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Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, July 14th

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You're listening to buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB and in this is where we hear from the businesses and services that are available in the buffalo area and if you'd like to be on the program send me an email. At Randy got pushover @entercom.com. This one is definitely more on the service side or with. Founder of save the Michaels of the world incorporated hobby Israel IV. Thanks for coming in appreciate it. Thank you for having me and it's for though is again your story quite the personal ones and how you came to found this particular group. So maybe just a short. Course for some people who may not an. Have heard the story involvement. Michael's story is not very much different than the millions of both people in this country of the same thing happened to him Michael suffered from Crohn's Disease. And was basically prescribed into addiction. But I several doctors. In order to relieve his pain at the time alone when he was described. These sun. The painkillers she was only eighteen years old and for somebody damaged hesitate for a long before you get addicted. Once Michael got addicted. To struggles began for all of us is a family. We couldn't Michael was ashamed of what was going on with him and us is a family we could not to navigate complicated. Maze. Of of red tape and obstacles that get thrown in your ways when it comes to treatment for addiction or mental health. And now finally on June 4 after asking for help Clinton was denied again help my quote just won in two on the back bedroom and so. Took his life. And home and it's for me is a father and I'm sure for a father who. Have to watch their kids to toe last breaths as soon. And it's a moment that zone. Personal lives and imprints on new for the rest seal life. And I wanted to make sure that a month to let the world know it was a Michael didn't have to die. And there was so many other kissed disliked him. So. We started an organization. Actually Michael was buried on Tuesday and though we started. Advocating on Thursday. And never stops and stay and that was in 2011. And save the Michaels of the world incorporated certainly as has grown from there to. Forgive me F 51 sees that fees and F 5013. C which gives you the ability to do one. Well we're not for profit organization. Which means. No we don't make any profit harvests. Okay. Basically don't pay the employees. Nobody is making an exuberant amount of money. I am the president whoever I basically don't even take a celery. That page. All our people get them. A little better than minimum wage but it's. Unlike some of the other non for profit. And I won't mention any names where the CEO says there were. Three quarter of a million dollar salary vote using people. Who would disabilities to. Sort out clothes we don't do that everything goes right back into the community. And do you have. At at your fingertips and knowledge of the number of people achieve health so far. On my god. I I. Hot hundreds hundreds. Without a doubt. Or give you an example would just. Just for the month. Of all maiden and and June. We also we also do it at this tournament and those who also do work. Would do a judicial court system Western New York which means we helped the court system. I'll find. Treatment facilities. For people who need help. So just farm for courts that we were too with right now. We. Hoped 57 people. In the past two months. There are weeks through weeks and place anywhere from. 56 people at 250 people into treatment. It's solar Novo cycles there goes round. It depends. On what's out there. It depends on what drugs. It's out there and and how bad people wanna go into treatment. We. We guarantee Dennis. Anybody that calls saying to my close to snag and ignored this nine jets. Called back in three days. Answer. If you regularly go to treatment we get to into treatment the same day. As gonna say that's got to be one of the benefits of the organization as you have the ability to act a lot more quickly than other. Organizations would be able to. Well we've financed them we we're really not obligated to any system or to. An ace in the dome way of thinking in no you know any of corporation. On. It's structural meaning having said dead. I mean that we don't have any rules or regulations that we follow in our organization. The thing is. Everybody there works for saved in my clothes and there are seven wonderful people who work there. And hopefully soon we'll be time. Everybody there works for season Michael has been touched one way or another with addiction. Either has a person that's an addiction all of they themselves have been through addiction or have lost somebody to addiction so everybody understands is that. You know minutes can be critical. Lenovo would addiction and a person can change their mind. And on the same way to wind blows one way or the other so if if a person is very good goal we get him into treatment. And own and and we are not bound by regulations we now bound by anything which is basically get in there. Start making phone calls we find the right dead and we have transportation. And we get you there. Talking about the Israel who's the founder of save the Michaels of the world incorporated here on buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB and and you've touched on one of the more important aspects of things is that people have to want to have to help before you can actually give them any of that health. That is true that is true because if you are now ready to go for health. All you're not gonna go twos and all those people who'll world manipulate the system meaning the court system. In order just to get out of court and I'll say okay outgoing treatment and and basically run as soon as we get him into the car. But most of the time I would say 90% of the time people wanna go people wanna go