5/26 Buffalo Means Business w/ Seasonal Lawncare

Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, May 26th

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You're listening to buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB yen and this is where we hear from the businesses and services available in the buffalo area. You'd like to be on the program sending an email Randy dot bushel for @entercom.com. I'm with seasonal lawn cares GM Kevin Patrick and Kevin. Where exactly is sees no one cared you have multiple spots are just the ones now we have one location mountain Holman New Yorkers elevenths when he bulls wrote. Ullman and what's the phone numbers at the easiest way to get a hold of you forget to settle on six and then six and 54000. What is it exactly that you do I mean it's pretty easy to figure out from the title and imagine what it's always more complicated than that every time I say it. You know it can be a little bit confusing but seasonal on terror. We've been doing this now for quite a few years and what we do is fertilizing and the weakened problems. And how long have you guys been in business. We started in 1984. So well established fan that's. What got you interested in this is assess something you did as a kid does you know most people kind of draw on the experience first job he ever had who was yours. Mowing lawns and such yet at exactly my went to. Both states for business degree business management started in landscaping hand than. Kind of progress through there after got a degree or went into the industry and have been there a sense. So over thirty years from myself serious parlay it buff state media just got a communications degree that work out so well. Is this and the busy season for you. It's extremely busy we're kind of right in the middle wrapping up this sales and the things. But you know once a day annoyance or pop open. People start seeing in the weeds out there and phones ringing off and those dent alliance popped a seemingly a lot earlier this year Fryer for some reason at least the haven't stuffed. Well give me a little bit more about why exactly it is that people should be getting lawn care service for their properties. We'll be honest with yet. Two best thing to do is have a healthy want. And turf. Creates that. For example a healthy turf trips dust and down from there. Actually twelve million. Tons annually so cleans out here. The other things that happen as an ex is in the actual air conditioner. Much more efficient in your home air conditioner in house. Creates a barrier to protect homes employers. But some of the things that you would be more interest and I think long lines for here. It is the big words like and Tex you know people are always concerned about ticks they like to live and taller vegetation. You have an ice mode Welker for a law on. They're not gonna wanna live and act and it bears they're going to be on the field. So you wanna kind of protect that so there's a lot that goes into just going around seeing your on screen and we treat there's a lot of benefits for. Do you long have the ability to I changed depending on the soil because I know that has a lot to do with. Things my own home worm moms homestead is is that more of a sandy soil for instance so sometimes it's a little harder for certain grass to grow in the. Yeah it all depends on you know again the soil types he gets in the Sousa got clay soils. But with our companies. The products that we use are mostly locally and the fertilizer especially is locally made. So we can adjust their rate for those kind of soil conditions. We can adjust the rate of fertilizer for temperatures. Com for anything that goes on environmentally. We can just what's don't know. What is it that makes seasonal lawn carrier better choice for someone to do that kind of work for. Well also with the seasonal launcher being a family owned local company. In our staff completes a family. The technicians in the field have an average of eight years. In the industry and what that means is that the customer gets to know. They're technician. Because they returned to the same house here here. He'll see in action in the bag X in China have ownership of that property they tinkered dragnet. Our office staff is there for you and your needs when you call seasonal on here. You get a person. From us in New York on the phone not a corporate call center from another state which tends to happen. Our service managers are homegrown western New Yorkers and they're able to handle all your questions. We've also done extensive research on all the products that we use so we're making sure it's only use what is best for you rely on budget your family. In our exclusive. Here exclusive liquid fertilizer. Is made in Western New York designed to work best for western ones. So again going back to your question on soils. The weather conditions were more on top of that daily. You know you might have an 85 degree day in. Middle of June next to your trap stone 62. War. Six and up what you need to put the trucks and put on the lawns to to have dialogue with the best. And along with the lawn care that you providing you talked about the chemicals. So is there anything special about those are the flight biodegradable. That sort of thing friendly to the environment. The products we use air what did. Call most of products and we user called general use products so basically Randy like you can go in and buy them off the store shelf. And put them on yourself. So you're really buying a service when you when you buy seasonal want to hear. But again. The fertilizer it's just a