this but. You know the city of buffalo. It's not working folks I mean if you have kids in the school districts there broken. If I mean if you. Does that mean it's it's amazing to me that. You would not want to vote for somebody different to just try something different you know when you look at the worst places in the country Chicago Detroit Baltimore. San Francisco you know with the worst poverty in the worst crime in the worst shootings giving us. They're all run by Liberal Democrats every one of those places have an Erie county in buffalo is no different we have the same results from the same policies we've challenged mindful of ours. Many many times he's agreed to come on but yet continues I'd. Because he knows he can't defend those liberal progressive policies in the arena of ideas because they don't work the results are obvious. I think is a big difference between a gallon mark poll in Paris whose aid in liberal extremist he set himself he's in New York City liberal makes Nancy Pelosi look conservative. And mainstream moderate Democrats who supported mean all of my elections in and help elect me countywide who. Fight and work so hard just to pay for their kids go to college to pay their bills and work our NEC others. Who aren't putting in that same effort when it comes to work and paying their taxes and it better graphics and. As you pointed out you when you look at the Liberal Democrats in the used. They used to be for the working class person right that's the view we go to work put her boots. Now it's you don't go to work you set an all collect welfare and journal legal immigrants and global nature we get an attorney to be in some welfare benefits to what time but that's socialism right we're gonna tell you free health care for every situation we talked about that this morning in a TV show up money talk directly and we are playing videos of that as well we want a Mac as saying you're talking about a place that was one of the richest. These rich as your oil. Do you don't sell sellers of oil in the world right mean Brit Brit all these social longer program just collapsing economy 80% of the people now living in poverty. And thirteen 1000%. Inflation. Can't can't get if forget about getting good Madison McCain get the can't get he gives Brad. Why I think of my mom got bluster sells a birdie after she passed a few years ago when I foolish ran she's she was blue collar to the core hardcore Democrat first Rangers. While Haniyeh I don't know how many do I never voted Republican for that the other hand I'm in trouble my mother's battle back thanks his mom on the the conservative line independents I was all honey I think I'll sign. But it's not the democratic party of my idea that tapers on our airline bomb on an as I go back to that conversation and a democratic official this person said I used to fight for the working man. Now the Democratic Party the liberal extremists hijack it now leave they fight for the nonworking man. That's right and I'm not a huge fan of it was a Roseanne Barr but. You know she said especially at his eyesight and I didn't leave the Democrat party it left to meet him one way out on the left I was aware I am. Yeah I still believe in the same things but they've gone so far fringe that I identify more now with the Republican Party I think a lot of people showed that some. Today's Democrat party is the Democrat party JFK JFK would be a conservative Republican these days with his policies it's a Democrat party Karl Marx is what an absolutely right and that's what I tell local Democrats and Erie county on the guy that wants to reduce taxes I'm the guy that wants to reduce spending on the one wants to Spain and a hundred million dollars fixing our roads and fixing our parks and it's not a Republican or democratic ideal and I think that's why we're successful in Erie county and so. For a lot of you moderate Democrats who think the party is left do you within. Come on board you know support our efforts at the county level. I think that a lot of things that we can all the Korea right we all want better roads that we call a lot better on or jog a lot lower taxes less at least less waste taxes or something that really keeps this area did there's a strong right so. You know that the property taxes are rushing in western Europe's highest in the country over 3% I want to talk about that really focused on Medicaid. In the next hour I think that's you know a huge huge expense but obviously wonderful callers waiting patiently here. Lou like cabin up in Pendleton heights avenue line on the mind you guys were you Korea. Yeah. You know. And now bottom republic and around here are our I wanted to compliment you on keep getting. There was. It scripted in line as far as being. He recruit you Democrats you know. You beat me to Mexico and our fiscal responsible person that you law. But I wanted to actually this question are Republicans. And I wondered why it occurred you. Did you know chairman Archie never mentioned any considered. Apollo I'll be attorney general chairman of the Democratic Party. Also the chairman. Beat you recall people actions mentioned shrink. It's not a problem. Oh it's outrageous conflict of interest well look let's take it a step further and I'm gonna be speaking and hypothetical here. Let's say are running it's our poll in Paris next year I'm speaking hypothetically. And if it's a close race guess who gets to make a final determination as the elections commission and whether or not my votes count and juries elder do you think he's gonna. Here on the side of caution when it comes to my votes against his handpicked candidate for county executive pay speaking Carl marks or you know the structure that are in line with the think about it. Any aid in any election. This did chairperson. Of the Democratic Party will decide whether or not Republican votes count if there's anything. That suspicious or questionable this individual make a determination whether or not again speak as a hypothetical I did run for county executive. Whether or not my votes counted against our poll workers and. Which is probably on his team is different places it was a comedian that was in the senate. He lost to frank is L for Al Franken yeah they just happened to find a whole popular analyst at the saudis try. Throughout the development. I always felt account please I want to look out. I look back I get a bigger how they do it but the most deceased people in cemeteries are Democrats registered I don't know how they bowler religion there. It's amazing I think you'll find this box in this 1978. Cents all in order threads that. Right if you wanna join us and acts out in three takes the call can really appreciate it 8030 nine's real star 933 colonists it was 100. 61692. 36. Usher which greens signs all the green New York sun we don't know how does not bring that. I don't know I'm Maggie to the right your car gala event does is selling out of the end that we should be up and running by next week to solve raise money for charity so out of we're going to be doing more teachers more of those magnets green signs of more so we can do that people Wear around I think the battered and obviously economy as funny as possible it is. It's political we can so if you just about the week closing argument as we are to mention we manage money for a living. You can now pop Ira office for a complimentary consultation on 6331 15. 