4/16 Beach and Company Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Monday, April 16th

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And we are back live agent company have good news to have their tickets have a golden boys Sunday August 12. What do you go up and plug this well. At the Erie county fair writer seven Dollar General gone there's rules apply. Here's some more info and Dick Fox's. Golden boy's. Frankie Avalon Fabian about it right now will be live at the Erie county fair and stand Sunday Carter's office seventh authority figures on sale Thursday via ninety's so that's this Thursday of fairgrounds main office. Add that tickets dot com 6449875. So it's a Dick Fox's. Gold imports. There was certainly golden boys in their time is still far from my understanding also. It's untrue or somebody that it's mainly Johnny Mathis. Concert keep my Johnny Mathis has the makings hit songs and been performing since the fifties. And Lisa said his voice sounded like he was 25 years old. His voice has not deteriorated. At all so congratulations to you. John Mathis. Okay my questions are. Unbelievable. Has no credibility would me at all on that not because I like Donald Trump is because of what he says. You've got to pay attention to the words. Because every time the word possible is Jews. That means that anything is possible. So he can attach anything you wanted to and say it's possible. And we can't say it's impossible. There are very few things that are impossible that you will be discussing a national stage. So I thought that was a ridiculous. People defending him saying he has a passion. He's a passionate personable they said earlier so our terrorists that are passionate true. They're passionate in what they want what they're like yeah what they duel and where passionate to stop them. So that passion thing doesn't cut it. And as far as I'm concerned when call me and the memo his own memo. When he leaked that to a law professor at Columbia of those teachers in Colombia not the country but university. And he sent it through video and there are times that showed the kind of character yet he had something he wanted to say. So it like a little weasel he he leaked it Sosa the words got out but they weren't his words. The public didn't always from him. So you tell me what kind of Bonner. But somebody like that cats. Wanna hear about how are honorable he was that enough if if it was working for me and I found out about it he'd be gone in an instant in a heartbeat. So I don't wanna hear that but I've got a good third question. And I I he's just came to me like in a dream. I'd go to the basic premise of today's show is. James caught me declares that the president is morally unfit and the usual gray and Doug turner. Once you remove because of the 25 amendment claiming Doug charter being a medical expert now. Plans of the president is on the verge of being mentally. Do efficient approaching psychosis loses the way he describes it. Was the and your fair balanced and here here's the third one. Some members of the law enforcement role like this because I'm very pro law enforcement guy but I am very pro play by the rules guy to okay. Has the FBI guy. Become the newest poll political party. Think about that the FBI has all taken great pride. In isn't the the FBI in their investigative ability. In the high class of people that they hire they always have and still do you require college education. They've they've eliminated some of the baddest guys we've ever had here but I think if you just look around and see where things are going and now they've been handled. I think the FBI is the newest political party of the major party we have the Democrats we have Republicans that I think we have via via. I'm real and that's sad. Because they're not supposed to be a political party they're supposed to be the top investigative. A group that we have. Eight Austria on my 30806. On 69236. Iron to thirty. Let's go to Mary and Lancaster mayor here on WB again. I think the I was little that's about it when people would mean ultimately it. New questions okay. Actually a lot of the same I did not watch them interview but. Protecting. There's a comic you just made now what what I would prefer to. What's called and did everything. This what what. You can't handle this priest did to the Catholic Church. What they're people honorable people in good working people FBI what he did what he did or destroyed in this credited that. You know FBI. And now all the people working there have to deal with that in addition to the jab that they do. Yeah they have a tough job and now ready when he was head of the FBI to be disgraced the bureau. Yet he did but also the defective. Are we would just stay with I love to blame and how do you think it. Like I told it many times I voluntary re is it a little toolkit second grader and what the first thing Kidman when he read something or here's something or do have. Is. And yet the question is defect or opinion. I think that journalists. Our have to really be discredited themselves that it didn't and now by about. Looking at this. Objectively and say well wait a minute this fact or predict how many can commute you do you keep that it is important and some of his. He looked he was giving his