7/12 Ongoing Problems With The NFL and More Developments In The LeSean Mcoy Domestic Abuse Situation,Beach and Company Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Thursday, July 12th

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Hello hello hello is reaching company and I'm sandy be just sad news and news. I'm gonna have to withdraw from participation in the eleven in the day power play. Yes and market until I was on the starting line do they probably Allen promised me I would start. But the Germans took me out yeah I was a train station accident. They said it was an accident I think it was on purpose. I want my office playing today. Action will be fun because if I play hockey I would fall now I'm just telling. If it. We have pretty good skater I think and a hockey. As I am about it if you are not a pro or something I think hockey he would probably be part of this game to play. I out of baseball football basketball would you would you think that's true to our Tony I think they all have their difficulties and trying to hit a 100 mile mile fence line. When he's very difficult to its feet nest off yeah I just generally getting into the game. That are basketball's basketball most able to play basketball some degree or another okay that's fine baseball. Emea coma. I'm play baseball except for what you're talking about right there who cannot play right field. Most people who need it right now yeah exactly coach put me in coach. By a hockey every got to be pretty pretty good. Two to put the skates on and and get out there. But a good luck am I hope I hope never great date and raise a lot of money money money money money. Are what's going on I have the the police blotter. As you know I was away for a couple of weeks or touring Europe with some listeners and that does not mean the crime stops because none of people are committed crimes were on our tour I don't think. I had so I have via Amber's baby are you ready Tony are you ready for some destroy you have a crime. The hammers police department have to put up with. On Wednesday June 20. At an Alberta drive grocery historic custom or is reportedly stuffing. Care a rock acts and Buffalo Bills merchandise down his pants. Why would you put hair care down your pants who cares what it kinda here and look you have gone on I down there in your pants. Let your hair I don't think that makes much that's the accord civic all of them have left the store on foot. I know I thought that left on horse back to you if you wanna make their bigs patent. Officers make contact with the into this subject and took him into custody. One and so if the evidence was in his pants they would have to retrieve the evidence of genetic you would think I would think that would be true so gridlocked. But we find out that see that the guy. Took hair care products and bill stuff usually women for some reason when these stories involve women. They usually put like hams in their pants. And as a lot of them go to Wal-Mart and put purple state index down their pants that are pretty easy to spot right now is are you of the B. A via a slew of figure that one out. Anime extra drugs doorman was reportedly told to leave by the manager for as it was orange shoes. But he refused to leave the record to amendment to the man swore at that manager and then did a dumb thing. He threw his own wallet at the cashier. How dumb to you have to be pretty down yacht you throw the ball at them you know throw ignore wall at them. Scenario one idiot throwing his own wallet at people he got another idiot stuffing hair care products on his pants. What's happening I think is from flow it is I do you know from BI if Obama was still president they would not be doing that and that's on our hands. What else at a transit road department storm that was reporter stopped by security after trying to steal basketball shorts now. This guy is a little more clever than the others. He was wearing the. Stolen shorts underneath his all the usual art theater diversionary tactic so the concept and a hey man always always feel those basketball shorts. A pull down your pants so if they did that they would say that's the guy a shorts. It's gonna ask a guided take that second pair of pants. Nobody. That's a pretty clever ruse don't you think I saw video. Of a woman obvious arrest and she put pants. Shall pair pants and put her pencil him in the mere tick them off do they really have right there in public yeah movement. I. Now does want I'm worried about this side I see diabetic coma heading toward the behavior of a customer reportedly stole. Candy from a mainstream grocery store. 124. Dollars worth on why I hooked up. That's more than this week to either that or went to the movies just kind of collect all of us. I'm vegan you're ready forward diabetes I can tell you that right now. Also the hammers bully be on the police blotter resident north Bailey avenue reporter Amanda appeared to be homeless. With a shopping cart was in his back was in his backyard. When they return home. The residents that now get this the homeless man. Cut his grass. I'm thinking why U complaining about that right I mean I have one service that does and then I'm Jane. So a guy comes then cut your grass. It's a nice thing maybe I get in some animator you know luck appears sure. But that's it there's no work no thank you for that. Also on Thursday June 20 the president of Hopkins road report of a neighbor cut holes in her bush. And pick and ethnic. And hey I don't think he's not. I'm just reading them what you want from me. A resident of problems with America