4/16 Beach and Company Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Monday, April 16th

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Is Beijing government bailout wandering out Obama's children because usually guys that was something there's you know humorous. But I decade I suspect that it's possible. They James combing may have had specs would blue giraffe. I didn't say he did have sex who have address I set as possible. If we brought a ladder I think he could let them. I cannot believe the crap I've heard it. Since last night's interview would George Stephanopoulos. And it's and we'll get into that as show begins but just remember the words possible are up. Well everybody's here frank is there hello frank and going to be our beavers here are true. And video and inbred and in traffic governor Joseph mama Sunday morning waking people up and letting them know what happened on extra minutes that you get in to work on Sunday. Well yesterday usually on Sunday is to give myself a last time you know I just have to heal right time to hit the break pledge got a driver where. But I'm. I looked around for testing and usually takes about ten minutes yeah a year and took a good if I thirty minutes. I went under the speed limit which we know is good something I don't want your autograph a just took Islamic rows deep that's ninety and that early album was was pretty slick but got an executive with yeah it took me about 25. The fifteen minutes the usual. I checked all the weather forecasts though because I did not have to be anywhere this this weekend. And check the law it was the most time. You losing whether forecast remember scene because they had is differentiate between freezing rain and sleet. And I end a war was going to be aware and they and other high pressure route this year was going to slump down there and it was the most confusing thing that the best thing that was the sort of the Wendell. For years off anyway. But they're glad we got through without the major damage at a bank it provokes. From a right park and every Saturday because this aspect of my treatment is finished 45. Treatments. And that's that knows there will be you know continuing Jericho Epson and things like that. But as far as the main part of it. It's done and I'm glad sees that. Sometimes things go mobile on the scope when you say Viacom line reality. A man who claimed it was Donald Trump. Sprayed a stranger in the face with pepper spray. On a Manhattan 8 train on Thursday morning. The sparking panic and causing massive delays on the rails you would say okay. Understand that some lunatic is there Miami's Donald Trump doing bad things except for this. He not only claim to be Donald Trump he claimed to be too predictable he claimed to be Donald Trump and Michael Jackson. That's all you think that every step today and outrun people right or wrong and those look like down from a doesn't have here now. The ultra but when you point me Donald Trump and the Michael Jackson at this thing and I'm. One would think can Donald Trump moonwalk I am Kim Michael Jackson build a hotel I'm not really short of a big cops came and they arrested him. That 8:30 in the morning so that kind of stuff doesn't happen around here it's reincarnated. Michael Jackson inside Donald Trump exactly. You know I want to get one free. I see over the weekend and strangely enough it was not for Friday which happened to be Friday the thirteenth. Bit belt asteroid belt of course with the editor of coast to coast and George Noory now. And a greater rate good job match as George does it feel like that kind of show. They're they're very good at what they do. I tip that we here at the end of via his tenure there is claiming some things happening off the air or whatever. And so he wears them on his proposal calls for some time. But he still had the syndicated show on things like that but sorry to hear about the passing. Of art well. Welcome to give you a brief synopsis of something happening this week in buffalo its cause the restaurant week and just in time. Just in time when I'm down where my treatments that I can go in the restaurant week. And we'll tell you exactly what's going on and what where if you wanna follow along. WB dot com or go to Brenda is by and you'll see the information. After the office are right it is the beginning pardon me. I'll vote restaurant week is the nineteenth. Time that this has happened in western new York and it starts the day goes rubio and the way. It's our version and our versions are in the top five you know that a much larger cities too including New York Chicago LA Washington. And is so it's a big big deal. Well Bobby 200. Plus expected to part 22 restaurants operatives have aiming for the first time sort of you have progressed from bucket list. There is a kinds of diving for features breakfast lunch and then are priced at 2018. Well. I coincidence. Last year it was funny seven Zain I wondered how to come to these prices. It's it's one aging 38 you know 48 team and if you want to do would try different restaurants good time to do it. According to be organizers. These two annual. Restaurant we events we have a year. Contribute an estimated eight million dollars through the economy above that and that's without pocket. I think you've had a partner we've we've become number one that's not a problem okay. Right and Roger bucket list now and check it out we have well the one thing. Is it indisputable. About Western New York always has been as we have great restaurants we do originally due. I've worked in much bigger cities of who worked in Dallas. Were in San Francisco. And have the Cisco has a lot of good restaurants not Bob better than ours and anti that right now. I had Alice one actress ounces restaurants a bug the bottom line is we are to be part of our restaurants and this is the break the chains. This is the league where object okay but this week goal. There Leo yeah if ever been. Darius they are swallowed one house. Well outside of buffalo yes of course the off blasts factories but there's so many good local line. Ops trends here in buffalo they're biblical and I'm not just copied out of the question. It's very difficult to pick one because you have so many eight plus choice. I guess