6331515. Whole other hour coming up stay tuned right here we've got more to come here on the radio program in a three and field star 930. We'll be right back in his review ninth street and be. The following is paid programming securities offered to pick brokerage LLC member funeral SIPC investment advisory services offered through independent solutions wealth management the financial guys an independent solutions are not an affiliate depict brokerage services LLC the political views and should not reflect the views of peak brokerage the show was not intended to provide specific legal tax investment or other professional advice please consult a professional for your specific situation this radio shows for informational purposes only and is not intended to solicit or recommend any particular security information discusses obtained from sources believed to be reliable but its accuracy and completeness or not guaranteed. It's time to talk money. I'll go back go about. It's the financial guy is radio program. It's Glenn wiggle all my god. And Mike Lomas how old boy she'll walk get bad. Welcome back to reach Glenn might now call 8030930. Pull free 180616. WB CN himself calls are free and started 930. Now live from the WB EM studio. It's you is glad wiggle and Mike moments. Or maybe our number two mile financing guys' radio program I'm your host city England lately with Michael as we know the funny to guys in studio with Ron Moscow. As well as stuff I'm Ohio that a lot of fun today appreciate you coming as a. Outlet it give it Saturday my wife cash's home alone with maxim Roman so I get a little bit of a break for two hours home and he's five months although I I would call her old daughter and a fine month old son maxim Roman he's home with would actually right now so this is like this two hours you guys feels like in nineteen week vacation. If you allow it a little blanket and happy. I can't sleep and I remember those days. And fortunately passed it but you know course is always you know that was following Maryland we're going to college now we that are. Scary ration cards aerial plastic my I have my daughter studio while the veil of BS she's been helping the outlook. Facing the average thing Twitter just show Pratt competitive. Commercial caught days at the sales the sales as righteous as director of the media operations of the races. Awesome I'd if you wanna join us here again in 039 Rios to our 930s a recon is 106169236. Vizio and hundreds it's Wednesday WB yet. The text line is three's yeah 93 units 3931. Attacks is always great tax. Coming in some reason we should challenge our listener to donate a hundred dollars to. The right from widows I will challenge that you I think he's. Is close to over 20000. Raising money just completed his race in this that we had him on the bottom of the gallery just pulled him to. Two Virginia via this line 4200. Miles on a bicycle forty raises. According five days before and data raise money ride for those stuck it to the full hour with those dot com they make it Asians agree closet and ages but the last month and the life. I am self. Natalie elements battling physical fatigue and and battling the mental fatigue that that goes along with them doing something like that so. If you can make a donation. It was certainly appreciate ID twenty miles ride for Roswell to yours and around twenty miles on a bike. Am I behind it was sore at after three chance that GB to five times that every day for me on that anniversary I every holes in my career and that I didn't even know exist that. Such heated that fight it five times that distance through mountains to Rockies I mean unbelievable month and a half for every day every day for a month that a similar retirement a doable my trips can be a little different it's going to be like cumin is gonna ride the Blake and and they simulate a taco stand and little. The what makes it a mile and a half it's over for today so yeah at this rate he's gonna be back at 20/20 two without that you have not read this year's Lowery. Because if you do at the hotel right next RI. And I just announced operate as a place of motors on the Internet there's going to be days Ramona go to Saudi vials 30000 Israel make a theory that may it's that the it while we news about the week folks again we are talking about potholes they were talking about Erie county we're talking about Somalia. The finances of the things like Osama tax and sent it yes if properties as a resource. You can follow us on Twitter at did you guys you can like this on FaceBook. I use iron website as a resource and the finance guys back. We're just color opposite of my life for a cutlery consultations extra 31 violent I'm in six retreat. 1550. Twos here in 03930. It's irony there. Going cross as perfect as that would be. About Kutcher and ice cream truck idea I've received via taxes for Clinton in that area polling you're simply must believe that unemployment checks will be the way to grow and stimulate the economy. Yes a lot of mail all Nancy Pelosi actually admitted they X let's hope that's the biggest stimulus look at the city of buffalo how much public sector money the pumped into the city couldn't get anything negro until. Com. The bills all right Kathy was go it'll happen ghoulish open private money in boom and those were funny it was two things that happen may twelfth street things hard control board and everybody forgets about that I put coolest of which made l.'s money fracking which none of us in your state have the opportunity to do that right. And then they actually gave a tax credit to to preserve and restore historic buildings so while it of that tax credit. Lower taxes optimize peanut or a control board to babysit it. And the cool those who made billions of dollars somewhere else to we don't have the opportunity here. And here's my concern over the recount in Amare poll in Paris a global extra liberal extremists that he is is now pushing policies. To have an affordable housing component when it comes to Erie county that would basically force private developers and even development that you have. That you were forced to give a certain percentage of your apartments two of the working poor what a joke and now the joke it why doesn't really all that I would seem that these supposedly be so sick marquis allowed. You build some field ass and give some of that away now are one so now even with the with our EC idea haters policies and procedures they're pushing when it comes to. They can send in your private sector company a forensic auditor in. To determine whether or not your hitting certain benchmarks for a non minorities things of that nature I did not set an otter Indy your company. And to benchmarks I want to ask you that we toddler Medicaid and property tax on asking about the the the construction