4-20 Bauerle and Bellavia Talk More Trains

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, April 20th

Tom Bauerle and David Bellavia continue their conversation about the downtown Train Station and talk to Carl Paladino about what they should do


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News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. We are hauling these idiots out for being hypocrites they are we gotta be the ballots you understand that's or they'll a year you do it. The yellow did began. Okay. Politicians like to use the TV but they're negative that I loved watching them. I love the sinister voice over guy they've that they use and David Bellamy. So negative campaign. About the other candidate you voted to allow seven year old student beat the user. It's the hourly and Olivia an interview the guy who voted for that is like. Our face and go. Get to what we don't want her. Oregon and the worst case you can take to get a weapon like as if that was at the end platform I wanna. Radio 930. Is. It is pretty thirty WEG live at that prior aviation in anchor. It anchor number two. Which all the way down the road to writer aviation. And uncles or 830 berries start at 3616. WBE and off of were the north side of the buffalo airport again to. Public at 5 o'clock that would be used guys and this goes until eight. And it's fifteen dollars. My book that. At the door so Watson lots. Injuries the user of the 1967. War and even he pitched exe which was cool. It'll 330s. David these buffalo course the meeting Tuesday. About the train station and it is. Curious I'm really curious exactly how many. Our listeners plan on taking eight trade anywhere in the next five years because I certainly think of the better ways that the seventies. Buy dollars and that's that's that's taxpayer money that's coming from New York State State's money at it almost money it's money they took the view and redistribute. 25 million bucks and well that's mile roads around Europe could really use them a fine tuning but he reaches around and use my. We get a better significant in that. Eight dollars and he should shoot station. But it also begs the question since the central term at least for now is out of the running and that's you know this has been something that we certainly talked before. What do you do with the central to what to do with the central. What does that beautiful building there's no doubt about it. You know they they built the thing that went in the late twenties and actually located with built. Where they bought the city of buffalo was going to expect it. So full. That award in the great depression and beat down town that really caught up to the central terminal. The building basically use the injuries dates of that this repair for many many years people in the neighborhood wants the but the question is what. Exactly what. The support terror or particular audience is not the train station so what the phone number is 803030. 8030. Start at thirty itself on. And 80616. WBB. But genomic ticket turning into processing center for people with their pistol permits. Because you know there have been a hard time approving people's pistol permits carry cash money. Maybe they need more space there that could possibly central terminal just make it any handgun prophecy now senator for the count. Aren't up till we're gonna let you put your phone calls back to the radio stations so let's let's bring in let Carl Paladino we sit Carl Paladino a text a while ago. Carl thanks very much for joining us appreciate. And thank you to. Date. Now Carla for first things first usually you know we we talked you about some controversy as a political issue we might actually get into that but here's my question you when you look at the central terminal. Given what you did. With the united office building in Niagara Falls which was this derelict that almost skyscraper which stood vacant edges dilapidated for many many years. You've turned that into the jock of witches are one of the finest hotels. In Niagara Falls when you look at the central terminal as a developer do you see any potential there for any successful enterprise. I think it's very well com. I looked at their building. When I was a kid walking down Lovejoy streak going to school anymore. And and it was an extra stuck in my mind and pulled many people over the years some damn fine. A good development plan that building and I would like to do it. But right now this idea of putting a train station there. You're really trying to put square peg round hole. And that doesn't make any sense. And. I don't chew like the central terminal on I'm sorry I like. Wherever boats of things are a little bit where a remote or things are a little bit screwy why don't you like the central terminal as a yet train. Depo. Because serve the maximum news sort of facility won't be. There won't be attainable I mean you've got a huge facilities there. And really awful mean needs small train station that doesn't need something of that magnitude. In the location of it doesn't want itself well for the next. It's it's not that accessible and easily accessible location. I'm the over the middle east side awful. It they woke well I mean it's useful call and we we could uses a legal ought now. That they've torn it all down OK but there's been uses have come up most recently. For buildings like if they just would preserve their. Keep it loose the instance. Well as you possibly can at this time. And are you gonna have to wait for. You know I I went to leave. The big estate parade which was an experience with Olympic. It's your style attacks floats. You look at that you're expected to get it right it was so this incredible. At any rumor. Kurt Karl. Yet no I want. Did it to keep your thought I thought what you said it was who you know it's funny how. You can make a statement that's rational and you know looking at the future of the city. Does buffalo really know what it means I mean where we've heard now about a convention center that that's a cost at least 200 