4/16 Beach and Company Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Monday, April 16th

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Why did you hear that they have Brian Higgins and Brian Higgins on television over the weekend and maybe it's my TV but I was looking at agencies here I think it's possible during a two. I think responsible argument is. I didn't say he while I was working too because of my said he would was wearing a tube. And he wasn't that I'd be on and I have to apologize. But it might say it's possible he's wearing a two group. If I could leave the farm director via the guy because it is possible he's wearing a true. You can't you can't very kids is wrong. Is it possible. Yeah probable maybe not. You know I never thought I'd see these words. It's unlikely. But I think it's very possible this congressman Higgins is wearing it today so and that's the whole point. And I'm telling you Bobby were deals pairs now sitting on mark polling there as head. That's that's all I can tell you that fabulous he am market is Lowell mongo I go swinging school. Because that's where it and many market like portable are it's quite possible. I'm trying to prove a point. When you lose toward possible you're always covered it's like your get out of jail free card. It something you say is home totally impossible. And nobody improvement. But when used as a definitive statement declarative statement. Then you have to prove it well and do that well I'll say this he's a shifty little weasel his way. Because he would please say that and here's. He is. Out today it eases your dog who has them the police you know I was that something reasonable toward you mad too. He's throwing and suggestions. Like job in my underwear in his chair and words you're hungry at that time and and you have to have a Iceland and after I mean come in an interview that Stephanopoulos. Is nom. I kind of journalist because I can't get past effective he was Clinton's board although junior's house and separate that from you know. It's one thing like may be maybe you're produce on this should. And you're out for like week after week after week of and you posted how much looking forward to your son's flag football and totally left pretty. The friendly talk show post that has been so if we're twenty years yet. I I think it's possible that maybe you for Obama's. You may as possible before I think it's possible and very likely. Is governed baca Saturday Vaio. Tony city to see who will be back senator rivers torture on WG well that's the sport shall we all know we don't we don't know he had here. The commitment we had some delegates in a parking lot he should there be backward as if he's back rare Saturday he should be back whereabouts on Monday but I'm sure. He won ago and start his you know it is a new ten year year over there. Because then he works out the kinks and he's been off the year for us look like he just wants to work on things eggs so he's back to perfection on and when he comes in on Monday he will not miserably excuses no excuses will be sharp as it. Let's go to Jennifer. Thank you for holding job of Iran's wouldn't be again. Hello Jennifer I think their role in juvenile. Oh shares down I Jennifer. I can you hear me I can hear you loud and clear Jennifer thank you for holding. Excellent three point per yet the F yeah I hate it there's political parody you've seen. Is battled well. Promised to drain that swamp I don't know bit but it happened but what if he had both up and you've seen all kinds of company UK eighties at a leading up her shenanigans that have been going and and you make an addiction wonder how long been going around and called you why it. Deputy attorney general of the United States. It is an eye opener is that how I felt that I into how government worked I've never been held a government job and I kind of knew what the structure is is the most the big and it's totally different revisit swear off armed and that's part of what reason he got elected it can be is showing all the creatures of each of those swamped. Yet second thing I think mr. turner should keep up with current event because they partied and flow this point that the and then. Ideas for a lot of power came on and during the Pratt. Briefing. After the president ethical we had an entire room up. Do people that get their white coat fan. Really. That the doctor. It was an admiral and he's the doctor and gave a clean bill of health and they all the reporters. Set of activity right. Can hit ability. But what really cross my cookies. It's the morning keeper Robert. Talking about out. Our. Buyer's remorse for trump ordered because now we are out and see the looting and don't see the moral question. I heard him say that yes. My parents taught me from a young age the difference between right and wrong. I did not vote for tribal trickled to be my moral compass. And I didn't appoint. Mr. called me to be my moral compass. And I really high near death. About one being white women who voted. Rock pop and now you'll get the application to fix fewer mistake. In vote against. Apple trump. I'm glad you said that because there is call is there Kobe's quote. Duty bound to vote trump out of office of the next election. You cannot have as president of the United States anybody who does not reflect the values that I believe Republicans treasure and Democrats treasure and independence treasure this is the core of this country is our foundation and so impeachment and a way wood short circuit that