4/21 Buffalo Means Business w/ Westermeier Martin Dental Care

Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, April 21st

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You're listening to buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB yen in this is where we hear from the businesses and services available in the buffalo area. You like to be on the program you can send me an email and Randy dot bushel for @entercom.com. With Maria amidst the act was administrator with westar Meyer Martin's dental care. And they've got some special doings but before we do that let's establish how long you guys have been here and where you lower because there a couple of locations stock about. Highly indeed. Well Lester mayor Martin don't care is been around in our community for quite awhile actually it started out with the current actor western Meyer's grandfather. He started out back in the thirties he graduated from UB dialed school in the thirties. Started this practice in south buffalo on his dad actually doctor Richard Lester Meyer. Practice also with. His dad says the two of them practiced for a while in south buffalo and then eventually they moved down to east to borrow in the seventies where. Our current doctor Lester fired scud is practicing with doctor Marten. So we've been around for three generations. And we like to say of course sector west Myers has three kids and one of them is in dental school now in the second when it's going next year so. It's really kind of a generational thing in you could say it's in the genes yes absolutely. Now where did locations officially so we have our our regional offices in Easter aura parade on main street right off the 400 and then two years ago. Actually I think yesterday was a two year anniversary we opened second office and Sheridan drive in. Emerson and that's rate between Miller sport in suite on. I'll case of very conveniently located at the very words aren't well yeah and now must have been kept busy and over the years things have probably changed just a little bit in how old. Well just normal operations right. Well you know prod. Hers is a beautiful thing in just like in medicine we hear all about the wonderful miracle cern medicine you know dentistry has just been. Exactly that same way there's so many interesting. Per aggressions in in not only the technology but also the techniques things that used to take us. Multiple. Visits now we can do in one visit. With catch him technology and we can actually take care of fixing a tooth in one appointment verses are numbers and again the materials are so great that you know people don't even have to know that you can't on the street and yes definitely some big strides in this nation end of this of the business Yasser I'm Collette you mention that because that's a huge part of so yeah you know of when actress started working with that actress catalyst admired his whole goal was to change people's perceptions of what going to the dentist with like. The casino as much as we'd like to talk about it I mean people don't typically love going to the ten straight there's some entity since there. Of anxiety and so he cited the chains like I say people's perceptions and so we try to do everything we can and two pleasantly disappoint people when they come so anything that they don't like. Like the people Telus the smells of the town offices where it gets them so. We sterilize year we actually people like in and it smells really Chinese citizens Milliken town losses. But like you mentioned sedation is that it's a beautiful Parton we have to from a solidly from. Just free nitrous oxide that against anybody who really needs it and asks for it all the way tea I'd be cities and that's administered by. Anesthesiologist. And it's just telling somebody the other day you know this decent so wonderfully typically people take the pill in our before their appointment. They're drift into the appointment. And it works so well a lot of them wake up afterwards thinking they mr. appointment they don't really remember much of anything so it's a wonderful. Wonderful thing for people who have. You level things right. Right now is especially. Those who may not have been there and in a wild winter and TO for awhile yeah that. That the proper maintenance is very important for a lot of reasons and a continually amazed at the the impact that it dentistry has on things like sleep apnea. For instance. Absolutely sleep apnea is. When the areas that we are very involved and also. In and it depends if you're mild to moderate sleep apnea weakened creates a mouth guard for you that actually opens the Airways and help CU. Overcome of those symptoms of sleep apnea. And that's a lot easier for a lot of people who knew him until then there may ask with all that your breathing incidents of. Now the main reason you're here is that you have. Something to do that you've been giving back to the community with for a number of years. He got so it's mayors around the corner even on May not look like it outside take you know. It's around the corner and so you know Randy we noticed. That monks are the ones who Ali's they take years and their families efforts there. 90% of all dental appointments and and health care when answers are done by man's. But we also noticed amounts typically put themselves the last everybody else gets taken care of and we decided to two under the mounds of our community and number of years ago actually. About ten now. And choose one to serving and give her special day so not only do we. Giver back a smile that we also surrendered to that she gets a beauty and beauty makeup in here. Make over two weeks NG two that's for midsize and facial. And then usually Wilson girls for overnight. And tuner for two and special place. Now Howard you register or have Whitney I guess moms themselves could put themselves up for. Registration finesse moms can typically it's done by a family member somebody who knows some. They would go to our website W and man smile Jack. An honor web site the witches fill out the registration form. They would have to upload to pictures. Line of their full face and then