billion dollars. This 25 million from the state to put into it train station. That's not even got to get the rail beds that I mean you're you're looking at probably 750 to seventy million dollars for that. Really knew what they show what I mean think about it. I would see the ball yeah there's been to build a couple thousand programs in downtown buffalo to help expand that tax base and relieved that they actually. We'll protect burden on those city residents there. You know so. It's so difficult to copper. Yes I'd very much better places to put. Fifty million dollars. The cost overruns and think things that the state does you know you that you could take it if you make it a hundred. All solar city project gospels B 750. Million it's now a world repeal a billion dollars and and original and true. I mean it's it's this just government doesn't know how to spend money. It will almost plans also have some kind of fixed too with some kind of political fixes some kind of friends and family fixed. That. Make the projects you're rational who the heck ever thought that we need another train station impossible. And it'd be nice to have something to clean and refer perceive it to build a little bully like we have got current exchange street if you need it. But it's it's gonna service how many people would say 20304050. Hot. I heard that there are actually there was a rumor yet there was a rumor that the central terminal was gonna become a new hub for blockbuster video. Because that's. Rooms. Another thing outdated technology you know can make answering machine here. Cassette tape here VHS machine is exactly Carlton went today talked about that looking at the central terminal since that you were a little boy and there are are you aware are there any structural. Issues with the building or any. Environmental issues which would make turning that into something viable. A virtual impossibility. Now it's it's finding the right user. That can make a good use of that huge for four atrium which is which is just a beautiful place. And also making some of the upper fours of the belt it's not so easy to just say well just creates some apartments so there. It's not. Could easily accessible. Area there's very little reason for people who wanna live there and that it's it's not. It's not a real point here. Somewhere we're gonna find some corporate entity that's gonna come in and really make sense thing of the building you can buy it on the cheap this question. You know it's dollars and in basic value for a basic structure. But for peanuts and a bit so it does kind of make it won't make financial cents for some kind of the decent sized companies to going to make it their headquarters. And it's at the top of that building you could see for miles and miles and miles and. And I am of the hole but kept pricing platform somebody. But that's down the line that's gonna calm and during this economic hopefully as a part of this economic resurgence that we all dream about what is really capture real. Through ball split symptoms that might be makes for real if we get some real leadership that this can be. Not government off site that the government. Everybody waits for government look at 22. Contribute or bird spy error or provide efficient who. The government we elect are not possible and then it is impossible they called it often quite to their caretakers at best. They're like having a landscaper commitment to law. Tara were talking with Karl. I'm sorry girl so well remotes of the phones aren't just a little bit screwy here today. Talking with Carl Paladino are asking him about the central terminal which is not going to be the site of this new boondoggle known as the new buffalo train station they wanna put up. And whether it be nice to have 25 or fifty million dollars to use your data away but then that's what government does. That we needed new train station like we needed to livery stable downtown. In 2017 with the investors may. Coming up we wanna talk to Karl about the school board situation we also wanna take your phone calls on. You know what do you do at the central terminal it is not going to be the train station so what is that building going to be what should it be. 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB yen let's get to separate drive home here is Allan Harris. Talking with Carl Paladino on news radio about thirty WB EE and buy hourly envelop here we're live from prior aviation. Buffalo means business celebrating 185. Years of buffalo at lots of luxurious things to check out beginning at 5 o'clock that's what the doors open at tickets fifteen bucks at my buffalo perch that Tom or here at the door prior aviation terminal two it's the one the last one on the road. Took a car alive the last time we left you I understand there's so only so much you can talk about because but now lawyers are involved. I just finished like I just finished that once audible parking ramps yes go ahead. But they couldn't seem ridiculous little that would necessarily be able to do the B. Connecting to death so can. But if this city worker did grant. Okay say twenty million dollars. Times to look at twenty million will give you files currently. And and thanks to putting one or oneself awful. What would that do. You don't sound. Experience. And two children development. Dias that might be able put in there be affordable. For various people that are looking to do okay and becoming nicer of the ports. Significant. Money to text base. Our governments have never recognized the value of parking to the tax base and I'll tell buffalo. Ensemble will compete with the suburbs in the suburbs people think and they actually experience. What they pay one rent check can make a ballpark he'd made he'd really close to your door and and they become. That means that the average Joseph with as little business so I think that's great it doesn't want a club downtown. And it is employees suffer and suffer the cost of paying for parking. That's a big problem for doubt how awful and had a for a long time. It could be