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Friday, July 20th

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News radio 930 WB ENN first we are going to honor the fact that we 63. Of the popular. It but you know I will never get a proclamation would marriage job cuts are no one cares or will we care. It's Tom Bauer Leahy one to. Go into it but I will say that yes. Volley ability 63. On the heavy hitters just came out you know says they're proud to be sixty there's a really good golfer. Feel like the PGA tour golfers like humanity 63 in the master who like why now why. Look at you know the start golf guy it's the hourly and Olivia. How good adulthood on news radio 930. I don't know what it's going around to export it. You don't send emails to its export to say you know its attacks. Basis and and I have no idea what the one listen. If you wanna get on the program if you want itch that scratch. Or scratch that itch however it is. Is calling an 8030930. Start and 31 in under 616 WB and we'll take your call but you know what. If you don't have anything to say what was it your call and accurate attacks in the board threes there and entries are as I could when I got to read it. It's a screening process it's the vetting of contents process. And so you don't find yourself getting through it's because of you not because of anyone else just a couple of we going to have a happy fund day you know that's what we talk about comfort food and what the best day ever was and then that was shooting the. The Bible please jobs are deplorable police officers are fine. The alleged bad guy had a hostage shot to round up with a shotgun and house. And then of course. That individual went outside started wrestling with his. You know with the person that he was in the hostage against female. The alleged. Hostage taker was 34 years old white had twelve gauge shotgun to round co op inside the house one round goes up when he's struggling with a hostage. Oh please you know guess what. Any rules of engagement there are pretty black and white in that circumstance around just three rounds of what are you Dylan. The officers engaged the suspect. He's was in surgery we don't know the situation will give an update. The officer was taken to an area hospital just for valuation that's the protocol we heard from Catherine although you can hear that interview at RadioShack com. Just look at the calf or all the interview that we did live on the air. We spoke to Mike McCoy theme from star won a 2.5 who was on that Branson duck boat yesterday thank god but a couple of years ago when it was an. I never really counted when you see the duck boats in the water you think it's just a little little blow you know of the big blow to do and half. And a lot of you textures are called in and there should they. Texted him and explained it this was on the military amphibious vehicle. Mostly it is on the the ground it has the ability to go in the water but it certainly. Would not be able to negotiate. Water they had sixty mile an hour wind that's dangerous you look at some the other boats out there. That were duck boats and after that video. That we saw yesterday they were having hard time. And warning went out at 630 that there was high wind warning. They went out at seven and they hit it for that small stretch of the tour. They have some bad water seventeen people dead. Nine people killed in the scene and can you imagine. The youngest victim was one years old the oldest was seventy. And you know according to Mike McQueen for start 12 point five that was on this tour the locals like preserve jackets are above your head and if you capsize. You know waters come in and those life jackets here again it's human time hopefully someone would've had the presence of mind to stay put these on the water in bad but it. You know over weighted 31 people on it. It's pretty bad you know I've felt. I'd abandon any chance of being positive. Slipped it into some more controversy. We could NFL. But those around and a film made and new anthem rule policy. The NFL said hey we have. We're not gonna tolerate people protest protesting at the turn off the NFL last year because of the protest it was very controversial. And recently the Miami Dolphins put out a statement to their team and their players say if you are to protest. During the you will be suspended and fine. I've taken me under the new Miami Dolphins team piles. I fell and the NFL PA that is the players association the union for the they are now talking through a resolution. Because there are disagreements over the NFL's policy. So hours after a report came out that the Miami Dolphins are witnesses and players and fine them if they need them. The NFL and I felt PA put out a statement saying you know. Were going to. Have more discussions and work on a resolution. Of the main issue. Because we want there to be quote constructive dialogue to continue. As we've come to a steam still. Agreement on the NFL PA's grievance and tells them policies so. There are no new rules related symptom policy if put out originally put. They're walking back is what the deal and you know just when you thought that there was a reason that the liberals can assert itself would say hey. We're making the rules here in this bad for business. It. Wants that. Right so of course becomes about presidents. Of the critics in the owners and you know the league coalition players have been. Basically trying to commit ninety million dollars over the next seven years to social justice programs. OLB players to still participate. In their politics. In the social concerns. And still. Be able. To basically that