opinion yeah. Ali fields. And and it's possible role in about how. Copping up some evidence like. And that but the point is with what I'm saying I accusing journalists vote but because there are the person that should have spoken out and said. Where is the. Are you think George Stephanopoulos. Like he was always a but. Bordered Bill Clinton is going to call him out on the it was a sweetheart interview you knew would be and that's what it was there. That was his disgrace to journalism and I think all these journalists. If there with a call themselves journalists. Should call him out and and demanded an apology tour although there's journalists for up a phone or where are Hispanic. Well I agree we view in if I were a journalist which I'm not if but if I were car. I would stay eager disgracing all of us because it was a sacred thing to be a Joseph Donnelly she was supposed to be a seeker and speaker of truth. Now I just another but boy for a political campaign. Distrust among even took a long everybody learned journalist. And the FBI and law that thought little of the burden he put the people and the FBI are good working people. He caused them to these. I call these wife the next morning after the election. After trumpeter swan was out demonstrating. Against the results of the election. Tell me how bad does not this certainly gives the appearance of impropriety that was a fact she did it. But apparently that anything goes dug around Mary thank you. I will break it will be backward more on newsroom and I'm thirty WB via. What's your first thought that's crazy. How could that be. Were you angry. From being angry. I thought it's crazy to fire me look it it's true I mean I'm order testified about it and tell people about it I gave an unclassified memo to my friend and and asked him to give it to report order. That is entirely appropriate and it's crazy to fire me. I just reminder if you would like to join them member of the nine. On a fabulous Mississippi River crew news. We be leaving on October 5 through the thirteenth of this year obviously. And on a new ship they just finished it. The M Americans songs are from American cruise lines. It and this ship itself as the biggest K Evans in cruising. Every cabin and has a balcony and it was a pretty fabulous trip. And anywhere from a New Orleans where all star for a couple of days. Two plantation tours and Oka plays Louisiana Baton Rouge of the USS Kidd is there. Signature. Places that you would like to visit. San Francisco Louisiana one of the top. 300 most beautiful cities in the country Natchez Mississippi. A Plantation, Florida. Eight concert and a city to Vicksburg Mississippi. Military park is there if you're a civil war off. In Memphis where going to save Graceland. It would take you a G a tour of Memphis too so all this available. Through the triple I was so old out all seven. A trip through that are ready would take six of them. And this would be the eighth ones so we like him get aboard if you would need more information and it was unprecedented. In the first and that's when the brochures. And information went down now they're getting back. 18446887477. As well on 8446887477. And there will be on the Mississippi with them my ideas friends I hate to admit that but as any member at the myself so. I'd like to go have a fun time though we'd like we'd like to welcome him. FBI our newest political party because as far as I know oh. They had a the FB IA's job is to make sure that when. A person he thinks is going to be the president Hillary Clinton it's his job to make sure that there's nothing bothering her when she beat. Gets it takes office that's not the FBI director's job. Simply isn't our iron and it's not the FBI director. Job of all people to sleep at all. I suppose to find out how to memo leaked out it came from James called me to it asked to investigate that. Probably the FBI. This is like the movie that call is coming from the house. Aren't the leak is coming from the agency. I am saying and suddenly this guy mr. moral turpitude here. Is in charge of morality because he's the president is morally unfit. I'd like to know now. The head of the agency. Would expect his own agency to investigate or find out who sent them. Had. Am. You tell me how bats Kosher. I took that how much did George Stephanopoulos. You push a month that. Not much you have to admit it was them obviously. So that's way that's what he's doing and I'm asking. I'm Doug turner wants the president to remove going to be 25 amendment and he says is that he's he has mental health. Problems. And the news has a serious cognitive disability. A divorced from reality and approaches psychosis. So dog abusing dud for wearing a white coat stethoscope. Does he ever a doctor's degree hang it up on the law affect excel. Palace either say that the president and mentally defective. You may not like implement now like its balance sometimes this he annoys me but the bottom line is you know a position project somebody's. Cognitive ability. So this kind of crap we're getting up for us. And I find it's just amazing that all you have to do it's all well ever since from the word possible. And things possible. You can say it's possible. He was hanging from a trapeze upside down when entertainers