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Sunday, July 15th

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It's time to talk politics it's hard line on news radio nine. Thirty WB. And. And welcome to the program this is Kevin Hardwick you're listening to hardline. My. You that you are you are you know. Doctor Jill O'Malley. Who I had on the show a few weeks ago she was appealing doctor. Jill as the Jill teaches he's CC and so Ericsson and Jiri. And she is a member and ex president of the tenth and school board. Seed. And it and your FaceBook page AM you know your your regular on the show and Allen make sure. Clearly you're more of an irregular and a my wife foreign no I'm on the payroll well Ali. It is you know that it is Rashid thank you to get me out anyway anyway welcome welcome back if you believe it's middle of July and you know it is July 15 this summer is slow by -- Ari can and social studies teacher craft so you're on break people have been on break for a few weeks we college professors currently forever. But it's it's lined by eventually they're gonna last teaching it. That you were you running curriculum so. Anyway anyway the just for the first hour is colleague of mine from the county legislature is actually you're wearing two NCAA he's actually wearing and a exactly wearing two hats today Patrick Burke is a democratic member of the eureka and legislature is also the democratic candidate. For new York state assembly from 842. District welcome. Thanks for him let me let me. Make a segue from. The last show we did when we hear Richard Lepsis Western New York area labor federation president here. We're talking a lot about the Supreme Court decision Janice decision. That. Allows public employee union members not a pretty you know not and they don't have to be member unions. They don't need it it'd have to pay agency shop fees do. Pave the union for negotiating their contractor now we got into this stone build a forehand and your return legislature I thought it was going to be a quick meaning they. Half hour meeting. Which was important me because I was house training a dog in my life was not apparently granddaughter was down at the dog is waiting at home for me a letter out in and someone introduced an amendment right to a resolution which I had already voted for in committee did and that was that someone was you and kept us for their for another hour what was well now. I'm sorry to keep with the legislature longer genetics at times and you still holding out that. Sold Ari do what was the amendment a well we talk about what you were hoping to accomplish there. Are you know you're so I ask and so yeah I do feel passionate about. You know the labor movement and protecting workers and what the value of unions. Our. On this. On this specific resolution. Hannity EU resolution on the Janice case which was the case it would determine that. People do not have to pay their agency fee for the services that are rendered to them by their union. Or the union that represents there there bargaining unit. And it was stated so we had this resolution came through but it was before that it can decision was even. In that before any decision had been made. So we moved it through committee. Decision I'm Janice had been made whose it was an outdated resolution some viewpoint and it and is it is. I think it's still it's yes if the sprinkler head and Agassi made the wrong decision in matters is too I mean there's also like the the politics of the legislature where. You know one legislator in your side asked for to be separated from committee. And and usually when that happens it's an indicator it's a red flag that someone's someone's. To vote against or what we talk about what's gonna pay so often happens is is I'm. There are amendments looked at the end and young teams that played so much well if there is gonna happen I'm gonna update this resolution had peaked I'd members on my side who want to be added as co sponsors. But let's just let's me if we're gonna move this now let's make it. What we actually want to be and that's who read it. And and but the but the change still was something about personal information of a public employees do an elaborate and assure you had heard that that anti union groups were. Well we know for a fact that it's happening throughout the country this anti union organizations. We're waiting on the Janice decision in them were were literally. Falling mark had money Carty funneled into different various groups. In order to try and go for public information. You know you know public employees' information solely to trying to convince them. Not to be in their union it would ghosts of pars they would get their email they would send him an email your unions taking money from your you don't have to pay it click this link and we'll do everything I. Early after five dollars after decision was rendered received that email box right as as I can then there's akin to social studies them. So it's not this hasn't seen this isn't something that's far off this is this happening and my name I am very racial beliefs about the value of labor. In the importance of having a balance between employer and employee and protecting workers. And I saw this as an aggressive act against workers and and there. So exclusive represented as a great. The final form of the resolution we Euro amendment. Urge is the county NAFTA turn over any. Personal information about union members illnesses deterrent by by a court that he and that they. And that that. I play again that was debated for about an hour and that kind of heated at times got very heated at times it that tends to happen there I think I specifically remember. One example winning and the minority leader of the Republican caucus. Said so if people don't you know your Kong's people freeloaders. So if if people choose not to Peter union