that's the truth you can go out every week to be times a week and McCourt over here you wouldn't leave and dented the number of restaurants we have. And it seems like we get anymore and so. Liked it and larger and not have the cleanup afterwards. You pay the bill and go home and every life coach at around restaurant where people don't understand like other places Domino's is the best take this guy takes. Exactly the you know and you mentioned things like everybody thinks the vote vote vote either wing czar pizza or before I went through big general staples and whatever. A lot of of restaurants that a lot of different things on the menu and gentlemen does a good time doing this week. I guess it was an it's. It was so disgust and I'm just telling it what a load of crap. Coming me beastie with George Stephanopoulos. One ever. First of all web site on the Chicago. High side arm a show like that for any reason. Often times when there's when this thing that you don't why. All right you are out to make outrageous. Accusations without having the programming thing and of people that you get away with a because they don't like lecturer. Accusations. Are ever being thrown that. In this case Donald Trump. Down from one enough voters including me. Become president of the United States but a lot of people like him OK and because of that of the people don't like him let things slide. All right and it was an after an arm injury as well for somebody. That grabbed that bat hit a partner and I didn't hear anybody do. There Thursday there's a word called. Possible. I there is a word called possible. And if you notice on the sound bites with economy from the various news organizations. He used the word possible what possible means is nothing. Okay anything is basically possible. Do you have an accusation yes you know it's possible they do about. What proof do. As possible go to possible Russians have been through it is possible always collusion with the Russians in the war of course he shot missiles in this. Area where there happen to be Russians hopes makes sense. Of French out of my lob a few missiles. And of course. OK so economy. Both acts. People who don't drop will have to like home. No matter what you know all of these are dedicated public servants and his honesty is beyond reproach real pain. Italy is in demand who leaked as. Who'll leaks. Hey yeah a memo. To his friend who has radio law professor at Columbia to to leak through via our New York Times OK now he would show me this. If you only believe in what you leaked. And if you believe it to be the truth I don't you have the balls like a man and stand up and put your name on that note you leaked it. You know early this and nobody would know it came from. Is that the artists pride outstanding James combing the woods. Mr. Odyssey and in oh. In charge of morality. Is that something when the FBI director takes his office that he's in charge of morality. And the city's himself and I can't believe people didn't pick up arm okay. He said that I was convinced that Hillary Clinton was going to win the presidency. And so he had to do made shore a bit she took office without all of a controversy and Bob and stuff like that so he wanted to clear that all up and get all straighten out this is why did what he did. Before she took office so she could take office with a clean slate what. Is the director of the FBI's job. It shouldn't be elected Democratic National Committee. The people who paid big money elect Hillary Clinton. Aren't those the people it should be working with Hillary Clinton as she takes up as a you to leave the FBI director as to if New York curling he would be ahead with a broom sweeping the ice and make sure that everything's it's clear is that debate since when does his job. It's an act. So he calls him morally unfit. OK before. You miseries and who can. What you think about his morality. You supposed to be in charge of law enforcement. I don't care what you think of is morality. You guys play and incidentally had a look it's hard core RCA's. He's not a partisan. Just so happens that his wife the day after the election. Well as demonstrating. Against the results of the election. It. Was looking for what's best for America. I can just despicable the way he's a book as ways to New Jersey dole. As though. For the clintons but boy George Stephanopoulos. You'll notice how comfortable that is as being built off questions. So just disgusted by this whole thing coming James calmly should be anybody's this decision maker on on bear rug. On their morality. And if you're going to claim something and claim something is possible. Anything is possible to be growing at cucumber editor here I guess it's possible if you want it and he has more people use. OK and I love this. He is a man of such pat cash. Okay. Passion let's think about that who is like a lot of passion. RS for crying out loud they have a lot of thatch and a lot of action at all a lot of passion. Is it let passion but because you have passion doesn't mean you're right. OK so hype find this to be just an acceptable. Unacceptable. You've got a guy making moral judgments on another guy. You've got a guy who's supposed to be and is leaking information. Throughout France and arts without his name on that. Hala outstanding is that if you really believe in it you put your balls on the desk in Atlanta Atlanta read a memo put your name on. All right you know hide it she threw it immediately and then claim the high ground. Real if a problem. I go directly to the problem until the problem is I don't talk to somebody else it's you can suggest that I took mine in Campillo. And crap is that. So it's not trying to take the high road I found took the road and it's it back. And is bogged good smarter. He had. Turner. He writes Bob knows he's actually. Works in the it is reporting everything. When I tell you what Doug turner wants the way Doug and James we don't agree so I don't know who would be the average. That would should we go with our. Or should we it is 1940 sevens vote. Or should we go whip James called me he's tall he's honest he's passionate and he is a moral beacon for our country. It's not a that we come back on a new idea and WB. We're back wit me I'll go out like that