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Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, June 23rd

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On news radio 930 WB and this is buffalo means business where local businesses and services tell their stories. I'm Randy bush over you have one of those stories to share send me an email at Randy dot bushel for. @entercom.com. Joining me for the segment doctor Raymond Schultz would RTs of plastic surgery and doctors shots first of all thanks for common and displeasure be here Andy and whereabouts are you located or rather mainstream when it's all 6044. Now everybody seems to be like conveniently located somewhere in Williams on main street this case is the place to beat when Marc Jess for Fred Anderson is a construction is on you guys are gonna be in good shape I would imagine that would be very nice because traffic sometimes can feel real killer. Absolutely. Now as far as that RTZ plastic surgery I'm guessing part of it says it rate in the name what exactly it is that you guys do but you could probably more fully explain that. And we chose him in our TJ it's kinda play on the word artists and we're looking forward that can connotations of artistic quality craftsmanship and find attention to detail. And I think that's what we provided guarantees of plastic surgery we also try to provide very individual treatment for each patient. And try to make it very comfortable pleasurable experience to commend because sometimes comes see doctor can be a little bit scary. And the type of work that you do is it literally as simple as the media Botox injection or. Not that or is it to everything from full facial whatever is needed. We provide everything you've hero suspicious looking mall which are kind of worried about will take care of that if you wanna kind of get rid of some of those wrinkles a little bit about tax we can take care that. We do all types of plastic surgery from reconstructive procedures all the way to a senate procedures. And is there any one. Typical treatment or thing that people are getting the most these days there is attacked kind of run the gamut. It kind of runs a gamut but tummy tucks are always popular that mommy make over. And it know that as something that you have is a new system you referred to as body tight face tight. We're very excited about this this is a brand new system and we have the only one in western new York and you can go around New York City define the next one. You know liposuction has been around for Earl may be 3040 years and liposuction is basically gone too many refinements. But they're still as the problem once you remove that fat. What happens tears again. You know Skinner is made up of collagen college in this kind of the framework that holds together. And if you think about how we've blanket you can have a week it's very very tight or weeds it's very very loose. And when we remove that fats that we leave this very very loose and up until today we really didn't have a way of taking care of that. And along came body tight. So what body Tate does it allows us to treat that excess skin with radio frequency. And if not you put something in a microwave heats up while those are radio waves. So we can use those very controlled radio waves to get that. Moos Weaver the collagen to tighten itself back up again so we get the advantages of the liposuction removing that fat. At the same time we can get their skin to shrink down. And how old did the nerves come into play because you do you have to worry about and nerve endings or anything like that when you're trying to and a piece things back together. For the most part in the area that were operating on the nerves are very small superficial owners are basically gives sensation the skin. And it always is a risk that that we may damage one or two of those but the good news is they will come back and he's a major nerves were nowhere near them so they're not at risk. And talk about how much this is. Changed what you do like a game changer I guess for the industry because. Before this you must have had to do things in a different way that may have been. I don't wanna see it less safe but there may have been different applications that. Didn't work the same way that this one. I think it was much more invasive and the air that really comes to mind is women's arms women's hate those bat wings. Well before this the only procedure done what that was basically the cut their skin off and that left a very long unsightly scar right Donna woman's arm. While with body type we can make a small incision I don't know maybe eat them and each is so. And we can take out the fat and they get their skin to reduce without having to leave that long scar. And because we have an on that big surgical procedure the recovery is a lot faster. Talking with doctor Raman jolts of our TJ a plastic surgery in Williams knows his buffalo means business news radio 930 WB yen. Take me back let's say I'm coming in for an original consultation how was at that work when I sit down and and discuss the view what it is that I. Think I would like Don and and you kind of maybe. Either talked me out of that or talked me into something else. You're actually very right about what Attica try to talk humankind but you're very correct because like people walk to the door. And they have an idea of what they want but what they want may not be something that I can deliver. And that I think is the most important conversation that anyone can have with their doctor is. What you want what your expectations are and what your doctor can deliver. And that first consultation. And small portion of the spent examination. But a good portion of it to spend on a conversation between you and I did chairman what you want. How I can get you there and what procedure you really need. And then from there you would take what is it at week two weeks three weeks. I wouldn't expect you decide right away just like you're buying a car the first and lock and that like you're probably not gonna walk out with that brand new Mercedes. Palm. We want should go home and think about it we watch it right down some questions we want your research what you're getting yourself into and that I would encourage it come back a second time. And then we start from scratch because half of what I tell people forget. And at the end of that second consultation if you're really on board you want to do something that we talked. Surgery and in those instances I get we're we're mostly talking about people may be from the vanity perspective is that is that. Fair to say or their people that really