6-24 Hardline Hour 2

Sunday, June 24th

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It's time to talk politics it's hard line on news radio nine. WBM. And welcome back the program Kevin Harvick still here bill Conrad my cohost for the day still here we're in the bills area now bill as they sought among other things. Still as a social studies teacher in rugby coach Ken west. In in the town of tunnel under we're joined by buffalo teachers federation fil more Phil welcome back to the program and Hank. Welcome back I I I say I say welcome back because. You know nine years ago we probably had a recession like this you're regular guest then I ran for legislature and people took over the show and I've got to back at least temporarily. So it's been awhile since we've we've Janet. What's new let me know since I was here you had a new contract which isn't so much a new country now but. Given the fact that the old contract was expired for so long. It really is even a few years later it's still a new contract you get you've gone through a superintendent or two power how are things well. The things that matter. Things are better the which kind of a decent working relationship with the superintendent all we have our disagreements and obviously that's always should be yes yes should be and that's fine with the important things to try to find common ground where you tend. Which managed to do that we still have some issues like with the transfer policy that this. They charge trying to impose. On people. The issues are still the same issues so that. You know nine years ago those were both graduated from high schools now when. Yeah I think so you're right you're right but the they the the contract I mean last time we talked in the studio. It'd been expired for like forever when these 2003 or something yeah but that what happened is I think people don't realize is that we were involved in prolonged litigation. And fountain court case when Alito to the Supreme Court so we didn't actually need this examined millions and millions and millions of dollars to either side. So although there were negotiations. Neither side really. Wanted to take chance. It was was millions of dollars and it wasn't finally settled until March 26 he. Note that contract expires in another year so. We start a new contract dipped we start all addicted to new and old contract there was ever goes. Knew the current country we change proposals in January. 2019 so what's on it and them. And it expires when after the after a year from now. And it's it's due to expire. In July it's actually up next here right it's actually June 30. But the contract doesn't ever expire until you negotiated new one of what you ones under the the the driver old immigrant to the Taylor shore. But. Oh are you more optimistic for this one in the previous one. I'm always optimistic generally the bottom line is that the team afloat teachers and as with many teachers. A very very very difficult jobs I mean the society nowadays is a lot different than it was then. Our teachers who takes 27 years to get maximum most school districts it's fifteen maybe twenty years so we have a lot of work to do there. Our class sizes stills to hire we don't have enough psychologists social workers. Tennis teachers and kind of support personnel that we need. We need to pound get better. Handle on the kids that have problems we have less discipline problems and us. Down now is as you know my wife Debbie is the buffalo schoolteacher she's a third grade teacher at the academy in south buffalo. She's oftentimes will come home one night had a good day. And she will. Tell me. That. If I knew what she had to put up with the I wouldn't want her there. And and yet here you are doing what she does he she you know some of the stuff she does you know she's that it too pleased with and recently this report came out to receive publicity in the heat their local media about the abusive of teachers and this becoming an issue. And she was kind of nodding your academy I was nodding my head because she tells me some of the things that happened in the. Schools. The buffalo schools lot different than than the 1010 pounds schools where where bill teaches. Bill will you stipulate that I won't obviously it's rumored. We have a suburban population but were were getting diverse and the issues that he's mentioning a thicker universal across the country you know you know we were doing with poverty we're dealing with. Broken homes were doing with lots of issues and it's it's going over and in the classroom and it's not just the teachers it's the students to. You know there there's kids facing verbal these kids are about bullying which oh yeah other things. And yeah we're we're different group of these issues although not as big. Are there and we have kids for example that. You know when I was brought up and so those impart practical play punch fallen on the street I could go to the baseball field in on play baseball. Our kids. And I never knew any of my friends or anybody that was shot and killed. Our kids you know they have to worry about from Gillis out on the streets worried about getting shot. Worry about all sorts of issues. And they come to school with these issues. I hate. Again through my wife I hear a lot of this you know someone in their school lost a father Leo. The guy that was shot last night or whatever whatever with you know it and some relation to someone in the school. This latest publicity though this latest round about these dues to verbal abuse. How to get out of that start with their reporters something in and wells are being dealt. Well Lewis are reported to be shifted we did a survey authority to find out from how discipline was going on in the buildings. And we found out that there was a lot of verbal abuse going on. That when a student kind of problem and was referred to the office and nothing really was done basically the student was sent back. And