7/12 Beach and Company Ongoing Problems With The NFL and More Developments In The LeSean Mcoy Domestic Abuse Situation Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Thursday, July 12th

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Elliott back live television company and sandy beach available today lace up your jumping Jews and run it's the greatest inflatable race. At the great pumpkin farm on July 14 175 dollar registration back. He is just Tony three dollar is today's field today for my buffalo parks details in my bubble burst dot com. The bottom line is. The players have found dead the new policy of the National Football League. As says that if you are raised club representative. Or if you are player that there is respect for the National Lampoon that is due and demanded actually. If you are in uniform are a member of the U team and you're on the field on the National Anthem is played viewers you're to show respect and not taken me. If you insist you must taken me because god knows your whole life prison social justice then you can do that in the locker room. And you've committed to a free yourself that'll make you feel good go and doctor brings out. But you can't boot publicly. And you can't do it on the owners feel me owners time and I think there is nothing wrong with that at all and that's fine but they've field. Dead. Vick terrorist their rights have been infringed upon. And so on Tuesday they've filed agreements. We'll see where that go as I just want your opinion on that. And their regarding LeSean McCoy yeah I think you just had an update in our last newscast. Oh where oh where this isn't like your opinion on that too although we don't know. We don't know is what we do now and we don't know it was a photo published it looks like a woman. And really been beaten we know that we have no way of knowing if that'll bullish on McCoy didn't. If he had somebody else do it. If she did it is she from downstairs. I mean Tony my arm right now in serious arm. Yes I guided by falling on a railway station in Nuremberg Germany known they were abused by the general manager exactly. Young and very Gregory does the deceiving when you're down a flight is starting contract negotiations. In certain why. You don't wanna work five days and take this big boy. Now I'm going to publish this. I'm going to publish this on line today and accuses him of doing this to me obviously he didn't do this to me. We don't all Leno is what you. See in the picture. Now we don't know in the picture that we saw. To be in a more serious obviously. Who did that to her. We don't know she fell down a flight of stairs and like that which is possible. We don't know if we're Shawn McCoy did that tour we don't offer LeSean McCoy had somebody do it tour. We don't know she did to ourselves we just don't know. And until we don't know we can only. Speculate by the actions that have been taken. The actions is that the accusations are out there on line. Unfortunately there's no checks and balances to get them Obama. Vetted before they get on line to make sure their legitimate so whatever it is whatever their primary isn't gonna the program. And we have to remember about that says you're innocent until proven guilty. But because it fits the profile other things we've seen from National Football League players Psycho rate rise. And rothmans murder and there's some of the big name people and Louis halo Ray Lewis big time and we have gunfire involved. And the things like that. And we have to or number that they are accusations and not proof. And so I'm asking. You feel about that he apparently was not in town. The time that happened he was in a different locations so he probably didn't do. But if he paid somebody is doing or somebody did and as a favored him who owns. About these things. But it is a big story simply because it's any domestic abuse story. Is is low is big especially if it's. People whose names and reputations we know it's the net it's a natural thing it's not fair. If you're next door neighbors abuse is just as important as this but it's not as well known and and that's that's not right but that's just the way. I wanna go who has a straight story here who you believe so far he has as the months. Except that they're basically his lawyer says it's not true. And we'll Seward as I wonder on the timeframe on this. First of all up through what via trail will be where will go on Wednesday because they go to camp presumably in the middle of July. 2 more weeks something like that is always in some part of July. One thing you can always count on the bills will be at camp in July at a behof. Really high. Now haziness that cool you know best that I mean when I was overseas last week it apparently it was really hard here because it was which side to replace reject. Ottawa is the most out of them Florida. You know. So the bottom line industrial and I'm trio wanted to hundreds excellence extensively sixth and I thirty arguably another phrase that was as just play the game I'm not playing for your opinion I love that. That's exactly. Right and it's amazing maybe the players just don't understand it. Maybe they don't care. In the valve when you design and the signing bonus for most of us that would be a lifetime's worth of money right there. And and it through this and we'll play it low while there's plenty of money and have already been received maybe they just don't care. Maybe they don't care Camellia maybe the attitude is I've got mine so that however it goggle up idea blaze of glory by standing up for this. Even even though it's not the right thing. Yes I'll do one aspect is that looked at is distraction when you talk to coaches. In owners the last thing that they won on the football team are distractions. And it goes back to the team unity staying in focus on which who would we your goals are what you have to do so if you have. A locker room there it's a more concerned about social injustice and in protest in and it that you're not fully focused on football. The owners and the coaches don't want to and that goes with that cap predict as well. Which starts all of this. Did he OK upper neck is better than