6-26 Bauerle and Bellavia Talk Money

Monday, June 26th
Tom and David talk about money and how much do we need?

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The 0930 WBA. And it's. Somebody's stealing my water just from non controlling aircraft targeted it happens when you least expect sure yourself. I've been investigating him for months. It's cost 150000. Dollars of the taxpayers' money but I'll find the culprits of the cost me a million. The hourly the strangest feeling. But I am about to be a relief and madly carried away. Public use his dream. For courageous action and David Bellamy maybe drinkers Robin. But they're also human beings its hourly and Olivia view. Filthy criminals. Who follow apple I'll pass on news radio 930 W. Remembering big break out of the west cabinet a great game though. I think the mood that you words such a big Adam West and then I'm kind of encouraged. You know it just dawns on me that it is the 26 of June Kevin. And I'm really really surprised that we haven't started hearing more than this already. Ebanks said. Family holiday tradition we'll show you the whole scene. Which human touch. You may have photos sensitive epilepsy. You made damn well pass out of the stairs with a handful of beverages while watching the laser lights. Our laser light can keep a meat nugget. And 48 degrees and you will begin hearing it's what trans Siberian orchestra what's your prediction David. I'm going to say there was a loud concert July 21 we'll start here in the first ad for TSO. What are you going well here's the thing like we Durbin very few. Trans Siberian orchestra events in buffalo that actually occurred before Christmas normally we get it like. The end of you know early G and you get as we start run in the ads about an awful absolutely. But I I would exude Billick Shannon's little helter. It's like why why everyone is on February 15. By the way guys we are not mocking trans Siberian orchestra and we're certainly mocking the money they spent on the radio station they do do an amazing show it is absolutely. Phenomenal. But what we are joking about is the fact that will be sitting here and in ninety degree day and then suddenly. You'll hear. But we've got us. We've got to hear it we beverages out. I'll tell you what to a lot of people it is the Christmas season it's not officially earth tones of nutrients actor. All right thank you and it's got to finish league's number two year the ads for translator an organ. That's right that's right and you know again to cast of players. With corporate. It is truly a tradition for a lot of people but I find great joy. In that things that just seemed awkward or paradoxical such as sitting in ninety degree day with the cold beverage and hearing about the Christmas season you know what I mean it okay I've looked at the grocery store while. Our Halloween displays out already. Every year they come out sooner answer Kermit usually it's the beginning of September. Right after the Labor Day. It's true but anyway. Hopefully the whole foods will be open to receive him of that exit is beat that ever put. It just every time I drive by it just like. You the whole boots. Yes I I love that place really why I would eat there every single what what about whole foods is so fantastic. It is a feeling it is an atmosphere the whole foods I went to in missile misses their introduced me to hold oops she's she's like a Flutie as she's Palestinian stuff. She's a food she knows Fuji's great cook and as far as our whole foods. She actually looked it up on yourself ball. The one I can't access she doesn't trust me but long story short is I walked in and it was the it was the. A rolled up it was the lightning it was the I'll be honest I was expecting a whole bunch of sprouts he. Sprout chief artsy kind of people and actually they were normal people just like I am. Notre. So then beat the salad to affect. I was really in the mood to toss my own challenge. And put exactly what I want it in the salad is at the salad don't like what other people makes outs form because they don't know how I like so. I put a lot of artichokes a matter because as you know David I have appropriated your Italian culture. Germans and French have no culture so I basically. I identify with being Italian so I love that I love artichokes and you can't be Italian or identify unless you're like characters like load him up with that. I've got certain lettuce that I really really love certain sprouts he thinks so the long in the short of it is. And it's kind of like any other grocery stories that make yourself salad place but it's better it's it just it seemed fresher. The in there were so many more ingredients to add and that's salad literally. Was my. Lunch after it was literally a might launch and my post Steely Dan concert dinner and I cannot say enough about the food and a I can't wait a little opens up. I just think that there are you know there are places here Western New York just as good justice fresh. And it's called go all this more. What that experience aptly if I don't experience will make me thirty million dollars if I went to Los Angeles right now and said it's called way it's. I feel like. Can they don't have it it's like Albert Albert ever came to New