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Sunday, June 17th

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It's time to talk politics it's hard line on news radio nine. Thirty WB. And welcome to hardline this is Kevin Hardwick happy Father's Day out there to all you fathers big day for for us all. Half an hour from now we'll be joined live in studio by Patrick Taylor Patrick is president and CEO of visit buffalo and aggregates of buffalo Niagara. Some of you may now be familiar with it used to be the convention and visitor's bureau later on will be joined like in studio by way buffalo Niagara film commissioner Tim Clark. On my goal today is to get mighty itself in the position as an extra day feature film coming up via. We succeed right now in studio however I'm joined by my celebrity yes that's right celebrity co host bill Conrad bill cabinet Conrad. Town to town on a councilman bill welcome happy Father's Day you know you learn fathers that I think I'm kind of other than that so much in active father because my kids who mostly are going to grow as a father yes you're here actually raising kids. And and I don't talk about you wanna talk about your wife chair Mary Kate and you just because you play well detail in the family yeah I I heard. I heard coming in then Randy bush overs morning news an ad for more audiences coming to this is known you'd like you've only she was in Riverdale. I don't know she was she's tried offered this right now for river dance okay but she had danced and a national championship aren't sorry won't change up well and she teaches she teaches piracy and yet now and you are the rugby coach and they social studies professor. Super teacher teacher out in that order ya at and it can west let's listen bill and I have a couple of callers is at our. First one is is or repeat a an amorous boy who's made good in DC Chris elegy secrets is currently. The the the editor in chief of the conservative book club and he joins us. Now via the WB yen live line Chris welcome back to the program. Thank you much and well. The other stating you and there are some news in that regard this is your first Father's Day is it that you want to announce steal your friends back in buffalo what the deal is. It won't you. It where you are on last week he'd been excellent overall mallet again. Eleven days goal and first there's on a lot more than four hours. Is it is bigger lessons they do it do you feel kind of guilty that your first father's days before your wife's first Mother's Day I mean you didn't plan that while did you. Shouldn't Mother's Day come before Father's Day. You won't read it celebrates. Mother's open up. Our Saturday. All right good good good blend of good land. Listen. You you you're you're the editor in chief of the conservative book club. Read any good books lately or talked any interesting authors. Absolutely. Conservative corporate citizen that wants guarantees that. So what are the 2000 members across the country everybody know about you with the latest and greatest books out and definitely two books. You are anxious are you Gingrich's new book Trump's America the truth about our nation's great comeback. Number one right now on our conservative vote for a dollar was gum at the quick overview on the administration and what they've been able to accomplish so far. And the challenges that they dealt with. And that's really my favorite right now and I don't recommend this book is Joseph computers in new book twelve rules for lights an antidote out. It was number one you knocked out bestselling book to it and some are your listeners know about him. Kind of become an on campus speech folk hero who's been able. You didn't seem to think what is now being shot it down about how science and politics entwined in that. There's much we can learn not only in the west of liberty but of tradition and order and activity anecdotes the political social area citizens doing over the last couple decades and that's a wonderful book tour computers and also allies. No no did you actually conduct an interview with Yemen and is available on a podcast. Well when you're working you're working on an interview with them actually do have a national I think you're much eight we just interview thing we are our options are crimes. And he's one of the focus on the book but like in town every do weekly podcast everyone's normal but we're working on tour since it. And and and those podcasts are available where. Our conservative book club dot com backlash are very good hey. I got to ask you I mean bill load Conrad Michael's desire for a period. In and in the end. Well we both are from count on them that we're in buffalo area you're down there in DC I've been seeing a lot I I I keep seeing. A lot on the front page of newspapers this this photo of this. A little girl being taken from her mother are actually your mother is being frisked them that your she's being taken in this photo. But it it it it really is is it that creating. A backlash against the trump immigration policy and then. Our our our people down their talking about it in and do you think that that it's gonna bring about a change. Well absolutely didn't pictures that there's just heart wrenching. The you know looking at this and look in what's going on I think. We have to put in context of this year what's going on wire seen these pictures in the first place and people have to remember that this is due to a policy that actually started in the Clinton administration 1997. And it's basically about well. Come to our country illegally. I'm usually. You know an across the border with their families and for short period of time there's a separation occurs with parents and children. To make sure that. The parents of the children that are on the net over and then it Gator soup. Resolve the problem that we're seeing that we heard about all last