views. And they get the services using the feelers moments and yes free SSL well I mean freeloaders tree writers you know whenever but yeah that's the point that's break. Unions left looks let's move on quickly to. That the current campaign which follows the campaign this this past winter. Or spring. There was there was a special election. That that put you at the democratic candidate. Of against the Democrat running as a Republican Erik Boland. And it in this special election and he pulled off a bit of an upset there. What what happened and analysts. I think from the outside it was an upset. When you're from that communities so I'm from like century and in in some people it's it's like the wrong side of the business district that runs through park. And so you know I was not politically we have the same thing in tunnel under with a canal hotel and frequent and we call and call it Eli and I don't necessarily yet Kelly kicker has crept. So I didn't come up through any. You know political family I was literally. A guy hey who want to make a difference ran a primary for the legislature. And one against the political machine so I I didn't come up with these various political relationships in in big political fan reasons. Family members were powerful positions which are some who worked really hard in out there and then when I got there. I think it made a difference there comes from the sort of developed political universe so well helps explain the races so. If he jumps a Republican and a very low turnout election Republicans generally stay on the line. Basically always republicans' turn out better in the turnout significantly better in law and it was a arena in April even so you'd have that base so he goes in election with deputies and then with his. Political family network. That would house we were looking at me and he might squeak this one button in squeak it by you dead. I think in normal election cycle that we're facing. Field actually come out. Well I'll tell you what let's pick up on that after the break we have to take a quick break. Pepper good candidate for 142. Assembly district will be here for the balance of the hour. Bill Conrad. My yeah my friend from the town a tunnel under will be here the entire show. I'm Kevin Hardwick you're listening to hard line and news radio 930 WBE. And welcome back to the show Kevin Hardwick year with a co host bill Conrad and our guest this hour. Burke. Colleague of mine in the Erie county legislature also a democratic candidate offered new York state assembly. That you you that you are going to be there's there's no democratic primary you file petitions soul you are the democratic nominee that your your opponent Eric Bowen has some primaries not only on the Republican line but on some minor lines. Going forward the there's there's there's there's a lot going on in New York State. A lot going on in Washington and affects New York State. I know that and and I'm wondering what New York is going to do as Donald Trump and the Republicans who currently control congress both houses of congress. A traded dismantle obamacare. Is it going to be a situation or do you as a candidate would you is an assembly person want to eat dinner and replace. Obamacare on the state level you know in a way similar to what Massachusetts did before obamacare became. Monica and rob mr. Romney router and they care. I mean so you know there's there's a question is what happens as the apparatus is dismantled slowly. Should New York react to that. So I can just tell you mind absolutely I I believe that every person in the United States of America the richest country in the world should have full access. We have a system that is enormously. Expensive. We have a system that if you used book Medicare and veterans health care which costs more than one is believed to be universal health care for a so we Ers and that's not adding that two trillion dollars in private health care costs and so we have. A really. Compounding system. Of offering people medicine and health care I always like to think of us as. Maybe I'm wrong but I like to think of us as you know in advance democracy. Moral society that we're doing things based. We're supposed to help people were supposed to protect each other we're very wealthy country. And there should be a baseline. Four for care you know that's what Social Security is about Leo there's a safety net you pay into it. If but there should it should be there and I don't think anyone wanna get rid of Social Security Washington Washington I don't I used to be doing in the different direction Michael and I know more what's so so absolutely so in in. In my view in the absolute failure of Washington DC to do what is. Financially economically right in morally right. Of course the State of New York should pick up that meant and we do have the money to do it. A lot of people don't realize that we have something in your typical stock transfer tax. And essentially amounts to about twenty billion dollars comes state. Unfortunately because there's so much power and hedge fund hedge fund managers are on Wall Street we take that tax we rebate at right back to. We could pay for health care we could fill the gaps in and all of the issues pertain to your issues in New York State we could be paving arrows we can be doing infrastructure. We choose not to because the power lies in while the interest on Wall Street rather than the people in years. And knowing knowing that powerful interest is there. You know that the B criticism comes out is this is gonna need more taxes what what's your response to that. Well. Like to send the money the money's there. I know we recently. And more focus and saying like OK the money's there the powers there they're not gonna do this booklet so you wanna go for with this you know. The online is and it's been an open and more taxes for the. So way