4/19 Beach and Company Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Thursday, April 19th

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Hello hello is Beijing company's outstanding image and we got a celebrity of buffalo today how roker problem and these AM The Today Show is in town. I'm sure we've provided him with a list so accessible restrooms. Add and edit it out don't come to an outcome today because we're on paper saving mission. We can't spare a square. You have to go away the restrooms are when he coming to a strange town nobody charges were restrooms anymore. But you have to do that and I can remember is his visit to the White House wears army the president. A suggestion you know for broadcast pro you don't Wear white pants you just don't do okay so. That's the let's see got a lot of things to talk about today. Nice job the morning news to him a nice job. With the interview of a James homey. I thought it was a good interview and news today at the end they had some more questions but that time was extremely limited India. The bigger cut off right you you engineered in views. No result Brian would ask is full question that we noticed nothing at the other end of life so they and they went right from there too well what legal. I ashore. Those probing tough questions that what they would vote and even worse Jorge de. If it is possible rewards is very hard there is no worse than I'm surprised he got out of that in her life exactly one would think he he would just himself having go to jail after that and who you. As well. It's alive but it's explored and some are critical what we even interview him. You've ever opportunity for an interview like that you do the interview. As we talk about a news maker doesn't mean you have to be in love them doesn't mean you want him to have your children are you interview him to find out what's going on and and if you can learn something new so and so and so far so good. Anyway let's see what else is going on all big party. Party party party. About as revitalize the come celebrate at the buffalo network happy hour. Tonight at buffalo river works they'll be live music with hit and run. Boom they'll be food there drink sampling. And I don't know what drink sampling means is thank sampling means. Team these samples of a drink it depends on what kind of drinker simply let you know. Good five or six steps. OK so your name more than one example. Yugoslavia one sample example you need you anymore it's not all mean unless it's a heavy alcohol it's not one sample and go home. Our hey. I was so you have a drink sampled. For from area restaurants was about him ballot via. Will broadcaster get a sample of their broadcast. From this the seven three to six will be live from there and then from our studio. The debut of while not the debut book that the ongoing saga. Of amidst a beam our viewers what you're doing a six and seven tonight that's right there and you've done a great job doing that and the Cuba good weather that's tonight. It's all free eight true and that's tonight at buffalo river works. Now obviously I woke up this morning feeling okay Angela German radio on. At a lawyer Andrew Cuomo is up. Cuomo. Is here today in buffalo and I don't know exactly what time is going to be here but what would go over this subject as well as she's you know jazz. Yeah and a you know you get a grip would you handle when you're afraid of of Cynthia Nixon for crying out loud. He's doing things that are very annoying Samie. And probably do you view of the New York State I live in New York State but coach stay encompasses us. And the city. And it seems like through things that are done in Albany. Overwhelmingly. Are beneficial to those cities are certainly some things have been done here have been beneficial. But it seems like do we get steamroller. Every time there's some social issue that they want no I'd take advantage of a because it was such a liberal state. We just get same all of doesn't matter what we think we're taxpayers like they aren't New York City. Now we go you know we vote like they do and Elliot city but unfortunately there's a lot more of them than there are busts though they pandered in New York City. And does so in case you missed it. The people enrollees. Can now vote. Yeah that's up our roll please him about there's 35000. Of them by the way. That is I did it very usual way go through the legislature because he didn't have soup aren't. So I need that is as an executive order now the luck isn't change but what has changed is. It says that it used to be as of late yesterday. That is fewer parolee you could not vote aren't so he's doing is if you're a parolee you're gonna get pardon from that. 30000. Of those royalties will be pardoned so they can vote let's give us how he wants them to vote. You're getting as there is freedom of all we will he should thank you by voting for yo and other Democrats. So I'm thinking of pandering to out. How about people that either have broken no law or are bright and law let me go down my show. Why don't we do that. Now parolees can vote yeah Yahoo! and you. Ticks me off. Is that they had a ball stuff hide behind race. He did it and Byron brown that it is that what you know now all now that parolees can vote. I think it is now say disproportional. Number of people in