4/19 Beach and Company Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Thursday, April 19th

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We're back could have been ago I am asking you know for enrollees can vote now according to revered governor. Pretty soon right around a corner a driver's licenses for illegals in New York State. We already have in state college tuition which is a lower one for illegals. And we of the New York say fact. A punishing the only people that are a law and order people. Who are taxpayers. Would be the ones punished so seems like all the things of being given our given to people who break the law. And people's dominos have thought all the things that are being received. Our rob are rubbed. Yeah I do you are given. Are given to people who break the law and the people of the pay Florida of people who Obey the law. Now one of attacks that I have here is the stuff going on today. Says okay Emeka who just like that is it even legal while he's not making laws see this is filled tricky little deal that he's going on. I have vivienne Wang's article from the New York Times. Cuomo's executive order would require the commissioner of the department of corrections and community supervision. To submit a list of every felon currently on parole and this is every month. As well as a list of those newly eligible for parole beginning may first. Said the governor's council the commissioner would continue to submit an updated list every month. With each parolee giving consideration. For a conditional pardon that will restore voting rights with the out undue delay it says. Anyone on the list would be eligible for a pardon so long as law enforcement has not flag any special concerns. So that's the deal. They say they don't pass a law he simply pardons them and every month the department origins has come up with a list. Of the of those or unfurled are about to become emperor you don't wanna miss that the new ones that we can't let those fall away and get those through. So that's what he's doing. So I'm sure there's an extra expense and that through. You know it is going to be 35000. New voters potentially and he. How can I can and Cynthia. Nixon's scare you that much she's a newcomer to politics. I'd she's a she's she's so I guess you can. Do anything a particular trial roar of those voters away it's about what's thing. I'm Anwar breakers. About love burgers that would be good there's a lot of them and will continue and bottom unfortunately. Let's go to George show in Georgia on WBE. Man. Guess part of George thanks for calling what did you. Yeah are in. Every taxpayer. What if you don't worry more about Andre Ethier though I don't I don't YER let we don't. It's quarter net Motorola. Election more outlets this shall let on. Yeah it's like it's a run like India and off Broadway opening. Yeah so its way to a lot of election. There. As a child oh. Older. You know what's funny is he's going to review that list every month. I wonder if you have party affiliation is on the list because of him as he probably leave the Republicans in jail. Well while. They looked at. On how do you feel do you feel under represented like I do or sometimes just totally not represented it seems like all the effort all the money all of everything goes to New York City. Well out there and you know what you're all my life I never thought. While the screw by the. And they know when he comes it's not like he's in town today he's that you will be no public. So that's. And he can't do it he won't come the radio station wagons that there are. Yeah I good tax dollars you pay for it George you pay for a while they break the law and get all the consideration thank you. Do you think ever they never grow radio stations and and begin says is going to be a newspaper level on the talk shows. Are gonna happen simply going to go to cozy. I enclaves like certainly at the university of buffalo. Was his adoring fans the professors and some of the students. Who see this is a great breakthrough and and what's insult to injury. They wrap it up to try and make it there a critic proof. By wrapping up around races and races and racism. This is it according to Byron brown this is a huge step. In the fight for racial equality. Since week ago that communities of color are disproportionately. Affected by incarceration. I would ask the good mayor. Do you that would prove any laws not applies to non. Minorities as well. A we only keeping minorities. In jail longer. And has to go to load become a parolee. I think VO law applies to everybody. So if you'd if you understand that one would hope that you also understand it's non discriminatory. Which it is but that they wrap that likely their kids rally a couple of weeks ago. Okay there were telling them for stricter gun controls how do you criticize a kid if you. No matter if you got all the points on your side all the logic and the constitution. Is seen as a bully so you can use on talk and that's. As the same thing here. Most people on talk about this because they don't wanna be seen as Reyes yes. How can you not want them they'll vote they forfeited their right when they committed the felony or convict him. Was to break it into beach and company it Israel and I Israel wanted to and it's across the country music star and 930. When you released from prison in Iran parole you still don't have the right to vote how can that say you'd get your time you pay. Yeah you're released but you still don't have a right to bow at the same. I'm saying we want to part of society we want to get back into the community. This is about as close to taxation without representation. That I've seen. I am I think we have to go back to the early days of the country and how the country reformed. Start with taxation. We our presentation. And certainly here in upstate New York we do not get their presentation. That the city yes. I mean we know that another