7/14 Buffalo Means Business w/ Jack Hunt Gold and Silver

Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, July 14th

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I'm news radio 930 WB and this is buffalo means business or local businesses and services tell their stories I'm Randy bush over if you have one of those stories to share you can send me an email at Randy got bush over. @entercom.com. With me Scott hunt from Jack on gold and silver and Jacqueline gold and silver long been a Western New York prime purveyor of precious metals and we'll definitely get into that habit but I've learned about a whole another area that most people aren't aware of perhaps Scott. And it's getting top value frightens received in an inheritance. Yes on that we. In addition to selling gold and silver bowling team local investors at a retail level. Leo are also eat purchaser. A State's. Valuables from a states. Gold silver coin collections. Hollow where flatware. On sterling. Any kind of immaterial like that has value. And yeah have specialized for years and liquidating. Only view the dollar recently realized it's we need to get the word out more on that it's that people meaty locally arc is aware of of some of the other services that we provide. And how would you go about determining the value of something to say is. Dissimilar is gold silver or other precious metals and I'm assuming there's there are markets of course for golden silver from where that but are there something similar for the medals. If it really all depends on the item certain it's well let's look at sterling Paula where Butler. A certain set certain patterns. Have a collector of elite that far exceed their silver values. And oh. For a like any industry there are on guides online all printed it week in use to research the value of different things on. I I always relate to people that are up quickly any individual could sort out what something might be worth is to go on eBay. And look at completed auctions. But they have to bear in mind when they do that that dead as a retail sales. And as a retail sale that individual has to make a profit. So whatever the jets sold for the completed auction the individual that is selling it probably bought it for fifty or 60% of the value of bat. They got to make a living. And other things that would be may be a little bit more difficult to figure value on would be things like coins because. Certainly there's the material that they're made out of but also the age and then the condition of the coin has a lot to do yup. An end that is we specialize. In numerous man ex that he is a term that's how how collector coins are referred to as. And I certainly we have our of our members of her staff collectively with a over fifty years of experience in evaluating. The value of points not only for their gold and silver value but for their collector rally. Looking at the points is senior saying all right well this is. Got a little nick here a little scratch there and that is going to reduce the value of that or or. Pristine. Com and in the air for its value is a collectible far exceeds. Its precious metals valid if it is eight Corning with older so. And when you're talking about taking over estates in figuring out. How much certain items cost other things like entertain him. Entertainment memorabilia that people might not associate with you guys are things that you deal with sports collectibles autographs that sort of thing. Again it's his expertise states developed over. Many years of experience. And a valid only if a member of our staff don't trader who who specializes. In sports collectibles and autographs and he's a great resource for us and our. Great resource for our clients. And is there a difference in something that signed to USA hey thanks very much respectfully yours Dave or just. The signature of an athlete let's say for just sticking to sports memorabilia. That is a great question. If you have an item. It's autograph it's made out to an individual. It's of value these are life. Then if it's just me out so it fits. Jill their Perot. Okaying you have a hockey stick from 1917 which he'll Bear's name on it autograph. That's you off fairly barrel of this of valuable item. Now you ticket hockey stick in siege Hill Harper good luck Scott Jill are Perot. Yeah you've caught a lot of value out of doubt autograph. Now of course that I've been asked this before there are some exceptions. Let's see for instance did the ads. It was a Pat LaFontaine. Autographed hockey stick mete out to Patrick Keane when he was a little team going to see her scheme some buffalo. You better believe that item now has a certain amount of notoriety. Debt debt actually that scenario. It's going to be worth more. If actor's a funny story there ease he hockey cart from early ninety's still thinks version on. That was worth about a dollar. Until someone realized that tax is a seven sorry girl was sitting against the glass. Right behind him in the shop the cards were seventy down. Now in his prime example I would say. Now old does it matter the material that something is signed on say a pennant vs a piece of paper. And then what about authentication too because it is that is a much more value added when Unix actually have the authentication. Certainly authentication there are authentication services and that is only gonna help somebody's clause in terms. Because it takes one step out process for us to. Amy if it's a reputable service. And there are two or three that are out there were gonna be able to beat on that item with even more confidence. And if it weren't authenticated. On Blake's again to. We have an expert on staff. Who is spent half of his life collecting autographs. And we would go to him. Is our primary resource and he would be able to ought to and heat anything we had any