4-29 Hardline Hour 1

Sunday, April 29th

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Time to talk politics it's hard line on news radio nine. WB yeah. And welcome the hard line this is Kevin Harvick again here in the anchor chair so to speak but. Where we're inaugurating any any new thing today and hard line them I'm joined by celebrity guest homes yes I consider Peter savage today. Celebrity Peter is the chair of the Erie county legislature of course I may. A Republican member of the legislature Peters a Democrat we both share the countless tunnel London here's some ball low and I am the city time on that and day in Grand Island. They like Peter welcome to the program let me ask you is this this new job years and chair of the hurricane legislature. Is it are are are you having fun yet it's like herding cats is that how could you not have fun. And quality time with you know yeah right I I I I I know that by that you know I do notice a few gray hairs I remember when Obama became president how you fully wasn't you know after. After only a couple years you start getting a great union is a very gray ME IRR. Is is aging you. Were all aging what they're something in the law known as assumption of the risk. A lot time in my school is not that principle I knew ordered as his as you can tell Peters also a lawyer. He also I I love Peter because CE is the king of obscure eighties movie references no no he developed it you know. Well I had a great fortune my father owned movie here. Sixteen years in my life so well there is route running scared I was and I was in wheels. So so you know you know every line of ghostbusters by heart that no effort is Purdue review recite the dialogue. You know someone else who knows every line of ghost busters and and and especially the Chevy Chase movies pledges a former student mind. Unmet erring on the net is is going on he's one of the ones that got away from buffalo. But he's now doing well in the Cincinnati area he is the political science department chair of Xavier University. And he joins us now by phone Matt welcome oh welcome the program. It. Listen. By the way extra credit for your own obscure movie references during this whole segment. Let let let's a year and since Eddie now you're still bills stand right. I have fully am out real with you that the paper cup and what you're so let's. That two and AM where we're where we're down good with the Arab angles in fact there's a pre season game coming up here that we're gonna be playing them. And I know they'll get a big ovation given the fact that they helped us get into the playoffs you have to be proud that. They were finally bundle does something that I could be. Hey. One more thing one more preliminary before we get into the the discussion here. You'll you recently came out of competitive eating retirement that you reclaimed one here titles there at Xavier. I did I in the raining chicken wing eating champion that they girl thought boy down in my old age I I'm Mike Oxley crushed the competition. Because a 27 length in three minutes and the that was the much much lower but I but I I did Obama but I. So was inferior capitation well I hope that the winking producers is listening and we'll invite you to our weight vest next year. You know promoted in an all their late by the way an hour from now in studio. We're gonna have Erie county clerk in a a former classmate of yours actually I think he was a year ahead of you. Mickey Kearns are a year behind you Mickey Kearns. Any fond memories of Mickey did you did do you believe that he's Erie county clerk now. So I'm not surprised at all Leo he knew how to work a room even back then and he's a he's a great great politician but he also a good man and I think that's. You know you think back to college you think about the people can it struck you as somebody had a good moral compass he was light. Likable. And caring and thoughtful I mean really would you really was a good guide in know Mickey. Are with them. And you know what they say those who can do it knows you can't teach us. And so you're teaching let's let's get down and it lets have put this political science degree of viewers to. It took to work Peter and I have a few questions Korea. You know you're you're again your your political science professor your full professor now. Your chair of the department is Xavier University. If you were asked to grade Donald Trump so far in in his accomplishments so what what grade would you give them. You know I think if it hit it up because that's been well. Sort of Bert and I think the you know that the challenge I think is that trump. You know upgrading from kind of misses the point crazies. He's going to be president for forty years. Utley twelve if you believe what critics say about them. It's denigrating him. We I think we ought to see this is a unique opportunity to take degrade ourselves that you know he's a half of American political institutions under extreme threat. And if you think about it that way I think. We aren't doing so hot you know you get trump bad trade in certain areas I think they you know is is biggest problem if he doesn't. Know what the experts know but that also has biggest strength because a lot of what the experts think they know isn't it and know. They you know you look at the people who said we really can't win Michigan. He can with our and he ignored Yemen and obviously. Are you that the win election. All the experts said