city a rug contributes more I'm sure and taxes and we do but we are still if we are obliged. To be taxed and the follow the laws and Obey the laws that I think that we deserve better presentation or getting and he don't always have good representation. In India speak up in Albany they get drowned out. And so the way for all intents and purposes. And it was just a little speed bump in the road rule whatever Andrew Cuomo once they have done. All right mr. beamer what would you like to read to us. Judge and says this is disgusting what happened to consequences for actions if you break the law and you lose were rights. Signed by executive order why not put this into a vote and see how law abiding citizens feel. Are ya Bob what are referendum you know I would love to see that now here's what I don't understand are you telling me everybody in New York City is ultra liberals. Now they make some strange choices anybody that chooses Bloomfield and the block as you go back to back. Deserves a little heat here here and there. But what I'm saying is I find it just amazing. That there's a big hue and cry for yes we want is stepping also vote. Cuomo's a little misleading don't you think what he says and paid their price. And now they should be able to vote on they have bigger prize if they are no longer subject to. Beating with a parole officer that's part of the conviction. All right that's part of the conviction. So they may be that maybe they paid part of the price for their campaign at all. Andrew Cuomo go one was starting and see something that's at ten boxes on you're a paper with the eight dollars. And and it's that measure obligations eight dollars out of the ten dollars mil oh the dealers ten dollars on the sand dollars. And if their pearl bit of pearl for a reason they should have to go through the pearl process and when they do that. Then they've paid the price but not it's. He's such items and I expect to see him at the affair with a one he and three walnut shells. And and whipping them around in order you're trying to guess which one it is because he thinks we're that dumb one more buzzing. Adam goes all the oil on no fan of Cuomo. All this action did was reverse the initial attempt to silence a portion of people who deserve the right to be heard. When elected are represented as a big O Democrat it's because Republicans have no appeal to them. And because a Democrat reinstated their build you to vote which should never have been taken. Well first of all you cloud. It wasn't taken away from them it was removed under under penalty this is I was out of the law do you recognize the law. If you commit a felony. You're not allowed to vote that's the law you've got it all right nobody took it away from them they gave it away. They gave it away so there again it's about personal responsibility. You commit a felony in all felony can be almost anything serious. Murders a felony. And there are lesser. Crimes than that than our. Considered felonies. When you commit a felony and you get caught wells too bad if you get convicted there are certain things that you can't do anymore. You can't roam around free going to be in a jail cell he got it. And nobody took it away for any unjust reason is set in law. Then if you commit a felony and your convicted of it boom you lose the right to vote. So don't make it out like the old the big bad Republicans just want or incarcerated anybody like that. That's the whole mindset now of I can do anything I wanna do it I'm not pay any price for. And then Cuomo saying good they've already paid the price when they go on parole November if the price so they've completed pearl. And I don't know how long that that length of time would be but until it's up. You cannot vote except now. Now that he said no you should be able to vote. But it's amazing how people mold a situation. To fit their own those circumstances. Cabin and handle that and Kevin here on WB again. Our big question how this award when we made this smut Mitt and Aaron you know you don't shoot something here terrible referendum. Fortunately Thabeet alters its very state. Ignore it all looked at keynotes. A constitutional. Compare insurance and tossed it being if you stop while the current sequentially at all why. Are we would we be experiencing that she can work out and buy. Even and even the constitutional convention every voter and it up it was still a set of GO because the people that would be appointed. As delegates are being appointed by the people who we want to replace and the system we want our prices government so it's it's like saying. Okay well have Avaya a constitutional convention and everybody that's in office now we'll get to a point everybody. Who's going to make a decision on who should stay in office so that doesn't mean but that doesn't show me a lot of hope. Yeah yeah sure you know what to Saturday and even if they it went there referendum on two blocks it was portrait. You did the very same judge is that bing oriented you are shocked adult who everywhere. Is that why you see it's a self propelling machine. Big kid big constantly re Erika Reid rehearses here's how it works I get. I get appointed and then if I win the next election that's good but if I don't somebody else that I help last time will help me this time so they stay there. And and they keep feeding that machine over and over all the same people. And they and the same rhetoric and we never break that mold and get new faces and new thoughts in there. Yeah your guess court quite right China quite right straight north and fortunately Mara the so electric and sort. And maybe you know we keep this it may come to get over 98 civil mercker because it is it's and you don't. What was it chant broke every two years. Yeah I've about it though we've got California. I may finally there are a brown finally led some national guards people join the other national guards people at the