6/16 Buffalo Means Business w/ Westermeyer Martin Dental

Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, June 16th

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Thank you for tuning in to buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB and I'm Randy bush overt program highlights local businesses and services in the region. If there's a local business or service you'd like to hear from send me an email at Randy dot bush over @entercom.com. Joining me and for the segment doctor Scott westar Meyer westar Meyer Martin dental care and doctor you have how many locations. We are three year under the label west murmur and dental care. And Hammerstein Sheridan drive and destroy us kind of our original office. And in Hamburg now we have a new location. Just about to get the new sign up and than last year we merged with another brand called the winning smiles. Dental care which is primary pediatric care but also has an adult. Care components wave three offices under that Brandon we have three offices and together were six and actually have a a couple of Morgan joined the group surely. And I was gonna say generational thing you've got going there too because say you started to based on. Previous family and have Stanley that's not going into the same realm. It's been a real privilege. In a blessing to BO kind of stand on the shoulders of my grandfather and my father and now does see the tradition continued by two oldest kids going to UV don't score. Kabul from just starting so is going to be a little bit for Europe thought that's a thrill to see the tradition carried on in the name and the famous supposed. And certainly many things that we can talk about but first and foremost what you are one of the first for sedation dentistry here in town. Or privacy in my partner and I dark from our number classmates and we want to do dentistry little different some years ago looking for a differentiator. And a new opportunity came along to get a license. Two actually the city folks and make getting dentistry easier 'cause we found out. There's that actually we were surprised after aren't don't school we found that half the population doesn't even told the test. Often because of fear. In if we could address that particular thing by area. Face it dating someone basically allow me a snooze through there don't care that just seemed like a good idea to me. And sure enough it caught on. It's become popular and more more Dennis. The good thing for the public at large. And one thing that I don't think a lot of people realize is just how much your health is predicated on making sure that the team their health. Oh my gosh and the connections. That and so become more profound as the via science moves on. Our guests just is an interesting thing that. People don't always put together public Donald field can impacts such an interest in being as sleep apnea. Who who'd think what is a Dennis have anything to do with sleep apnea. By that turns out that a dance can impact. Your airway. Such that you could have a special clients mid to Wear it night. And allow you to breathe better. And there for address. Low oxygen nation when you sleep some you have to really see perhaps but. While we treat that is very common. Seat pap is the answer usually see peppers as. Blowing air into your lungs on like our people can't Wear that thing. So as tennis comes along and we can put this device in your mouth that's considerably much more comfortable NC path. And address that and my guys sleep apnea if you just pay attention to the news and articles coming out sleep apnea affects heart health and stroke. Probability an all kinds of things so I never thought I'd find myself in a position around. Helping people sleep and be overall. Have greater heart health. Abide by address and asleep at him and call me by surprise a couple of years ago. And yes gonna say these are things and it just literally cropped up in the last couple years it's not like this was general knowledge over you know I don't want this research develop some industries. Can address that it's been fun to be part of the F forefront of that. Science is supposed to be helpful it's just it's converter war and it's not like save a life. Couldn't put into effect the other one thing but since some of his life as a moment. Sure no you. Treat everyone right from pediatric level all the way up to adults well given our winning smiles brand now we start him and actually we are not as a campaign by age one. Mean there should there should be an exam by age one for your baby that can. To avoid a lot of troubles that they just taken peak. And BOC the developments occurring as it should. And while they're the old rule is supposed. Pediatricians say well get amend their sometime around 30. The science has shown that predicament by one Tuesday compete not nothing actually happens to take a look but our pediatric team doesn't led by doctor Mark Foley. It was an incredible job it's things like this here's here's an interesting thing. Sometimes a kids can't when their foreign can't latch to mom and breast feed. And I'm very simple laser procedure Google thing they do on the lip statistics few seconds allows that child to breast feed grade out of the gate and that. This previously not understood or not addressed and now it's such an easy thing we provide it. More and more every day actually. So again things it. We're not apparent years ago our effort and all of a sudden you're just finding out through dollars research right right. What are the most exciting developments are along the lines of of loan implant Tajik and own replacement in your face and jobs. Secret you lose chief. You lose bone. People really put those two things together. But your face starts to collapse not and and all the things go on with loose or missing teeth that's tough. But now we can we can replace one to at a time put more profile only one we take a hole. What we call an archer chief like all your top ones are all your bottom once we call it an arch. And in one day. We can take the bad people out with the implants in and put