week who is about if those same people that are parked their border illegally. Decide to also claim asylum. Political asylum he's been completely different than. Apparently according to Ali's immigration. Controls a basic 80% of the people that come across Serb order their wing political asylum 80% of them are focused. They're not real but what happens is someone does come according to our current law. Not to allow that person evidently opportunity percent Circuit Court which we can take more than just they were talking Koppel. Where there's this separation that might occur. And it showed that yes pictures of old school open. Oh. He is just you mentioned a day or two I mean that's that's a regardless of who start the policy just for you know for every day people I think that's such a hard thing to grasp you know to be separated from a child for two days possibly. It is I mean it absolutely brutal it's tough and it's you know I wish our congress would get their act together to pass an immigration reform that would actually. Deal with this in this type of thing and they can give that it got a screen right now. They've got about good luck bill which is such a bill that. Congressman Virginia with. It's a conservative immigration reform bill and O'Brien and some of Byrd and more moderate Republicans are working on another immigration bill what's gonna come off the next week which you. President trumpet that she could meet with the Republican House caucus on Tuesday. Talk about how they can resolve these types of issues and. You know you mentioned you mentioned earlier the the Clinton administration and and this policy going to prevent. I ate I Harken back of the Clinton administration another famous photo iconic photo that amount that that was the Elian Gonzales vote remember him with the with with with the federal agents in in in full body armor and everything in the gun and that kid's face. They eat you know on the outrage that created I mean I think that's that's her comparable to what's happened here. And you wouldn't you know you would hope that there's some discretion some place that that maybe someone somewhere would rethink this policy because it. Is it it's probably not gonna get any easier I mean this this publicity is gonna increase let me. HI stats just even counted on that anything about that photo from Europe. From the African immigrants coming at me that the lifeless body on the beach I mean that that had there are acacia. I mean these pictures are are powerful let me let me change the the subject quickly we've only got a couple more minutes Chris and I do appreciate you being here. The FBI in it is. Investigation the inspector general's report. Pretty damning. You know from all sides of the FBI and both sides of the you know trumping anti trump. Argument investigation. Are are are finding fodder here are they not I mean it's it's not good for the institution the FBI. All it's the local it is it is yeah of course everybody's talking about the most well this this that you mentioned in the group directly. FBI report but I think we have to remember what is this portal about in the first place. This is about Hillary Clinton's mishandling classified information that's what started this whole investigation. In the first place in the world. That the report is careful and its conclusions. I think it's pretty damning and it's facts Hillary. Did did that yeah I did not prosecutor and gave her special treatment and it to a presidential candidate engaged on the same thing to cultural from the so called for inclusion. Investigation. And you know when you look at all of the text messages as early regions in the eyes. He got apps where you know there's no cold Compaq's. There's no anti Hillary taxpayers don't proton trump FBI officials you know anti Hillary officials. It's unfortunate because this biased to soaker thing that really does. Per capita purpose that you're just not even paying attention to the next hour with your guys really important. Part of our law enforcement and need to be cabinet yet if you go back then. I don't wouldn't go look look through the pool report I don't trust the media unless you can read the reported long it is 500 pages. Somethings sort of point out though is. There's definitely good Archie. Did state that the residents of ordination of bias and while they included I think only. By switching to the investigations. Did there were serious error of judgment on BI director combing. He concealed information from this appears violated disregarded department's bureau policy and the irony Kaplan is combing used to party you know and how that's. I I mean a whole thing is yes just weird and it I mean every really everything has bias they mean. I mean but and and again this is this inspector general reports its focus is on the Hillary Clinton email thing. Mean there's a whole other question of what's going on with the Russian investigation and and that's something you know most people want the FBI if if if our elections are being compromised. For an adversary. You what the FBI involved in this yes they are there and their credibility is in question now. And it's it's just not a good situation. Absolutely no soul so being that you're again you open up icing it down there and swap. You wanna come back I mean your I fear I mean it's a nice place now that you have a family I mean kid nice placed their race. Young Nathan. You know on hey I love about the miracle was all parts are on the ballot you get I'll go see a lot of that was unhappy about the New York. That it will always be. Yes I it would become. Well well all this bad stuff that's a nice note and then and again and happy Father's Day thanks for joining us today Chris. Are out our back involved we have to take a break now thanks again to Chris mallet DC. Editor in chief of the conservative book club. When we come back will