but what he's saying is what you just said. That and here's a chance to correct your mistake. And they at all because the schools that when he eighteen Mitt economy. There's now you have a chance to do the right and moral hike. Exactly where you forgive Beers and is it's. Go a couple of hail marys and vote Democrat thank you I'm with the U. I thanks amber thank you remarks. Yeah it's amazing as this stuff comes up and and receive a how much there is of regularly and dutifully. Dutifully pay one after another after another somebody had said that Saturday. Not every. Senator night. Every cable channel was a running stuff on Syria which isn't a serious situation obviously. Except CNN I'm. I. Said I'd everywhere and brought browse CNN. He here's our program and our little pat on the back from AE says. Thank god for sandy beach man sing exactly every single thing I came away away from that stupid stupid interview thank you very much. Here's a number of attacks that Israel and entry. Washington has corrupted and every agency FB IC IA DOJ. The congress and the senate vacancy annualized proceed and revolution. Again Barry says that would be says. There's another the FBI has become the new national enquirer I think the FBI has become a new political party. Let's face it they they can do things political parties can't do. In the name of the law and order just amazing and at least seem to be there's of the blow was coming off the rose with the FBI. How many times in the last year there. At least three that I ever called me I don't recall each one but at least three two of the best in my memory. A the FBI had he been given a tip and didn't act on it and turned a tragically people die. And they have had contact with the people who were involved with shootings and and never brought them to justice. I was so it seems like maybe if they pay more attention across time and law and order and lets the politics it might be a better for all of us take a break. On the Israeli and I'm thirty WB. I guarantee you if you do this. But. You never worked in democratic politics again. Maybe you don't want to let us in matters that you'll be embarrassed for the National Press Club. People will think it nobody will believe him. And people think this company. I'm glad the alternatives. You. Don't do that and causing some temporary pain with people who tomorrow on the matter. Some of our tax. People sort of sense of humor every once in awhile on this says I think it's possible. That Hillary is honest. But I have no proof. I like that so this is it that they do which is taken seriously of course. By the cable networks was nearly a cartoon. It was nearly a cartoon. And I'll say this about comedy he knows when this Brinkema where a sprinkle in a word possible. Once you do that all bets are off. You have you have privilege you can say when you go on as large as a possible. Because there are very few things in life that are impossible. Most things are possible. Do you use that word than you can say you're going to want and like. He's that. About the rush him. But see the Russian hooker and urinating color he threw that in there. Under the heading of possible. When indeed it is something I bet you got you got proof let's sit. Sharpton may come and I just shut the hell up because you're you're just misleading people. I think this guy is sleazy and not just because. He is against though what's going on with Donald Trump it's because he's very misleading and I think. Without knowing any more of a priority you know bottom. Very poor choice to lead the FBI. Because first of all you one thing would have disqualified him immediately if I was the president of the hand that. Of the investigatory. Bodies that would examine leaks. Is giving him hope. I mean he's as leaks in the FBI gonna urology convention. He is making himself so he. He had information he wrote down about it's the odds and all that stuff. And he wanted to know home because this man is its Gandhi and prime rate of Derrick he wanted to known. But what did he do video like a mad and stand up and say hey here is what is happening here and I believe in this. And because of that I will have to resign my position a hole but all. This is the kind of honor so he did the honorable thing he leaked it. He sent it to his friend who is a Columbia university law professor well there's a shock forward. And he senate's of New York Times and there's another shock. So when people read it from the New York Times. They didn't know it was column he wrote it. So if you really feel strongly about something going to stand up and make it known that she York. Feeling and and here's how you feel leaders are using it to put your name on it now. He didn't do that. But he leaked it so he didn't have the courage supporters on minimum so what I'm saying is this is a great moral leader that we're looking and I don't think so. Let's go to Kevin in the Pendleton Kevin Iran WP can. Well Sharon then broke the long. Who. Truly. Broken down in. Such and I entered the state. I avoid that city is the mood. And in the school ball and Norton and all that's good about the yeah. Yeah brilliant and you know some folks that it it it said none of the boat and they are out or. How much did that shouldn't write them a period of what. This is a bad idea. Dying. A lot of it would look at the trump yet. Quote from. Me and what it did indeed he. I can't always said I mean he said it you are duty bow down. To vote against the Republicans in the next election and