5/27 Buffalo Means Business Seg 1 w/Dunn Tire

Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, May 27th

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Thanks for tuning in to buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB and I am Randy bush over the program seeks to highlight local businesses and services in the region. And these are the driving forces behind airlines and not just the local economy and if there's a local business or service you'd like to hear from send me an email at Randy dot bush over at WP EN dot com in studio. Couple of guests and it's interesting that we say driving because we have rob Clark managing director of retail operations with Don tire. Also any Gillman the marketing operations manager also known affectionately as mom which we will. Get into this week ago little further aloud here but rob wanted to start with you. And I start with the easy part and that's how Dunn tire got started. Dunn tire got started to 1973. Founded by a gym done. And the current regime that took over in 1996. Jim was bought up by a group of local investors. And the company has been known by that group since then. That's basically again local local investors trying to grow western new York and buffalo businesses. And including several employees within the company Errol sort investors myself include. And locally known you also have a number of outlets here in the buffalo area and throughout western new York and it's actually extends further than that. Yes we have currently operating 29 stores we go Easton to Syracuse and west as far as Erie Pennsylvania we have three stores there. And a fair number of employees attached to that number about its well. Yes we have in the neighborhood of 500 employees currently in that that changes little bit during. Wintertime and things like that but we're generally are on the 500 mark. I would assume in the business of dealing with tires mainly there's a lot to do with that customer service and that has to be probably the one number one priority I would imagine for you guys. What actually customer service for us is really an offshoot of the employees that we bring in and develop so. Logically people think customer service would be the priority for a company we actually look at that as the number one business priority. But how we get theirs by focusing on our employees. And starts with recruiting and recruiting the best the best and brightest that are available and out there. And then we go through a a strong training program with them and work them into our culture which is critically important to us. And another aspect of what you guys do any wanted to bring you in here the marketing operations manager. So mom and know how is that title achieved the ways is exactly that you do. There. So I Iran all of our marketing apparent dunce hired that includes all of her digital TV radio. Social media I have run all of the operations so trying to keep everything streamlined and under one. Strategy. And must make it easy because as we just heard rob explain about the customer satisfaction and how the employees are the of the base's provost since I gotta be employee driven on your end as well it is. Oh we he would be tag our employees. To help us a lot and in our marketing we couldn't we couldn't be where we are today without them. We we base all of our business and marking on our employees and customer service one thing that. Is throughout all of our marketing is our world class customer service and that is based on our. Program called mission world class. Internally. Rob I wanna turn back to you. Delegate. Stuck too much in the minutia of but it is as far as telling whether it's tires are good or bad but. I'd always heard that the penny test like if you could see the hate head of aid in the tread that you were still okay. Is that still applicable there's Arab a better more and advanced way of telling whether or not your tires are good they're worn out. It it is somewhat applicable. Two testing attire but really warrant with today's technology both on the vehicles and within the tires themselves. You really wanna have a professionals take a look at the tires if there's any question on where the where the longevity of the tires there are also. Much better test is in modern tires there there is something called aware bar that's that's a thin line that runs across and connects all of the trend. And that Wear bars basically there to tell you when. Your vehicle absolutely needs new tires that means it's worn down to the point where. That tires now illegal court in New York State. But you start to lose significant benefits of attire here as you get closer to 4530 seconds most tires come between nine and eleven. Thirty seconds to start way. But once you get down to that five area which is only technically have foreign you start to give up a lot of a lot of performance and and breaking characteristics and stopping distances and most. Any difference especially here we're mindful of winter early Deb between a winter tread or summer creditors are all season kind of thing that's more more applicable more appropriate I guess would be the word. Well as I advise customers the term all season is really dangerous one in the tiger business. And all season tires the same tire and Florida as it is in buffalo. So really and that the most. The driving force behind the need story winter tire application. Is more to do with temperature than it is to do with anything of snow and ice. Tire treads in all season tires are basically meant to operated conditions above forty degrees Fahrenheit. So anything below that when you start dipping down into the thirties in the warnings. The actual rubber compound itself loses some of its capabilities to hold on to the road. So a lot of people believe well I don't get a lot of snow literally need tires it's it's far more important that the temperature. Capabilities there than than necessarily the star attraction itself. And I know that it did because it's in the name and because we've already spent about half our time talking about it Don tire specifically would be allowed to do with tires but there are other services that you guys have provide and do as well. Yeah we do virtually all. Basic maintenance type services on the vehicle and what that means is really anything. Up to rebuilding an engine or something like that