be joined by the guy that many people blame for bringing me to Western New York Peter. Former chairman of the political science department Denise is knowledge. Will be about the lieutenant governor which not not get the local pursue a but that. Joba the lieutenant governor because it's. Created a lot of questions in Albany with the senate being deadlocked 3131. What in the lieutenant governor do what can't the lieutenant governor of anyway. When we return bill Conrad Michaels will be here I'll be here I'm Kevin Hartman you're listening to hardline and news radio 930. WV EN. And welcome back to the program this is Kevin Hardwick sitting here we is celebrity co host on a councilman. Bill Conrad Knight good friend who every Mother's Day happy father's age you all to make this a little bit more less stressful for me. Am I apologized to a super producer Joseph beamer about this this is going to be a mess free. The program we're neck and talk about the Mets they can that's wrong. That is today the other one went in a row that is raises my blood pressure at a listen speaking about blood pressure. A lot of people are mad at halftime and I'm even in Western New York the person to blame for that of course is the former chair of the political science department these discount Peter. He joins us now on the on the live line Peter welcome the program how you doing. I'm buying dad an eye on this wonderful. Every other. Happy Father's Day and others know before we before we get into what we what we call we have now. You have a perfect perch there. Right there on west river road on and Grand Island. Oh overlooking the lawnmower races have the festivities start at your Father's Day your friend Floyd you introduced me to the east has won more races right. I think I think that. I think about a fourth of July I'm not sure because. I thought it was a nice and I think it's the fourth of July 4 of July well this is your district did this is my agent this I thought it was Father's Day. There's nothing going on there is there any resident is there anyone out recite your housing out a lawnmower with a lawnmower. Okay where they have done that on the spotlight report listen that's what I would call them. I want to bring because the last few weeks the New York State Senate has been kind of in this stalemate because. A member of the senate a Republican member got called to active duty in the navy I believe. And they're left with a a there there are 63 members but now they're deadlocked 3131. And the question that's been looming there is what is the role of the lieutenant governor what can the lieutenant governor do and breaking ties what I can they break. Democrats see an opening here they say aha we've got the lieutenant governor just happens to be here at the local. Currently. From from Western New York. But regardless they think that they can actually accomplish things they couldn't earlier. Now you have written a couple books in countless articles on the New York State constitution. If anybody if anybody can answer this question it's Peter. Up well. Yet there it. A couple of pop up. Well this year and the good they're good governors. It's in their stay in for a lot of reasons. Open embarrassment. And a Mac. If I say that because a number of very important issues about this Teddy covers I would have never been and resolve. One of them is protecting. So. You have this quote. Testing testing though. Given to the lieutenant governor who by the way you described in the executive article not a legislator yeah legislative that. Activity that. Aren't being well I think on the wrong but. And you want to edit the difference in opinion it's electric boat active. You look at these medieval and English common law tradition testing all vote please don't vote to break a guy. That's not what it means in New York because everyone agrees that credit expecting about. Can beat not for matters of substance. And it can't be in New York because of that vision in the composition would that be a member of the senate. To bode well. So it goes so unlike vice president the the lieutenant governor is now president of the senate insurance. Well well is it is it because he's a lieutenant governor president of the senate. But he does not happen. A vote on a suburb of our issues but the another revision in your state constitution which did you have to be a member is not a member of the senate seat. And so unlike the vice president of the United States who hasn't. And it can't of course thousands of man and the governor cannot be an issue about whether. The issue really is whether you think about it all they. Republicans are claiming that that. Can't stick capital well what they do that. Lieutenant governor do well. Well I I think they after that I believe that the history indicate that the senate governor had kept the vote one matter that procedure. IC so when it comes to substance noble one procedure yes. It's been questioned. What is a procedural matter. So the so like. Adding an amendment to to appeal they can do net. But then when it comes to voting on the bill itself they can outbreak of break the tie. One reason and Turkey have. How about limits on this provision well I think about climb I'm nothing if not reasonable here yet you know here we're we're up again. Stay Ellen Harris in the bottom of the hour news but you're I was hoping we could find trying clarity here. And you've just you know you just. Told us that that hit that that really hit the lieutenant governor can't do what we thought lieutenant governor could do. She is this she nothing more than Ali is on the federal government than. Yeah anyway Peter. Sorry there are no lawn mower races there today we do have to break but thank you for joining us today. And and enjoy the lawnmower races whenever they are. All right thanks that was Peter Gailey. Former. Head of the political science