questions about. Writes a pennant vs paper was is I don't I'd had a quite frankly. It's interesting you bring up penance because I in all my years. I have them myself from when I was a little kid I have Seaver autograph penance. I've never see an autograph panic. Column through our office. I've seen. Us autographed photographs. Most recent of which that I thought was really means is a Winston Churchill came through. Our facility. Which was really really cool. But. No I I I can't really speak as they just haven't ever seen. But I don't think would make any difference it really depends on just who it is. And whether it's me doubt the summit or not I mean certainly the sabres pennant from the seventies. Autograph by three members of the French connection. I am I imagine it's gonna have some now. Yeah absolutely mad enough valiant meat and I don't think at once Al did well on his senior saint sitting here I'm still looking I'm still looking for mine I have the agility or hockey stick. These brick mart hockey stick so I am and looking for any of aired a clip it to two complete my collection. I would impart within those will go with me migrate and then my pair and then my kids left to figure out how to liquidated but yet. Speaking with Scott hunt with Jack hunt gold and silver on buffalo means business on news radio 930 double BP. We've talked about this this aspect and we haven't even talked about the of the gold and silver are yet. And Arnold on that because how long is it that you've been doing that this kind of work it people just kind of don't know that that's what you do. May get elected discoveries is not enough people now people know but not enough people. And we've been in business since 1969. My father started the business. He was originally a point collector. And our whole foray into precious metals was just then over time became a natural extension of that. And when you have several airs at you have to deal with dollar once collectively with these individual pieces of memorabilia or gold silver precious metals what have you. How do you go about sharing all that from the estate equitably. Well it's it's it's pretty simple actually use if we can get off all of the -- parties to gather. In ascertained. Who wants a key material. Who are so Selma serial. Also ascertain what material. Individuals want a key. Weakened value everything out soon that. Two of the individuals say if there's 32 of the individuals that they want checks we can give them Jackson if the third individual wants some of the remaining material. We can give them it'll only they can keep cemetery. And you work with the state attorneys exact years individual layers or is the answer deal all of he'll tough it is is certainly. All of the above. But I will see bad in. And the last couple years we've been hearing more and more forearm a steep attorney's. A all of a speeding trust attorneys. Exact years of the states. Trust professionals. So it's it's accommodation but we we also still get a lot of sand it'll coming annual town of 34 siblings are coming along it's only week they can come to her office we have eight he. They comfortable room that they can sit down with it can go through the whole process with them while the observed if that's what they wanted to. Now it's in the name Jack on gold and silver. So it comes to gold silver and precious metals is there a distinction between the three that potential investors should know about. Between gold solar Burnett not necessarily. It all. Actually. The only distinction is is is we have found over the years that there's tends to be. A distinct difference between who invests in silver. And who invests in goal. We do we have some individuals who invest them both but there are others. That. Look let's just say silver. So no one else silver coins. Much more indomitable them one ounce gold points because you're dealing with with a cloying it's worth sixteen and current market 1617 dollars verse. According it's worth 1213 hundred. So. Eagle that is where we see a distinct difference. But. You know the mind the general mindset of precious metals investors is not much difference between those two groups. And when it comes to investments. Using those as an investment as opposed to maybe the stock market. What percentage of the investment should be in precious metals things like that you think. I have to be careful answer that question because everyone needs to it day you don't speak to a trained financial advisor to to get the right advice on the air. Depending upon an individual circumstances. I will see typically what we found from our customers in the conversations we've had them that. They can very typically between five point 1%. I love and vast double assets. It's interesting the word investment with precious metals is. I find that the overwhelming percentage of our customers. Consider wealth insurance. It's a hedge against all there other investments it's TV. Item that they buying because AE it's tangible. It's not a not a piece of paper. They can't hold it they can physically store it somewhere. And throughout history precious metals have tended to in. Work completely counter cyclical. To economies. Still let's say 20082009. Well initially gold silver took a dime just like. All other investments. But by 2010. Silver gold skyrocket. And eat you had just a small percentage of your assets. And precious metals. You would is alleviated. Some all of your risk. And let's face it a lot of people. Took a big hit. It is it an it would the the aftermath of 2000 me and of almost precious metals might amid heated summit. Scott certainly learned a lot in the short time that we had and appreciate the information thank you very much for Adam Scott hunt with Jack hunt gold and silver this is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB yen.