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Mike moments. Welcome back at them funny to guys went with a much Clovis lies here it's a little different drill. Those are controlling you do the end I'd exe that's on the about it and every did you just this whole little. But don't let it go out and should we didn't show leaning for two dollars. Perfect. Higher pace Jim actual Fareed today we've got to. Special arbor this will be the over yet it'll leave the best show I've stay tuned you've now won on this app should last forever. Are you on by. I'm not getting updated I don't know I have a daughter Olivia Lomas and studios as she did some shall prop so. So global still summer ideas I think it adds Jamaica Mike as he takes a Greek island veto dog all the really had to say hi. That I am a little Fiat tucked into the. That's it I. Think the and we'll bring it back up in Michigan introduce this letter. Perfect. We talked immigration today of course it's not with pastor at the end The Today Show for half an hour and excellent view the tax law. We are going to join her show for hours and an extra bonus our guys with pastor who will be retirement planning. We'll talk about the IG report as well of course the Democrats doing and the media of course are accomplices in the media doing everything you possibly can. To distract away from the IG report as best they can and so much a little bit. Biggest bombshell on just teaser right now on yet you ports affected Hillary Clinton. Used her personal email server. And so it year in hostile territory and round not only that. But emailed back to the White House so that potentially the White House could have been act is now everybody else had to actually remove the batteries. Leave there leave their phones in a safe. Not Hillary yeah while she was twelve under sniper attack to defend us he was running that's right from sniper outside she was probably running from sniper fire and did just didn't realize that. There was probably not the right time and place to be texting back to me you know invective. The funny thing is is all of the you know all the folks on the left that voted for Hillary that they're going. Higher than you'd know that you know there's probably exaggerate your. It but he is an actual line humbly I am from sniper fire as I and they have picked up her withdrawal on the runway way. Mario good to see. You believe all they believe me they. Will have a martini entered denies this season. And edgy GeMS that I would think you'll remember sniper fire to rate you'll remember that. But there's certain things allies like that sticks with you for life he had a certain usually I was shot. That's probably you know there's things like you would say well she's a liar but the nearly non you know may now Soledad I ask. Biz but I would think sniper fire would be one of those things we just stick in your brain for I'm. But car backfired and yeah Iran's. But now she was waving and strolling. I just a lot of many many many many. Obvious lies it's. Yeah tree rot in idea that her mother of the Eamon Els what you like to clean when I hope I husband. Let let let the the. Does nasty women those. Which run Hillary the first the seventeenth in the 38. It just seems like a pattern here not to. That this is probably the best ideas he has he chose to that is an out here this yesterday that is great that that being the lake and right that whether this this actually to me the and he makes me more proud than I've ever ban it would have been probably a long time she's ever have a proud of a long time to have a leader. Who thinks like this 'cause this is the kind of stuff that you I would do. If we are run the country are good it does feel good that feels like a morning. So truck cancels what we're talking about is from cancels congressional picnic at the last minute. Gives food to military hospital yet. Best ever the White House canceled annual congressional picnic earlier this week over controversy regarding zero tolerance immigration policy. But the food is going to a good place namely veterans who according to the hilt. President trump says that wouldn't be appropriate to hold the picnic as planned dude. As planned due to negotiations over the over the plan for it particularly in regards them as being separated and placed in that talk about leading by example and it went right and and of course a left by the it was all Alice is just a drop in the bucket loads okay because it's a big bucket that we all right. We elect that the block it actually is twenty trillion dollars all of I don't use everybody. And and the waste artists through leadership right and this is an absolutely great way to say you know what. These clowns work part time they get nothing accomplished on the left or the right. And you know what they don't deserve a picnic worst congressional Republicans in history mightily right now this is the worst. Republican congress in my lifetime yet no doubt no doubt about it ever Newt Gingrich just take a strong memory lane for yes. You know you know that actually stood up to the last by the right now Democrat president led by you know. It was able to lead the the congress to get welfare retract or get Qaeda in America which included welfare to work reform included lowering the capital gains tax included a lot of things that all all with all with billion office is right country contrast that with the contract with America. Vs 2 o'clock Allen Paul Ryan who can't get enough votes together he with the majority in congress to pass an immigration that. The real problem although trouble wins on that platform right. They can't even say well look at my constituents they this is what they want me to do you know they don't. Clearly up trumps victory sent a message or should have sent a message to them. That immigration reform as one of the big deals this is you know when you look at yet you report how brown this is the case for smaller arm Rea yeah this is why we need to have the government. Caught into quarter and talking anymore. We need to go back to one trillion dollar budget yeah. Caught the government down by 75%. Of Billy sponsored elegantly while the budget that's when you look at this IG report 538 pages of you know. It's unbelievable to me would use you realize that no one's going to you know jail knows how accountable no one's gonna be prosecuted no. Not the right you report people saying you know. While we can't let. You know proper thing is we can't stop you have to have one of the of the FBI is going to lobby carry two guns if he wins and serious and it goes nowhere to go nowhere at IG report comes out says while. The literally CD bias. The trump wasn't enough. What are the first god. Various amounts are no byes I don't. I ask what you see the IG people I'm sure she was a pretty fair and popular and pretty fair. Nothing's gonna happen at all you realize that this is the case for a much much much smaller bureaucracy no question and the Justice Department site is over and over again the FBI needs to be shot down yeah shot down right it is too could Waltz like every other agent agreed to motive it's to blow as to what is greater people via BI great peak rate are working ages to give them the first opportunity to plight of the new agency yes screened them very well look at my guess is at trump wasn't there. I don't get hired by my in my guesses if you actually set on a private conversation what some of the local agents here. It would be Antonia of of a cover up the end of the bigger leadership as Tom's point percentile that's right McCain even generally that edit an above. It happens a lot levels not only government agencies receiving corporations to them we work for big corporation years ago. And the stuff that would come out of top releasing collaborations or some account all the details that's right that's right that's right so at some point. Not for ever like a government not to write is not perpetual that's right your rock at some point either go to business the stock price starts to drop and they start to figure out a way to cut the waste opera but never happens a government. In fact the opposite happens. Where they say. Well look you know there's a problem with its website but the only thing we need is harmonic there's a problem with the awful school district but the problem is money really your getting volleys double what everybody else gets across this country always more still not enough though still not enough Ali form and I share one funny story noted take a break here funny story. This morning good friend of mine gave. He owns a landscaping companies the it you know does a lot of different things but. He was over help and outlet on the plants some plants in the front you know when you poll in the my driveway. Now I know zero office rate because Bob and planned anything either device will be a deer in the heat. Or they get it to disable that was not supposed to be missed on the new pollutants and so clearly I have to get somebody there and all sub prime. So coveted and again as he does do you who just by the way who. Who will be known to maintain your lawn like sprays are long for weeds and moments stuff I said the name the company you said. While these guys do that and you know so you might wanna consider it has he brought friends that knew all about plants from. Since they do that I said. It's already liked I'd be interest in getting recordings and on all we were gonna do that but. We could before all the government permits to get that so we decided not to do that so we're maintaining lawns but we're not spring lines because of all the government permits a setup an X on the ethics that I mean this that's a big deal to be able to kill weeds a lot. A subject that's like a nuclear power plant a should be dealt with the west. I'll speak to regulations you'll love this one Pulitzer Prize he has been Windmills are falling over term yes to thirty years old his best part of article is that. The Germans the German government decided to fuel anything else he beat dog food in any tournament mechanically in Germany yet and I'm going inspections and I'm going mechanical inspections safeties back to things like that. Guys who exempted all oil company okay that's safe please turbines. I think really care at no class act. Another falling over and other following. Literally just collapsing in crafting on the roadways. I'm sure they're all they're government agencies are Brooks and there's nobody who's who like New York coming to a New York County news or use the. Oh gosh I. I was thinking what does have flying through the air on us just a blade principally when you see its shadow like that I could conceivably the graphic shallow company looking yuppies it'll. Here's here's all you know what the task itself it's actually rotating the. Eight the burn and leak haven't broken. I thought it. Larry I think it great composers of the combat could put. The classic. The papers I've they're spending rotten. A rod with a sort of the I don't think it RAZR review and join his years you know three and 930 start time there's a freak on a solid 106169236. Course attacks line is. 393039. Saturday to give me much threes you know 930. Is the tax line if you just for a two week low post. You can beat the wait a minute those scoundrels on the show before you Stoller