part making these discount. We have to take a break down Harris is standing by what we come back bill Conrad my guest hosted and a live and I will be joined by Patrick Taylor. The CUO and president of the visit. Buffalo Niagara. And will be talking about a variety of issues anyway. I'm Kevin Hardwick you're listening hard line. A news radio 930 WB yet. And welcome back yard line heaven are we here in a moment we'll beginning to Patrick Taylor. President and CEO of visit buffalo Niagara. The other question for Patrick of down I don't know anything we're doing tourists a year and eating. And eating and all feel free calls the 030930 but before we do that my cohosts. Villa. Bill Conrad from from tunnel on the council is cleared up some of the confusion that I created. A few minutes ago well I was talking to Peter Gailey about the long or you were and there are always Father's Day at the fourth of July. I hate to admit this for your corrective wasn't regularly is yes it was regularly scheduled for Father's Day however it was moved through September 15. And veterans park for a false Father's Day spectacular. All of these days particularly well I guess I guess it's stretching Father's Day out that's fine listen it's a good time let. Let's throw another bad thing they ask me Patrick Taylor welcome welcome to the show thank you for coming in and this. Father's Day. Thumb. Give us a little Akron U and you've been here for a few years now you're actually staying here for a few years I would've thought I know I am I can remember when you came in my office in the county legislature introduce yourself. You're coming from Virginia was the right time right outside nice though this they'll be here a year and he'll be gone but now. I just started my fifth year. Loving buffalo it's it's really the best job I've ever had my professional career and I've been across the country likes that I. They come from Northern Virginia right outside of DC DC's point country and before that I with the Los Angeles I ran all the international offices for the Los Angeles tourism bureau. And before that I was from Lake Tahoe and previous to that. And Chicago running the great weeks of North America. As will support company in Chicago and I grew up in. The substantial portion of all I got my university of Illinois and a small town cult wrinkle mulling well. What what is it what is it about this area that attracted you in the first place is certainly there there had to be openings. Across United States. I tell this story alive in late July chuckles it when I was then club county Virginian that had her column means that have got this great opportunity in buffalo. That's I think you should coming back when he got a great opportunity. I guess I honestly I didn't know what was taking place. All I knew was that the bills lost four Super Bowls there was a really bad snowstorm in 1977. And then really anything positive that Tim Russert would say on meet the product. He said no you've really got to take a look at it because he would actually had a job years before. And it's now has a pattern consultant and that's all right I'll I'll do some research and when I started looking at what was taking place buffalo and when I actually came to buffalo and on January 1 2014. There were seven cranes in the year. The waterfront hadn't been developed. Harbor senator was still you know under construction and started anything at the Richardson complex and I thought. This is really the great place to be at the right time for somebody who does what I'd do you I'm going to be able to change the whole bit now secular how we market and promote this truly great. Destination you're you're you're timing was impeccable when you talk about changing the marketing what look at the end of the changes that you've been here. Well you know when I first got here in 2014 we we started telling the story the transformation that was taking place because I said. Really that's kind of interesting too for visitors to comment C. The Darwin Martin house under construction and then I'll come back later on defeat completed sites that let's work off of that as well. But really we have great architecture history arts and culture we really have an all we have two professional sports team three what the horizons are right now buffalo wings. We've got a great colon area. And I just really think that we are now truly a year round destination these are seen our occupancy numbers for the winter months start to increase because of canal side we've got people who are. Coming from leisure visitors. Or leisure activities in the winter. Plus all of the new hockey tournaments that were able Lauren coastal shall Vermont as well so at the great test of. You know a lot of this comes together in the new video that's people are talking about came out this week I saw it and as someone that link to FaceBook something in and people care I mean I've been rave reviews. Did you guys pay for that we did. I'm actually we we kicked it off than we had some of our economic development partners buffalo Niagara partnership and best buffalo 43 north. The Larkin development corporation. Because it also tells an economic development story and that's one of the things that we've been doing on meetings and conventions. Is telling those economic development stories for commit to planners say bring your meeting compared to buffalo. And you can tied into these major economic sectors that we have. So really the video that is actually title right here right now. Is a time lapse video it has been three years in the making. We have hours and hours and hours of video footage very. My for the first kind of it was fifteen minutes I think it will never get away with fifteen minutes of video. And we shut it down to about a little over four minutes and it has gotten really great Erica we've had over close to 400000 views so far