holes in their bush and and bold Labarca are virtually. With the kids growing again yes and I guess that's arch the president also said the neighbor. Has been taking -- out of her box. Oh barred. No bush no box comment. I have there and it's funny and Ira. The amending. Tony is just about over his. And I'm in the process of mine my beautiful. Arm that I that I hurt in. In Nuremberg in Germany is changing collars. Is it almost looks like the colors of the of the Grand Canyon I got purple and tiger yellow. I got red and has moved all the way appeared to be on my elbow and it's not a majesty either no it's not and and there's a lot of pain in the elbow and you're just getting over yours. Well I'm I'm definitely healing in fact I've been given the green light to start to increasing my. Exercising and weightlifting now I'm up to ten pounds now still going to be about another year perform up to full strength. All that true of from a garage door yeah you took on tough guys in your Daytona but now garage door to get down Yangon sentinel over that's not good. My own body took me up. Now here's the deal I had to deal with the event. When you know he told you could you could drive a Nokia right that's pretty good bank and I'm thinking that I've come up with a plan. I would like to drive and a look at Eric Lancaster. No hole. No that's pretty that I am going to be in the passenger seat and will go around town and knowledge or use the black ski. The health care comes with a black Radke. The red key is for 707. Horsepower. The black key is for a lot less a dead because the family yes about lately so that it's you know as some on the left field is about the park your car. Doesn't burn all your tires off the get dinner. And arms are about half a so well no it was not with the black key and go and then I will cause. We'll go to the red kitty if you're good with the black VOK and we'll call it driving mr. sandy. This thing I'll be it was right. It's a countryside I'll be in the passenger's seat QB in the driver's seat with time. And we'll get bored with the bats that they will do things that the car would be good for like maybe robbing a bank. I. Where of those patrol cars amount ago and that Tony Kelly jury. Why look he just took up their very best car I think there's a patrol car the compact that. Kept him I think every ideals we have fun yeah radio is the big view you as an equal horsepower. It would radio. A lot as there. I know we view we will work that out OK we'll go to afternoon see all day I'll I'll treat for stones or something nice and he won't get Asia in the chili peppers. I've been effect asked doctor Cahill is likely try to help dad. And he said yeah you're all right all right that's. It has its happy days are here again. I'll see what's going on the the players association of the National Football League on Tuesday as would payments. Against the league's move National. Anthem policy. It's zip are you ready I hope not eating breakfast now because. If you are you're probably gonna get to revisit it. It says the new policy infringes on players' rights. Okay. So what B. The NFL came up live. Is this starting this season. You have to show respect. To the flag and if you care to meet them at different here are not true. A you're gonna have to do W by June or not on the field you would have to share a locker room. I have nothing wrong with the you know as far as I'm concerned but they say known on I don't know what it is their right. To protest now. They apparently are very good at tackling. And throwing the ball and catching the ball and doing things like that but not too bright. On their own future. Why they wanna put a stranglehold on their own future is beyond me because of the book is it's. After a huge football I would have been since the game since they blow when I started watching football. The ball was square battle give me an idea now both want to. They just invented the full X exact. Place and it's tough to get a good spot when your throat and a sport Harbaugh. Picture pitcher throwing a shoe box it doesn't squid is no it doesn't do better easier or harder to catch so it's not like I'm new to the party because I'm not. I loved football always have but I'm just tired of crybaby whiners are really am. The NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in case you didn't know announced and made that the league would enact a National Anthem policy for the upcoming season that requires players in league personnel to either stand for the anthem or remain in the locker room. The police it's the Palestinians are subjects teams to a fine. If a player or any other person now denies show proper respect for the anthem of the best who watched Aston Villa on this week. But if you can't do it if if it just change you to show respect for the anthem stay in the locker room. Stay in the locker room that's the that's the easy way out completely for the jets than you will pay your fine Leo already looked up personally got an owner name Woody Johnson. You know I've Strasburg Orson stormy Daniels. You imagine a stormy and woody got together. You see she was arrested I eat out because she allows somebody to catcher who who that's a big night as you know nobody's ever touched her all won't want to show. Would want to a boil mine and after those now on and on that when he wanna shake hands were. Airship disaster the country's army as a water please thank US oil well as I bet. And our union filed a non injury agreements today on behalf of the players challenging the NFL's. Recently imposed anthem policy uses them from the