at the U mistake directly in the North Korea can lead to nuclear war in fact it looks like it's moving in the opposite direction. The expert you can't armed Syria we you and I are here. You know he did and and and not much came out that cellular expert up and often are wrong including all the experts including myself who said he had no chance of winning the election. So I think you know thinking about congressional leadership congressional leadership of both parties are. I have been absolutely horrible little crack. Well Brooke for a long time and I think the challenge we have is we're looking at trumpets or what is he the cause of our problems in the in our political since. System and I think he's actually the symptoms or probable. You don't give him without massive distrust in the political establishment. Yeah you don't get trump without map of distrust in the media in the Republican Party the Democratic Party and instead of being. Thoughtful about why did we get we kind of just focus on transfer over the last few years and I think that's really prevented the Republican Party Democratic Party to take. From taking a serious look at why did people lack the guard who is. On paper. That about the worst possible candidate you can put up given the propensity the tip of the things. Is in the CD record business deals and bankruptcies. Yet he'd be. You Republican field he beat these. Hillary Clinton was considered you know unbeatable unstoppable he's got enormous wealth advantages in north thing might be it nor respect for peace. Why how how did this happen and nobody really dealt with yet so we get great trump all we want but at the end of the day from going to be gone. And we're gonna be left with a the political system. Where we're we're talking this morning if you're just tuning into a former student of mine he's now the political science department share. Xavier University met Mary honing my cohost Peter savage has a question at the Mac first let me ask you you know your obviously very thoughtful guy how are you able to. Overcome. That too when you receive should and that. From our current co host an attitude to get to you art it. It was actually quite an inspiration but about fifteen years in politics than and having seen Kevin. And the path that he took I realized that could be done now realize that a person who is at least on the right ostensibly could be. Could actually have a place enacted the union could and could find their way which would. My that it did several. Are right that wasn't the question I was I was thinking Peter would ask you he is the temporary co host yeah I don't. But listen. Just just so people know I mean you did you did after you graduate from candy she's cheating go right to being chair of Xavier University. Political science department you'd you'd have stops along the way you're I think it was Press Secretary for bill Paxson wasn't it. And then you went on to do some work for the Monroe County to Roger history county legislature yes. Yep absolutely athlete and it's interesting you know I and I really do it like bill bill that was very personal work with. But I think armor as an institution. When you working congressman you go to local government and a bank that I think it intrastate. It's within. Two hours of sitting in a meeting with county executive Jack oil. Arm and watching him make decisions are are more decisions being made our our thing that mattered to local government. And mattered to people on the in the real world of and I thought congress do it for years. That's a neat observation and I think Peter I would agree with you we can oftentimes be a lot more decisive because we have to be in local government than. Then national domino I think Peter has a serious. So but speaking as a Democrat no nobody would disagree that the president. During his campaigns. Was able to. Strike near forum with. When a lot of people feeling and in this country come but hearing New York kind of a valuation. In his presidency. How would you how would you discern the fact that. Then we're pre release perpetuating. Kind of that that rhetoric that fear that. Concern that anger that is playing through. Through. Middle America feeling great degree here locally. Not necessarily what specific policies month. Seemed to be perpetuating. The same type of emotion. Almost from political strategy many in my party let's. Yeah I think that's probably reading too much in the trump I'm not in the sense that I really you know I think a lot of people are thinking that trump is. You know he's well I think act how to go back and forth and it myself the trumpet either you know the most brilliant political mind of our time. Or he's like mr. review ready just kind of goes through the world barely see anything but these seemed to do kinda. The land on its feet no matter no matter what what seems to have an immediate that we would think that no no what do you get. Oh what why is that the case and no other. No no also politics would be able to get away with not releasing tax returns now. You know literally you know the daily light meter on on the trump you know fact. First fake news so to speak. Constantly called the question on that yet. You know his supporters. You know. Whether it's you know perception or just his. Political savvy in terms of playing two to an audience. He does this appear to be held accountable for. Well partly because he that he doesn't play he he he realizes