4-29 Hardline Hour 2

Sunday, April 29th

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Time to time politics it's hard line. On news radio nine. And welcome back yard line this is Kevin Hardwick joined here today I'm dying celebrity co host chairman of the Erie county legislature. Peter savage I'm actually gonna use Peter savage as a resource in this this power because he actually knows something about that stuff. The post everything else we talk about also joining us in the studio hey guys and like this via the conversation go around the table to wait for me for questions eventually will bring in some callers. It's an important topic we're going to be talking about zombie properties on the homes there of light. Many of us have them in our neighborhood we wanna get rid of hum you know brings down the value of everybody's property and creates all sorts of other problems. We have some some help today analyzing this. From jostling Gordon Jocelyn is the executive director of the buffalo Erie Niagara land improvement corporation. Better known and we will appear here after refer to it as the land bank. And also Mickey Kearns the chair and chair the clerk of the Erie county. Mickey before we ask Jocelyn about zombie properties. We got takes cares of business I understand you can get us another. Student bikini shoots my former intern Sam who's listening right now is deciding between kinesis callous and another school. And she's looking for a sign and I told her mother after she cut my here this morning at Torrey the barber. That I would mention that I think kinesis my daughter returns there and of course you I teach there and she wants to get involved in political science. Iridescent. There you go there ego Tony the barber the official barber of hard line. Just look I can remember Peter wasn't in the legislature win two in the buffalo Erie Niagara land improvement corporation again a multiple land bank. Was created I was I can remember being kind of that the pet project. Of the Dan. Commissioner of environment and planning a real light. And I must say it was a one Atlantic beach she was passionate about this created it. At the time they were a zombie properties everywhere Mickey was starting his greasy to get rid of them I'm what you know. You're lane and bank has a has a limited role in this problem I mean tell us a little bit about what. Yeah there. I yet it is a limited role just because the issues of vacancy and blatant abandonment are so extensive so use you hear that terms on the property. I guess I could just start briefly by explaining what is on B is which is basically you've got a home. Where the owner may have stopped paying their mortgage for one reason or another. That at that point they probably got a scary letter from the bank telling them that they had to leave the property. I'm so in a lot of cases see put the keys in the mail slot and left the home. And left the home standing there alone in the meantime the bank continued to pay the taxes. On the property so that can step limbo. Where there's no one living there there's no one paying the mortgage but the taxes are continuing to be paid so it's just sort of this half dead property that goes on and on. As time and the people who are not paying their mortgage actually still all the property even though the bank could foreclose upon them at any time and here's where money is Mike. My lawyer friend over here Peter savage that put taking off as you recount the chairman of the legislature at Korea is lawyer yet. Why would they not want to foreclose on someone like that I think I know but but I'd rather have you seen the answer that may be wrong and be embarrassed in front almighty Lou. There's wallets it's twofold one the process is long. In a lot of cases so through that process they may be giving up. Begin the foreclosure process start to notice to preserve their rights and then through that lengthy process may discover. In the property may not really him the value. Of that. To help them recoup fear factor. Collateral so to speak out on their original loan. In some instances it's it's you know they don't want take responsibility for once they do that and complete foreclosure they made. Have an additional responsibility and obligations in terms of preserving that. What does anything that you would like ability I mean the good. And it if someone dies on their property it really is comes back at the homeowner even though they may have left three years ago. Since it has been foreclosed upon the bank doesn't have any exposure is limited exposure to managing risk. Implement a guy. Just when I remember. Property that we talked about and it was in. Bill you can more and I remember the people when I was going to ordered. Door to door complaining about it and it had a pool in the backyard in ground pool. The owners hadn't been there for a couple years and here's the pool still and it's you know being keep couldn't. You know drowned in the pool but the but the bank is apparently still paying the taxes on. Absolutely so our land bank has been able to once banks actually go through with and complete a foreclosure. A land bank is able to accept that property as a donation and we've been fortunate to work in ten more. In particular has been a great a great benefactor of some of these completed foreclosures. We if. Had done at least I believe we've done for it ended to make a long story short what the landing goes is in effect flips the house right exactly and depending on what kind of funding we're getting we can do a full rehab. Partial rehab site in in this case in all of the