4/21 Buffalo Means Business w/ Eckl's at Larkin

Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, April 21st

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This is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB and I'm Randy bush over the show is designed to shine a spotlight on local businesses a driving force in our lives and if there's a local business or service you'd like to. Hear from here on the program send me an email at Randi that bush over @entercom.com. Here with a couple of guests owner Jim Cornell from tackles and chef Andrew Marino and dad Jim start off with you a little bit of the background history for those who don't know about tackles. A good morning thanks for having us today. In tackles as a venerable. A hundred year old restaurant and it's in the south towns in the orchard park New York in fact. The Orchard Park location has been operation. Since January 1 of 1934. And among a number of offerings what do soon most well known for always be one of the originators of the beef and went sandwich. And you know that's become a staple of the buffalo restaurant communities days. But nonetheless we still have people flocking to a restaurant every day to have our particular affair. The beyond some the store has always been a comfort. Cozy family environment. It's. Then they'd be handled and some birdies fabrics and isn't it it generally has been home to too many families who. Often during the holidays when the kids returned returned to pound it seem folks the first place they go there's our restaurant that Matt home so. We had the opportunity to acquire. Tackles and a couple years ago from the vehicle family. He and we did it for a reason and there was that no buffalo has many venerable brands. That. All too often. Fade fade away and that it's a shame because so many of them should be saved. Articles certainly was one of those so. We have who owned the mark in center of commerce in downtown buffalo the end though we wanted to be able to build. A the signature restaurant in the Larkin center. When Nichols became available we said hey here's a great opportunity. We can acquire the Orchard Park location. Re establish. The business because it had been closed on for a little bit. And then using as a platform to be able to design and build. What is a 7000 foot. Big Brother version of knuckles. At polar consider. We're just finishing a restaurant now. And were happy to be able to. Take the original core menu and offerings. Of circles and Orchard Park. And amp it up a bit. And so I'm in addition to the you know traditional. Longstanding items of in the way Nichols prepared and the prime rib or roast beef and whack or lobster business. Or even our beef. Beef and I'm I'm work admirals. But in addition to those. Long standing offerings. We're building a stake trapped in seafood house around two so. It's it's a great venue have a lot of fun. We're we're positioned right at Larkin squared. So during the good weather we've simply open up the full view overhead doors. Right into the square so that people can enjoy their enjoy good good drink and good food and camaraderie. And not necessarily via the masses. Yep and you have brought on chest Andrew Marino to help along with that for those who don't know what a little bit about your background that back. Background Andrew how did you get into the business and know where or what have you been doing I tell you hooked up with these guys. Well I've been in the business released a 21 years my Sarah when I was six years old and from there it went to. To college it was very much for his restaurant and based when he saw him in kind of pretty committed to the business for a long time mounts. Pretty much become a passion or an obsession gallery that look at it. I'm real excited to bring on new a new brand to the to the echoes logo and trying to extend that. And amp it up a little bit I'm real excited about a lot of things we got going on we're gonna carry on. All the good standing things that were previously there were gonna build on those and offer something new and exciting I think the town stance on I'm excited it's going to be a lot of fun. And that's the shaft you have a certain specialty and how does that specialty match win vehicles plan. Well I'm I'm I'm mastered Jack of all trades a master and on I would say I'm I've studied pretty extensively and international cuisines so I have a pretty good. Farce a reach in all those different Tyson directions on the and a lot of fun pulling. And on those resources to a come up with some new and exciting things for the future. Let's. Now remember there's probably this is on and now that are still others you know modern and and fun and things they won't see anywhere else. We're going to be offering a lot of things in house made. That are going to be really extensive and and really exciting is there's a lot of places I really you know doing and go home in house made items we're going to be branching I'm doing more insulin manual evolve. So are they'll continue to be. Get exciting. Gadgets and has sneak peek at the menu and I noticed especially with the dressings for India for the greens and yes there's there's lots of homemade dressings and there's definitely some ones they and accuracy in and most places we're also doing a lot of healthy options as well. If you see on there is an area. And a sagging OG vinegar at. Which is which is definitely a new millennium type thing of addressing is actually better for you in the cylinder reading and and so it's kind of a fun concept. Other in that there's lot of great things that are going on there I'm excited about the Millard Fillmore avocado toast to be honest with you that's when I'm looking for the turn first. And that one that wonderfully tickle my fancy and there's oh Frank Lloyd Wright bone marrow overshadow that one looks. Outstanding as well even when I was eskimo coming up with these kinds of those certain this elevate and get really excited about about some of the things. But. I don't think you don't I also run. Double I'm paso solar is going to be a lot of home made in house made buses and cheeses. And house dry aged meets so there's going to be a lot of fun things that are going to be. Kicking off. I've also notes though do you took a close look at the menu signed a number of vegetarian options. And we had the most important critic. Been in my world to. Opine on what was appropriate and that would be my daughter