our society. Mentally I'm mainly a blacks Latinos whatever blah blah blah blah blah. And gives them a better shot at rehab and all that you don't like it did you know what they said that because they put themselves behind a shield. What Powell we certainly cared criticize anything that would help minorities get away a week now. That's a pretty humane thing to do and he said something that was really dumb thing before it opens asthma. Is that you know. When they've completed their sentence and they go on a roll they've they've paid their price. Perot is at a price. It's going to restore even bonds and a say okay this is a hundred dollars giving eighty dollars for now I've completed the transaction. I don't know. If Perot is part of via of the process. Then pardoning them from a role. From not getting a vote is not paying your noble prize so let's say now we go parolees kimbo. And don't forget it will help minorities. In and then how about. They're considering now driver's licenses for illegals in New York State market if you're here illegally. Then then if this passes and they're considering it now you get a driver's license. Only. And state solution for college to illegals already have that we've had medical errors. Now under an X four X through it takes the people who will follow the rules and makes it more restrictive. And it's orchard doing basically is giving to those who break the law giving those who who thumb and knows that the law. And go what you're doing your thumbing your nose that law abiding tax paying voting citizens. So and he's got the nerve to show up here today. I mean it's just amazing. And I don't know if the bands that are. But starting about his girlfriend but it wasn't you it was talking about the fact that he couldn't get the legislature. To let parolees vote. It's it's. Like a runaway train in New York. That you have no say on anything and yet you're you're the highest taxed state in the country. You just finish your taxes you see what kind of money is sent in this regard and you get but yes you get less than Al Roker and estranged I'm looking for a restroom. That's what you get and the result is about the same. I want an overview. Does New York represent your values. Or just the values of New York City. I think I know the answer that I'd like to see if you agree or not you have before it Serbia feel free not to agree way. Oh before we're gonna break that there's a nice call yesterday. From AAA. And AAA says. The the selection of cabins is extremely limited now as we go about that. Close out via the big cruise. The Mississippi River Cruz would than ever tonight so if you still want to have some selection call 18446887477. Mississippi River Cruz. Our October 5 through thirteenth so. It when you get the brochure they list several different cabins. And that list is narrowing down so if you do wanna have full choice or as full as it can get when you talk to them do it now. We'll take a break on news radio and I'm thirty W via. Amman willing to take no for an answer I'm gonna make it all by executive order and I enough. The idea. Yeah I think they're really. The law. Abiding tax paying voting citizen in New York State is a soccer. If you really want what New York State has offered you don't wanna work for you don't wanna pay for the best thing to do is to break off. Why they embrace you. Break the law. Are right because if you break the law and you're here illegally. Free health care. You get a free education. And later run if you actually break on your convicted in your world you can oats. Can vote true. Sent him any kind of inconvenience. And naturally they don't expect anybody. To complain about this simply because they put up a shield. Remember a couple of weeks ago when the high school kids at the rally. Can't criticize them. Skokie. Having a rally who knows that they know what they held their rally informant. It can't criticize them so what are they governor throw up so that so we can't criticize these things. Race and brown of course jumped right hand as he always does. America says that's basically what he does it if you know if Cuomo shows up on ones they have ones of the anchor bar. Of them the mirrors right there you know padding a month back. But the bottom line is when I'm getting represented we simply are not getting represented and when they use race. They use race as the great reflector and think of race as the shield. Where in order to get to criticize the fact that we don't think is right there parolees get to vote. They're parole is essentially. And taken away they still have the other terms but now they can bolt. Okay are you seeing worm going with this so what I'm saying is why are all the things that they're considering given to people who break the law. And guess what the as a regular I don't pay for. The people in jail didn't don't pay for the costs of jailing them. And the illegals don't pay for the cost of the things that is the illegals get by. By either wrote federal or state statute. So we see the ones who don't break the law of the ones who are here illegally we pay more at all. And and you add in state tuition breaks. For illegals we've that. It was some time now in New York State. And we've got this fact which caused. Me this all the people who. Actually went through the trouble of making