that the rules are made up he lies as the that the rules are. The rules are matches there. You know you you look at something you know most of what goes on and in Washington these bases is theater and I take that prompt. One of the one of the string that he that the candidate. May be known as the president but it but certainly certainly at the politician. Is to understand that most everything they are going on is real. And so therefore you don't have to act like it's real and and that to the extent the politicians and you look at the army Jack. You know how we spent two weeks. Run in this directory or through the mud that doctor feel that he can be helped fill these. He hit his car wreck the banging on people's doors. In drunken stupor the middle of the night in the Secret Service that the all of out of there. And then you know. Yeah he would trot nomination and now we find out. Yeah there's there's really not anything that suggests that how. I mean maybe it did it but we really don't know what dead in the extent that we think it did a couple what's gonna happen. That we have to I. I would love to continue this conversation. In the in the future maybe we can go back to the future some time there that's the only eighties movie reference we get in although I will give you half a point. Partial credit for the mr. McCue comment. But but yeah no I I know where all the up I know that your lecturing at church today peace be we view. And and it was great talking here man today I really appreciated so. Our are right take care. That was met area and the man he former kinesis college student of mine he's now Xavier University political science department chair. We have to take a break now. Peter. It is my cohost today I'm Kevin Hardwick. You're listening hard line on news radio 930 WB EE EN. And welcome back yard line this is Kevin Hardwick seeing here was my cohost Peter savage Peter savage. Share of Erie county legislature also keen of the eighties movie references. As I said there was a little bit disappointed with Matt Marianne I'm a former student for that getting in more references but he just tweeted out. Saying that the segment was a few tile and stupid gesture which Hampshire Peter gets in there and a lot of idea other friends of it anyway. We're joined now on the on the WB yen line of lying here. By the mayor of by the mayor of Wilson New York. Mayor Arthur Lawson mayor welcome to the program. Thank you for having good nice to go out there to Niagara Kenny lets you guys were adversely affected by those floods that we read so much about last year they Lake Ontario floods yes. I yet yet we were but there's there's a reason why we hate you we are giving me kind of challenges and no one thing I wanna put out there is that. Pool communities. The village and wolf and is working on taking a leadership role in. Developing a business plan to walk on ruled tourism so yes. We have Peter Pan too so who will be coming to the village on May eighth. Peter pin too so is the president and CEO of the American bus association. Represents over 800. Privately owned. But companies that represent 65%. Of the travel crop of American he's awfully director of the yet. Travel Industry Association of America still a great honor for him to come out from Washington DC to visit the village on the eight. There this is Peter welcome local court today. Just up can you follow up on that talk about at the village mobile how important tourism. Commanders to local government economy. What I think the more into a rhythm where when you talk about small local government. The money out there. Two to attract new business just sitting there so if we focus on ruled tourism which is more they had developing entry and indeed tourism industry. We welcome not focus a little tourism. We could consider in a village and we also what we independently operated at developing a had been planned. That lawful. The bailout bill will feature in attract new attracting gain business. So so this event that's coming up is it like open to the public gore or you didn't and our listeners getting. I yeah yet yet did built into the public. There there is the cops with a public. Go to Hilton to the public look at that we we got a limited space so. You know and a beautiful thing here about Wilson we already got the action in place. And whoever we're we're we're within a minute we have to take a break Ellen Harris is standing by the news at the bottom of the hour. Can you give us those details so far listeners are interested they can they can put it on their calendars. I have to be on May eight you gonna be at the Wilson house we have had an RSVP by the second of may. People can call me direct my cellphone number 716. 