4/23 Van Deliberately Strikes Large Crowd of Pedestrians In Toronto Canada and More Breaking Stories,Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 4

Bauerle and Bellavia
Monday, April 23rd

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News radio 930 WBA. And it's. So I think I've said this before I think their PR department is utterly incompetent. And I think we should probably some terrorism is to. Well being content is no joke don't accept all I'm sorry I didn't know what you're accusing. It's combo hourly you know what been there done that and it's weird you're. But now you know be I'm sorry I'm a grown up than David Bellamy the whole thing really you enjoy that. I'd its hourly and Olivia I mean I would immediately change topics on news radio 930 WB. By the way thanks to you at great American Jacobs show on who prevented what could have been horrible. Massacre worse than it was at the V Waffle House over the weekend. Braver American David what I love about this story we're talking terror today because of something that happened just a few hours ago in Toronto. What I love about this story David is you know we have been advocates. Basically when you hand fights with a gunman with you fight with big government that when you cower. And hide and beg for your life you're going to die your best bet is to fight in many cases. Yeah it is and it's it's almost impossible to train for that it's sort of an instinct where you know you have no other choice but it. But. Your your kinetic. Violence of action is going through. Make the situation you're gonna pass by the situation well I certainly know it's tough it's tough for a civilian or even a member of law enforcement to know. You know when is the time it's but usually that threatened imminent threat someone pointed to Donnie you. Whatever can be when you're at someone using a vehicle like this. We've seen this in Europe and and now here I mean we're not ready for that end. In our neck of the woods wears it looked at it. Our neck of the woods is in the United States are neck and I was just saying Western New York I'm just saying if you look at you know when we have a bunch of people on the boardwalk got a big area you look at. Our tourist areas in western new York and if someone it's just that we have not. I don't think we've we've sort of evolved like New York City and some of these other metropolitan areas where they've really shot off. You know traffic to a lot of these different. You know walk weighs one. We are at 8030 my authority start at thirty at 180616. W beat the attitude is joining rescuers got to work at six because naturally in a nice day your boss said is an extra hour we've got some paperwork to get done first quarter net. It happen to drop to about 1 o'clock. Deliberately. A guy drove a white rental ban on which side walk young finch is finally at ground zero of where it happened. Nine people confirmed dead sixteen people confirmed it. Injured I said earlier that typically you take the number of dead you multiply it by two or three and that generally gives you the total number of people that are. Involved. And so first casualties are concerned obviously one is one too many. But. The suspect. You got to watch the video in the Bali in Pelham via FaceBook page. You know whether the restraints. By the Toronto police officer was too much restraint. Now keep in mind he was there he was on location he had the view that we don't. Well far be it from busted the second guessed but you know most of us watch in this. As much as we hate the use of deadly physical force. And it I don't know that most of us which show McCadam. Restraint that this cop used but again he he was there we were not. And this happened in Toronto folks this is an international news story in news the biggest story in the world right now. Everywhere. And I obviously as you will though. That'll Wear that people who were from Western New York friends of mine & Associates of mine who work in Toronto right now so just like the situation with the bridge collapse in Miami every time. We deal with the city where we know there are a lot of buffalo audience at any given time. And you start to wonder about the possibilities of somebody you know with a friend of her friend being involved. We do not know the names hometowns or connections of the victims but obviously. Our thoughts and prayers are with the good people. The city and the metropolitan area of Toronto and for those who have forgotten. On September 11 2001 beat Canadians were absolutely. Sensational. In assisting the United States of America. In particular with the air traffic at. Emergency landings and accommodations. That we are look we we elected bust balls as much as anybody with Canada. Just what you guys do with the United States that went when the poop hits the fan you know were with your major with a us. So it does sources that are telling. New York for in New York City. These are three separate sources are are saying that Toronto suspect is this Alec. Immigration nation. 25 years old deliberate act. And and Canadian authorities are calling it quote influenced by mental illness and of quote. He allegedly researched the past 2014. Incident in California. That's all there they're saying I mean. Again they're not gonna have. I guess I presume they would know that because they've done a cursory examination of his electronics and as Google search Esther and strike. This is coming from Canadian sources. All right so stand by we're David is all over that we hope to reveal what was it two more information by the time the darkest hour. Comes the darkest half hour let's go to work adamant Toronto and Adam you one of the things that you I don't think you've set on the year yet. Views that you are involved in some way shape or form in these security profession. And are are you are you cop or you private security you wanna go and any details on that. I can go unabated Ito. Were more private security Byron experience. Tactical training. So those that both types of guys in in and Gallup. But I would I've been speaking today. Okay how about our late we Canadian