sure the legal. The most conscientious people around on whoever's in let's punish them should go away. And meanwhile let's let let's let the people who thumbed their nose at our laws let's just give more and more because it could be something in it for us. And while I was coming here today. A set of balls on this guy he's here today because every once in awhile he comes here and tells us about some as some grant many leads. And then if you don't really pay attention you find out oh what kind of price you're paying for all of them. Stuff that we talk about the price is that you have no representation. You have virtually no representation. If you don't live in New York City. If you have an X doll and references presentation you'll want it. Got relatives who want to come here legally a man no problem. People's is getting out of jail I can't imagine that yours but you know and I don't know they can vault and who can vote for. And I'm so sit service. This is New York State it is ridiculous. You know you are you play no part in a presidential election except automatically. Give your votes. To the democratic nominee whoever it is just hand over it doesn't matter they brought poll hot in here made in my Democrat if he's running is as a Democrat senators would vote for. You'll get an idea and the national advertising here you won't get any national debate here. The the people who actually run might stop in here and fill their bag with a monumental somewhere else. But nothing's going to happen during a presidential election in New York State. So you don't get any action you pay for everything they give everything away to people who break the law and they take everything away that they can for people who don't. You tell me what kind of governance that is. And Cynthia Nixon comes and actually is running against Andrew Cuomo I don't know her politics of these liberal. I don't know her politics but boy is it time for a change or why I am source command Andrew Cuomo. And his half past ideas remember when he was in the in Heidi it was a Hud secretary. Okay when he was Hud secretary he's. Begun manufacturers. Because people who and and housing. Worse using guns to kill each other. Faults. The bombs and killing each other in basketball morning basketball let's just do it. And adored at a ball at that last book that you are planning for your retirement. Somebody who's here illegally should we do that and remember as the mayor said we are welcoming city. I'll just soccer's we are. I'm asking. Does Albany rappers that you are. The system or does it only represents New York City. Will be back. Macrovision comedy yes the governor announced that he's not going to take no for an answer by executive. Signature. I now felons can vote. In in New York State if you're parolee. If your parolee you can vote and that's annoying enough. But what's also annoying is the way they even try and phrase things and the way they they put a a protective curtain around things they do that they know we're going to be critical. And their protective cordon around this is race. A disproportionate. Number of minorities. Can't vote. Well we can't vote because of the law. And it was whether it's a minority or majority or anything in between the law's the law and the law is not a law for one group and against the others aren't. If if you're in the group you put yourself in the group nobody put you in there nobody made you a felon you know you make yourself a felon and he's here Byron brought of brown and say how they use code words even. This is Byron brown according to an article. A from Vivien Huang. I love love reading wine I'd I don't know lawyers she's really good writer a Vivien Huang from the New York Times. Mayor Byron brown issued a statement pretty exiting Cuomo's move here is Byron. For decades the lack of voting rights for individuals under community supervision. Well. Even say if this is on fire he wouldn't say help or I okay they won't even say what role. He. Doesn't it. Much courage he says under community supervision. Has stifled an entire community of voices. A long way having disenfranchise. Those. Who would pay a debt now we we are disenfranchising. Them. The angels understand this disenfranchising. Themselves. If it fair Rhode island's they've probably done armed robberies strong arms though knows what they've done manslaughter. As a good fun stuff right we are disenfranchising. Them oil we don't want to vote. Let's say for those who have paid their debt will blow against what. Parole is the last part of it but you haven't paid it because you can't go to the stars and get as something for 80% of what you're supposed to pay for. He won't even admit that seek to positive. Way. Re integrate and contribute to our society you know these parolees that's that's their top goal. They say you know what. We have done bad things that our lives but we wanted to re integrate with a society and repaired. If only we could vote we could do. It's very about a thousand Thomas got 30000 government now we can all vote and I wonder who we'd like to vote for them. A K and contribute to our society this is Byron it's also a huge step in the fight for racial equality. Okay. A lot of nerve putting this under racial equality. Why now is equal about a law that affects everybody. A more equal than that it