Ryan Fitzpatrick a Ryan Fitzpatrick still has a (%expletive) well he may be more talented than some of the quarterbacks. That are in the NFL but the bottom line. It is discount can't predict is a distraction. Nobody wants a distraction on the full. All and that seems to even them one thing they don't want to distractions now in the old days he used to be the players will report to camp overweight and out of shape those days are gone. The don't have that if the government the club those days are gone tonight you come in through into her camp. In shape. And at the proper way to ready Jewell were ready to play. But by distracting the team it kind of offsets a lot of that. I'm glad this first sex that I ever have an on line one has brought up because it was one of the first things that I said. Odds that I thought of when I heard one of them and Shia militia with Sean McCormack said. Says there on the Zacks mccoys answers saying he has not seen her in months is suspicious. He should've been six amusing and a forward and said I have no idea she was hurt. When I heard I haven't seen them and they paraphrase in a long time or in months and whatever. A a bow for me as a way bets that doesn't sound quite right and it's in a month's them. Wouldn't you even even. If you had a dispute with someone. Even if you had a fight him in the physical fiber justified. Wouldn't you be really concerned if if that person looks like the picture that we saw on line. Even if it was your ex wife. Or somebody you do in life would you still be concerned as a human being about them getting beaten oh. I think you'll if you have any any kind of a decency about you we'll take a break and rich and what do you think about all of these things which are about under Israeli and I'm thirty WB. It and here's this is video. This is an important attacks because it's something that is obviously. Important to talk about. Why don't the players taken need for black on black or black on white domestic violence. Them. Okay they seem to pick and choose exactly what they're outraged about. There are outraged about anything they consider unfair. Unjust or anything like that with the police didn't matter what Covert operatives. But today if it's just the police. But yet. Have the players are said it would take and leave because of Chicago. Because of the them lack of expertise in the government. Running Chicago which happens to be democratic and has been for a long long time. And and the amount of violence every single weekend and every single weekend the number of deaths. And outraged by that there should be there should be a greater emphasis on getting it solved and that's why we're taking me. There in time or month that artery and they don't ever talk about. Abuse violence police towards African Americans and the numbers of people incarcerated. That's exactly right they never give you statistics of when they say you know it's an income proportionate number. Of people arrested floors say you abuse of drugs. But they never give you aid the actual raw numbers. They always give you their interpretation of the injustice. But they don't talk about other things the there are absolutely happening on a regular basis that main outlook is favorable. To them and as of a pick and choose Europe and I guess we all have to pick and choose our processes but this seems a very obvious bias choice and. Mean to paint a broad brush because there are at a file players should do great things. In their communities are Leo talk about JJ watt and sure guys like that they're they're tremendous amount of money that they raise for their foul. And there's days off oftentimes they do things of over merely called it Children's Hospital on everybody's kids know but here's the problem. How are you how do you say it's not everybody without due when the disclaimer. And other words you just did the disclaimer and you're absolutely right those are good examples. But when that visit the team is out there aren't five or six whose team are nailing. We don't know exactly what their milling about we don't know what they're not kneeling about the we don't know because everything during the Obama years was racial everything is racial is this strictly rational. Of the players ever taken a knee on a cause that for a primarily. Affects whites and you're seeing that I've ever heard about that well. So the bottom line is it will be nice if we could pick and choose and kind of here's a specific cause there's another specific cause. But that is what you get it's. And so is its. It's unfair to the other players would do the kind of work it's just because they and a film does a lot of good work. And then go for whatever reason they spent a lot of money on. I'm public relations has spent a lot of money on community relations and they do a lot of things would youth and things like that and that's fine. If they feel that's a responsibility. And they take Iran. Good for them but what I'm saying is it's hard to not pain we're one brush. Read one of the post that we receive FaceBook at me give you a follow up. Two ways and then I'm an answer this person or you're duo of three parts yes this is going to be fun and Tony Roger Roberts says the that should be reserved for affairs of state now performed for. Patriotic we insignificant events like sports teams. To be consistent let's all stand. For the National Anthem for super heroes appear on screen at the multiplex theater. And they shall we try and gain in responded to Roberts had agreed there is no need for to be played for any games what's Webber. Is the anthem played before Little League Baseball games should be anthem be played before your softball league game this whole anthem controversy demonstrates the C of the conservative minds that. People get upset about somebody that's gaining for the anthem are pathetic you're being pulled by a leash which is attached to your wallet it is an about patriotism. It's about the money in your bank account. Well first of all emotionally about what you talk about what the bank account but yes we do play delete the how we don't do it before baseball. I don't know why probably because they don't