military Canadian special forces. No no not nonmilitary are equipped with gentleman who work in bikini in Canadian military at least since slapping and joined our. I'll see a couple of guys that. You know. Not that not the GP two which gave you know the tea Jake. To pick at a level lower but real real. Like real good operators got. Are you do you do private. At a private contract work. I. Arab League level believe it at that. OK as far as this idea that this happened at the Waffle House over the weekend. And obviously today we had a terror attack in Toronto whatever the motivation. Has the mindset changed in the security community. That we have been encouraging as well as a lot of people on law enforcement for some time and that is to say fights. Don't let the bad guys have their way don't tie our it doesn't work don't beg for your life it doesn't work. You use anything you can you throw something at that gunman you throw hot coffee in his face you throw water bottles you do anything you can in order to buy yourself a second or two to rush hopefully on mass the person with a firearm. This guy didn't have a firearm but he easily could've. Yeah abs absolutely weapon of opportunity right anything. We reviewed. Think you know training in that sense I found it amazing how that I reacted the way he did in like that you don't know are you and I can honestly say that. Of all the guys that I work with I have the least. Operational experience in that so. That that's about it there's starts. A side note to you know doing that. In that situation would be. A situation where somebody at gun point is ordering you into a car. You know it's like no you do what you got during here are not getting in the car you only write here about the what's happened in the car later on it's going to be wayward. So that you know those types of things. It's it's interesting. When you when you get down into the meat on the bones of a situation like Kapanen in Tennessee natural where. You got someone that probably isn't trained in any of that. React perfectly to it and it's it's just a blessing and that more people were killed. Odd though that these days all these leaks are coming from American news sources not from any. Canadian news agencies Canada's not breaking anything in this story it's all coming from the US what do you make of that. Well you know I. Don't wanna get in the whole conspiracy theorist idea I don't wanna sound like one but at the end of the day many people up here. Even those that are moderately and I know that when you're getting information from. For example the CDC which is the public broadcaster. If you're getting if you're getting information from even. Which used to be considered reliable sources here in candidate they have a specific agenda and Eric. You really gotta if we do we find you think that would scores are. My point earlier about being more optimistic that people are gonna search scene which truly going on it for example when they read that this was hit and run peaked. People that don't know anything. A vote. You know security here what we're talking about here can look at that with open and doesn't negate and you. And the first instinct is what do you hard. What do quite what are you hiding from. Well you know it's what a lot of people are are asking the question of why isn't in a while wise is coming from American. New sources but then again American news sources are leaking constantly. Government sources we saw this happened in in the London bombing that concert we side with. A host of other tragedies American. Media and government seems to be working in concert with the each other constantly putting out information that maybe Canadian authorities don't want out on the street yet. Yeah I would agree that I think there's. There's other players working here they're they're really trying to throw the narrative you can think. Gonna try and control on this it surprises me not at all it. The first thing you know mental issues that that's what it was like you know. It doesn't surprise me at all and as we get down the line indeed need some more independent journalists appear and we do do. Good ones too that you can rely on to go into the background of this gentleman find it you know. You know it wouldn't surprise me at all if you know a week from now we find not from our media or possibly some American Media. That this gentleman had traveled to axe country you know two months ago and had met with certain people. Yeah we're we're still trying to do is to figure out his background and possible motivation. You know whether it does anything political about it or whether this is in fact a mental illness attempt at suicide by cop you know without any religious martyrdom. Connotation to it. Unfortunately and deliberately. Ottawa's for every slow and giving information out to us. Adam we got to move upward magical. Make thank you god bless Canada too David the suspect in Toronto out like men nation. And I W in this scouring on the line trying to get some background information. On this guy that's not the most common name in the world so we've got back Cohen porous but the. The G-7 at talent you know which could be a factor why you thought him and your national attention be brought to Toronto. They you're thinking about that long. There are many Armenians still. Very very upset about that the way Turkey Natalie handled them in the past what are he's doing presently. This up a whole lot of of folks that will tell you that our NATO partners have really kind of moved towards the Islamist side. Not the moderates that they used to be. But again this is not it doesn't it appears that the at least. Of the victims that I am seeing you know from some of these images they appear to be. Canadians of Asian. You know. By Asian descent were talking Chinese or call re an Asian descent I mean I don't. If it did at our country you could be from Pakistan and called Asian right well what what I'm saying here's that. It appears this was a random this was someone who was trying to hurt as many people. For whatever reason as they possibly can and we've not seen this. Sort of