is absolutely colorblind. It is ethnicity blind it says whoever you are an issue happened to be all I don't know a parolee. If your parolee Europe parolee it's a huge step in the fight for racial equality since we know there communities of color. Are disproportionately. Affected by incarceration. Now. So angry at its aren't the same all stuff. Instead of trying to make anything better let's get a Steve making excuses as to why the jails are fool should go away. It's not their fault. Urges the president there Bondsman games of Bob Dylan. The they're ponds and again and this is a big step forward. To make things better make things equal a lull of rap. Have you ever read or heard of such a load of crap while neither have. And it goes. Nicely win this text. What Bob bunch of crap as soon as arsenal load I'd this test living in this state I feel like I abused person. By 88 year old mother's taxes went up almost 2000 dollars how is a person on a fixed income supposed to do. I'll survive in this state she's lived in the house for over fifty years and it's not like it's a mansion you right where suckers. I need to try and find a way of getting my entire family out here it would really are suckers living in this state unless you live in New York City and their politics. Reflected through you wait wait wait we just pay the bills and so do we send our money and pay the bills every once in awhile they'll throw something back. Let us know that they read they know we're here and that's about it. After that we're welcoming city. I blah blah blah blah. And that the mayor doesn't have any any kind of goals none zero. And and when the governor comes and it's not like today there was a time when he was coming in every minute and a half we thought we should get a room at the motel six. But we haven't seen in my life by months okay that's because it doesn't have any acts but now he's gonna tell you what a great humanity in the is. It's a few hours ago beside. Let's categories. And and a great job he's done oh by the way let the state troopers you know these. The I'm untold numbers of state troopers that are with you and average. Offer coffee. The streets of east side. You're helping them. Being. Being. What's the word we're going treasury dividend unfair rate did anything to bring users. We just throw him in jail. Is meant what. Don't want this. They get it is I hope Cynthia Nixon is is really good campaigner. Then there by the way. The governor's favorability ratings the lowest they've ever there right now and actually the lowest they've ever been and maybe he's getting them with some figures. I'll home am at in my favor of a ratings are very well I don't like this can pick up 35000 new voters. Crocs vote and die. Maybe Leno is ambivalent about veterans like against index was up here. We'll take a break at or below return a newsreader I'm thirty we'll take your calls after this. One of the things we do. We don't allow. Parolees. To vote in this state. At the same time that we're trying to get them to reintegrate into society we want employers to hire them. We want him to. Transition. From what they went through your criminal justice system back into society. And we won't even let them vote. I must be on drugs or something because a couple of the media and see what's bingo on television and ago this real. I must be on drugs and I don't do drugs. Colder. Is considering a twenty. Twenty. Presidential run. Holder. The worst attorney general and the history of a man. Eric Holder fast and furious Eric Holder of most French in this AJ we've ever had is considering a run for president. I am asking a simple question. Because I every answer and by the way. A Busby. Buzzing comes up with some good. Good thoughts every once in awhile as does his does not young rich Playboy. Who goes from bud the bud he comes ovals and good ideas the guys that is 88 year old mother's. Taxes went up 2000 dollars she's a fixed income she's live miles fifty years which you to do and and Bonzi Bosnia beamer. As the answer have heard leave this state. Renounces citizenship and come back illegally. Maybe wave over the river you know as something illegal. Because as an illegal should have people flocking to Florida helper in New York State if she if she breaks the law. Count on it if she follows the largest and the check and shut up but if she doesn't if she breaks the law why everybody wanna help. I can waste it can we teach you an alternate language maybe that would be nice here we give you more benefits that we give you a break. Wanna go back to college and you're 88 but maybe you wanna go back and if you do we'll give you the in state tuition we know you're here illegally but the bottom line is that's what we do in New York. Wary welcoming city to whom it is and so. I don't know your ethnicity whether you're black or white or red or yellow or any thing about no matter what you are we're just trying to balance. Balance the fairness quotient so that everybody's treated fairly those who those who contribute and those whose office. Unbelievable. My question is this New York State represent your values. Org and they simply represent New York city's values parolees can vote. ID or driver's license for illegals is on the horizon. Do we also of the New York State in state tuition for illegals. And