that's sent a terrible message to the rest of the students. We don't want to students just thrown out on the street. If there is a student is acting up causing problems. What we do is we want them to go to the office we want him to get the assistance they need whether there's something going on in the family. But don't send them right back into the classroom. So it stand for kids that are in the classroom so it while this is okay. So apparently the issue is in this. I I I can hear right here my wife dousing yes yes yes he's got a right but the problem is. There and if if if you suspend the kids if you put them in special classes with smaller really small class are you a lot of supervision. Is. Very expensive. It is expensive and but the bottom line on it is that the stardom long time ago when 94142. Was institute is the and can upload the federal government was supposed to pump supplies about a third the state the third and local third well. Federal government's probably supplying a 5% of topics so it is very expensive but the the other issue gets to be is the labeling some parents do not like their child labeled as special and the director of or actually he's now the and chief counsel for the Buffalo News not performance from before board of education. Said that he was insert here's miso a great sign on somebody's shirt. And it's had label jars. Not people that the so if you would tell a parent I'm quite place your child in the smaller class. To get extra help. I think that's great but when you put that label it's socially and emotionally disturbed on it it's it's distressing but it is more expensive but. The bottom line on it once again is that if you really care about the kids and want to help them you know spend money that's gonna. Yes you know it's funny you should bring up a public law 94142. Because I talked about that and on my policy classes. Well it's just not comer to the is it is is that you're getting have been my when you're you're you're getting part of my nieces counts are actually announcer Tom. I I I talk about a phrase in there when I talk about ambiguous legislation you know that we interpreted many ways. No it's not black and white there's a phrase in there and I just wrote it down because Larry I've got an ingrained in my memory violent mentoring him. And it's it tells districts like buffalo like ten town where bill teaches. That they must provide for the special needs of educationally deprived students and I say to my my students I say you know I mean you know. What's an educationally bright student to student his arm I kids educationally deprived because you know right. A use TV is baby sitter when they're growing up sometimes that you'll order. What is it an end if I can determine who they are how to like provide what are their special needs do you have special needs to I have special beat. And how do you provide for them and and from district to district they interpret this differently. One district mesa while the states and we got to put in this special class yes spent a lot of money on them those who say well you know. They're not educationally deprived they have no special needs and you know. From district to district they're gonna deal with the the same kid differently if you take it from my wife's classroom you send him to another district in the go before the special education committee they might get more services or less than someone else yes. They may I know you're special education teacher right. Yes I toward most roadster appears and there were a lot of people at the time that me teaching emotionally disturbed kids was like the blind leading the blind but I prefer not to believe. I'd I'd I'd like to export a light up I felt like you might set yourself up my wife especially teacher and she started workers and motions to classrooms. It's it's it's them it's an arduous task will be announced it. That is horror heartbeat. It it is it is and and you know. My wife will tell me of of kids in her classes. You know fairly large classes they're great class and some of whom probably yell over the years probably need to. These smaller classes but but may or may not get them. And that's see that's the point over the covenant it makes the point is that there are so many of our kids that need case. And if you really say that you're going to do what you think is important. If you need to provide the services over you have to. The problem with the district is we don't get the kind of resource that we need as you know there was a case one time was called the campaign for fiscal equity Villa where this state and we are it was more downstate wasn't always say it was in New York City case but it applied to the host state. But New York State was found guilty of violating its own constitution words says that every child is entitled to a sound basic education. After two years we had gotten extra money into buffalo in the with the district was required to negotiate with the decaf and we negotiated small class sizes for the schools to a sixteen or seventeen schools that were identified as. What we've what they called failing schools at the time we lowered the class size to twenty we had some ten class sizes. Within two years or about one of those schools was off the list. That shows what you can do with the resources that he can penetrate up. And now we're back in court again with the same case short. Listen Lee we've gone along on this segment that's my fault I ethnically quick break out. When we return bill Conrad fill more sitting here eventually if you wanna get on board we'd love talked do you. 80309 during the number to call in the meantime I'm Kevin Hardwicke you're listening to hard line on news radio 930 WB ES. Jimmy Griffin there there there ego. Loved Jimmy Griffin Kevin Hardwick here hardline. City would bill Conrad from Ken west in the town to town on the town board we're talking if Phil were more buffalo teachers federation. Invite