line of just. A closeup between under your nose in other nose and her chin that area there smile. So that we can really see what their teeth and look like. And please write to why you think that that this man you're now meeting is deserting. Unfortunately we've had to deuce. Counts. Previous. Nominations it didn't send pictures. Or didn't centuries and so please make sure if you're going to do that though both those things aren't there. And the SAT that's very important. We're with Maria amidst the act she's administrator western Meyer Marten dental care. And they have the two locations that we talked about earlier in the segment if you missed well you just have to listen back in. What kind of things he normally get from people when they submit as far as you know the reasons why they're doing this for their moms. Well usually it's good to serving ma'am that. Either through time aim or three U resources. Like money. Wouldn't be able to before it's too have have something like this time for themselves. And he knows the windy we know it's just really about looking good it's also about the health sectors so. It's giving you had infection or you have broken teeth in your mouth you have come infection. It not only stays in your mouth but it could travel satisfaction traveled stretch Euro by the so. We know not only can we make people look good that we can make them feel good we can make them healthy again and to weaken also. Give them the opportunity be able to -- that the kind of food that they need to so that they can maintain proper nutrition. So is there anything in particular that you're looking forward may be tips we can give people two to may be. Become the person who gets the special privilege. Well eats we really try to give this to somebody who. Who's really to serving typically we find dated somebody who. It's taking care of somebody else either through. You know an unfortunate turn of life or. You know illness or something but it's it's typically somebody again who is serving others. And they don't have a timer resource discern themselves. And has to be genuine you know we've we can pretty much. Sensed the authenticity and the genuineness and we just want to give it to somebody who's again. Who could really use. A break in life let's. Again the particulars so is WMS smile dot com is the start. It's W Emma smile looked Zach comes. And you can go to our website and and the information should be right there on the first page. An easy enough and and don't forget the pictures and yes they're tour and the NC very important. And that content starts on May first used to be able to see that and and at midnight on May eleventh. Great now the response from mud that jingle at. As long as we're talking western Martin Mayer I'll Muster Meyer Martan and smile yes that really is the jingle in the kind of says it all it's been pretty effective realignment. Well you know he has been very effective. Funny story we have. Followed dentist colosseum to audiences. Dang it I just cut by like singing your jingle in my answer. Our debts of so it's pretty effective but it tells the story you know if you look at you feel good. If you feel good use duke. We do well in life when we are confident with ourselves. When we field guide says it's it's that's what it's about. And wanna start anything but if you personally are getting work done as with Lester Meyer mark to tell you that your it's it's tale of that's in the Akers told countless children it's tight end up to quite get insulted to its schedule they're both excellent tennis actually we have. Sentenced in her office right now between two practices and honestly I would send my mom to any of them how does that that's Smart bets are genuine and. Your chair of the toughest on their way up. Now earlier we talked about sleep apnea as one of the things that dentistry can actually help with. And that diabetics to retire he talked and touched a little bit about that why that's so important too because the infections and things like that that you can get. Almighty and has taken care of properly. All right guys Shiites so. So we found dads went if you have a common facts in her periodontal disease it really ties affects diabetics in because diabetics have a little harder. A time of healing so really does affect diabetics. And I mean there's some very sobering statistics that are coming out of reach scientific research. For instance if you have come infects and you're much more likely to come down with alzheimer's. If you have come inspection to seize. You're much more likely to suffers stroke or heart attack those are really sobering. Sobering statistics and it has to do with chronic inflammation within your body can we now know and science tells us that if you have chronic inflammation your much more susceptible to. Diseases such ads. You know diabetes such ads alzheimer's such as heart attack stroke things of that nature so. We wanted to make sure we're yeah we're nice and healthy. So as we started out talking in this segment about just in general the changes. That the fact that so much is impacted my what you do or don't do with your team is just something that we've learned over the course of years. Absolutely and you know it's interesting in these days too I mean. We like we just had oral cancer we didn't free oral cancer screening in our practices and diner Jim Kelly on April 12. And you know that's another thing that tennis can definitely. Diagnose and and discover. Which is. A you know it's kind of one of those diseases that is under the radar and it's a really fast growing fast growing cancer. And especially in the younger population to two. In the pep Paloma virus. One more time before we go wanna make sure we get the word out about the mothers they make over that you have the information that they need to know is that the website primarily I. Yes so it's again it's WM west of mayor Byron W Emma smile at. Jack. Easy enough Maria pleasure Chad would you again and hope to have an accident. You're NT 3M it's the act she's administrator with western Meyer Marten dental care this is buffalo means business on news radio 930. WB EN.