6th Grader Charged In Knife Assault - Paul Cambria


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And following up on the story yesterday of that girl that was cut on a school bus and a boy eight charged. We're talking about sixth graders in the city of buffalo and let's bring in. Criminal defense attorney are legal analyst Paul Camry at this point called preyed on. Very. It we were interested in the story because we're talking about you know kids. Sixth grade. And this boy we understand has been charged with cutting and a girl with a knife on the bus he's being charged as a minor what does it mean. Well that means that it will be in family court. Will be chart as a juvenile delinquent. That the end result would be a criminal conviction. It would be finding of juvenile delinquents. And that being said. In family court they were you know much lesser penalties. For example. That's second degree assault. Could be up to seven years. Maximum sentence for an adult. But in family court there a number of programs there is incarceration available nowhere near seven year. But their other programs other things that can be done probation national. Soul got built very serious. But it in the hands that would be it criminal conviction or be it looked like Quincy finding. Sealing the records and so. Now we're talking to charge is second degree assault criminal possession of a weapon because he's being charged as a minor. This really matter at the nuances of what those charges are if they were different charges would they. Carrie still the same weight moving forward to the restive this kid's life. Well we'll make it could be bad side and other awards when they get at the or an adult. Then this sentences. Are basically about shame or another we're back on. As to what he could get interest it would be saved them the important part is that they don't. Regional and act criminal convictions they still realize it at that young and tender age. You know people would be. It it just wouldn't be right to have them should be a crime they don't have the same battle at the shore up. So that's what the court recognized. So does the record and follow him. As an adult. Well actually it at their heels and they're not considered a conviction. Would be eight where mobile conviction record. That would BJP. So called do not like what finding. It would be available for the leash as opposed to the public that trying to record. But it has a lot less impact. On your putrid that obviously pure adult with a criminal finding. And this got a lot of headlines yesterday of appalled at these sort of things with minors happen maybe more than we realize. Well it's hard to say. You know I. These days with cameras I bought those and apparently this happened out of Boston's along there pretty much detracted. And reported. I think it in the schoolyard. Where there aren't any camera. And in social places that where you find more of these aptly thing that happened a rule book but most are our recorder. All right that's our attorney Aaron legal. Analyst and WB EN criminal defense attorney Paul Camry.