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We services LLC. Already welcome back you've got to finance the guys run with a one run watched go in for Michael was today and is ready at 930. WBE. And and I am very excited about today show I had been teasing this for quite some time and I'm really looking forward to. Really getting into the media things here and we are going to talk if you follow us on Twitter or FaceBook you probably already know. We are doing the windmill showed today so we are going to talk to some some local folks that are I guess experts in their own right when it comes to two Windmills. And now wind power and and I think the sham that is this green energy. Following that we're going down so. We're going to talk them through basically the entire show is so if you have questions if you wanna make a comment. If you're pro wind energy. We you know I had a couple of comments that came in this say well you know of course you're you're also a negative about it how would anybody else wanna I wanna comment I'll laugh. I'm negative because it's a scam that's why because I believe in free markets and talk about free markets verses you know government intervention of things that they do. But I'm certainly wanna take your calls nobody called throughout the week over the last month. To say that I like to join the show as a pro. While windows type person is so. We'll talk about that throughout today show of course unit join us 8030930. And start 930 before we get to introducing our gas however on entities you for just a little bit longer. There's a few things in the in the news this week that I don't do wanna match and I think they're they're newsworthy. But number one I think. It's it's actually official now the Democrats are completely out of ideas right around you've seen this. No you see I think it was yesterday filed a multi million dollar lawsuit against Russian trump. And WikiLeaks for losing the 2016 election on that apparently mole. Is not bring enough to the table for them so the other take a different approach and I think they're assuming because it worked back in the seventies we Nixon that they might be able to get some political capital out of the only thing that I hope they understand is the open themselves up to discovery so they might be asking for a little bit more than what they're they've bitten off here. And there's still Bristol claiming that the Russians have to server but nobody really knows that because seem to think about this for a second. The FBI in them into early morning predawn raid. Right raided Michael Cohen a president trumps attorneys private attorneys office and home. In a predawn raid right. The Democrats or employing. A a basically a Pakistani national without any sort of background vetting whatsoever. The U refused to turn over their server to the FBI for inspection when it was alleged that the the Russians have to. Instead they hired their own private company. To then do the the analysis to come back with of course yes it looks like it was Russia. But the FBI never actually looked at it so you'll want to a double standard with the treatment between the Republicans and the Democrats when it comes the FBI. It's good to appoint a laughable and I've been saying for for well nobody really months now not weeks. That I think the FBI is finished I think they need to be completely abolished. An eighty to start again it that the corruption runs away too deep there and when you look at some of the double standards between you know early morning predawn raids verses. Allowing Hillary Clinton testify. With her attorney you know not even under oath is unbelievable to me that really planning an. I think the FBI is is fall out of favor with the American people people which start to see it truly for what it is there has become at least under Obama and that's completely political organization. The Moeller investigations not doing anything when people creative people start to see that for weren't what it is is while this is is gonna blow open the Democrats face. And hats off to Dunleavy and by the way for getting out landing some pretty big interviews this week with that with James called me I was I was listening and LD Thursday. And I caught a number of pieces of that interview a great job by the news crew here at WB yet. You know kind of you know one of the things out want to mention this week there was a big ice raid in New York City and this is what I that's sadly that's what the Democrat party. Really has become and when you look at Sanctuary Cities in the policies that and the people they're protecting and you really can't make this stuff up. Ice moved in the New York City or a six day period arrested 225. Illegal aliens. As in their operation keep safe in new York and you know some of the statements from the ice. Enforcement and removal operations folks bottom you know we're we're pretty damning when it comes to century cities on this review quote from. This is from my Thomas director ice continues to face significant obstacles with policies created by local officials would hinder cooperation between ice and local law enforcement. You know the tireless efforts of the men and women of ice as operation was a great success. He designers say that the fact is that a so called Sanctuary City does not only provide the refuge for those who are here against immigration law. But also provides protections for criminal aliens who prey and the people in their own communities by committing crimes at all levels. I'm good for these nice folks sadly the New York PD was unable. Based on the Bellagio who's the liberal Democrat progressive liberal Democrat protecting these folks. I just I mentioned some of the folks that they were protecting here robbery quickly. You know there was I think a 180 of them were already got convicted criminals looking not counting the fact they are in our country illegally. At being a crime detective got 225 were already criminals. But a 180. Of the 225 more already facing other criminal charges more than eighty had been issued a final order for removal. And either failed to depart the United States or had been previously removed and then came back. Among them. What are child sex offenders weapons charges assault charges and convictions first significant type crimes. It's so. At least Albers 56 year old Haitian national. Our convictions from manslaughter in the second degree tampering with evidence criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree sentence of four to twelve years of prison. Picked up by ice last week. In Bratton with 35 year old Guatemalan national previously moved United States on five occasions. Convictions for DW lie unlicensed aggravated unlicensed operation motor vehicle. Illegal reentry after removal 39 year old Jamaican national registered sex offender convictions for loaded possession of firearm. Attempted rape of first degree of a child under the age of thirteen. In Manhattan 38 year old Romanian national lifetimes section three of the registered sex offender who convictions for possessing sexual performance by child. And sentenced to ten years' probation. Deprivation supervision I mean these are the folks these are the folks at just a sampling there's a whole long list of these you can go right to the right to the official website of the Department of Homeland Security and go to the ice newsroom. And you can Paul the headline ice arrest 225 during operation keeps it in New York. These are the folks at the Bellagio. And and people like home all and Schumer. These are the folks that they're protected right. Como also this week announced that. I'm now former comic can vote as well so you know just adding to the voter rolls for Democrats these are the people that the Democrats are now protecting. Over American citizens I find it despicable. He was too young ladies last year sadly that were killed on Long Island one was fifteen and what was sixteen. I'm not talking Harlem here I'm talking Long Island in a nice quiet little suburb. They were beaten to death with baseball bats by MS thirteen members should never been in this country than those of the people. That people like the Bellagio Democrats Lake Como Democrats like build up Lazio's. Those are the folks that Rahm Emanuel Chicago and places like that are protecting. Our protecting. From being removed from this country think about that and remember that when you go to the polls to vote for call or anybody else that wears a Democrat moniker behind their name. Well that's our for the Democratic Party to big line that's that's all they have they've run off you you know your blue collar average worker in America. So if they're looking to win elections they got to get the votes from somewhere in the not come from Americans to law abiding American citizens that's for sure. Yet not nor should it so. All right so before we get into the the meat of the show don't wanna mention one more thing and that is the yet again we have you know bureaucratic lunacy when it comes to spending our money. I'm sure nobody saw this this was reportedly did VG Jersey buffalo housing program under certain under scrutiny. In short we spent five million dollars to rehab 115. Million dollars on eleven homes almost half a million dollars for her home. Now I guarantee you that it didn't start satisfied going out to probably start out at twenty million dollars when it was collected from taxes to begin. And then by time he had done paying the IRS officials and running up to the bureaucracy in Washington. I'm sure Hud took their own caught of that money. That twenty million dollars was eventually after it passed all the bureaucrats hands from the feds to leave through the IRS to the fads through Hud through the state. Doubt the city of buffalo were finally. We got the five million dollars which was done promptly squandered on eleven homes and at my dollars each. Which a turnaround is sold fullest and I think a hundred grand each which is a joke. This is a waste of money that is he's when when the government gets involved in the private sector now free markets and we're led to do just let's do this thing. Then what would happen is as there's a need for housing and people willing to buy them. Somebody would be able to come into Western New York as they have in the past and pick up these homes for the fifteen or 20000 dollars at their personnel for. Rehab them for a reasonable amount of their own private money they're using. And then turn around and sell them to whoever they could in the in the community. When the private enterprise and free market does that. It's it's it's not a perfect system but a lot more perfect than a government bureaucracy that just basically threw away yet another eleven million dollars. Now this is not the first time we've been rapped on the knuckles by Hud. We did this years ago I remember you know 1020 years ago. When we took and we basically took their block grant money and we broken up with each council purses they could go and sprinkle it on their their chicken barbecues and and by their votes I'm glad you remember who the Hud secretary wasn't. I don't. It was a coma yup sure was our buddy injure Cuomo but good memory around. So it's so today and the reason I mention this is not just because it's it's you know again ridiculous waste of taxpayer money. But really because. You know I'm not anti wind necessarily. But I am anti government intervention in free markets