you flex that muscle in a more productive ways you wanna. Deal with that law enforcement in the way that the treaty of good Americans how you start a grouper how about we take this ninety million dollars and create programs that there's understanding and respect. Good now they want to protest because I didn't always people. It's a point I mean why would stop doing that arm and a ground view in the kid keeps doing it. They don't wanna comply. They want to agitate they wanna upset folks that they wanted to so. What do you think is gonna happen with this anthem policy agree with the dolphins president in suspending players for four games fighting hampered for taking. Or do you think or do you think the NFL is going to end up softening. They're hard line. And then conduct rules they put out earlier. You know in which it was a break up the draft they put that out there. Bracket tolerated anymore it's bad for business it's not good there's nothing about is that helps the NFL. And if your business and that it's hurting your business and it does it benefit your greens normally the tough decisions are made it. You know were really unpopular would not growing but we are making money. You know. Urged that growing at the rate that we thought we grow. We have to make tough decision this is a tough decision for the and I felt a tough decision for the owners. This is hurting the league. Right they they're they're the growth has stopped but more importantly. Viewers have stopped now folks think that this has to do with concussions that it's less people playing football. Or is it just that people don't want politics to sports 803 on I thirty stunning 3180616. WP yen. So I wrote in the they'd rather have lunch with me heads that have fifty yard line ticket to the Super Bowl. Well I would much rather have fifty yard line to get to the Super Bowl. But you know whatever will be will have logic pets what that means. What is it red hot dogs there is a friend named Ted. Is the difference there. Want to eat Ted bunnies you know I could be horrible. Fear of what we're dark and hot dog place on a mission in the dark about a buddy of yours games. Named Ted who happens to live under his mother's sake I don't want that at all. Anyway. Go back happy as well. But unfortunately too much it will also do what now I'm gonna go back to happy we'll talk about the NFL. Will also take your calls. In this final hour on where what makes the perfect day for you in what is your comfort food and of course came from a New York Post. Survey. A store I should say of us it was conducted by the US hot bullish blueberry council. I I don't know either but they've they've pulled 2000 Americans and they came up with. What things can boost your day what makes the best day ever would some food that will change your mode. I think the bush blueberry council was hoping for just. Ridiculous amount of pro blueberry answers. We did not get as many blueberry answers were probably hoping for we learned a lot about. This survey and most people consider comfort foods to be ice cream bacon and coffee. Those are people three comfort foods. Yeah I hear about Minor League Baseball. PR people a tremendous amount that's a very difficult job you got a minor league product. We Tripoli before obviously way better. The product in single but a lot of creative marketing people that work for these minor league. All teams the goal is to get as many people to the stand as possible for use in night in. Greeks night and all these creative waved it the dress is your favorite Greece character. That is. That's definitely out there I mean can you imagine like if it was like if the thirteenth guided. Coca-Cola field dress is your favorite horror film. Character it. And just be horrible if you do your favorite victim. Uterus was your favorite kill from the or. All versions I could be just really insensitive if you went through. All the victims know yeah you're right you again they can't show year after year. People would start their courier is in like Minor League Baseball teams that go on like I mean if you're successful there. You've got a career and Friday you'll learn a lot of I mean. Think about you're you're you're selling you know in the in the case of like the Batavia mark dogs are Jamestown baseball team they still have a baseball team than it was like Europe and both guys are deal with like nineteen year old kids. It's great baseball part of that high school it's got to get people in the state and and you do it by hot dog night and bring your dog in. The first guy to catch her for lesbians keep kids you know whatever it is right. And they're incredibly good at what they do but it's. It's outside the box when you're talking Greece night you know. And to the Rochester red wings decedent mr. bottle night everyone dresses their favorite. Rock and roll musical rock opera. You know it's it's not the easiest thing in the world today right. Out we are gonna will. This. This thing is annoying because I really thought it went away. And the fact that it's coming back and I don't understand why you consult with the NFL PA before you made your decision as the NFL. Bothers me and a couple of doubles because you know if the players association was upset and we're getting there and file a collusion grievance against the NFL over. You know the fact the year barring like. Can't predict it doesn't have a job now because jeopardy. Was not a very good quarterback they're seen cabinet does have a job. Because he's controversial well I can understand that Eric Reed is the safety. That doesn't have a job either and he was another person when he played for