solved. Except the City Hall. Awful doesn't they don't understand it and they don't want to understand it because there's a couple of market operators don't don't wanna keep the cost of protein content to. Because single private lots and that makes him a lot of money. That's the unfairness to lessen the community. If we built with grant money and don't have to worry about Dexter so. If we built a couple of municipal parking downtown that would. That would holds. You're you're office staff. OK Europe clerks secretaries and administrative assistant. And give them a reasonable place to park for a discounted rate because you only have to cover operating expenses. There would be a great incentive for the for the expansion and I'll pump awful and that. All kinds of things start to happen out the community okayed the. The gentrification. Of areas of the city. Becomes real because people want a link to what went work and and and then you get that expansion there's no better investment could be made by the stated New York right now than to build a couple. And don't dump awful. That would help us expand downtown. Expanding interest and compound just look what's happening around the medical. Okay they've got. They're building and they're built in a couple of reconsider to handle the influx of people that they expect. And which are real admitted some very nice plan they put it all together. Okay who recognized the need marquee purple for clientele and for the workers could be working there. And and that is Smart mobile. There's no brilliant stated put that a train station in awful especially sat under a million dollars. Carl well said we need to take a break the and it will ask our producer off period were to uphold and that route to a stick around longer to talk about the school port stuff so well let's put Karl on hold and feel you guys configured it back out the radio station we are on remote at prior aviation for buffalo means business the doors open at five. And if you drive down the road and you see oh my gosh there's no parking in a lot you can park. Even app though where a gate park at the first prior aviation building you see we've shuttle buses that are ready to pick you up and take you to be dry and cozy confines of anger. Olivia his regular thirty W. You PE. And we're live from prior maybe patient at the buffalo meat is in this event's which opens to the public at 5 o'clock. And we've got a Carl Paladino on the line ability to get Carl up on the phone back there. We talked with Karl about the central terminal just to bring you a speed of what we talked about so far today. They've decided that these central terminal is not going to be the site of the train station going with the downtown option instead. The head coach G over the sabres have been let go. In Paris two cops were shot one dead one clinging to life the attacker also dead apparently the attacker opened up with an AK on a political motor Kate coming back from a political debate. The French elections coming up on Sunday. And that Carl Paladino is on the line talking with them about the possibility of the central terminal being viable at this point for anything Carl says the building basically the time has not yet come forward. The central terminal. Yet. Carroll's statements whole lot of sense especially when your trying to plan for the future. You know when you talk about that canal side and how wonderful it is. What's the major complaint about activities out of buffalo parking. The account fastest moving down to a canal side but what's the problem or a park. So before we start talking about trained agents and house party meet the needs of people that I try to get apartments that are. You know in downtown people who live downtown and people visiting downtown parking garages and a I don't know what you're gonna go back to the you try to plan for the future growth in this city. I don't know Carl makes a lot of sense Carl after a quick and it can't really get details about this and I don't wanna force should go eat deals. But you know the school board. The opposition at the school board they're obviously trying to two hijacked whatever progress is going forward in Iraq that. Just if you have any comments as to what happened yesterday with people in erupt. The business of the school board to make a political point. Given comets that. What they've been doing the last three or four meetings. To group of should city young people it's. Some all the people involved in show up that the meetings. And until yesterday Avery. The disruption was sold that that we had to relocate the meetings and he. Board. Meeting will open floor from the third floor. The reason that the meetings are held in the council chambers ever camp hope. In the council chambers because the majority of the board to take effect of having these patients. But he. Obviously. One seat more movement they want it to your point across one. Try to influence mrs. Helio and walker decision will be a ball we mold the reality. That they already know that. My crease speech. Is not grounds to to remove. The statements made are not grounds to remove. And proceeded absolutely packed all the goes understand him in an article that I wrote after. The pool it's. I disclose. Information concerning the contract negotiations. With the U with icicles wasn't really. It's longer story that. These recited what. This is the place and I think a little late but right at all. Show people exactly called conspiracy took place. And how the world war together with our partner of gold in this woman's name OK. Conspired to. Ask a contract. There. Had not been vetted properly. Had not had financial impact study done. And one without question a terrible abuse of the responsibility. Of the Borg did not. Been more thoughtful and and allowing the community. To we. To respond and comment. Under terms of the settlement. That's what they want the board is because I'm exposing. This. This fall. On the people of the city awful. This broad. The what was it just sitting in yesterday's