and if if wind were a viable option if it were a if it were a real option for for private industry to a vast and it's solar panels didn't need all of the you know government speaks subsidies to be. Anywhere near realistic. Then I would be all for it. But the fact of the matter is it's not there's nobody in the private sector that stepping up saying yes I wanna build a windmill farm yes I wanna build a solar factory or solar plant. Without asking for massive subsidies or for New York State to build on the billion dollar club facility or. Spinone other states is you know it is to collect all these green energy credits and things like that okay so I am not necessarily anti wind and but I am anti government doing it I'm just put the free market decide. On what the best use of energy is now clearly. This is not the best use of capital right because. They're not even close to not even me profitable. We're even we're talking I even close to breaking even know any given this some of the meat of this so when we get in the show so. And it's off the phone line would go to a quick break and come back and introduce our guest we're gonna focus and only take questions really specifically. On the win so don't call and on this and the and the nice thing or anything like that. Just on how it's impacting your community. If your pro I'd like to your mute while 8030930. Start I entered his freak on a cell 106169236. Is too responsible for life. You can also text us at 3930 this 30. Ninth Vizio is attacks like. And of course we do manage money for Olympic so if you need us throughout the week or give a financial question always answer those you can reach us here on the here. At our at the office sees me at 63315 what five if you news about the week's extra 350s art. Very short break and come back and go right your calls the question that we introduce our our special guest. You knack of economists rest of today's program he got the funny to guys Ron watched go in from Oklahoma someone would here and is reunited thirty. WB. I welcome back definition guys when they go and run Moscow in studio for Michael was here and usually at 930 WB and and can reach unity. Another just real quick clip from WG ours is reported by Dave McKinley the New York State thruway authority as part of the push by governor Andrew Cuomo for agencies to move taller of these so called. Green energy sources. Installed several wind turbines a few years ago projecting it would save 300000. Dollars a year in utility costs. Even if that was true it would take sixteen years for the nearly five million dollar investment to pay for itself. That would be if they actually worked. But for now they don't then this so goes the the wind turbines folly that is is what we have a New York State unfortunately. I'm very pleased to welcome a number of guest in studio that are joining us about the show today. I'm number one think use of Mary Kay Barton that's for coming and I think putting those together by the way Mary Kay you've done a great job and in light of some fantastic guests thank you very much for for helping to coordinate those. My pleasure as. We also have a Somerset supervisor Dan anger in studio as well with us and of course. This is you know near and dear to to what to try to do along the Lake Ontario shorelines and hear from him. We also have former New York State attorney general Dennis bako studio. Who is representing Somerset as well as Yates in the article ten process. For the apex proposed lighthouse when project we talked with him. And I finally Kathy Orr who is the founder of clear skies over orange bill and save Ontario shore so thank you all for joining us truly appreciate it. Let me start with you Mary K this is obviously something you've been. You know rally against for quite some time you'll talk to me about how you got involved with this you know what was kind of fighting this in and where were that was some of these projects. Who boy spent about fifteen years. My husband and I decided to move to Wyoming county. From the cave in Genesee County. We bought our first place and so overlay in 1999. In 2001. Of the first to win victories in New York State was installed. And weather's field it was ten. Small turbines that are run right no lying and you know we call that the bait and switch project now. They started. You know out I think it was to to get people comfortable with I'll let these aren't so bad they're not that big bloody. Well and 2005 my husband and I about a small marine and it was going to be error my husband's retirement. Dream retirement job and that error there were surely before that our architect it was gonna help us rebuild the building happens to be planning board. First small town in Miami Khan Younis. Did you know they're planning on surrounding this entire place. With a total of over 2000 wind turbines throughout Wyoming county. And I said watch. That that began the journey to elect intuit. Fortunately for us. The top of cast style. Which contains overlay because we had the population involved on the lake. We were able to get over 200 people in our town board meetings within a month or two. Thanks to the Internet. And so within a couple of years we had a protective laws on the books. The town of Perry the neighboring town of Perry which was also be included. And see what they called the dairy hills wind project. Oh by the way Glenn these things are win Mel's their industrial wind turbines. Com the industry dubs them with all these. User friendly. Many until somebody names yet Windmills kind of cash wrecked that image of the far right you get that one little hollow with a win Novella. These are giant wind turbines there's no doubt about it with huge blades 800 feet guy. Exactly and these are not you know the sad thing Mary guys to drive down to arcade a lot of fishing. And I still do I just don't have the time and abilities to. Used to be able to do we have come down route 77 valley below we opened up coming up Alden. And had done arcade and it was a beautiful hills the beginning in the south towns problem. Now those heels are littered. With Windmills I think there's something like 300 plus Windmills 300 Nate serve bank's sprawling what turned out tired towns. Yeah it's terrible I think it looks ridiculous. Talk to me about the energy production that they're actually producing it because I know look again from an economic standpoint which were my angle is. These things still seemed even come close to breaking even. No load they don't generate actual productivity or our power it. We head of businesses from up in the north country run the numbers and he said that according to the numbers. He ran that Knoll went tragic in the art state was making enough energy. The paper itself over its projected twining your life span while studies since then have shown they're not even lasting twenty years anyway. Like you mentioned the through a terror crimes they're broke down are ready it's only been a couple of years. So you know the in this was a need. The North American wind power trade magazine they even admitted that things are only less than. Five to thirteen years. All of New York State's two wanna installed wind factories. Are averaging about around the 25 cuts percent capacity factor that's an actual output. Industrial wind turbines that diffuse energy of wind. It does not provide any firm capacity. So they they do that they cannot provide reliable respectable pace slowed power. They know most people are gonna spend the time to to learn all I can. You know the jargon and that the involved with the industry and and that's why it makes for the perfect scam you know people band convinced that. Somehow we can we go this route that. It it's gonna save the planet or something when in fact it's doing the exact opposite. And you brought up a great point with the fact that these turbines were producing about 25% capacity and that's a key concept. I I took an article in UK Daily Mail written by Christopher Booker from one of the points he makes is that. Promoter speak entirely about capacity which means the energy at turbine could produce. If all conditions were perfect all the time. That never happens wind is by its very nature intermittent and requires a back up from conventional power plants when the wind is not blowing. The expense of putting up wind farm. Kids added and I'm not unaccounted expenses of building the new convention power plants Ernie be considered when they're golden these projects. But we could add a little bit the capacity to existing power plant. And it would easily cover everything that's alien talk all the Windmills combined nearest interpret as I gonna take a very short break we're gonna come back and and it's a really gas. In the mix here if you wanna join us and we do wanna hear from you 8030930 star 930. Is a freak on a cell 1800. 6169236. And again the text line 3930. Threes or nine prisoners that the financial guys will be right back here and is ready at 930 deputy. Welcome back at the science guy is Glen McMillan on Moscow and for Mike moments. 930 in the media. The guests on the show today he says taxpayers who was a guest on the show going to be on our show here we have what do you lose who you're just hearing from. Was Mary Kate Barton she has been. An advocate for I guess to communities that are fighting against. Some of these industrial. Wind turbines at the trying to put up. And we also have his studio Somerset supervisor Dan anger as well as former New York State attorney general does not goes representing those Somerset and Yates. Counties and or yeah and I can't you are so let me get right back to it again if you wanna join us in 030930 start ninth there is a recount itself. We are talking about the you know the you know the whole windmill thing I guess if you wanna Collison out of these wind turbines that are. You know of course a New York State do it or not working none of these things ever gonna breakeven is just like the the solar now rightly get these you know credits first putting solar panels are roof. The breakeven is 25 years to life expectancy is fifteen like the math just doesn't work and that of wind turbines are no different so. Let me now go to Cassie or who is the founder of clear skies. Over orange where or is bill and save Ontario shores to kind of get. You know her impression of what's going out with this with this new proposed. Project along Lake Ontario Kathy thank you for joining us. Yes I'm I can only say that after experiencing. Wind turbine country I come complex in Wyoming county. That. It's the worst stuff financial. I'll play and you could ever get into because it'll drop the property values for wind and they are impossible to live with their very loud. They're the construction. The construction period is. I'm very bad where you know we you're hearing all kinds of construction noises from 7 in the morning until. I dark it it is not feasible to live in one it's like living in it and you know the middle of an electrical. Facility. I'm there is. There is no. Future to attend his fiery is he enabled. Produce electricity consistently. Now did you did you live near one. You know why can't I actually lived in com or Israel before they put the wind turbine project there. So I was there and dog during the fight we started fighting. I to try to keep them out of Orange fell as several preservation group in 2007. Indict 2000 and ten it looked it was getting. You know pretty bad because we had to fight. Million dollar. Could wind corporation company and basically. It by 2013 they were going up and knock it. Lot of people left the area a lot of people lost a lot of real estate value and not the noise is impossible to live with. Plus it's not just the noise issue here. In for his sound is a very real problems that you can feel and it does have a lot of health issues. This fire is epilepsy or people with heart problems some they've been doing a lot of studies of World Health Organization. Recommends that they be no closer than a mile and a quarter way. From your house sinden aren't sold they were thirteen. 