get help. Those people who run. Home want to help you just don't know how to ask for it. Or maybe they're afraid though there's fear when it comes to addiction there's fear the fear over draw. I saw my son go through it and I saw several people that I. Have transported in my own cars into treatment and it's painful. They go through a lot of pain. This sweats. This vomiting is this all kind of no home. He functions that we don't want it discussed. Right now that a person goes to an end and it and it's scary to a lot of people sold the easiest thing is to go back to drugs. No but we have to keep in mind that they're sick people. You know and in Baghdad that they it's a disease dislike any other disease. The only thing is this is a disease of the mind. Where. And you know in my your mind complete tricks and and what would be doing that people would dec contact he was they were interested in getting now. The easiest thing is. Go to save the Michaels dot org. And there's all kind of information on there. I can give your phone number which is 7169848375. And you can give us a call that. It's from the tunnel seems to be hard to remember phone numbers today at the we all have speed dials so. But if they go to save the Michaels dot org. Carol all the information this. There. And take us through. I don't know if there's such a thing as a typical. Experience because each individual was gonna have something a little bit different that's happening to them that they're bringing to the table but. Someone comes to you for help what's next what's the next guy. So we find out if you're ready to go to treatment are you serious about it. And if they Iron Man and restart kitten on the phone making phone calls now. We have an excellent relationship for all the treatment facilities around the area horizon. Kind of for par. North point all the inpatient facilities. Great great relationship also where it's. EC MC. EC MC has been wonderful and coming through with would hope every day of the week. We find if the person we find out first of the first in the detox and and then we let the hospital make the decision. And what needs to be done and then Nam once the person has gone through to detox. Problem. That we find them a bad. And you know we have to our disposal like to says. Besides all the treatment facilities around. The ball Florio or. What's in the dark we have twelve addiction treatment sinners. That is from buy in New York State who'll have Benny have been very helpful for us so it could be anywhere. Here in buffalo to Rochester to Utica tool orange county New York to Rockland county. We have took we have flown people all the way to Long Island. To all place him in the treatment so Tom. There's plenty of places in New York State does obviously. A lot more beds available downstate. Then down here so we use we will take them down state. And once the person uses. In treatment. We can all are in Gainesville and doesn't stop we. We contact the family would start work through with a fairly. We thirty plus recovery coaches who are trained by the state. While we work with the family to try and make them understand what to their loved ones going through. All remember. This is a disease tickets swept under the rug nobody wants to talk about it. Home and people are sharing. Especially the family. So all. We have to absolutely bring it out to the open and I don't know that it's okay to talk about it. All we try to reunite the family back together and it is like times where. That person was addicted have caused so much pain that the damage has anything to do with them. We try to connect him back together. And while the person likeness of the person is in treatment we work with the family we work with the person them. Themselves to nature dead date only treatment because. We have laws in this country everything is voluntarily you're not held against your will. All this is not you know so we made sure that the person treatment give everything that they need and then we secure a more. Column a step down unit it's such as halfway house through court house. We also just a partnership weren't there are Catholic Charities. We try to teach him now or send them back to school him educated and some kind of a trade. And on caricatured provides. Living quarters. And education which is wonderful so. A lot of these young people. Wanna get back into their community and a lot of them are very Smart educated people. Who can contribute in the community and and we want them. Back dislike humanize. And and they do it our rate of success. Is it 91%. Which is very good. And now we use hold Haynes. We hold people's hands. For a year. Until finally shirt that everything's okay. Some time to process has to be repeated again but that's okay we don't devote. Which is to rollover again. And that is definitely one of the more important aspects that you don't give up on something like them now before we leave I wanted to ask one more thing in that you mentioned nonprofit. And you certainly have just detailed a lot of things that you provide for the people who come to you so then how is it that your sustained. Private donation. Anybody wants to donate to save the Michael's please you're welcome to do so. We also rely. And some grants. From the states and from Tom. Private organizations that help us. Senator Chris Jacobs has been wonderful for us this year. He secured a grant for us for all world full 4000 dollars which will help us quite a bit. And the same thing with Erie county helps us out with. We're a grant so. They said. Really rely on people's generosity. And the state and Condit has come through for us. Though continue the good works and appreciate their work that you've done so far and thank you very much for joining us for the segment thank you for having. Obvious real founder save the Michaels of the world incorporated go to save the Michaels dot org. Is easiest way to get more information. This is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB ES.