the 49ers that was. A protest in with Katherine. I mean what are you gonna do it yet controversial people there. You got a report from the USA today and the hill that made comments about a couple of children in pedophilia in the post up. Why would you hire her she's the best raider in the world if she's bringing negativity. And you don't want so. If you play in the NFL don't be a distraction. And you think Terrelle Owens couldn't play for Opel to Owens caught eighty passes for the Cincinnati dangles his final year in the well. A thousand yards eighty passes he caught. Adam what he was physically unable to play football he's cancer in the locker room or want them. You know if that's the way to your business use you for your business. We talked about that we can talk about this is great serving it from the US how bush. Blueberry council. Which is asking what is the best day ever. That could be the food you weep the amount of sleep you get what makes for a boost. In the way you look at the best day in most people think it's sleeping well alarm clock eating ice cream Baikonur copy. The comfort foods that means something. Will take all your calls on anything you want it's Friday will open it up you know what you ask me anything. The well within reason. But let's anything you wanna talk about it's your flaw or it's open calls final segment of the big program. All the cash told words will do lives are all taking care of and we will spend the final segment talking about whatever you wanna talk about hey I'm good enough to eat Ted top. At odds win over Super Bowl. Push notable talked about it whatever you want a three. Thirty start at 310616. WB and you're taxed as. As 3030. And come Monday we'll be back and I will put the contract that he never leaves again. Because if is doing quite the adventure give us a call we'll talk after this you wanna talk about. Or the topics of the day your call and we'll talk after this break with Tom and traffic and weather. Underrated bands. Love states. Should I thank everyone for filled up the the call that the board man that was crazy she's the one segment little plea would cry for help and Wednesday. 030930s who wanted to in the one start at 310616. WB and and all the complaint line wanna talk about you ask me question. You ask anything you want within reason. But the point is today happens to be awkward to fill Kennedy the one year anniversary. A fair NATO. I would like to claim responsibility for giving it that that title it was I believe it was me and can I get a little something along. Hog. Our NATO a year ago today my favorite story of NATO. And what anger botched people I think tiger and went down there. And there was a guy that left so that the tornado hit there was like debris everywhere a guy who leaves the casino. And has no idea he's been at the casino. This entire time there's a press conference the governor's line in all the stuff that's happening. Pulleys debris cars are smashed picnic tables cows and horses around rooms it was crazy. God gets out of the casinos been pulling you know a slot machine for seven hours has moved well ideal to have that. It is like what is an odd. He had no idea that a tornado. If it is to be the casinos are spending money godless. Anyway we'll take your calls right now let's go to to teach. I'm in still to be a whole of two chick filet of Cheektowaga what is on your mind today. Yeah I don't worry I'm I drove in their report then one day to shout orange ball on the beer away. They're gonna push you right there. On the system for announcing. Their truck lurched is terrible and it's not for your station at a time. I will record or throughout charged or predict war. And I really depend that you're trailer for the porch the one that they have from the thruway I don't know why. You know polish crew actually achieved their perception and just terrible and got three vehicle. And the three vehicles that are current low. Our reception always ban on all my Mormon war crimes they upgraded. You know what that's a valid complaint Ron you're using the complaint line properly. And also Ron if you wanna find your way to get to a WB and promo. You've just solve the mystery you compliment us and we will put you at a commercial so congratulations on that. I'm sure. I'd have bet that posture and gracious and I come home from work and run Rochester. One of the royal shut down for although I know what form I mean that took four hours and watched Fargo was. Trigger for Africa report tortured and pack or longer what was the one outside the LeRoy. How did that for sure and there it did government from law enforcement was Dryden and the media. Yeah. I mean it would just to. Go through BK we unity on nine here and right where action and to vote on thirty. I still not been able to tell me who is in charge of drop in the traffic bars eager. Those those big fingered the gates that are supposed to close down what does that the how does that work who's in charge of that lowers it is automated that you you know I mean so I think I'm with you with being a little bit confused with the three way traffic reporting. But I tell you I've its worst in the wintertime. And I think we've seen evidence of that when they shut down through Wayne people are still on it. But we know their their computerized and knowledge. You can understand that if you can hear it. But the really interesting port on it. Excellent call rod and he is I started off the complete line perfectly that's how we do it rotted Cheektowaga. Excellent excellent call he has issue with the through reporting system it thinks it needs to via. More organized and computer