cases so far weaved its full. Yes yes yes selling you put it back and attacks roles and use the proceeds to buy other abandoned properties I mean it's it's a win win win situation making. I I I know that in your time in the assembly in now is as Erie county clerk you've done yeoman job of identifying properties and and and and campaigning for you know something that happened here and I hear you're working out and related initiative yes. Yes we have an alert program the foreclosure. Begins at the clerk's office that's where the lawsuit. Begins and we are tracking every single. For closer we're partnering with over twenty municipalities. Meta fact I was in. New York at Columbia Law School we now have a partnership for Columbia Law School. Well we will give them access to our information from the clerk's office and they will do research for smaller municipalities that don't have the staffing. To do that work on the town of Evans of the tunnel in Boston. They're gonna have complete with that pilot project but here's the thing that concerns me about the banks. About the way and make our remember I go back to the buffalo come accounts of these right what was co sponsor that legislation computers average was corporation counsel. In the new York state assembly. We pass or propose a really effective now as is the county clerks I've been working on this issue for quite some. Quite some time. There is a misnomer because once the bank begins the foreclosure process. They had obligations we had hold the banks accountable and responsible but it literally telling them. To complete the foreclosures a process and publicly shame them. Are they at any point in time can walk away and discharge the mortgage meeting although they're paying the taxes. We the taxpayers. Are stuck especially at the time when. They've taken 6789. Or ten years. And that property does not hold the value is Peter's side guess who ends up paying for the demolition. We the taxpayers so. We started a program where. Right at the point of finally and we work with disabilities. It's dealer program so within a week's period of time it's unheard of not being done anywhere in the stadium New York. We give that information to the municipalities within a week but the important thing is if you're listening if you are homeowner under the law you have a right to stay in the home. Please I had a built was called senior house stay in the home and what we're trying to do is we're trying to work with the banks were trying to hold. Help the municipalities to come up with a positive solution. Many cars peep these people lose their homes now because they're trying to gain the system they may have had a cast a catastrophic illness in their family. Or job loss so are pleased. If Peter is ready to do well let me we have to break it may have appeared is a good legal advice stay in your house it's the long. You you have you have what I would always advise anyone asks to speak with council met a lot of organizations out there that will assist you in if you're in them and an incumbent technically quickly before the break just how many how many properties have been rehab so far by these land. It's we've rehab between forty and fifty over the last four years. And every year were kind of doubling our inventories are now we've got when you say your rehab them and then they've been sold in Quebec on the pectoral. They have been they have been and right now we've got to almost seventy properties in her inventory. Were hoping to close between thirty and forty. And next we're up we're hoping to get up to about a hundred. Is this is all great news this is a good news statement late the previous segment we had the colonials and you're coming in no way great place it is I guess I guess so we need an uplifting segment and it's building on the draft and draft lottery and everything for sports teams. Listen we have to take a break while we come back jostling Gordon of the land bagel still be here Erie county clerk. Making Kurds will be here my guest cohost beats Evans to be here. I'll be here and eventually will be taking your calls probably not till after the news of Obama the hour but if you wanna get line they're still couple lines old open. Eagle three on 930 is the number 8030930. Am Kevin Hardwick you're listening to hard line. A news radio 930 WB EN and welcome back yard line sitting here today with the executive director of the land baked Jocelyn. Gordon also Erie county clerk Mickey Kearns and my cohost. Peters ever to make Peter Earnest money now because the new union rules here are lying there require the host to get a break and so. That's why we chemical also he's good shepherd still the bottom of the hour. I'm gonna go next door and have donut Peter brought donuts here's thank you Peter. And have a conversation with the Joseph beamer about the new show that he hopes to get before on hopefully Tim Weiner is a calling. And also about those Virginia Tech. Draftees that the bills picked up his house consoles got his house yes yes so Peter the show is yours take that don't. We're back with us than Mickey Kearns about the landing in Zambia homes and vocalist New York. A Jocelyn just. I'm for our listeners. You talk about the role of foreclosure processes. The local whole. Year organization can purchase. I think the most important thing to understand about one a land bank is in the the great thing is is that there are now 25 of them across New York State and if you don't remember anything else about what a landing does. They've most importantly have what's called a preferred did or trump did which I preferred