2084568. Is there a website that they can go on if they can't remember the phone number. I know whether it okay. Well listen mayor thank you for joining us this morning I really appreciate it we have to go to break is a city on harris' inning night. India in the news who we the bottom of the hour news headlines. When we come back Peter savage you'll still be here my co host for today will be joined by a couple of my former kinesis count students. The young professionals and we'll answer the question is buffalo now the place for young professionals to beat. All of that when we come back in the meantime I'm Kevin Hardwick you're listening to hard line on news radio 930. WB EN. August is excellent bank for the future is suspected of future. Well ask her for play tentative and Kevin Harvick here hardline that Peterson averaged Michaels today. It about half an hour we'll be joined live in studio by a couple of guests to talk about zombies. You know like the apocalypse zombies but there's zombie homes. It'll be Erie county clerk Mickey Mickey Kearns. And executive director of the buffalo Erie Niagara land improvement corporation Jocelyn Gordon. For the I don't get a couple of students by what I have a question for our producer Joseph Joseph beamer. Joseph I just want to check I know that the Virginia Tech drafted a couple of Hokies you're the big hokey guy here you're wearing your Virginia Tech. Paraphernalia. Any truth to the rumors that there are these two until they get settled in buffalo will be staying with Neil. Hey I can't confirm or deny room RA they're well we'll try to get our cracker Jack do stamp on this amount. Joined in studio joining Peter in myself in studio a couple of former students. Mark roundtree class of 2005. At teachers college. And Olivia hill class of 2005 welcome you both anyway to begin with a Libya. Because Olivia you're the guy that you were the inspiration for this segment that that's what you as your FaceBook feed. I go on there I go on there and it's like every other day it's you're so effusive. Buffalo is the place to be and there's another study that showed buffalo has the best this or that for young people. Now I know that I know that part of this is your job you're over there Europe business development specialist at in bought invest buffalo Niagara which used to be the the buffalo Niagara and address enterprise. But how much this is real I mean were you acting or do you really think this is a place to be. Absolutely not acting I love buffalo how many a quick correction to I was actually graduate of 2015 doctor hearts trying to add ten years some island NIC 2000 if I. Let's say for mark just by. That you got one okay aren't repeatedly that yet got okay well known that's par for the course right here. But none of it's taking. I think what and passed up maggert has really well as we prove that buffalo is often watching her is awesome with the numbers. So we can talk anecdotally about the equals the eaters and the great food. But it also in the numbers or talking about 35% last money for people to spend to live in buffalo cheaper cost of living one millennial Cummings the area at the numbers aren't they prove that. Mark mark you work your your much older let me make an anti Libya you graduated 2005 Sheehan 2015. When you're in mice Amy Irving governing politics class which she took ten years later. I'm buffalo was still probably bottoming out was that in and senses made you know they were in our resurgence yes. Yeah I think tat mean like when we are graduating there's Canada. An assumption that you would have to move away to fines John your career and I think that's really change Stan. You know are around like cat 2000 time fish there's seemed to be kind of paradigm shifts I think. You know all I had to do it you know the bass fro the the silver bullet. Failing pan. You know after. That failure I think there is change. That you. You know develop incrementally. I think there is a ditch in the. That's that's a good boy by the way mark mark I'm not sure I mentioned earlier is now with the Erie county department of planning. And economic development planning and about environment and planning he's out planner for Erie county. Peter Michaels let me just just get you into the discussion he mentions bass pro thing. Of course of course you go way back you have some of your roots in in politics everything in the mass yellow administration if I made the case that. You know this this this transition that that markets talking about. And it was was started with a mass CLO administration I mean me. They did that eventually start to pull things together. Some things that maybe didn't you know there was a time like before they they took effect would you argue that would mean are you you you probably have a better perspective on this than I did. Did you were right there in the city and it right there at City Hall. I had the fortune of working for both me and CO2. Me and the seats were absolutely planted. Terms of site acquisition in terms of cleaning up the finances so that awful can be more competitive. And then what you've seen over the last decade or so. It's as buffalo is right. Rates on ship and is Buffalo's meet strategic investments in infrastructure and strategic plan the private sector. And filed suit you know you're seen as a synergy between the public sector and the private sector. Com and follow all of you listening. Right in the district represented in north buffalo. You look at hurdle avenue where it was ten years ago and even five years ago tumors. And strategic market panic investment. The small business and my business well has really catapulted. The property values and community. Let let let me ask my former students Olivia hill mark roundtree. What's that things are going good I mean I think there is that there I mean we're like the bills in the sabres now we had a good weekend. And were ready to build on that. What's left to be done or what's not done what are the biggest obstacles. And so my students got to take a first mark. Yes they're having I think guy you know is the biggest. Things that and spend on the last couple years and they continues to me. Addresses. Some