terrorism. That it's it's connected to any other thing unfortunately and you know random lunacy people who lose their minds and sent her people. Or we see it for political cause. Which is unfortunate event crisis and Qaeda those two things number one we do not know the religion. Of this individual number two. We've David I. I have not seen a single report that the suspect yelled out my Hough are at all were issued any of the usual chance of an Islamic now is on public. Terrorism. Is individual there was none of that whatsoever. There was just the report that the individual want to die. You know there was no Mans problem. Again there there has been no connection doubt at all at all. And by the way there's been no report from any Canadian. Official on the record this is all been leaked information. As all that leaked to American news sources who are really keep in the story going. Because it appears that. No one candidate is gonna speak on the record. Being Justin Trudeau's busy. What what would be more important in his world right now what happened in the largest city in his country. I mean I'm sure he's definitely. Dealing with the briefings and whatnot but I think I think he's trying to. Maybe room. Put it that city the country at ease. If people start to you know panic in and think that this is some sort of terrorist attack from crisis that it would change. Changed things for him I don't know oh. I don't understand that to me especially if it's an Armenian I guess from the story right now it's it's nothing to do with the Islamic terror. Stop you know the this people speculate because the information from the proper authorities I heard a guy go on national TV North American global. Radio and television and peace they're given that your report on what street statistic in what food to enjoy in the can always will still be open and I'm best street what are you doing what I want to know what how many get to the facts it was almost two. The the subway David did they reopen it. No reports that the subway's been open already. Glad because I mean a lot of people use at your home from work I don't know what the commute from. Downtown Toronto where north Toronto has been like today but there are just one word Graham were on the TTC service. Right now. It is just 47 it did this or regular Austin TPC it is 647 that day the underground at London I am a master. Talk about the Paris metro Toronto I get lost like you wouldn't believe. But the fact of the hourly indelibly it's the darkest hour if you would. I give you updates on edge there were two really big stories that kind of broke simultaneously today. The first one of course this Waffle House shooting outside Nashville Tennessee. Basically. Early Sunday morning at a Waffle House were people tend to go after having a good night out drinking and might. You know gold the Waffle House and have. Aches and waffles and every one each is. It tends to be a place where people go late in the evening. No frills terrible law fly in other places. Guy walks in the air and he's happy that he's wearing the elegant jacket. I mean nothing but a Jack Wright goes over the AR he kills four people now the big story. Is this. This hero. That Jane is his name's James shot June year James Sharp junior was in the Waffle House. And basically when the shooter had a malfunction. James Sharp junior rushed this guy and they took the gun out of his hands I mean saved. Whoever is alive in that Waffle House owes their life to the actions of James Shaw junior. Witnesses say the gunman paused to reload that's when Jane shot junior wrestle the gun away. The barrel still hot burning his hand. If I let a load that weapon wasn't going to be. Another window wasn't gonna get another chance. Police hailing him a hero and I'm not a world. I'm just a regular person. I think. Then I think. Anybody could achieve. What ideas he's gonna go on the suspect taking off. So James Sharp junior breaks up a mass shooting in a Waffle House. Because he sees this opportunity took his window very humble guy I mean if there's anyone. You know that you hear about all these you know go fund means that start up but. These are the stories that. You wish you had like a barrel of money just to give someone because that's an incredible young man that's and that's a heroic young man. And this his decision making pro process save lives. Period and I mean let's get into who this kid was it did the shooting why it happened but the fact that more people are dead. Is because James shot junior walks this earth. And decided that it was his responsibility. To get involved very easily could've lost his life injured himself in grabbing a hot barrel but could very well have been killed. But again. Incredible. It is incredible act of valor really yes I here's more about. This guy that this is involved with the AR fifteen. His name you'll hear it in the piece I don't really care to have repeated. But this is a guy who'll this year we actually covered the story of him breaking into the White House the Secret Service cattle. Authorities say in 2017. The Secret Service arrested ranking for being in a restricted area of the White House. During that investigation state authorities seating for firearms including the eight are fifteen they say he used today but investigators say rankings father got those guns back and gave vent to his son. And that guy's father should go to prison for the rest of his life as should I mean this kid I mean look. You wanna talk about how the system fails. This system did not fail here this is a mentally he'll guy he's had a history of mental illness he had his guns seized from him. And somehow or whether it was the sheriff's department or or someone FDA decide to make a deal with the father. And basically the father had to have agreed that those guns would never be in his son's possession. And either he didn't lock them up. Or he you know physically gave the firearms back to the crazy side. But now for people are dead. And you know we have the story that we have right now here's more about the city in Asheville. There was a manhunt after this judge James shot