your questions 8030930. Is the number to call let's go let's go now to. Let's go to Diana buffalo Diane welcomed the program. Parting on good morning I don't say I moved to buffalo from the suburbs about eighteen years ago and I live. On the east side and I'd be now on record lived here it was quite different and adolescent years. I've seen more and more parents. But parents are maybe you're Hispanic black becoming an arm as drug dealers now they have kids and then there are a lot of don't encourage their kids that's BK they say what am I think to go up to be. I'm getting number. R.s allowed. Hi I'm sorry they want their kids to become gang members. Yeah diplomatic here. And I I do it's now done I thought it arguably the parents want their kids become gang camp but it's true. A lot of repair kit program thought you don't care. Well well there is that there's there's certainly is problem with kids that going to school conic chronic attendance and and and not end until. Yeah you know money my wife again. Teacher academy and in buffalo. You know say to me I'm supposed to teach these kids and they're gonna evaluate me based on what they learn if they're not school that's that's a problem. What methods probably you know a live in the suburbs you have a black -- a totally different but backed out how things are. But if you wouldn't think you'll not everybody liked it but there's increasing percentage. People are. I'm coming into this city I don't know where he controls from Europe AD are aware but did they weren't here what I what I think they just. Diane Diane Diane thank you for your call appreciate you you weighing in you know she leads me the point about mine my wife having to be evaluated on this. I I wasn't paying too much attention at the end of the legislative session but one of the things it didn't get covered apparently was teacher valuation what was. What was going on there and always a big problem or it's been a big problem for a few years how teachers are evaluated by the state. But what they're doing is is using these tests its. That have not been validated. And torturing her kids we have kids that have come over from countries which speak any English fluency in the take these terrorists. And then what they're doing Tuesday using attests to a which uses them as a moratorium on for another year. But what this would have dynasty toppled the testing the result of legislation that the media pass and only if you pass went to couple. The testing how how should my life in value. The way very well by the way my wife is listening very well it is great teacher Julius. I believe that the to the way that teachers should be evaluated inspiring musical into the classroom. And see what they're doing I mean. You know this should do that the administer different vice president I don't think the principal who knows the most I was going on unless it is a teacher music teachers have been like that you know the music tees and look like has almost nothing about music yeah. Well billiard teacher how are you avail I pleaded well right now very well again I surely I would highly effective. The you know right now my. Kids take tests we we do a baseline and after that I'm evaluated on how they perform and one of the things that we are constantly talking about is you know this is not here you know he's not NC time. You know why am I getting evaluated on him you know or her and that's a big issue I also have another principal from another school comment and you know that we call a drop in the I don't know when they're coming. And they come into a scanned in and evaluate us that's part of the formula oh cents. They have no stake I mean if if your principal comes in and then says you're terrible teacher in your principal hire ulyetza bad reflection on an event and then my you someone from another one of my principles in my building evaluates and on top of that as well and then I've got to write reflective piece called domains one for our district but. Know from that they calculated score well what's upsetting for me is OK I understand my test and so on. If colleagues and we're says that teachers who don't have tester or teachers or music teachers and they're getting evaluated on how well the kids do on the English and math scores and that's absolutely ludicrous you know in. Oh Phil earlier you mentioned. Old guys you and you and me when we were and pull her older all there. Although the bill served. Outlet and when we were what we are in school I mean there were no. Teacher evaluations like they have now but you and I knew who the good teachers were and who the bad teachers more. Right while lowering I knew who the better teachers for I mean if there were bad teachers you know saying if there's somebody that's a bit too if I'm going to be ostriches. When I toward I didn't know any bad teachers are really didn't mean everybody was working very hard. Somewhere better than others. But through the thing that that I noticed is that. If a teacher wasn't doing well is that there was no support system for them to help them become better. You need and that's problematic and that's even with administrators. We have a serious pro. So there's only you were growing up you you didn't encounter any teachers he said someone made a mistake and that one as you look back at the teachers in your school growing up you can say. Well I wonder how that person. You know an evident well. Our incident amigos is bill. I you know. Lucky I guess. The moment there's a new job though they don't listen listen we're we're. Or if that is really don't feel like this anybody with a news we we got to go will be back. 8030930. 930 WB yeah. And welcome back to the program Kevin are we seeing here with co host bill Conrad and the Kia president Phil were more. Let's go low let's go back to the phones an eagle three on 9380309. Terry let's go to John John in Rochester general from the program. 