6/16 Buffalo Means Business w/ Rachel's

Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, June 16th

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This is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB and I'm Randy bush over the show is designed to shine a spotlight on local businesses a driving force in our lives and if there's a local business or service you'd like to see featured on the program. Send me an email at Randy dot pushover @entercom.com. With me is Joseph Cory who is co owner of Rachel's and at Jill not just one but there're a number of locations for Rachel's right. That's correct we are currently up to five locations and in our area and kind of spread out through western new Yorker just a greater buffalo where. No it's spread out through Western New York if you want to cover the suburbs and and now you know from the north to the south towns. We haven't quite. Went to north you know beyond Amherst but. We're growing company and we hope to keep growing and for those who may not be familiar to the cuisine or how to how do you present which you have. So. Our cuisine is called Mediterranean now which ties into the healthiest line of food on our according to abductors studies. And the menu features. Numerous vegetables com. Fresh of course that's our slogan is every day fresh who wanted to along Libyan lightening speed going through our line. Wanted to introduce the fast casual food. And to the area. Along with being very very tasty so any protein you gonna choose from Mars via you know that the grilled chicken. You know the the state that we used to very high quality meets. There always grilled so others you really got to try hard not to eat healthy rich and testing. Now when you walk in are you actually sitting down at a table getting Emanuel or do you actually see everything in front of you wouldn't get to kind of pick and choose which implies. Now you see everything in front you including the grueling process to show the freshness of everything. You started at the beginning you don't see it but by the time you're done with the line choosing all year nutrients to fuel you're sauces. Your your proteins. And by the time you're here you finish you pay for your food you're ready to eat instead of waiting for your typical. Restaurants. Now I mentioned you were co owner off the top I should say that your co owner with your brother George I'm sorry brother Jean yes and how is that going I yet have any. Problems you guys pretty much CIA guy. And everything you know I don't wanna sound too cliche when I couldn't ask for a better partner. And as you know all partnerships are very difficult. It to stay to stay strong what we're going strong and I wouldn't have any other partner in the world. The other thing that tech comes to mind is that you must have had some grounding in this business before some interest or was it that sparked your interest maybe that's the better way to come at this. The sole. When we initially started now. The response the product was just tremendous I can tell from the business and tuition that's incite me. From the look on the faces of American power our customers. I said this is wonderful and then as as we kept going and I ice and we realize that. We not only have a great tasting product. But we have some of the healthiest food in the world. It's time to grow and introduce it to many more people per day and that's when my brother and I kinda sit down and and figured out a process and how to. You know implement a new process to feed. Many more. On a daily basis and I think we've accomplished today and hopefully we keep so they started with though what first location so I didn't angling zone. As where we were born a few the the business and if it. And now humble building in lanes across from financial self high school. We started. Well as a family and my brother and I once we recognize. The success we've we grew it to. To the level it's at now and hopefully bigger. I was gonna say it and it must be some expansion plans if you've already got five that you could certainly stand to perhaps get a little bigger. Yeah definitely it's already in the plans to keep growing. Obviously within our means. And who knows what the future has. Talking to co owner Joseph Cory who along with his brother Jean are the owners of Rachel's they have the five locations throughout. The buffalo area as he mentioned and oh we also have a pretty interesting tie in with the Buffalo Bills nice relationship he got going there. And that's correct we just. Became media. We have a corporate sponsorship with the with the Buffalo Bills and one of their being one of their partners are very proud to be. We know what what the team means who western new York and to us as well I'm we were friends as well. That relationship started with you know a few players stopping in Terre McKinley location. And one thing led to another. I think one of them might have Midas. Recommended it to a luncheon catering. That they do once a week at the facility. At one bills drive and you know. They loved it when we dropped it off and and went after. You know we got to meet the players the coaches and saw Howell how they responded to this. This. A product. And if it seemed to have to be a perfect fit you know professional athlete to very nutritious food. If pest and nutritional. You know. Standards right away. Yeah I was going to say that that's that's something that says they're very particular about his what they put into the players especially when that they're getting ready for the season and during the season so. That really speaks to the quality of the food and the type of with the to have. And you said it right especially in season. They're always looking to. You know cover all the bases nutrition