that archer teeth and all the same time all while also dated so you're Susan. You literally wake up. To a new set it he that's profound and life changing and that is just an amazing thing to be part of these guys how long of a procedure is that. It can take several hours it but when you sit dated you don't care right. Exactly. That the the big thing is everybody perceives that as dramatic surgery or something but in fact. When given some pain pills you know get ready for the next day her waking up in the ensor people often say we don't need to take those pain pills. And do America or new awareness of yolk really crisis is nights to not even have to provide that kind of medication anymore. One off from the little Advil Tylenol will do the job but for a pretty profound surgery. But that most people think really hurts and it really doesn't. It's fascinating that so that's why we do these seminars every month to try to explain the stuff and invite impatient alongs that had a that kind of work to share an audience. Exactly what that's all about what if so let me you know to share their experience. This that in Europe from the docks failure rate from a patient. And it's if people find it very very helpful to learn about that him and real. Time yes. Talking with doctor Scott westar Meyer westar Meyer Martin dental care. And one of those things that Jeff coming up dentistry from the heart is that along similar lines the way you were just talking about. No it's very it's a little word and it's something we've been good for this will be the fourteenth year real proud of this our whole gang gets together and in our two biggest offices on Sheridan drive 3500 shared drive and 950 main street East Aurora. Next Friday June 22. From in the war until for an afternoon. We will provide basic dental care for anybody who shows up no questions asked so we do things like. Including yours your teeth cleaned or you can bad to our one or two teeth fixed. But it's a basic don't care and we take you into the big implant surgeries and that kind of thing a multi visit stuff but any kind of people we can impact. In one visit. Pump and for really rapidly we do free and we've seen hundreds and hundreds of people over the years. And renewal calculation of the day that we we've provided nearly a million dollars worth of dental care to its news in the last thirteen years. And looking forward to do that again next Friday. We have seven docs. And army of hi Janice and a whole bunch other people lined up to help. With the crowd and it's it's very rewarding to BO provide that kind of service. Again free and there's no fee for their sin and that you need any any kind of documentation to bring no we just we just ask that you be real about your need and that we don't ask any questions. People line up of 3 in the morning for the first things first come first serve. And people trickle in all day long and but like Lesotho for Clark we've just. Work like dogs to vote getter done and we touch a lot of lives that day it's. Like I said very rewarding and put get the word out if it's not you it's maybe somebody you know is fallen on hard times and they have a you know broken tooth in the Farrar some you notice are to pick up their constant complaining about make them aware that since Friday June 22 annual next credit. Right. Yen. Starts Britain early in the morning it's only two occasions now 3500 shared drives. Which is read your nose port he and 915 main street which is an East Aurora that route 400 cry. Has been street and just before we started talking about this you were talking about some of the oral surgeries and especially with a bone loss and a lot of lot of notice from battered good has actually come from the Jim Kelly situation with his cell oral cancer. It this is another realm in which you guys actually air kind of on the front lines to you can actually detect or do things to might mitigate some of the problems of the oral cancer. Part of and he checkup visit in our offices and most on offices locally especially. Is from oral cancer screening exam it's a fairly simple thing Tennessee and how jazz are trained to see oral cancer early stage. And like all cancers early detection is the ticket because it can be managed he usually if caught early. Of course legion a very usual kind of cancer that was able to start inside and work its way out and he got cut car prime demo quite a bit and as having a hard time but interestingly. Jim has done fantastic. He's. Now going through the kind of thing that we actually provide a lot for folks and that is starting over with a new set it to be held in by implants. And so that technology is now serving. Jim. And in a huge way which shall be able tie student a couple of more months so more healing to do. Right and again as just wanna point out that so many advances like that have occurred in just the last few years as it is just like one of the I don't wanna say more interest in times but I guess mob more intriguing times more. More sun times to be involved in the practice that you do because of all the advances. Just last week we're exposed to a new technology. That's just fascinating little little tough to explain the radio but it's using 3-D cat scans and planning of things. That has shortened the number of visits to the dentist. To create. A new set a team. Make being incredibly much more simple for the patient and a faster to deliver for the dentist. But has that technology moves forward both India. Computer manufacturer of the actual teeth and the planning through advanced scanning and merging those two worlds. All like idea being engineered understand how works put it. At the end of the day you take. Take a nap and wake up with a new team. That's pretty cool that's pretty cool to be part of and I can only guess what my kids have failed to deliver. On the road. It just amazing well I. Doctors been president to speak with the UN thanks for coming by through my pleasure thanks for having me and doctor Scott Muster Meyer westar Meyer Marten dental care at this is buffalo means business on news radio 930. WB ES.