8:8 Kevin morning. Bill enough silk. Well you know I I miss though he's via your program Cordoba like heaven has programs played a bit you're ready to rate their act but. So you know right. U I impaired. Disagreements in the past mainly about the union control and my lot via a public employee unions and education you need is step burdens to New York State. The taxpayers the cost education etc. like the comment at this point. I did some research maybe 56 years ago they haven't done it recently and I looked at the state. SAT ACP. And high school graduate ration rates of other states seat in Florida. North Carolina Virginia as some other states Georgia. Ends he educate the these scores because CPSC AC seasons the graduation rate. Were up there what's different to New York State yet we paid probably. Fifty or sixty are up more its school taxes and if I think gets beaten Serb what are your thoughts on. Okay eight thanks John for the question we'll get Phil's response. You know first of all. I don't know the studies should be just talking through mine. Might happen when it comes to taxes. I don't. Person can believe that you can be funding education based on property taxes because what happens then is that in more affluent school districts as more money. Pores and pore schools and that is less money I think it should be something that is not done based on processor. Although look the cost per student in buffalo is greater than many of them also suburban districts when you figure in state aid funding and state eight compensate Portland that 85% of our money comes from the state. Right that the city is not doing very well by us. The the issue though is that we've still. Along with the rest of the cities are not getting the funding that's required. Under the city's action cities have spent you know crowd it's funny question about. You know we've we look at you know the cost of the class from my classroom and on the investment cost of the I don't intend time and time and you know that the estimated cost this much in dollar and he you peel back my salary from that and you look at all the other costs you know there's so many unfunded mandates that are put on these districts and state. They come in and that really I think expose the cost administrative cost. I mean we talk about the CP PR people they had to hire people to do that they had to hire people to create these past week to be eight PP ER yeah the our annual professional review and in there somebody there somebody being paid for that there are they paying for. You know for the school test we firmed out when the teachers used to create them there's I mean there's ways we hate. And that's a mandate your thing that if its unfunded and in the districts have to put that on their and I agree with Phillips in the conflict let me let me you know we're only about twenty minutes left in this hour and a US squeeze in another caller 28030930. The number. Let me let me turn to the subject or topic is just briefly before we we break. To something and I'd be remiss of get bill Conrad a social studies teacher can Wesleyan bill Phil re route more from. Buffalo teachers federation. I've been told us if we can talk about if we didn't talk about does the school violence the guns in school fortunately we're neck this year anything on them for a few months because school is over him not only here but around the country. But this fall. You know unfortunately I'm sure there will be another incident some place. God forbid it's it's here. Fill your your thoughts about belt the solution I mean there's there's arming teachers. There's school resource officers. And there's a whole. Yeah well first of all. We have we are completely and adamantly against arming teachers. Say we wean means of buffalo teachers federation. Nice it. Many of the teaching organizations that I know of the national organizations. Our job as teachers is to protect rickets and make them safe and our classrooms Arctic oil we've been gunning giving. Shut the way you're gonna shooting the wrong person. The these three answer to this is multifaceted. First vote have to identify these students and families. Early now there are warning signs that I think that's an incident and we look at those Florida that that looks like they were already word slowly Middle East Ilya because I'm getting to the next point out once they're identified. Then we have to start working with them to make sure that they you know that we whatever the problems that they have are being done. Governor and roll hall as as from those so called red flag. And legislation. Whereby if a teacher thinks his kid is capable apparently of you know doing something terrible like this. That they would be able flag pin and authorities would be able to go and take guns out of their home I mean I mean you're you're familiar with the proposal. Yes I am that's just a political rhetoric as far as I'm concerned issue is that we have to identify the stuff just take your guns away. But we have to identify the students. And they people that have the kind of problems that could lead to this in their arms early warning so yeah. I don't think that should be assault rifles should be sold. I don't I think I don't see any reason I used to hunt I don't think I need an assault rifle the hunt. What we have to it's a multifaceted you have to identifying. Not just in the schools but in our communities as well the people that have a propensity. Work with them yes indeed we have to take guns away from people that I'm you know who have committed crimes for example. Spousal abuse he's ever. But the fundamental things we have to find out and identified as early as we can and the students that have these problems and make our schools safer to have sort of resource overs and everyone. You're you're you're talking during the one there recent breaks about lockdown drills and yet and no scarier yet well I mean you have to make your real and you know our content