to see preferred because if they can ask let's do that a news. It's a they have a preferred did. At any auction so varies as we know there's an Erie county option every year here and there is a city of buffalo option which has become extremely speculative. There's a city tunnel Wanda auction and there's a lot who want to auction they each hold their own. Their own tax foreclosure sales a land bank has stepped preferred did meaning that if the land bank comes in and raises its cattle. Four property no one else is allowed to do debating stops. So we are enjoying our role in that process because we we work with communities all over Jiri Tony who bring us. Nuisance properties they'll bring us that property that is. In tax foreclosure sitting vacant on the block in the AC hate. We need some help Pearson will work with Amherst or can more or buffalo. And we go to that option and we have to give that the owner of that property till the moment that that opt that that property comes on the auction block. We actually have to shell out. Raise cattle and then acquired the property we can take it and and then there're different methods that we use whether it's a full rehab whether we actually just sell it to somebody who wants to buy into their own work on the property. But we feel we're guaranteeing a better outcome. The the auction is actually very risky process many people show up. They don't know what they're bidding on in most cases they haven't gotten inside the property. And there bidding war over dating and something that could be could be very very risky so you're able helped get down property to more matter excuse him or use we try to guarantee that the next buyer of that property will will do a better job and then the prior owner and keep their taxes paid well let me let me bring. The kind of clear on this point just to hear you talk about. All of these municipalities that you work with how extensive is the problem in us as someone who represents the city of awful the first ring suburb thinkers and this perception that this may only now be a problem in one part of our community but how extensive is this problem throughout Erie county. Once they wanna see is Johnson's or is it a great job I support the land they not only the council level but in the assembly. But we now have a database to the alert system we know. When we created the the lava for closer relief that. Department of financial services the banks have a requirement to report to the state. We are the only clerk's office in the State of New York. To give that information and given it's the municipalities here's the problem. We need a bigger solution they can only do so many properties we'd private sector we need better cooperation where we have people who come in. First time home buyers we need to banks to step up since I've started this database. Just in the beginning of April we've had over 600. 600. I'm I'm sorry Kevin I don't wanna ruin your day it's a positive day but. 600 foreclosures that have been filed. So what we're trying to do is we're trying to work with the municipalities are very different pieces to solve this problem the landing does a great job but it's not the only solution. And we have to be more proactive. We have to have the banks stop pop. And identify solutions in partnership. With us we're going to be creating an Erie county. Zombie property. Committee to work on this issue with the west your gloss on her. Who we are great partners who worked great together Joseph Thomas from. The west York Los center and when I wanted to tell you earlier is if you're facing foreclosure. You can contact the west York Los that are Kate locker and they will be that you representation for free. The problem is systemic throughout the county from Clarence New York Q tunnel Wanda to sell buffalo to west Seneca Orchard Park. No community is immune from a a zombie property. And we all suffer because they're really completes our tax base. It really is something that needs to be addressed and we're working on it we are the most proactive community in the stated no Erie county is a leader. However we still need more work to more solutions. And Jocelyn just looking forward maybe the next six months. Year five year plan for the land and what are the next. Policy changes maybe looking to do the next. You know that the effort from this platform where we've got a three year business plan which essentially would enable us to double. The work that we're doing now which is so we're looking to be acquiring and disposing of about a 115200. Point one me. Properties a year within the next the next years to when the other exciting things that that we're doing is a new construction. Urban infill this is where we actually. In some cases sometimes a demolition of a property is just necessary. I sometimes it's been anti for so long. Their rehab is just not possible but the greatest thing that would do the thing I'm most excited about is that we've been able to demolish properties. Then will work with local realtors try to understand the market and in many cases there's a market for a new property right on that same site. So this is something that we're looking at doing more and more in filling these these lots where homes once stood. And building a new inventory in buffalo which as you know it's a very hot market which we're lucky it's a good real estate market right now. The supply is at really at an all time low and particularly. But kind of house that people are looking for which in a lot of cases is all one level. 