that's not the kind of mechanical work that we were getting too but we reduce transmission flush as oil change. Breaks batteries suspensions those kind of things and that's been a portion of our business that that we brought on board. Probably twenty years ago as a convenience store customers started with things like oil changes. And has grown steadily since then because our customers want to have one stop shop and they liked the customer service that they get so. We've been able to grow that service business first successful. And what has been the most successful program that you guys have monster as it and that part or is it something else you know it's tough to say that there's any one specific program that we run that's been successful I think it's been. Our commitment to tour quality employees. And focusing on them again as the the focal point for our training. Also any it mentioned some of our marketing activities that we do. We have a lot of partnerships out there that we're very proud of what the Google sports and the bills in the sabres and also with other organizations like Western New York hero's. And our support for them. In every one of those marketing programs are employees get very much involved. And it's a way to give back to them as well and they really get involved get supporting of it so from an overall program standpoint we certainly launch different. Retail campaigns and things like that have been successful to varying degrees over the years but I think the consistency and investing in our employees is the single. Best program that we have for its. From a tire standpoint candidly I you can buy tires most of the tires we sell you can buy. And other places right around the corner. Our auto services are the same very competitive market so the only thing that really differentiates us from anybody else that does this. Our employees and customers surge that the deliver. Listening to buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB and in studio with rob Clark managing director of retail operations would Dunn tire also. Andy Gilman who is the marketing and operations manager with Dunn tire. And I see that. You guys tend to use nitrogen instead of air when you're filling the tires is there any specific reason for that change. Yeah and it's a lot of people thought so when it first came out in the market that it was kind of a marketing sales gimmick kinda thing but they're truly are. Benefits to using nitrogen instead of regular air. The most important thing in this area is its ability to minimize the moisture inside the wheels so. We already deal with a substantial amount of corrosion based on the temperature changes in the the weather conditions outside. Of this helps really maintain the integrity. Inside the tire. So you have less corrosion and things like that on the rims and inside the wheels than you would have if you normally used. Just regular. The other side of it is one thing that we've all dealt with his into the new tire pressure monitoring systems. That are that are engaged to come off their new vehicles since 2007. Has had those installed. And a lot of people know what I'm talking about when they see that gauge go on and off as the temperature changes. Nitrogen is far less impacted by that that temperature change so. It's very typical if you have regular air in your tires. The first few cold days of the year you're your car's going to be telling you that all your tires are flat and need care. With nitrogen he can still happen but it it happens far less frequently so. Yeah that's the one thing of the advanced technology that still freaks me out even a little bit the fact that I can actually tell how much tire pressures and each individual tire. Because of the the censoring the sensing equipment to that I have in my vehicle. Yes and that when those indicators are on the the suggestion would be not to ignore them they they will not fix themselves and that is the only party your vehicle that touches the road so if that. Component the tires not performing as it should be your putting yourself in a substantial safety risk potentially. Absolutely what do you guys have as far as future plans its entirety you must have something in the works only voice cuts on some things up our sleeves but. Really I think for us again our core is to continue to grow our solid employee base. Right now world were actively recruiting we recruit. Twelve months a year. And roll is looking for the best and brightest and join our team and we certainly got seems plans to. To look at additional locations in retail. Outlets through water current footprints on of the words I'm not going national and those kind of things but more locations buffalo Rochester. Syracuse Erie in those areas. It is always a potential things have been on the drawing board to have to get some stores up and running. Anything else that we haven't gotten to that you wanted to touch on as far as Dunn tire when it does in the community. Again I think one of the best parts of our company and I'm certainly proud to be a part of it. Are the things that we do within the community most of our. Executive team all of our executive team really participates in various boards I myself am on the the border of the NF GC as well as the Boys and Girls Club buffalo so I think individually it's a great company. From the executive level on down as far as giving back to the community and program radically we've gotten involved in I would say the last year and a half for so. We've had the opportunity to to meet and work with Chris Krieger from Western New York euros. And going forward that's really going to be a very strong. Partnership they do a lot of tremendous work for a very important part of our community here in Western New York. And we're very proud to be able to support them and again we have a lot of veterans working for us Whitner within our with in our stores and our warehouses and those kind of things. And for them to be able to give back to their to their comrades is also. Very proud are proud to be apartment so. Robin any very much appreciate the time with you and thanks for coming on and thank you and you as rob Clark managing director of retail operations would Dunn tire and any Gelman marketing and operations manager with the entire this is buffalo means business. You're listening to news radio 930 WPE and.