it goes back to how we're taxed in New York State I think people who who feel. Blanton and I certainly do that sure enough I'm not. And so in wealthy by any means nobody likes that doesn't mean recipe that is now actually. I'm made for me for Israel today and enemies. So now it'll be someone outside the elite. So. Well there will invite that I think all that they do I'm okay you know mentally and I'll show you the backdoor thank you thank you. It is so your your question is on taxes so so so much of it is yours schools is certain there there similarly. So. You combine almost taxes and we're just getting bought it you know how we tax for schools does not yet we are just on here a couple weeks ago that. We kind of agreed that we wanted to remove that from the property so storytelling are you killing bill Conrad. Social studies teacher can Wes it's those IP teachers at. Throughout. I love teachers there Reno's. I am a teacher. So. Educator and it's better to have an educator. So we have to fix how we are tax in New York State. But again it doesn't mean because something is going to cost mines are threatening to do well and things that are also goes back to the amount of savings that people get based off of based off of fixing and making a system more efficient there's a certain justice or just being a local government the cost of health care has been the number one issue when it comes to union contracts or whatever. And dirty talking about our rates going up again I was just looking to see if you had in response that you know. If there's a public option then you know it could take those those problems away from local municipalities as well. Let me let me move the discussion long talked about Washington in the changes there and how New York may have to react to them. Of course the other the other elephant in the room I guess that's if I should use a neutral maybe a draft girl gets out of an elephant in the room. Is this Supreme Court appointment and the impact that there might him on unprecedented particularly. Roe vs. Wade. You Governor Cuomo for years has been bin. Looking to in effect codify Roe vs. Wade in New York State would you be backing their position if you're elected assembly and. I would and so I can explain to you my position so. I barely hear people think I'm gonna hold my positions because what I believe and under other people make a decision knowing what I believe and I don't like that being mr. percent. So I view the issue of abortion and need the two. Size you are the pro life or your pro choice as being really a red Herring to split people part. I grew up. Pro pro life in a room my family identifies as pro life for a Irish Catholics from south buffalo. But when you when you cut down to the actual policies. I don't think anyone wants to be you know for example forcing a woman who is. Rapes to have to carrier a child term it's not it's right. So when when I see the actual issue I see it as there are ways to to read if yours yours if you dancers of pro life can you. Increasing access to contraception. You increase the level of education on the subject in Europe with people out poverty. His people often people people of abortions because we can't afford to avatar. They have you know unwanted pregnancies do we make every effort people people on who are pro choice. Make those efforts aren't they want to increase funding for those things people are pro life want to make it legal. And I've often seen now Ireland is now only a pro choice state but before it wasn't. They still had a high aboard proportionate. Because they were just go somewhere else to get them than they have I think both things was its ships off the sea or something right so we're going on results you know. It's so it's not a change fresh New York State that is not going to. Well look look what let me let me ask you the most controversial. Point. Governor Cuomo's proposal concerns third trimester abortions. Where do you come down on them. So I am opposed to them as a without a serious restrictions so if it is just so long. Casually like you know I decided not to have a baby in a third trimester that's not that's not okay. I don't know if that's the case unless it's the health of the mother I don't. I mean I have three children and I can only say. Talking from my personal experience in last 21 when we have our first it was it was a surprise for me. On the easy thing for us who have gone would have been to have an abortion. Instead we have two markets after that liberated after. You know what I hold true to my values and I don't take the easy road out. On that issue again it's these things are means to. You know and sense people. And Hugh and to put someone on aside. I always when I was younger I carried the position that abortion is. When I was younger actual murder that was that he took I remember I was arguing with. A friend. Who is very liberal and I said well pat if you think it's murder why are. What kind of person or use someone's going around killing babies and you're just sitting here arguing with me about it are you. But someone's actually you think there actually killing babies who are you doing something you know like the water you endorsing it went. James counted department of sloppy and Michael it's it's murder you know and and so. You can just pull pull down that rabbit hole we convince be sincere and say you know I want to stop this is best my ability without. Violating people's personal rights and that's what element. Okay well listen we have to take a break because they on harris' glaring at me from across the way community news. And he's going to be covering her news headlines when we return bill Conrad will be here might get skulls. Pepper Mike Kelly in the new York state assembly experiment like a league in the Andy break any legislature sorry. And and candidate for your state assembly I'm