rules for how I would I just gonna say that wrecked that I have to be I have to hire you that shows us goes. Well and there's also two a lot of the when it comes to do the work training our requirements now I know when it comes to media people and talk about the wicks law in Erie county. It goes you talk about 30000 foot view if you hear the government should be providing basic services fixing our roads police fire jails libraries. And then we should be creating a culture where businesses can survive and thrive if not the exact opposite we shouldn't be picking the pockets via taxes of hard working Democrats hard working union people or companies. We just have to create this culture where businesses or can survive. And then get out of the way. That's right but they don't it's simple but they believe that they are the wizards of Smart and so they're better at spending our money that we are so they confiscated my job and they can pick the winners and losers. They think that's right way to go when you look at the actual people they peck on the cubs APEC probably loser yup colors and any time. Right I can't can you name one successful project as the these stages it is at now that's. Well even your Garnett when we share sales to act of 1977. Sales tax sharing agreement so that the city's title one elect on about the would not. Let either owned sales actually this seal six sharing agree hundreds of millions of dollars that we gave. To school districts and towns and villages you know you talk about our own cars he went out on WB and says well I have this hammer. That we could use that can potentially withdraw that money if there and I don't consolidate forced them to do it and so it goes along the lines of government picking and choosing. Winners and and more times it's disastrous for taxpayers were paying the bail. Almost every single time for sure we have buy stuff on my high Luther used to tuning as a mile Erie county controller in studio what is bothering me after the hour. If you have questions for amoral our comments please feel free throw restaurant here in 03930. And start 930 and a switch gears and our talk about the property taxes is Erie county animal with a quick break just tease for second here. We have civilized country. Right no doubt about it I mean look at other place we we have the highest in the country I asked me that I actually I think cheek to log is number one in the country is 33 and a half percent one most of the country is point 821%. In. Indirectly Medicaid is a reason for that when it comes your county taxes in New York in the infinite wisdom of these genius politicians. We're one of the first few states in the country that forces counties. To pick up New York State's share of Medicare normally it's 50% federal 50% state. How many years and Erie county we pay more in our Medicaid bill than what we collect in property tax. Crazy kid knew that we get into a brick was zigzagging tells her about the wrath filling. Sure god tells her whether they get folks that we do not and I got out you've got out of the stars yet you you can't make this stuff off of you really have to hear this. So stated if you wanna join us again you know 3930. Start answers a freak on site at the financial guys hi Lou in the studio with us here along with Russia Moscow. An injury at 930 deputy Ian. A welcome back plants are guys like Lamas my Moscow and studio along with your company comptroller. And stuff hi Lou and now do story time in the file I think this is already tired this year so therein lies a maximum value I was on us for the taxpayers as is now these are not fun stories user stories of abuse fraud. Stuff you can't make well me. Is it to me my first day it working hand me a book it was about a steak is a phone book and said oh here's your massage therapists and their Erin and acupuncture risk and you create anything here vague shall pass on the controller now I'm back. And at this time. I think it's kind of it's for every county employee and that we're gonna audit that churn out we found. Over four year period taxpayers are paying about one point four million dollars waseige an acupuncture and eventually with a lot of union contracts the county get rid of it. But I couldn't believe it that's unreal to teach a balloon that. That's even even going to the back at a rant though because there's a separate entrance for welfare or social services. I couldn't figure out coming from on the main place mall macular innately small lot David to mourns their Greek food court there. And I couldn't care why all of this the cars. And out of state licensed to us. And someone. Hotbed for tourism until I get a quarter whole raft building and main place mall as holiday. And someone of the opposite now because the Medicaid benefits and welfare benefits are so generous in New York State. That people will come here from out of state. In establish residency at thirty days and then get the Cadillac of health care and. I don't care whether you're Democrat or Republican we've been saying that I've incident bull has been saying this for years right. The the country really needs to start being divide them against not to hands and have nots it's. It's the people who work in want to work and battered their lifestyle or doctorate every night to people who don't you know and it's you know I drive around Western New York we're growing at half the rate of the rest of the country have to re arrested hundreds and there's still help wanted signs every everywhere I had seven a moment we will work there yeah seven UN -- than always two or area there are if you drive around out there help wanted signs from electricians plumbers you know a CD out rock guys to guess the issue right now factories whatever they're all up whenever these and these are not like fast food jobs these -- -- looking for a plumber were looking for electrician forty million people of footsteps and can't find a job they can buy them if company that in an advertising in the radio now that they're -- me. It's got a big kick actually work right on the street my new office outwardly that was a new I got signed as an open interviews come on it yet just just popped it Pollyanna or talk to you what I you. In looking at New York State Medicaid it really is in some respects the Cadillac of benefits that there's bottled water that's paid for care brides. To doctors' appointments Viagra in hardworking taxpayers. Are footing the bill that's of these politicians don't understand. The money comes from somewhere and these liberal extremists like our poll workers don't understand. The taxpayers worked incredibly hard for their paychecks they send their kids to cap. It should put food on the table. Living paycheck to paycheck. And these extremists think that money grows entries at a tea and the hard working Republicans. Hard working ups are harboring Democrats out there are sickened after it exactly like Donald Trump one and two big time and he crushed her. And it's because these folks they work they go to factories and Joaquin that you UPS there were General Motors Ford it worked about soft. And I