being the president of Japan let me just say that. If you so. It's possible Obama needed and and so I just get tired of it's it's a very we eerie. That's code to. We hear this or frank frank here on WB again. Are good morning. I think it's possible the franks here yes it is Basel because he has different. And our own. That could be possible through. All they had I would always brought out. Great respect for what authority did in the highest authority it was what he was the FBI. It I I would mother did it did that ever a year. Ago over. Yeah but the man had hit it awful the self liked everything. Yeah. It. You follow. A law is not at war. Not war. And let it is great as well or I'm now. At this judge. What brought the food and author. You both yup all the pot you're old you plot that the law that you all follow the law how would. You get. I need is urgent job to be they medical examiner you're suppose to be in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and I go away. But you go up against him and good luck I hope you're I hope your singly. All my idea. I'd I'd if you don't start for the file of the site. There are way out at the bottom of the totem pole. We'll do our job every day and work and our particulate. And torture at their ability and that here. I'm not talking about the top UK. Call me and I walked bonds. It idiot I have walked all that bad why did. You block all quiet. Against the front and hit. Back to its it will be good partner yet they are well. About. It's been possible while got college got any credibility. I never once you've found out that they head of the bureau oh. You'll bust everybody's boss the head of the bureau leaked that out to the president didn't have enough balls to put his own name on it even though it was his own information that he's leaking. How how this proposed to investigate your boss like that. Like Eddie about himself what everybody that's not the same way you get to that there was going to be no conflict different words that aren't you concerned. And what does that what the problem. He had everybody a row and that's not the same way he did. And then you'd try and pretend that he is this great humble seeker of car agent and morality and up to maybe he's just another chi he politics in a weapon to become a director of the FBI bag of bragged on Iran and you very much will be back bar would be your government yes. We've got to investigate it nervously come from time. It's coming from our own agencies that I am asking is the FBI the newest political party should be an issue where Pitt and I. Maybe it may mean they should have like we got the elephant and donkey we need something for the FBI. Maybe a magnifying glass and and go on to something where little pin. OK you can you can be year old party line on six of the past and show us who you really are under the tree and I are UWB. Copyright down you know as a Bob I don't Erica mark both cars. If you let it be fair these pictures of Bobby right now you'll see that he marked cars of the same here. I don't think it's the exact same hit there but it is the exact same hairstyle so that's it and I always like that Bobby gale who majored in English. Because of his song. Yeah I won't pay. I goal ox swinging school. Okay. And because I don't true swinging school Pargo two k's swinging school it's whoa Walpole Argo a swinging school. And though the bill never changed me people like that was bigger form. All right it is is it is another day of ludicrous. And national news. I thought big George Stephanopoulos. Interview from what I've heard and read because I did not hear or watch. Was a disgrace. Because all James Tommy was doing was putting possibilities. Out. And he was in fed from idea buys that populist. Let's go to said I am. Is it not true we're hearing a lot out of Washington. But it's a bird Donald Trump is a member of the mafia. And all all of the OJ whose call me former FBI director was a well spots. Or that wouldn't surprise me like that things that our defense that aren't definitive. He has hope for anything he can just say anything is possible this is puzzled as possible. And anything is possible. But when you listen to those interviews and rigged the big results of the text demos interviews. There's there's nothing there on the table at all like that so. Follow along be very big bear is scrutinized that your hearing because it's seasonal averages over one. New but this is the kind of stuff we're getting and then it cut of all people. Noted insurgent Douglas tanner and from the buffalo knows. He says is that the leaders of the house and senate have to step up. The 25 amendment of the US constitution. The mind it calls for you removal of a president or vice president. Because of disability. It is an arguable. Suit is won both words you can argue. That trump as they sit there is cognitive disability. They divorced from reality that approached his psychosis. Real problem under the 25 amendment would require a majority. Vote in his cabinet. Lacking that congress could pass resolutions that would allow our special body like a commission. That would carry via president that would declare the president is unable to carry out his duties so here. He is making is making a suggestion that the president is mentally