on we we I think we do some regionals I mean scary my wife. Members in the middle of the lockdown Truman went text no quit. You know because it's that it's so stressful it's so you know you've got these kids Colin corner under Katie my doors are open desks up and you know we we had swat team in. You know it's it's it's a very stressful situation and I I you know I don't wanna carry guns school I mean I really don't. But I've what little what if what if you had a tally however who but is training again our military was whatever. And feels played quite come I I'm a firm believer in the us are the student resource officer an embedded in the building who is our. Yes and in the problem is as these this cost money. You know it's to train these people to go to fund them you know it it's you know it's a lot of money and I think the federal government to step up its or other problem is if if you just won easily of one in your high school yeah which would be expensive it's a deterrent but. If something happens they can't be everywhere no no and and I mean that's a big school and has an ego that's one into the school to another. No goggles. What happened is we don't have security offices and than most of our elementary school yet now they're just in the high schools I mean what's that all about you know I mean that's. It's a multifaceted problem but you know it's the most infuriating we were flying a flag at half staff at B chip. And wanted to do that. And memory of this to you people have died but also until something is done. Another was whenever anybody goes by and we would encourage anybody else that's in the the other unions were going to be doing that too. Is that had there's a concert Chris people talk about it Cummins who was saying he. I forbid happened here. It's all talk nobody's doing anything about it there's no funding to deal with that there's no a plan to deal with that they just talk about it and then they sell offs are we can't do anything about it. Because one side or the other I mean it's just infuriating. Well well you know we've had this conversation before in the show effectively where you were part of it of them the six weeks ago our show within one week after. After a a school shooting in the lead we had that conversation. It's and he you know a lot of a common thread is mental illness and I think that's where you were going again or were originally when you start your answer to this question identifying people. Are the resources out there in this community are adequate resources are out there mental health professionals is to deal with some of these problems I'm not sure that there are. There aren't there aren't and you know what we're fortunate accounting has been very helpful with a serious program providing access to some of the supports that the Karrie has but let's face it. The county does not have the resources available for all of our schools students and all of our people that need it. And there has to be if you really wanna put an end to this or. At least significantly reduce it. It's going to take funding and it's going to take. People that are dealing with other people might just lip service not just talking not just passing laws about red Alito hearings that were being trained to say it's it's not one and it's it you know it's not if it's gonna happen it's went yeah I mean that's the mentality and waking when and where because it's it's gonna happen again and that's the for an hour. Well well listen we have. We have one more segment to go in the show with over mourn when bill Conrad if you wanna get on board the number to call 8030930. After taking quick breakdown in the meantime I'm Kevin Hardwick you're listening to hard line a news radio 930. WB EN and welcome back for one last segment Kevin Harvick here with total still Conrad Black thing billions. Are doing great job this week. Phil were more buffalo teachers federation and your calls at 803 elementary get to a call in the moment. First some unfinished business. People are wondering about the Mets producer ago. Have we given up on them I mean a Mets update. I'll never give up on the mats okay I just that it's let's update I'm sorry it says in the short segments ago a couple of whatever they don't roms ERA. Yeah yesterday well yeah he gave up three runs on buy in and how many innings. He pitched into the sixth and in Bellman came out it was nets fans come from well anyway all right thanks Joseph. Anyway where do we go from where do we go after that I guess we go to new told me in Clarence told me welcome to the program. Avenue unintentionally. Got at present the governor or shall I happily about. I understand chilled. Like the let's step on the electrical yeah yeah. You got this thing was. Bet that they do chirp. Office go walk an indication that it may be getting close to getting our arms got you old. And that could be duplicated by each shot that's just a personal aspect of the order. I'll bet that god sort then and that apple sell it because this created a late each app does say they are secure. You can get it going so well. But no I understand Tony what do you think about their proposal. I think it's a particular problem because of that storm that just adds that normally. Thursday and I didn't mind. Why let me tell light would you have got out bit excel at a sign to make struck on the Internet. Well Doug good. Stimulus that. It isn't something you act before that apple does something because our blanched. Every student knows that that's going. And certainly well got fired because you. Any way you saw Reza variety of side or indication web app that you go to the judge. Much of that issue it out at least approach this situation. It's so it's just a bite my biggest cyclical. And and it's obviously you would admit very controversial. I don't know are controversial. Because they've been in this country everything controversy. Wake up everybody elicited the strongest