have a need for some procedure to be done. It just a question of how that's going to be accomplished. Well whenever college vanity because we all care about how we look we wanna look our best. But there are various procedures that we do some procedures are solely designed to help people look veterans feel better about themselves. On the other hand we have people undergone some type of gastric bypass surgery. We have all that excess skin hanging off that actually causes problems they have rashes TV irritations. That skin gets in their weight and exercising. So those people will benefit from some type of plastic surgery. What is actually has some medical benefit behind so we we have both types of patients and. It's so you even do something as minor as when a skin tag I guess they column like the little lateral to pieces in around the neck on the under arms that's our thing absolutely. I think I might have a need. Stop them that's been. I write it's if somebody doesn't wanna stop and it is is that the best players that made the call email. You can call 650 for 622 were also on the web and I tease a plastic surgery dot com. Well that's easy enough. Now we had talked again about some of the more common procedures but. Is is there like oh a life cycle like a time of year when you get more business for a certain thing or. Because him. I'd I didn't take the easy way and say well when the athletic season is in you must get a lot of work. There is definitely cycles to a new plastic surgery most people think the summer off Summers in buffalo or special on most people wanna be down with surgery. Our highest times he's in the fall and winter months and then they're actually easel spike in the spring. And how many people do you actually have physically doing network and we decide yourself you have how many doctors right now it's myself I do have one nurse practitioner. All right so are rather small. Place for now open and he and he plans and getting better. We may have something in the future we'll see. That would be something to tell advertising department about I'm sure that lifted I'm sure they'd like to hear about that excellently. About some of the things that kind of like sticking your crowded people may have misconceptions missed perceptions of what it is that you did. I think one of the common misperceptions is class a surge involves plastics because it doesn't. Plastic actually comes from the Greek word classical listening to mold. Tom so many people can I adore this OK where's the class of what we gonna do when there actually is no true plastic material on plastic surgeries. And you have to be something of a sculptor I would imagine it in a way or an artist for for lack of a better term to. Put people back together especially when you there's major work involved you're you're actually correct. The surgery itself has always been one of the medical arts and as more than just book learning you actually have to have some skill what you doing. And what drew me to plastic surgery is we have the ability to account think on the fly every problem I see is a little bit different. It's very simple to have one procedure we do over and over again that is very. Planned out. But when you see someone each plan has a little bit different in each plan can be individualized and think that's what makes plastic surgery so exciting. So two things that I think have to branch off of here. First of all that you have to be really careful because if something doesn't go exactly as the person involved wants it to go. Then yours definitely gonna hear about it so can you talk a little bit about that I mean you really have to take care. Absolutely and that's why things I think I have to talk about a lot in the initial consultation is one we operating someone it's up late changing the oil in your car your removed and put a bank and again all goes well. Bodies are individual each body has different healing processes. And a fortunately complications can go a ride with any surgery the good news is almost any complication we can take care of and we can fix anything that may go wrong. But said it's important understand that each surgery does have risk factors that go along with it. And when someone comes into my office a good portion of our time is spent weighing the risk factors vs the benefits. The other and it comes to mind for me is so why would you get into something like this I mean that's a very specialized field and again with a all of these these difficulties but also. Great rewards for yourself and for the patients. What got you started. What we actually got to start it was way back in medical school eyewitness to guys who have been a motorcycle accident and most of his leg was taken off. And they removed a muscle from his back and they reconstructed the leg of that muscle and I said wow that's that's amazing. In a good portion of practice right now is also devoted breast cancer reconstruction. And having to these patients command and they've got their devastating diagnosis of cancer they're gonna lose their breasts they're gonna lose their sense of what it takes to be a woman. And we can take those woman and we can give them back what cancer took away from them and for me that's just such a great reward. Odd that almost seems like a good place to stop but I wanted to kind of expand a little bit about. What else it is that you do that people were normal load normally associate with plastic surgery. Said breast reconstruction is is a good part of that. Com we also do I would surgery for people web difficulty seeing on the as I was become big in sag we can take care of that excess skin would actually improve someone's vision. And people may now think about plastic surgery for that. While we do do one Kara of people wondering my office who have had complications after orthopedic surgery after vascular surgery. Where they've wound down their leg or their decision breaks down and they say what am I doing it a plastic surgeon's office. Well work as a people take care by the people's complications so most people don't realize that if you have something goes awry with your chest surgery or your vascular surgery. And the guys are gonna come see. And again now how would people go about getting to see you. Tom said we're right on main street 6040 forming street 65046. When he sued and you confront us on the web part TJ this AR TE SI AEA. Plastic surgery dot com. Kept ART he SIA plastic surgery dot com easy enough. Doctor thank you very much it's been a pleasure thank Randy doctor Michelle would RTC plastic surgery this is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB yen.