unfit now call me. Didn't agree with that on he's in no I just think he's morally unfair I don't think he's mentally. Deficient or anything like that. So it's a it's a free for all this throwing all you know a lot of the walls see what's gonna stick. But Colleen especially bothers me. Because the FBI used to have a very spotless reputation it but in fact in the last couple years and and I don't have the front of me. But just open up your mind a little bit the last couple years how many times have we heard that the the FBI got a tip and didn't act on it and it's probably came and killed a group for people. Why the FBI did not follow through with something now I don't expect can be a 100%. But it seems like there's a lot of that going on now maybe because they're too distracted playing politics. And that's why my question is among others is the FBI the newest political party. Because if they. Our beds grossly unfair because they have of the the the ability. To look deeply into your privacy. To drug load deeply into your history. And if they are acting as a political party. That's an advantage the others don't have so the FBI Myers welcome on Wednesday are you know we'd like to announce the formation of a new property it's via via card. Somebody also have to investigate crime. Let's go to a chair in Texas Terri could be done. And more importantly might I and that. But I met there and all that back in the water. And that is yeah. I. Don't support. That by. He'd like cult. That water and any other idiot that would work yeah. It's considered. We that he did that oil well or not there are gonna help you pay their needed it and it already back. A little bit deliberately didn't weekend. I'm glad I don't have it or not it certainly let the war related in the need to read. It now and the hour. Well if you expect John that's what you would have gotten had you done it yet very few it's like a crazy time a crazy period where. Where institutions are falling I think the FBI has lost so much credibility. In the past few years it's incredible it's too bad it really is too that while I went into very kind of don't block the deeper than the Ghali has thank you. Yeah has the FBI become the newest political party think about it. Can you imagine any FBI director saying well you know I had to make sure that when Hillary Clinton took Roberts had no elected. OK but went to took office everything was still tied up in the shouldn't have come with a burden. That's the FBI to practice job. Is to clear the way. Four of foray area a nice warm. House warming when Hillary Clinton showed up have you ever noticed so. The people around the clintons all deteriorate. Even if they start off good day today and governments are good. Meanwhile he is being interviewed by George Stephanopoulos. But boy if a Bill Clinton. He's on ABC which is just one another one of the endless round of a national media that hates clan candidates from. He's being interviewed with the words that allow. The FBI a former FBI director to use the word possible. And then people if anything spoke with action. Really. Use an example you know especially terrorists are so you can't you can't take action is necessarily a good thing it can be very bad thing at times. Especially since. All of things that have been Hitler can be directly would be a real fire bombs that throw at the opponent. I've most of them would not survive in a court of law because it's just missed the word possible. The word possible and I think. Okay you think that how you must have had some thoughts. Legends to what youth thing won't blow or the conclusions and how did you get there not just I think. Need to lock down the street and say that it's a Communist to me why I like good guys. So I really going to be it would be more precise in the English language. Whose words matter. And Bill Clinton knew that when he says. The and the what the definition visas stamping hear the word possible means awful lot. You can throw. Everything but it now house that your opponent. And say it's possible and most of the time you're gonna be right. And not being held accountable will be back for more on his radio and I thirtieth the FBI become the newest political party back after. Remember spelling it out but it happens and that that she's going to be elected president in a fight hide this from the American people. She'll be a legitimate the moment she's like the moment this comes. It is a Beijing government played this again as an example I'm talking about. And he has though a willing partner in George Stephanopoulos and an earlier cut that we played. He we've always had something like air and I was disappointed. And then Stefan a couple of the well larger angry. We I was angry to a it's right. Barry sake. Now listen to what he says he's asked the question by Stephanopoulos. In which he probably truthfully says I yeah I don't remember it and Bergman. However about Deborah. And then EE EU doesn't gorgeous it up from his throat. And other awards he said he didn't remember but then he tells you about it as if he had remembered fearless. Don't remember spelling it out but it had that. That she's going to be elected president in a fight hype from the American people. She'll be a legitimate the moment she's