120 feet away it very noisy. That's quite close actually cooler even right right right. Can I also Ed Glenn. We finally there's enough people involved in fighting these projects that a number of us finally forced nicer to. They'll hold I'm environmental groups meeting specific to industrial wind power in 2009. At that meeting. New York State officials. Big now edged that they know that and for sound associated with the industrial when factories it is infect a problem. Worldwide. They're very aware of it. The former noise engineer for the public service corporation testified. That setbacks from industrial what the one point five megawatt turbines there were being installed at the time. Should be at least 3200 feet. So but they had done no studies. Doctor Jean and storm testified. Even though they know this is a problem. And money was a billion available from the stimulus of the time they dedicated no money to doing any studies to protect. Rural residents as friars I'm concerned personally. I think governor come home. Is Reese should be charged with criminal negligence as far as what they're allowing to happen to rural citizens in New York State. And I doubt it seems as if stage you know when it came to the fracking was there is no evidence whatsoever of negative. I health and had no matter how much they try. Dave and he didn't million dollars studies caving in we just can't do it leads environmental issues. The with a win it's like no full steam ahead you know for the sake of global warming in the in the ultra green energy it just seems like it's. They just don't seem to care. Let what's going to. Mr. Rocco thank you for joining us solution appreciate you coming in thanks let's pleasure being here. So you've taken up this fight now on behalf of her. If sub sub percent Yates said. Explain what's going on this article ten this whole new proposal. Because it's a pretty substantial things like they're talking about Windmills all the way down shoreline of Lake Ontario. And and on how they're talking about here but it seems like it's a fairly substantial project. So Glenn but what might offer my team and in my law firm Olympus Mathias we've been actively engaged in. In representing municipalities and special interest groups like save our interior shores. Since the article ten of a behemoth was first enacted. Not only do we represents Thomas Somerset. Along with the tone of Yates we have previously represented up in the north country. The far eastern end of Lake Ontario the town of the talk Clayton of the world so abrupt any activist now in the southern cheer so groups similar to. To groups that are represented here today the public advocacy groups. We've been retained by if you those groups in the southern tier that are battling when projects in the southern tears well. From our perspective and BO or you are getting give a lot of credit to the people that are here today. Go along with me especially did anger to in the town board and in Somerset and Jim Simons and the Tony Yates because they've had the courage to step is to stand up to these companies. And it had curse stand up to these companies in the face of an unreleased statute that was passed. By the New York State Legislature so article ten which is what you've referenced here. Article ten worked as a war was designed didn't and billed as a means to fast track. Alternative energy projects. I think the underlying. Rationale for article ten. Was governor Cuomo's. The initiative stated policy initiative of having by 2030. 50%. Of our power in New York State coming from renewable energies. So you've been here we are now and when he eighteen and there's just who what are two projects that have been approved let alone open running. So he could see and oh by the way along the way Governor Cuomo in the state. You know the limit date and illuminates fracking. Shuts down nuclear power plants. Shoulders there's contradictory. Policy. Objectives that this administration is taking. Touched it contradicts the goal of fifty by thirty which is what we refer to a 50% renewable energy by 2030. Instead it's the focus seems to be and an article ten which quite frankly. It's a costly arduous process that that benefits the companies who have the ability to pay. Lawyers to paid lobbyist. To go to fund raisers in Albany. It's really article ten is is really just that that severe obstacle course for those individuals in communities who want to oppose these projects. But most importantly from a legal perspective. What article ten does is it takes away from the municipality. Longstanding prerogative of controlled lay into users. Under New York State constitution one of the most important aspects of local government is to control how the land in their community is employed. From zoning laws to lay of the land use laws article ten is designed to strip away that power from the municipalities. So I'm involved in this. Not so much because I am taken a position one way or the other and and alternative energy I think that all forms of energy ought to be explored. But I'm focused on this and by the way what is Mathias we we only represented. Communities that are opposed to these projects because we think it's important to be principled in this regard. What were in it because I believe that that article ten in this policy initiative represents a mass of upstate land grab. Designed by folks in Albany managed by folks in Albany. To the benefit of nobody upstate my estimation but let's face it. Mean there's no way. I mean now that these communities have seen what they've done the home values are and land values and and that is you know static you know. Value of things like that it's. The other is there and around a way to say it would just kind of you know Ali I use eminent domain has that lack a better term but. To basically seize land to foresees when project forward. Now governor called all. Has been unable to get some of these companies to bite on offshore. Windmills because even a little companies look at going about now. This is like six times or you know I've seen estimates there are between three to six times. The cost per megawatt that conventional energy as well of course were 50% more than national average to begin with. And so even you know window companies only and about this so governor or call one Alice carved out money out of the state budget so we can just spend our tax money directly out of brand build themselves what I don't know how that's gonna work out but. Let me hear from from Uganda you know obviously this is you know as a supervisor for Summers at this is a a big deal for your town. You don't what does this mean for your residence up I mean if if if you can't block this or four fight this from happening. You know what happens to salute to the nice little quaint community of Somerset. Thank you. This is significant a little closer look like if he caddies will now department okay. All right thank you for having us. You know I think from my perspective. It's interesting that you hear from Mary Kay in and Kathy. We talked about the projects that in one case was successfully defeated in another. Was was not but it was clear to medium to the bureaucrats in Albany that. They're needed to be. An article ten law drafted so that they could fast tracked these projects is those talking about. And you know so wait what would happen in Somerset is you know roughly about this time warriors want 2014. Unbeknownst this town unbeknownst to me as town supervisor. And industrial wind developer from from Virginia. Was. Was welcomed into the state by the policy makers in the state and they set down with. Landowners large wealthy landowners in the town of Somerset and start deciding leases and by the fall of 2014. How the company finally came in scheduled meeting with me. Rumors conservative. Be circling around with the various components. They set down with me an incident that works for project and it's been on ever since and 2015. We. Listened patiently to the town. For a period of four or five months. Is downward. You know it was very careful to. Way what the community wanted in this particular matter and it was. Convincingly overwhelmingly clear by virtue of dozens of meetings there was surveys that were sent out and then subsequently over the that the past four years in elections. Our community is overwhelmingly said we do now on an industrial. Wind project placed on the shoreline of Lake Ontario in town Somerset and we are committed to defeat this project. And I want even contemplate. The existence of Somerset. Within industrial wind project that won't cut it we're going to wind we are going to be this project. I like your attitude so they came in and basically he started to secure releases first without ever having approval. From the town as far as permanent things like that god that's a pretty bold move and that generally is an effort to kind of back you into a corner or I mean if if if I got out of business I'm I'm probably taking any department before I served you know at least you know Lander are buying property right. Well that that's interesting because in this case that that's exactly what what happened and and then it's up to the town not the developer to pay for all of the studies if you wanna get. Neutral studies in ones that are not to funded by the developer. Of the town as do all of the environmental studies has to bear all the burden to. To protect health and the interest of its citizens unlike. Any other developer that would come into community would have to do all that themselves and present their findings in growth was seeker process. That was that was completely eliminated with a our plan. Article ten completely took that away from the local communities. And any project over 25 megawatts in the State of New York what the generation project. Goes through this are open process and ultimately the article ten a decision makers are. Seven member siting board there's five permanent members sit on the siding port and you can may imagined all five of those permanent members are appointees of none other than governor formal. They it is we have to my local representatives. It's very confusing. Is everything within our bullpen is. But essentially the the affected towns submits for names for consideration the affected counties in its four or names in our. Particular case this project expanded over into a second town and into a second county. So all told there was there could have been as many as sixteen names presented. And the speaker of the assembly X one of your representatives. And the senate pro tem president picks the other. But to rather bizarre. Formula but any way you cut it. Even in Somerset and I'm sure it's true everywhere else five defeats to in any type of math equation. So they got a nice comfortable margin of just putting supper show basically is what business. In my estimation yes that's correct what she. Are 8030930. Start I thirty if you wanna join us and 106 point 692 through six again I do want to mention. We can manage money for a living and this is obviously this affect your pocketbook which is why we're doing shows affect property guys things like that. I think it's an important show to do we are free market advocates. As so when the free market is not is not allowed just work on its own we have government and eventually like this. Good things never happen and so. You know visit these are destroying communities and affecting people's lives and it's not right for the state to do an end around and jammed this down people's throats so. If but it beating us throughout the week is my point is we give it is but he for a living. We have a team of investment professionals that we've assembled a focus on anything from retirement planning to a state planning to college planning we've got. Certified divorce financial analyst charter financial consultant certified financial planners. A certified. Social Security claiming strategists. 