7/12 Beach and Company Ongoing Problems With The NFL and More Developments In The LeSean Mcoy Domestic Abuse Situation Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Thursday, July 12th

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Elliot who is Beijing got a couple of things they do let's see agree Gibbons has been filed by the National Football League players association. Saying that the owners new rules regarding being National Anthem is infringing in their rights. In. Oh we wanna know if you agree with that or not LeSean McCoy. As hired a high price lawyer guy is dealt with a ray Lewis and Roethlisberger. And apparently he's the go to guy if you think you need a lawyer. There's nothing specifically that should be drawn from that but it's human beings we don't draw things like I'd most of us would say. Well I what's going on you must need a lawyer you're going after the bad. That they're getting Miller calling getting a lawyer of that caliber. But we shouldn't do that I know about weaved through Ando who as a straight story year. Because we haven't heard from the woman we've heard former friend we've seen alleged pictures and things like that and it everything. The allegation that we don't know for a fact he's tried to get her out of his house were a couple of times and as hasn't eviction has not worked for some reason and he wants this stuff. Back. Now the air you learn anything from history. Let let's boggles our mind a little bit together little little common boggling here. IE I don't have some stuff that I should have. I am going to try to get my stuff back. Live this strong arm abuse. Anybody ever heard of OJ Simpson. He just got out of jail for that you would think that that would sink in with somebody of frank and no one there frank you're on WB again. Welcome back Andy thank you Brent good to RT OP had a good trip other than who I did other demise particular fall yes. And yeah I'm getting tired of these these well players whining. About it now you're just an end that deny it either you respect because they can't deal. Infringing on their rights what rights in the a mile home Neel around the parking lot you know overrides in the on. On a field owned by either the taxpayers or your employer. You're right you're absolutely right decorate duplicate what many wanted halt. In their prior work forever but we're you know working for employee and could be paid a huge amount of money to do days. I'm sorry yeah yeah it's it is too much. Just days there and it spiked it act like a egg roll top eight in all and it's what you're supposed to do. This is your RG supposedly for the people. I'd like to see them do their rush hour urgent that I cracked despite playing well educated upon nick kind of stuff. I'd like to get a lot they would last. It would feel like you just said his gourd grown up a grown up they think the world revolves around. The fact that they can do something with a football allow them to skirt any rule. And any kind of a common decency and I've grown ups there they're Jewish. And you don't like say they're ruining their futures. The future. The NFL because the weight right now they're raping people away our people I tell you what my football has been waning every year. Because sometimes it's not at all it was watched. What I want as you know I want to like it's done they take me away from my everyday problems I just wondered interchange. You are wondering if that politics I don't wanna hear any of this not just for the players it has every opinion put yourself until equity gains we can get home. And destructive which are pretty poorly or something like yet but when you're playing. For some people think it's a special report. I think that I think you know politics to do relieved. Yourself I don't want to hear other people don't want it here or there circuit or. Gap we wanna serve a world total popped a Johns conference call. That's right not the people on here people just how that is crap. It is gut it out that it is something we're not quite. I I think you know what I think it's gotta be played out but up I was at his position. And I hit it kind of accusations you don't think so played out in the media out and we don't know the full story. Got I wouldn't situation I would get a lawyer too because I don't know what. I always got to be terribly don't know either this on this personally know is making accusations against the person we don't know. Regarding another person we don't know. That is way too much that we don't know and we I think we should be fair and open about it. I however if it fits a familiar pattern and we as human beings tend to oil well okay if that's happening this must be happening. Yeah right and but like I said before you know it says but also video I think people like this soldier beyond the date they say things. It daily debate the other people they make these accusations. That you know are they have to deprive yourself this can't allow this optical. I am glad you brought that up because I think there should be. More of a penalty if you make unjust accusations on social media but once the last time you heard somebody. Make an unjust or untrue accusations of social media and get prosecuted for. Happy you're just happy people hide behind the now. Of course they get out of their itty bit whatever they want a state it's big Nadal all. That this activity I'd be I'd held against. Nothing's gonna happen and even even if they get pushed back a that's what he said they're gonna they're gonna hide behind while free speech you know we have the right to free speech and so. I've been noted that is a farm that is absolutely free of any kind of problem for them to say anything we want us. That's right and I think it's which is just. I think that the situation