Kevin Hardwicke I think I am. You're listening to hardline on news radio 930 W media and welcome back yard line Kevin are we here with a guest hosted bill Conrad bill is a social studies teachers can west he's also a member of the town of tunnel on the board. Pepper. Under 42 district new York state assembly candidate Democrat communities here was this is our. He's also a colleague of mine in theory it legislature that. By the way we you will. I think all of time for phone calls you one question have a question for pat give us a call eagle three on 938030930. Years that number to call. Pet big verdict this week in the buffalo billion trial has strings of the question of course the buffalo billion but also of ethics in New York State the question of Governor Cuomo and whether you wanna be close to him. But he went run away from him of course he got a big democratic primary gubernatorial primary coming through Cynthia Nixon Governor Cuomo. Are you running with either of these candidates are you staying away from it clear where he position yourself vis a vis the governor. And his opponent in the democratic primary. I'm so I know my my opponent in the assembly race made great efforts to try and tie me to call even and like family members tweeting him yesterday Colonia Cuomo is buoyed. And I think his comment was I cannot align myself with Cuomo governor rate was well I mean that's that's that's his excuse not as Democrat because he pursued the democratic line up and soul. You know heating unit and now it's it's morally reprehensible runs Democrats convenient timing so. But when it comes to to my position on this I just I'm just trying to. Reflect like the the lack of truth in any association with Malone you know he's almost summit met. Twice. In who did not treat me very well the two times I met and so yeah million what are that. Just rooting dismissive. And can. Not very nice in troop normal route this myself right after these Shia. So it's just it's funny because you know and you never forget how you you might forget what someone says you never forget a song makes you feel. And when someone is dismissive and looks at you with contempt idea that you somehow. Answer to that person horror horror want to carry fever that person. Is just natural I know was because and I almost like lock I guess I'm you can. I I can see how life might be looking you with contempt knowing you will have to let the governor does he know you well enough to be contemptuous just invested dismissive and just religious pavlik is I only as a member of the look at me and and I just kind of let me return that is the idiot if you wanted to possibly muscles billion verdicts in the gulf of billion. Is there are there any lessons to be learned here is there anything that. That you see some reforms necessary that you would take what you Albany if if you were elected to the assembly. Certainly lines and an MP as an assemblyman I'm going to be that type of elective excellent tennis legislator and I think most people acknowledge mean as someone put good policy four and as a reformer. Whether it's the water authority whether it's. Ethics reform. An and putting serious legislation forces to help our community that's when I'm gonna do in Albany and if that means challenging the power structure. And and Andrew Cuomo or her Wall Street or anyone that's all there and I think anyone who knows me. Yourself included will vote could could observe those things and say that's probably that's the true reason he's being honest with. What he's done what he's going to do. Absolutely that we need. We need election laws and campaign finance reform it's I've been talking about this. Since I've been running for the assembly so we we basically are still operating in Tammany hall era politics in your state. Nothing's changed so the same even even years axis of the voting Booth. There's not there's no real axis if you want him if you wanna be affiliated with a party you to register. You have to register before the previous election no wince thinking about that would that would would you like same day registration. Absolutely absolutely would you like early voting yes. Would you like public financing yes campaign stops a two to one level I don't know I dog catcher to. Yes so yes I think there should be I think there should be publicly. So again coming from a guy who don't know what I mean Al I mean you would you would go with it yeah I want I want I want I want to editorial sold state assemblies of a mile just yes of the Democrats of the democratic system I feel only works if actual people can get in there and can get power. What were talking about with Wall Street bankers had more power than. Then elected officials in in and people. You know people in our constituency. It's not right in a lot of it is just because of money it's just money. So the idea of saying well we don't want we don't want public money going towards elections. You wanna protect your democracy do you wanna ensure that dirty money is involved guess what. The buffalo bill and all the stuff it's because of campaign donations as as a dirty money in politics it's got to stop. I you know it's funny is you you mentioned campaign finance reform but you know that that that I think is a bigger seller with the with the public you know I mean going after who and how much and so on for instance a regulations on. You refer to the system is our team rate in the past and beyond let's say campaign finance reform and in the net what are some small things I'm an incremental person you know where some small tiny things as I I wouldn't mind money. From a book going out to encourage people to vote. You know I mean verses finance. Thoughts on. Yeah I human I don't I don't I don't want to bribe people to vote that says I need yet so I I I you know I think. You're democracies always criticisms involved. So