hope to god there is sick and tired of design and neither Democrats have an answer now it's abolish ice. Pick and a racer taxable does he answer that is a more voters than they answer again. Even in the last election I was endorsed by actually the union asked me endorsed my candidacy for county controller bees again. I don't I'm not a Republican comptroller and at a democratic controller on the taxpayers' control. And I represent the working man in the working woman we're today's liberal extremists again they worked represented than non working man and none were. Cannot say I hope is that the non US citizen and a guy and I don't even people that do vote are supposed to vote will put they do I'll tell you what mr. pulling tires was not exposed the last around as that being that left wing. And I'll tell you if the party at a national level wants to continue do that they're gonna continue to lose election after election for life they'll continue to lose members. A hard working union men and women that go in with the boots on every day their hands get dirty they were car all day they're sick and tired of paying for the welfare benefits just like I am. And that's why I think it Gallagher mark Bullock cares cares more about giving illegal immigrants driver's licenses. The as about fixing routes clearly cares more about refugees in cleaning our parks. Clearly I think Democrats and Republicans are sick and tired of these liberal extremists. That spend their tax dollars like it's going out of style. There's no doubt about it is that the songs that we can let's go to that it should in Rochester page on our. Big guy he's you know. Have. Mark Paul Kirk is in the liberal he'll lobsters. A I'd I was brought a plea deal I was brought up at a democratic also my parents were both union members. And stuff that's why do liberals and Democrats. Were God's sakes. Two days I'm off the chair side I left the Democratic Party and. Because they they're off the rails right now look at look at their job that I had the Democratic Party nationally. They'd they'd get some for us he's so Keith Ellison. Lead Taggart diminish from Minnesota. Who is a supporter Okaloosa Erica leader and anti semite. It's unbelievable. That they would. Can't dance in her leadership tamper as a possible NATO. I'll move is no less this time Perot as we drive the charges against two new book cancer party. Because he's in an election night big two children later. By 2012 here remember because. Do you instill. The local election laws apply to white exploit those people he's. And it's an institution. Apparatus. Representative supports Corrado a racist and. We'll talk he just flat outs John I mean he just basically was to seriously question the the woman Alexandria what can either of them like this court has Ortiz. About socialists such as one and he says she's a future or part refuse. That's the future academically you part of any fringe we used to beat the fringe itself present to lawlessness still lying about it once in a while via what not even once not a just like the color is our future that is already oh socialist para educator. I love San because again jobless among us all that she would not recognized today our credit our on our issues are hard working woman who worked as Abbas aide in nurse's aide she worked hard for her seven kids can't. Kennedy would've been. One of the more conservative. Republicans even are absolutely what he'd be Astra said he's a freedom caucus pocket yeah well it. That it was announced an element we countless goes to. What did you in ten more idea orient. Hope there. I can get bit by the but if we're crazy for along okay. Is is in New York State as far as I know it's only one of thirteen states stick his welfare this single individuals. OK if you're single between I don't ages of eighteen in. In six you're so like that and you're able to work not not disabled but you're able to work. You don't get well for Iowa down to Florida one day to visit friends down there. Hey I even house goes to the welfare department they say you can go back in the United States. In Florida we don't give welfare to single individual. Let me let me add to that and and you I love you don't here's the distinction by the way its luster to its. It's disability. Right and I think there's a big difference because when you slow to take away welfare. I have heard people's wallet and there's people that needed they're sick well that's disability SI welfare right. In Florida they actually drug test them when they came out several gonna drug test you. If you're on welfare 35% of the people dropped out in this state 35%. Of the welfare checks are cast outside the state they don't even live here. It's a scam they're there they're on Myrtle Beach having a corona right now I New York time. But I don't care whether you work in a widget factory you drive a bus or near the CEO of XYZ company. Eat your your tax money is getting abused out. On this son of an an immigrant who was a typewriter repairman and when I went to Syracuse University. I worked in the dining hall washing dishes and worked one summer I worked overnights. Loading trucks and channels it welled jubilee yield super duper and then toward the construction job during the day. So my only day off was getting an eight hour shift because I had it in my own way through school. You survived. You can barely at night after night for 2000. You're now an article you get in I only let these days you're showing your age a little note do you believe it's right. Clean air up up up up. Men thanks for the college appreciate it. It is about. It was a good question well are you about who luckily didn't vote. I I think moderate Democrats. The Democratic Party has left you you did not leave the Democratic Party and I think when it comes to countywide. Elections got to give us moderate Republicans were fiscally conservative shot and think okay. But it does this guy represent merely wants to lower my taxes put more money in my pocket and reduce my spending. 31 in electing guide it now wants to spend tens of thousand dollars banning plastic bag. Okay is it him on people's LA county races don't matter I'll tell you what it does and can energize that base to make the bigger elections. The governor's races making that we can win this right. And I think that's what's happening now on this governor's race everybody's nobody going to be Cuomo you know whatever right. You got to win these county races to get to the next level it does energize the base and I've I continue to say this. The left wants to continue to vilify them the last let him go because we're not gonna win they're not gonna win they're gonna win some small races ago when some tiny areas like New York City. You're an active when this country the country's relatively conserved geographically. New York State is a conservative state less well off thirty mile of the size they are excited and it is absolutely thirty miles abuses us look at the little patches in the city of buffalo. Manhattan to. That's why they would they don't want people write you write I mean let's let's put the