work that's what we're quite what is happening all over people are hiding behind this. And they received TP don't think that nor the twenty fight your ball you've ever would have seen or heard anything like before. Plus backed up are the very juvenile a what are they in high school I gave you that it's jewelry. Now we're not getting along I want it back is is that. A prom night I mean I guess I don't get that they would grownups that Adam I don't understand. You give it to. It's not very lifetime guarantee either it's if I don't like what you're saying or doing out come get him back right as call alum owning. Our guys rank declared a regular guy and you're schooled don't eight. I gave you my ring and now you betrayed me. I want my record back in this sort of slide in Jews Wear the red neck injury going stand your high school stuff. And look if you are a millionaire there football player in the national football way. Look real. She easy. To go and try and retrieve gifts that were given to you they would given that we're given freely. Anna K here are wanna show my love or my commitment or whatever here. Here's a token of my its name and that all she's been like that it get back my stuff. I like playground stuff that really does is it sounds cheesy it's like. As you get engaged to somebody and then does something happens you broke the engagement and you've been in the ring. Again Israel stick in real sticky let's take a break a return on news radio I'm thirty WB yet. Players. A rights are being infringed upon those of the words of the National Football League players association. And so they have filed a grievance against the owners for their position. Four via its when he eighteen season. Of that you must show respect for the National Anthem. And you don't have to go out into the field and Asia and listen to if that. If that really dulled your sensitivities. You can stay in the in the dressing room that same for players in and team personnel. If you're on the field during the National Anthem. You're stand respectfully I don't think that's asking too much. A really dome but they apparently do. The fact that they would not be allowed to hijack a football game and turn into a social. Cause rally. Is that apparently are not acceptable to them. But what they're gonna find out I think is that their paychecks are going through a I'm going to be imperil at this game goes industry known demonstrate now soon. Secondly English. On McCoy has hired a lawyer now I don't blame for iron or whispered an idea about certain people. Among us have a thought well why would you hire a lawyer. If you are innocent I think basically probably half to. But there are certain thoughts that we go through your mind and it's so easy though accuse anybody of anything at any time now. In fact we got a couple of good text here. Let's see flaw and this is a tree on my Treo faults derogatory comments and comments condone violence against other persons. Are not protected speech they are prosecutable. Commons and that's good sugary. I've watched football for forty years until last year. I didn't watch a game and will not watch any games this year while you think about it. But I think a little bit of a glow is awfully. Is off the rose anyway. Simply because there's so much of it now. I like apple pie. OK I love apple line. If I had dabbled I a couple of times a week I'd be happy. But I don't want apple pie for breakfast. And I don't wonderful luncheon tomorrow for dinner and then the next day as a snack I don't want apple pie every single day. And that's hoping National Football League is done the old days when the games played some halo there. Then there was a daring new thing called Monday Night Football Howard Cosell and crew. All games on Monday to Essex they would like that. And then they and a browser we should have won on Thursday or Thursday. And then we get the playoffs we can do Saturdays as well as Sunday so that's pretty good and let's. All the games are only nine. Television and radio now ball. A lot of other things let's put our mind on your computer let's put among your fingernails. I mean Mike this is too much. It is too much and what happens when you have too much you dilute the content and use it dilute the need. It's you know it's like Tommy Shannon Tate case. Of the dating the dollar surely. Eventually you have to cut down. You know for good wholesome all around died. It's brought my undergrad but Tony you have some. After march he's great guy. I you have some. Respond yes Dan says it would if they were imposed on them I'm there I'm. But while you're on your employers clock you must abide by the company's rules and regulations. If you hire a lawyer it means you are preparing for battle. In an in my honest opinion would give cause for your employer fired you. While no I I that's a good averted two acts yeah if they said look you're under contract for us but we know you're at the park. Last Saturday. Or on your day off you're at the park with a rally against this sort of battle part of all that well that would be of that would be a problem. The wind as as the attacks that are Leo for its borders said that when you're doing it on their time that's that's your work time. A picture that happening in any other business as football's a business. There's no question about that any other business imagine going to accomplish jobs again coffee and and you're in alignment and may we interest doing what in this flyer this brochure or having a a rally next Tuesday I mean he wouldn't be allowed you'd be done if first they tell you stop and residence up they'd be called police and have your stuff. And it's the same thing as a difference. If you're at the you work at B. And they will of your employer. And as long as you've you've