6/23 Buffalo Means Business w/ Riverfront Auto Sales

Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, June 23rd

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Thank you for tuning in to buffalo means business on news radio 930 double BB yen I'm Randy bush over the program highlights local businesses and services in the region and if there's a local business or service you'd like to hear from. Send me an email at Randy dot bush over @entercom.com. With the riverfront auto sales owner Marty packer Aaron a senior and how things went on since last time you've been in. Good busy busy time for us this time of year I was gonna say there's never really dull moment for you guys but this has got to be easy a time when things start pick up a little bit. Yeah our spring market is really strong the weather's finally you'll get a couple good days in a row and yeah we sell on oversaw a lot of convertibles on sports are some of our classic terrorism also arsenal yes things are really really clicking on all cylinders. Literally everything in between no app and drive one. Now I understand you have the cash for cars promotion right now talk about what that that is well. Yeah the markets and I think we toss analysts and we talked the it's just the scarcity of congress there's just not a lot of cars oh. Were reaching out to people that want to sell not just trade if they just have an electric power family member Carol that the old news. The matter what is classic car mostly cut are domestic imports pickups and suvs. We're paid top dollar on even a third the tournament singles sometimes I've had people come where they bought the car for trade you know had went to treated and and we actually gave more money than what the deal was gonna give my trade in value. So he had at least give us a try get a number doesn't caution on we will give via an offer right on the spot. But what we can pay cash for your car. And how is it that your able to do that and offer smaller is just a market is sleazy scarce so C supply demand so legal thing is you don't is not a lot around you have to pay more and you know why not pay more for my customers and go to the auction and not only one day I'd rather buy a car from someone that I. You know it talked to face to face to give me a little history on the Karen. You know I would pay more for their car. So literally anything from a beater car to. Kind of a mid size kind of good conditioned car to something that's an excellent condition doesn't matter you're gonna pay. Top dollar yeah. You know were really desperate you know I hate to say that but it only to tilt my Cambodia quite honestly were desperate for cars so. Now we're paying cannot be you know that tell people even go to Kelly blue book. Whatever the traded you were gonna give you that war more soul they just give your guide but were. We need cars so if you are already your family members or think in our friends you know pass and we really really do need. And the cars are getting back are definitely decent cars too because you do the research for everyone to kind of figure out what it is exactly they want fits the profile. And you go on you get it. Yeah yes we do have a program with that's been worked pretty well. Somebody wants Pacific are you know we have avenues all over the country. To get debt to fill that order. And most of them come from out once specific spotter you kind of get them from all over there all over the country it's a site called movie is an online view include changes sort of like up. All wanna sue echoed two car locates if you're looking for new car and you gore the new car stored isn't have a a purple Buick that you why they do locate. And they go on the site wants the same thing that we have it's for use our guys it. And its allies feel pushing for people have ballistic arsenal sums look for purple Buick with white interior will bulls will totals filters and and hopefully find it almost sounds like you just had to find one for them always but we've that's funny calls that we via we've filled some. Some hard requests that I didn't think we would fine but. You know I give credit to my son possesses department he's. He's pretty due diligence about you know putting in the cars are getting alerts if something comes up close to what the people looking for. He's you know pretty computer savvy with that stuff so he's. Able to fine. And one of those things it's changed over the years that you've had this now. Family run operation it's got there. Yeah yeah it's really great my son's been doing great job he's really taken the ball over and they but it kind of grew in my grandson will see if he you know pans out but yet we have him and the make excellent my father my grandfather Soria worked. Were four generations maybe even five generations coming up the outcome of the line yeah Gannett. Take giant leap of faith here think that little Martin's probably gonna run circles around money Internet once he figures out of work that I agree gathers no doubt he could do that already even at ten years old leaders in all of those units is a miracle it's amazing how how much they how much signals Hillary. Now that's not even need the tip of the iceberg for specials that you Geico because you have something LC Canada Anke promotion going on in you. Yeah it was summertime being here we thought you know people like to you know they grow out the hot dogs and you know have you know some summertime fun so we got a promotion ball with ties hot dogs. Anyone that buys a car from us this month. We're gonna get 150 dollars which I think will be more enough to get through through the summer for for to us out dogs. And as good as anyone of their locations and it's good that and anything you wanna buy dot dogs French Fries. Shakes sausage I mean I had quite a good many there now attach itself. You know we encourage people lamenting the head and we'd be happy to get in the harder for the dollar gift card to tides that's yet to lock in mention he had your India as a volley got a by Carol Duvall. But yet it's absolutely it's always is that's been act a figure that's kind of the evidently are as out of our way to say thank you when you know. Thank you for the summer some of the or heaven and you know enjoy go out and you know family's important on us and we figure it's a good time to bring Sammy detached and enjoy the day analysts or maybe you know legacy for under for the box you get to. The panel bigger family is that you get to go a few times. Yes and just a reminder where you guys are located so that it they can take advantage of all these things that we mentioned so far yeah like to think we're right in the middle of big resurgence ran Niagara street thirteen 79 nagger street in buffalo. Minutes from the peace bridge read between now west all of and Lafayette. It's in Oneida street is really come along way a lot of things have open upland apartments one restaurants. Others plans for the street to be redone now they're gonna have some bike paths and walking pads. So laden industry's going to be a destination for sheer. Yeah and you can get a lot done when you're down their 290 shopping for cars