EC DC intro to are you kidding me. Your own show deals before they stole our Social Security guys but pars is actually certified. Eyes bishop rate of about about the actual guy. Don't know paper again and Syria get out of her Connecticut I didn't actually steal lately and who can we still have. But based only idea. Israel and you know if it's okay but I think it. Is alive and well. 63315. To fifteen feet meters throughout the week most of his money for a little right back taking your calls and questions and 930 gonna be in the opening. Ambac financial guys on the public llamas lives to be here is thirty WB and place them. Some clips of press conference yesterday to you know all of this media hype. About separating children here is the time magazine means. Journalistic malpractice. Is now even the word to describe it is just flat out fraud is what is right. You could place a phone call to parents and by all ligament. Oh you mean you don't ever she was never separated yes well. I'm sorry. Never separated that kid behind the cage all that was a staged photo up there is running down all the way out yeah what no all of a most of our favorite is all the ones from the Obama administration were fighting out these pictures are like six years all right let's 63 idle and Americans want the 2001. Have been killed 63063000. Some of those were children and a lot of them did yeah. A lot of them all of them in hell not going back to mom and dad that's right all that ever had a mom and dad well right now all of those parents that are still alive that lost a child because of legal immigration. I mean I don't even know what to say Q I feel so bad. That our our our congressional Republicans can't get their stuff together. And get something how can that be too that was the platform out trump it is one in a landslide in a landslide. And that was a number one issue. It figured out Chris Collins figured out what Chris Collins is voting from yeah Easter and Brittany or in my factory I figured I. I dollars figured out discussing how the Mexican presidential candidate raise menu and go as. Deep today. Mr. anyway he's now he's he's calling for mass immigration today is days during his speech Tuesday and declaring a human right for all of North American human right her motivational speech at present and soon very soon after the victory of our movement we will defend all the migrants and the American continent and all the migrants in the world this is pictured regulars like go visit him resort to public map with that's right how are you fix scripts how do you fix what he Latin abstract just rub up. Clean drinking while Bob instead of having to drink corona is like an accidental and water are a public that's how I can go other teachers salad. Right about this mean I seriously doubt they show it that's what he that's the leadership over the twins go to America we're so messed up go to America to elect this guy wins and he becomes the next president of Mexico were trop I'd been in the military in the border that it is an open hostile threat to America absolutely 100% certainly again the reason why not only do we need wall. We need Border Patrol anything to do to slow people dock at a bottom drives me nuts by the way about the mainstream media is that they they always there's issues disconnect between. You Beagle immigrants and immigrants right oil and immigrants not I'll look at if you're a good person you know and we think you're gonna add value to this country. Then we're gonna bring you win a try but if you're sneaking heroin over the border guess what you might actually go to jail and you might be separated from your kids. We don't want hair when coming over the board 90%. Now we have a heroin epidemic ghastly and openly and Antonio. 90%. Ninety. Per cent comes across the southern border 1990%. Percent the end Bellamy added that that's very animated regret but 90% comes over the border now we got to hear these clowns like. I'm you know pull in cars and hit Indians and Timmy Kennedy called the work. It could be heckled former oil price that's we fight we are more resources to go there are really really yeah well do you see a lot more resources to stop watt. The heroin that's 90% of it is coming over the border but yet or you don't wanna walk in a little dollar loss although you'll have a wall around your house clerk and your friends' houses. If you're an annual stand up in front of us and say you wanna do something about the drug problem. Yet you know 90% of it is coming over the border and you're not willing to the law shame on you. It will replace some clips from some of those victims families and their stance and but the media you think the media. It had. Integrity they would cover both sides much registered high of integrity. They would be doing some interviews with some folks lost their kids to illegal immigrants whether it be drunk driving or just flat out murder yeah I mean he's not nice people vote in a now. Not stay home yield of criminals or whenever but it's nice if you stroke if you sneak across the border if your your First Act is breaking our law that's right. I don't care but you're not critical right you're crippled auto average people on they're up and not yet announced their team would come. I think a better sneaking over with the hair on their bats are speaking over our hard worker I never that are a you know we're finally up in the scheme of are better at doing it ever since when you heard the about it. I ask lied. It's honestly with the I think he can carry a ten pound bag and then sixteen and my shoulder area. On the least a one out by the way one out of every four. The man up and federal present a 50% of them and about food stamps. And for all you liberals out there you're not the ones paying the taxes by the way to support those. And it's welfare it's food stamps it's the educational system by the way. And you know the other thing the shame of this is that by seeking over the border they're not being put in the system to actually succeed right. I mean they're coming over the don't know the language and they they don't so now we got to fight and you know in the city of buffalo in a schoolteacher who needs to understand eat different languages. And the you know the kids suffer if my child's in the class right now you're spending all your resources and time trying to teach little Billy English as opposed to where they should be in the fifth grade which is. You know multiplication and every now okay you know the end of the beginning stages of calculus and science. Those liberals that are the elite liberals and Hollywood types Kessler is still a private school up slowly and all there's no there's not a concern there no worries no worries there that I don't see any of that island as people worry. Oh by the way it's I want Lessig. FaceBook by the way reported as FaceBook. In California. Is becoming such a presence in the Miller were the bounces go our San Francisco that now nobody can afford to live there anymore right. But I'm sure Hampshire Zuckerberg will bring all of the prisoners and right because I'm sure there's all kinds of folks living in his mansion absolutely in fact he is a clown. Bought the neighbor's house than any of the neighbor didn't like him in the try to by the neighbor's house just to make his mansion bigger. And and as you brought it all our people out all the houses around him and put a giant law is needed desperately this is funny this'll be just brought the sub by the time magazine crane migrant rural. And time magazine cover was not separated from now I don't. Again not separated out about it you know if it that he got a it is he's easily be people immediately think it would just make a phone call the attached to call and that's all they don't want to say they don't like it's obvious that there they don't want on the so place of the axis and that's suspect by the way a now now what last people on food stamps this week right relatively. Low so this is the game plan right folks in and we were and that and I had to do that a road trip let's don't want to say the stupid thing we did driving a car but that. Dinner anybody we just got lost two men in the Carol about corrections. The fifth the peace should share that's I don't exe Webber gets a little break yet. I'll mention by the latest after Cisco is the bastion of liberal policies where socialism is being tried in and day out you can see the results of that. So for people like mark poll of tires who says while I think liberal progressive policies don't work well close but that we can play well show I would let you sit you would I would love to come on the show and talk about where socialized policies are working where liberal progressive policies are being tried. And whether Venezuela well I'll I'll I'll I'll I had a break be right back Israel. SS. Is Swedish rock. I'll offer a tribute to the sabres right is that right. Got the best player in the draft last night. Eats at him for it yes. Because this is different I mean really is different rented to sabres this could be superstar is kids and Michael Hillary he's the Michael he's the blast. Defenseman I've ever seen in my lifetime. And of defenseman Rio doce yeah net. I'll go back but it. It's a responsible occurs solutions fixing water authority make it bigger yeah. I know there's not a problem that we have are each body part time you're playing guys yet yes that's right that's right. You're in a bigger idea about to everybody your family. I shall there be anybody that may be like rinse I did not any money but he was like any kind of water authority experience like somebody who may be like ran elegant Dick's Sporting Goods are up. Somebody had no clue what they're doing. And Thelma and there will be a change agent work we were laughable level of the that it we're in the office or something and they said there's another investigation the water there's like. How decades not even years how many decades. Do we have to go through this. Where the water authority is like. It's it's it's a joke what it's not ready it's every year after year two years same deal so Hitler. Vacancies Billings office he has the idea yet and it's like everything well when he'd name the authority right to know what they do you know to break the a scheme to export 3930 taxes structure announced that. Within nine dropped to the southern border Democrats are hoping to me you can try again what a great yeah absolutely it's it's you know for the next guy is Stanley who dies Moody's generally I bet you can think dammit there's a 90% chance that because. You know that Democrats for a fall for that. You let it come over right. Not all not a 100% only ninety for just 99010. To 910 victims of heroin overdose conducted treason back to ask him more yep I don't know Leo delegates and I do to bring re up by the way. GNU rate outrage galleries do and a super cruise that polish falcons and on the play well absolutely. Going to be. He's a four of them in two rate if you re on. It. Which on. Well we got our second annual super cruise coming up on July the fourteenth of 2008 came from new in the flag. It's going to be held at the polish falcons 445 Columbia indeed do. And these proceeds. From the event will be go into the almost female veterans shelter so we're here collecting any food donations of nonperishable food donations. Cash donations or both. And it will all be donated to the homeless female veterans shelter. That is also bring one more time with the data that. 142000. And that's this Saturday at the we do. We. Do. That. Thus the second year so this right the second year dollar donation. Money. That's cool and now they do present every Thursday there my mom and dad are there cleanup and and in less I was there two weeks ago we had like two or forty tax law. Forty Karzai last week this week we had about 215 it was a tool torment. To. So July 14 if you've got old cruiser curry got to go to polish falcons in the field. And they've got philly's come I would some canned food regimen of them what a great cup homeless female veterans is what they're trying to raise money for a proceeds for so. You know what I what I wanna do and even if you stop I just drop us some camper outer ring out buyout target. Yeah we do have a ban on that they called timeline and they'll be playing in there for a much from about 1 o'clock to five. You know if you don't have a card just coming and abuse the cars and this is classic cars are. We have big crowd last week so. There's going to be a ton of people there. Awesome thanks Trent is their phone number or anything of anybody wants to help out. Is there a phone number website or anything you want plug. Yes we have buddy I'll reassess 6851980. Possibly. Stop goes to be called those numbers so it would go. 68 or 2373. 