401K. Expertise on health insurance not Medicare. And so much more legal department now what time canals so I use us as a resource folks calls at the opposite devious 6331515. Against 633. 1515. Other blow off this break if that's okay frank and let's go to the phones and and welcome some folks here let me put this up and see who's been patiently waiting on this particular issue. Yeah outage sent us a African boy is so frank you are alive with a fine if you guys kind of Arabia our. Thank you are. The dichotomy of thought in this country. Political and they even now political. You. Don't need to go. I keep thinking of nuclear I think Erin Brockovich at all. The protest did about how our horrible and that the people who got the limits unity we got the good well then you got. We're acting and it got. This window. And it's a completely different right I mean that the window. Environmental well that they've got the upper right. And I couldn't. Diet I don't know if you know wants a wants. Because I don't make out didn't put it on your side. And people look at the left open book. About bragging and about the wind would. Exactly what you think the smartest guy in the world. Comic book about how did burqa to move forward. A bright. And nobody was out there because she's. They'll dump and it. Don't I don't think he had not come to offer if I don't think he had to be a scientist to figure this out right this is pretty basic math right. If it takes sixteen years for an investment to pay itself back. But the investments only gonna last for tan. I can ask an eight year old that question I'm pretty sure I'd get the right answer to be quite. I have one question I asked about. Because storage of energy okay like. Because I think critical at a great river and then why it added to what was cut short and the wind power. But until we get a store and Sergey. Efficiently. To take against the quality incremental. I'm addition suited for the river of energy that have been ebitda pillar and I didn't win. Let me take your analogy though and add to it so this is you look at the energy grid as as that river. But look at wind as you know somebody walking along and peeing in the river it's got that kind of impact it's it's adding that amount a miniscule energy to the grid. It's it's it's I mean they're working at 24% of the time I mean would you would you hire. A business or aura or a painter or or by car or. Or anything that only worked a quarter of the time. No of course not it. Even now is just like they did so I'm glad that doesn't sound bad right winds are all they don't good. Right to bet I don't bragging that sounds bad could have and. Right yet. Might not have a true so what do I think caller raises and a good point there I I've said depth and up the pieces and I've written on this topic that. The deal elected officials in New York State have become the decider support the winners and losers. In our energy arena and you made a great play at the beginning of this program. Talking about the free market making these decisions. Right now we have our our government to New York State. Is in the business of picking the winners and losers based not on science based net and economics but based instead on politics. And that's a dangerous that's a bad path for us be going down. That's why it's not based on their reckons that's right I mean if you look at solar city is like I know that allotment in the when things. I mean it is a in my opinion it's a tax Payer money laundering scam. I don't know how what else you would call right that he's got so is this particular it is you that is the same thing at the same thing right you've got to seduce a subsidiary. Of solar cities Russell injure or whatever it's called right. Which has no assets no income no balance sheet no recourse was just a shell corporation is all it is right. Now no bank in the world would make a deal with the shell corporation without holding the parent corporation or the people who own a corporation the principles. I personally liable for that money. A New York State did when it came to slender right so huge amount of that money goes in the coffers of people Ilan mosque. Who ultimately is reaping the benefits of that plan right because they just leased it back out to. A Panasonic for god only knows what. They're they're they're they're releasing that to the state. A cost of a dollar for years what it cost us solidified that right there what are chances now of course Eli Moscow does he contribute to. Democrats of course he does Wright think it's it is through. But Andrew Cuomo all right he's not contributing today to the Republican challenger Andrew Cuomo he's contributing to whoever's been agrees his kids the most right. I wonder who's to Minnelli. Maybe get me contributions for the one who you know allegedly rigged to bed. You know and when there is no different I don't know the players well they do a solar city but Windiz exact same right I mean this is the exact same sham winner. You have had a sesame Escude have have we had these guys in your party your defense here block in this have you tried to Tracy that money to make the case that. You know this is and I use that term loosely but you know laundering an its finest. You know while we really having gotten into the source of funding for these projects although I mean at the end of the day most of these projects are. Are taking advantage of tax credits which also ultimately comes out of the pockets of the taxpayers and actually if it was evident expert wasn't a look at. Plus W Madani reviewed a look at C you know who's making those contributions to Wear like you know businesses this this is the company that's trying to piece of land and Summers. And and try to tie connection to the countries and we have not done that. Glad if I could just did this in the application for this project ultimately is seeking a certificate of need. That is essentially what the siting board will issue for a project to be constructive certificate of need. And part of that equation is the the way the financial and the cost benefits to. On the ratepayers and so when India and application is ever filed. We will certainly going to a deep dive to to push back on that. To make sure that there is a very strong evidence before a financial. Impact the ratepayers is it as a means to defeat him block a certificate of need being granted I think the other important point him to make here. On Somerset is unique in the sense that we have been host to a just rebel base load generation facility. 675. Megawatt coal fired power plants Somerset plant. For the last thirty years and it is am looking at its Andes is the governor has. Just recently issued emission standards which are absolutely unattainable in new York and well it's fairly meaningless in terms of reducing carbon footprint in any way shape or form since there's only two operating plants in the state left to Somerset in Cuba. The governor gets to carry the Montrae that he has killed coal. As part of a you know campaign message I'm sure it will hear moving forward I think the other important point to make here is that. You know upstate New York is being. Who relied upon in this plan in the scheme. To bear the hundreds of thousands of acres that are going to be needed. To be impact. Acted by these industrial wind turbine projects and the solar projects and none of this power none of it is needed upstate New York we've got a Hydro facility. It is operate at about 65% capacity. You know what should have been going out and what the governor actually acknowledge back in 2012. When his first energy our primary was set forward was a great transmission. To maintain local homegrown energy production in New York State and local homegrown jobs like at Somerset and it can you. And it Huntley and and although Somerset is a vintage 1980s plant and certainly not in the same. You know realms in terms of emissions can issues that deal that were partly by the governor should have been in it you know investing money in upgraded transmission so that upstate power plants. Could produce and could compete in the market to get the power works needed in the state which is in New York City instead we run extension cords from Hydro put back. From coal plants in New Jersey. And meanwhile we have workers in men men and women and families impacted communities impacted. By the closure of numerous plants and now there's no opportunities for re powering. It's just an all renewable agenda or nothing and I think that's really what's the most the most you know immediate idiotic. Yeah scheme that that I can't come to grips with. Well we'll be nothing because these things not producing energy so in the next hour we have a hold of an hour ago folks of state to data 39 realist art 930. We've talked about the economics and get a little bit into the dollars and cents of this because we are already as a state paying 50% higher than the national average when it comes utility constable talked more about the as we come back and join us again. 