done something that is not allowed you you can via gone now. Doesn't seem to these detainees that people confuse the term. My rights ardea. They go all the war and I think they really understand it they don't understand at all what its argument that's been a default position. We think is right I have a right to do well there are certain things that you've pupil. Can Google. They add to that will cause consequence. The guy you have your right take up there has been. Jump into the final in a vocal fell through but. Sign and he's taken well by Leah by others and it's may be actionable things like that. You have a right to set a bonfire on their front line in. If business that's the neighbor's house on fire that's going to be have problematic for your joke but they just think everything is right. Well there are rights but there are wrote those certain things that aren't necessarily rights and there are consequences. For some of the actions. Another brewers mark says sandy they are performers once they take the field they are on. It must perform as their contracts slash employers states. Period that's right a vivid performed by playing the game or coaching the game that's that's what they get paid for. They don't get paid to lecture anybody. They don't get paid it to hurt him to advertise other causes. That is their workplace. And they have their employer tells them they can do what they can't do it now doesn't mean you can't do it somewhere else. You know if you wanna give up playing in the National Football League single ounce of news of the local. Park. And it's taken need to when they won the national average is plagued. But don't expect a check in the mail because it won't be there. See they want their cake and needed to. They've very seldom have people saying no to them. They think the world started and especially football started the day they started playing. And they have no no feeling for the game at all. And another thing it's a little distressing to me. Is I don't know enough about it to do a show about it. But. Regarding the the Buffalo Bills. A former players you know they have an association group whenever. And I think I think the current ownership. Has cut ties in some ways some ways not. Would those people I think we should keep all avenues open for the former players. Every single one I know that. The first goal is is still funding certain things whatever but the you know former players association can't use the bills logo and things like that. This is a community has a very strong bond with the people a start of football here. And I think you'll be a mistake. Two to sever that bond. I had heard about that yet. No I am you know but I know they bring out our former players to lead a charmed I'm sure during the gains slump now. Currently there is there's yeah standard in in the league. That they that they want to adhere to. There I think there's still funding certain things but certain things that the a former players can use among them the bills logo. Let's. Do it I think what they after a member is. The team and the people who wore the uniform word of the team. There was no team without the players yet. So I think it hasn't grown into a full full. Full battle or anything like that but Paul McGuire was good to see that big article in the paper Europe. About the moment it was four pages long Yale was that the Croce approaching him now and that that's one thing Paul said. He's very happy with the management things like this here. But he did not like the fact that they voted to distance themselves somewhat. From the you know former players and I group policy of the all right when we come back who wanna talk VOA don't Treo and I'm 2018061692. Through six aren't I'm thirty. Players' rights are they being infringed while OK I would challenge them. Should we worry says you have a right to a social protest door in your work hours on company property should all meet that right. Proof pre prepared to show it to me in court if not zip that up. Zippy will be back for more on those radio and I'm thirty WB. Silly backward major companies the metal Joseph lives. And if you look around here for awhile you know I've July means especially toward the end of July amazes. The bills are going to training him. And we have is a bit of drama going on in the National Football League and wood one of our players and that's who we're talking about today. The drama about one of our players as well John McCoy. I apparently. Bill was. There was a a burglary or robbery on depending on which is the courtroom on this. Act. And and now there was a your publication online. Saying that was Shawn McCoy was guilty. I'll domestic violence. Guilty of animal abuse and using performance that these audiences enhancing drugs. Now accusations are accusations. Anyway you can make one. I can make one anyway to make one but you have to be able to back it up and and so for us we have a characterizations along with the some pictures on line. But bullish on the caller has hired a defense attorney. Whose handle some of the highest profile cases their right Shia and the rice case. And Roethlisberger. In so bits type of case been hired by. By Sean McCall ID and the bottom the bottom line is. That. If indeed this turns out to be true. If it's if it is a provable and they have the right information and these have found guilty of it. He's done football player what do you think of the odds of that Tony that'll get that far. It's hard to stay clean now. You really don't know what corrections and because we have no idea of the accusations have any merit or not we need more information out we need more information we need more proof. Certainly the pictures didn't want very good and there are some things that we don't know that are provable