5/26 Buffalo Means Business w/ Amherst Security

Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, May 26th

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I news radio 930 WBN this is buffalo means business we're local businesses and services tell their stories I'm Randy bush over. If you have wanted to share send me an email and Randy got bush over @entercom.com. With me is Jeff Gilbert president of Amber's security. Jeff good evening how are things I'm doing well thank you. Where are you guys located. We're located 2372. Sweet home road in the town of Amherst. Mass and not very far away from our studios are off how many staffers dia. We have approximately a hundred in 95 employees on staff and you've been in business for more than just 1 or 2 years' morning understand we have this is our eleventh here in essence it's a pretty firmly established. What about your background. I guess I have I wasn't security at a at a young age. I went to college locally here for criminal justice. And I am currently it's in my twentieth year as a local police officer element detective with the local police department. What sort of security do you provide we provide a physical security so. Guards really primarily is what we provide so people. Working in corporations in industry. Securing facilities and we also provide. A mole patrol service where we have and guard that will drive up unmarked security vehicle. Around different companies doing. You know in frequent type of checks. We also provide some events security we've we've started getting into that a little bit last year or so. Some media events that happened around Western New York here in the in summertime and fall. Will will provide guards for those as well. Yeah I was gonna ask if there's there was teamwork involved so obviously there is for or for events you have more than one person there I would imagine but for. The office setting year it's usually just one or is it one or two and always in the bid on the business. It really certainly depends on the business and in what there are clients. Are trying to achieve. We were very closely with with each client that we that we cyanide and we try to establish a nice. Security program from them that's that's really tailored to their specific needs so. In some cases the site may require just one guard. In other cases some of our larger accounts com we have. You know fourteen or fifteen. Full time guards that you work at one particular site together in order to achieve that that common law. And when you're doing the work that you do is it you mentioned that you do have the up patrols so obviously there's some. Activity where they would necessarily be seen but as the idea to kind of blend and or is the idea to be very visible. Well again Tom it it really is a client specific we have a fleet of about a seven cars now where in the majority of them are marked. With a light amber light packages. And they they'll drive around in with the idea of being very visible. So people can have you know there's a deterrence factor there. We also have a couple cars that are that are unmarked and you're right that in thinking that median in some circumstances it's it's better to have. A little lower key presence for for certain clients and again it really is. Tailored to their individual needs I think that's. One of the reasons that we kind of standout. In our in our industry from on national or other type companies. In that week we try to avoid debt cookie cutter approach to security we will. Work with our clients to develop what what makes more sense for them. I'm gathering there's not release seasonal aspect it is it's literally year round for you it absolutely is. The summer and fall months in buffalo here. Are really you know obviously big for the events so that and of our business does does tend to pick up quite a bit. But the chief is fires the static guards go now working at an industry and in facilities that's a year round type of a service. And curious to know if Saeb. Did people that you sent down the field to the are they supposed to it kind of mingle with the workers are they supposed to kind of just be there to protect the workers I'm in other words. Are they allowed to be kind of social. Well they are the people that we that we place in in an industry that's also something that we really take our time to make sure we do correctly. In going with same idea of avoiding this cookie cutter approach it really if it goes to the to the staff as well. We may have a site. That is. An overnight. Type of scrap yard facility where I have a person working there it's a very good guard he's very well suited for that environment. He doesn't have a lot of contact with people though. I'm then we have another site where. It's it's an office setting and the people that that work for us are are just as much currency pairs to their facility and then they are guards. So there's a lot of interaction with the public with their employees. And we find the right people better suited for that environment so there is some some interaction. But again. That the the training that they have been really the core job that they have is always security so. That's really what it for. Talking with president Jeff Gilbert from and her security this is buffalo means business on news radio 930 double BB yen. I would imagine they have certain parameters they're supposed to work within two you mentioned the training. So let's start with that what specifics do you have as far as that aspect. Well that it's a great question and New York State requires. Any security guard working within the state to have a minimum number of hours each year in in training. We actually as of this year. A fifteen hour a New York State security guard school license so we are capable now of providing that class. To both need people that are new to the industry. As well as ongoing training for current cards. So we do we do that all in house Ritter an era facility and sweet home road. I myself actually. In addition to toe hold in the licensed. About a month ago I was appointed to. What's called the New York State security guard advisory council. To counsel seventeen people that sit on this board with in the state in