York. People. It would change your life. Is a completely different experience the ear and out burger at John Califano I'm curious Crohn's Disease century knows all about the it is it's it's real popular Alley but is think you know what went whole foods comes to Buffalo's charge of although I don't believe people are that. I don't think trader Joes have a following that is as crazy as whole foods. I'd peak oil will stop wherever they are in and just total holes the heat policy comes roles we'll be. Do you have and with an issue with whole foods you know I rate he's really expensive. And it doesn't need to be expects it. But when you get healthy stuff that. The normal grocery store as we go to around here can be expensive it can but it's nothing compared like when you're talking about the organic pomegranate seeds that come and you know yeah they're gonna cost a lot of money they were handpicked. In Colombia by you know. My point is do you really need pomegranate seeds I mean you couldn't just get a pomegranate and take. You actually YouTube clip of that but if you like a little sweet. Flavors in years. I'm suite mates I just a couple of us about cuts of suite be it can make a huge difference. Making its pilot is part of a different direction you can take yourself and other than the homemade food that they make animal foods there's really nothing you cannot. In Western New York right now. That you're gonna get a hold of what you're talking about their sandwiches are there. Things that they only. You know well signature items well with a with a thirty million dollars aggregate and based on your proposal during the news break and let my own franchise. Well I happen right here can you imagine being so wealthy that you build your own hole yet you have a whole foods in your garage just like it. And you're like mr. Jones I told you yes like this is mine but. Don't need to see that Shaq first you know one of the topics we could never do I'd it just be such a great topic. If we offered. Thirty million dollars. Would you be. Shall we say. Intimates. With a member of the same sex for thirty million dollars and that of course what you get somebody to say yes then you start. Figured out from where there companies say OK what if it was twenty million you have to be intimate with a member. Of the same sex until the inevitable and tell us like can you return this. Can of soda for me for a bit. But I that's like one of those fascinating question as to what people. Like when people give the answer you know some people are really adamant about it and as somebody who. David we could say. One billion dollars and you have to be intimate with somebody of the same sex until way. And they will automatically say now for a billion dollars I wonder if they really would say no if you had like a pile of money or gold always people in two billion. Dollars with. A check that. Speaking to a minimum wage if I go right back there. But I don't you you'd you talk about you know millions of dollars and you talk about all there's a mindset you know that you're gonna find a box of money. In 2008 when the economy collapsed everyone looked at their homes as being in my 401K is there might have a retirement but you know what an idiot. My home's gonna give me my retirement it's gonna hold its value I'm gonna get at least what I put into well guess what not true at all. And and people lost their homes and now they're looking at their retirement and looking everything else and yet. DNC or somehow is that we'll use to work its importance and you you rate fifteen dollars an hour. And coaxed because look there are people right now having a very you know they're able to live on fifteen dollars an hour. And I I just think that is it that some mean liberals call themselves progressive what what that's a progressive thought that's a but to me that's telling someone be happy where your. That fifteen dollars an hour and fifteen dollars instead book if you're making fifty like you know I think about money and let you know I feel about. You know it's not the be all end all in life and to me it's it's always been an issue of money does not make you happy. Money does not buy you happiness it does not IU health it does buy you access perhaps to better health care and better options for health care but to me. Money was always about. On all it does is it keeps the wolves from the door. That's all it does because it doesn't make your kids any less likely that app it doesn't make you any any less likely to step up. It is only. There to keep the wolves from the door and enable you to at least be free of that particular. Worry or anxiety. In your life a lot of people David as you well know. They live from paycheck to paycheck they've got nothing in the bank they've got 3000 dollars. Minimum in credit card debt. They probably are never going to dig out of it though just make the minimum payments if you're making fifteen dollars an hour you really can't enjoy so much of what this world has to offer you know things like your travel I think traveling is one of the greatest things human being can go. If you're making fifteen dollars an hour you're not able to body you know the front row seats for your favorite band to perform. So fifteen bucks