border. Before that they totally disregard. Any kind of vote directive from Washington. But we've seen a crack in the dam there. Was it San Diego is the latest example San Diego has voted not to go along with the the laws of the state. Regarding turning people over to ice and whatever and Orange County started where they were and are going to follow that either either so it seems like there is. A little break a little sunshine and La La land. As video that I don't want the we welcome lawbreakers here. Yes yes Gary McCord are richer richer so I'll it'll pay it no job in order to double quality bank New York State. But I don't think B and then try to get. Get it and it would be to be done it'll. I think it's Ike would like to different countries New York City is is different from us and we are as different from them as impossibly be. I think this is a case where I know they've been talking about this for a long time but. Where it would be legitimate to have us as two different states would different national representation. There's a way it is now we're just along for the ride and to pay the bill and thanks Kevin good Antarctic. I got these sanctuary laws. That have been passed and in California. And there are very a tunnel lawsuits over this but the sanctuary laws. And now seeing opposition not only from the federal government from. Vicinity is within their own state as we said like Orange County. And like San Diego and now there is some holdouts certainly. The San Francisco's of the world will will hold out I'm sure. I'm not sure about Los Angeles quote wipe what we're looking at now. He is made to get together on the same page on how to make your country better. By enforcing its border laws and is border rules instead of just digging in saying no when I gonna do it. Let's go to. It's would be lying three would be Joseph. It and not a cellphone Joey here on WB yen. They're good morning standing loads. Make this quick. My goal is a registered Republican means nothing in the state so therefore. To meet make an influence on this upcoming election Itanium. Changing my registration to Democrat in anger of a percent in the extent. I think every Republican in the states should do that because that's only way we can ever get tomorrow and I'll just say well let's possibility she might win. But I think it's a lot easier to do it this way and see where that we'll see where the chips fall. We have to do this as a state re registered Democrats spokesperson Pia. And we get the ball early. I can't do myself finally someone would get on the radio and say hey this sounds like a good idea but and people in here and say this is the only way we give Paul Moreau. It is a good idea Rush Limbaugh suggest that a couple of elections past and and might have made a difference there you're right that way you do get a vote in the primary that you don't get if your register Republican. Good idea that we'll see if we can now push it along. Thank you thank you very much. A yeah if you're Republican you can vote in the democratic primary. But the democratic primary you vote for Cynthia Nixon now she may indeed be just as bad as well we don't know but at least there's some hope. Because he's aged everything worse. Look at likeness you know the of the positive some negative enjoy them both well right. Yeah as she may not be better but she won't be worse in fact that would make humorous slogan. Hope not present in an accident. Please vote for Symbian X she may not be better but she won't be worse than Cuomo. August break and I certainly will be back after the how bad is majoring governor hey I'm sandy beach here as Ajax. Susan read a from record of providers and Cynthia Nixon has mostly harmless. We think about release she's not Cuomo. I think governor make up some ones signs that say that and that's very good air and a number one suggests that well now what they have the right to bear arms. I thought. No. This is for voting on right. But the thought could be next and not enjoying the the full American experienced were about the right to bear arms but it certainly wouldn't be got a New York. There it would not would not go for that but I just think and I guess he's a good lawyer saying. He is it your honor if they have to have the right to bear arms because it's that it's a jobs thing we want them to be gainfully employed. And their jobs remain in robbing an insurance people and how can they do that without the tools of their trade a gun. I mean we're in such a crazy. Time I can see that being said. Eric Holder. Is being talked about as a candidate for president into money funny. How insane is that. Can you imagine that mr. fast and furious mr. worse AG we've ever had in a history of Madden. Would consider running for president. That's how I think it's going to be like one of those things where you wake up and go. Our all cash. I dreamed all that is didn't really happen. Governor didn't really parole people. And cancel their parole so they could vote no call. While. They didn't really offer driver's licenses for illegals. No no law all they didn't really offer and and have lower tuition the state tuition rate for illegals. So it is an American citizen and you'll have an Erie Pennsylvania you wanted to go to UB Avaya a higher price than the guys in the in the country. I. The isn't gonna laugh that it is so ridiculous. That you have to go that. Let's go 20 lead on a self. Only here on WB yen. I don't think I'm doing okay late Elijah but beyond that I'm finalists in your mind. This whole situation if all low. That very right belt in Raleigh all the sudden are not and overall anymore. Does that mean they don't happen on a parole hearing early. I think for now all of offers is that you ability to evolve because there are other. There are there things in these directives that says that's about it I would assume they still have to go to their parole officer with ice on