new York and I was appointed to that by Governor Cuomo last month. On that board oversees. The regulations. And training requirements for all security guards within your state. I'm so those some guidelines that that we. They have to follow and guards are units so the karma thing if they had to to maintain their license come in we do provide like I said that. The the core classes that are required and we also provide. Specialist training. That's pertinent to the given site so it depends on where our guards are going to be working will give them site specific training as well and they aren't. Summer armed summer not we do offer both services. Will offer. You know both both. Types of types of guards it really is again. A specific to the client's individual needs the training changes. Drastically between the two obviously. We do not provide armed guard training at our facility on the we do employer armed people there and they just obtain their training Els. I was gonna ask that they would have to go outside it is to get that and that that regulated by the state as well it is yes. Understood what other. But other aspects have we not covered yet that you guys have to deal with as far as getting the guards or whoever you have I had these guards the appropriate way to even. Refer to them guest. It is and dom. We are always hiring now we're always in a state of of hiring at our facility we will bring people in for interviews. Even if we don't hire someone right on the spot. We hold the Reza knees and again. With the idea that when the right opportunity comes up for somebody on those of people that we like to pull from so we do some of the preliminary work. Tom when they come in the state requires. To obtain a license they have to be. Put to a state background check. We had our company do an independent third party background check of every person that works forest in addition to some drug testing. And it in a few other steps that we take that are in addition to the state requirements. So we we always are you know happy to have people come in and sit down and talked to us. Even if they wanna just work four events at an intermittent type basis will will do that. I'm but it it's it's certainly something that were always you know where I was looking to talk to people. And when your hiring new you mentioned that you do do the training but is it easier sometimes when they already have at least some of that scene have to go through the process is long and then you can get those guys. Working for you a lot quicker match. Yes it absolutely is we we would certainly prefer them to come in the door with the training. I'm with some experience behind them as well because again our goal here is is to provide the best possible service we can't. And we'd like people to have some experience behind them when we placed him in particular sites. We do run that the training courses we will train people on various things. But we like to start them off a little slower sometimes work them into the event's first. Just to get them some and background experience before they they go into full time spot. And I would imagine not just men but there are some women who worked quite a field yet we have quite a few well workforce absolutely. They bring anything different deaths from. Male guards and it shouldn't really matter and in terms of what you do but it really doesn't. You know today they really the job is the same. No matter male or female lead they do the same job. And Gupta said we've we've got oh a lot of each and they they really are our. Doing the same type of work and it is really no difference in the type duties they do so. It's really person specific as to what you bring this this job. As far as each job site you often make surprise appearances just to check up on everybody thirty cents a mail sent to do. Well I personally don't anymore it's much but we absolutely do we have. A fairly good sized office staff and we actually started. With us this year stay in January we implemented a 24 hour command Sadr. Which is manned 24 hours but one of our senior guards he's been a supervisor with us for and believe but he years now. In hand his responsibility is to manage those periodic unannounced visits. So he'll go through there along with a few other supervisors. And we'll check honor guards throughout the night. Throughout the day. That. 24 hour Sadr we have a direct line. That our clients can call if they have any concerns at all they can actually talked to a local. Human being who is who's worked for company a long time can answer questions and can be very attentive to the year there needs. Would that phone number be as long as product and numbers 33. 4700. Is our main number and option one would get cute to hurt him manned operations are. Very good before we go anything else that you wanted to point out about Amber's security today a proud of something you've done that sort of thing yeah I mean am I am proud of a product of the company that we've that we've built here it's taken us you know we've we've taken the the a slow approach to two buildings company where we've. Never really bitten off more than we can chew. It's a great community that we that we live in hearing and we. Try to do our best to take those jobs that we feel are good fit for our size at that time. We've also given quite a bit Dak this community. If you go on our website which is and our security dot com. You conceal list of the the various nonprofit. Businesses within that the area Western New York area that we support. We focus a lot of our attention on a disadvantage underprivileged youth. We provide a couple of scholarships locally to kids that are interested and the criminal justice field. So and quite proud of that. On the future of our company. We're always trying to to go to the next level and I am excited about some of the changes we may be facing. In the future. We actually have to. FE. Licensed drone pilots than we do actually owner drone now. Where we are exploring the option of of utilizing that in some security settings. Jeff very good and glad to have you might thank you thank you very much Jeff Gilbert president and her security this is buffalo means business news radio 930 WB yen.