4/14 Buffalo Means Business w/ Local Restaurant Week

Buffalo Means Business
Monday, April 16th

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You're listening to buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB yen and this is where we hear from the businesses and services that are available in the buffalo area and if he'd like to be in the program. You can send me an email at Randy dot bush over @entercom.com. Witness we aren't talking with a crystal hope art with local restaurant weekend for Western Europe this is how many years now. While this is our nineteenth event we did two years of Wear and you're number nine. Ended just give people Kennedy the overview if you will what it all and sorry it's so what it is as we've got about 200 locally owned and operated restaurants there offering dining features priced at 20183018. For 48 scene. And it's so easy donated coupon a gift certificate or anything you just go to our website which is local restaurant we dot com. Check out where all the restaurants that are participating where their located in their menus and you just go out to eat. It's a beautiful thing. And it's been about as simple as it gets now this went when this started out how many restaurants that you have initially when we started out we start that was sixty restaurants and now we're up too well how about 200 and want him by the time we start on Monday and this is the high. This is about the highest regular hours are right about 200 and money for summary isn't so we lose a few every time and then we get a few every time. And you've been involved in this pre since its inception on wall sized again. That is the beginning of your stories so kind of Phyllis and in the background of. Are you got incidents so I have always worked in restaurants since high school and as we are speaking earlier you know I think once you start in the restaurant business Connecticut's understanding kinda can't leave it now. From from always wanted to work at the restaurant to even going out to you know I'm always kind of critiquing the just sort of in a knowing I suppose on the service but. Yes that's I've always been in the restaurant business and then I just had Fallon to this position. I can tell you a little bit about our our company so we are locally owned and operated company ourselves a priest or buffalo or software company. And a few years ago the restaurant association came Dawson says hey we wanted to run a restaurant week concept. I'm which US help us with that we sensor and be about the Euro local restaurant we can with the running at a percents. And the whole idea is to get people out to check out places they would normally go to exactly that kind of the idea. Almost a taste of buffalo but for an entire week and right and and a whole meal rather than just to sample. Right not just a sample exit you've got it exactly yeah so it is it's a great thing you know there's 200 restaurants you know over 200 restaurants to choose from our theme this time is. Who is on your restaurant market lasts so. There's so many restaurants to try and we always get people on commenting just there emails say oh. I've my favorite comment we guy was someone who wanted to start at the beginning of the local restaurant week participant list and eat their weight down disease from H disease. So people have their little techniques of what they do when they go out for local restaurant week without this time. Who's on your restaurant bucket lists your covers a lot of things. Yeah and what makes it even more interesting is that I think people are starting to finally catch on more. That it it is a great restaurant scene here and it's. Constantly changing there are always new things coming in we have a fantastic restaurant scene here I am actually originally from Minneapolis I've lived here twenty years now. And people if you military whole life you know realize what a jam that you've got here. There are not ready chain restaurants here in the Western New York area compared to other cities and so many locally owned and operated restaurants. There were started by the grit your pupils grandparents and parents and have been handed down through generations so it's a really unique little food place air. And not only that I'm and I see here that the local food service industry is the region's second largest employer it is too. What does that to I mean obviously we're talking to wait staff servers send our boys all the way through all the waste area and that includes. That purveyors as well I think of all the folks that are working in the rush up all the people that come to the back toward delivering the food all the products that are needed to the to run the restaurant and so forth so. Yeah second largest increase utensils to strike it as an analyst those things are actually sold here I epidemic on the back door you know those of the other folks that are committed to get the people to come to the front of the house in the back of the house of those of the back of the house folks important for the people who somehow think that we just the hand. So I can do. Nine dollars or restaurants are I'd I'd have to think who is actually participating in the local restaurant that doesn't serve you use silverware. The argument Kristobal learn about local restaurant week