8030930. And start 930 that the financing guys will be right back here whole other hour ago and is ready at 930 WB. The following is paid programming security's effort to pick brokerage LLC member funeral SIPC investment advisory services offered through independent solutions wealth management the financial guys an independent solutions are not an affiliate depict brokerage services LLC the political views and should not reflect the views of peak brokerage issue was not intended to provide specific vehicle tax investment or other professional advice please consult a professional for your specific situation this radio shows for informational purposes only and is not intended to solicit or recommend any particular security information discusses obtained from sources believed to be reliable but its accuracy and completeness or not guaranteed. Financial guy. It's the finance. Registered right. We services LLC. You welcome back you've got to punish you guys our number two your IDs ready at 930 WBE enemy host today Glenn wiggle and Ron Moscow in for Michael was here. And now we're doing to win those Joseph today and I guess we're gonna probably. Do the show again I would think it probably sometime over the summer. The phone lines are jam to somebody hangs up that your you'd call an 80309 Rio. And start 930 of course attacks line is always open at 3930 S three's yeah 930. I should mention by the way that he is the the funeral today for former First Lady Barbara Bush so. Somalia recipes to to a great firstly who took the position and it was class certainly. So. Anyhow I'll we've got two great guests to you today and I wanna think Mary Kay Barton for helping to put this together she'd be great job and and rounding up a number of experts years so. Mary Kate Bart of course has studio as mentioned a Somerset supervisor Dan anger and studio. New York State attorney a former New York State attorney general Dennis bako studio. And the founder of clear skies over orange bill and senators George Kathy Orr in studio. A lot of risk though right Moscow as much as a thank you all for joining us through it certainly appreciate you taking time out on Saturday afternoons thing. Let's let's talk on the phone lines back up and in the and I want to talk some about the economics and if he if somebody hangs up and in his keynote and a chance to call and I'd love to hear from a proponent. Of win I really. I know is it's hard when these effects are just not your side but. You know I'd like to to know wise is it worth the economic cost. Two to save yo quote unquote the environmental or for the global warming of course you know 42 degrees in Western New York in an almost made but. You know is that like just what is the argument. For building these wind mills they're not in my mind. They're not producing the power that third provost. There's really never breakeven of these things I mean all the breakevens studies I've seen say well weathered and is it goes to saved it for solar by the way. Well you should breakeven between fifteen to twenty years. Except he admitted lifespan of the things is like ten to fifteen years or so. I don't know that there ever of that ability to bring them. But I want to talk also about the energy cost of what this would do. To your local energy bill. There's the the the claim is that energy prices will drop right so you should see precipitous decline it what you pay for energy. But Mary Kay that that does seem to have happened without the research I've seen. Now in fact exactly the app that is opposite is true. In 1999. We're paying about thirteen point three cents a kilowatt hour for electricity and now. Last time I checked it's about nineteen point eight cents. That's up 50%. Near ex date is are ready. About 50%. Higher. Average electricity rates than the rest of the nation. Which we shouldn't have been because. We have such reliable sources of Hydro. In this state. And indeed the whole ironing at this whole Porsche does when they started. Near state was starting getting almost 50%. Of our electricity. From emissions free sources. 30%. From nuclear. And over 19%. From high major role in 1% from all other renewables which included wind solar geothermal wood biomass. And now. Billions and billions of dollars later. Eight I you know almost twenty years later. They just recently came out with a an article saying that were opted. 28%. Renewables now except most of that is Hydro they just. So we can't stop the output from Hydro and we're still at only 3% from all other renewable. Right but now they wanna close down nuclear and our closing. Excess and they're dreaming because when does not provide base load capacity that it has no firm capacity. You're gonna have people freezing to death that this is what they do. And that's already happening over in the UK where this push for renewables they've had 48000. People die over the winner. Because they've had an exceptionally cold winners this year. And there that they've made their power grid so unreliable. It it's ridiculous. Germany and Spain. You know that that's true what President Obama put forth as the you know the postmark. The poster child for renewables they're paying four times. For the rate for electricity that were paying why Governor Cuomo would we want to emulate that. Well and I think the other important point there Comerica is that there has been absolutely zero. Coal plants that have been shuttered in Germany as a result of that even though Germany has been the their building are absolutely because they there has not been one. Natural gas or coal facility anywhere in the world in all time that has been shut down or displaced by when project it's not happened it never has happened and that will happen. And I think the other point to I want to make sure it would your listeners were aware of land and I know you mentioned the the scenic views that you were used to traveling down through Wyoming county. It's it's also important to note that is the industry has found that. They're needing it needing to go into all different areas and in parts of the state. Whether or not they have good route wind resources are not they're transferring these these offshore models these 70800. Foot models. And they're putting them in two on shore. Projects and the the turbines height in and now while we county are approximately. Anywhere between three and an 85 feet 402 feet. In order to put the that determines that they're proposing in the late house when project by apex clean energy in Somerset and Yates. These are proposed to be greater than 600 feet tall. They would be the largest structures outside of New York City anywhere near state that's to me it's it's inconceivable. That the skyline. The shoreline of Somerset a rural town in upstate New York. Who would absolutely dwarf. The skyline of Toronto which sits rate across the lake from us we can see trial. At night and clear tonight with into the set the skyline. The lights and we would dwarf that richest in concede that's pretty. That that would exist you know these unblinking. Huge structures is just it's inconceivable. So I don't bill let me let lifetime is expired. Who's in charge of removing it. Well if you ask me policy maker in Albany they say that they've carefully considered this and they will require that the developer doesn't. A prominent wind attorney admitted at a local government workshop meeting I was at when pressed by any students on board member. That in the end if when developer abandoned the project for whatever reason quote unquote the landowner will be liable. What happens when they go bankrupt yes exactly so I mean when one of the points that this raises is. That the initial developer that the developer that comes in and takes advantage of the tax credits typically is not the developer that then maintains the project. Once it's been constructed because they sell they monetize it they wanna get out so. The disease municipalities even the municipalities that are favorable towards these projects. And embraced the initial developer sooner or later they find that the project is being managed by somebody. They don't know and probably an international company so I think when the were there a big question that you run pose is what happens these projects I mean. Gil and I I I live in southern new Connie and I you know as I was a driving here this morning. Thing about this program you know the landscape of southern colonies is is riddled with old. Gas wells that were were drilled. Thirty years ago with the promise of great royalties big royalties. And now that the wells have gone dry that they're nuts up there that efficient any longer but yet the infrastructure of the well because the companies that drove it are gone. Where they've sold off the assets and NEC these these these twisted metal remnants of these wells but. The difference is the third 700 feet this. This guy there they're much closer to the metal woods Soria leaders there you know approximately six feet tall so it's not the end of the world I'd certainly be nice movement. You know there's a big difference between that and a 600 you know what our you know that Oakland but we're we're not talking about 1600 foot. We're talking about 7600. Foot dollars in a town small town in upstate New York that's precisely 20000. Swear it's you know square mile on. Speakers what are the environmentalists on these things because we know when when we were talking about building a piece rate which we still cannot do after twenty some odd years of talking about it. Right mean that we all the plans we have we did the contest the Buffalo News and we've picked that you know illnesses to deficits and we gonna build. But goals the Arctic terror the Arctic turn urges somehow Clinton navigator around this fixed structure even though they're able to fly around trees or buildings. The artist turned could not figure out ways somehow according to environmentalists to be able to navigate this steel fixed structure. Howard birds like docs birds of prey hawks have a big dot Connor being outdoorsman. Obviously. A lot in the Alabama swaps on better known as the record national wildlife refuge which is you know now that far from Somerset you know just. As the bird flies a stone furcal it right there's a project looming there too bland. While that would destroy that whole area I mean you're talking about taking it a federal wetlands right federally protected wetland your record national wildlife refuge. And and dropping a windmill having you miles or just you know make it parking lot that I mean. Well I like to stick to your multiple of two to your point plan. You the the of one of bird that you left off of your litany. Was bald eagle on of it engaged amazingly. Amazingly in in quite frankly you know that it it it's shocking to me that. US fish and wildlife. Has come out with what they refer to as an acceptable. Bald eagle kill. Four of these industrial wind turbines to think about it think about where we were forty years ago a doing everything that we could to. Preserve and save the bald eagle. And now we have for a US government agency in the face of these wind turbine projects these renewable energy project chicken that there's an stopped all bald eagle hill. It just in to. And kept it buttress. Since its debut with official I live by a group of Pete for. The most part I do it is that it is a US agency but it goes back to what I said a few moments ago. That we would not letting the marketplace pick the winners and losers were letting the politics of energy. Pick the winners and losers thirst there are communities in New York State. That watch these projects. But article ten was not designed to encouraged that the the developers. To seek out those communities I mean there's. There's a project in in such talk with Tony Cassidy is metric this week they had a large caravan I think and there's your Friday. With the New York steep but up as they please providing resources to move these gigantic trucks from the old both on site where the turbines restored. Down to should talk a pony down route to nineteen. To get to the site of the the construction. Cast big watch this project that that towel on one of this project. Article ten should be designed to encourage the municipalities. Like cas today yeah that embraced these projects and wanna do a deal with the the developers. So that the developers gravitate to those communities instead of invading communities like Tony Yates in the town of Somerset anatomically and on the other end of Lake Ontario. Where these projects. Are not wanted. On behalf of my friends who live in Kansas and they get that I'm in touch with I can tell you that not all the people link as the days go on the sprouts. I