4/21 Buffalo Means Business w/ Catholic Cemetaries

Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, April 21st

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Thank you for tuning in to buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB and I'm Randy bush over the program highlights local businesses and services in the region. If there's a local business or service you'd like to hear from send me an email at Randy dot pushover. @entercom.com. With me is Carmen Khalil who is director of Catholic cemeteries and debt. You have how many properties now. We have seven properties that were responsible for and deck located throughout western new Yorker just buffalo concentrated. And most well they're all actually in Erie and Niagara county we have mount Albert cemetery which is our administrative office in canned more holy cross cemetery and Michael wanna. Holy sepulcher cemetery in Cheektowaga gate of heaven cemetery in Lewiston. Queen of heaven cemetery in Laporte seeded Albert cemetery in Lancaster. And assumption cemetery in Grand Island. And that is certainly a lot of property to look over indirect keep keep the maintenance about a lot of match it's definitely all properties. Close to probably about a thousand acres. To maintain. And the reason you're here today of course is to talk about one of those things that's generally difficult for a a lot of people talk about and the importance of planning your aerial. I noticed that brochure that you have talks about how. Place most important moments are usually planned well in advance like weddings education planning for retirement this has got to be a tough reminder for some. It is Randy you know we've we've been doing this for a long long time and it's obviously much easier. For families to sit down just like you and I hear right now with before death occurs and and and you know being able to express and think very clearly and in deciding what you need to do but. You know I hear are Bershard points it out quite frankly that we do we plan. How life's most important moments in this is something that. You know quite frankly people really don't want to think about and unfortunately it's it's inevitable thing of life. And it is so much users do it now rather than after going through a loved ones. The death. In and you're not thinking clearly and and most times were sitting down with famous it's very hard because are now hearing everything worked we're saying and asking because there are a lot of decisions that have to. Right so that kind of drives home the importance of why you would want to try planning in advance because if you're gonna. Going to be that way you think you might not be but you probably are going to be that way. You have to have. All the ducks in the Euro. So what kind of things to people. Tend to forget or need to know. Well. You know we sit down you know families. And less they've head. Is in situations where perhaps families and family members are already buried in the cemetery they may have a general idea of maybe what they may be looking for but. The thing that that we try to point out our show families are that we do have several options when it comes to to care for her we have traditional ground barrel but we also have. Massa William. Community mass only in my options for them. And also cremation now which today. Is. For the better part of over a third of our business knows is now cremation related and there are so many different actions related to that as well so. We know. In this type of us in the situation for worrying or talking in a punitive pre need situation we can go through all those actions with families. And we can talk about the financing plans that are available for families. We do offer interest refinancing up to sixty months. Four families in certain situations and so those are the things that you know we could sit down explain in this type of a setup but you know obviously we've. Need to go through some of those and in any situation and instill a famous henin made their choice he had then you know it's a little bit more difficult but unfortunately still a lot of information ago. Right and as we pointed out at the top you have those seven properties so there are a number of choices that people can make great there. Is there's gotta be difficult to a decision distance to where to make that final resting place for aloft. In most cases you're right and when when they're coming to one of our offices. Most most times it's because they do have family members that are buried here. And and they will do that. But early times obviously when win. Perhaps there has been much history than those cemeteries in there coming for first time so. In those types of cases families may be inquiring. Depending on where they live and maybe. How close mean for mortar if there him of the mail us at the church how close is this cemetery today masses a lot of things that come into play. And I know from having gone through a couple times with with grandparents that. Even such I think is relatively minor to some DO bid itself on how to write the obituary for the loved one and you guys would help with adulthood. Actually not really that would be the funeral direct action they would do that with them. But we may offer some of the information if if perhaps there might be few pieces missing him we at times have assisted the funeral director with may be certain names that. It did have been there but there are more cases it's in most cases it's a funeral director I would do that. We're talking with a common player who is director of Catholic cemeteries and you have a couple of open house is coming up that you just had one. Today is a matter of fact and how to that would go and what are you expectations one of the times for the other open house is for those who missed out today. You have the one we had earlier today was a holy cross cemetery lack of one on that went from 9 in the morning until two in the afternoon and actually. If anyone. I did I get a chance to get to dad. Add in the eight do you have and there are interstate in the at cemetery. They can still call our office at 8736500. To make an appointment with one or her family service counselors. To still be able to take advantage of the open house discount. Discounts of we are offering and totally crushed. But we do have to others coming up the next who will be in two weeks and mount Albert cemetery on Saturday morning may fifth. You know go from 9 AM to 2 PM. And the last one will be at seeded Albert cemetery in Lancaster and there will be on Saturday may nineteenth and again there will be from 9 AM to 2 PM. And again this is set to help people with the exactly what we're talking about anything any questions they may have whether it's pre planning for burial or. Maybe they have an imminent need or something like that. You know rainy we've been doing this now for the better part of at least I received cheers and we do this twice here. And it gives families an opportunity because we have six Stanley service counselors that that worked for us. And they are there are all during those that time period that five hour time period. And just as we've been talking about gives families an aperture ring out there at that cemetery. And if that's where their interest is now they can learn about all of the actions they can learn about the financing plans are available. And also. Because you know for us. You know trying to promote daddy and in. Helping the families as much as possible there are these