wise I was I was in the facility myself sponsor twice and I was reading kind of the post cards they have on the table is this kind of a guy to guide constantly reminding. The players on. What to stay away from and what two and and and what to you know gays or die towards and I just. I couldn't help but smile because everything that they priests and then T eaten we offered and that's what we had dropped off. To the T. And having that they absolutely loved it was just a wonderful bonus. And I understand that not only did you share. Ideas on food but also the values that the organization trying to put out there to seem like they would be tailor made to go along with what you guys are trying to put forth that Rachel. It's absolutely. I felt we felt like we shared the same type values down especially with this regime which I hope their tenure for her for a long time here. And you mentioned catering is that something that obviously you do but to them more than just the bills as you can do what what sized parties. So we've done any size be. From twelve to 500 person order. We really don't have any minimum or maximum you know if if if you. We do it on a daily basis we do drop off catering and legal all over the city including areas that we don't have locations that. Like from Lewiston to be Al Boston new York and everything in between. We'll get it to you and drop it off and the catering and if it really. Concerned sees residential as well which makes me excited. You know year year graduation parties here years sixteen year old birthday party if you. That you know nothing against other other types of food but. And it gets me excited when Latin children and and families are eating healthier and tastier food the secret is to make it. So that they don't know they're eating healthy a lot of times when you're trying to eat healthy and you know you have the shakes and Al Green. In if you wish they taste like I scream that we on the other results. With our food I feel like it's a perfect marriage between taste and nutrition. Perfect now oddities step back a little bit and talk about the staff in nineteen building with the staff because it sounds like that's something that's important need to. How many people generally do you have any accident the buildings are they all pretty much the same. There almost the same you know give or take some of the season Albion that you be one of locations kind of a seasonal. Location. But give or take ten to fifteen per location. And some office. And please now that we've hired. So we have we have quite a bit on our team that we're very proud to have. We have very little turnover between you and an eye on Hanna and an affair schedule. In a restaurant business that's rarity here. You know hopefully it's a compliment to management and how how they're being treated by. I can be thankful enough to have every single one of our team members you know I hope this helping us out and kind of be proud of this new. You know this new company that's growing up and coming company. You ask anyone of them and they just so proud to be part of that team and proud to have that. And only take you back two toward the beginning of the Avery talked a little bit about the relationship between yourself and your brother. And hi you guys got started but what was it initially that. Gave you the idea that this is what I wanna do for a living listed to run restaurants and keep people fed keep people happy. So I think when when when you're looking for what year what you do best. I mean speak in what about myself. I just wanted to find what they do best and and when. Again based on the reaction and the consumers. One night when when I saw their reaction I said we need to. He'll concentrate on what we do best and and provide it says many more people. And I believe that our process has done that I wanted to mention also. That were. Gauging towards environmental friendly. Disposables because we we don't use any. We we don't use any pleats any real plates or or so the silverware. But work we're currently using you know biodegradable bull's eye lids and hopeful while forks knives napkins even. To give back not should not just nutrition to the public and this beautiful area of ours but to the environment as well. That's huge with us because. Them and we're trending. In a positive way. Towards. The health aspect of things so why not give back to the earth as well. And let me ask. If it's a little too but inside let me know is that actually cost more is that some in some. Businesses might be considered cost prohibitive to go that way to specializing in things that are more biodegradable rather than just by bulk when every app for napkins and so forth. So I'm good I'm glad you asked that question it's definitely not too too inside information I'd love to share that. It is it it's it's definitely a lot more expensive. Along with some of the that some of the products that we offer are also more so that even if it cuts into our profit of profitability as long as the company's growing. Now. We're proud to do that but yes it is more costly for sure and I think that's why few and far between. Goal that growth. Yeah I would think Joseph any final comments any final things he wanted to put out there about Rachel's. I you guys are doing to. I just wanna say that you know I wanna think the community. I'd love to give back in any which way shape or form. I left to think other racial stands out there and and thank you as well for heaven us and I hope for a team for a long time. Well Joseph pleasure to have you and continued success thank you very much of curry along with his brother Jean co owners of Rachel's with five locations in the buffalo area this is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB he had.