it returns to Western New York April 16 through the 22 this year. And the economic impact is is kind of staggering I know we figure about eight million that circulated through the local economy per year every year that it you know when we run it twice a year or so that is a lot of money because it's not just the restaurants like I had mentioned it's that. It's the people come to the back toward the people that are on. Providing food providing services the wait staff the owners a lot of people can ever touching your meal when you're going out to eat so to speak. And we talked about the fact that there are so many choices what about the. Contribution to the regional culture I'd leave eve got that here's a little liner note maybe expand on that notion while as I mentioned before it's kind of edge you know we've got a lot of in buffalo we have so many different ethnicities. And so there's all different kinds of restaurants you can go to Kent German ones from the German immigrants that came years ago and we've got Burmese restaurants now that are that are the new influx of immigrants that we've got. And ended the restaurants at a site have been started by like the Lombardo family you know that their restaurants and their family for years. The Apollo family that that Ilia the policy has been around for years shafts. All those kind of iconic restaurants that are just they're here awfully can't find these restaurants and girls and. You mentioned from Minnesota and it strikes me that you would have been different cultural influences there they should have been many but compared to there this one is actually bigger in the Western New York. Grant. I'm Minnesota president get sucked but it's far more interstate you know in Minnesota everyone is either Swedish Norwegian Irish and English for it's price Swedish and Norwegian and it as much as I love the Swedes in the Norwegians because that's what I am their culinary scene is not FedEx is exciting so. Yeah just it's it's different here that's for sure. And you already mentioned that Euro one of those difficult customers because you're kind of like judge you again yeah I mean right exactly. Is there any particular cuisine that you favor. You know what if this is kind of cliche but I love Italian food being from Minnesota. I never had pasta we never had spaghetti at my house wants and I remember when we moved here. I'm going to on the pop style at wegmans I could not believe how many it that there would be an entire I'll dedicated to pasta noodles it was foreign enemies so. I have to see Italians favorite. And you'd talk about dedication that brings to mind that circling back to where we kind of started with York. Beginnings of working with local restaurant. And it's got to be room. At equal parts rewarding and may be frustrating because it's a lot of work it's not just like some easy thing where you put. Names on a website via how do you go about gathering the restaurants to. To participate. Actually it's it's not so awful because we to do an a for several years now and people wanna join so it. Then when we started for sure we are going to the restaurants asking them to participate but now. We still of course reach out to all the aerial locally owned and operated restaurants that we get a lot of people that just come Asomugha participate because they've heard from other restaurant owners. What do boom it is for the business that week and what a great exposure and again so. We're very lucky but we work really hard for too so added now does the process start literally as soon as the Britain restaurant week is over you're looking ahead to next year we start I start thinking actually kind of what the theme is going to be for the next time and kind of take notes on what worked well this time ocean tried different for next time but yet we kind of shut down for a couple months take a little breather exercise a little bit for a few weeks and we start the next one. So what is the team this year. It's who's on your restaurant pocket I'll write yet or accelerated start at exactly we gotta get you are a good little bucket list for your Randy. I know Internet and that of memory charts too because I did I had a top that's that there are. A number that are on my bucket list. What where should I be expanding 'cause I I've done a lot of the other the restaurants in that Williams no main street corridor rain that's already been. It clearly had a number of those. But. I feel like I am missing out by not going downtown to. I was just gonna say downtown is always the hot spot there's always something new just tried downtown and up the top of my head I'm trying to think what. New debt there a couple of new restaurants downtown once the team to fifty on Delaware. So that's a brand new one and we just yesterday a new little taco place. Downtown his wallet signed and I. Can't I can't call a name but there are several several restaurants downtown Moses is that two brand new ones that just signed up yesterday I just Conseco's website you might actually there all of the area saw 213. Or never number we're at today. Now. Trying to think of talked about downtown Vienna hot spot too but there are other places around here that if kind of grown in its significance Hamburg is another little Hamlet where there seems the a lot