that. Twice he tried to have this woman evicted from his premises. And I was not successful we do know that that's a fact. Wasn't he'd do for a court hearing none the eviction now whether it was the a dear to a day after the incident so I'm Don and number should have a timetable on that because if that's the case if he was expecting if they were expected in court. Why would you. Aaron and if you handle her beat out why would you do that cold and. And that's that's on the eviction giving back of apparently valuable jewelry for us all sound like your jewelry and oh. Sounds like you're in high school. If you can afford to gift and you afford to have given me give you should manna which are big boy pants on your big boy wall and you gave it as a gifted as a gift. Unless you have some kind of contingency plan that says this is again after the following happens. If the following happens I'm honored. Right. August preset and give it to somebody else. Okay but because we've seen. Very similar case this does not make this a fact. But it makes it more comfortable for us that think it could happen. As a we got that going on with the Shawn McCoy. Certainly you've been in the fall of that video of one of photos that they oppose that. Certainly looks damning but it's it's not so. Is not a fact not a dead set facts so we got to see where that goes the next thing is the players association. Now one thing well yeah that the players association would have to protest. They be required to because of the ones that in the union that pay the dues it's a yes I want I want the protests that. The new policy on the National Anthem and so they have protests that are on Tuesday filed agreements. As saying that there were rights have been infringed. Regarding the new policy in the NFL. And now he has that he had Texas in choosing you know it's Sony's it take a man Tony being a coach of the little guys or whatever. It's the whole of the anthem policy. Affect team chemistry. I think it will no question about it and into school coaches do. They try and eliminate distractions. That's the biggest bugaboo. Something they don't want absolutely don't want to happen distractions. They want you focused on your row on your game. They wanted to know your plays once and run your patterns do what you're supposed to be doing they know what you're thinking about anything else. So this is definitely no matter how you look at it a distraction and that would affect team chemistry what do you make of that. Oh definitely effects team chemistry why you think coach is to a lot of things without. Bonding him in the teens gather. You know I carry on I'll interview coach is on Saturdays as if we are Friday nights the team gets together they go out to dinner. They have Chinese food they go bowling things like that. It does affect chemistry when you have I do divided locker Rome is spells disaster. Yeah out of all of the 01 thing on the other side of the coin remembered during the bills' absolute best years that we've seen. They were called a bickering bills. Is basically in the late eighties what they got rid of the players who who. World let's see the disease in the locker room and you know one of the things that I always kind of raise an eyebrow. Which is funded every once and why should raise an eyebrow on and let it run up the wrong. I know we'll be Justin Trudeau exactly what they do raise an eyebrow on is this team. I'm together this thing now do you do see it occasionally. I think the best example of the Jim Kelly years not only a worthy together during the fourth Super Bowl runs. These guys really had. A bond and it certainly is shown in the last few years while Jim Kelly battles cancer. A long past his playing days. Where they came in to support them and there were paired. Golf tournament and you know they really showed that they cared about each other. But I think a lot of it. Not with the bills but I think a lot of it when it's proposed as. Yeah this team is really bonded now were all together I think a lot of that is just part of a coaching plan. More than actuality I've played on teams where where we didn't get along in our records show. I've been on teams where we were all bass bonds and show. You know I've been radio stations. Especially W period W. Where is definitely true. So where you have a great deal of respect. And a great deal while for the other people that have ever worked there as is the way it works but some guys as they are sometimes is not. And I I don't think it was just because. Oh successful we were it was because we really cared about Asia and instill Lou. So do. I wanna hear from you I don't three 301806169. Troopers searched on I thirty will be back right after this. Let's go. I had an out and Kirk in Mexico Fred you're on W via. Good morning. Good to talk to you again Fred what's on your mind today. Well I think that. What your talking you bet at this morning is seen him like broke eaten. Considering the pardon me some microcosm. Also home. Our country. And maybe maybe Eagles. And I don't know qualifying no news what hurt countries like these days. He can't hit. It's. The nasty place. It's a new way of doing business as and a. He talked needed people to. Talk things out they fight. Instead. He and they eighties they do things are. Not content may extremes just to get attention that sort of thing. Plus they have access. They have the ability to be regional wide audience without any checks imbalances. If you want it does say something that as the about the person acts. In the Oakland a's it would take a while before the word got out gently and now he's just sit edge of your computer. And it's out there and there's no checks and balances it's a lot easier than he used the beads are besmirched people's reputations. That's