5/26 Buffalo Means Business w/ Gary's Pools

Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, May 26th

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You're listening to buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB EM this is where we hear from the businesses and services that are available in the buffalo area. If you like to be on the program you can send me an email at Randy got bush over @entercom.com. Whitney is owner Todd shoe box he is with Gary pools and leisure and you have conveniently three locations here right. Correct we've been in the Western New York area for sixty years and me ring the city to the north to the east and to the south. Restorers and they're files boulevard in Amherst. Main street in Clarence and nine union road in Cheektowaga. And this is the perfect time we finally got that warm weather break we've been waiting for. And warmest wishes to you by the way sixtieth anniversary for Gary pool. Yes yes worse. Proud to have made it. This long or three mile three generation multi. Generation calls family run business so we zoomed are proud that we've been able to. And do this but we could've done it without of our valuable customers. And you're celebrating with the little special lifetime deal I guess this Memorial Day that when I understand. He had to celebrate her sixtieth anniversary this year we're going to have specials in the store. Firm that will be once in a lifetime specials. We have flyer that's going to be going out to the deep channeling all votes in the middle of made two. Pool pool owners Ferraro western new York and that only our customers but other customers. We have pools as well as putting it and FaceBook. In manner web site. Gary scouted that can. And this is kind of a kick off I mean everybody kind of looks forward to Memorial Day weekend coming up. And this is the time when people generally open up their pools. Yes Memorial Day is the traditional start of the season for us. Many people open their pools and hand their first parties that the summer. I'm Memorial Day. Of course it's nice to have a swimming pool heater. There to. Build the temperature up when mother nature doesn't wanna cooperate. And from what I understand you've solely deal with the above ground version of. It's quelled that somewhat. True. We sell and hit install. Above ground pools but we also servicing ground pools. So people who have a in ground pool existing in their home. We can help them out with the filtration systems. Salt generators. Heaters. Other chemicals. Toys games floats launches. All that stuff so. While we don't install new. Younger Peters we do service. Ingram pools. Through as well as the above ground pool. A couple things to point out there for about his Gary pools and leisure so you do have more than just the pools. And of course says far as the polls you mentioned that you can clean both above and in ground and I can ground rules. There are different treatments of people use then I'd because it's been awhile since we had a little in our backyard was probably good candidate Freda call. Ring ring ring can expect. X. We do service both above ground and Ingram pools. Many of the needs for ending ground pool are different than there are four and above ground pool as far as the equipment is concerned. The chemistry side of things. Are similar you're treating water and sanitizing it. To make its clean for people to use. And that treatment is the same whether it's an above ground pool or an in ground pool the dosages will. Very obviously depending and capacity of the pool. But they are. Treated similarly. When they're using chlorine well there there use salt. Whether they're using there and joint product which is an extremely popular. Because it is chlorine reducing system as people and allergies today to close green bra in the by reducing the chemicals. That are used in being greener. Which is where and tort system does. It is more compatible to people who have goes here irritations. It also reduces the maintenance 212 week time program. Which a lot of people are happy to net be tied to work in the pool to enjoy their pool. Talking and owner Todd chip back he's with Gary pools and leisure this is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB and and that what about the leisure aspect things that people may not. Realize that you guys service cell. We have been fairer and selling. Compliment Terry items to the swimming pools for years and years. And probably 3540. Years ago. We came up with the tagline Geary it's got it because we do sell more than swimming pools. We are involved in all aspects of outdoor fun. We like the thing that we cellphone. As opposed to selling swimming pools so we get involved with the outdoor patio furniture story can relax and enjoy the outdoors. We sell. Royal master gas grills. Which are the most curable grill known to man. And there. So good that your food actually tastes better when you cook Ernie broil master real. Because its years than meets locking in the juices. So that you end up with. More flavorful food. And that's because of the high temperature that they can maintain. Because of their extra thick how's things. We also get involved in them. And screws hot tubs. Trees out of course you can have a lot of phone party in through the Memorial Day weekend with your hunch Tuesday. Horry can relax and take away the stress of fear busy life. Whether beef with children or work or. Spouses for. It the F master drills to. Little personal in terms of what used to power to. Yet they're available in both natural gas and propane. Natural gases. Quite powerful pro Western New York so we can installment