have the system in place. But for every little league football game we do. Sing the National Anthem in fact in our last game we played oh against one team who's a system. Broke our kids saying at the top of their lungs. On the sideline. And when they were Don the crowd went nuts. And I'm glad you brought that up. First at all what's wrong with the public gathering. The anthem being played as a reminder of this great country we live in what's wrong with that is there something wrong when that. Do we have to have a specific place were camping way. The laughter that you can't be patriotic state in a while they've made patriotic looks like via a suckers are bad. Because is not cool to be patriotic. You you know. It's essentially go love affair between the people who live in this country in the country has been there. A for a long time however there are times when it is strain when things when things are difficult where we're going through some tough times but the bottom line is it's enduring. It is enduring and the bottom line is. That. And you went on the thinking of building any kind of wall to keep people end. It's a key people who are illegal out so we don't see people leaving the country in great numbers in fact I love to see the if the number of people who've left the country. Oh without via a job that they have to go OK some people have to leave the country because they're assigned to a job overseas. But the short of that. People who just leave the country because of dissatisfaction. With the country. OK I bet those numbers are infinitesimal. Small. I I would not think there of any significance at all and the reason is this are we perfect now. Have we ever been perfect no. But are we better area in our minds for most of the Bebo is here than any other country they've ever experienced the answer is probably a resounding yes. There's no such thing as perfect human being and there's no perfect country. We are humans were flawed. Yeah why do you think people will risk. Their lives to come here it'll even illegally there's a reason for because they know what we have to offer. Is a better choice than what they have. And they are living under. For presently. So we have here is recognized by people outside the country it will be nice if it was recognized by people inside the country. But we've been spoiled. We've been spoiled because we haven't had do but we haven't had there was much of women out like any government at any time. We haven't. Had to go through the hardship. That other countries to have regarding this week. The government overseeing the lives. And the way of the of the government the government dictating and unpleasant lifestyle. It's not perfect is nods ideals sometimes but it's the best eras and always has been. And that's the reason you wanna be your soul. If you're posting that it's it's not necessary. To run me and film. These public to venture right it's not necessary. But I think it's it's a welcome. Because it reminds us of what we've gone through to keep what we have. As simple as that but how many people put on the uniform overseas and never come back. Because they're fighting for us and I think it's a recognition I think it's hard to separate the anthem from the military. Okay and to show them the appreciation we have. And the best way to do it is to show. In appreciation for the anthem which represents them and us. Everybody. I'd take a break all your journal and I talked to you over the players right survey being infringed those poor little NFL players. Not having to stand up. Do our thing and National Anthem why that's on both hopeful hardship. And they think that that's exactly what it is and they filed a grievance on Tuesday. Mean that NFL players association all right feel what that so they file a grievance. And Alicia I'm going I think. Call up a lawyer. For his his problem vote their problems that MM a proven yet so we have to be fair about this. And who has the straight story. The lawyer firm resolution on the lawyers who want or anybody else on the Israeli and I'm thirty WB. Mean. Yeah. He. It'll bounce on analysts estimated million listeners to make rule as you know about a half hour ago by eight. He gave a terrible dog the dog analogy. I have three parts that analogy one was the dog one was the car and one was the driver. And instead of going walk on troops went 132. And it didn't make any sense. And I admitted it did I not admitted Tony that I've not come out is that it's it's a terrible analogy it sucked right you sit and work on about a one and we got to know producer who's going to now wherever he produces undergo yet I work did you. He tried to do an analogy it was pathetic it was really. And so now here's an idea for a tax. Sandy. Great jogger and now OG and that's that's why Danny is in our halls of fame and you are. Well Mike you're west's Annika well it's true here as in five and I'm in three. And that that is true. And but its value Howell friendly we are after I took my fall. In the Nuremberg Germany you know train station and rarely took a tumble. He he will meal over Germany. In a wheelchair until I recovered and mark problem. So steep ups and you know I I think I I I never felt closer to a more prepared now for regiment in the also pull phone at DePaul did he defense. You. And hall of fame catch you guys you're you're welcome dry I'll tell you one thing about this and now allegedly I would draw analogies politely usually do really good analogies that was one. You can miss every now and I know instead of one to Israel with one in Libya. And it happens eight you love me. Oh speaking in a foreign language are doing and let's bring order to stop that I've got to do better and there. Area and Texas on WB yen. Amber and Andy. The first black out Shelly woods prepare elect Saudi Red Sea yeah ain't. That's the technical passive. The progressive. People are commando lap. An astronaut or are your show. And say that out loud. It's like art either try to act what. Her name is fair because back route you probably less than some some sort shell open this thing in the world. As many. Well I'm glad you called oaks resident Jerry I'd Zander