an hour you know. People gotta get into the mindset that. They need to know where their skills are they need to know where there in eight interest are. And then pursue those for that greater chance of financial. Reward and financial happiness with the cop yeah that. Financial happiness or financial contentment is one thing. But it does not change any other part of your existence and they say that with a lot of lottery winners that people can win the lottery and all we continue to speak is this that we we might be chasing this world but I think this is. A fascinating subject. Who's ready thirty at UB in the capital wants us to know that his price would be 67 million to do we said before. There's a a book out written by Harvard professor Carol last year called happiness equation. And it it you know one of those self help books well it was a miserable bastard of the sent there. In the New York Times you know it was a best seller but you're basically let me truncated so took to it's a math formula if you want nothing. And you will do anything. You'll have everything. That's the that's the formula. Well it is are we talking wants. Is desire. Or are we talking want is in need. See what I'm saying is that I believe that what they're actually saying. What what this. Harvard professors say is that young people going to the workforce today. If you are not the you know the individual that's like I refused to work in education I would never work in health care will never sell anything refused to do this. If you will do any job. And you'll you know. Back out whatever is in front if you take opportunities your game and you don't have any desire. To you know me direct that film that you have your your dream your life dream is basically open to whatever your opportunities are. You're gonna find that everything you receive are things that you never expected and it's going to be like here. You're rich person without having millions of now I. Debt payment because. And folks. Well what does. We have no intention of doing this can we deal with them because interest and in this so you can let us know where they are. What makes you happy and how much money could we talk at the minimum wage earlier so this is really X world. You know how much money would it take you right to make you happy with the salary of one to make your dinners always everyone has a number. Right into me. I tell you know my friend you never share your number. It's two things you just never do you never say I I just DX amount of dollars and this is all you need for. You know like to be great you're thinking about a film that's. I don't exactly were the number. Not out of state. But. The thought. Will report is I hope it dissuade people call you with a number. No my point is that if you if you say that I only need 65000. Dollars a year and I could leave the greatest life in the world right. You can still have a great life at 45000 dollars a year it's fantastic life at 30000 dollars a year. Or you can have a miserable life making a 100000 dollars a year because. Everything you did you did for the one goal of making a hundred grand and it turns out what you're doing for the on the ground you'll hate. Because you're not open to it and don't enjoy. You don't enjoy it and it's made life miserable. And so called to complain it's the c'mon it's. And talk of tossing yourself I don't know what sick world you live in text about. If your and to lead us into and weird things were Levitt's. I'd say that's not my issue that's your issue. I'd prefer to toss my own salad thank you very much because I know what I craving any particular day. So when I asked my own cell I get a lot of artichokes sometimes sometimes I will put more beats and then other times it depends on what this -- I happen to be in the mood to eat soda have a court and whatnot but if that's what it effects it if if that person so anything vial in that they've got real sick mind but using your salad analogy in the happiness equation you would want anything on your salad and you'd be willing to eat anything from a view and you would still have the best I'll never. Well hunger always makes the bitter taste good where are so I don't beats with talk about the you know about. The minimum wage. Talked about money. What would you would need to make every year in order to be to feel rich to feel comfortable. I know that there's a difference between rich and you don't three Port Authority. Start at 93180616. WB EN hourly inability. And I am really concerned that texture. Some evil salacious thoughts. We'll find time. We can you do it for thirty million dollars. Sigh and we're talking and all the way. Yeah time. What would surprise me. It's OR. It is about infidelity news radio 930 WB. The ends are all we talked before about the minimum wage and that leads us to ask the question well. As we spoke about the minimum wage being. How much money would you have to make per year were per hour for you to feel like you've made it like you are successful. How do you think that would change your life. 830930. Start at 3180616. WB EN and what's very interesting too is when you start reading. At a Sony articles out there about this. People who win tons of money in the lottery. Almost invariably. End