voice that's coming over to make a whole lot of sense of what bill and eat and bill what's on your mind my friend. Hey David effort goes to the ladies so like. Okay its traffic time now for the urgent reports but it's not anything nearly as good as Alan and WB and traffic. And now bill understands how to get into a promo as well well done. By the way I was gonna ask you David how many geez if you pull when he took that down. Flight. Jet fighter. I don't go by geez I go I how many bags filled with my own vomit. And that answers for. For yes and honest I wasn't the same this bill let me terrorism if so we can demean said. David you have the power did to travel back in time would you like to see Kennedy would you like to kill Hitler. I would talk to the thunderbirds and tell them I don't wanna going to stoop flight that's what I would do fine time should. I think he's saved yourself like 230 pounds worth of extra weight. A record that you're vulnerable character and recommends everyone flies in the thunderbird. So on what I get for US I had like pretty happy shall particular type who texted you an Tenet rather. Pebble attribute and like go to the NFL. Oh well I'll have lived up reviewed and bill trustee. That's great because the other way that the football player and I wanted to be political it just wanted to be a game. So much we're actually one of launching. That. But odds for the bottom I can do here on a lot of musical on its version an allergy report if at some interest in. We have the down the remainder of the interview with building NAFTA or they are two impressions quick impressions I could do. I want impressions and we'll get the other callers go ahead. I'm here at an impression of Pope John Paul the second it worldview today telling the use in English to listen to borrow in dollars via the collective. Game yeah people. Live. David. Okay. And the second one on this there's an impression. I'm broke off. Asking where is the library. In Spanish okay. A bonus stock. Law. That will happen. And I. Yeah and eat and once again thank you for this Friday bill always appreciate your contributions to the program. One of these days we get bill. You know just he needs some time in the studio put all the stuff on paper and we'll do it. He's he's listen I. I love it if he's helping us with confidence and I loved that hey Kevin impaneled and what is on your mind it's open line do the one dollar. Yeah and yet you. But it wasn't a big and it breaks or are opting. Offers an art are you want working for the thruway authority right now that dad's phone connection is little weird. Olive I'll tell you get to the second floor and I am an Iowa I'll get right back he would Kevin that your company now broken and distorted. But I will give back Kevin a penalty of one of my favorite colors by the way to it in the lake view who who knows could be my favorite color camera. What does your mind. I did I got out about the broke. Why didn't make so it camera people they just talk show and. I think maybe your course. While everyone's phone connection is horrible today but. The Tim I can get bored you all the best to avoid the pulled controversy don't film it. You may well have happened at the lied people in the stadium would have been offended but no wimps in ninety. The 98% of the audience watches and a palpable watch it at all. At Coachella and you could ever anywhere you can. Game bring here up rotten vegetables in the game. And the irony. If that would be condoned but at least it's your you're thinking outside the box like a minor league promotion experts and so. Give you that Timberlake view excellent cooperation that Kevin about to go back just get to a place that has cell reception. He was coming in like a robot and I would like to be Kevin. And everyone. So it is wrote abducted two minutes of the complain about bill and eating wasted Cuban tobacco. Op bill eating. Is contributing to the program. All you gotta do is call in with your impressions. And will be. So instead worried about Kevin is he sleeping on the thruway at all. Kevin fell sleep one time I know that that was the cabinet penalty. That was very it was awhile ago. And he fell asleep and I kept. Held without hold for three hours map. It wasn't like Kevin's and are glad he was all for very long time and he worked a shift or whatever was tied at Wellesley. And of course we made famous this day. We're IC Kevin out whenever people go up it may it. I'd love doctor Kevin nickel back you can it was just your cellphone signal was bad. So it's David. Q anything your views regarding the use of whole reality. Thank you mark the UFO or reality that awaited word question. I believe that UFOs exist. Well first of all of course I believe UFOs exist. He stands for unidentified flying objects and that could be a drone that can be connected via piece of lob so. Yes unidentified flying objects. Directly that there. Is AM. Any sense of you know. Alien life that's attacking military and whatnot. You know if you would have told me. In 1991. That the F 22 technology existed. I would say that that was probably expiration if I was just hanging out you know in my house. Watching the bills during their four Super Bowl run and an F 22 started skipping across this guy the way they do. I would think that that was 00 weird things or maybe just maybe. The majority of the stuff that we're seen. You know legitimately is just you know technology that's about ten years away from being perfected it. The idea of like green and green beans run around and rob while. Don't think it's that I think we would want to talk about that. Let me give an example. Should we