6/23 Buffalo Means Business w/ H W Bryk and Sons

Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, June 23rd

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This is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB ENN I'm Randy bush over the show is designed to shine a spotlight on local business has a driving force in our lives. If there's a local business or service you'd like to hear featured on the program send me an email at Randy dot bush over @entercom.com. Sitting in when Matt ballot whose co owner of hw brick and sons Matt thanks for being here to from things and not let people know where is it that you guys are. We're up and higher follows Femi on business. We service Erie county on northern Erie county and tyra company. A special place and for people not familiar with your service what is it that you do plumbing heating air conditioning. Full service. Plumbing service company well servicing air conditioning everything boilers. Esteem with lasting work. So not that there's not a time of year when you're working this is really the time of year when people are given you're caught right up and especially pretty sees earnings are a season started the morally. Dad and desist pan out to be the busiest time for you when he gets to be summer like he had the usually it's April. Because the tax season early exit taxes that it's April to June is really busy. But it just got a late start so it's going in July which is now how many people we have worked conferees to break 32 people. 32 now a typical crew is what and it varies depending on the size and yeah. It does we have service and we have our plumbing and heating is. Two separate divisions and then in those divisions we have to separate divisions various service plumbers and install plumbers service HVAC technicians and then install. Technicians. So that's the this and installs a product two to three man crew service technicians are an amendment if fulltime mechanic works construction. Warehouse guys warehouse staff and so. And again for those who don't know the difference in the service. Types and the others and basically you're going and in doing specific tasks service desert when you call for no heat or a plug sinker. Do you and that's of the service goes in with a machine and just fix it right there in an hour hour and a half. Media installed as the ones when you have the report your house or changer furnace changer air conditioning those guys are you there for more than half a day or day. And how how long has business been around for being 1987. So. 20s30. Wonders during opponent and I've been their for 26 years myself so. And when it gets to be wintertime is that when you normally see things change over you're working on other aspects the F. Because we have a full service plumbing side that's busier around. That's it's hard to find the plumbers acts or was looking for plumbers I was looking for employees. So we're always grow as there's always two or three weeks behind us and certainly the duct cleaning would be part of what you guys do we we used to actually we recommend that you and your and we're professionals Bonior of do like advertise here we were they do it faster cleaner better. There but they're cheaper. They'd been doing there that's only gives other professionals so a test special technologies a modern plumbing and expect contract and things that are different these days than there used to be. Used to be it. And it's true with galvanized piping in on some real house's and then it went to copper. Some of the houses went to see PVC which is a plastic water lines. Now everything is packs its fastest you can get him in 300 roles and so makes the job didn't labor go quicker. So you can get it now and it doesn't cost that customers a lot of money. The materials election copper koppers crazy expensive now there's still places that require copper but you know that for the plumbing side. Makes jobs a lot quicker these to be cast iron and galvanize everything was hard and metal and that's when Palmer or plumbers out there. In. Its cars that can be heating and air conditioning same thing boiler technology is. Is he is increasing its is exponentially. You almost have to be a computer guy to deal worked on some of these boilers. Or even furnaces air conditioners. And they're all coming with computer boards and so it's it's really not just. And I guess if you wanna say it's people think it. Be becoming a plumber or heating guy was I don't Satan. Low on the totem pole but. It's not a technically challenging spouse servicer field but it is now Mark Dayton Moore more snow is take this water heaters are getting complicated. All the equipment's getting more like a car and it's there's a lot more there that you didn't achieving enough. I'd like a lot more computerized parts that that's thank ma'am I'm more training you know we're dancing as treating them you know total about a month and a half from a year you know so there's a lot of things that Jeff you know as you could really hurt somebody if you don't know what you don't. Right we're doing they were talking about materials and know copper has been as you mentioned that very pricey up and it remains cells. Is there a major difference essay from the plumbing aspect if you're using a copper or PVC I did is it not like I don't in my. I guess I wanna say it taste different know our quality difference. No. It affect the PBC's probably cleaner a lot of times with a soldering when do copper your Solder it together you get that the flocks for the atlas hotter. That's kind of lingers for awhile mr. really flushed out so that's that the PBC's Al mechanical there's no torches anymore isn't soldering. It's a mechanical crimped joint. It suits you you can buy the house and today verses 23 days seems to be so cheaper and quicker as it turns out. And they are labor rates go up because of assurances and here. Health insurance your benefits from your guys used to be if you could get away with 32 dollars and hours in Europe and eighty or ninety dollars an hour because of all the workers comp and that all the insurance is that the on the hidden these people don't seek. Don't know about right so. Well speaking of that I didn't know may be sort of left field but I. Mindful