up miserable and broke you can win fifty million in the lottery and your chances of being broke in miserable in five years increase exponentially it shouldn't be that way but that's the way it seems debate. Here's Paul in orchard park new radeon 930 WEB EEN. I guess I was telling is greater that. A lot older than you two guys but when I got out of high school I thought boy when I make 5000 dollars a year. I'll be doing okay and then number and I got to 101000 right foot GI got to get to see thousand. And so forth. That's so true though. It's it's I mean you you race you are for. Expenses seal level of income but what happened was is I continue my education I went nights. The only interruption in my education was when I went into the service and went over the Vietnam. But when I came back and continued and got my second degree in business management. And dissatisfaction my gut. Was that at his job might did and what I did what I accomplished the money it was my reward. And and as far as how much. I think that's part the American dream is it fuel ratio or expenses and so the level of your income. Oh absolutely you guys yes you know 101000 dollars in credit card debt and you made thirty A you make 25 million you'll have to order to you don't mean it it. Absolutely and and some people find themselves you know they they've by the big house. And that's the biggest expense and it turns out that what they thought they can afford. Everything changes you know you do your budget before you have a job it's probably not a good idea to plan a big purchase before you had. That income for at least a year to two years. Just because of the fact you have no idea what else is gonna come. Yeah you buy a house you find all these expenses you've never would have imagined. Just pop up. I I think you're right is that you don't have a plan. What my wife and I always had some kind of a vision where we wanted to go. But we didn't let the money drivers there we let what we wanted to do and then went to as to achieve the financial. And of that. So we weren't disappointed if we didn't get someplace because we knew we had them. How important is it Paul to have a partner that understands money as well. Well that's sometimes she was more sane than Iowa. I give her credit for that. So all right. He's answered our questions to our satisfaction. I wanna probe more in to our caller. What would it make you happier. Like more money. More friends. Being younger there's some things we can't do anything about you can never be twenty years ago. You just can't beat what are usual all over again. So give us some things that are more important. It's the whole situation I mean I aid. We did a lot of traveling. Not the beginning because we were raised in the family so we didn't we didn't have. A large disposable income. But we did things was and remains an end. Actually what you had there was compound is that the last that we went into the more money we had to do more things that. We wanted to do and quite frankly I mean right now. I don't know what I would do differently. We just we just kept division and and use common sense that. I guess we would wasn't on time we bought. We bought. We always had a a car payment which just recently we don't have car payments and the like assemble older than you guys. And our kids are all on their own. But you have to play it out to just kick a crazy. And that's the key is to have someone near you that loves you know juvenile didn't identify when you've gone crazy. And and you know maybe it's not a good idea to take your tax return the casino. You know maybe it's not a good idea and you don't put. How John on payments that are five years as these stores relate. There is not a whole lot of oversight into the credit it's giving view by a department store and it's it's kind of irresponsible. Things. Who want to have a seven year plan to pay out for couch. I have grandchildren intelligent if you go into the dorms when they're saying in the door of the parent should look at the credit applications that are hanging on the wall. It's absolutely mind boggling. Oh you mean for just random students to they put it like on. They can take credit just as we can and everybody that was Gloria. What's their income to add. And that means they're very very bet on the future. Oh that would probably break my heart more than student loan debt. Is to have credit card debt compounded with the student loan. Ya because now you're you're using the credit card upset here. Your college you know me buy books or maybe your pain and her food or where they Dylan. And now you're leaving with 50000 dollars of of lounge after pay and a 151000 dollar credit card. Well. The other thing that we did. As to what we saw that debt was mounting what we had the potential for death. Overstepped part time jobs my wife worked sparked. Well that's never gonna happen today fall. Right on many people I know people are working extra job for Christmas just. You know pay for Christmas Day. There's nothing wrong with the working. Exactly. We're on the you know the biggest way to control that is also the biggest way to lose weight. It's a lot easier to control what you put into your mouth in terms of calories then to try to burn it