their duty bound imagine that. While a well. The majority. Are no longer silent Randy so I'm looking forward to November. I would view Kevin I really am I think it'll reenergize these people. Because it is one thing every difference of opinion but this is just BS you don't know what and I know it and they know and to and to demonize those who vote form and like Steve Roberts today those who voted form having buyer's remorse what the hell does he get this through this just fall out of the sky or just decided to make it up. Yeah Washington. And let me governor doing governor or you gotta thank you Kevin you've got to that's absolutely right and for those. Who well. He is Inco closed and where of potent I mean really. Well it would. Crosby the banner of Fox News about a half an hour ago and he's going to look the president of the hundreds of buddhism. The new sanctions against Russia for helping. Syria. So does this Micah your buddy buddy canister to Asian I don't think so I would like them to get along I don't want to see a war certainly. But remembered as it and who is supporting this go body AD. Phones that. If you shoot missiles in this area we will destroy our way all the missiles the comings. And did not say that he absolutely says it. Did we not shoot missiles and Syria. Sweden. In any immediate shutdown Russians know. It and you try to shut down our oceans no. So. They won't even give them a break on something like that. So I mean look like this Kim John one. Is that is rattling his Saber anymore. And poem. Is not following on his threat to shoot our missiles down. Is he getting any credit for heroes. It does not of course not and get used to it he'll get at if anything. As we have a very this express. And unfortunately we have a very biased yes a group of people in Washington. And in my view my third question today is. Is the FBI the newest political party. Because remember call me as a former FBI director of the fire are tight so maybe it isn't good to hang a whole agency on him. But the bottom line is that seemed to be much more of that going on than we are expected in Washington. And we do know bit us. If if they were asked to investigate where badly come from would they have thought on motor came from call me. Yeah. This we have found the army and it is us Monica and so yeah he called a potent and did it and he called on Kim's opponent did it. So I think he should get some credit somewhere for some thing. On new Israeli and I'm thirty will be back after vests. I got. Yeah my beer right now. That's what always goes possibly in scope of a finding that it's great Bobby Iraq right now obviously learned. English and please when you school. Now just here on your formation. I decided to test this year I owed income tax through V federal government's. And the strict government. As to I wrote two checks ones of the federal government and the larger of the two. The second service say the smaller of the two but I decided I'm gonna see how long it takes for evil these checks or cash just for fun. Okay so I mailed them on a Monday. I mail among Monday in the in two days two days to stay on with cash in three days that prolongs cash. So they don't wait very long that check comes then boom it immediately against deposited. And Olympic council can spend more money to people that work at all. Thank you very much. Now buzz examiner nice job Gregg and Bob Weir right on the line like that governments and boy go a swing in school nice job. Now is job on getting Stephanopoulos threatening somebody threw. Very very nice do you have some of FaceBook. Like one story on a joke he has show Euro told them the you know it's it's all the praise is and I'm just average rank rub your jets were there. I don't I played in the break you heard the man who act like are up and. They says I'm sickened. All the oh not at all surprised I did not watch the follow up reporting is enough for me the man is guilty of fabricating stories in blatantly block and everyone. In as far as George he's such a bit nothing or original but then look in his employer. How can you believe George Stephanopoulos. And when he's filling in the blanks when he's interviewing somebody that's remarkable. I've gained Polly has says as how he felt about something. And then that wasn't enough for Stephanopoulos those Stephanopoulos as well weren't you angry too little. I. Equivalent would you like Fries with that. In other words would you may have forgotten to say that you were angry so he will show how angry you are because your righteous man and they're James call me. It's a righteous man and you certainly know morality when you see it that's why you leaked the memo. Through your college profess their friends too and there are times when you're had to be agency nice nice work. I swore the brokerage should be investigating memo leads the head of the group with a time that was indeed the guy doing it. Are another one of those. Eric says that was staged right from the start. But the one statement as sticks in my mind is when Kobe said he stopped investigation until Clinton because she thought she would be president. That statement alone speaks value. This guy you know is to its incredible he said I'm paraphrasing broke what he did say was that. I wanted to hurt or take office without the of these things hanging over head and stuff like that his job. It's not his job. As the head of the FBI. If there's things hanging overhead is the reason for. All right. I am and she should have to deal with