nothingness that visit. Okay. Because you know it's just I'm saying then if Raleigh adult content. Put the open and a bit. Yeah I could be that would be that'll. A little disturbing as well yeah it's things like this is a very well thought out they wanted to get new voters in the pipeline they can't count on the illegals getting a citizenship in order to vote. So here what about the US citizens that happened to be parolees I mean they're desperate literally are so desperate I assume they're pretty zone that they're Cuomo will come out that these gay something accidentally gave votes is that the an exit might be getting. You thank you very much. Here as I look antsy. Yeah they can vote that's that's yet I think right now. The lack of where he says by the way I'm Byron brown said. For decades. The lack of voting rights for individuals under community supervision. As stifled an entire community of voices. A long way of that having disenfranchise. Those who have paid their debt and seek to positively. Reinvigorate and contribute. To society to a first demo. We didn't disenfranchise. Them they disenfranchised. Themselves let's get that straight mr. mayor show we do that. And yes we'd like them there re integrate. But you have refute that what is part of your record as part of your record that's all resort. I'm yes we hope they've become positive contributors to society. And and he says and of course. This is a huge step. The fight for racial equality. Since we know the community of color a color are disproportionately. Affected by incarceration. And mr. mayor whose fault is that. Whose fault is that I challenged him earlier in the show show me the numbers show me the numbers of of minorities who were on parole. Show me the number of minorities who were convicted of a felony. And then if they're disproportionate. Will know that that what you just that is true and if they're not it can stop using that old tired had picked up line. People are running around just looking to put minorities in jail. The if the minorities are committing the crimes and they get caught and prosecuted and convicted them got to do the time to you know get a get out of jail free card for. Let's go to Jennifer. In buffalo Jennifer here on WB again. All morning Andy. Tell you can't get through the morning noon without it almost hidden stroke every gave it to fox for. It's I took a city every day you know. That it. My daughter is. Disabled sheet total care. Actually spending a group home for five years. Every year I have to call my representative. I get to write letters. Because the state it volley chipping away. At dawn. Funding for the disabled. And starting new initiatives now which make it easier for people salute their benefit. And it just aggravate the heck out of me if they're doing that. Not totally whipped the police. But. The licenses for illegal aliens. Which makes it. I think streamlining. Effort now to get them. Are paying the benefit. And get the people. In the states that the pain care is their whole life. Are people that need. Help. Bit are beating disadvantage. Because. There need to give the store away to people that are elected at the people here have. Com broke the law went you know what the consequences are. It is supposed to being sent him. To walk the straight and narrow try to do what's right and that like there's no personal responsibility anymore and if they going to help India. And you just every possible while the governor conclusion Thomas soccer. I'm a sucker they're playing these were soccer if the fund everything else they don't wanna punish those who are breaking the law there want to reward them. Well I hit yo and I think you got a very legitimate point and I'm glad you're you shared it with us thank you very much. According to this article by Vivien Huang I've been reading Wang all today and this is my third a wing quote here. The pardon would not expunge a felons record Norwood to restore our other rights. And stripped of them such as the right to serve on juries so they still don't have that right. They called executive order a narrow use of power. His plan would bring New York. With eighteen other states as well as Washington DC. That allow parolees to vote according to governor's office so here we are aware New York. And we can't do enough for you if you break the law we just can't. And and even if you don't breathalyzer get. Here if you manage to get here. Our bid is about 47000. Dollars worth of benefits you can get by not working well. This is off we should change their name from the north of La. What others say it's going to give you up to 47000. Dollars for not working. I come on and especially if you have ideas like worked through art. Now June it's night. Does he want to apply for any kind of legal status and if you ask over arms around you we have to give your medical care is part of a bill. Yeah we have to give your education part of the deal. I will do virtually anything to keep you here because we have here long enough. Maybe someday citizenship or show up and you can vote for us and will be a one party system for the rest of our. Our existence. And that's what it's about. If there was one simple sentence attitude any anti immigration thing and that is. You will never be able to vote. They could care less about them this is a humanitarian. Deal it's about you get a vote. If you get to weigh a position where rove they allow that or citizenship obviously is needed to vote if they can get that to view of that's all they care about and if they can't they don't care. And so you ought to be able to recognize that by now where bing uses taxpayers'. And the illegals are being used for potential voters. But there happened to be used because then nobody Zanardi if you're among the countries he say it's not hard equation. It's not hard to figure out at all will be back after this. When you released from prison and parole you still