would say thank you very much IRV. The sense of the the message there was an accident was that we don't have to do the National Anthem and all events or whatever you're right we have to do. But it's something them. A lot of us believe in tradition. Especially long held traditions and what is wrong whether a reminder. Bugged fair play and above and enjoyment of the community getting together for a common cause the common entertainment. And go letting the others know that where happy to be here were happy that we live here. And whatever it is it does not mean. That we that we have to do it because we don't but I think we wanna do it ought to keep doing it and if there aren't comfortable doing it on the mend on this as simple as that nova is our grabbed her by the neck and make you do it. But one thing that the NFL. Owners do our thing you don't have to do it. But just don't be respectful for those who are doing it. And that's that's the message the terror it was referred to show you commented on Roberts. Post on the FaceBook page but what I don't get which he said he issue being hole. By Leach which is attached to your wallet it is an about patriotism. It's about the money in your bank account first. A lot of money got to do it he was whether you stand or don't stand. 00 well maybe she means that the owners. Are being motivated by the effective they may lose money. If they don't. Correct this situation right now while the obviously learned that and is more money is supporting general. Is supported general. Okay. A may be you're out my card driver and around with some Hairston out. And you say no I'm not gonna bother listening to your game because I'm I'm just discuss the with a game. Okay that won't have an impact directly on money in or out. I'll for a long period of time before they could gauge that. But the bottom line is it's not all about money the owners are doing it just about money. I'm sure they're going about long term. Health and success for the entire game. More than just the UV in the immediate money issue. Well it is a business and they wanted to do was right by the middle market businesses survive what here's here's what I'm wondering you know you have owners and you have liberal owners yet conservative voters. I would to attend the pink or by judge him by. A woody Johnson's comments that he would pay the fine that he probably leans so laughter I'm. Almost positive Robert hearsay of the colts wings of the laughed and I know. Jacksonville's owner leans left so I wonder what that discussion was light QB ever Jerry Jones. And Robert Kraft to my guess is. Lean to the right so how did that discussion goal I did that back of fourth goal and we did the liberal all owners look at and kind of be hypocritical well. We can't have the bottom line effective so we're gonna go with whatever Russell I'm very. Who has an example of what America's about in the in the form of a dispute your vote. You have a vote from the people who have the these can be. Stand. There ball melding the owners. The the owners have feet. Of the teams in there and they have their investments in there and that is their business so they would vote for things that would affect the whole game. I'm sure that all of the boats in the NFL owners' meetings aren't. Aren't unanimous. And I'm sure there's all kinds of bird differences avoid stupid these kinds of meetings but one is the overall wanna survival of the game. It why would you why would you put something in your product that you know is distasteful. To the people you wanna sell you products though. OK now it's not just about money it's it's about common sense. Is that it's about acceptance. And if you if you want your the product accepted. You gotta make it in the form that the audience wants. Because you haven't the way you'll want to have nobody in the stands. If you're liberal owner and you truly believe in the cause like you say you do. How would you be out publicly sane guy I don't agree with two what the outlook the way they've voted I have to go buy it. And you know public state that you know I support the players and not the NFL and the haven't I just in here about. And if you are rarely so committed to it wondered did you sells the team. If indeed you are you're such a person. Fewer heart and tan and you don't care about the success in your about the money so losing. So what's in December announced so votes or so and now. But the bottom line is you you don't poise and a product or you know poison. A product that is poisoned. I'm by somebody who is not a position to dictate where the team go. These are employees. They're not the owners yeah remember that they think they're partners yeah hole well yeah misconception and that's a huge misconception and you know get that. He get that labor relations we're family we're partners that's crap. You're not family and you're not partners you're an employee there and employer that's the way it is I never bought into that well at all. Welcome to the so and so family. The family. What your vs every regular like the check it out please. And if Woody Johnson thinks I'm a member of his family I'm coming over from Thanksgiving dinner for a problem on yeah eggs exactly. So that's the way it is but they do that in me in the labor negotiations have always done as crew you know I know what they. Where back after service guess what that Tony. My screen where I get the attacks yes my screener accidentally went through screen saver. And you know the person we usually call to fix this form 88. Here are normal. Now. Our hopes and call exactly. So we're asking about the young. The LeSean McCoy situation he's hired a lawyer and that's where that is and he is innocent until proven guilty there have been no charges there have been allegations. So we have to see where that goes. And the players' rights have they've been infringed. Because that's not my claim is that climb the real players from the national football association players association which result. Okay. An appropriate state. Says that their rights have been infringed by the fact that if they want to protest the National Anthem. They have been to a formal or