the U it shouldn't be your job to be the cleanup man before she gets there tidy things up maybe believer. A candle lit who have any particular blue K here's something like that ridiculous. And for us is David heads the FBI to think like that is highly distressing. Simply gut coach Jim here and not between Pu me and government movement rob but it got collusion I think we did they have the FBI at the time the press. The opposition party virtually all in moment you thought they'd never get together and I think that when it comes through a dump trumped their all for another. We have can't lose says did you watch he's a disgrace to the apartment and our government. Could not care less what he thinks yeah. Meets culturally. And that's why are you guys today would all Helio let's holds tong and should speak. Is the FBI our newest political party why not if you if you're going to be in politics. And you want to influence the decisions of the voters and things like that we'll get the politics. Because I didn't think he went into law enforcement so you could influence politics but that's what's happening I think Maria FBI's been hijacked. It and have because they seem to be coming on the short end of the straw with. People they didn't interview that where they were warned we're trouble and were later went on kill people. Things like that kind of sloppy. In the presentation of what they were doing and and what they were didn't do. And so this just makes it worse. And there regarding the DOJ and in all these other groups. If I always thought there were better than this apparently I was wrong on that one better than this and still aren't. Another buzz it's. Jim says he gave me more confidence that we chose trumpet their president. He is just another liberal trying to degrade try. Yeah despite the fact that he's a registered Republican. Remember Ken Hamilton is a registered them that's. And these aphorisms are your vote in the primary. But the bottom of the bottom line is. It didn't you really think that America was better than this and our institutions. I thought we had three strong branches of government. And Barack Obama is the seat on a lot of this stuff so we're talking about. But I found out wanted to know the if it's not equals. And it's each side trying to flex their muscles what is this supposed to be equal but their nod. And did a great institutions like the Federal Bureau of Investigation I think they're there have been harmed by this stuff. Because we all kind of figure the politicians are cheesy with her figure that everybody was she's the yeah that we also know that there career politicians will do what he's going to stay there that's why you have that's why it's very very difficult to. As you get via swamp drained because they've been there for a long time and they like what they have been there about willing to do it. They're willing to do it may be for new people but they want me grandfather men. Let's take a break and then we'll return would be your cup male one don't know from meal. A was the interview fair and balanced between Stephanopoulos. And James call me. And is the FBI the newest political parties seems like there are a newsreader I'm thirty W via. Chip stock that's crazed T how can that be. Too angry. And being angry. I thought it's crazy to fire me look it's true I mean I'm order testify about it at some people know about it I gave that unclassified memo to my friend. And asked him to give it to reporter. That is entirely appropriate I think it's crazy to fire me. As about that it's amazing. I got some good texture but it's amazing how. People. Get riled up when you sit there that you have a chance to correct your mistakes. By yeah by voting. In the mid terms against the Republicans and that's exactly. What to call me said what the American people. He's in the American people have our duty bound to vote trump out of office in the next election which would be. When the the one coming up of 31 after that so he's telling you what to do ideas meanwhile I'm. Some of the sex. You guys are so biased everybody's line it's a drop from. Well what we're is saying is he can't just be throwing a insinuations out there to be taken as serious when you say it's possible. It's possible Donald Trump could join the circus a runaway. It's possible he could. Not very likely. But if you say it's but it is possible and people are oftentimes don't differentiate. And that's the problem was that interview the problem was there was such a separate interview was unbelievable and ABC's gonna milk the cows come home. Or dry by the way. Whereas the constitution or where in the constitution doesn't say that morality as a qualification to be president that's government. Trump is unfit for office and senate office says they disgruntled fired employee. As a joke put in perspective. Sandy the Russians didn't shoot down our missiles trump must have dirt important signs though I love back. And so on the deal. That shortly. Is the fact that. Vacated there still angry. That you are Smart enough to vote for Hillary Clinton. And they haven't gotten over that and I don't think they're going to get over for awhile but when you see such over the top things is that this interview. In this book however it certainly the council tomorrow. But I've not credit just from leaks that come out. It should be of interest thing because then you can actually see on paper. How many times he uses the get out of jail free card. And talks about possibility. And I think OK now