grabbed the gun took the gun away from. This shooter the shooter runs off for 35 hours is completely gone nobody knows where the suspect this. I suspect was well known to authorities he had a history of mental illness and run ins with a lot many concerned about how he is able to slip through the cracks. As authorities here go house to house warning residents to be on alert. Well that ends up odd coming 2 ahead around 1 o'clock today almost the same time that this terror attack happened in Toronto. They took this a suspect in custody. Here was. Let me give you it's so I'll just basically give the ending to this whole story he was on base with two miles from the Waffle House. And of the government would line so when it tipped off the so when did it seem a guy that didn't look right made the phone call and this will let it was a. Audit dead end street about two miles away from the Waffle House police officers are walking up into wolf wooded area just off a residential street they're taking dogs in there with them. A short time ago. They found the suspect involved in the shooting at the Waffle House the deaths of four people that person already has been taken to jail at this point. We have been told about his condition. But the call went out on the radio to police that yes indeed this shooting suspect was in custody. And thank god no one else got hurt. But again there was a tipster that led to this and that's Jim Ryan ABC news story here this is Jim Bryant the police had been urging the public to report any suspicious person activity or unlocked door. And officers had been running from place to place on false alarms finally a tip led to the woods not far from the scene of the murders and 229 year old Travis ranking. As soon as the Texas saw him. There was really no communication other men and the stick down on him and he's on the right. Nashville metro police lieutenant Carlos Laura says that's as far as rankings cooperation has gone. When police asked about yesterday's four murders at the Waffle House ranking is demanding to have a lawyer in the room Jim Ryan ABC news Nashville. I've pretty crazy right he shows up half naked shoots up a lawful house but knows enough to lawyer up in you know understands his. Individual liberties guaranteed to amend the constitution that amazing. The craziest of crazy. Though gold we'll tell you that there're a soups and Richmond when it comes to their laws that their rights LB like I act. And I'm gonna part is I don't wanna credit myself here. I cry truly crazy person would not have any concern. Of any information they are giving but whatever near the end there. But again fathers in deep trouble here kids in deep trouble here. But again what are you supposed to do the system worked right this guy was not possible to have access to a fire. Someone made a deal. Now we don't even know if the kid was living in the same home as his father. We didn't know what that what what the conditions were for the release of those firearms back into the custody of father. But the deal was the kids are supposed to get them so whoever made that deal I'm sure they're gonna come under a lot of you know there's going to be a little bit alight and their record and decision making. And of course the father. Deserves a whole lot of responsibility here if the kid somehow got positive control and they are fifteen that he wants all that and by the way. Before he showed up to the White House and decided to break into the residential area. And to give lucky to be alive doing that in the White House. He went the police and said that Taylor Swift was packing his phone and this kid got skit got some issues. This is. This is a date the police exactly that this kid was. Was definitely on and I'm a lonely island for quite some time. What are you gonna do today round one with 130. In the afternoon we are getting ready for this program and a police got the first call in the Toronto that something horrible was going down a white van. Was just careening into people intentionally think. The really didn't know what to think they they got this band to stop. A police confronted. An individual that came out of the car we know that now to be 25. Year old named Alec Imus well how how do you say have you heard it pronounced. Mr. Meehan would it whatever you Automask in the via whatever it turned out to be allowed to you like always said it was going to be a Muslim turned out that's an Armenian name but. You know he you know and we have no confirmation of religious anything we just know the name the name happens to be Armenian but you know no. No shock to the system that. There are people from that region of the world that. Still hang out with the crisis in fact. Armenia is actually on the state department's watch list for growing basis sells as is sections of Iran and sections of rack. So there are not inoculated because they're 99% Christian. About what we have ice is members in you know the United States as well that are. Born and raised Christian that turn crisis but again we have no information we have no anything shockingly. Always really coming from American news sources and it's probably American government officials leaking that. To our army and media also. We just got breaking news that George H. W. Bush. That is the the husband of the late Barbara Bush he has been rushed to a hospital in intensive care. These bushes you know it's. You also you often hear about that couple married for 73 years they live every day together one of them passes away and then the other one just kind of slowly fades well. We don't know what the conditions were if it was just too much for George H. W. Bush to agree all those people I know you saw the video but. President. From former president George HW defy. He was literally greeting every person that paid respects to Barbara was actually quite. It was quite beautiful this but who knows what viruses economies of her old man of very sick man but you think you know that's probably time for a fiscal. If you don't wanna get the guys sick and he's in intensive care and now we don't know what the circumstances are we'll keep