off once you ingested and it's the same way portion of credit card that lot easier to not buy things you really can't afford barring some massive emergency. That it is try to pay it off at you run up the big charges of him. I mention this before twice in my life. Have been 151000. Dollars in credit card debt. Right after we got married him after I got divorced and both times I sacrificed and everything I could at that point I put into paying up to credit cards because I don't think there's now works feelings in the world but you know being deeply in credit card debt. And you know wondering if you're ever which would merge. Solvent from the abyss that's a major stress for a lot of folks it was for. And it's usually a short time satisfaction what everybody with a credit cards. Well you said you know it's it's kind of funny because used an expression that my gram per choose to use when you said. Buying things on the time which is another way of saying buying things on credit. I told you I was older than you guys. Oh. But I just I haven't heard that expression used in awhile and it was a it was a you brought back a good memory because there are times though where credit card makes sense there's times when buying a car is good is a great. You know jump start to building credit. But just because you have extra money doesn't mean you go out and do these things usually you hopefully have a need for something you're buying. But if you're gay like same as cash and you know it turns out that the auto repair at six months same as cash. 0%. You know yeah it might be easier to pay an awful for six months that that that's something you used your advantage but when you start bringing in 1517%. Interest. And you go over to three years without an analyst only Dave Ramsey here. But it's it's pretty crazy. Here's Paul thank you for your service welcome hall mob Vietnam thank you. Thank you very much so much money which you have to make a year a week and power to make you feel comfortable is their number in your head. People. Just a little weird position because I never thought it would be like those who really. I had a target. That. I'd I don't have any need to expand my target those that. And I bet I will say that. One of the things that is very very important that I just I want the communicate is that. You know it it what what money does not do it it does a lot of stuff but there's so much it doesn't do. But what I'll look at changer genetics. That's very true if you're if you're healthy health is everything can change your genetics. You mean there's you you can't by play. You know you can't you really can't buy happiness I mean with with money I mean I don't I'm sure your world where there's your big boy you've done well for yourself and there's not there's not enough money in the world that ever gonna buy you happiness can you can you rent happiness yeah. Domains they definitely didn't answer your definition of happiness rents. That I think that money lesson. G your nothing happens when people get money they get a little bit of you know a groupie mentality where their family starts to. Basically live off that yet that's not healthy not it's not so now you're not only you pay for your quality of life if you paint your parents and your Brothers and your. Nieces and nephews go to school and well become and earner for for seventeen family member and I'm trying to come awfully. Here's a descent through that I'm one of the things I like is the ability to tipped people who are in the service industry. A lot I'm a huge tipper and I don't say that the Bragg I say it in the hopes that. People do understand and we talked about this during the first hour that people in the service industry day depend on tips in order to make ends meet. And a lot of people in the service industry I don't believe get the respect they deserve and I'm talking about taxi drivers bartenders. Servers in restaurants and you know one of the things are really annoys me David. Is say you know sometimes like it and you get invited to the same parties it's just that you don't go but the act but that if I go to stop apartment. It has hosted by somebody who's really really wealthy and nobody is paying for anything we're talking about people just walking up to par top shelf drinks. And and they just walk away with out. Leaving any tip for the server. I know what these events that the there is a built in tip that the client is paying to the restaurant and then that is passed on to the server but. Why not you know throw eight tip down. Because when you're wearing a 101000 dollar suit you go get your free drink and and you don't even think about leaving the person who provided to you. In terms of service they gratuity I think that's kind of trashy. I never really got into the hole. I didn't really understand that I grew up in a rural section of Western New York him a lot of restaurants to go to you know I mean like I go to places a lot and have my own money in understand the importance of that. But what what it only takes a few people in your life that actually. Have been waitresses to really change that whole. Her academy idea is to last week about that might might cab driver choice again and kept him and it's a guy that you know