you know there's a 10% discount that we are to families who make this Election Day. And among the things that people would have to necessarily. Question you would be burial options too when you have a number of those things. There is you know as I said to him briefly earlier we do we have treasure you know traditional ground burial which. I'm depending on what you're looking for we have graves. Are memorialized by a flat. Stone or others it would be an upper management so depending on how families. Decide if they do want to additional burial you know that it's delineated between the type of memorial it's placed and they grave. We also have a lawn crypt it's locker sections of some very cemeteries word. It's actually traditional burial but if concrete powder containers RE pre set in the ground so. That's actually kind of a package deal for families. And in has been somewhat economical for them and it's been a popular choice and as I mentioned earlier Q we have Massa blames both. Community Massa Williams. That offer. Full burial. And also cremation or niches that are in those community Massa Williams and also then for cremation as well we have freestanding units that we call column variance. That dinner then set up for either one or two sets of cremated remains it would be placed in themselves several actions to choose from and and as I mentioned. We're we're very proud of and a couple my counterparts down you know New York State weigh in Albany. Any Rochester. Have them as well but we open up our first natural burial Guerin. An assumption cemetery and Grand Island and as you drive and I'm sorry. Got ahead of myself there exit wanted to talk about that the niche Rivera garde music queen of heaven cemetery and lack port. And as you drive in. You see a beautiful feature. The of them a blessed mother and trumpeting angels walk and users and as you drive into the cemeteries just that. It's an area that. Is set with you know kind of a wild grasses you know look you know. Now very much maintenance when it comes to that but the burials or will take place there can be. Fullback he incrimination but the containers that are placed their biodegradable server these may actually. You know going back to we we started in ashes to ashes dust to dust so to speak. So we're very proud of that and it you know as I said it's assumption cemetery in Grand Island we have a beautiful calendar in that. We have put a place there earlier. This year and again and tapped of their calendar it was a beautiful statue there a stage of the blessed mother and that's interesting because. So marrow is actually Earth Day. And so when you know we think about fan in the environment. You know we've we think about or neutral burial Garrard but also even assumption cemetery in Grand Island. We've develop a partnership with the west senior point conservancy. Most of the land and it cemetery unfortunately that moment fortunately saying it shouldn't say it that way by. They're they're wetlands and we cannot use that those lands for burial purposes so that their land conservancy is actually. Purchased. Two thirds of their property and they're gonna turn into a mutual sanctuary. So I think you know you're gonna see a lot of trails and you know and I think that you know plays very well with you know. The very serene look of our cemetery as well so I think it's going to be beautiful partnership going forward. How curious it with the burial options have. People's attitudes on probably prefer to go out changed there is there like one burial option that kind of out paces the rest are they all kind of split. Well I've been I've been watching this I've been the director since 1990 and back then. Cremation as a percentage or burials was less than 10%. Today it's upwards of about 35 to 37%. Hovering in an area so that has been the fastest. You know in terms of growth going forward. You know obviously. Traditional burial mass only imperial have still been a very important part but. The you know the trends are gonna stick it in him and the trends that we're looking at. Is a cremation is going to be going even higher as we move forward. And is there a cost component is that. Part of the reason why are just people's attitudes on what's proper change and it's a good you know that part of it is that I think many families thought that the church prohibited cremation and actually since 1964. It it changed at that point in time where the church did for me cremation. He and but in that sense though that the church would still prefer that the order Christian funerals take place for you have your your wake servicer vigil. Your man's and then your final committal in the cemetery. And cremation doesn't prevent that from happening now unfortunately in some cases. There you know things have happened where people maybe you know they may see things have looked a little glorious. Or or. You know something CNET TV where there may be scaring those premier means in the ocean or. You know those types of things but you know thing is when when you do something like that her fortune he had no you don't have anywhere to go see is a final resting places cemetery. Where most people want to come to you know remember their loved ones say a prayer come to one of her romances that we do to remember those loved ones as well so. But you know to answer your question. In some cases it is costs other cases it's just a preference that they think it may be a little maybe a little easier that way to do that perhaps. You know unfortunately sometimes a death occurs from folks are at a town and it does make it release here for those you know rather than perhaps shipping the full body back. And a plane or whatever that the if somebody's cremated and the C makes it a little easier as well. Sure now of we've been talking mostly about the importance of planning ahead for the eventuality saddens me being there are difficult as it may be to talk about Arafat. Someone's impending demise but we also wanted to get out the word again about the to open houses that you have remaining for a for people or they can come and ask these questions and he'd get some answers. Yet again no we have a two more coming up in two weeks from today. May fifth in mount Albert cemetery ten more as 4000 Elwood avenue ten more minutes from 9 AM to 2 PM. And then two weeks after that and Saturday may nineteenth again from 9 in the morning until two in the afternoon and it's it's seen and Albert cemetery on Broadway in Lancaster. And in the middle I think it falls right in Memorial Day you have police special observance something going on Memorial Day and it's been a tradition I'm going back the better part of thirty years we have masses. I'm the 26 in the 28 of may so Saturday the 26. We have formats is taking place at 10 in the morning those would be at mount olive and can more holy cross and like wanna gate of heaven in Lewiston. And was a holy sepulchre in Cheektowaga. And then on Monday the 28. We have two masses at 10 AM one A queen of heaven cemetery in Laporte and the other one it seeded Albert cemetery in Lancaster. Carmen always informative when your bye thank you very much thank you rainy we've been talking with Carmen taleo director of Catholic cemeteries of buffalo about the many advantages of planning your Catholic burial. And for more again those open houses coming may fifth month Holloman and can mark and may nineteenth saint and Albert. In Lancaster this is buffalo means business and you're listening to news radio 930 WV EM.