they can't do it on the field. Tibet they don't feel their employees that's of this supposed to do let him do. And I like him on the field Tony we have several good FaceBook modular problem. I will Kathy says absolutely not. Watch the singing of the star spangled banner. For the opening of a baseball game on the fourth it was so refreshing to see the teams in the Tiger Stadium standing respectively during the entire song. With their hands over hearts even the children. Yeah it is it this remember after we were attack remember. The National Anthem is sung by Whitney Houston. Remember that great moment in our history. And it's. Just thinking about how it brings the country together. There's nothing wrong with that. Nothing inherently wrong with that but the ones who don't want to add. They're willing to sit back and collect all the good things that country has to offer and we have a lot of good things. But they don't wanna participate in that they don't want to seem like cup fan boys or anything like that so they'll just be super cool and say it's not necessary. Why are we doing is just for the money blah blah blah blah blah but you'll notice that those people. Never believe they say anyway I'm not an America love it earlier and I think this point here room for criticism. But I think only a fool would stay in a situation where there were totally unhappy. And why would you do you know resumed its sale may now it's for the money. Because otherwise you'd begun when an on Sony movies. Phillips says how many players has the NFL bail out for girlfriend or wife abuse they're seeking aggressive players or making players aggressive. Oppose prop problems to players and social lives. Where does the liability really lie and the performance of sports contract. Is it a gray area or a fine line of commitment. Is that why there are harsh settlements outside of courts some contracts are 24 sevenths on or off the field well defined. Way of life. Not only during the season but off the season. And any social or public gathering in a UR team property. Well you are no question about that and that goes even further evidence boards. In the early days of the motion picture industry. The studio heads notoriously. I'll fix things for their stars there's no question about that if you read the history of Hollywood you see that. Many of the bigger stars in Hollywood have real problems. And there are a lot of them more room or cover up. And fixed by the studio heads and the bottom line is is pretty simple if you are an important cog in the financial wheeled. Of that company as a star would be. For movies. The right and wrong things that. Oh you mean like a movie mogul. And new may have been charged with the sexual harassment raped. You as well known. Aren't over the weekend said that the army lines Dana if he's convicted. Of these charges could be in jail for life. So that's that's amazing. Because it it happened so quickly. It may not have been quick by Hollywood tons of them knowing it but pretty quick go by the terms of the general public trust. I'm finding out about that exactly. But these so called social justice words in Hollywood they knew about it but they capped. And mulch well that's exactly right that's exactly right oh by the way. I'm militant about which focused on the schools shall. You give me another FaceBook if you will. Whereas says the players have the right to collect too much money for what they do. They should be faking every one they are in America living the dream if they don't want to honor. The flag when the National Anthem is played these should move out of this country I don't agree with that but that's for post. Yeah I I'm not as I said I'm not America love it or leave it you'll have a complaints of clarify it lets here it is says it was a result that I. And of any of kind of frontal like that I don't have a problem within greats ago. I really do people that think that everything that they've accomplished everything they have is strictly by their own it and I just a lot of things are going to success. And it's it's starts with the with the almighty I guess and works from the errors are down. But today if you're successful. Believe me you're not the only one that helped you get there a lot of others did along the way you may not recognize that. And you also don't think that the country had much to do with a it was strictly you but remember him when you have people that our entrepreneurial. Types. That come up with a certain things that are room beneficial. To large segments of the population. Look at the Bill Gates. If you wanna be modern art or for the Wii or or Ruth. Zuckerberg from FaceBook and look at these people. They not only got it done the room and got a gun on a huge schedule they had the opportunity to do it. I liked this quote I potent ally like because I posted it. I'm FaceBook a few days ago and I don't know JJ watt release said this or not but success isn't all that it's at least in rent is due every day. That's a perfect. Mine sat yeah I want people recognize that yeah now you know I'm glad that so what we set out to do we accomplish we accomplish in a large scale. And through a lot of hard work well a lot of people. You know a lot of effort by many different segments of the government everything else it's the opportunity. To succeed that we offer. Remember the ability quote became out of the last election not by either the cameras were by some of you got knocked out very large and earlier. We can't guarantee results we the only guarantee that you have a right to have results if you can have the ability not the right. So it's not given. It's earned but it has to be there for your urn and I think that's legitimate. That wraps it up our promise no dog analogy Lamar Tony Awards go back and find the file race all aspects of the dog analogy. Got it I do not want that on my permanent record you may have to go bail be moral they'll beamer yes we'll have to do what we have to do make sure he doesn't just. But the word. Said it and that's next on AM thanks Sean on news radio I'm thirty Libya. Yeah. Which they never has he's being used strictly related and I do give it.