1214100. Square feet right sized. And this is a property that type of property that is in high demand and that we're just excited about being able to it to put back. Into the availability for people and they sell like hotcakes. So that's what we're really excited about. And making it this has been an issue that you've been speaking publicly for many years what. Just looking back where we where we're re you know RT work on what's but it may be the biggest challenge. You've faced in dealing with this man when he sees. Hopeful for the future. I think first positive was the legislation that are working with my west your colleagues who work the state represented us. The foreclosure relief that really provided a framework to hold the banks accountable and responsible. They now are responsible for the property I had to build my first bill when I walked into this on the it was a good neighbor bill. Just to post information for the neighbor so they know with the service provider is responsible. Mayor brown and I work. And work with yourself we worked on the proper licensing a property managers. Huge at the local level hold in the property managers accountable some of the banks that know. That some of these property managers were maintaining their properties and there's lots of good property managers out there. But sometimes it used to be like the wild west. But going for it is holder in the banks accountable and responsible they when they securitized this process when they had the bubble. They didn't have the business model to handle the inventory of these properties in the wanted to keep many of these properties are papers so that you're not complete the for closure process. But the problem Peter with this processes we know with the harsh buffalo winners after three or four years. These properties don't have any value if they walk away early discharge the mortgage the taxpayer holds the bag. Well we heard late for a break Aaron excitement will be taking a plethora of calls from many. Callers on the issue of some B Holmes this is Peter savage the number 030930. It was an airline and newsreader at 930 WB and. And welcome back yard line like that thing my cohost Peter savaged for taking the Helm for that last segment. Still sitting here with the Erie county clerk Mickey Kearns the executive director of the land bank. Jocelyn Gordon we're going to be taking your calls and a few minutes there are some lines available if you want to jump on board the number to call 8030930. 8030930. Zombie homes the the topic but before we do that make EU will you are county clerk now before that you're state assembly. There was just a special election last Tuesday for years. District eleven people were surprised. I was mildly surprised by the outcome Eric Bowen Democrat running as a Republican defeated pat Burke. A colleague of Peter and nine in the Erie county legislature running is the the true Democrat if you will. Were you surprised by the outcome. Or I mean what. They're both very strong candidates but I represented that district for nearly six and a half years it's a very very conservative district. And they're very independent they want independent elected officials. I think the outcome although close shows that you know they chose the more independent candidate okay. Will leave it at that believe that debt again the number to call 8030930. If you wanna get on board before we do that they're Jocelyn there's a text message coming in for meat for you. Getting Cheektowaga wants to know what is the difference between the land bank of folks who just flip homes and the answer is. The answer is flippers would say if you've got the money I'll sell you house in the highest prices going to sell the house with our with our land bank if we've got a house that we'd that we rehab. We will take a look at the complete package it's not just the money in some cases our board of directors can even accept an offer that's lasts. That's under the that the American offered it depends on. All kinds of things sometimes a home is income restricted sometimes you have to be able to I do your own rehab is in order he has to sell you that property. We're guaranteeing a better outcome that's it it's not. I'll you're hearing it it's better for the neighbors exactly you're you're you're not gonna get a a I don't abandon rolling. I don't know anyway something the league in that you wouldn't mind extort you. Tom what do. What. One who are are you concerned Jocelyn about your own success. That you know if if if Mickey. Is successful with his initiatives with Tommy Holmes he still Erie county clerk. If there are no zombie homes left in Erie county because you do your job so well. Are you like the dentist that defines the the. And they cure for two ticket. I'm not I'm gonna get this number not exactly right but my understanding is that there are at least 55000. Individual tax liens. In Erie county so that means there could be more than one lean on one property but there are literally thousands and thousands and thousands of properties. That are eligible for foreclosure. And Erie county can't afford to foreclose on all of no that's the issue they used to do those in house they don't anymore. And and appeared a bit back to you that Michael's night next gutless and oh by the way but I mean just limber up a good point you know. This is or leads to a good point this is really good for Erie county government because we you know we get stuck holding the bag for these people aren't. Paying for their taxes the houses are zombies whatever don't pay taxes she finds the a good. Person of either house and you know tax money comes in and all things are good. That's not