nitrogen. And potassium Nixon it's gonna do Great Britain soil but it feeds aggress. FISA routes makes it nice and thick. All of our we control our biodegradable. So they're not gonna stick her own spoiler in that. Good GM Kevin trying to keys with seasonal one cared joining us here on buffalo means business on news radio 930 WV yen. He talked a minute ago about employees how many DNA half. We have 25 employees and crew size. From doing a number of these interviews I'm gonna guess it depends on the size of the business and business you're doing with whatever home. Yet basically all the technicians that are. In their own trucks it's 11 person per truck. That's an idea doom only homes or do you do some commercial work as well we do commercial workers well 90% as a residential that we do have some. Large put apartment complexes and consults with. And where this time of year I I'm guessing that might be some sort of specials that you guys have going on. Yes I'm right now is we're heading in the Memorial Day we do have an offer I'm sure people overdone and the radio. Or run and a thirty dollar off your first treatment special for the want to hear it's your weed and feed but you have to take advantage of that before. May 31. Counsel I would jump on and calls us want. In six and 54000. Com so then the second off for that I would I would throw out there for everybody is organ in the season of the bugs. Those kind of pass is that we have a home insect control program. Basically we come out and spurring the permit your house four times a year. You've prepaid that for a 139 dollars and includes attacks. We're going to be out there four times that you don't get that. The ticks in the fleas in the spiders girls triggers coming in your house speaker stereo outside where they belong. What other services you guys provided seasonal lawn care. Well we just talked about the home insect control we've been talking. Exclusively here on the week and feed program we also offer all full tree and shrub fertilization programs keep landscape looking nice. And includes some insect controls and some pins and fertilizing. Along those lines. One of the big buzz points lately if there's people have been paying attention. Is the ash trees out there in the emerald ash fork. They've been wreaking Havoc on an industries across the country millions and millions treason and but we do treat those through injection. Counsel for anybody's interest that I would I would you know totally give us a call because we can definitely take heroes. It's a big problems we've actually taking care of the street trees in the way and so. On the past. With that problem. We also do corporation which rings soil plugs in the in the on if I was an ally whose own golf courses and hopes with a corrupt turf. And its air and water and nutrients downward. Where it needs to be. And then we also have a vegetation control. Which is over and above your weed and feed it it's terribly cracks and crevasses and parking lots. Going into your flower beds can actually bend over and weaving it will take care of it. And lastly. By the two coven Hydro seeding for any new homeowner that's out there and just getting their house built. And he wanted to go along insult we do proceeding. For that as well and we guarantee it is songs they jump on and take her fertilization program. And Hydro seeding I'm guessing by the name has something to do with water. Is that is that injected with the seed yes obviously the seeds not gonna go anywhere you just plug in the ground you need to have some water. You're correct or any it's basically a truck that comes out and we mix it with some Hydro mulch. In the seat his. Incorporated into that with about 16100 gallons worth of water. And it's all sprayed on on you've probably seen it and go to know her over to blue colored. One that's using the malts that is in the CDs and inside that. So. Once it sprayed on and homeowner just keeps watering it we come out maybe. Two to four weeks later and start fertilizing it. And launch coming routing problems. You've been in business forum. Over three decades now there have to vent some advancements some some changes and made things a little bit easier for you and in what you do on a daily basis now. Sure mainly in the in the product and the it you know when Newton started way back when the there was some products it. You know you use but it had such a broad spectrum. Of what it would control. And then. The products that we use today have a lot more narrow spectrum. You know also if you wanted to just target Texan that hurts something else. That is something that's available on the markets has been Connor research. So millions of dollars poured into the industry. And and testing that goes on through the DC and EPA and everything else that these products are really come a long long ways. And just one more time since we have the time to it on the specials that you have going on because one in particular as the date of on May 31 for a deadline on it. It's correct yeah you wanna jump on that it's. You know thirty dollars off your first treatment of we feel that includes crabgrass control. Ullman the reason that we're stopping and may 31 is a crab grass is gonna start popping up. And rear its ugly head so you wanted to get vans and now. I make Kevin very much a pleasure to speak with you and continued success with seasonal lawn care or thank you very much and forever man. Sure Kevin to turn it he's the general manager of seasonal lawn care again you cannot get a hold of them at 6754000. Mrs. buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB yet.