music that I usually hear that music I used to either. After quarter reply I've in the morning. To shout outs are well ideally that's very nice always like that vein and use we us our bell on a Friday. The thirteenth and that was as a sign up music. Heard that for many years right here on newsreader and thirty. So I am beside myself. James call me has appointed himself moral of moral judge of of Donald Trump. As he talks about the a morality and that he is unfit morally to be president. And so that that's his position now he doesn't think. That he as mental health issues he just thinks it's more holes there are screwed up. However Doug turner. It in the buffalo and goes to day of figures he does have he does have psychiatric problems. If this is Doug turner. Senate Minority Leader Schumer and House Minority Leader Pelosi. Ryan awhile he's steals leader in the house and McConnell. Have to step up. The 25 amendment to the United States constitution comes tomorrow. It calls for removal of a president or vice president because of disability. It is now arguable. That trump has a serious cognitive disability. A divorced from reality that approaches psychosis. Removal of trump under the 25 amendment would require a majority vote of the cabinet. Lacking bat. Congress could pass resolutions. That would allow a special body like a commission that would declare the pres and and is unable to carry out his duties. So here here we have a rider for who writes for the buffalo moves taking a stand and saying that the president is has they. Serious cognitive disability. A divorce from reality. That approaches psychosis. Where in the hell does he get his medical degree I'd like to now from. Oh how do you how do you make this judgment Doug turner. You make it buys day while I just don't I don't like him I don't agree to a lot of things he says and sometimes rude does that mean. Does that mean he is the psychotic. This is unbelievable to budge an emotional words and their true. That would that Saturday that approaches psychosis. C they always showed these words that. Always. He has a passion. It is possible. They've their very big throwing words and it argues that allow them to get out of the statement they just made. Might well if you said there is this possible via. There are many things that are impossible. So you can say anything you want about Donald Trump if you use the word plus at all. That's why it's good it's possible. That James Gomez had sex with video a juror. Now I don't know he had sex with a giraffe but I think it's possible legal and a the zoo was close they let the injury the key for the giraffe door underneath the mat. UN and by the giraffe a few drinks and it never well you know in front of and as your skin rarely a slow him down so that's possible. But there's though that'd nobody's taking it seriously. And and and by doing this review some of the sound bites. It's not about the the the Russian hooker. And the urinating and stuff like that has been this Provo. And it is so what you do is if you just listen to the Jim Rowe it's things as it comes by a goal. And but you'll notice. They haven't put any proof on the table. This is just nothing there. And good this is what they have and and this guy is going to be there more local. A judge. Of our government and it's unbelievable. On an oh come once the interview. Fair and balanced and informative. I definitely don't think to a fair I don't think it was. Balance and as far as being informative. I guess it depends what you don't know what you have or shall I guess Angeles in the last half hour coast the coast. You might say that's informative. You might say it doesn't mean I am it's possible you might say that. It is see you as a word possible and you can accuse. You of anything as long as it is possible. You know you can say wander or a wonder why I'm and offender bullets with her magic bracelets. I don't think that's possible. But anything is possible that if it's at the guy in and that dollars. All right let's that he. And with others something else in that terms on that really irked me today. He says that mid week the president tweeted that he was ordering missile strikes against Syria. For possible use of chemical weapons against Syrian rebels okay. He didn't like the way the president talked about it he thinks the president's making irrational decisions or whatever. Well Doug I I guess that and that of the leaders of England and the leaders of France are approaching psychosis program because they were our partners in office. It was a Kia 883. 83. With aura analysts say three some. But it was a threesome. Of a missiles. Cook a and I it was big points before they task force of the three countries in so I guess if you don't like hearing him you know like them either. Let's go repeat and again an update your on W via. Yeah NBC. We ought copilot thing. In in school on in the political arena. Being and we inspector general reported about the amount. I. Holed out. On because we are eager. No question in in. Upper. With that it's called a law. It's not legal law ever otter classic when it comes to the hot air out. It's apathy here. Can. Get. Blocked. I. Look at them look at poll 89 the people rose. Eighty the people who. Are you all. And then went. People talk about it they need. Oh. One side and not. War. That moment. It. I don't ever at all. Here a bit as a backup you're just say here's attacks. What were interviewing me BC correspondent seriously who wins this whole. He quotes an ABC poll to vet and ABC hit piece we're going known liar interviewing and known liar. Is that all the left has left. That got. You know what it but it won't trickle. But a lot. For birdie American people are I think. You know since Obama and earn you don't nobody out right now until. Or without starting a bit on the other side. On our side we're finding out the book and Twitter are in the fight and they got caught. You know. I'd meet guys in opens. Their community all these things happening in an entity ideology. Follow up an eight I don't. With god trek. People are out. Well a while said Pete thank you have very much went the other way than national voices. Saying it is not the job of the FBI director to make she heard the president