union and the owners claim is that the new policy imposed by the NFL's governing board without consultation. Within FL PA is inconsistent with a collective bargaining agreement in infringes on players' rights. Okay. In advance of our filing. We've proposed to Vienna fell to begin confidential discussions. With the executive committee. To find a solution to this issue instead of immediately proceeding with the litigation. The NFL has agreed. To proceed with these discussions and we'll look forward to starting and so under article 43 which is my favorite article. Ago quoted often I do I. I have article 43 Ted tournament but. Electorally it's it's a small article. They have the right to infancy. Franchises have the right to implement reasonable club rules. Why that's decent bay on the club. They've paid billions of dollars for the club the plan is don't own the club the players are employees. Just as I'm an employee of Entercom. That the players are employees of the National Football League. The NFL have ten days to respond in writing. NFL PA president Eric Winston. Sold today the radio interviewer that he hoped the talks would lead to a compromise. Players are hoping to get together and come together with a ownership and find the solution blob blob blob blob it's not your field. You didn't pay the broadcast rights were not to watch you protests that are there to watch you play football. Get over it get on whether it and I think I want to know from you. Do you think that it really infringes. On players' rights. You know and do you favor this. It's not a lawsuit essentially. It is agreements. Aren't. Also we want to her who had a talk about the Shawn McCoy today. A because it is there's some new things going on. Here's I'm gonna tell you something that. The first day of law school the first day or Moscow reveling in the first hour before anybody even sits down and could share. They have they've probably. A drill in the year had the right to have legal counsel. And you must you must always use an even if you're innocent as the day is long you must have your own counsel to be sure and that's fundamental problem that. On that in fact it's probably good idea but also. No we as human beings draw certain conclusions once certain things are done. We us our home that when you hire a lawyer you fight you feel a need for a lawyer. But for various reasons amid Bure an easy target your average person they were very famous person or maybe you did it. I mean that's always and they joke. Well we come back we'll talk about that and more a regarding which on would go away. And his lawyers and what's going on in the NFL under is the united thirtieth WB ES. However what did you governor SN BBs Fuzzy memory is not here buzzing gamers on special assignment. John and we have a new person in buzz these states and who would have been at Johns filling in John television on keep in mind our show on this show is totally government and show you worked on is an open show. We want everybody to contribute. I'd just a couple of have things you have to think about. I'm number one never be funny or enemy that's very important and die area and of Tonys has something is wrong don't correct them. And got to be sure to Wear a hat. Signifying the sport seems that we like that's very very important. And if you could gain a few pounds and Ager a little to show without you guys so well like you more and that he. Button. I'm sure he over and over a great job I don't have work and welcome LaBarge. Now I'm players' rights infringement that's what the agreement says on the National Football League players association. Claims it does interfere or their rights. They do not like the new policy and they filed a grievance against that Alex and over the Europe well what your feeling is there yeah a surprises me about this. As I recall last year didn't Vienna OK even give like 500 million dollars or some ridiculous number. Through the player's associations. A favorite. A social causes and things like that. I'd view call at Tony because I do recall them it looked like hush money to me and head of a yacht and then they're broke playing I'll kiss you face and nice and everything but they understand they have to protect their own business. And the businesses playing football not protests in social cost. I shot at you know I don't know if it would be the answer but maybe a week to appease the players and the fans at the same time. How about after the National Anthem I saarc summit but the sense where Karen who was. There OK after the National Anthem have a moment of silence let the players taking the end. For whatever cause it is that there are that that they feel ice faced. In the locker room everybody until the national anthems been played then come out on the field and play football I think Costa beat how hard is that. Because the thing is we're. Give a damn what the players think about social causes is it is certainly nice if there are socially conscious but do it privately. And and not not a big public show of and if you do it privately fine it sure is juror. Right if they told you couldn't do it privately every another story but this is on the owners field. In many cases is the taxpayers field. I'm doing and owners broadcast and in networks broadcast to Kansas hijacked you hijacker because you feel that way. I'd like to know how you feel about that secondly. LeSean McCoy has hired a high priced lawyer. Who wanna ask you about that too it's go to Pete first login and and opening remark here and Ontario beat your on WB yet. Eight dead and more. Well. Good good