two duty of course it's got a got a six year old could figure this out they want open borders and they don't wanna get rid of the illegal folks that are here. They wanna give them driver's license we'll talk about that. And they want to allow them to vote actually is what this they don't like any voter ID. So that they have the ability to vote that's what it's done because they know they're losing the union members of losing the working well they're losing them. They're losing the African American block an outlaw gasoline there folks are waking up let the regular men now under trump that you keep Tellme is racist mine life does improve. In the middle of the tax cuts the task that's my paycheck went up in for a guy with the with the baby at home to family and saving for our twelve year old daughter go to college. Every single dollar counts and with the revenue that I received from the trump. Tax cut I put it right. In it in a savings account for my kids for college and that means it means something to. John thinks look Ali appreciate you're joining us here 8030930. Start nicer because of 106169236. Into a very short break. Hop across a hall check in with the news here we come back with a check in with our investment guided merry actor talks doctor few minutes don't take more calls and questions from the French radio program will be right back. We welcome back. It's funny to guys Oakland with a Mike Lomas finalized though in the studio here with you cut controller stuff on the island. Agreement kind liking the music I'll give them props to frank or curry who's running the board and producing the show. Always as always Jason screening our calls we appreciate Jason the screener calls for fifteen plus years. Here on WB and we've been on here now at this January. Will be our twentieth he's here I'm here simply twentieth anniversary. Fine as a radio program when this hardly clear that the Western New York radio show hall of fame yes gives us the invite to go CC Andy. We predicted back Natalie and we don't get it and you know it dominated we don't even get the invite never CC Andy get in dot dot I of the great city. Anyway I mean think about twenty years even if they really bothers show is not prize like I must say I think that they really Sutter shows like they would say look it. This legacy of bad news as it ever want your clothing items and wants. Well able to wait staff for scenes are at today yeah if we get invited to suddenly I'm buying the dumb and dumber if we always lighted yet agreed to play it like to put these happen and hold as Trent Lott. Plus they pay up front they've they've already gotten whom we're serving drinks. I. It must work the it looked. Really nice meal and stock 930 abuse story time and I just a few minutes here but before I do you. We ridiculed the music for our very own investment guy gave Mary act in a day for those of you that. Are tuning in for the first time we'll know that he is a true outdoorsman. The man who makes his own clothes caught his own would builds his own house Dayton area about the approach are A days. Already got terrific I do I'll make it another table today it would it would yet though in the you know what worked out there is I'm I'm going to surely. Thank you for the introduction of staff. Hello Lou I loved the music I need selling best lawyer who gets fifty on Dallas yet. That retirement story about to hear buys them there twice a thought it was a dare I thought I am Russell is down we call democracy could angle that there they'll probably speak there that you issued a press conference. Hats off to them to the Everett police officer who did the press conference for having the patience of saint. It just because you had asked the question doesn't mean you should at least some of these questions. Well did you what did they what they do take them there while they shop. It's got a hair was necessary at that fancy. Don't let the best my fear one know what is are you sure he got the right there guys insulin while. In last it was and other related Baird ranking fourth play. Pretty sure that. Yes this was that there we played rock paper says he was gonna take them down. May kudos to immerse PD it is an unfair death in all the yes of the wounded animal we are. Was right there it was you know is wandering all hop and a client right it. It so they did the right decision I heard a lot of them like to like I really need to go out there and tackle this thing you you could end Larry and it's not there might really need to go out there in the and the streak intact analysts think it would be what are your thoughts they do the right thing what would you have done. I think that you are I would loved to have had someone tranquilizer remove. You have to air on the side abrupt cautious. Approach and safety and probably. I guess you there yeah thirtieth by Carlos and I can definitely the the duly Il. As us. All right Dave's obviously but we can market rate or in some getting back to the highs again we're just entering earnings season couple reports out this week and what are your thoughts. So that the markets and trade tension really is the over scenes that entire market. Did now let's start with the overseas markets generally Donald. Across the board that oversees the US markets slightly up the recipes are maybe 4% shall work maybe slightly ahead. Talk about the China market eleven kind earning news inexpensive and and and not a good for the Chinese stock market the European market. I think the best Chinese stock market's getting hurt business there there probably under the assumption that they're going to lose the trade or to trump. I would I would agree with Lou European. Fourteen times earnings with a 4% yield and I was looking somewhat. Maybe. Oversold the west bracket seven kinder or seventeen times earnings so probably fairly. Billion maybe just slightly overvalued or in between like it when you were saying. You know we're we're we're actually back and forth not a lot of movement in the in the stock market here as US. But. Some were relying things as well it looks like energy has come back we talked a couple of years ago that it really been. You know really beaten down now it's come back it's it's. They're talking about. The liquid natural gas in British Columbia a thirty billion dollar project. Doing a project out of there and shipping it off short liquid natural gas which is interesting because natural gas is not really been. Favored in the last fortify your source if I see some movement there. Well over US corporate bonds you'd dig down world but year to date down so. If it's it's. I think they'll like you said something about a stock pickers market last not last week that the that we previous. Talked about this threes General Electric which is now looks like it has bottomed. General Motors right they always seem to be in a quandary but. General list. Looks like media has bottomed I think in the 4% yield so much at this particular overall markets and as long but I didn't mention the NASDAQ. Fairly strong. And those big companies like. Like a Microsoft and at Netflix. Those guys