6842373. Or 6851980. Yeah we got a lot of awesome listener so though always support nano will be out there to say die and and will be back to. And we've got anybody that would like to sponsor make a plaque in and there are. Business name or personal memory thing we can do plaques made up their name is one but don't reply to 35 for the super close and oh right now that's how we give the awards would probably be giving up somewhere in the vicinity of forty is sixty award. Awesome July 14 651980. 651980. Be an album anyway she performed school re will be talking about I'm sure in the next few weeks here promoter Richard thanks ray weekend. 03930 start at 930 let's queue up to music for honor allied lines special guest here who's been steadily Frankie lane easily erupt and that first digit drop that was my question that Franken asked days Saluki Dave I'll bring frank up at some point but let's. Let's welcome the part investment guy and one of our staff guys Dave merry active programs. Which. There. A game played on how are you. Right. We have you know the music play. The I did of course as you know is a is an outdoorsman callers and about one dollars doc guys in the office managing what our portfolios of doing a fantastic job it. Dave a bit of a just a sell off of them in the market kind of a lot of volatility obviously trade to be a big part of that you know that the tariffs on back and forth. What's your take did buying opportunity. Cautious time what is what is us. Are seasonality of the summer usually don't expect there will certainly cooperate they expect. A down market. And it ain't been mainly due truth in it for whatever reason we talk about this month ago four or however it happens we'll be. It is the fall election. The market will then rarely. And so I'm hoping for I expected. A downturn and I'm hoping for is well it is but it's an ongoing correction. And and that sort of thing and Ed as well in the overseas markets also. He gave you know one of the concerns I think is the price of some of these stocks you know when you look at PE ratios. Do you take that into account as you're looking at at some of the you know accumulating more positions are getting rid of some stocks and got stocks like Pepsi that are trading at thirty something times earnings. Yes and you know you look at that it's. It's more expensive than apple. Yeah apples are examples. Fifteen times earnings of ten times there. She and I wanted to mention is not a lot really has changed. It in the field say all the mortgage rates they're being this thing right around fourth and a for a thirty year the ten year bond is staying right about the same. Fifteen year mortgages street wise so you've only a price. In my opinion fully priced real estate market you know coming back from you know look into in the equality up. It all happened wholly owned nine electric. Years where people pay way. They should have to bats well. Also got a major players. Buying other companies in AT&T wishful approved of by Thai border with no no. Hold back at all late date they did it required him to I bet anything. Of the kind order purchase. That happens which I thought was significant. You hear that now busy and I'm here now in the bidding war might get there in if you looked at fox. That it traded at around between thirty and thirty right now or some kind I was just before he cried to our level if you're the real pity or death. Yes it usually just got to be patient and and you know just accumulate the red positions consider what you're buying you know. Look at you know look at things like price to book price to earnings ratio and look at some of the technical analysis other house that tactically trading act. Yet you point that you and I looked at it. When we looked at. Netflix through an interactive three years ago. It was trading near a hundred times fail which is ridiculous she can't even ask him. Oh right there now because they're not making any money they call it refer to as a burglary is what was going through. They have been. It's all burned up it's so they'll go to the public market to sell more shares of pioneer. There're operation men who you pick that you look at Netflix is now in a hundred times. Earnings and you can put this stock went through thirty. Dollars to 400. So I think Biden hit it forty dollars and a few years ago that it is no way this thing is gonna make money. And any and a lot of analysts said the same thing and so you know this thing goes I don't advocate this what. You know you've you hold your nose and buy stocks sometimes it worked out really good quite some kind is about. Yeah we're very careful as you look at the fundamentals momentum in the earnings you know momentum in the acceleration of those earnings. The public tussle. You know hopefully you can actually deliver a product is also got to think adding that goes back to at the end of the day you're gonna buy a stock that is trading higher malvo. The business model has to work right Campion model where the government is funding it and nobody wants to buy on lastly government help but also the case for diversification. This is like your own 2030 or more stock portfolio if you can't afford that that you buy packaged product meet Kia from mutual spotters on the line bundles. A group of stocks together vastness so that. If an athlete or something like that didn't turn out very well. It's one of 20s30s positions in the Portland. They think is what you're doing appreciate hey Dave I I thought we hear you there handedly no no pun intended getting rid of that Darren Amherst. Did you wrestle with a way it's got where we thought for sure we would see you on the news. Run pushing and elect and the idea. And that is that a new coat in the Mary Decker houses there. It was you know it was in my heart but didn't let you. No I look at the management and how does bear meat taste by the latest. As that yeah. Veronica we'll see you Monday and the UNC. 39 views to the agreement will we see we. I don't know what happened. OK a quality that it SOU I told you had a whole show leaning when it's loneliness and that's. Let's go to Franken who's been very very patiently for Keller. Under the topic of like he's stuck. With it that way. Tobias what makes me. Thankful that you for the opening correct that's right. OK in but I actually I have a desk or anything I can. What to build it's such it's a. All the pat would you like castle you can go down and see their factories and hang out there's a lot plenty of room there. As a joke. So here's immunology have a vote pricey vote for the board of directors yen or directors is that is to lose the support to groups that oh you know points or hires the president is gonna run companies in a way you do have a a level of control and take a back cutting off drug give you more time to talk but leave the difference between buying stocks. And maybe now wants to get a lot by one stock that may be similar to gambling but if you're gonna buy a basket of stocks historically we can look back and say. Hey if you bought these baskets of stocks let's say it's a dollar the S&P 500. All over time there was a high probability that earnings were gonna go up because we'd sell more products more things. And we would make money right that's not the case of gambling. The opposite is true where we look at a long term track record of people they gamble they tend to lose a lot more than make right. The casinos make out while which means may be a by the casino stocks. But I I think it's very different. It was games of chance to tell you you don't know what the next cards in the note aren't going to be but. If you do you re surged there's a lot of things you can look at the put the odds in your favor being successful. It would compare public courses just political promised justify okay so I'd buy a ticket at this horse to win or pleased or show. And who a lot of other people with the public opinion has the resources gonna do really well and look at that the going from what is forty to 300 that whatever was right. So. I don't know anything about what whether that's the only horse no it's horses that went in top shape condition. Because that is net circles. Get that lets you could buy all the what he did that on all the horses. I think about that what it and we know all those horses are gonna do well right there alt top of their field right they're all they all ran really fast right so if you compare to any of those horses in the Kentucky Derby or whatever. With a normal course or or an average horse is going to be the Sox author and so you know the the that I do in the stock market is let's find those horses that are going to. You know be in the Kentucky Derby those top twenty or twelve or whatever and we try to find those are mutual fund manager tries to find those of puts them in a portfolio. And you know of will some of those horses not make that issue course. And frank stocks might not be right so this is not a conversation about trying to talk Q in the stock market I can tell you that. That's one of the biggest misconceptions and vote often times when people come into our from an interview us for the first time I think. All the gonna talk about stocks Intoa bounced. Really we talk about what are your goals what are your objectives. And do you need stocks in your portfolio at a trying to earn a little higher rate of return but again I'll go back to. If you went to the horse effect I don't let on horses and don't know enough about them about a Marxist. But I do know that those big usually wins house wins there right. That means that more people lose that the horse tracked and went. I can and that means all over a long period it's not break as I know people let's say I wanna Orszag was legally Greg keep going for the next ten years we'll see if you win. And the likelihood is as you doll right. So more people