would think so. I guess is that they go to the swap of putting on the waiters and tried you know can get ducks for the for the fry pan out testimony dwindle away from applause guy. When it Eddie refreshing if our government. Had that did it cost benefit. Glad Leon these projects and maybe then. I think you know you tears to your question about worthy environmentalists stand on this I think it's important to know. That tremendous amounts of environmental organizations and groups that have com I'll. In in staunch opposition to lighthouse when project tonight I you know I can think of the the bird conservancy. The the Rochester birding association the Audubon. I can't call of the names of my head but the our our community group that is mostly made up both it's entirely made up of constituents in. In the towns of Somerset Yates. They have worked very diligently to hold meetings and to educate these communities across state across Western New York. Who were very much opposed to this project because of the impact. It has. The bird migration. In and around Somerset and and also the the implication that they believe. It's going to have moving forward as if one development is successful on the shoreline of Lake Ontario. It's gonna continue and so I know that there's a number of them and and maybe. Somebody who's calling in can recall the names but there's just recently coalition that it was formed in theirs there was upwards of twenty different organizations. From here throw the state and even national organizations who the U the used to but the bird conservancy. Group rank this this is national conservative group ranked it is the one of the top ten worst cited projects in the entire world. So that is the the impact it has had. So the the environment committee has been very much split on this issue which is not usually the case. Usually they are pushing the way through the halls of Albany. To press through their agenda and at no cost that this one has been a bit of applause because of its location and reliably immaterial. But yet it's still seems to Fonda fears and you know so. I've got to get very short commercial break and and just kind of reset here for second when we come back we will go back to the phone to take your calls so if you want to weigh in. Yet questions for former New York State attorney general Dennis taco or Somerset supervisor. And anger or or Mary Kay Barton or Kathy or. Or right and I get financial questions all mass vote we will. Open the phone lines again we come back from the break and rolled right field if you need us throughout the week folks again I do and mention that we have a a team of investment professionals that we've assembled. So the over the last twenty years has taken us twenty years to fulfill the vision that we had. For our office here for the financial guise of western new York and that is to provide a one stop shop for all your financial needs whether it's. You know college playing a retirement planning or estate planning. Or women in that state we have a veteran's program which you Blanchard for 57 program which is a specifically designed for our police officers in New York State. A troopers. And as so much more health insurance forward okayed Medicare independent Medicare. Ages if you if you are 65 or older or turning 65. You know don't necessarily have to waste your time shopping and going all these different places it needs of the senators certainly do if you want to and then more power to you but. If you wanna commit to talk to one person can Connolly in my a lot of money. Just give us call the office 63315 with five and 6331550. Are very short break. Would come up with the calls and questions 803093 on starting thirty you've got the financial guys on legal and Ron Moscow in for Michael Lewis. Right here on usury at 930 WB. Welcome back you've got a funny to guys when we're going to run last go in for Mike what was your views reunited thirty WBZ. And we are talking win today. Irish. So I can only imagine the sound that would be living anywhere near one of these things and obviously all sorts of health risks and and documented issues throughout the entire world not just not just to keep apart but. Anyway you know the economics these things just don't work the aesthetics don't seem to me to work. You know there's all sorts of long term issues and I'm not really been thought very well through. And guys obviously we're we're we're talking about via out of tax people and and we kind of looked economic get effects of an hour. We've got some great I guess is doing yard run out again very quickly Summers at supervisor Dan angered former New York State attorney general Dennis bako. The founder of clear skies over orange village save Ontario assures Kathy or. And finally Mary Kate Barton who helped organize this entire shows a big thank you to all of you for joining us today and a special thank you know Mary Kaye for open court native what does the other. If I could I'd like to write the follow him before Beckett calls if somebody hangs up to the beer you'd call an 8030930. And start 930. Let's go to David Pendleton who I believe might be pro win if you're pro wins I'd like to hear from you. As to why you are pro and as kind of what your thoughts are. And you know whatever supporting an information gap so David Pendleton new alive with a fine if you guys and to be the end or. Good. And little mistake I used to be pro and when I first heard about these things. And that's great you know industry sustainable non polluting quiet. I want to invest in these companies or started doing research. Iran numbers. About it these things destroy our. Very. Unreliable doesn't reduce pollution one is one of the most expensive ways to reduce power there it is. By that book of energy production races are electric bill every time these damn things that are trying to choose what's right. That's right our ticket New York is here. I get to consider retirement you call home and and more. And I'm really glad people are finally getting it cinema to speak up I thought I was all alone. Well glad to hear you you thank you for calling in I really do appreciated and you know obviously is investment professionals. We get questions and calls all the time about it what do you think about the solar company that's all company. And you know I have yet to Iowa and I'm not saying that some of the funds that we owner or things in our portfolios don't have some of these things somewhere in there let's but it being need to effort index or otherwise but. You know when I looked at the the you know the financial perspective you know the the the dollars and cents they are making money I mean. I obviously if you don't invest in the business one of the best in the business that's profitable as making money ideally. A business make money by navigate sometimes through losses for years before they make money Twitter FaceBook many on Amazon right. But he looks numbers with these solar or wind. Then they're never gonna make money like there's especially without the the energy subsidies there is no profitability at the end of the of the startup period. Least and that's not what justifies. We'll glad I think one of the most important. Comments that I paper over the last four years that really. Rings true what you're saying is that one of the biggest investors. Warren Buffett in these in these industrial wind projects worldwide. Set a very simply there is only one reason to invest in these and that is subsidies periodic products that are that is the only reason he he's he's he's repeatedly stated that. Over the years that that is the one and only reason. That it makes any sense to invest in these it's the protective production tax credits. That's right and and that's how gee you know one years may forty billion dollars with a B and profit and paid virtually no. Federal income taxes it because you're you're gathering up all these energy credits. And and so. You know without those energy credits none of these companies not a lot of them. I have seen is anywhere close. To profitability now one element so if you look at the peer you know economic standpoint. The business structure of the models themselves don't make sense but when you look at the cost to consumers. As you actually played out Dave we dollar 50%. Over the the the national average and and I think going higher unfortunately are getting a very short break again if you wanna join us in 03930 start it thirty. We come back we'll right back the phones here again if you need us about the week's extra 31515. He's got the client you guys let wriggle around Los go bright backyard is ready at 930 deputy. I'd love that you've got the guys on the look on Moscow as well my close friends reunite thirty WB yet again folks if you beat us throughout the week if you think like us uses as a resource. 6331515. 633. 1515. We have the entire team of investment professionals and insurance professionals. I'm both the life and the health insurance side that can assist you so and use as a resource about it for a complimentary consultation. That's 6331515. Before we go back the phones on an issue again in 0309 realized our 930. As somebody hangs up that will be your cute to colony of organized Rio. And start 930 Ron I want to go to you just for a second to give your chance to shine in units sent me a great article here from. Looks like this was a British paper the Daily Mail the Daily Mail holiday and they listed a number of a fallacy select uninteresting was you know how I think a holiday as the the birthplace of the went all right it is yes but. There are taken down like the British sailors and assault at work and happy and get ready of these things or look at a freeze to death threat. Yeah absolutely and I think there's certain find out that you know the difference between. 