correct and it's that's. That's the bad part of technology. Plus. I think there as you said instead of sitting down and talking things out what are we doing picked up the phone call lawyer. And we are a lot necessity to of lawyers advertising. I mean you see a lawyer advertising listing all the multimillion dollar awards they got. This may not represents something for you but here's what we've done and that's. And you get the thinking of it used to be you'd want to win the lottery nicest wanna win all possible. Right in. Money. If that's what it's all about there really is and a good bit distressing part is that. It's very hard to defend yourself because most people remember the accusation. Very few people remember the outcome so if you're accused of something and then two or three years later here they find out you didn't do it. A lot of people only remember that you were accused. I'm good now now you you made as a menace frowned for a because you're telling us the absolute truth and we know. And smile smile but it's not you my friend thank you. A gala. It is average brings up a good point it its its its larger than life and and these two things bring up a lot of what we just talked about. Lawyers. Internet access. The ability to Tokyo's without without having to show any any kind of back up proof. Now for instance there's a picture. Of the woman pretty battered just you have pictures or. Unfortunately guys very battered now the picture. The muscle is doctored and I don't think everybody's thinking that. Is pretty distressing. But how do we know that that LeSean McCoy did. Or that he hired somebody is doing or she didn't just fall down a flight is there's we don't know. We can assume. We can guess we can that we can try and be fair and and kind of put them pictures together but we don't know. Ando who knows if there's ever gets a core part in their act institutions would be criminal. I'll would have the civil. Right now these. And the thought that. In the accusations its domestic violence animal abuse. And is is putting everything him there loading everything in their hollow ones. The kind of like overwhelm everything. And of course this is a quiet time. For the NFL before the beginning of training camps so mr. have a big effect and this is bigger than the NFL this is a bigger the person involved. I may be a member of the NFL but it's really about. If it's true it's really about. Spousal abuse. And it's really about animal abuse if it's true but we have to say that. And at the day it's that it's about that if this cup is a lot of salts yeah it's covers a lot. But because of the player very very that they're alleging either cause this. Aura is because of this first happens the Wafer costs. And Evans would be probably the most valuable player we have on the team which is there. I definitely one of the most valuable player on team so there you just get destroyed out there and a and there's no charge for that is going. I give you a piece of what the liberal mindset is we're Jerry's yes products rose as a regular liberal on yeah sandy beach FaceBook page. All rather Beck to the anthem thing again good. Eat anything to keep dividing. Yeah you'll love your country more than the other guy blob blob block. That's the liberal mines ex. I'm not the action is and is and dividing America it's their reaction to reaction is that she's trying to say yeah it's it's that though the bright mind set he had his divide in the car yeah. Excuse me keep in mind Roseanne and I would say if they didn't do that would we be having this as a discussion today. Oh is I'd say you know it's it's the it's a dog's fault because he ran in front of a car. Well it is the guards' fault because he ran for over car but the real fault of belongs to the fact that it shouldn't happen but it did. I'm accidents happen things like this but when you're talking about assault that's different. If this is true and what will wonder how come we didn't know about it before now it was only because of somebody wants their jewelry back somebody wants somebody out of a house. These are various things but the thought that. The reaction to the action is what's do well divide the country is ridiculous. Well I think her her thing is though about the anthem and you know where Matthew we're not the ones that took a knee during the National Anthem mr. and pardon us if we find it offensive not exactly. So I'm outdoors anybody can do anything they wanted to do and if somebody else is offended by eight years and years of a believing it's their right improper things are doing now is seeing somebody. Who doesn't believe in that so we react to and so is our fall. Don't forget according to the left most people and I'm sure rose and included. The feel are more concerned about illegal. And in and their children in the are about the homeless in our own country or the veterans who are homeless and our country's. I've ever words you can you can go to protest anything you want to say anything you want and the onus is on the people's reaction. Not the original action is the reactions. As you just said. Let's let illegals in the country would know kind of vote. You know kind of a problem would that in any number you're like let's do that. If I react to incidental like that I don't think it's right then it's my fall. And your racism or races now exactly was the way they play him again it all three are gonna come over better than a dog analogy. I was I was working on my daughter now Angelos saying it staggered backwards it's faith and the forget the dog Ella FitzGerald takes the dog analogy out of the best though. Go back to the hall of Famer ever Mowlds would you please I. More big government under Israeli airlines currently death he fell down what do you want from me.