meeting. We get the opportunity I hit the opportunity would ever show or your financial plan for schools. Do over the next four years because of the teachers' contract about bet bet that they keep on every every possible thing they could get them. After split the read unrestricted. Dollars that we haven't reserves. Over a period of four years. They will be will. Have been added. A 73 million dollar deficit. In other words they took their reserves. They gave every nickel Mobil's surge sort of teachers. Carly we would love to be talking further about that but given some of the vagaries of our telephone situation here it today. We actually like it's in studio at some point to talk about that particular issue. We want to thank you very much for joining us on the hourly and ability at. And very much appreciate your time Carl Paladino on news radio might thirty WBE. And and again for those of you saying it's got to work aka Karl was on we wanted to get Karl's thoughts on the central terminal because what is the central terminal going to be used for that this this building has stood there. Orbit with such potential for many many years. Now I look up the paper train station begin I'd just confined I could find a better ways to spent 45 million dollars then eight train station. But going to be that as it may. 8030930. What should be done with the central terminal at her you're down with the downtown train station or argue kind of like let doubting Thomas is I am. With respect to the need for a new train station we said before how many people plan to take him train company time. In the next day in the next few years so we'll. What did you call it 030930. Star night 3180616. WB and it will also take your text messages 30930. And the question where. To later. Think it's a better choice to pick the next general manager of the Buffalo Sabres so word like this Russ Brandon. Should pick the next GM but the sabres like. At a utility in mind would beat bill rightly. Elect the next miss New York okay I'm going with. A bucket truck dropped she should be want to make the selections Miramar but I'm saying if you're gonna play it the day as it like it is an SAT game you would say. Russ Brandon should pick next year and the sabres. Like. What. Now like all little or rightly should pick makes this new this New York or like Cyrus Kwan jail should be. I'd giving us by the way I have I have it like Kim Jong should write a cookbook for North Korea every guy that I ever got out got now it's 4218. This is that day of immense celebration. Because. Buffalo it was a 185 years old and by the way. They definitely birthdays today but we're gonna celebrate buffalo being 185. And nothing to do Kate to synthetic or natural and yet also for twenty demand that we haven't missed say. Sports what they opt for twenty let's go to Gary in south Cheektowaga under his radio like thirty WBE EN Gary ago. Gary are you able to hear me. Right guys back at the station which tried giving up line three for us all honor. You guys Larry are you are are there I didn't think you're populist ideas what picture you're on the phone oh. Drain point nine I Gerri good. Want to red planet from the central terminal. We'll certainly do yes I do. What type of two major tree actions that are nearby of the when daily market in of the blog we market. Why didn't it just term net principal large. Although he may deal. Large food terminal combined ball fools are always thrown money into the broadly market. Clinton barely market go on a Saturday morning it's packed with people but suitable long hours all it stalled. Combined ball home. And have something good I mean you know hopefully married appeal all the outside space you have covered space that are. I'd that's just my deal continuing to pump money into the broader market and trying to put money. Which they don't put anything in the Oakland daily market that's whopper like solar. Conventional one location and have an open and you know have something awful and we can use it. You know we we heard that earlier today you or talk about bringing Broadway market in QV. Central term. You know. I'm gonna have to beat Johnny Johnny come lately I going to be skeptical about that is being a buffalo and of course and having quite a few people in ball low yet. Including Karl they'll be it was a good thing is they vote on Monday he was on this violent Ted's biggest they float every year for the month long lovely bride Melissa. But is. Part of the joy. Be certain the sentimentality. Up the memories of going to be actual. Physical Broadway market because I swear I closed my eyes right now I can actually smell you'll. It lacked radishes they used to sell promote market. But it can't find anywhere else so big black radicals if that's your guys that I could go another way to block them from their. A lack of radishes. Is part of the market experience the Broadway market itself. All it would be put the Clinton really market the same thing it's but the farmers Kamal they're all the photos growers. You can buy flowers fruit springtime male flowers for Christmas flowers for Easter. The benefits stop by the Clinton Bailey markets from time on a Saturday in the mornings and see all the people up there summertime. We Nagin to a re creation of the Broadway market at the terminal where I wouldn't be hard to do. We're gonna say Gary what other people have to say about that thank you very much for the caucus speaker collier excellent 8030930. So does the Broadway marked the Broadway market beset from capital is not going to be the new for the ravages of for that matter the radishes are going to be the nutrients than what about the radishes it's all about the rate of radishes possibly could be at the Christian ravaged which acts that was actually ships at the buffalo I think during the bicentennial era. An actual sailing ship when the original tall ship things in buffalo way back when beautiful white ship of the live. Anyway what should be central terminal be used for its 27 team it's not going to be a train station.