200 years ago farm haven't dwindled to pump water out of the ground is a little bit different than trying to use it to provide electricity. Yes no doubt. The economics of these things just simply don't work there's no way. You can get around and I mean it is what it is right so when you look at. You know the cost of these things costs of operating costs of purchasing. It just doesn't make sense without the energy crisis and I just pulled up a quick articles about the break is to go back all the way to 09. And Forbes magazine talking about this Brian Driscoll 57. Is constantly thinking about saving the planet he wears a bracelet that revised to do one thing every day. So he was looking to put it by the way too. Reduce energy costs because he was getting gouged in if Connecticut and nineteen cents per kilowatt hour much like we're gonna go out here in the market nineteen cents a kilowatt hour. But the 121 foot turbine that he was looking to put up runs 500000. Dollars. ABC the average output would only come into it 18%. Of peak output so to your point Mary Kay about. You know peak output is a is a is a fantasy right now of these states or even. Are are not even really doing more than a quarter of the peak output this was 18%. At 18%. His savings would be 30000 dollars a year. So let's just do enough for second 30000 dollars a year 500000. Dollars to install it. OK that you're never breaking even right into it's they do you know the sixteen to eighteen years to even come close to breaking even. If if it last of that blog and course they don't. And Glenn man at the infuriating piece about the uses. You know if people wanted to put up the small wind turbines on their property in the solar panels are doing now. If they were paying for them with their own money. Nobody would have an issue with it but that's not what's happening. The rest of the rate payers foot the bill. Fer you know they get probably nicer to probably forks over probably a third of the cost at least of those projects. To the people they can afford their share. So what's the poor guy that can afford it that's paying for the rich guy to put that is smiled when Miller. Solar panels on its has roof I don't know it's always benefits the rich. And what this company it would this would this particular example the taxpayers who knows what the bill for 83%. Of this guy's window 83%. So the federal government picked up 150000. The state of Connecticut. A clean energy fund picked up the other 263. So taxpayers pick up 83% of the cost. Now this guy's writing a six million dollar company. He's not pour but now the taxpayers at the federal and the state level just basically gave him free energy but what they pay for the window to go up on his behalf good. I think another important point to make and these as well is that the the developer not only benefits from the production tax credits and tax payers fun that. But then on the back and the ratepayers who were also taxpayers. Are taking it in their utility bill because the state requires. The utilities to purchase their electricity from renewable sources so this summer for example this past summer 2017. The utilities you know went to the public service commission said. Eight I think it's important that the consumers the rate payers can articulate and understand. Exactly how much is there bill is being passed because your making us. Purchase on reliable power that that affects the the grid and put money into the screen banks of the week and welcome work. Renewable developers to command and take over communities that don't want them. And the public service commission after careful consideration issued a ruling and said. Now we're not going to allow that because it would be too confusing to the ratepayers of New York State if your favorite if if they were to get the truth. And see exactly how much they're paying Natalie in tax credits but how much are paying in there in their monthly utility bill it's it's it's a scheme that goes all the way around the circle line it's amazing. And it's not as a tough talking about like entrepreneurial. Small businesses that are putting up Windmills are talking about companies like General Electric okay. Those of the companies that are getting these huge amounts of credit so that they can earn forty of the forty billion dollars they earned it one year and they paid zero. So early transfer scheme that is or what or else can you learn over time percent on your money. How we get together I mean this is that this is obviously a topic that I would I would believe that Republicans. And Democrats could get together right any. We from a logic standpoint he was thinking people who look at so the witnesses say okay this is a good for anybody except for. The large corporation like G-Unit simply or Warren Buffett that simply buying these types are building these things up with the tax credits that are involved. Like it's. Go I can tell you the reader Republicans and Democrats and independents all united in in in the town summer so I can assure you of that. Against this project is the problem is is that. You know the the the governor has picked upstate small towns in upstate New York which he. You know loses in every election and could care less about. To basically be the you know that that the same universe for this and the benefit New York City I read an article this just this past week council person New York City. Who essentially said in an op Ed. That the upstate. Rural communities are just gonna have to get used to this they're gonna have to just deal with this because this is the way of the future this is what we need to do when you need to do your part. To save the planet and you know and it's it's funny these environmentalists are right these op Eds. In New York City and Albany know that they never ever ever have to live anywhere near any one of these projects. Meanwhile a New York City they're call vote proposing giving the lights. To protect the you know the the birds just things like that as except here he wants to build you know 600 plus wind mills was blinking red lights out of mysteries. Let's go to the foes of we could let's go to what Gary Williams though Gary you are alive but is ready at 930 thank you for facial anyway. You guys are frequency areas where these would have bills are and right in the middle of them as shelter our level I don't but this linking. Are all structure required to have lighting. Second question there's two types of lighting their sticker gliding in the Arabian light. Now according to the FAA is circular. Seventy forward slash seventy or sixty IL. Any structure over 200 feet. Has to be registered with he had made a habit as big a registry number. It's and the owner of the structure is to be hosted at the first point of public access are they all in all the regulation. Take that well I don't I don't know if they are now but I think that what Gary raises it is a very valid point about the impact and an aviation. You know week. We every so often we go through some anxiety in this community over the perspective closure of the air base up in Niagara Falls that was staining its evolving mission in and you know the takers are bad in the C 130s are gone and now you know now Joan mission. But that is not necessarily. A a long term guarantee. That the air base with the all of its employment and all of its positive impact that our. Economy here Western New York remains there or for that matter. Fort Drum up in Watertown with an enormous deal multi billion dollar impact on the economy up in the north country. What we know. And and again we've been in contact because we are we're presenting Olympus Mathias we're representing. Communities that are opposed to these projects. So we have been in contact both with folks at the night air base. And at Fort Drum. Who have clearly come out against these projects because of the certainly in in. Four trump because of the impact that these projects have I'm radar and flight operations so. You know that that Gary raise a good point about you know how these these towers are eliminated for the safety protection. Of aviation buddy goes deeper because it may raises the real substantial issue about the the efficacy. Of these military bases that are located here in New York State and contributed mightily to the economy of upstate New York. If those bases are jeopardized because of the of the states' decisions to suck dislike these projects the next time there's a base closer to closure commission. These bases are going to be scrutinized. Your brother are you talking about for jobs being lost for everyone picked up in it for these windows that's the statistics that I ran around. Because of lost opportunity in other. Types of of real projects in real energy production. Look Glenn that's another player I mean these these projects old they bring seven 700 foot towers to these localities. But they don't bring jobs they don't bring jobs there's no judge an orange bill did they take away the land date date date if impact the than the natural beauty of the shoreline of Lake Ontario and they bring no jobs. Well not only that that is what jobs that they do bring in fact one of the projects up in the north country. Other actually suing because the that that the workers at the are being brought in from Texas yet it'll almost certain auto state they're not even New York's they're not even New York based employees and it's just. Is it really is a scam. 300 Nate turbines in Wyoming county five towns there is no jobs that I am more Arab may be coupled burden bad picker rappers but that's about it. Our that is sad I really think about it bringing in you know good people from other states. You know there's been any economic impact is his and that is negative I mean it's it's hurting us. And and who wants the population of Wyoming counting. Is continued the clip decline in direct correlation with the end up and installation of wind factories there. While the county they keep Tanya all of this is good for the economics of the area. The county tax rate is increased by over 85%. And direct correlation. With the installation and the wind factories there. I haven't heard from anybody heard from one person called the show ones and it turns out she was a paid spokesman for the energy Wendell company's shock. I seriously. But not one single person that I know of has legitimately said here's what I've been in my here's my utility bills gone doubters but I saved or. Or here's a job and networking users right. I sing in excess of signaling has been able to. Without a conflict of interest in being on the payroll of these companies but able to demonstrate that. Post with a focus that we can Gary pick a spot for the call we appreciate it let's go to John in Rochester results in two hours. Well everybody played a little older I'm statistic somewhere realized from this but you know. On the other side note I do a lot of traveling and leg when he goes to slow or Wyoming county. Or did Tug hill plateau near Watertown. Play they're magnificent structures say there are to me they would try to cold blood. When Harry's dad. This thing that bothers me in my hostess. That tax credits in the subsidies. Is that is disaster for our economy. Also honesty. Well local and so literal level and really this unbelievable it's -- government would subsidize. These two losers like. This is tumbling only subsidized losers that's all the government does yeah they never pick winners. I've I've yet to see the government invested like. An apple or Amazon or a Google or or or a company making money they never there always is vesting of these losers it's unbelievable to me. And that I was sit that is Democrats Republicans we would all be able to get together and Edmonds and fight back and basically see no more corporate welfare period. No more corporate welfare Democrats hate corporations right so why would they wanna continuously. Promote politicians. They're going to take their money and handed over to a company like General Electric I don't get it. Well I got a question for Dennis senator earlier you mentioned that though Wellesley landowners and Summers utterly police brutality what wealthy land owners learn New Orleans Tai it's one of the poorest county in the state. Did you name him. Well I I don't know if I said that but you know that they're look they're our property owners that are interested in this because of the promise of revenue that comes from the royalty payments of the lease payments. So I understand and I mean there's property owners that own large tracts of land. They really don't care about how. That the these projects that are gonna go on their land where those property owners benefit from these projects economically. They really lead the net all that concerned about there there are neighbors in the surrounding. Bit municipality so it you know what would we do a lot of presentations at what this with eyes through the the farm bureau and we go out there we talk about how. You know these projects have spit the the the real economic impact and lay and yet you're