engaging with voters it's hard work but they have you know it's it's a two way street I don't wanna I don't bright people want people care enough to be involved enough. And you need candidates who can't be just pushed down by people with huge campaign war chest who don't have a shot. But we all know what a sacrifice running for offices but I've gone. A week without seeing my kids it's awful and so to ask some wanted to make that type of sacrifice. Only to know you're gonna lose because the other guy. Well written it will you know went and flew to Manhattan to several and behind injuries you know 100000 dollars that's wrong it's in it hurts our democracy. Oh yes take a break it may have been before we do let's try to squeeze in a phone call we'll try to get everybody who's calling in let's go to John in Rochester John welcome to the program. I. I've either got to continued public campaign financing the big deal when they hit you are sitting there at all kinds of corruption. Then OK no really there's being that the Wall Street bankers. It's the public employee union news especially education public unions are big and I said this week. They are them. You talk about the middle middle class working simply. Some 8% of us are remembered little mop. And they'll pay the highest taxes in the nation because of the their responsibilities. Indeed the mother telling between these public employee unions and the legislators but don't count me as. They've added respectively what bowl do you guys all three guys. That I. Thank you how things into its. Two teachers. They're heavily involved in politics there really it is because you guys are negotiated. Political point contracts. In their. That they needed a passport didn't spend as Adobe's. Okay John is that we're we're late for a break and they give panel about thirty seconds to to respond thanks for the calls again. Idea present implications of what he's saying it's wrong it's an accurate these these teachers are the public employees union that is left to fight the good fight press. They've been to unions have been broken all over the country. A union membership has been. Purposely declining effort for years based off of activities of anti union groups and also were not negotiating a teacher contracts of the notion that. It's inherently corrupt thing you're remember T teachers' union. Because your in government as silly we have people with their attorneys in private country deals that work for developers they're not crop of people who work for work or teachers are commune where it. That we'll have to be the last word this segment while only got to come back more of your calls for Patrick Burke candidate for new York state assembly. I'm Kevin Hardwick you're listening to hard line and news radio 930 WBE. NNS Kevin Hardwick back here with hardline another ten minutes or so at this hour and than bill Conrad my cohost and I will be joined by the end of local like. The end is the relatively new president easy I'm sorry Sunni areas engineers really eerie there's a re branding effort there anyway I think if you haven't heard from the end before you're in for a treat. I'll I'll leave it there but that's next hour. The delta this hour we're stuck with I mean where I had my colleague from the very good day legislature have burned and is there remains with us. And course he is running for the new York state assembly 142. District seat. I said we go back to the phones we will go back to the phones let's go to Tony Tony clearance Tony welcome them to the program. Well arch and thank you you're welcome first of all I would like to ask mr. Burke about certain night it's. Well our State Supreme Court in the United States or. Cooperation. Because it's our people. That decision if you grossly. For anybody can be interjected into our election system. It has been done it extremely jerk get financial transactions. Why oh why do you think our court. Which they've got operations are people. Congress has cooperation. Between regulate it. OK Kelli thank you for putting that picture out there so celebrations get people to do so we live in a world now where corporations are people. In money equals free speech. Why don't I think that I mean I'm a little suspicious of that but I think because it all equals to power. And equals power to people who have who control corporations and while I'm money what's your whiskers me is just the idea that corporations person because essentially to live forever. Right you know Coca calls you know little of course you know and that and that didn't say it may still some. So I'm sure at such a Diet Coke and well let's say I'm I'm guilty there thought felt a little wait till I do is I mix a little bit like half Diet Coke and a half code it's it's pretty yet so but aside from that. Aside from that it's piracy it's it's it's a disaster it puts all of us actual people you know the living breathing ones. Against these. Massive power structures that you know we need to be well there it is. Influence to press down but unfortunately will have a court that I think. Further empowers them and set precedent that that they are somehow in some weird way. Legally people are fascinating all right Beck the phones we go let's go to Kevin in penalty and Kevin welcome the program you the question for pat Burke. There aren't sure whoever question full burqa and be triggered to everybody you've got to let your computer actually yes. Right arm and I won't go there mr. Berger did say that both of the future beat tort reform. Turn and let me. He couldn't record and you know. Do we have there. Oh deep democratic. Are completely secret your currency and oh yeah I don't speak at our beat you recall he immediately sure. Osce election commissioner ray Erie county yes yes I hate position and Erie county good. Yeah what's it doesn't. Would get other people lining up on good. Have