lose and when I contend that more people in a diversified stock portfolio if they stick with a win and lose overtime. I just equipment then. Took place but the fact is based on the opinion of what the public thinks it's worked for that's right. Because it would typically is sample. Basis big company or your thumb its North Korea's. Tested another nuclear thing in the Oprah way to break. Even though the popular because it seemed they were yesterday yep with the same earnings and it's faster yet. So. Disputed. But two things you just match number one is if you're going to buy stocks you need to buy him for a longer period of time because you do what you don't want is outside things that are gonna influence stock in the short term. To make you seller by based on the right. To your point. And I haven't seen this or long time our clients that something goes on in North Korea in the market goes down that's a buying opportunity right he's a he's a billion rocket man as the temple. I'm on the behind of a cow at the you know his his you know his value to GDP and a global basis is not right so to me that's a good buying opportunity. That being said you're buying a stock because you think. That the value of that company that company is going to be better off 51015 years from now. He's example FaceBook at FaceBook didn't have any earnings as a starting the public they were making money. But a lot of investors saw the value of the information that they were gathering from people ms. amazing. What people were giving to FaceBook you know. Hey here's my marital status here's my read it yet. Here's what I like to body here's what I like to look at you know that information investors to wait a minute what they're gonna be the central hub of information that will be. A value 51015 years from now so you're buying stocks for what you think they're going to be in the future everything else is noise. When the short term become long term. Why was it long term probably five plus years you know you have to remember you know a lot of short of stoppages belies you know. North Korea sends a missile lots of noise you know something happens you know hurricane is noise right hurricane in the opening hours as you know economic impact but. In the long term those things are urges you know short term bowel noise so. Yeah it was a long term is five plus years of biased Elena have a piece stack it high rise. Thursday you'll sell earlier sometimes UT GE for example they just don't pan out some cases. This happens products get to bodies that I Dora the gets a break here for him but it's funny at at GE is a perfect example of why you've got to be really careful it's not the buying whole mentality that it once forty years ago you could buy companies it's only going to be great forever. Not the case today information technology has really changed that and some of these companies have become so big. That they don't know what they don't and it's really difficult start to manage these models right. AIG edge largest insurance to the world all the be here forever just by it and hold it. And then waited and they got the sub prime mortgage what as the spotlight they have that on the books right it's even get the doubt of first time a hundred years of a broad areas hey frank thanks for the public's help a lot of people out there haven't. You know 39 August 9 thirtieth one. All one available we've taken very sharp comeback pound bombs involved for the next hour we're gonna talk to replace those clips I've really think it's important for us to play. So you can hear 84 hours but look at all the stuff literally it is but I definitely Clinton to support for people. You each beat her she can't separate. These are parents that is separate from the kids partly because of illegal immigrants should have been in this country to begin and I played ominous start fighting for if you like like let's just say. I do something really foolish today and I end up in jail and I want my kids are watching kids that separate I think that's why isn't so hard I get busted for distributing heroin tonight I want my children in the salary for your kids it's unfair if you commit any crime in this country you go to jail you going to be separate these kids. Why is it's hard concept for liberals understand can't get it says it liberals want mass immigration open borders but no voter ID. At what they're trying to expose a vehicle I. I was in very short all the children to prison with the that the parents right now Rodrigo flat out front to ports whole thing I do I do hope he does he wanted to emigrate. Because if and we Honduras okay cool that your country that you do well for the children. All the folks that are in at a canal well settled daycare that's right now I'm sure the lineup for awhile because. Drivers separate financially as a respect Israel threes of these. Hi this. Honest this is a financial guy showing up. The Placer mining needs context if you ever notice that these guys in their funny you know enough stats and fortunately it. Militants backed Acco Arctic night now. In the illnesses and humor. We do at their own Joseph Torre and this that was on there. Polite you know through ninth Rios of meetings of the year to college and I think it's about the week votes were jumping all over the place and we are actually answered stock questions here but. We do manage money for a living. We have media diverse team of investment professionals office in her office that are a certified in there have been their individual feels well Libya are. Certified Social Security cleaning strategist or certified divorce financial analyst or. You know chartered financial analyst certified financial planner. And much much more you know metallic planning retirement planning estate planning your health care in independent Medicare legions I do estate planning department with time and all 401 k's if your business owner. And then again anything else as you would you make your money we can certainly handle our office 633. 151 fighting in 6331550. Are you an event that our show hotline one crucial he had just real quickly Rachelle and our office. Michelle from the program our. Rachelle was trying to Colin but we're so popular that the phone lines were tried to. Say about that did you know we are those popular show. There. You know Michelle from our FaceBook page as a lot of our FaceBook lie that he does have been a fantastic job. With those videos and that will be joining us from time to time new endeavor that does so let's go to our sell it to break some news everybody. I knowledge that you guys never meet or is it that you that we don't like to brag about ourselves and I'll read are you using an Internet and here money hot of that was previously a channel you know. On a Tuesday it has now moved being used Saturdays at night began. I'm cannot stop and then you're going to be part of the in a couple of weekends which appear to be. Airing right after Good Morning America and the great you and there are going to be up. Good Morning America Mike Glenn. Today they about blah I'll tell you this though we are handling all things thank you by the way for calling in imploding that's 'cause we forgot that blog about. Every Saturday morning nine at 930 will be part of the game awful programming but we had a chance to spend them on a blunt a big part of Thursday morning there's enough credit Friday morning which you know Simon aired just great wonderful unbelievable. And Linda blog you know she is just lost easiest and by the way she's looks younger today and should be tenure like when like. And if we host part of the show do we get that. Done some yes but she's absolutely wonderful pars. Really. Like Iraq you know what. Did you meet all about land on Kyra yes just. That's I thought was it was this new format there's some really cool things yeah you now. Going a lot of details levens technology is just incredible and some of the stuff that rebuilt do playing videos on TV in just. In place I go is lines is I is instantly there is a break you outlines its own touches he may never leave their studios law school of thanks from like that so. Of course and by the way like us on FaceBook of her shell will keep you posted on gas that we have RT if you academy were going to be starting in the fall right. We have yet and yet there's so many great things coming out and it's only at their channel seven moved his Saturdays at 9 AM it's only the beginning it's going to be Oppenheimer. And is an amazing and it just the beginning of the future opinions and Erica. And the ankle anxious and we can implement and I take it chancellors of these big news we are taking their tails of South Beach. It's a gorgeous solutions. A dumpster that's a great time slot and I and it thirty and the people there are just incredibly nice and I can't stress that enough mean you know and everybody chill settles trades look forward so we will see you on Saturday must starting next week right Scioscia next Saturday morning and mania before this year on jail sentence and I basically I would say is. And I'm not saying this just tune in 9930s we have a really awesome gas for the first strike. Column kind of radio TTV teases that you'll Imus apologizing to 393. Star 930 let's. Maybe sneak it won't call will end this on the other side of the break in the next our we will do some lie you've Twitter to call that but. We will live stream on Twitter Libby is gonna help us with that she can figure how to do that. And as a stay tuned next hour for that and I haven't follow us on Twitter and guys on Twitter. And guys and of course you can always analysts as well for information aren't. Let's go to next year to two to do I'm lose jobs John Rochester is weakening is now what's the time Jack about it I have four can get it done. Yeah yeah I like England and it over the other it's great talking necklace. I gotta tell you the our 25000. Our children were separated from their parents. Under Obama in 2013. Yet but that's that's just mass of Jack's job that the if we don't wanna. We don't like confuse anybody right fact most of the pitchers are showing their actually through the either either through the Obama administration of the ethnic. It was as I don't think. 80% to Justice Department in the immigration authorities determine 8% of asylum claims or bogus. I can't we got we got that these people out there's no doubt about it yet well. It's amazing to me that the mainstream media forgets to say they are illegal immigrants right. They continued is no brain wash all these liberal out the you know. The snowflakes in a well. It but it but you don't want and immigrants here no we don't illegal immigrants here we had a problem with only a process for undeclared facility shall but the border. If you go to the border pro choice I'm going to declares we take you win. And we go through the process when you sneak over the border however that's a whole other ball oh right right it really is so seek to Mexico see what happens there at that he ironing out their children yet. You know until I chance that you for the country you analogy. It gets tough the are getting very short break folks state to the next hour for some clips for his show clips from some victims of illegal immigrants. Losing their kids so what do that next hour also gonna. Tweet live I guess or light sweet irony college next hours well. Stay tuned for that follow us on Twitter and a pack of hours ago Israel thirty. The following is paid programming. 