just good for Erie county financially it's is to pick up on Johnson's last point what we're really doing. Is we're gaining properties that are in distress. With Nolan take responsibility and accountability for them into an N news into a new homeowner into a new property or that is now a productive part of the community. I promise we go to the phones and 8030938030930. Let's go to Tony in Clarence. Tony welcome to the program. Yeah well I'd early stability that's been number one trapped in the country. I've mentioned that you called. That you president. Absolutely well one marker earlier this quarter as Wyatt Howell. The ability of our money. It is bringing nutria is paying for it can speak. If I got things and do projects. Can't doesn't do tech's Leo that bad and the progress in the end god this stuff. I think only he can borrow money and what he doesn't. Support it. That they then how somebody is advanced that you could. Activate objects golf. I'd like going to wait MI don't do what you get bored of public because we've been on Mary Davis girl and I don't talk about yet. Lot of these I'm able. Bullying previously yet end up back beleaguered city get up Russert like that Brown's real. Okay thank you thank you Tony. I'll tell you what them before the break let's try to squeeze in the one more call and not you know what. I think we're gonna take a break down where we've got a few technical difficulties in the studio but the big. Producer Joseph beamer will rectify them during the break in you know since he's up for his own show here at WB and and we're campaigning for it. I'm sure that'll be the case when we return. Co host Peter savage you'll still be here Jocelyn Gordon from the land bank in Erie county clerk. Mickey Kearns will still be here. It will take more of your calls at 8030930. In the meantime I'm Kevin Hardwick you're listening to hard line and news radio 930. WB ENK. Welcome back yard line Kevin are we here our technical problems are resolved as I indicated or as I guessed. Joseph beamer soon to be hopefully most of the Joseph beamer show or the Hokies show or whatever he's gonna call it was able to take care of that. Still sitting here with co host Peter savage chairman of the Erie county legislature Erie county clerk Mickey Kearns. And we'll get the full title is now executive director Jocelyn bordered on the buffalo Erie Niagara land improvement corporation. And and just as long as I'm mentioning the full title. Niagara is part of this too aren't they. Niagara county actually has their own land bank. Oh yes so I know only when needed originally we use them impress the governor in the state didn't write and they get our limited generally a certain amount land banks are we're gonna allow for any original legislation that door was left open for the city of Niagara Falls to join at that time. They weren't quite ready so I'll let the Erie county land. We get we we can get week in week in three down that that acronym. But that's a lot of paperwork and legal you know I believe that we got angry and they're now listen we get hum. We've got. Calls to get to 8030930. Is the number by the way if you have a zombie question 803 on the thirtieth on the home questioned let's go to Penn ranked in Niagara Falls speaking of Niagara Falls frank we just learned it. Your area is no longer in this land bank we've been talking about I I thought it was. Well property home is that a problem in Niagara Falls long time yeah you know. Beckham and I believe that a proposal the governor the techie. You know instead of Horton. Trouble sits in jail. Where they learn how to become an apples. I have made a proposal saying you know what that we get these be all and she she's his client work yet to open building traits I don't I don't. You know accept these homes learn to try to work put dementieva beat. Teach them where the older and makes future I would be criminals and and the answer I got to detect but to go to a state investigators to make sure it wasn't a threat. And and what did they find out frank were you a threat. No I don't know. I guess maybe to the correction officers' union yeah. The other ads but I don't look pretty darn good idea so let me let me ask you rank do you have do you have some of these homes in your neighborhood. I really didn't not all of that you've worked for. I got. These these columns in the and you know and then they're they're learning. Yeah this streets and sidewalks look like they've been bombed the yardage terrible idea I don't know what the. Or yeah well let that that's just that's just highlights the then the problem and that's why I figured we'd we bring our guests on today because they're actually. Doing something about this problem. Let's listen to break thank you for calling and thank you for sharing the Niagara Falls experience with us appreciate it. I'm a light opens up 8030938030930. If you want daylight. Listen I get a I wanna bring up a text and just get from from someone who's following me yet. Kevin Hardwick. And he techsters she text greasy. Given the zombie only issue was caused by a lack of regulation. Is there any hope the issue will always be resolved. Before the next crash. Given the the that the the Twitter user brings up a good point I mean really this this this. Turned into a crisis. About the time of the Great Recession here in the course housing bubble bursting had all these homes being being abandoned. Know whether they were foreclosed upon or not. I don't know Mickey what do what do you think you're in the state assembly dealt with legislation that attempted to deal with some of this