has. And so these are all the vegetarian offerings are. Jim's daughter approved. And endorsed so. Others at least overtime offerings for vegetarians VM and gluten free Imus mania as well also it is a full fledged steak seafood in job solace however. There is at least three or four items on each category and each section that. Vegetarian BM and or blue tree or all three so you can you can pick any from anyone of those lessons. Now you probably saw when you look at the menu and I mentioned that it's still recruits still in draft we're trying to refine some things. Including some labels and just occurred abuser having this conversation. Is that we should probably group all these of these vegetarian the offerings and call them so please choice. My daughter's. I guess that would be perfect for talking with the owner Jim Cornell with tackles and now tackles at Larkin is the newest entry and staff Andrew Marino. And again you text and a little bit today and in your opening Chad Jim. But what was it about the Larkin made that like he'd be placed that you want it to be. Well I tell you and the arm. The Larkin district in this. Currently procedures being one of the most vibrant business district of buffalo that the most. Back when we were first looking at the that at that point. One point two million square foot concrete monolith that hadn't seen a paintbrush and fifty years. The the district was really just coming to life as a result of what to. Howard's Pierzynski Joseph patrol. Bill Jones and Doug Smith did it yes arkan and exchange building. They took a big risk they invested heavily again collide they go to the cardinal can cook and some other you agree anchor tenants over there. And and it really became the impetus. And catalysts for rebuilding that that entire neighborhoods. Over time. We were looking at our building. In which was about a year process of making sure that we. No one walking into. More problems than it could be handled and would said that it was it was going to be one of those who. Finest. Repositioning of commercial structures. In western new York and it certainly is the largest because the building is the largest accused commercial structure in New York's data to your exit. It's larger than 12 tower by several 100000 feet so. Over the course of the last seven and a half years. We live. The unfortunate enough to attract and retain tenants such as an empty bank for about 300000 feet in the building that has there compliance and office of four come control. In the building that we've got a number of manufacturers. Take time being 150. People in the building. The number of law firms. Duke Holtzman. Forty S aggression it's this one and go back to Irish actor Corey and well being and other. We've. We've. Evolve the building to become a center for. Financial services in professional services. Organizations but still have been able to maintain. Some light industrial and distribution within the building in the callebs is very well together without been throwing with one another so. And that's probably attribute to the size of the building. So on the in in in these last seven and a half years we've spent. Roll over thirty million dollars in redeveloping the building 16100. New windows. Developing hundreds of thousands of square feet. Really. Cool. Can you contemporary offices. As well is a mix of the industrial the industrial retro look. And mean more modern finishes and you know glass and and medals. Along with the the view which paneling in a hurry speaks. It's very interesting and that same approaches but we did. Whiff the uncle's restaurant. Andrew while they anything in particular that you are looking most forward to once you finally get control of the kitchen there. Well the special I think going to be the most fun for me something new and exciting every single week to come up with. That's always the highlight for a any chef I find is to be able to come up with new things and look around and you know smelly air and see the colors and don't see what's. What's a fresh out of the ground rippling going to be using a lot of local farms and local farm fresh items as much as possible. And then that's always fun Zia to go to the firearms and meet the people and you know and see there's either animals and all the and all that kind of stuff and that definitely is you know it's it's good. To meet the families and all that word we're going to be deal with the one of the farms out in I believe is an Akron. And analysts and it's. We're definitely going to be doing a lot of stuff as much as possible to you know kind of spread out that camaraderie and and promote local businesses like that an excellent. And in the time we have Jim if you wanna just over. What might be coming up next or any upcoming events you have going there. Well we're I'm we're expecting to be operational. Within the next week. Is we're just finishing up some of those of the last you know record work that we need to do. And that will lead us to a few soft opens where will be inviting family friends tenants and guests. To help us and there are continents and service that he would do dial in. You dial in how the approach to work. We expect to be fully open and operational. Many firsts and we have been already booking events news far out now as next fall. For our our banquet facility we do you have the ability. To have groups from ten to 500 because in addition to the restaurant properly to 7000 feet we also. To have another nine. And 500 feet within the building that has already done put into service for entertainment and recreation. That that will be used for bankruptcies. And for those who may not know at this point what's the address. So the address of the restaurant is 703 Seneca street it's in the lurk in the center of commerce. And switches senate 701. Seneca street for those of you who would call me old subtitle on Seneca the industrial warehouse. Yeah and we particularly in the evenings and weekends we have plentiful parking. Because we are an office building and then we don't have a lot of evening tenant so we do we have parking for a thousand in the evenings and weekend. Gentlemen I think we've definitely wedded people's appetites I think for this well thank you very much for having us an opportunity to talk about him absolutely Jim and Cornell who is the owner of tackles and now tackles and Larkin and chef Andrew Marino witness here this is buffalo means business on news radio 930 double BB EN.