and has an event and now. Net knows that Internet only is it is yeah its social media and that's that's you're hoping people around an agency that exactly that's a great thing what social media and having things go viral. We have a YouTube channel as the buffalo Niagara. That's on our FaceBook page and so many people are linking to it as well it's just been a really great tool for everybody I have the sentiment is extremely impressed by the video and you know a lot of conversations occurring around the country about. The psychology decline in that way how hard it is to get that psychology to reverse. It seems like this is part of it. You know I'm just overly impressed by some of the efforts have been going on it a friend in from Houston we went for dinner on Friday and he just that I can I can't imagine what he has and indexing two years yeah. And that's what we hear quite often is that and that really plays into our overall advertising campaign as the unexpected buffalo because when we bring in a meeting planner or sports right or. Or even just a leisure visitors that I didn't expect buffalo to be this cooler this exciting. And so that's how that hall hole campaign kind of came to be. Because that's what we're hearing from our customers because they said I didn't expect that note you yourself didn't have an expectation exactly now how how are you able to transmit that out and how do you communicate that to address the country well I'm I'm very active on social media myself and I I took a lot of hard knocks from my friends the colleagues. That really you're going to buffalo and so I really make sure that all of my friends and family know. What a great place this isn't so many people react to my FaceBook post because really I just literate with all these great things that happens it. Oh my gosh I've got to come about why have a cousin. Who constantly as saying I really got to come to buffalo because I didn't know that you had these really great things. We have we have to take a quick break down when we return however we'll talk about one of the missing pieces that was highlighted news today. A report that you commission that there was were made public this week. And of course it's the you know the convention center so we'll talk about all things convention center. With Patrick Taylor CEO and much resentment and some of the visit buffalo Niagara. My cohost is. Is bill Conrad I'm Kevin Hardwick you're listening yard line and news radio 930 WD yet. And welcome back to the program Kevin Hardwick seeing here was my co host China won a councilman bill Conrad. Also Patrick Taylor president and CEO of visit buffalo Niagara and a few minutes we'll be joined by about fifteen minutes will be joined night. Tim Clark buffalo Niagara field picture of Patrick let's talk about that study came out this week. That that you guys commissioned and pluses or minuses. Look don't we look really good with the one glaring exception and that's our convention center which comes off as like like huge liability. That's right well this week we released as the result of a destination next study through. Destinations international that's kind of via overall portion organization for defamation marketing organizations such as good as the buffalo Niagara. And they have a twenty point. System. That they look at eight destination through the lens. Their perception of lines of our customers. Our local business community our stakeholders. And so how they grade Howard this nation so this doesn't look at our visitors. But the commitments that are came in two at the lowest I'm on a scale of one to five we came in and it two point seven theory. It was the lowest variable all of the things on the report. But you know power of convention center is turning forty that your right eye by announcing at the museum piece and. Eat it in addition everything else couldn't believe it ever in the article littler ceiling is four inches two lol two holes volleyball tournament that's right so. Evil or anxious to blow or interest to us all we talked about commenced and are just about meetings that volleyball is now a game of the engine is there any other way to students. And we put those campers a full. But we talked about commissions that are not just about commitment yet to be something that can hold. Multi purpose he so whether it be volatile apartment or nova home show. The car show the different things that we can hold in a major there's there's there's a study ongoing yes about it and I know that I know that the car dealers it's tougher and tougher to get them back here yesterday into. That this place is it's not what they're used to cart euros that's right and that are there getting tight on space too so Ebert there's anemic outgrow our conventions that are looking that. No where else do we go. And this through New York or involved. Hasn't there been some success stories Philly Homeland Security had a big convention there I mean we were talking bad about W rightward to we have a really neat programs do we we we really do the commitments that are in 2017. We had over 281 days of the year that there was something happening. A 148 events that took place in 2000 something we actually had a record year of attendance with over 252000. People walking through so there's there is demand there man there is. Absolutely demand for conventions that are big space what are we missing out on. We're missing out on the ability to host. Multiple events the entry to the convention center does not allow itself to. Divide itself and to hold multiple events larger events there is a database of meetings that are out there that. If we narrow it down to meeting planners for events that would post something in the northwest portion of the United States. If we just. To say we double the size we would increase the number of opportunities that we can pursue by about when he 400 