to draft pick Kevin thank you for the question will answer it on the other side yes. So and I have issue I had issues of whether when it came up as well but when it comes down to is how old. We determine elections commissioners is inherently person so it's structured so that. Parsons on each side watch each other so there's no there's obviously no trust between the two parties. So what there's a Republican commissioner and a democratic commissioner and they are always a partisan if it's not commission themselves it is there were hand picked as. Ann and Kevin thank you for for raising a question but I'm on record for an am on the Republican here in this room. I had no problem with that I think I think Jeremy Zelman was a perfect person for that because that's what you want. It's the one area in government where you do what patronage where you do whacked. It could be partisan because it set up so that you have for every Democrat in the elections office every Democrat at the polling place. There's a Republican sitting right next to them in the same position you have a totally out one hand watching the other you have a built in whistle blower and everybody's not exactly so anyway but good question and then thank you for giving his chance clarify that. Let's go back to the folds let's go to Jennifer Jennifer welcome to the program. How Mario good Jennifer thank you have a question for pat Burke. I do I'm going back to. The discussion about abortion each and what. Sticking out is your comment. I don't care what people think now I am a conservative voter in your district. And are a lot of my neighbors a lot of my friends a lot of my PPM mountain and I'm wondering. Well you and your elastic view. Will represent me or I. In Albany. All right thank you for that question Jennifer in good unless you're in sales are certainly if she gets allies certainly well I thought I guess raptor okay. Well as saying I don't care what people think it is I don't I don't think today said that if I dated certainly wasn't what I was trying to express what I'm saying is. I'm governed by my belief system. And that's I believe leading from the front not putting my finger in the air and testing the wins based off of everything I go to voters I talk to them keep their concerns and this in consideration. And I do the best job that I can do that that's that's meet meet filing mildly system doesn't mean what other people we've doesn't matter. My left leaning views I wanna ask you what those work result I'll get that sometimes the door analysts the assailant. Well you know I liked you when you first started but then you get too liberal like Charlotte or hot I get too liberal. Well you know you'd better environmental stuff when he mean severe here in favor of plastic market reads in the modern and classic pollution no no. A world that does the selecting gay stuff like what stuff and say well you you were against conversion therapy it. So you think it's located to take kids in and try and trying to force them to change or sexual orientation well no. Definitely aren't so you years trying to cast the term liberal I mean define me. And when I actually when we actually break it down right talk about the issues that I championed the lead and you agree with me so what's what's the concern we wanna talk about. You know abortion. I'm very explain I think I'm pretty clear on my position on abortion I learned to reduce the abortion rate by as much as humanly possible. It is a personal issue for me have always identified as being pro life. As a as a matter of policy played a legal policy I don't know how you. Force another person to do something with their own body that they that they. Do not want to deal. Pat we we only have a couple minutes left in this this hour we're receipt of IQ and a few minutes in and have new headlines. But in the last in the last couple minutes. Why he let let's let's be perspective why should people vote for you in November what you want them to see what is your campaign based. I think it's based on the work that I've done as a legislator the fact that a proven to be bipartisan most of my. Believe at least half of the legislation I've gone through. I was with the Republican cosponsor. That's I'm sincere. I work hard that I don't back down from anyone and I don't care third in my party or the other party if I'd think something's wrong. You know we deal on business we're. Power politics is a reality. And I'm aware retirement stand up and say something whether it's. You know me in Mark Parker is have a great relationship but we've butted heads when it comes to policy issues. And I think I set myself apart from being someone who's willing to do divers in the you know. Again within my belief system. But I believe in the best interest of the people there isn't you know what they had wanting him host this works that you're talking he did was with in the minority caucus right. Yeah I mean I've never heard it in so I'd never actually had the actual power to get these things kind of works really really hard and you know another thing about this district in particular. You know everyone likes her troubles and I certainly subscribe to myself as a as a politician. But this district also needs resources it is a district that desperately needs resources and it hasn't because there's been so much finger poking people on the knife. So you're gonna be bringing home the bacon. Oh absolutely the are right well that'll they'll have to analysts were pat thank you for joining us here today and I'm sure a BC news in the Peter again legislature. Pleasantly we have to take a break Helen Harris is standing by with a news when we come back at the president of Sunni Geary. You may know it is he CC Vienna calling will be here. I'll be here bill Conrad bike guest cohost will be here. You're listening a hardliner on news radio 930 WBE NN.