you updated on that happen again. You know pretty yeah pretty rough couple weeks for them for the bush gramley. Will keep them and our thoughts here's a witness that saw the hit it would CBS news is calling a hit and run. CNN called it a collision. It's pretty safe to say no matter what the motives are doses of terrorism I saw that man Dead Man Walking through the intersection there was a green light. And he actually wrote into the wrong sore point Iran at that Iran stop all the cars. And then just pandemonium broke list has ever craze turner also when you hear these like people given eyewitnesses there was have to put in the point. You know if they did something amazing. So go here's what happened I saw a guy hit my car and so I immediately took it upon myself to make sure that no traffic would be anywhere near him. And then I did what many people thought was the most incredible thing that ever seen and I tell exactly what that was. Did you always tell the C a couple people. The kid this Jane sharp kid in Tennessee is that I'm not a hero I did at the C in my life. It was my of my reaction I'm not a matter her own person person in Toronto she's like first one out of the box actually added some pretty amazing stuff. Pretty damn impressed with the way I was able to. Very it was a very gory ugly scene. I here's just a quick audio of just how bad it was in Toronto today it's a lot of people lying on a sidewalk there were. And we'll supplied as just her rep horrible to think about as there was also. Yeah the this band. The thing that we put up on FaceBook was I could not believe the restraint at this Toronto police officers showed a mile. I'm telling you right now. If you knew that a van was hitting you know ten. And he throws himself with a hands in the back it is going to be. You know there's going to be. Old weapon put him. You ought to name. There's a lot of emotion running. And and the guys start playing little games of the cell phone like I'm gonna shoot you wanted to do a quick drop moment in a cellphone around. I don't care if you've got to develop a sub in your hand if you are splitting it into an waving it. Yeah I mean you've got to have a very very impressive. And I I think that was a tremendous amount of restraint. Oh it was an ABC update on George H. W. Bush wanna keep you updated Barbara Bush passed away in our husband. The day of the hospital here's ABC news. I will hit you that when that comes out no problem there. All but anyway back to the Toronto situation George H. W. Bush wrote gospel. Intensive care we don't know what the circumstances are we got it we're out here that you bush back in a Houston hospital. I'm chuck Siebert in this have been a special report from ABC news. And there is the reports that George H. W. Bush has been put is in the hospital. We don't know the cause it let's put it this way is about the fourth turn at Darlington. Okay. We know he's old. And we know his wife just passed away. But it's sad for the bush family it is just weird when two people love each other and one pass the oh god it's kind of an enemy in. It's just you see a lot it's kind of pick and the thing is people in front of our eyes. And we peoples through. But then again it's got to be it's going to be tough he's not a young man either. I mean we're talking. These World War II vets. Great story Gary Herbert read about pretty impressive military career George Bush did some amazing things for god and country. As an aide Peter here is. Toronto talking about. What caused this terrorist attack it would be inappropriate to to speculate. And I need more information you'd like to give us what why this happened and we cannot. Come to any firm conclusions. At this stage. Now we heard the guys' activity for. Syria or arming the do we know anything it would be inappropriate to to speculate let's go to New York Times they seem to know everything why even ask you the Canadian to this point. So polite though kind of space that. Cast shall not case. That ten people murdered in the streets of Toronto loses police are doing. Their very best as rapidly as possible. Two. Identify precisely. To play him. And why. But it is obviously. There is sure this incident if I ever get the worst case like diagnosis from the doctor I want Ralph Goodell there. To give it to me is that not just like that as a boy issue here when things are going to really bad. Because he won't say anything you'll tell you what's actually happening he's gonna do it waited to make you feel better by getting horrible news this this guy. The investigation is at a stage where. No further detailed information can be confirmed. At this point that is a wonderful Canadian way of saying I don't wanna tell you anything. The investigation. As at a stage where no further detailed information can be confirmed at this point. Really well done these Canadians can really handle spin and I'm really impressed I'm learning more. I do want to extend. Thoughts and prayers. To. Those who have suffered as a result of what just happened I mean I'm serious it doesn't exclude compare this to Vegas. With that horrible scheerer. Lombardo. You know what was going on he looked like it was wrinkled his patch is an even match you think Miami Dade county and is war right what are. I don't know. I I'm Las Vegas police chief just wanna say we have no idea what the hell happened. We still have no idea though lab and and we are aware that there was a shooting I had no idea what talented can we come back a few months and maybe you'll have no idea. What on Bart today he knows nothing of what went out. Did that investigation. Is the craziest. I think what. You deserve to have. All these conspiracy theories when you can't even get to the bottom of what they'll. Avid at some point either tag the FBI and bring it like LAPD are bringing in Europe please Boston some buffalo we'll take. Give it Erie county Della handle in Las Vegas but you obviously have no idea what Dell's won the Michael Bennett thing almost broke you guys. I didn't do anything wrong there. We'll look back tomorrow and more information god bless the people of Toronto.