obvious says Steele I think. The Donald Trump rob a bank and in 1956. With the Tuesday. Which big bank was it through the ever catch the people were they on video of this he's been in the jail that you just letting go. Ago. Because it is possible. Then I guessed that he robbed a bank. But until you could prohibit you don't put out there as true. And just saying it's possible doesn't cut it really doesn't remember he sees it it's gotten in trouble himself. With the word possible. When he talked about Obama's. Berkshire birthright. Birth birth certificate. Yeah and though whether indeed he is possible he's not a US citizen. While it was possible so using the same standard we've been your field today. But he got he got shattered way. And it doesn't seem like any body from a Stephanopoulos. The James only bothered boring about that aside and other if you would beamer. Yeah Roseanne's as cold made some mistakes all humans do but what trump does this horrible in nets on purpose there's a difference. He did his. Is horrible now here that's pretty generic don't you think. Well what he'd do as it is and so far. The we have a text. A revision coming in through play next year in 2000 agent big tax bill. And he is he is stood our ground in form and squabbles. He's done very well would that and he's doing a good job as president. If you like the east as things that's different does not mean these horrible. I'd like to know like an example of horrible if you put. Because it's all part seeing that if he's done this by swimming upstream against the opposition which is. The opposition party in Tampa Bay zone he's gotten that done. He got a good appointment made the US Supreme Court. Which forgiveness or breathing room on the court so I think he's he's been he's he's done by exit horrible. He may have as send them the way you weren't comfortable hearing. But it did not mean these are jobs and upwards Germany's is bitter ex employees sorry he is then given a platform to spew from. That's exactly what it is it is a bitter ex employee and he admitted. That. He thought Hillary Clinton. Won is going to win an election. And he proceeded where that thought in mind. Now in an ideal world of course this is an idea that it does not an ideal world but in an ideal world. Whether she's got to win or not has nothing to do with William Orbit investigation. The investigation should be independent of whether somebody is going to win the office or lose the office. Is once you start thinking politically like that. Indeed. I you're you're you're doomed to to make some mistakes and a big mistake he made was. Trying to think because we've ever having under the rug by bringing up all over sins were very email. And bring it all public and has no we didn't find enough due to a the charger so that later in the indeed affair for if anything happened. They would think it's retribution instead of legitimate. Woods tournament investigation. And never missed stability. I'm sorry about that where where you where you're drinking a beverage dunhill. Michael put us on the hotline and fling with explaining to me I'll go and failure it's a great job so Barry says every victim. Call it a shot that. Barry says just an opportunist did you watch won't buy the bookie. Or by the book what's the point. What's the point. You could say that it's possible to Donald Trump was the circus trainers you're gonna say if you want to he's aiming. C Etsy Betsy. You get out of jail free card if you say it's possible you say I think. Without explaining that any of proof that led to your ability to think that thought that it means nothing. Is nothing I would've loved to have done that interview with him. Because I sort of prepared for it and he would have been called on a lot of things that. Did you Stephanopoulos just let it ride. And I would not affect him in for make sure and fed him thought thoughts let the thoughts being his own. All right what he says whoa weren't you angry true. And you get overweight that day and for its tiger sure an army rarely. We're seeing is very unprofessional to do that but they do all the time and if you're paying attention to it. You'll you'll love you not notice it but. Here's the Katy once you do pay attention to it then you really know Morrison and makes it even worse. I've said this before a lot of things in the go with the goal of what the conversation is about. The freedom of the general Donald trumps of doggie shouldn't voters form anybody that did should be ashamed of themselves you Camilla. You can right yourself by voting against the young Republicans for several election cycles. So with that in mind you control all the stuff against the wall once you start dissecting him looking at and under the microscope. Now why did you think differently of the investigation if you thought she was going to win. Would it have changed the outcome if you thought that trump was going to win. What would have happened. You've got to you have to pursue that and find out what they say there's gonna make a claim even a close game it's a it's kinda like wearing a very possible tag they got to explain. And they come up with a proof and they won't because that. I've sort of nice job nice job we've managed job frank K. Is that is he gonna rub it just motivates him he said if I stay a little late being nice I like a team that rubs together. We'll see you tomorrow at nine under is organize thirty WB here. How much they never wanted me to be used strictly related and I don't give it and.