cleanup from the ground nose eyes and if you look at some of the date action out of dollar projects editor and tasks are. Hi that would not have been possible that side. Was still an industrial. Waste land that it used to and there's been a concerted apps are my counties cities. County to. Clean out besides last year's. It's it's really positions. Us to compete better and you know we add the county level we're continuing its work yet the problems. All of them are back. Personality. Opinion but. I think the people on buffalo are feeling that resurgence and revitalization happening but I think recently to work and that outside perspective. Selling eagle out of town and talking earlier from buffalo what we hear Snelling checkpoints. And our job is really to change that so let's talk about great Peter let's talk about Albright let's talk about. A winning football team have those things these perception when we leave buffalo. So I think and that we are really and it worked on an organization and I think. Buffalo in general were starting to believe it and are trying to other stories say we needed new ad campaign in New Zealand crowd and I'll there I would love and you feel I'm proud Max might late boss Mike Bartlett was part of the the feeling proud video years ago so Atlanta every evening like that we're not talking. Talking out yeah. I. It here for the I 89 we were we were already I was feeling proud but anyway if you lose and we're. Let's let's that we have to take a quick break will we come back of him the next question of my guests who Peter savage might colts. We'll also invites and calls for you Olivier he'll. Of in this buffalo Niagara and mark roundtree of Erie county planning will be here for another segment. And if you wanna get them bored if you have a question if euros of Europe millennial you know millennial and and think that this is the place in the year. Not to please give us a call 8030930. Is the number. 803 on 930 Peter savages my co host I'm Kevin Hardwick you're listening to hard line a news radio 930 WB EN. And welcome back yard line Kevin Hardwick here by the way. Yeah you gotta go on line someplace find their petition for. Producer Gil beamer to get his own show he deserves it showed just not this one. Sharing the show would be this morning nice celebrity co host yes Peterson averages a celebrity the chairman of the year kind legislature. Peter savage he has a question for my former students mark roundtree of Erie county planning. Olivea hill of invest buffalo Niagara Peter. Olivia. Just when you're talking about developing. The market for buffalo on this new buffalo what are kind of the two or three factors that you talk to businesses and talk to people who are relocating here. That are maybe most important other night. I think it really is dependent on the industry so we work with targeted industries which included dance manufacturing. Back office operations in advanced business service says lifesciences so for each industry it's going to be a little different. One is access to talent we're finding that that's a huge issue for pretty much every industry and the twenty long colleges and universities in the Western New York area. Buffon Acker is a great location for business who needs that filled our pipeline on a regular basis and that's a big one. And again that cost of living when you have when you're trying to attract talent you want them to be able to. A Florida good lifestyle and pay them a good wage without breaking the thinking your business so they really can do bolt here so those are two big factors that we see when we talked to companies. Hey. As really hit a hit a nerve with people because we've got a full thank you callers in the will start to take some of those goals now. Let's go to John in Rochester John welcome back the program. Hello John. Look at okay well I'm good I'm the most pastors plucked investor I guess we're gonna put John on hold and we're good go to war and in Akron Warren welcomed the program. Thank you very much more Garrett played in the morning when I hear about this resurgent. I look at it from a little bit of a different perspective in regard to. What the urged state and honestly they can stay. Which has from taxpayers all over here they and they focus that we don't laser treatment of the city of buffalo. And now what they're trying to do what they're trying to use the benefits from that small geographic area to how to accept. When in actuality. We are thing continues the sale that got a four point five billion dollar deficit. They're tightly highest expert in the country. New Yorkers continue to lead this the year after year we've lost another 190000. People last year of any new Yorker. How do you take money from people all over. Focus for the little small geographic area and they used their smaller geographic area to help your. Look who wore an excellent excellent question I'm gonna draft deal and then we'll go around the table and see what the answer is thank you for calling one. Yes you know well let me let me ask a question first is it necessarily bad that we took money from all over New York State. Especially where we get most of the money in New York State which is New York City we spent it in buffalo isn't necessarily a bad thing. Why what I what I would see you back to warrant is for decades. Buffalo Erie county last New York has gotten nowhere near its fair share of resources and Steve York and