of foudy yelling is going and and same with Easter are always east or is kind of the cornerstone I would I would say would be the right croft and you know that at some special stuff on down there sure and then were not excluding by any means any of the I got pizza and chicken wing type place no those are certainly. Very iconic and in particular the anchor our guess we can throughout the name right. Jacob our our vacant our location on transit participates not the original one that we get a couple pizzeria is this time which is interest and we have. Just be sound transit road they're the only one at the diner in a dining area. So they're participating for the first time this time that and it scream and pizza deal to. And also John's pizzas and subs they have four locations they're participating for the first time so who else have a copy shop. Grateful grind they have not participated before either and that's kind of find have a copy shop so. It is kind of neat it's not just for dinner anymore I mean did restaurants offer breakfast lunch dinner and there are several that I think there's five that are doing brunch to sell. Not just for breakfast anymore after dinner anymore and I. I'm just gonna say that that that's one of the things that people kind of missed out on two or don't understand about the whole idea restaurant week is it's not. Just exclusively. Going out for a night on the town that's right literally all I. It has and you can grab you know grab your office workers go offer office launch it's great excuse to OK let's go out for lunch on a Tuesday in a minute maybe not everyone in the office does that there's. Planning a places offering lunch Brussels and many of them offer two for 28 unit to for 3018 as well. As gonna say we've gone this long we got to mention the price it's a cat right yet wanna 18301848. Team. So that we've that's kind of how we started always what went along with the year that was kind of our little gimmick at least it's worked and originally we just started out with a twenty dollar price point the that we found that some of the white tablecloth restaurants were being able though offer what they really wanted to offer so we have. We've raised the price to thirty and 48 chance of restaurants can choose whatever price fight works for them and the biggest thing to point out about that is that the benefit is the money stays here exactly so when you go to a chain you know and not all the money stand in Western New York that's for archer a when you suspended at the neighborhood restaurant down the street. That money circulates through the economy four times greater than money spent at a national chains and I'm. I'm sure people can figure this out but you know give an example of exactly how that would work I mean obviously the owners gonna maybe partake of another restaurant himself or route to another local business. And spend that money. Right and then. There is local suppliers you know so there'd. That want to participate in local restaurant week in general the Osce is local suppliers whether it's a local farmer or a local the folks that bring that the paper products to the back door and so forth. So it's not just the restaurant owners and the serving staff and the shops. It is those insular people they don't always think about sitting down for dinner that are. They're also sharing in the funds that are kind of funneling through during a chorus from lake and just this past. Coming through the microphone everybody else but I can tell that even as much work is it is you really enjoy doing this I love my age I asked job it's so much fun. Couple weeks I like to drop off all the marketing materials and I went to. 54 restaurants in today's since I was just dropping things off and and saying hi but. It is the best job by and I thought next time I'd I'd go to drop off marketing materials they need to plan a little better Rick is a department on Sunday. Iowa to three places where it was so jump and inside I thought I should be stopped in your for appear. About boasts bloody marries a next time I'm gonna do my restaurant populist and it's going to be a plan to drop off my marketing to hear materials and a better way reckoned. Sample along the way I you're gonna have to help via figure out exactly where it should be going downtown Avant and I have I have been to a couple of I haven't excluded it totally Fiat and a father's planning a great places downtown and you know local restaurant week isn't just downtown or in Williams bill it's all over Western New York from. From. Niagara Falls all the way down to a regular restaurant Corfu. Easter whereas I imagine and so kind of all over Western New York again the web site. Local restaurant which are countless everyone by the neighborhood as well so. Local restaurant economies you know aftermath rating l.s last words we should put out there for people know starts Monday. I would just start lasagna rush hour populists think about wary wanna go grab your mom grab your friends grab grab your kids and go out to dinner next weekend dine local. Perfect Crist always a pleasure to chat would get thanks for stopping by thank you so much Christo markets local restaurant week the sixteenth to the 22 of April this year. This is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB yet.