have had good years. And now we're not looking out this week Bank of America black cracked GB hard to trucking company Johnson & Johnson which is in the battle over their. Talcum powered in match. American Express Textron MT bank update leagues separate Blackstone Microsoft are obese company reports its going to be the it's gonna be of this hugely Amazon had a big moves this past week. You know Amazon we talked about where we talked about Ramadan last year when they announce buying our whole foods. Which wanted to costume drops 25%. We can't buy it now. Can't go is up twenty Ike to 30% since then so that it about but Amazon is going even higher so this week. They announced they're gonna do their own switching processes which is just meet in another words. Could affect any which we acre outdoor liquor liquor. A Cisco Systems. Or Juniper Networks. Just go drops by to go out which is a lot for them about 45% so. Yeah any fear that Amazon eventually gets caught up an antitrust. Type of real business break up like eighteen team and Microsoft they get broken up but it certainly expect to stop. It. Looked big Amazon is somewhat like a Berkshire Hathaway. Where it continued to. There's some predatory is there a lot out there that they're able to take on industries have somewhat good margins. But what it is encapsulated into their own. We are doing. And it just I just thought I mean nick after. We I don't know boxer till he is yes Urbana leverage it to exactly and operations and business. 200 yours drop by for our dollars. Or is it. It are all like you said stock pickers market keep mimic nature while diversified making sure your stocks that the right themes and make and you're doing your homework right. She. And I think stave have a great weekend appreciated thank you need to act Utley couldn't docket are stuck managers of the opposite 633 once violent five. 63315. Cities of tax it taxes 3930. Twenty years on the air looking every bit and feeling a negative as well and they hit it particularly care data rate goes. As well. It's my face for radio yet and the stock market act X is helping the county budget because. There's more money in the pockets of people across the county they're spending more fair and our sales tax revenue was up. Sales tax revenues actually the largest source of revenue for the county more than 400 million dollars in previous years you would actually from December to December some years we thought it would go up with Christmas and actually went down really but under this economy is roaring in our sales tax revenue was up for the county budget. If you're throwing it just the national average rush. Evacuated just get all of a national title all double that we would be double or more what we're bringing in these fix our roads and give people a tax cut they deserve this land is doing so nobody uses two small record amount of money going into the federal coffers this quarters and a man I can't continue to say again Nancy Pelosi said it would be Armageddon that's tax cut giving people back there would die people would die instead Basra they're bringing in a record amount of money exactly what we called by the way. War and actually our son was born cover 81 we can February and that's when I looked in my direct deposit my paycheck might borrow that one it went Ottawa console on my wife reactionary we decided you know what what are the differences you're gonna sock away in a college fund. For our daughter Mia in her son Max and that's who we did with. The action minor page. Well I know they're hoarding it you're hoarding your I don't know I got just that. Everything else is doing Amazon believing. A higher rate mystique it won't work Soledad that would do quick break that would do the story time and I anymore you can stories. Let's go to Delores and amber alerts or you. Hello I want to thank the hosts that wanted to say hello to step fat boy and walking around telling tell a woman till the world and I tell him how great. He Chris Allen Darren and our local Boston. Elections but I am I am very frustrated with the Democrats I'd listen to those sister station next door to you. Me and they hate trump. Well you're my neighbor Hamburg my wife and I are in the village now. That would ever yes they always Knight has moved last year. All you do what I found out Orchard Park property taxes are lower. I just sum it up yesterday. We're going Orchard Park Johnny ball there give the man who the. Here's the thing I'm thinking about the Democrats. And there are a couple of different things I'd like to bring up that are really. Critical and serious number one. Thank you Jay for what you have done after the women's. It's a little bet with IMAP. And my ID act. When I was a kid. And it makes all the difference in the world of somebody's there to help you thank you for for what you've done he needs more than 20000 dollars everybody ante up. That's right right at the number four widows that ride for windows in anything you could donate ten bucks funny blogs mean. 45 days. Everybody everybody any a OK if she can't 4545. Dollars for her before that dollar a day. These guys you. But anyway I thinking about the Democrats are a couple of different things that I'm concerned about. One a lot of people we've talked about the military which Jay was. Okay. Did you realize in this was it you may make C did you realize it. The death you know you'd get X number of military that are committing suicide every day. Because. Budget. That the budget. And at the farm budget. That double the amount. Of farmers are committing suicide yeah yeah yeah. And that was in the news banks magazine and the horrific the other thing I want you to know about and stepped up I don't know about this I think it might be kept in the accommodate. Because I found out that they wanted to act. The Cheektowaga. It's Cheektowaga graveyard. And use it for school for education. No they vote. People and graveyards vote at that they vote early and often deliberately Kennedy yet don't worry that we've got lottery money for that yet. Cart to the lady. That was writing this topic she thought it was a great idea and I made that Cavendish said I beg your pardon. The only people that exit dead are the Muslims. War we are you ready for and I mean that not that security be clear. While their running the Democrats are running out of things to tasks of me that's what they do Monday through Friday pulling cars if he's gonna show up to work. He's thinking about ways to take your money he's not thinking about ways to grow the economy and build jobs they think about ways. Good to have to grab your money if it's Kennedy Tim Timmy Kennedy gives Imus is saint call all they show up figure out ways to take your money. I mean if we're not taxing graveyards why not right. County spending is up more than a 150 million dollar since he took office yet got a good summer and that money should go back to the people who paid the bill and that's the hard working taxpayers where the you're a Democrat Republican whether you work. I'm an assembly my line re Wear or white collar to work. Those of us in