course some of the legislation that would be necessary probably federal legislation. But the the between brings up a good point. What many of the banks are sent on the housing committee. We didn't there's something post the community reinvestment act and there's also a federal community reinvestment act. That sort of oversees some of these issues. And some of the banks are chartered in New York State's you do need that. Federal support I know Dodd-Frank. Was something that was proposed to hopefully help in this situation. I do believe that until the banks. Become accountable. We passed for closure really pack it in your state assembly I'm very proud of that though. But there is a provision in the bill that charges banks up to 500 dollars a day. There has about a test case and of them what I'm sorry let me step in there making 500 dollars a day for Obama if he's not maintain the property are in. They now have to maintain that only the outside the property would be just cutting the grass but also aren't keeping the sump pump on entering the heat on so. They have greater responsibility. But one thing that we are requesting in the list that we have in the clerk's office that isn't being done. We are now creating our own data best database at the point of finally there is a state list from the department of financial services and trying to get my. It's on that list so we can see what banks are comply complying with the law we do not know it is it is up. Forced responsibility. For them to file with the staple we cannot compare some hopeful. We can do that to me. I think job buffalo is going to be facing some rough times in the future. I deal in what many different things there is going to be a reassessment of properties which I do think is going to. Hurt many senior citizens and homeowners we have this housing. A great thing that's going on right now buffalo and throw Western New York. But with that there's going to be increased and taxes and we do have a very senior population so I'm hopeful that it will be resolved. Well well also well let's be you know you bring up the topic a reassessment something I've been thinking a lot about now because we just had a reassessment tonight owns. City a town on a reassessment by itself does not increase taxes the tax Levy as a constant. What it does is it it it re distributes the tax burden if you will. And properties that have. Increased in value at a greater rate than other properties are gonna pay more in taxes even when Bolivia's. Is constant rate Peter you that you don't work and there. That's absolutely corrects and I think it also highlights the luckiest point. And multi facet. Issues to deal with this problem and I'm one of the things I wanted to ask Jocelyn bomb that her experience we're talking about the bank issue but it isn't there also. The job. Known state planning issue. Crude oh here is where we know we have an aging population who maybe did not necessarily handle will all our homes were lost. In divorces that we're not me be brought to. Resolution and you know that creates another squad called zombie. Facts in the chain of title it may create some of these issues. Absolutely a lot of the work that we do particularly. In the town of Amherst town of Cheektowaga. We deal with a lot of estate issues where an older person passes away and the next of kin just doesn't want to take on. In some cases the responsibility. Of that home and those taxes or there was a reverse mortgage put on the home. And it it. It's it's a huge it's a huge issue indefinitely again Cheektowaga is sort of a ground zero. For so many different aspects of the housing crisis. The demographics as you talked about Mickey aging demographics. And really those homes in Cheektowaga a lot of people sort of overreached. Ten years ago and they took out a mortgage that couldn't quite afford. So Cheektowaga is really really getting hit in in to my mind and and luckily. They've also put together a very very good. I'm task force to handle a lot of those issues. Because they're just getting hit from from Holland's. And as legislators we may become a few with a solution to that problem just to let you know we're partnering with the west New York Los senator we're talking about in Erie county zombie property task force. And now we do have some solutions to those problems but yes it's not only the banks there's many different issues. But this is a problem. And the thing that we're going to faces. The concept accounts in as you know Peter I'm working for a corporation counsels of former counselor for our win those assessments co op. People go to children's those assessments it's going to be very difficult. When they're paying those high prices in those demand areas to challenge those assessments on the tax rate is the tax rate. But still very these prices are going up exponentially. That we haven't seen this for many many years income of seniors is not going up it's flat. So while you're you're not gonna be able to fight these assessments is going to be very difficult property taxes go up and we're going to see more foreclosures unfortunately. Yeah that's on unfortunately that's previews of coming attractions I suppose. You know just and I asked you earlier about whether there's too much success in and you run the risk of running yourself on a business. You know you're you're telling me earlier that you have an inventory now what seventy properties was that something like this correct I mean when we started the the land act before even Peter came on the county legislature. You know I don't. Originally the first the first auction