which you guys use a little bit a service for the cars that you self doubt we service shall we sell we normally don't do too much outside work we want to maintain. The customers that we sell to Leo we service what are we sell. Imports domestics Leo we do offer. You know some of our cars come with some good warranties extend warranties that we'd love to do the service work for. Talked an owner Marty Becker our senior with the riverfront auto sales as we just mentioned thirteen 79 nagger street very close to downtown buffalo might as a college downtown buffalo they're better fact. And you mentioned Dow. The warranty the without worry warranty still something you guys are. Yeah acting yeah we have some really awesome warranties we have some warranties with no miles imitation no year note time limitations you could get a warranty that will cover you for as long the only card doesn't matter how many miles around it. And doesn't matter how long you. Keep it for so it's it's a good piece of mines besieged by parent wants to buy a car for their kid that's the border school out of town. Because they're good all over the country don't have to bring it to us for. For the warranty work these warranties that we offer our good anywhere in the country so if the kids away at college. The parent has a good peace of mind if something happens they can bring it to the local shop in in and get repaired. Another item to throw out there let's talk a little bit about your concierge service for anyone simply looking to find that specific field vehicle purchase. Yeah they say touch a little bit on the at this at OVE my son has a you know it's it's it's a form of off of a new car store search for use colors. On not a lot of not every car dealer to get an you have to meet some serious criteria you have to maintain a good rating. To get it but you know we could locate almost anything now we've found tractors we found you know more homes more bolts. And I think that's more or. The local. Related we we can probably find it. And you mentioned this at the time of the year when people are looking for something they can put the top down on perhaps. But is is there such a thing is a difference between like two door Ford or anybody anything special like that client out. Well it seems we had a pretty good run the last few weeks on most of our convertibles and I bought most of those during the wintertime down in Florida so we had a pretty good Ron we had a good supply we've only got a limited supply left. But we saw quite a few corvettes quite a few convertibles so. That seems to be and we actually had a real good year this year with their classic cars we sold quite a few of those. This year which was kind of surprising but yeah it's simply can't markets get stronger to. C gonna have to sort of time the market as it were to figure out oh yeah it's time don't start ordering these things but a couple months at a time so. What another couple months it's time to stock doubled on suvs and things like that for wintertime. I hate to even say it but I have already that's where I've been its way into I've already. That's the market I'm looking at because right now the bulls were the deals are so I'm buying you know four by fours pick ups right now the very soft. But I know com September October there's going to be quite a demand for so yeah unfortunately I'm not look him. My supply convertible sports cars were bought in November December January so now were. Hold in his now on the four by fours and suvs and we mentioned a little bit before about the work that you do how many people you have a mechanics did that do that end of it. Well we have three technicians three technicians that work hour on smaller cars will that we get ready before we put him up for sale obviously. After the sale so yeah we. We'd like to have people on the call we wanted to on the have a two week wait so we tried it to me he needs service we try to get amendment dated the very next day. So it's important Austin I know. You know when I want something done I don't want it done two weeks from now I want it done yesterday so we try to do try to give our Christmas answers is that a new technical term technicians and mechanics like as opposed to DJ is now we're announcers yeah I guess you could say that I mean it's. You know they've really come along way against same thing at that is if you don't know which are doing these cars nowadays. As the backyard mechanics are a thing of the past you really need to know with all the computers in the check engine all the monitors that are in these cars. It's just a test even give the passes the New York State inspection now. So again with things says so tight difficult for you as you mentioned earlier on about getting specific cars now. Anything that you wanted to throw out their for people as ours is so when they're coming looking for something at riverfront not a sales of the to stop her web don't go on the net. You could put your car that you want to sell. There's a link there give us the information some contact that we could talk ray over the phone deceive your time. Or you know we love this have to stop down even just say hello we love the meat they'll meet our customers but yet we encourage you to. If you're thinking about sonic power or trade account before you treated and give us a chance as you might be surprised how much we can do before. Animated ups in the whole family there because of course you've got to generations working at the place are about to marketplace jail while my sauce there every day they'll bell the bell on their every day except to lose their money off summon an auction but. And my grandson now that schools all over he'll be there washing cars and we'll have them you know do what you did Lester started you know washing cars helped them open arranged things from a lot. Yep and yet we mentioned this a bunch of times before when you've been on that that's pretty much you got your start to decide to figure out cars in Washington as well absolutely it started to bail. On the ground you know washing cars and worked my way up to you know Ryan today and I'm pretty champion love what I do it wouldn't change a thing. If you're accustomed to long enough you can have bought a car from all three generations Julia you have sold cars in many fifth. Families and then their kids come and I sought that are kids than their kids come in so it's like yeah it's. It's pretty rewarding to see that in and I love when people do come back in referrals and and repeats. So one more time on that did you specialist yet on tests so hundreds of the box you come and you buy car just Elissa I want my family wants an honor for the dollar gift card. And we give your right there are you getting tired a gift card it's worth a 150 box at any test location. And you can gazing off of their menu with it so it would join the rest of the summer and have a hot dog house. Ago while always a pleasure when you're in and and always goes by fast to appreciate it yes thank you read thank you very much on her Marty Becker RO senior with riverfront auto sales this is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB EN.