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WPA and and cell calls are free and start 930. Now live from the WP PM studios. Accused Glenn wiggle and Michael wilmots. You look back. The finance guys our number two years at 930 WV yen the bottom of this hour would be joined by Esther Julius and the talks them. The tax policy and I was going and in the the checks changes needed to what's what's so what's and you obviously some stuff will be kicking in next year and a and there's any news last Friday news and Caspian will still write off a mute state tax. I don't know what they're talking about trying to to a charity and yet I'll find out stinks to lose that right up absolutely 100% the right thing by the front administration's effort to hold some of these states that basically are the few states that are the ones that. Think they know everything but it broke a new York and California. Making them a little bit more accountable so what exactly we are we felt we streaming live on Twitter now reasons as successfully streaming. We we needed a ten year old figure that out. I shouldn't say go to Glenn sort of an analyst yeah I had no analog whatsoever I can only do Twitter and like it do you defeat. Some Texas and Texas 3930 our ninth consulates in Mexico where refugees can apply for asylum. Which is to make it apply to borders the borders that the way to do it swimming across the stream and you know digging a hole underneath via. You know and again in 90% of the heroin being stuck through lower south border. Just saying you know and I mean most of the people coming over maybe they have a satchel on their back with some stuff on the I don't know you know those aren't those aren't diapers and you know in its trinkets and cleaning supplies. To join us here are three or ninth Rios start enters a freak on so 106169236. If you wanna find us on FaceBook is that it can be funny to guys please visit our website and does a fine so guys that count. And I can follow us on Twitter that fit guys that the phones in just a counselor please clips attitude as well. It just about the week armistice now I'll probably forget again we do you have a very diverse team investment professionals that focused a lot of different things in the office from. Couch playing Tuesday plain Social Security plan in course retirement planning. He's kind of the core of everything Medicare Medicare and health insurance group insurance for all in case. And much much more so like independent Medicare agencies its government top right on the corner. I don't they summer's over its he Allard is starting to officially summer started just days ago or two days he'll also quicker and there's just it's this it's an outline it's not like that it's not you know for those views that are turning 65. You don't have to wait until enrollment season become Middle East trying to get an idealist going these three out at least everything he had so read the three months before you should really be sitting down with one of independent agents and really making sure that your pick the right plan doesn't cost him anymore. Does not cut you wanted to all the shopping driver on time you can do that Antonio accuracy of the panic he be able to sit down and expert to talk about yours all the different plans are economy. Here's who's in your network hears it drudgery match a dollop make the right choice absolutely those extra three wants violence by ups or 6331515. The policy because need to Fiore here. We'll go to calmly can Clarence team like played on. I don't know I was out of sixty retired. Or sixty. Medical coverage why don't people to 60000 forget your bubble I took a course that you B I got a I've Al my white. It's been bad basically you could do better luck here. People found this little one credit hour you know also speak. I've heard that alligators do generators you have to give the student and I pace. Who what are your big schools are my. I don't know how this year so bowed out about it all I want this out six credit hours. I hit the horse got in 2000. Okay. Oscar classic 2000 with the new time right we needed aid unless you just he's dropping out of course or. And that now I don't it. Chill up at my age and I got. My other months ago. A red dead beat student my lot and I as she statements it now if. Right should be hard again I will say you're bringing up a whole different show here but. You know one of the things that drug administration has to do is tackle health care and the cost of health care. And again not the saga broken record two things they can do. You know beauty can make sure that we can buy a policy anywhere anywhere in the country right. A five my policy of if there's a policy of Las Vegas and it's cheaper wanna buy and then tort reform these ridiculous lawsuits are these all out talking about tort reform added not even myself and those two things by the way and they should be doing this stuff before the midterm election and father had good chance that we clowns like all right and we lose a lot of sleep six we'll see we'll see happen is brush Republican policies again and again Paul Ryan is the worst Republican speaker of the house ever ever sparred I don't know anybody wars. And Paul ride completely and totally useless but. Here's what is thanks for the public appreciative of the frustrating parties is that when you look at the Republicans in congress talked about it is for a second. Wow this collapse. Wednesday. That's funny because at three point 8% surcharge on capitol didn't elect to actually I don't know that I always think you're taxed. It go either of those things that were supposed to just collapse on. Hard to taxes that's Republicans it's the sad part were at this point is the establishment which includes Republicans and the Democrats against everybody at. They don't want a smaller government anymore now either party now Republican party's been parties smaller government. And now Serena now as the party of my government plan this Martin your home run to the Energy Department does all dismantle all wait I walk away. Let me just like that clip this is not a bad this is not a bad on what is this link to 300 and while the parents right weeds you know repair I never knew the Energy Department was solely fit again it's over there to cut jobs as well I think all things Energy Department was really responsible. If you're the governor of the oil producing state in the country and don't know what that says this as a governor I was a complete more that's that's what upsets as the complete more as big as the governor. Of this. He's he's governor of tax as soon as they get and that is why. A bit. Brad it platform right I would eliminate the Energy Department that the part of education and I was there may be that they couldn't get where they created you know he's probably doing as they get. American wins a set myself up for a nice cushy lobbyists. Integration or break folks again we are streaming live on Twitter wouldn't cut that down now and we'll come back then again so. If you want files on Twitter and guys. And will pop up and about the show yours nosed attitude also doing an extra vote is hours today along with mr. Dodd retirement plans to als. I'll go one up before the phones are we come back in ninety Rios thirty. And if I hit it in the lead. This movie you own mess they get these guys the mutual friends out. Because it's only show that makes them look ahead and push out any day in this accurate to. To go on in the week. Nice the thing as the days comical like Obama's financial gal the future here in training Olivia llamas. Soon to take over the show one day is used improper verses script fantastic meats like a lot easier appreciated that the views on yourself please Saturday job answering any relation to get to work sixty easily could the I. It up and I feel as a way to get authority agreement with minimum wage plus played really close benefit placed and we don't have families time when Bosnia there. IRS the go back but the foes will go to. Is going dreamers and knows bar and buyer Korea. I couldn't turn things. About immigration. Issue and carry her. After. No I did not abilities do do Shia liberally to share yes oh yes. Here are two parent group all yes yes very yes she says she's a special open house it's perfect time I think to maybe play some of the clips of the victims' families. So we talk about you know. Easton and you know movies that just makes you sick yes some heated seat right this summer as it was seriously considering running for governor she's the right she's Asia absolutely as the shot now now well I you know what I I'll tell you why if if she had been more of a moderate the thing is she such. She makes squabble conservative that Al module liberal action and easy is left wing but had she been more moderate she definitely would have had a shot to go up against them that she's a lot pulling me. Can you play the last one that we that we save their probably my view I think that the gentleman that I was in the equipment whether you're male friend. This is also trumpet in front of the absolute perfect thing to it is to combat these types of clowns right. The actually called and I played a victim card ran up and it so he brings them out so again I want. Listen this debate the cart the first of all the time the time magazine cover fake name rank the kid behind and in the cage fake but the actual kids behind occasionally oniyama they give the group of kids in the dog and fans rhetoric Fay yet right. I think what's real is what what prompted yesterday I think it was where he brought out of this that this had the parents of these victims and he killed illegal immigrants illegally separated from their children so they can figure out what it is with these children and ever come back some things that -- I sent her to say something so ignorant is just unbelievable to me Franca. Thank you Mr. President. January 22 2015. Grant was at work and his overnight shift. An illegal alien came in wanted to buy cigarettes. Don't charge change out on the counter grant would count the change wasn't counting fast enough. So. Basically. Despair and pulled a gun grant did everything you're supposed to do and didn't cigarettes. The man went ahead next security and shot him. Point blank in the face. You know you don't hear these stories and so are our media Walt Walt talked to you about it. But this is permanent separation. For his birthday I go to is great for Christmas. We set up a Christmas tree and branch grave enough or received some earlier today. From director Roman. Has the challenge going. And oh thank you for that. Had to reduces the size of integrity. I was so were our media had the same integrity. As our president our vice president director Holman. All of you in law enforcement. Source or media had the same integrity and I want to thank all of you special aero law enforcement. For what you do Mr. President mr. vice president thank you. Members of voice barber Gonzales John fearing. Navy act. North thank all of them to do is Lleyton their. Had an illegal alien with a gun that's one of many illegally with a gun that's right now all know he didn't