have a president whose approval rating is down to like 30%. Jimmy Carter at the end of his administration. What would have been better for Jimmy Carter to get people's attention away from the hostages and ran away from the fact that the economy was horrible. I would go to alien life I think that would really help everyone out. If if if we you know. I think it could be used. Wearing what we need to go to war against aliens what would be the best thing for the globe right now is to have an enemy. That is like from Mars. And then you know Jews Arabs Muslims. Hindus you name it Christians cap were all one team. One team fight against the extraterrestrials. I think if it was a real we need it to be real. Because that would bring the kind of the world together that's my iPad but I don't I'm not a big guy. I don't prescribed in the hole. I should say subscribe to the hole lead. Life there I don't I'm one of those. Alien deny lawyers claim Canada what is your thoughts feature open line you can say whatever you want within FCC regulations. I doing and so I get a question Korea. I'm so much to go you're taught in the boat someone who bitterly. Puerto Kanye and they pronounce your last name the last year instead of bella via. And I remember that the empty suit I wonder. Maybe it is obvious so my question he asserted the Europe find. You don't you know what's interesting is that I I met recently some relatives that just got back from Italy and they told me that everyone there was pronounced example. In that it broke my brain clay because for years I've been calling myself though via the rest family. You know who's so when I heard a real Italians say obvious. I was like why haven't you seen it wrong maybe Keith Olbermann was right that we're gonna strike. I am I'm the figure at once you never know I mean what are relatives came over a lot of things got cut up and changed but. You know are you up G do you have. Al extra back he's Canadian as well and he does that thing where he liked over pronounces like you know Argentine. When he does his questions at one. I don't know dude it's offensive to people that live there. Or do you think they they appreciate that he stranded to putting Gibson dialect. He may be trying to draw attention to also put certain that stipulates that lecture. I don't know you know it it's one of those things where if you host to game show people automatically assume that you know all the answers did you read them off card. I'd be shocked to meet ouster back of these like you know ask you what's the capital of of Quebec and he has no idea what it is because it's not written on a card you know I mean. Joie you wouldn't that kiss your a Smart guy and you'll forget that players affairs. Why listened cute guys of course and sort. Barely go to I appreciate the call goblins can't thank you sir for colony and let's go to Neill for us bill you've got the floor whatever you wanna talk about John. Yeah good afternoon. Ordered a hundred. Okay. It's Serb. Review will be agreed upon. Is that as his Kermit the Frog. Or I'll kick Kermit the frogs a gimme some more covered the for a let me have Kermit the Frog. Talk about the space shot or chip the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster can you do that. Well there are words. Oh really secure Cherry Hill watching it aren't familiar it is. Or weary future growing our partnering. All my god term there is no need to go that it that way at all my god that's really good with just that we used before for all the voices. Heavily used did you do cookie monster and everyone else. Yeah. Don't you think there. Yeah we lost his number because I want this guy for elect a board to stop because he does like duke what is the other when the due to a league. I. Op with a whole schtick with the with optimist for that right at your Optimus Prime. I'm all right. Well wait what was that. I didn't eat from all of me why this has a little shower she news this is true. All right Neil yeah. Lol wow are right now OK so deal. What are the other words you do besides that we get which Optimus Prime and a very disturbing to for a. Like in your rural kids. 00. One wow. What does it obviously does reliving do you do it anywhere outside of WB. I like because Andre you are chosen from time to get or need your regular voice. Try it you'll like the hide the voice and if you fooled anyone. All my guys are gonna put general Richard government and I wanna use meal in the future because I would love to do. WB yen Bauerle ability of phony phone calls that it's actually why I got into radio was for the phony phone call. You know big games to earn between animal these other guys always want to do 44 girls. And I think Neil has opened that door opportunity and we would never got to kneel before it's still unless of course. We. You know opened up the lines here how we got open line adult lied to lose so much to do unlike you who's this. You know. Just over the hill today what's in my body. Or. Chia that's an apartment or. You. Are. All you know what that was listen that was actually concern of mine. Because they say you black out when you hit the jeeves and you lose total control and I wanted to be able to not pass out and not void my balls. And I'll tell yet I'd I'd I'd check the box on both those cab but I I got sick. You. Sick and published. I've been achieved through open an F sixteen. I. Well lucky Kevin Gibbs talking you know nailed for personal gonna grab your phone number and everyone else we'll talk to one Monday thank you for great week. And we will see you Monday for another amazing week have a great weekend stays they could be Smart.