the private sector are paying the bill in in the politicians need to be mindful that he's going to act is number equally it's a fun that's not the total correct that's the actual increases the increase the. Three this gentleman. Nobody will ever deprived the American people up the right to vote. Except the American people themselves. And the only way they could do this is by Nat voting Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And I don't think it'll Morrison appreciate it have a great weekends in a three nines we noticed our 930 is a lot this breaking news that you know. You scroll to text or think we pay our bills this week that they the Communists school this season he has the word is doing now going to go to column Caroline and should talk while I Caroline. The question of Medicaid. I put comments. First off thank you critics Graham I've been listening to it than Jupiter started when I was completely boring. Thank you. Tell us how you really feel it was born she's right. What what does that she's been listings being in the show was really boring and it's true beginning of this shelling today no I think to twenty years well he actually. It when he knew it there see what I bring to the table and it's exciting that's up the holes you get a tour is so basically took us twenty years the figured out that's for slow learners. You had you added politics to the money and that it made it reminding me politics yes that's true. My question is is that firm. I'm I checked that person. In I don't think people you have explained it very well but I don't think. Some people can visualize. The pie chart of Medicaid. In most states. Is capital tie the feds pay for the Medicaid costs. And half of the pie and Medicaid the states and that's correct. The date thank you pay a market to vote here in states for some reason. Cool. Device that. Stay past. And and shove it down to the county. It that's correct it. Are you looking for a job would you like them are all the less innocent expeditors. You're right in it's a great way to put it New York State's one of the few states that forces counties as an unfunded mandate from Albany. They force us to pick up 25% of the seats half. A Medicaid and in six of the last ten years in a report read it recently show that week well we paid more in Medicaid. For that bill and we did collecting property taxes in the recount and it's a great analogy it's a great way to put it and earlier please. You may he may and I just texted and Khalili trek did you need our state doesn't have a Cadillac. How medicated that the Porsche program most states have the borders. That's right and Israeli attacks they very much and you know I think in the last artistic eye I saw yours abilities to talk about the slop and I've seen it lately temperatures those saying that. New York spends as much on Medicaid as California and Texas. Combined. Which is gather which is really scary when you sleep Californian and here's the problem I had right. Is that states get to cherry pick what they provide so yes lawmaking in certain programs are mandated New York State actually chooses. The more expensive cost when it comes to Medicaid and those of us in Erie county. We have no control of how New York State spends there aren't so we have no control whatsoever that the pocket. Delusional thing like taxation without representation or heard that before we have to pay the bills will be union known. Unreal. Comment I want more kind of step. In Chautauqua cattle. Are there any taxes about fifty cents on the dollar goes to Medicaid and I think Erie county it's closer to every dollar you pay. Green county Texas going to Medicaid. And some years more than every dollar. Okay now my question to you essentially good with numbers. It to county did not have the responsibility. Of being from Medicaid is it shifted to the state. Like most other states. And people had an extra money. And they were spending on things in generating. Sales tax revenue. Well wouldn't that mean into the overall economy of the area it. It would mean we'd be growing like other parts of the country are cool it was always you're assuming that if we don't have that expands is that the count is gonna lower the property tax here's what I. And actually it's I'm so glad this question came up because congressman Chris cows actually pushing for this. When it comes in the out repeal of so called Obama care we came out with a proposal let's say how we would give. Taxpayers 75%. Of that money that we spend their money Keane would go back to taxpayers in the foreign tax cut and then I wanted to spend 25%. Of that roughly it would mean if you take it that you are million dollar roughly tournament a million dollar Medicaid bill. I wanted to return a 150 million dollars taxpayers in the form of tax cut. And then dedicate an additional fifty million dollars to draw or our road repair and that was my plan that I proposed wind Chris countless fighting. Until forced New York State to pick up the task and they showed it. It's a great question opens yes sales tax revenue. Go through the roof and this recordable happenings in what rule but what happens we'd actually grow like the rest of the country. Right we're growing at half the rate the rest of the country even with the quote buffalo billion. They say talk on Allan appreciate it thank you 803093 of starting various I hope they didn't separate that bear from its children solely to accident it is true. God forbid a flag bearer lives matter. I called gamers police and really did and I say hey you know you guys did a great job Daniels did a great job and are always served nobody ever wants summer and now it's a bear hit by kind of sit there and had to make it tough decision obviously nobody got her it is the right thing and you know of course I'm sure they're getting threats from the there are people emails but it's now rise of there. That was the kid. Like that you know isn't there so it's you know it's it's it is what it is and they had to do news. It through ninth we start 930 shoes of more. It's gonna told us all thought I Tony how are you. There yet to call you that. Security. You don't retire or keep working to learn and what it's the issue which you heard I reached him. Hear your full retirement age so that could be either 66 or 67. When she reached apple retirement age you can earn as much you want her before that they're gonna take you back from. So you have to look at your actual statement on line to. Those hurried back. And you can find that your retirees right there. You've got to reconcile my case but in our offices 631515. And he can probably bites your birthday. Tell the top as. Easily as Angela park at eight they accounted. As sadly it's like her office answered by those Hillary Clinton strategist at 6331515. And that person just taxes actually right and that there are human. There's eight people would be complain about it tonight in era and you know I think it is one of those will lose lose situation right and again hats off to vehemently for doing the right thing it. And again the patience of a saint to whoever I was