to have a good to have you. I'll listen very quickly it what it means a lot of age is working American strength. Over you know report it and what we see out there you know adults don't talk and stuff like Scott. And and NATO and you can give a damn about what kind of precautions that fake news doesn't all I think we. Seen sort of added. That the American football which contributes sport to its scope you know what and courtroom you don't even meet with some of policy. You enough. And all you want to get them bought it they don't be dot an idol one of those CI so it's all right. Good defense they're just gonna go out or start some news. Yeah I you know they always think that the world would not exist without them the world exists will do whatever is happening at the time. And we've lived win them I am without them as far as football players are concerned. Get on with it the they had a good game and now they're screwing it up or their own personal feelings I would view their. Thank you very much appreciated. And the secondary thing would LeSean McCoy. Now a Shawn McCoy is hired a lawyer who's a bit involved with a high profile and a pro stuff before. Including while Ray Rice and rice and Ben rock as Ben Roethlisberger. And is a pretty good track record. Now OK now I don't wanna say is gonna drive. Lawyers crazy. I is the kind of thing that they have pretty you know they haven't up on the wall in in the in big bold friend they hate this kind of stuff by. Why would you pyro that costs an arm and a leg like that if you're gonna cents. Do innocent people and they do hire lawyers. OK gentlemen I mean I can see there are there throwing high pads against the wall right now. Because that's where a lot of people think. A lot of people think like that. Let's look at both sides of this first of all high profile people. Are always targets for losses rich people are always. On targets for a lawsuit. And so certainly. Rich Bebo and high profile people like athletes are are in for however. Athletes' behavior sometimes comes into question and that's why the NFL has. Extra drug policy that's why they have great an idea a policy. Obviously against the domestic violence that goes as say. And bill we've had a lot of very famous cases about it. Video dog abuse the animal abuse certainly Michael Vick will have Michael duke or Mike Vick. And so we've seen that this isn't about football players though. I mean. You hear about it occasionally. What other sports but there aren't many hockey. Scandals occasionally we sell on locally here but not many. And there's not many baseball. I'd buy it though for some reason football brings that out now do you think Tony it's because of the aggressive nature of the game. That they they forget that they are not in uniform about wearing a helmet and they shouldn't be aggressively. Showing their feelings you think it has anything to do that. Yeah I do and I've attended meetings football meetings for coaches and that that's been a topic. In you know addressing that they want I'll send young for the little leagues to. Things that we should be talked about the kids and how to respect women and how to. You know once the game is over you need. Come down so there is that that thought that there is that. Aggressive mentality. If there was along with football player and he's very aggressive sport to. Yeah hockey is an aggressive sport. Blow. Obviously. Hocking. A breeds a different group look at the first over a young when they start playing the game. Because they are in football through but there especially young hockey they don't seem to have the same attitude. As. As football players I think they're either as a group. More civil they're more polite. I mean think about it here think about it like this. In most cases would use average cases. You have to drafts okay. Via the go hockey draft. Where you see this young kid probably hasn't shaved yet eighteen you know and they can't say enough nice things is so happy he's gonna have to play awhile for improperly most of them before they get through the mother team. And whatever a lot of humility. Not the same with football players football players already got the envy eight million dollar gold chains sticking around my neck and neck in there occasionally go praise god good. That's only secondary after a you know. The people are coached them and things like that I just to see a different attitude. In hockey players and I do with the football players. And would baseball that's hardly at all so I think the aggressiveness and poem may be part of the aggressiveness is. If image and enhancement performing a drugs shirt like that. Because no question about it it's a big part of the game that they're trying to plummet right so I wanted to formula Shawn McCoy getting a lawyer bill what does that tell you. What does that tell you first of all I I think we have to remember certain things out of common courtesy indecency. You are innocent until proven guilty in a colder court of law. Secondly we don't know anything about that person making accusations we know of her friend. Of the media person that they said that he abused. Now he's trying to get her out of his house a more than once. As a matter of fact twice. And he was not of a person and no question about it. Who was involved with any kind of physical Alter altercation. Simply because he was in a different home. On the day it happened. It's a pretty dramatic looking but as one of the correspondence that we had on this morning. Or ABC said. That if this turns out to be true if it turns out to be proven he's done. And