seek an over the border. He must've bought that some you know that that's one of man and that it's a sad story it is assessed our child directly to the face I won't play Ottawa and he's not coming back that does that come back not correct now it there having Christmas. At other threats on the graphic grist it's sad that so you know in this media puts solid time magazine and is it is absolutely. He built a college you can call it media when this when he's propagandist come out. With pictures of these kids that are still with their parents or or fake pictures of kids behind cages or whatever it is. I want to think about when asked in the exit so when a liberal locks up to you industry. And says how could you possibly support proper separate families and remind them of the 63000. American citizens that were killed by illegal immigrants is 2001. And remind them of all those kids that are never coming home because of an illegal immigrant nation about this country remind them that there were two teenagers on Long Island or beaten to death. By two amassed their team votes and remind them that people like the Bellagio and people like Como won this entire state along with New York City to be a sanctuary state. That makes me sick it really does that should make you sick as well is disgusting. And it's wrong in this media that puts out these eight pictures should be held accountable on some cheaper for them and I wanted to play the recipe you can go online and find that yet victim at -- that's how you fly balls because of some of the or post it will be but that's how you fight these cloud absolutely just what you are becoming victims whose victims just to keep it in the debate what is right in the victims of Bill Clinton a threat a threat all right well. Our children that are the front right to left player on the sexist guy apple will have that we'll bring a few friends to the debate Diego beat is awesome by the way via you go after him to baseball that he brings. Eight a bats. Atlantic got his red. And you've got to do as he -- could be key swing and lot of this goes to money goes by the Whaley Republican candidates running locally take something from don't back down the track all adults say you're sorry for being conservative. Stick with your values and tell is can tell these liberals to take a long walk off a short year you will win. Most of the country geographically is conservatives need to hear your mass no doubt I was go to the phones welcome ski area in what is so scary hours. I'm well I was Washington story this week where one of the cabinet members was a restaurant. And you are or that terrible believe. Yes unbelievable Sara Sanders. Yeah yeah I think conservatives Michelle Ellis is DA and you're talking about the DHS the chief lowers their standards that would just asked to leave. Closer Sanders is gasoline Doral restaurant to I think conservatives but by the way. Only 90% of them the business issues start to do the same thing right well this is right though he what you're doing is you're deserved basically Derek promoting violence among the left is now a highly grew older I think Kerry Alter this out all inclusive but did have to have the thought you re exactly let's or your legal immigrant you. Or somehow welfare at Rick Warren again oh that's right on when I'm born and and thirteen members. Of the people that was not screaming yeah does secretary. And she's. She works for the government doesn't shape yes. What is she works she had worked for department Homeland Security notion that aren't just from here. The question I have. This time because. The infiltration over our government. Are people who hate this country at all levels federal state local. They didn't have the taxpayers and mind you more this. Taxpayers. It. So while high is tired of all these bureaucratic clout in his time and a vote I'll be polite goalie Ryan absolutely proves that the government is too late to. Absolute proof that the government Tuesday and by the way the country's shifting more more conservative trouble win in a landslide again right. Here's a huge group of folks have voted for trumpet nugget extra money in the pocket they're not given up there the first person that first people who don't want that tax rate go way I'd I fear that deep state takes it it's it's when you look you by the way the balls to these groups are very small the media's giving them a big voice but they're very small. I'll never forget the preservation measures of this story. And I went down they were trying to preserve a wall down around. From some building that was just ridiculous it wanted to preserve every single bullet so we were gonna go down we literally had to it was like 3 o'clock we sought on breaking news protesting. They're saving the wall. So that I like you know we're gonna do we've got a 4 o'clock employment stock proposal raced on the it is going to be. So we hop in the car raced down and interview him as we walk op. Now I'm TV image this stuff on TV it looked like there was somebody 5000 people right because immediately punched them all together and and so we get down and there's probably twenty people and as we are walking up to interview them the wall collapses. And they scurry like mice and they did the wind blew it over so they didn't save the wall and weeding get the interview because they took off running. Sasha and Malia but my point is is the mainstream media makes these groups not to be such big huge powerful groups and small. It's they got a big voice because of media backs and now they're violent yet another violence and Kathy classes got the guns but the thing is like why is she still working for the apartment justice I mean I'm sure. Should be serious like users to lose your job for that she now you wouldn't he wouldn't private sector right here you heard that she's Gloucester united. What's that. Sure claiming the first amendment rights and to achieve could be part. I bet I hope trump fires are out of luck so here's my idea right you're fired if so yeah that's I think scary appreciate it. Mr. with a phone go to Pete Ontario I Peoria. A guy looked out she'd be with the DOJ yup and he. Look at art looked this is that thing we have going on. There standards and it was brought out of Iraq. A guy you are thought you want. Unbelievable that's Maine the Bible of the mainstream media be picking that story at any time just like they did when that. A business owner refused to make a case for gay couples remember that. That was national news played over and over and over again. She was asked who was actually kicked out of a restaurant because of her political views and nobody nobody mentioned the work well you mentioned Peter Fonda Pete. And that's a believable to me in east he basically made threats against the president. So much so that line you called the Secret Service and yet he still has movies will be released by what Sony whose whose whose whose movies and other Peter. Question who who who's who's pro who is releasing the movie that Peter Fonda is this week. What what but what film theater is a Sony who has. You know. Aren't aren't sure but I got to tell you that. It rocketed a pretty good like. That they're they're it's deeper than it thought it was abruptly got its 100. Never. Hold accountable all eat a lot of good with the your ground. That it would with the light. Out loud voice yeah that's right people are. Gonna. Stopped at all yet and what. We've put Peter struck. I don't need to be you know probably. I'll tell you what you gotta do is folks got to continue to share the stories on FaceBook and social media overwhelm before they take off all her l'Alma. And a PP got a public XP preaches the top. I'd go through ninth Rios to the integration or advocate Tom Arnold teams up with Cohen. To hate trump on all via the Internet ventures around if they're gonna take down from just how hard you could even take account Roseanne Barr though but what do I think. So I wrote about Ira Rosen buyer loses her. Shall write she makes ones too stupid joke yet loses or she'll get outraged right Peter Fonda threat posted to kidnap. The Baird's froth at his battery that's Hillary's. About we're we're appalled I would just lose yet any other the years that would be back yet finance guys as it is 930 WB. It. Ernie you welcome back. Obamacare NL rules to boost small businesses financial guys in with pastor who is to actually hey thanks for yes they appreciated what is wrong across boxes. We had about. Seeing and on her show. That's the real. Good brio but we're also street and Palestinian Donald did this cost. We're if you haven't followers on Twitter by the way at ten guys act at night and guys. I'm twenty finest I've been guys. Of course you can always falls on FaceBook and use Facebook's we can't fees apply but we are streaming live on Twitter. Is this segment along with pastor who is so opposed. If you wanna join us here in the area reunited just aren't there was somebody hangs up the W column we have fooled me you call so. We are talking about. Wells tackles and honesty I mean for the tax bill I mean we can keep talking. Thank you won't take some calls and you guys hardly ever talk about. I think that the that the we're not really opinionated really now was pretty neutral yes. At the right at the right I don't know what I would call us moderates. I to a graduation this morning. And it's hard to believe but the. The kid that was graduating with these with second thing and I that they are Victorian back salute. The. Said that you should go for it and do things and make sure your positive. Because if you aren't if you don't do anything ought you be qualified for is to be in the. Well well well well well well that's something that's I'm I I just thought you know it may you art. If you don't like this garbage that he's not get time to talk about it but this is the kind of got jostled or that guy in front yeah again for a we have we have record high what a business confidence. Improvement in consumer confidence is seventeen your food stamps and I'll and I'll let and write a twenty year Lawler something like but I think people are really frustrated because they really just don't like him as a friend is losing while they edit I think it just like them. And understand they don't. I have to tell you I thought I wish that he would be. If he could put a little sugar with the vinegar I wish that would be the case like this that and I. The Dicky got his thing. While we went went past Republicans have put sugar with two they don't win vinegar. They've gotten there heads kicked him my address. Well the Democrats and liberals are out there for I don't know all the noticed that but he they're getting there has been. I mean if it is and. You know anything well yeah let's check the mistakes of Paul Ryan yeah I mean I know that this is they've got Republicans are useless seems to me that. He would stick to principles. I love his ideas and his principles but why is T have to make everybody. While I think here's the thing is that he he doesn't get any exposure in the media and less he's out there. He's got a yes song get exposed yet well it is but it's funny I don't have a lot of conversation my mother Molly was running right. And she would say as he started to become more and more of them of the the mainstream did the guy