different means that we. Bring that that is the big question of course is can we afford a new commenced there how much discussed there and well listen we've got to look got a caller calling in by the way if you wanna call in for Patrick Keeler have a question for him. President and CEO of visit buffalo Niagara feel free to call us at eagle three on 930. But as I said we do have Michael in town aligned has a question about the cost in Michael thank you for holding you're on with Kevin Hardwick bill Conrad and Patrick Taylor. Good morning thank you you're welcome everybody. I've wanted to just this question about the cost you recorded a media I think the paper the newspaper or regular user. That could cost a billion dollars to build a new conventions there. Is that something or not. That it would be worked what are some of the advantages of spending that kind of money you're thirty answered some of the questions I think but that's still pretty big number of that is correct. Mike Michael thank you for calling in we're gonna cut you loose and you in here Patrick's answer on the air but thank you for for calling into question. Well yes there was a story in the Buffalo News that one vote counting legislators did. Unfortunately misquote me. I attended a meeting of the legislature we had a conversation is county legislators. Hey yeah. On the left so they had immediately he got the billion dollar number. Correct but not the context of buffalo. What I was speaking to with the fact that the state has precedence as far as supporting commitments that are in development. Renovations. In the state of new York and the state actually gave a billion dollars to the Javits Center. For their renovations. Leah that's currently taking place that the temperatures and that's where the billion dollar number came from. Now to put a little bit of context for. The listeners. Cleveland just built a new commissions that are brand new. And it's actually underground. And so that there's parks base it does happen naturally comes into it it's state of the art. Commitments there. It only costs and it's more than double the size. Are commissioned it in its competing market for a should absolutely not competing market for us. But he came in under 500 million dollars so you know when you look at it in that respect you know maybe you were looking at. Under 500. Let me let me throw this question to bill congressman Mike calls for you banks and out at the yeah. The the Buffalo Bills stadium when we call them knew where field or dale layer of field. For the world juniors hockey game the week we pros out there yesterday but that's that's still pretty decent stadium I mean we're talking we're talking as we talk about new conventions that were also volume of new stadium for. The Buffalo Bills or to renovate or whatever. And both have huge crisis but if you're going you know if you're looking at both facilities now on what they can do and what team and a new one could do. Yeah we might be better off putting our money and convention center that's going to be used year round rather than I thought you're gonna talk about combining the two. Well well we could I mean there's that talked to her but certainly if you do what part associated infield up top and look you go to a football game you go real football game this fall and in that stadium. He gets a nice experience. The conventions that are you know I would Bill Joy stick with them and I'm looking around. And DG. Now you know where's our money and obviously want to let go show host a free trip we can't we can't spend money everywhere we don't have an unlimited. Resource is here where's our money better spent on just. Throwing this view bill I you know and that's what I tell attack on a one fund. There are consummate. No. But we were right multi put proposing something like this we all fun and I mean my question goes to mean do we need like I keep hearing the word bad tax you know do we need a dedicated bed tax do we do we do we push for this. No we put it more on the visitors that come in because the hotels I'm hearing the hotels are for it because it's doesn't necessarily appear in the price it's the people that are visiting that are paying for. And so the putting on the shoulders of our your return taxpayers earning what's your thoughts. Well I think there are several different funding models that are out there that we should look at when the time comes accounting issue now is going through a study right now to look at the economic feasibility. The proper placement of where this commissions that are to possibly go or what we could possibly do with the existing facility as far as any expansion improvements though. I think once we get that steady Don that's when we can really start looking at what those opportunities are yes maybe some potential that tax funding. There are also tore some improvement districts that are out there are across the United States as a I mean mechanism for not only the DMO but for projects like that's. But I think that's you know something that will be the next step is how we look at that again I really wanted to stress. The state has precedence for giving hundreds of millions of dollars for these project. Got thirty seconds before a company our news that tourism improvement district of who's part of that is like is it like down over the mainly small business improvement district. Which is legal skills are participating in it it's not me you know am I now know it's out of that hotel so that the visitors actually that's all my money that's that's my guests who are all built houses out and listen. Take a break Allen Harris standing by live after the hour news bill Conrad panel on the announcement will be here particularly here will be joined by Tim Clark buffalo Niagara film commissioner. I'm Kevin Hardwicke you're listening to hard line and news radio 930 WB ENN.