you went to you picked up maybe on 611. Property like the next year was sponsors Allen. And had you in your position is executive director I mean at the time you didn't have a lot of staff eating needle us. Are you gonna be coming to the legislature saying hey you know we need we need. I need a staff of ten you know like she says Larry. Guy that I saw a highlight what he does all the time you can go over and ask for more wealth more but I'm I'm serious about next let's enemy can you handle this. We're up to five and our staff at this time and we haven't asked the legislature for any any money at Seoul were working I really add up towards the financial sustainability super important and luckily all of the land bank funding that we had so far has been from the big banks Royal Bank of Scotland and. You know like I guess the next question is given the fact that they yet you know you've got a tremendous inventory now tremendous compared to what used to be seven properties. But they're still so many out there I'm sure I get kind of taken by people. All the time saying you don't get this property down the street for me is no ones lived there for five years it's a master. There are vermin in there. You know and and it's it's just bringing down you'll like in the whole neighborhood. You know I shall only meal we got this land bank and there are some other solutions. Com yeah is there is there more you can do if you had more resources. Well I could mean for earning us a chance to pitch you rightly that Johnny looks like care right that was the whole purpose for premium on this moment you know you can you can. And it was a big gas that was that was that outlook technically land banks have the power to take all literally every single foreclosed property you can take every property and put it in in the land bank Syracuse has done. Albany counting literally has an inventory of 12100 properties that they've taken. I think in our case our board of directors is little more conservative and it'll bite off more than. More than they can use that were trying to prove that we can become a financially sustainable entity. But the opportunity the infrastructure is there for us to do much. How is that working in Syracuse and Albany they take every foreclosed property every single one so there is no auction they go to the auction they say everyone is our that's right they gave every property which in Syracuse this case it was about 15100. Properties and they all went into the land it well they don't rehab them all do that now. That they they have tally their own media auction Wednesday. They they actually look for they sell the property to somebody who they believe can rehab it appropriately and they go through that process so of their 15100 properties. I think that they have sold about 600 of them and they've got 900 left in their inventory. What's important is that now right now I was just looking at numbers were down about five point 9% mortgage transfer tax. That is revenue when property is sold. And filed with the clerk's office that goes to the municipalities so perfect example one city of waffled at one point eight million dollars from that. I'm if the banks hold on of those properties I keep saying this. There's inventory that they're holding. It not only hurts the municipalities will be getting these checks twice a year it hurts the NF TA they get a portion of that when it's hurting people so. Are holding up that inventory. The government can't do everything. And I realize that Johnson is doing a great job there are put investors are that are good flippers out there they're doing a good job. Other has to be a balance there's too many properties. That are being foreclosed upon for the government to handle this to be the main solution. Let me ask you why why wouldn't the bank when they get rid of a property. Well they have. They have a financial reason to maintain. That at moments out there and in some cases it might be death they wanna write off let's send it in some cases and Amy losses they wouldn't wanna okay. I'm an ex case by case basis but I think the point of the matter is. We need to continue to find solutions to get these properties into the hands of somebody that hasn't reasonable attempt to try to crack. Yeah and I think and and getting that we only have about a minute left being back full circle. That was the original idea that I in the land correct when Maria light came to the county legislature when she was. Head of the department. Play our environment and planning. That's how she sold it and and indeed it's it's worked out definitely yes yeah. It's been a win win if for everybody every day so far so we hope hopefully haven't disappointed anybody and we're nowhere near running out of inventory to work less. And and you know the nice thing is it finally this is an area like a lot of things we deal with it has a lot of people focused I mean we've yet Jocelyn that the land bank. We get the county clerk over here and certainly legislatures. This week we want though. We want those properties back in the petrol we want them money because they'll reduce everybody else's taxes listen. We are just about out of time today but I do I think my all my guests including the ones currently in studio a jostling Gordon Midland bank making Kearns Erie county clerk. And especially Peter us tonight good Brandon Knight even though he's a Democrat or Republican he's the chair of the Erie county legislature and I respect that Peter. And will have another great show for you next week in the meantime you've been listening to hard line on news radio 930 WB EN.