we is that an operator where Africa is. As the backseat and he said. You knew your voice so familiar Utah. And he says you know I listen you and you know 60% of the time I think the world's table. I types of it I appreciated the honesty and every chance I. You know the public to buy the rights of where Kevin is it's the first call mr. Kevin Henry mom listened to this shell. Let's go to some calls on WBE. Bike in Cheektowaga its collect the money show with a all due respect to Bob Brinker and everybody deals with that title but that. Public rigidly to make you happy. Although gentlemen anyways I'll keep this short and sweet but on a 29 years old and something one of my old spot is probably seen. With that I was never gonna happen now no matter what poll except he was right eyes Serbs at this certain amount when I was forty. I prepared to turn and I went out 25 minutes to the point where it's become an addiction well past six figures and no matter what I view it like it is never enough. Well it is it not enough because you increase your expenses can prominently with the increase in income or are you just socking it away. It's sides of that equity have I mean. At first I was like you know I have this sport Carolina bar when I retire from the state biased next thing I knew it was in my driveway when I was quite Fuller. Then. It just kept ask Ali I have I like seeing the number is bigger and when it doesn't go my way it's like. Almost a mental problem. I hit it it really this and I I don't mean to say that your mental or that your you have a problem but. I actually have been here or OC DW let's CDs or compulsion religious. I wouldn't fail it just like it's never like at first I'm like I'll get there and get. But did you realize my debt that of all the problems to have you could be addicted to drugs you could being have a gambling problem. You don't want to be successful. And dedicating your stuff but you know the key is that to make sure that your personal life as an effective. And that everything in balance and you know you're obviously do your Smart enough to know that if that was throwing off your your energy your she. That you know you should get some professional help for I mean in the pantheon of human man told. Oddities yours is a pre market pretty good that Mike you married. Mike he married. Why you know offered thirty or not I'm just curious if it's like that because if you you know of the worst things to have when you like talking a significant other say I am really. Are really obsessed with making money. I'm sure that's gonna go. That's that some people respond very positive to that there were. A thank you very much for the call exchange credit scores that's after patent FaceBook passwords. I so I'll watch that line I'm sort of you guys can cut line to please work at 2 o'clock. Under Israel 930 WB EE hit the button twice it locks and says intentionally yours David Lancaster WB EN. What would it take for you to be happy and financially content. Like all over for a couple hours ago. Well well well I about it on the middle weight yeah. That's part of the whole discussion our way yeah. It. About a year ago. Have been adopted under the water. A contractor. And well I read it would more than you've. Got to add network union. And Bob you'll problem that I had discussions and after it ended in two of them that minimum wage drive would be driven by the U. I gonna bring up what they call I believe on the prevailing wage right and they're prevailing wage would go up. And there were. Union and that was well. Are are you tell fight with the red bear and right now. At some bad. Just bet that bad Eric. Who the man is either that or something I'll look at a sailor Arabia. Yeah is it I'm just glad you're OK no you make a lot of grip origin and it I think that's of the biggest when you start dividing the country and have and have nots. That you're playing a game of class warfare that's the left has really done for the last 25 years. The minimum wage these guys are pawns in the great fight. You know to re rebuild the society. We got to go and that I thought I was gonna say a land that thing that goes up keep it straight game zone a little flare up every. Anyway malls there. It matters to our balance. Anyway but it gives him mister Friday. Those were the best George Donnelly five years I was in the most. Was that work in. Four months and it don't really I thought it was a relief pitcher you had a couple of radio gold moments where. You could have died gone for the dead gone for the Joker just say goodbye but when a spouse. Jumps on a phone call Tom that's a Grand Slam you're pissed. On behalf of capabilities as Tom Bauerle thanks to Bill Kennedy cut but it's extra time for Easter egg which is an audio gently put in there at the end of every show that should make your way. And god bless John bode. We have one more hour of simulating. An exciting second Vietnam. Unparalleled. Radio coming. As soon as guard looking appropriately to an excellent Jones. You're in the Newsome and Jones approach. To team playing out. Jones who lack this confidence in the field that's very deep it's deep and it's off the base of the walls he will head to second place. And that green jacket. Within reach Jim.