in a permanent post. Or we can do them and petty amount or we can Neiman make them portable with a quick disconnect feature should you can use it during the summer out on the back porch then move it to a secondary gas line. Senior garage and cook outside the grouch during the winter street and barbecue year round. They have thick aluminum policy and so holes in retains heat. Mean even in buffalo winters and cooking in my gas grill. Myself I actually had our cue group and bear cute chick from this past weekend. Very very enjoyable. Nice action especially because it was perfect oh last weekend. Wet weather helps so I follow up with German bratwurst yesterday to us are proud south fifth having girl and mode fifth. Perfect LA get back to something we mentioned off the top that says the sixtieth anniversary for Gary pools and leisure. And now you say as a third generation. So you came upon this and honestly right you did you kind of fell into it because it was the family business. Sometimes I look at it as an opportunity some time to look as Ayman indentured slave. The act. The business there added in 1958. When my dad Kyrie. Was. Cleaning and maintaining the pool at Westwood country club. All of the clients there common it and how well he maintained and kept the pool. Clean and asked if he can come over and clean their pool. Flu censure. Ten box I don't know what the figure was but. Suing over clean the pool for a long here at so many pools clean dated he had to start hiring his fraternity Brothers. He would give them five box. The truck that equipment the place to go. And they were grow clean it and he still charged and box of read me fired out of profit. At night you'd park the Geary pools trop in front of his house on main street in Clarence. And before long people American man front door saying you have chlorine. And he'd say yes we need whipped open the garage door and need to have a couple of pails of chlorine in there in the company grew from there if. That's awesome and that and again three generations so I assume since you said dad started at the must be a sign of yours involved and. Yes. Mice I'm involved in the business as are my three Brothers. We each started. Work in about when we're thirteen years old so I've got to. And Illinois get a get forward. Mayor my Brothers also are involved in the business. May we have one of us that each of the three stores. In addition to that yes my sons that does involved in the business. And satire children of my other Brothers and siblings. So tanner and Keeneland they're involved. Also. Once again at acknowledgment is there and in the outcome. Back and work in the summer for us. And we'll take care of the customers likely take care friendly. And I was gonna say this is one of those stories that you hear a lot more of than you would think you know in the buffalo area where you have you know. Big time names like your articles and leisure and you have just generations working which is always nice to keep that passed down at legacy. Well the legacy is something that. We treat like halo. We dig down and polish it and take care bitten. And we obviously take care customers. My dad taught me very early that Warner train me go home run and every costs through a treat every costs are fairly. We want to maker. Little profit obviously so can stay in business and employee enough proof. Anywhere from 32 days. Fifteen employees depending in the seasonality of the business we keep those families. And taking care of also. It and then we came back to the community. How self. Well we get involved and a lot of the projects on Clarence. With sports teams and in music. Teams and inept teams the performances. Aaron in the Clarence high school. And we sponsor we're fields that declared soccer senator. Just as an example. And of all of the other things it yourself besides the pools. I'm thirty know that your favorite has got to be the gas grill because you talked about how you're using it but if there was a second favorite item. Would it be well are erecting a ditch off the hook you can say what's the second most popular item that people. Purchase well. You know the gas grill is yes very important to me in their views that twice. And felt last. Three days but my top club is probably the thing that I enjoy the most I use that every morning. Religiously day in day out. Throughout the entire winter months. So hot tub is very important. To me and gets me going and in the morning. And I commend the work commemorated in a packer of the world that in most people are making love to their cup of coffee. X. Now that's the benefit of getting an early start finally get him nearly beaten on the roadways and two to where you're destination might be. As a partner we will get there are half we aired worked on before even came in here. Earth's well. Todd good to speak with a good to see again is actually went on a couple weeks since we gathered for the buffalo means business. Campbell came yes that's that was very enjoyable time in. Appreciate the fact that she has put that together and because it didn't hit a couple of good contacts for me. So that we can and use my gas grill. Boom in Internet countries we cooking sauce sort of folks women out there were chip head that this weekend in my ribs and chicken. Call that was the whole ideas and people altogether we are written work there in the inner ring golden that are threats and good people. At that again isn't Todd. Shoe box he is with the owner of Gary pools and leisure. Three locations Niagara Falls boulevard Amherst union road Cheektowaga main street in Clarence and this is buffalo means business news radio 930 WBE.