guess what if he's done that's not very helpful to us thinking of it. Oh like that helpful to society certainly. Would Lou would be helpful through common decency absolutely. But it would not be good for us as far as just. Football level industrial Montreal 1806169. To resist the star 930. And we wanna know via a couple of things of players' rights are they being infringed on by the new a policy. And the National Football League they filed a grievance saying that they have. And what about LeSean McCoy is now hired a high profile lawyer I used to dealing with people like Rachel looks are you kidding me. So that's pretty serious he's accused of domestic. An animal abuse among other things. You thought Solomon on newsreader and I'm thirty WB and thus the line so my friend Don in Pennsylvania hello Don here on WB yet. Good morning sandy good morning Tony and welcome back to the reality. It's good to be bad go back in the saddle again and then what if they can about with the players' rights. The players association filing agreements and and LeSean McCoy who played for your team and Eagles and now plays for our team. Now is on the legal defense team of some high price lawyers. But I live if he loses this he'll be playing another team that's. The problem yeah. The guys it's it's pretty serious you know anybody can make accusations but if they've got the proof. Tobacco mop I heard though 01 of via ABC correspondents say he'd be done no question about that. Always absolutely would be done no no question about that first of all started here that you suffered the injury over in. This trip. The guy and Hamburg area V the it was what the floor took me out. But I'm on the men so it. It didn't wasn't this sort of big trials there after World War II. And armored yeah war crimes trials went through a lot of the actual sites of those things that happened in numbers a lot of lot of history in Germany if you've got time to go there it's it's a worthwhile trip. Okay get back to the topic. To be honest with you. As the grievance filed by the players association. I believe. The contract. Is up the current contract pretty soon and they're going to use this as a bargaining chip. To get something else they'll eventually get in on this but at what extent they're gonna get something else that they want. They're gonna use this as a bargaining chip that's just my opinion on. India. Their stance right now. And remember every penny they get every every benefit they get every concession that they get this paid for. By you and me and the other fans. That's where all along that revenue comes from comes through the television. Through the gate but at all is your money to start. It actually is I mean according to everything you hear or read. That ratings where last year it looked forward Downey at least 10%. Even though I think most of that can be attributed to the players and their stance here. But they're they're still gonna use that because they know the owners of running scared a little bit of that. You know losing more. Well they should they should run scared because. I thought well before. Of the current thinking I'd Tony and I use our gloves over here all the time the in the NFL has gotten so arrogant. So there's no way we can fail. As an attitude that you via we felt eventually it will crumble. I know it's it's hard to believe that America's most favorite sport right now couldn't you could ever drop out of sight but I think it's possible I think they know that. And they go billions of dollars invested if they can't run their own business. And the help them. That's the way I look at it they have a business to run they want SS customers they want our money in order to keep their business running it widow like what they're going screw them that's my attitude. Well I can't disagree with that. And you know all good things must come to an end at. No matter what it is an end and unfortunately football I think is is on their bio or know going down. Yeah they don't have enough people on the common sense a committee of the NFL to talk to the players. Because the players don't respect anything with themselves. Days they believe the game started when the day they were born on the day they first I got involved would that they have no sense of history. And say hey you know when you see that. He kind of sour because you set up in your mind these are guys these are our gladiators they go into different towns and beat the other teams gladiators. Abbott after awhile after awhile that that got canceled there really goes. It gives you might it gets very old and and you and I get this after the and it it started a long time before the current players to what they're playing. Now when a guy who used to be here myself various. Oh god and all kinds of problems here and there and everywhere I thought it always has time drug hundred million dollars had at least a hundred million dollars. You know but he he was drag racing is in doing that whatever and so well all week we get rid of okay is in trouble again. You would think that if you could play a sport football or any other sport. You would take care of business for your career take care is your business and then live happily ever after. I don't know I guess in the heads that they think there's no rule applies to them because they can do something in the sport. I don't get it. Nice guy solid good productive my friend we'll be back for more. Players' rights infringed in the NFL players association says yes and as it has been in their grieving. And also I was Shawn McCoy and newsreader and I'm thirty WV.