doesn't have been anything bothering her. When should I stop this assault the assumption. That I could only get eight to believe that Hillary Clinton is hoping to win. And he did not want her bothered with a mean these loose ends and so it is gonna clip is that part of his job description. I thought this was that the Federal Bureau of Investigation. And Ira cause here getting ready to take notes when he was in its stock beat as a part of it was going to be about Hillary. And as stuff and talking about Hillary. For a long time about she did this on should that she did that Ron she did this to. And I'm waiting at the end here she's going to be indicted at the statement that be in charge so it was like totally high. He just spent half but now that's why there should be charges. So that's his job his job is to be the moral judge of of our government I don't buy it I really don't. And when I hear now on honesty was yeah he's the guy that leaked to the New York Times admittedly. Leaked. To the New York Times about his name on that let somebody else we can write what he was banking. But it's come and hit his words and missed honesty. Mr. honesty. And put his name on to note that. Austria and I 30806. On six who recent start I'm pretty well does the interview fair and Beth Alice if you pardon me fox for using your. You probe verbiage there and informative. I think it was neither fit there. Into a balanced or very informative there was another joke piece from the media will be back right after August. Pretense is melting away. The bit about you were fired because of how you handle you know investigation is melting away. You were fired because of the Russian business. Yeah I find out I find call me to be a total phony. And ended his building up by a people on the national stage of chromium totally on war and it. He uses the word. Possible a lot. I believe a lot no there's not for both of anything hasn't shown us any proof at all I get deaths. This is for my New York Times if this doesn't sound partisan what does. He said the public was dude you're bound to vote trump out of office in the next election. You cannot have as president of the United States somebody who does not reflect the values that I believe Republicans stretcher. And Democrats treasure and independence treasure. This is the court bar of this country that's our foundation and so impeachment and away which short circle. Short circuit so what he's saying is now don't trying to impeach him. I'm like good Doug term affects the 25 amendment should come on because he's psychotic okay. He says no don't do that he's easy mr. good guy no don't do that as in the way we do things. Meanwhile. Meanwhile he uses terms that are non definitive non declarative. He he claims something could be there or something good company could be as he could be that but you'll notice. Where is the proof I would love to have him. I say what he said last night on and on the interview with ABC. If he had to say that in a court of law under. Under oath. You know want it would be insisting it would be fun to watch. Because those kind of things would be thrown out by area in any kind of court proceeding as so you think it's possible. It's possible I could win the Brad Pitt local bike on this too but it's not very likely you know I mean. Even if you're even if my mother was having good at a little doubt she would give it some day. Let's go to Dan and what senator Daniel on WB yen. Say good morning and you know sandy and I wasn't going to watch them but I'm gonna tell you why I did. Mr. trump. I woke up in morning I knew that only was going to be on in the evening. And mr. truck what our Twitter tirade on every network. Covered it and I tried to myself my goodness but why would he do that sort of what what is there for him to gain. Why is he taking such a defensive position. And then I was curious. And I watched a and and this is what I came up. Mr. trump is probably getting a percentage of the rich from the book because. His actions promoted more than any network court. And the bottom line you know whether he said anything about it or not that the rest of the media was gonna promote the hell out of it anyway. What is well we have we we we've got to circus mentality they're they're there was a couple of big items that happened over the weekend met. Jordan dominated the newest. And did not because of this block. You've been in this area it's lobbing missiles and consider it. I Langley had expressed pretty dish concerning in the fact that we. Warned Russians we were common in Russian warn the Syrians. The buildings were vacant and we've blown multi help. How about did you miss this part. Polled said days and days before any kind of a thing. If you send missiles to Syria we will blow them out of this guy he's that we will attack and destroy every missile. Not only did he not say anything they didn't do anything so does that is that score a few points for him. Well I've had the prime minister about bad it is out in in today's world. There is no where there is no TI LO. There is O Edward. But historically posh. Having hot style action against a sovereign nation I shouldn't have Gardiner to being the most important new. You gotta make decisions okay you can't be asked by the world community to be there when bad things happen in other parts of the world oh. And you see you see children and a Dell's being gassed by the person who heads the government. Now you can't stand back. And let that happen without some had a reaction that's why France and in England joined us and then have any moral authority left at all. If if if it's okay forum leader Greg s.'s people when do you step pin. Well I. Why is it ought that he has to. It because we're the ones that have the ability to do it it's it's the same thing whether it's a hurricane or tornado. Or or there's stump desperate. Who is guessing his own children if we don't do it nobody else is in a position to back him. Week and take the moral high ground have a week care about the world here let's all sing it we are the world we got chaos and that's why you're being gassed when we. There. Tomorrow. So Auburn. We don't want. Now all we have not gotten the way I think viewers this story is. We'll be back after this.