this thing that held a press conference. And at answered the questions of the best of his ability. It began if you have a press credentials just because you can't ask a question. Doesn't mean you should ask you what there's there's been some tax and some of our listeners asking you to run for different offices yeah this is the newest one we need to run for governor who may edit. Too bad guy Governor Cuomo can't debate you on finances that would be fun Governor Cuomo can't debate too many people are much and then another look at it liberal because their policies it's so easy to poke holes that are good you can just take examples of places and while it would be just a more money. Our laws look at us look at awful right that we spent a billion dollars of buffalo buffalo billion. If if if government spending spurred economic growth. We would be we would either paradigm we would be the Mac. We will have a 2% unemployment rates and threat or 5% growth rates and is that we have 1% master unemployment before run out of time I want to circle back to the the contractors issues you know I've we've been a lot of construction votes and and business owners are construction guys that build you know like how these stuff one. Obviously there's going to be increased costs when you force employers to hire people from certain as it goes when hearing from some of these. In my president industry applies industries. I've got to find the guy is hard to fight began was. He's not qualified V so it becomes a risk not only to themselves but to my other employees so to Google we do is we see you goes over their corner. You know eat lunch all day honestly got here editors that I just so we can say or edit the code was you have to be year round site you gotta have your heart Adam please don't touch me tools. What kind of an impact cost lies is gonna have to. To all the county projects to happen going forward. Just as bad as it would be if we actually have this affordable housing idea that again that would force private developers to give some of their apartments. To the working poor he didn't federal government do something similar like that with the banks a few years ago that my and a cousin if she were to. Almost the last that are accountable. Yeah it's it's an and that's the problem is when people in the public sector we have no idea what it slide to actually work Ian. The private sector in the impose these rules and regulations on the private sector tiny have good intentions but these policies one according companies. They laid people off and that hurts the local account of you think about that we want you to build a building and your literally and give away part of that building. It's an American yeah I'm sure that the lining up to build up like when my family queued American 1965. When my about a past when my grandmother I found some of the old paperwork. And they see exactly 4500 dollars to buy a house at William and Fillmore in the front and I and then we live in annaly in the back BP cash. And the earned it it was a Ayers it was their home had to learn English they had to learn English it would in my again Omega undergraduate I found. Her old work books when she took English classes while I mean I jokingly say she learned it from the numbers one through 75 and the Yang Ngo. But I actually saw that well or February it was so adorable because my bottle was writing literally see Jane run ceased by that that can yeah answers to learn English yeah not well serve act and have a sponsor that sponsor EMI my grandfather my deal in my about what they worked at mercy hospital he was she was a G inner. He was in means and they were in my idea was is greater and to work. No government handouts and they serve and I still have made they made it and I'll look what happens between seven Alley for cocoa governor callable is a kind of pinned down and how they got this question now let's ask that question this week in regards to disease does he bear any responsibility. For what is as comments regarding Simoneau is specifically and the red baiting did you get a chance to hear those comments from governor Connelly if you get what you thought. Yeah we we heard the idea of well I don't know if there's any more than I could have gone and then I I look at Mark Mullen are looking to buffalo in that day. Held a press conference in front of our federal courthouse and lead out an ethics plan for New York State. And I think democracy in action if you don't want the government you have registered to vote in if if you are register wrote make sure. Your vote matters and you exercise that vote the ballot box is and Marc Molinaro he's got a an ethics plan when New York State. Because obviously we're doing now isn't working. Right we will have viable on RO as well as I think very sharp as well in the future we will be putting invites out this week all the candidates in the lobby is Cynthia Nixon we know that governor call will go nowhere near. Idea a microphone or with anybody can ask the real question. And that's the best thing and yet the single about again do liberals I wish. If they were honest about you know what they believe that they would be willing to debate those policies against conservative thinkers like us and try it I would be happy try to change their lives is let's talk about what. You know you give me examples of where those policies are working indeed Tommy here's where the government has control of industry the government isn't in charge of certain things it is a show me how it's working for positive pretty impressive the massive amount of scandals he's been involved list. And the points lead he hasn't. Race and it is just ridiculous that would even when you look at the differences in opinions you talk about elections and and liberal ideology look I'm account a guy that wants to cut taxes. Mark Poland Paris is a liberal extremists who want to ban plastic bags I wanna invest. In our infrastructure and actually clean up our roads he's getting cares more about the players climate Corzine does people who pay the bills down and there's going to be a distinct difference between my countywide policies. And that of liberal extremist he called himself New York City liberal Merkel wasn't wasn't indicating bringing in a bunch more refugees as well and that's why the population's going. While he was yeah he was tough as it read well by his. Well how hard of their lost whiny you're 126000. Refugee yeah that's right that's stuff I think he's a much everything you asked we lost 20000 taxpayers try to that this aspect of the highly Erie county controller thank you gentlemen Hilary is the future we really appreciate it Dallas area communities throughout the week votes did manage money for a living. If you wanna commend you one of our investment about it calls you up to 6331515. Again 63315. Maybe next week buffalo billion talk a little bit of they connect to these folks are go to jail yeah no doubt we'll talk about that next weekend again things to around Moscow Michael Thomas on one with a with a plan to got to see you next week it is reunited thirty deputy Ian.