5 Things Air Travelers Need to Know - Anne McDermott


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Are you heading. I'm not mid winter vacation you know maybe their kids are off of school next week it's only time zone schools are all off next week so it's seems like the perfect time to do it's what you need to pack him bring with you if you're traveling on a plane and the German affair compared dot com joining us now. And what is on your list of essentials whenever you take a trip. Well look how kind of things have some will be obvious so bear with me it side we all forget the obvious stuff. So let's jump in here you're going to play cold Wear your heavy stuff we had that big cove where it is Gucci don't have to pay an overweight fees your luggage. And if you Wear any kind of a big career Parker. Stuck the pocket because its stock to eat and sit up here where there. Lord knows which you considered there also. Remember that cannot get to a game without stops your glasses and your glasses and your medications. And for anybody who wears hearing aid do not forget your battery. OK next electronics survival gear you watching charger cord you wanna portable charger headphones or earbuds. People tell me there's no noise canceling had some great tree sleeping played. And it you're going on the international trip bring adapter club. And now when you've got all this stuff about predictor elect structure all of your laptop. Or tablet what every wanna bring. And speaking of electronics. Don't Wear down a bag with reading material you know book. You don't download staff movies so. An a novel whatever okay you want a little bit tax. You don't want to many credit card because that's just one more card to lose. Says keep you know if you're going with each have one card and actually due. Document is that I know everybody liked to prepare boarding cap on their own idea to put all to make a copy. Because in rare instances problems diet they usually diet the most inconvenient times. I'd like you got you an out take a picture your bag just in case you get lost. How many of us have been asked to describe in the bag and go. It's black blank it out but. The other thing is. Reagan paving soon. Maybe you're going sub electric ski place in the wintertime. But we have made it happening places have cooled and you're always going day and I wish I'd brought my see. And finally have to plot they only bring clothes you know you'd like quote you know look good on you. And close but you have Warren speak Cold War so they broad cast doubt what she treats children used to up. Only to discover our border feel stupid and you know. How good points there and it's always a tough one now just to take the clothes that you know you're gonna Wear. What's the biggest mistake the travelers make. Oh lord I can make most of them I'm trying to think. One thing hot what it is like kinda empty my wallet so we you don't like each arm to fewer things to. Go missing. So I've put my credit cards and a couple of years ago of boxes cereal when I got help from a trip I'm wondering you know. It hide those worried about hype as it was months later when I don't Bible that I laughed at that cereal box. So please don't do that. Lot of good tips there are from and McDermott affair compared dot com a lot of you. Heading out on trips for that summer while winter break break the kids next week it's a big one good things to keep in mind.