who's going to be the Republican candidate. We she would say sometimes like I wish he would not do this as us and I would say the two toy wish he would be quiet and he walked. And then as he was running against Hillary everybody would say you know all these that we would have casting is about politics who she would tune torrent download. And then he wants to know that I don't think you have to tone it down. I think there's a way to say things I mean I give an example Obama was one of the most articulate he was yes and people love the way that he. He was so articulate. It makes me frustrated that I liked the ideas of trop I like what he's done but I myself sometimes. That. I night up here here's what I would say that. When I would say to that is I was it is. It trump is being trump right that's true and unlike Hillary up I was he's not being fake. I care because Hillary would show up at a barbecue a southern barbecue southern accent write yet and that and then she would show the black church or your miraculously turn into an inner city black later. At and try to set look at here so Miami don't like it. Too bad and I love that about me I really diligent. Well I ain't no way. Harry is that if I thought I would not hired. Our ears bad error occurred but I'm actually damages to your rescue but the trump console these tax cuts does. I needle they are. I mean I mean I can we talked about it and it takes a turn in the post art it seems that they dig a little confused I don't know. I mean it if you're in the if your business. You really have to do some planning you really do because. The 20% pass through OK there's all these steps are there's all these nuances and I give an example. Let's save this you've got to businesses business and business be business A loses 50000. Business should be makes a hundred you can't the next fifty against the hundred. OK and so can be passed through only and 20% of the hunt. That the are so levels fate now let me say this business this year you lose a hundred this business you. Made fifty that hundred goes against the idea that 50000 dollar scary forward. And next year looming next year you make 200000. You bet 50000 stays there so now you just now you're on a 150 on the 20% you've really got to listen you plan Kelly. Yeah I what there's an ownership structures like an R&R world we don't have we don't multiple companies would have different options structural zone and it would be different artery and everything partners. Every personal enemies right to be net netted against and then there's the column thing it if your income exceeds. But do you think it's 315 into before iron 151000 Mary joint then it's then it's 25% of the wages. 20% 25% wages or are. Point 25% plus depreciation so there's three different levels but the thing is if you got lots. At a loss and your rental at a loss on his business at a profit in this business and all of its net together. And if there wasn't lost that losses carried barred him next year's 20%. And it sounds like one giant beat postcard yeah I think that it does a solid give us. But here's the thing this this is me to play. Now I mean here is you. Yeah and if you just kind of sought richer content in January. And then you could really be hurt him by the way guys love that don't. People show our the paper I mean highway plant here I know that. I mean we we really my love life. At 6327886. By the way if you wanted to act and her irons right arrow actually. Fundamentally does is certain that classic Peter on the studio is Sony's so thank you to one of our. Her there are techsters are preacher I thought it was only so we're talking about Peter Fonda's comments on Twitter. Threatening to bear in front vs Rosie and stupid joke. The difference you know that Roseanne video shows cancel within like three minutes they're bringing it back without her battle ahead getting an honorable guy on that note that yeah. The good planning and yet it is. Yeah and it worked out that'll work out what was the other one without Charlie Sheen and the two men two and editing and at the end it worked out yet a year after not even yet casting crucial was awful via yet. And I we can't play the phone book him for it because we went to yeah both lines say don't terrorist target for an outright. Let's goes Susan patient. You can you popularized the Twitter at this one because you'll be in the college but. Welcome back up again we keep coming out so. Let's. Tom's announcement Tom Moscow news David trying to hiding out. All you. I can't vote in the aide David did you buy an electric Harriet. I'm. Riding a bicycle and that is good for you that's what you gotta do David is it a little windmill on the front creates electricity America. I. Mike mandated that. Yeah. About the place I didn't hear him doesn't take the time cover all the time because it's not true that's the child was not separated from her life. It. Yes good. If not all of I'm saying now. Kid right there and I that kid that they used as a pop it was not separated from her parents and by the end should all people going to jail be. Good citizens should the children go to gel with them David if Tom distributing heroin and I get busted tonight should my children being jealous of me. It not I'll let you answer the first and only be opened my. Now it's not your shell or do you let us and on hold answer the question I get busted distributing heroin the night and I go to jail should my children be with me. Should my children be whisked me if I'm in jail. Okay we'll expect something else so let's take something else I get a DW lie on the keep an analyst. I've broken the law and I've broken the law. What about this what if I'm going a 135. Miles and I'll word on the thruway and they harassed me tonight should my children being jealous man. No. Answer the question. They shouldn't they shouldn't so we should have certain rules where my kids can go to gelatin in certain times that they shouldn't. Who gets to pick them mute your liberal buddies. It's not a crime to break into the country. Okay well that's where we really disagree here. I'm definitely going day. Do you find out about it and into the abbey articulate that. What is what he's talking. Eighties. But come into their country under item the other night and it and. And I'll international treaties allow someone to approach the border. And declare political asylum. It does not give them the right to sneak across the border and then declared political that's not how alert stated if I wanna go to Canada and Clinton declared asylum in Canada. I have to go to the Border Patrol act Canada or the Canadian consulate in America don't swim across I don't. Our sneak across the border. And then sit well I'm here that's not how words because if I did that David I would be going to a Canadian jail yet again and it'll and a comedian Jeff my children would not be in the same cell with nice try Bubba. Can I ask move house began here in 0393 on that now that David is gone we've got those rip a phone lines. We'll go back of the phone thing is this a code that taxi got lower Leslie is this the same guy you care who can afford that that's like trying to apply clearly that's that is raised its windows and power by. I'm sorry mister. You are gonna tactic that now. You know the idealist couple agency as a background and he called one thing is that everybody should you have electric cars in the lancet which card you drag and he doesn't care enough to afford one they can afford him. Afford them. No kidding. Time in Boston I tell our. Gentlemen Mario terrific. Here are just got to go off topic but did you hear our in the army he was that the Supreme Court hearing when they brought it wedding cake you wanna hear the sound bite. I'm not glaciers is clean sounds like. Absolutely will not be any queries. About lots and send us. It. We're an emblem. Equipment 300 dollars go to another time in news sometimes you take your chance of some sit down as time that's got to pass it I haven't used by the way if you have questions for past that are taxed like. His gut that this sixth good that this 8030930. Stone resort town in Houston you seen. Yes I am are now if all and uses a lot and it extent. Speak your mind this perk local track or anywhere there's maybe it. Padilla and the bustle of entrusting enormously by the way and mentioned that. But he did death Cuomo demands that he was demanding info from the sides this week on the kids separated from parents that he was doing the same thing they are shipping in let's go. When refugees from us I wish she would worry more about the tax structure of the state in effect of 400000. People expect to believe in the next two years but. Gotta get your motor that got to get your voter base someone's judgment. What I really wanted to share or you guys some evidence of political bias in the FBI. Okay. When I was on pretty graphic 25 years ago part of what I need to do is what they call inside deliveries where it took a break inside out. Business or office. And war on Wednesday branch the FBI. And we've got to talk in my guests on politics. Salt than Willie most thought that it can trust that he sitting here. C'mon in my office we get caught up where it up with the lol lol this project coworker. But he said it panic potential so I went into his office now in the FB. In government offices if they are three photos on the war is the sitting president in the middle. Andy attorney general Andy. And the director of the FBI. All went into office he's got to grin on this space. Look up the earned his death. There's a small picture Janet Reno. A small picture Bill Clinton in the middle of big grinning forward or Russian. We've been fit into that. With yeah. Good stuff thanks Tom. Ago and I thought Vista got. It's not like they did not know when who boycott tender. Yeah I'm glad you brought up Janet Reno time because remember she was the one who ripped Ilia does dollars from his parents arms and ship them back to Cuba member of that on. About a separating it Kidman's parents that was on their Bill Clinton. And Janet Reno was done excellent call time I appreciate it. The irony really attack. Came in David should we should ask him to the he's legally cross in the Mexico and have them call you. And tell you Howell that while he was treated David if you're willing to do that by the way. I'm willing to pay for your flight down there. And I wanna cius will tape. We'll take you leaving eldest we'll wait for your fund probably at a site across a real. I will pay for the flight I would pay for the flight. And the flag bunch of us down there with the equipment to see you off tonight let's ports that I went over that that's a great idea. With one phone call from jail to me give you went on a moment. No phones work over there oh could affect a particular. To block the break yes. Mr. Jones now so it's like Astrid. Not. Let's talk for a second just let them for all the that's ultimately I want to talk about Obama record for yet because all we've heard about is let it crash channel and led laps on its own his collection this collection and its own but. It doesn't seem like those surcharges taxes fees and all that stuff doesn't seem to be cause or Texas than those are regulations. A wreck lately seat. Penalty. Is still. Threw. It through eighteen. Nineteen is when the