so well. You know these large property owners and a lot of them are farmers and I come from a farming family so I understand it all the we have none of these projects. And our property. But I so I understand that the desire TJ gain additional revenue but they're not looking at the long view. As to how these projects impact the value of their property in the value their neighbor's property so. In an in my estimation if you did the math to pull the string all the way through. The value that these property owners burned from the royalty payments or lease payments is outweighed by the did munition of the property value. Yeah I think you're probably right there. I've seen no articles. I'm netted it kind of sort of the reverse split property values are enhanced it certainly. A demand. Well to put these. That that article was written by the wind industry economic strength of that. It was like cobol himself and who go figure. Properties in Orange sellers selling over 30% below their assessed values thank you and thanks joined energies 58 turbine project there in those turbines are only 436. Feet tall. And then. Apex up life insurance at Lake Ontario has stated that if the projects that approved. They intend on going with the tallest models available at the time and they are well over 800 feet tall now. And you know when you buy it if you're buying property along Lake Ontario on guy I'm guessing that you're buying it for the view right having you wanna live on the on the water on the on the way again. Or up in a general region you wanna be on the country. You know you're not doing it because it's convenient to run down the street to the to the grocery store because you got to a great downtown nightlife you're doing it because you wanna be on the country. And so to put those there. Just again it did to me is like the it really a thought the guy of New York State taxpayers and yours it residents most of the the phones let's try to sneak as many as possible again if you wanna join us 8030930. Start at 930 Francona saw 100. 6169236. Still waiting for that elusive pro wind person to make their case I thought we had but what Dan Dave before. He turns out that once you start looking in the things a very quickly came to the realization. That these are not economically feasible of course is now on our side. Navigator from Italy tennis out today shows appear out there if you can make a case I'd love to hear it it'll be a nice feel started thirty. We're gonna blow off this last break in an effort to get as many causes possible but if you need us throughout the week again we do manage money for a living whether your 40 okay. Whether you own a business and you Neitzel and helping with the 41 K you're liable for that now obviously you know. Thanks to a government regulation. But we also have you know health insurance expert independent Medicare experts we have college planning a retirement planning estate planning. A certified financial planners chartered financial analyst certified college. Experts. Minnesota so for us or by Social Security. But Clinton strategist and many more are missing matters program and a police officer program. If you've got minority health insurance or like pitchers we can help your calls the opposite which we will violent. This extra 35050 I've backed the phones will go to pan am and barker. Tammy are alive with the financial guise of the BB yen how are you it's that you so literally. I'm fine thank you I wanted to mention I happen to see presidency of Ontario assured the opposition group said. In the town of Somerset and armed eighth. I want to first thank on CNN and also you know jump I'm I know is not enough. Programmer or John regions from Sally Yates but they are doing everything in the air power to fight the project. Or as their constituents and ask them to and in the death mentioned he does represent the town now as well. Say. You tell a lot of important place to help protect. You know our citizens and that's huge. Looking at setbacks. On the noise limits also. Setting this whole project. Push it back three miles from the shoreline US Fish and Wildlife Service has stated in a letter may of twice fifteen. That this project would have the very severe impacts to the area and they said they have recommended. Before that time that wind energy project be constructed at least three miles from the shoreline of the Great Lakes. In their entirely to reduce the risk so there's information out there they've done a radar study in the area and have shown that the migratory birds and rafters. Are flying right through the windswept theory of relatively. All of these industrial wind turbines. I know Guillen mentioned the coalition that we formed called power coalition. It's protecting Lake Ontario waterfront firemen police sources and that is a very diverse group. Different different members that have come together at poses so then it really makes a strong statement that it's not. People who are living in our two communities but. See this as an issue from around the state and the country and it is important to protect. Our natural environment a lot of people are very concerned about that as well and other citizens yeah no question that and I do want to point out that a lot of time. Anybody who is in opposition. To these projects for whatever reason. They claim that they are being funded by fossil fuel interest. Well because we don't have enough information and neither of those statements it's true. We that there are a lot of people that are putting time and their own money. Into. Making sure this doesn't happen because it shouldn't. Laugh because we don't have enough information because we have. Too much. So I appreciate your your comment spam and you know I want to circle back and coming you made that did Dan kind of echoed earlier. That you know this is you know in in the town of Somerset there's conservatives or Republicans or Democrats. That are all posted this right independence this is a kind of a nonpolitical issue where everyone or at least a bipartisan group of folks. Seems to wanna opposes but. I guess my question do you have any reviewed and is. And not to dig to the voting but. I mean the only way to stop this from happening as we get to governor Como I think that's pretty obvious is so if you're a Democrat on one of these committees that you're trying to block this from happening. Maybe the first and you should consider is picking a different governor win election rolls around because. I don't know if anything short of that is really going to change this constant onslaught and that's not Somerset. It'll be a different community and at different times or else right but it's gonna move community to community using that title that they are around this stuff. That this thing I don't think Governor Cuomo has a lot of stand. No matter what side that you're sitting on right now we. Are all of our armed social media goes out we have some Governor Cuomo you know hash table keep fighting that they've kept. I mean this this is just. It's really bad eye opening that would. The damage to to another point that I'd like to bring up as a local represented lieutenant governor Kathy Opel has been absolutely. Done nothing to to give doesn't year to the governor's office and all that and you've reached out there are numerous occasions and and we just don't seem to be able to get any traction to be able to have a sit down conversation. He doesn't respond to letters he doesn't respond. Two requests for meetings. The only people that he meets with are the lobbyist and the developers and that's the most frustrating thing for the local community groups is. You know we you know damage in a number of local citizens on there on in on I'm a short notice try to go and and just to speak to the governor to to let him see. People on the ground and and how it's impacting their community. And to be pushed away by state troopers are not allowed to be even anywhere near room. It's it's it's very frustrating and I know that I'm I'm speaking for Pam did to some degree there but I think she would agree it's been frustrating. To not feel we get the ear of the governor particularly when you know lieutenant governor hopeful is is a local Western New York represented. Like I do have to say she did meet with us once it was a while ago she had the impression that this project with plated. In Lake Ontario not on the shores so you don't do try to educate we are gonna try to meet with her again but I we'll see what happens. Well and Eric and it goes back to what you say gland that I'll. It's not just along the shorelines a Lake Ontario. It's it's every community at it's not a citing its Hugh. The fact is industrial wind is a massive consumer fraud. That is ripping off all New York State taxpayers and ratepayers it's doesn't work no matter where you put it. 1450. Megawatt combined cycle gas unit. Located at New York City where they actually need the power. Would provide more power than all of New York State's installed wind factories combined. At a quarter of the capital costs and that doesn't even include. All the new lines that are gonna have to run across a state declaring more eminent domain all over the place. To get the power to New York City and that's all going to be reflected. And every single New York State. Ratepayers bills. Mary cam got to put that new commercials OK with it's okay with me. You've disarmed Saddam and that one statement right there you just Pam thank you so much for joining us appreciate it and let me sneak in one more call for Canada just about a minute left so to try to sneak in Judy from Avon. Just very quickly Judy if you give me your comments please. Yeah I'll be very very wet just a couple months ago that democratic chronicle. Retrain it relief from high numbers from Cuomo's office regarding. Commercial two point seven. Megawatt. Well commercial solar fields and Sullivan county which in the cap hill. If you take that data from that article the numbers that aren't there and just the simple man all the way bureau. You'll find that there's 350. Back in theory. In net solar projects they're using electricity. 350. Eric Wright and 7000. People in the county looks 305. C. Out though how well they're benefiting from the State of New York gave one point three million dollar according to the art well. To the company to put this man that's crazy commitment credit that the grant monies that come in. Judy I got to cut job umpire my apologies but thank you for Burnett thought I appreciate what this enough for a future show thank you all for joining I'd really who appreciated that and angered. Dennis bako Kathy or a Mary Kay Barnes thank you all for being a part today show America a special things you put it the other thing you. You think you that's driven us you've got it best way for folks get in touch with the user lefty template really quick Mary Kay. There's a number of excellent web sites save Ontario sure is to stay abreast of what's going on with those folks alliance for wise energy decisions dot org. Also. National wind Blatche dot org follows the wind issue. Internationally. And also wind. Action fantastic thank you so much I'll post all those two are FaceBook page as well as our Twitter feed and our website as the financial guys that come on behalf of my clothes and run Moscow I am glad little wee all the financial guys and we'll see you next week. Right here and he's reunited thirty WB and take.