like. Our team and I yours and if he doesn't rip remember it but it had to have been today. Cot model of this wasn't a court case. Be thrown article Debbie downer guard. Tried to add it if you're going to court. Pan. An attorney is questioning under oath. And ask your question try try to answer like that ally I don't remember but it had to be this way. It's it's it was ridiculous. Realize it's ridiculous and so I checked early morning TV and heard the other commentators and everything. And nobody seems to wanna pick up that bad habit when you use the word possible. That's that all things are thought possible. In fact that would be good bishop machine used I think. At a saying all things are possible. He had a religious. Aspect of it but I think all things are possible. If you say it's possible. He got it OK a possible is every opportunity to happen very few things are impossible. Let's go to Peter. In sync with Peter on WB again. Yes sandy I'd share this good. And the thing about it is if you remember that seems step a couple of and and teams. Run Putin's war. Stephanopoulos was on the form we have we have that on tape we seek means that it. Where he's threatening. Of Puerto. Directly to human and shall. That you never walk again in Washington or anywhere in Egypt chief publishes. In commission that it had on the really support which can be upstairs with Clinton. It is due to which you can win a particular look. My issue is this no we understand why they call me they didn't want Clinton on that or. Because he talks just kittens have been an easy guy and used on top of the leader used on Rick and I. Know. But he's such a vindictive. And to get individual. And got my ticket doesn't define what he two mile. Which I think it's backed by a cute on him. And indeed usage reporting that you have to front Q looked too much. We move for the top Clinton I think as time goes by people would look at him with due to go. That's immediate I'm sorry. And I'm sorry Olympics aren't as balmy weather his wife is already on record steeped in a huge. Support Hillary Clinton. I say it was a protest during the day after the election now you tell me how all public protests by somebody like that who's married and head of the FBI. Can be considered as as a normal thing and it's not. Only it is not an IRU Tuesday one. I think that when he came out and he said that you real neat trick investigation. He didn't constitute. Fourteen potential not to harm you addiction issues. The potential outcrop. Looking at a Portland community and knew she was in trouble. I think this would keep him involved in Obama to video concocted connect Colby called. Well he is married and all that sticks. Opened back investigations but then sort out a come back and we've looked again and we've looked at a second time we play a hot. Trying to get at some from the point but the problem is diminished on didn't want top. They don't seem to get the act. They don't they won't accept that it's like hey we want her as president by how would be electorate. No nobody wanted I would want one more step and say this I would like somebody took Kabul and Ditka. Good memos that only supported who I am convinced. He looked it was opted to back not where he had almost got so right. After compete tonight if you could cobble indeed did we might get to see that quote we look to a memos recently. And got my point. A good point thank you Peter thank you very much yeah I remember sitting here at this very chair. With a pen in my very hand and these Faber and I'm going to be writing thousand notes because he was speaking and this was a very important moment. And he's saying I shouldn't destroy. Long and that strong in this was in man known that wasn't ready to zoo visitor about Bubba. And I'm wedding I'm waiting for him to say and so while we are. Charging her with this of that. She's being indicted for this or that no. It was the opposite he gives as a half hour's worth a list of things that should he should be a charged with at the end says there will be no charges. Was like remarkable and I remember coming on the air. Right after and just being Bea will they are divided never seen anything like that but what was he going. Like he said in the interview yesterday. That he was it was clearing the way and I'm maybe not necessarily for this but this was the intent clearing the way so that when she took office as if it's a given. She would method in this. Because then people say well let's just vindictive now of course. Because they said at the big issue is not going to be charged and now she's being charged but that's not right. Meanwhile what the hell's going on in Washington. As a third party have been established that we wore an informed about. The newest party to go with the Democrats ago with the Republicans. Is the FB. Friday. Yes the FBI and I'm fighting crime. Never mind the the history of FBI where just another political hack. Party and so that's all I can expect from a us to have a political hack party that has a badge. Little bit more power there we'll take a break and return on news radio I'm thirty is the FBI the newest political party in America. And was the interview fair balanced and informative. The answer is one he has some unknown. We'll be back after this.