don't have the right to vote happen that way you'd get your time you pay. You're released. But you still don't have a right to vote at the same time we're saying we want to part of society we want. It back into the community. He backs through a back into the taxable aren't. It's pretty likely be Cuomo move will be a non starter at the end of the day go likelihood. Is that only about 1% of those pardon would actually. Be disposed to vote unless they are in some way compensated you do so I'm saying there are different ways to compensate. For instance suppose you've got to have people who that you wanted to vote. But their former felons. On a roll. That you've got the right to vote while there on parole you wanted to feel comfortable right so maybe you pick him up on Election Day and a getaway car. You know you put up in front opened the door they jump in and you and you burn rubber. Absolutely appalling voice and you have them vote wearing a mask and certainly not having to show any ID. Because we know the courts have ruled you don't have the choice either vote. Saul you pick him up in the in the get away card. They've they've vote without proper ID and their feeling pretty good feeling like they job the system. And I think they're probably right I mr. beamer give me a couple of viewers they. All right Tom says all the political power is in lower in New York City. It's why we need to split into two states even our federal representation in the senate is from. Downstate upstate has had no sinner representation. I do not recall one US senator from Western New York. You know. It was a taxation or about rivers and visions of a state tax. Now I obviously just the numbers would say the New York City pays more taxes than we do. But we still no matter what that we'd still pay the same rate and whatever we pay we should get representation for. If there are if they're not ruler willing to do that you know I think. A move to make make your tunes separate states would probably be welcomed by both sides. I think the city might like to just having all the themselves make him. Elect all the dumb ass matters they want to it doesn't affect us and I think we'd be happy to be a free of them as well. I have an article that says this is not just this state by the way. I'm an article at least a couple of months ago that I've put this in my violence unveiled the show on about is says. That was huge difference in in the thought process between urban and suburb. The urban people. Are thought of by the suburb and people as getting all the representation. And the suburban people say that there they're being ignored they're now being recognized. And that's that this along the same on his or talking about would this. This might be a lot more tasty. Ford are criminals because I'm sure just by population numbers alone they probably have more titles than we ago. So it's more likely to benefit them just if you just take the law of averages. But what I'm saying is it is such a slap across the face. To me go look at this. And C group of people this obeying the law. The people breaking the law the people thumbing their nose of the law are getting rewarded by our state government all the time the people who Obey the law. Who pay the taxes people like oh who are affected by the New York safe bet we cannot kick image and and so that's the way it is and for our Governor Cuomo does say look they've paid their dues in related news. They do is if it includes parole includes pearl. All right so 80% of Billy get of the supermarket is not an out there 100%. For music or groceries out of the store and should be the same thing here. If your parole as wrecks upon a time Asia via X amount of time with no benefits. That you don't already have. And that's always should be but they're just pandering pandering pandering. Another one please. John says he's trying to get every vote he can't there are even voter registration forms available to inmates' families at every visitor center in New York State prisons are. Shameless that day. They are checked you know both drugs appreciative. You're free Asia with a remote may come. That nothing embarrasses them thing. Error course big don't they don't have great courage. I'm Cuomo's in town today where is the casual water notable on you can't you know aren't. It's not over into the public keys that you be Tuesday he'll be adored by the professors there are telling what a great job he's done. But he's gonna come I'll meet you face to face and he sure as hell I was not gonna come here and their meet with the hourly dollar via myself. And you have talk shows. Because he want him come here meet with the would be anchors. And if they want me with the anchors varying going to be a meeting with us against you that right now they don't Lotto. They want to be totally safe environment when nobody's gonna question. Go to Bob Evans should the auto club final column today it was undermined. Hey candy good to talk in the top. I want on. Oh yeah they 19 not a new York state board of elections. Result. And I certainly happened vitality. Of the old state. Here's 62 total county's. 2014. Cover election. Festering Owens 46 counties almost sixteen. Doctors sixteen presidential can't wait 47 counties Clinton 150. Era in last. Senator bluntly Owens 47 counties Clinton fifteen. Argues that in your approving the vote against. The common denominator they call small and clinging to a golf New York City count. You gotta hey thanks for bringing that out brutal and leave an image in my that I appreciate about things rolling through. Yeah it's amazing event well when you see the maps of the different color is after the election go wild man look at this. It's the it's the urban part of their anyone's mask changes. Our guys that about wraps it up and was the governor let's all the prisoners freed tomorrow we'll have a different subject under for you and I'm pretty. He via.