of the fact that aluminum gets worked with a lot and failure to want to business with the trade war stuff going back and forth between here in Canada. Impact on the pricing for that you're not seen. We just got notice from all of our. It most in the air conditioning business because there conditions are made of aluminum and copper to most expensive medals. There will be an increase between six to 10%. Coming up for the fall it. They'd they reward us may have been implemented yet when it's gonna drop. Yes that's relatively significant that that I have a different story yet I mean here average generic air conditioning condenser might be between 1015100. Dollars just for the unit and the AC toil here. Your 2000 house material. On average so that that's not a 200 bucks you know. That's that it passed extremism home. Right talking with Matt Allen is co owner of hw brick and sun's up in Niagara Falls they also service and northern Erie county as we heard. Earlier today this is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB yen. What about the future for the trades. Does that still pop looking positive are you actually physically looking for people that work for you. And we have signs on their trucks though is hiring. It's. I fear for the trades all over me Eden construction. We hear a lot of grumbling. It's just don't have the the pool the pool from when I first argument here both c.s was very big and you could actually take. Five years of classes at night and relevant to your field. Now it's very difficult to find. A training class that is relevant to what we're doing. Tonight you're spending a lot of time training guys in the field. Which takes a lot more time which then turn takes a lot of money. Has a job that takes two hours now taking three hours after taking extra time which is worth it it's just that getting the the right person with the mindset. That can can they can communicate with customers in. Have a mechanical mind it's really that's the hardest part is fine in a combination they're out there and it's. But I ended and it doesn't as you just said it doesn't affect the quality of the work you do it just takes it longer as well outrage around and wait we are very well. We've been training guys for years and Maria I'm we have three gender race on works in the business my nephew works in the business. That just might work inside guys with him a run on night that's on the Internet and it's not an overnight thing some people all right I can I know that. It's unit takes years to go. That stuff so and techniques and methods says still. Pretty much the same out though you don't talk a little bit earlier about some of the differences it techniques that are when it yet depending on what aspect of the business. Our. There's months shortcuts but we've found ways to do things. That are just as effective you know save companies money save customers money. There's some things there just tried true that you have to do and they just take maximum time. We do a lot of excavations. Sorting of smaller lines and stuff like that for house's. That is what is it takes excellent time to dig under and that you can change. But you know it's installations. Even service wise there's tools that help us do things quicker. Those tools cost money. It's into the beast I guess Agassi specialized equipment that's guests under the age yet to have them and we are are always fine specialized equipment so. We don't like so we don't use to us soldering and torches anymore. For little bit for air conditioning for breezing connecting on the equipment up. But a lot of the water lines and everything are. And it is it's pro press inning which is copper but it's just machine that it's a big on that you can probably replace the whole house and fraction of the tight. That means a lot more money in each gun cost you 2000 dollars but. It's. That it sees a lot of tight bodily. Because Chile or fifth. So now back to the name HW brick and science and obviously family owned and operated guest Henry Walter Brecht was then still work in the day. He's probably digging a ditch right now 72 start in the business with this suns. Back in 87. Started out when I came into the business we had five people. My wife works there she's an office my mother in law. Senators to my son works there and nephew brother to brother in laws so we however on aspects of the business. That we take care so. But everybody has their own thing the leader of the new. That's gonna say that's that's the way you keep out of each other's way everybody gets along and it I'll have to define roles yes my wife works in a different building so I think. And thirty years says something too because obviously guys as gas and staying power in and room to grow and expand that. And is that what you anticipate is that we always look and extend them there either way just our trucks are biggest advertisement. So which did order to get down to we've been getting an Emerson buffalo and honestly more. And that's answer your truck in the neighborhood I see your truck here and you know your Grammy neighbor's house scheme have you got more articulate this. Toro was a penny a pound and here. Dunham. In different areas and either by buying up buying businesses. Or it's expanding with the another satellite was just. Talking earlier that. We like to buy placed on here that couldn't pull from the working cooled down here. Down and on this area that's it's a lot much larger pool of workers don't. So two things if somebody's interest in working for you are some of the needs your services would be the best way to do him. Good call yeah our caller phone numbers it's 297 to nines are one or are. Website at www. H to be brick and songs.com. Indy spelled out. Com and there are applications you can apply online you can make an appointment online. To Staten wheezing you know entity with and went for hours. Sure one more time and phone numbers some people may not have picked up the that's 716 is area code 2972901. Easy enough that have to be doesn't get any easier to remember a number like that that's better. Well it's been a pleasure thank you very much meant them think for him and Matt Allen co owner HW brick and sons this is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB yen.