that we have to stay back for people who actually Obey the law in order to punish them okay a goes your values and not mine. Let's go to Chris and you don't auger pressure on WB yen. They think India you quick point all this could really quick glance. Over one arm. I do you hear you want director of corporate government and I'll probably go about represented article governor abused in this state. Somebody mister Gregory an assembly here and live military way. His desk he seems like abuse to me. They're really is because if they call on YouTube contribute your money. Good taxes are the highest of any state. The opportunities for a new businesses though of the least. And the age has given away to people who don't Obey the law and break hello. Yes that's the other thing I was gonna say guys I believe wholeheartedly. That detect agent in this state. Has reached a point of such it's it's that when they're going they're taking money from you. And giving it to especially people that are here illegally that it I know everybody is conditioned and trained to think that it here's civic duty to pay taxes. What's to a certain point it is but it it can become that they're in what you do. We have people like this who make the laws also break the law. And then you view there's no recourse or because what happens what what happened to try to make it's and the dope or you and Joseph will throw you in a cage they have monopoly on violence. Are you what you're absolutely right they make the law but they're not obliged even though they take an oath to follow the law they're not obliged to follow because nothing will happen. As absolutely I think this whole program of rewarding illegals. There rewarding people who break the law started with the government here because a lot of people who were in government in New York State. Are are going to be be or already are felons or when they come out they wanna be a global. I I think the hardest truth that people are gonna have to struggle with if the if this continues is the only reason. That they get away with that is because we let them we let them do this course and we just sit here and take it. Absolutely right I can feel your passion I've appreciated I have the same congress that you will come up with some ideas of we can thank you much. The governor is going to be in town today in you know why. I don't know where he's going to be it'll be announced a year cores on our newscast will be announced on TV you know everybody will tell you where the government is going to be. Which impolite. You know it's the governor mark its third governor the reason we now is there's 5000 state troopers surrounding him that's how we know it's the governor okay. When's the last time you went to where are aware the governor was speaking and booed them. Okay is not illegal absolutely not illegal. Just blowing him letting them know the world not suckers like you thinks we are. But it is just anybody like that guy he's a young guy trying to raise a family. And and he's just trying to make you make a living for him himself and his family and he has to deal with the same stuff. We've been dealing with for years and years and years and older people as in the yards of attacks go. But their taxes going up even though. The point is it was announced fifty years there on radio limited income but the taxes keep going up and then. They age on the radio or you look at the newspaper and they find out we're giving all this stuff away to people who are here illegally. Shouldn't be here at all we should not have to visit these spending that kinda money. And now we're gonna make it easy you want a driver's license and your illegal. That's right on the horizon they're discussing it now. In fact the governor who knows could even be announcing it today we don't know we'll find out he did the other thing by executive Fiat. The parolees can vote he said I can't take no for an answer that's damn well time has started taking no for answer. All right because the people asking the questions are the voters. Who say no enough of this crap. Every single day it's one thing after another. Which is something you got it and people starting families who don't see a bright future in New York State. And only we got retirees. At the retirees who they are probably the smartest of all the groups unless they have strong family ties here. They take it whatever if it got away ever gun after they had to give a lot of it away to illegals and they get the hell out of this state. Why in the hell are we living in this state. I don't I don't know I don't know unless you're live in the city I think it's a sucker bet you are soccer Imus soccer. But it's something when it comes time for me to hang up this microphone. I'm gonna get reorganized and so Kelly I have the ability to go somewhere else if I want to and I want to. It's just that you feel so abused. Its and crew. Will be back what more. Does this state with a all of they were there all embracing. The fees. You're pearl you should be able to vote I could use 35000 more votes because of I'm I'm trending downward Cynthia Nixon is scaring me give you an idea. Our right where you want to note misrepresents your values are just the values and New York's. One could guess what the answer you know three on 30180616. Through music and start time.