weeks and it lie. At that point on our body shot itself. I Tony's Tony thank you for weighing in and thank you for for calling me out on that appreciate it. That was Tony and Tony and play tape up before we go we've had about five minutes left bill. The Supreme Court decision coming down on Monday I guess in the Janet's case. Gonna affect only deep via the public employee unions in general. Regular re regular readers give our listeners a little background of the case what's what's the issue here and how be Kiev might be affected. While the bottom line is that what this court will probably rule is that. You can be covered and have the union negotiate for you. And defend you in any kind of grievances negotiate your salaries benefits. And to all of these things there that are in the country for you but you don't have to pay any dues. Your fellow members of fellow colleagues have to pay for you in other words we I called them. Freeloaders but ultimately that's what the Supreme Court. Is probably going to do built bill Conrad you're. Your views he teaches social studies thing yet it can last. What we have now in New York State is is it agency shop yeah agency what you know so let you know ahead if you don't wanna join the union but you know you want to you know do a lot of negotiation you one's tolerance on because. There might be a small part of the union dues that goes towards political action that's the big you know some people from you can't be forced to join him in person during union but you can buy you have to pay the union members of service for the ever piracy they negotiated and I agree to figure affiliates it's like oh well I have a middle ground it's this and I thought and it's been since the seventies and I think is is kind of an ice negotiation for those folks who didn't want to join. But I have to agree with this free loader comment it's like a welfare mentality I should get something for enough I have a big problem that. And you know at the fact that they can get the same benefits. And you know quote unquote. Get a get a raise is there some of the tactics are being uses. It's just not fair so we understand that this decision comes down now. And and and I tell my wife hey you know like when you pay in those union dues you can still get the contract you can still get the benefits Phil were more will still work for you. This year you'll get the contract this year but enough people in on the install. But the but the Obama insists that this is being complicated and by a union it is is about to break unions that's what this is all about this is this is this straight and simple. Billionaires of putting lots of money into this they're going to be running all sorts of as etc. but the concept is really straightforward. Here's a union. And then negotiating. A contract for you you're benefiting from everything in that contract but yet you don't have to pay. Bring your colleagues do have to pay you know what's that all about me but that's what the Supreme Court probably were guy. I have to admit that I've always liked the middle ground that your state has taken this I mean there are states where no I mean they're you know union you don't have to be a union to pay. They're states where you know you have to pay and I you know I don't have a choice in our unit soon layer adjustments are in Europe and our our union of the political actions actually to Koppel from in Pendleton fire and then look at. New York State which says you know the agency shop you don't have to doing the B Kia bird they can more teachers federation or whatever. But you do have to pay them eat for negotiating your country you know I've been or are examining a little earlier there via anything else that they do that but you do that. Or you don't pay for these ducks that the field has actually and a paid for by the union known Phil Phil brought to this flag it's a duck it's a solar powered dot is that what was the quality plastic gun yeah and that is why expect what makes you smile but but the box because they pay for life filled the Kia to say union made haven't. It is yellow that's an immediate days I don't know maybe inch made HI are barred. I guess I stand here on our allies know rice cracks about the ducks and wise way I got from that it. So we we listen we've only got we've only. A minute in ample. Finals final thoughts on weird the district is going here. Year pretty comfortable. Relatively speaking. With the with the leadership now and in the district with the school board. Certainly with the superintendent have you disagreements but we got a good one. I think he's I think he's is trying to do the right thing I question some of the people around him but. I would urge that parents we can't do little. You know parents tendency is to. It's please just don't be afraid to be apparent because your kids will think when they get older there's nothing more and when it comes to bullying. You know assuming what I would tell your children. Is inside every bully is a coward. And then when every and every kid believes that and understand says that we less chance that they're going to be bullied because of circling announcing its I debt bullies a coward. Or should be different at him her. Bill final thoughts and education and get this fifteen seconds left is a lot of work to do vastly improve announcing that improvement lover and now that's that's that's what we're we're in the pursuit of learning. We want we want our kids to be lifelong learners and. Well my AM my cohost bill. Bill Conrad that'll be the final final word that says that's where we'll leave it my I think my. Guess this hour feel remorse from the B Kiev again my cohost. Bill Conrad from the I can more Weston also comment on a Wanda. Why I think you're Joseph beamer for his Mets update in for producing the show. Lou will go hard line and be back next week I'm Kevin Hardwick you have been listening to hard line and news radio 930 WB yen.