what. What the buffalo billion won a lot of these investments are our. Getting buffalo back to where it should have been for decades in terms of investment and I think you're seeing a real results. Mark. Yeah I think guys. You know who did it comes back to some good physical attributes. It I think a lot of the amass been. In buffalo. Made sense in that visited the Tesla. Because. It the infrastructure is in place. You can't build a factory of that magnitude. And not have the power supplies at that level to supply it. And I think the intensive that was disperse them I spin off development in the general vicinity which it would also require. That type of infrastructure. And just in to close off this loop I spent the last week traveling to every county in questionnaires Ali counties in celebration of international economic about a week. And I can just say that we got about fur Ali counties every day at our job and it's not just buffalo centric although we loved the city. Our seeing some exciting things happening not just in Erie county but in those world not not so populated counties as well. And shortsighted and and we really believe that. And some of that money that's been put into the city you're gonna see that overflowing we already are and those other counties. Olivia hill as you're as you were sitting in my class is just a few years ago. Did you at kinesis college. Did you ever I I get credit for seeing it every time did you ever think that you. In my. They know that I got my younger yes nickel and it's not that yeah. And I'm sure. Listen let's that let's take another goalie John in Rochester John's been holding on John millionaire. Usually I'm Karen yes I am welcome back the program. Yeah you know I'm not. People feel when you vote by mail so. I. Kyrie earlier 1980. Will be. Dumbed down. Yachts solo Yost a bona. I Janice's so far this is deteriorating. The only you have a question for our yet. Yeah yes they do a lot you know well I think a lot of the economic resurgent. Surgeons had to do would blow. Record low interest rates which was a great elements. Especially real estate development altered involvement the other huge illicit text credits. In economic incentives. And I think the position that I think maybe we're ready to move and eliminate some of these. Historical credit. Also with a grant somebody. Other other grant circular for development. Because Australia really to have little typing now neighbors streaks this below seventy million dollar project. Were always come. Kendall you know but it will be basically free money between tax credits and grants there. So almost 60% of the privately financed would free money for provided by. Government stayed in the federal government and that comes summer actually up. Text golfers who doesn't like being the first guest. These things just kind you get enough momentum going to take a ladies who are these so called it's no secret it's been a greater tax revenue. I think I get the gist of the question we've got a hard break coming up in two and a half minutes let me let me go to mark roundtree who would you talk about. I'm looking him when you talk about dropping the historic extras I think he was in cardiac arrest for a moment. What what about that I mean is it isn't it is is it right to have so much of this lady give give these developers so much money so many credit. And and let me ask you maybe Peter savage does that actually come out of my pocket it doesn't it's money that they. They are gonna make analysts they succeed right maybe let me go to mark first. Yeah I mean I I think guys a lot of us assassin now buffalo particularly. I had had it could be attributed to those after Prius policy historic tax credits. And you have buildings that had been sitting vacant for morning it is thirty years and then you know that that that's a good case for government intervention in my opinion. You know that the market is not addressing that. So. That's. Peter get note. The aging infrastructure in the aging. You know the building's historic buildings in buffalo. Although we jewel. Also create huge challenges. Those credits are not coming out of your pocket proceed but what they do allow you do he's right on the on the low interest rates in this new role the private sector. But what the tax credits and whether it be the start Akron to express were the Brownfield cleanup tax credits what they allow you do. Is leverage those for private financing they can put hard money into the project at the beginning of projects that can be funded and they get the credit the. We we go to break for the news and one man let me just ask one more question I guess Olivea mark is there such thing as too much success are we gonna have too many millennial here. Yeah it always an enemy that we are good at home. We we we talk about problems there created by success like. Gentrification and you know pushing the war around this is that a concern for anybody. I I don't think we're there yet I think. We're so excited about attracting on meals and that I think with every good thing there are growing pains so will be sure to head to deal with those as they come but. Rain owl will take as many ex pats and on heels as we tend to buffalo don't. You'll love them are right split listen. We have to break down because we're standing night with the news but the cohost Peter savage and I'll be here we're saying good bye to a Libya hill. And mark roundtree former students of mind.