penalty doesn't know it finally the three point 8% surcharge on capitol excellent. That's good news there in nineteen. But those familiar noticed on time delayed an the year with a capital gains and it was a it was a penalty if you didn't get it related to a meanwhile Internet and it was like ten dollars bailing out and that's gone is going in. In nineteen as a continent that yet. It was in law. In nineteen so what's what's is anything still I mean the others that we still need to repeal it postal taxes and fees and threw it to nineteen. And Canada. That's for the most part it's that's what is in the law. Really but. You know it really is and then I saw where Paul Ryan rallied them to keep quiet I would I'd expect nothing less of. You know I had no idea what to do that I take that in itself. In my recount and yulia vowels is wrong call in please tell me how that is a multi year because I have a picture IC yeah affinity with a lot of houses and shipped back to Cuba now he was taken and sent that it. About the immigration in these kids. It's. It's in excess of smoked he had nothing to do with children and it really has to do with there trump. We're propping up but they're propping up. They're kidding this is there in mid term boxing not Olympics is all about what adjustment on top they just yet I think well they get around a few close was able. The countries of gets that most of the country gets that and if they're if I'm to me if their mid term election campaign is this garbage lying in chilling fake photos. And raising your taxes. There's a bunch to quote they don't call themselves liberals right but they are that that just got a tax cut. That just got more money in their pocket as funny a friend of mine who happens to be teachers she says as she was asking some of the other teachers in the school district. What do you do that trump tax cut because I got another 180 dollars in my paycheck every two weeks and I know you did too. And I know you voted for Hillary you're gonna give that back right. And then decide the idea like you know that a ball enough but I guarantee there's a big chunk of those people. At next time the comes around and played while loses money box in my pocket this is I. Just started using the right thing. I've I just thought the country's very polarized and it really kind of breaks my heart because nothing positive seems to be. Going it just well or it decide it's Issa. We we but even have a conversation. About what's the right thing to do because that's because what liberals are pressuring the Republicans I mean there I hit a shot Steve Gleason and that. And if there there's no doubt people all of this that they're violet now how do you have a conversation with somebody that says if they I don't I think that iPod bringing us that ought to be the. Piracy how can we get to the place where we can have a conversation. To do something the liberals that's like saying how does Israel negotiate peace with Palestine they win they win I'm serious I'm denser prohibit the Republicans want and what you know I'll eat cheese but now Richard what are we here keep capsule about here's. I think in your right and then he actually read about those the funny thing is is what would Glenn and advancing from the from the date from a guy like that is. He doesn't have the Democrats to deal of these got Republican that's right. I don't know and we had a group of Ryan knows where it short footnote to art like that's. I mean at absolute it's a group O'Brien knows it's very it's it's. It's Democrat or Democrat I like and don't like that's why trump this'll poll you just nailed it right yeah that's why compass so polarizing because he's not eased that's right he's and I hate to stamp I was and they have these at the other boys club he's not bush hanging out with click on the sign. And I got to politically correct or you take power now wolf we're way down in the this is why we can and will never get back to a smaller government Republicans want to see big government Democrats think about it gets me think about. That's so that's what has happened is that. The Republicans that are no it should be replaced you're not kidding absolutely rightly. Absolutely have to I am somehow it sure is ugly and people think you should get reelected. Now I agree upon right action that's for trying to tunnel right into the fuel around here should be taught you look at they they've they've they've owned everything right and and we're still not an Annie I haven't heard anything about tort reform reducing the cost of health care of me. Issued event every single day you're paying. Bang bang would bank. I mean how did Obama get 95000. Pages worth the new regulations in his last year right. Let the Republicans being in charge of Atlantic. But yet we can't get anything count without trump jamming it down some for a yeah and let's face it if he gets replaced. All I'll of those executive orders will be knocked out by that the new. That's right and figured that the person you've got acumen you know your direction wrong again as I was acumen his mother died giving him in this country. So you don't have effect in that case reveals that some way. I haven't rappers of sergeant. Cameras see. Who actually made a wrong turn after Mexico and was held in prison for that's true and tortured and Obama to nothing by the way not easily. Think about this trial truck are really the president measures on North Korea. That's North Korea and not. Our our our sworn enemy right guys that's right I'm fortunately. Nobody wants it. Because it's because of it is everybody so your premium while the media is now the medias are correct. If Debbie were honest and putting forth on his pictures and reporting honestly right there wouldn't even be a Democrat party is as true they would be. PW laughing at that and its properties damaged optimize socialism in a million dollars the second Euro right right. Is he distributing his health is more info out there handing out hard prince is four hold forth on a ST what else we can once it's going to Nancy east or an hour. I am good I'm that the couple things and you know I love actor but as a woman and I heard from I loved it. Yeah we have political correctness shoved down our throat for thirty years and I activists. And second that I love the way he talked I think he's great for the point that's what I want. You know I I don't think you're alone and I think there's a lot of people Michael this before that are teachers and other folks that. Are afraid to come out of the of the leave the front closet will call it are afraid to say who they support because they're worried about being shouted down. Through word about being you know yelled at a restaurant. They're worried that didn't get punched in the mouth or or but anybody can kind of harassed her know that there. I mean so I think you're gonna see this red wave and I agreed but the Democrats are running on illegal immigrant and increasing attacks as an increasing your taxes I see that going now. Thanks for the comments you preach. The sense of regret it you know it's. Not I mean it but yeah I don't I don't want anybody that think that I'm not insert him. I just wish that his fingers are broken so it wouldn't sweeps of like yeah. I think the funny. Thing and I and I think he just but he just like this. Do all sides he I just don't get what little it is trump could the Republicans are always embracing the Democrats. And in the back to the stabbing them in the back I was gonna say Democrats are there and think about it a risk to work. A launch a disc over ten years ago years ago when you had the Democrats like Kennedy used to look at some what your country can do for you it's would you buy for your country now you have. We just went through eight years of Obama's saying April would get a little value. So I don't have I did and I mean I think you look at the country now and you have these Democrats that are so far left right. I mean food that had that means that Nancy Pelosi Cigna dot stimulus is unemployment. Right a victory for them. Is food stamps and then you've got some but not most of them Republicans. Saying look at this is ridiculous we wanna go back to where we were aware smaller government. And then you've got about half the Republicans who are just suck him off the trial just like everybody else other big government policy death out of other academic and government policies had stuff to win when you got 25% of the of the bump out of the Republican led Democrats and actually care about look at here but looking at it. You use I think it. How is that you can accomplish anything with when people are so. There has come to a place where there's some. Either you get rid mean rhino. Or something. I'm hoping that hoping we that's come up and take. Obama I picked out. Let's get one more phone call on you let's go to like it was tactic that idea that the Mike has been waiting very easily as life insurance question one Dmitry got him. Okay let me show. You the problem you have to get stuck botnets are planning to receive any of the world. I come out but I did have a private insurance that the United States. And you can't sit there aren't able children. I'm retired from McDonald's where can we do have a benefit of like insurance because paperwork which do. After ten years I've that they eliminate. The benefit sure. How to do that do. And I don't think the attendees that. I didn't. Know I don't think that's right it's. Hurricane. That the reason why Linus and and that's from from even coming more on this but the reason like wanna live. Beneficiaries as a life insurance policies tax free the proceeds right so you don't want to pay an attorney. To probate in this state when you can do is give it to somebody who you watt so. My daughter's here Olivia she she's a contingent beneficiary in my life insurance costs to assure us and in front of you running here we're gonna get home state right. This is what got what money that. Public this policy get right so you why you want the beneficiary to just take the money it's tax for. And so you don't wanna probate it through in the states I've never heard of any being able to but you I don't think that's right and all that they can take away your beneficiaries. Well on the right track because and ended badly they're gonna grow toward a real estate does for tennis. I would Collison the office might give Seattle it will make some phone calls between suing Ryan read shelve it. Our team will old blue deuce but I that's not right there's no way it was called the office my 6331 by one side and as for C usually does that help your child is Brazill Marlins pitchers experts as well great way to pass money on by the way I hear people say all life injured and alone here I love you wanna pass money on the somebody. It's a great way to do it tax free yet he can't get leverage in the way I know that there's so much stuff that is tax free thanks for that and read Esther. Is there any a lot of stuff that well there's next half. Right a lot of heartache I bet I know what they do well that I want to. Yeah now if you're working now good at it and that's gonna do it as we've acted the other side of the break here witnessed everything I know she's gonna happen hosts and it is which will be your route with us is coming up next. Week CNET.