4-20 Bauerle and Bellavia Finish Up Talk On Trains

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, April 20th

Tom Bauerle and David Bellavia wrap up their discussion on the new Downtown Train Station and the latest on the Sabres Coaching and General Manager openings


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News radio 930 WBA. And its. They were staying with my hand you know. And her neighbors we'll we'll yeah gels reds who handles it won't dare you and I lady. Com power play good this honest media did not explain. That I called the fake news the enemy of the people of fake news. They dropped off the word fake in David Bell media because they have no sources. They just make them up. Whether or not they're very dishonest people its hourly and Olivia our source says that Donald Trump is a horrible horrible human thing. Let ever said to my face on news radio 930 WB. It's Barley embellish or lie. And from prior aviation and beat buffalo means business of that which actually is happening at 185. Anniversary of the city of buffalo. We're not quick to mention that it's also for twenty it would not to mention that also happens to be experts say. You know why we have the championship. Except across. It and you'll FL. I think it's because we were found at the same day the worst person to ever walk the world was sport. Between that and murdering William acutely Latino one was. Instilled in me and they. Definitely. Definitely affected. Well I used to be called the curse accurately and under creature that we're we're under the cubs the the cars. Years they brought Wrigley Field. That each year because of Ashe yet and yet the Kurds with the Red Sox right now. This well I'm acutely. It ought respectively in the two bill. What we built that but that's not accurately square which is actually circle we built it you know to appease the spirit of it accurately which under 91 and died. And is currently three cities all country were president of the board Dallas Washington and buffalo. The train station with Garfield Garfield was Washington was added now that was geek oh got to Washington. And it's it's but he died in in the Ortiz I would argue that. 85 years of awful you know you think it is it's. Relatively. Actually it does. Well with at least for the war well. Well we were around what was going on in in Ontario in. This economy buffalo right here Williams is that we were a critical of the war of 1812 because that where a lot priority patient. All right guys by the way. Because. That it is that the is that it rebel war between what was largely a able war. But where we are right now and with the bottom miles radius of where we are now there's this were too because where the American army retreated. After the brits crossed the bank river in buffalo to the ground because we it's pretty horrible things over Canada and it was their revenge it was there cruise missile you know an inning ending where where we invaded them. And though launched three short. Right with it and that's a two to answer my elders were 1812 cemetery where you've got Americans you brits. Any truth to the rumor that there was an American general that you butchered. That actually is true it looked back up three he was the third cousin general Winfield Scott. Views with which cut it to but the roads be. Auto. News and we'll see the ol' days the military hat looked like a construction hats yet and I you know what whatever right. Slice roast beef sandwich I put construction and a item action. If you if you go out towards the area you'll find your regional trader GO that's that's that's. But oracle and and mark but are cooked or grilling fresh asparagus and the current outside go to call us WPE. This is great debt Greg Europe hourly developing you know from private aviation. Dated. Thank you for your service your true patriot. You're very kind thank you sir. When you decide to run for office somebody needs to put figgins pro life. Well I you know what. Well I I appreciate. What ago. And it is only. The problem. Is. I agree completely. And there is make it cheater. Oh ballot. Convicted cheater that they continually cheat. Al Davis just win the baby. It figured out a way. Do you think you think Tom Brady cheated every single game he's ever played it he did you see you David Martin Luther adjusting to what they did the last Super Bowl. I'm sorry but I. Go ahead. Look I love Tom Brady and you're never you'll never separate me from my love for operating. He did try to disrupt the other day though I love for that. He's entitled to his political beliefs. Their helmets. From the book that a quarterback it's mostly turned off. After like fifteen seconds Phil ballot at. Don't former CIA guy. Got away they have them haven't done in April. Act that need to go to the next guy. It go to their guys GD. Let me let me let me ask you question if if that's what it took for buffalo defiantly wind if this party trophy or a Stanley Cup would you be OK with a. Really well I would not guilty they would cheaters. What. I train station. Is that they're just look at it spend money that need to be spent because somebody game point five million dollars. Don't know we do it. At this we gave it to the stated New York they forced out of our pockets we turn this upside down they collected the change that fell out and that's. If that's what happened 25 billion dollars. Money. It was have a lot of have a Davis. And if you put it train station. The Pope terminal. I part of the trade to get a one time I let my editor for a week. No worries I would your circumstances leave my car as well terminal per week. Well elected to do anything it's a terrible yet you have to have security obviously in place not just cameras which actually that people around the clock here to keep things but he is still see the sign that would say that you know is not responsible rated app if you wanna find a place to park and not worry about anyone. Operated in your car anything happening go to solar city. I mean that's the he'll sit there for a in perpetuity that could've bought everybody a house at Spaulding late certain people who were going to be employed by solicit a billion bucks. For a lot. Put a train station there put on solar panels. Well now too soon. Our ballot system with the split with this vote delay I never want to call it is literally like ham radio. Where it's like with a muzzle sic over now that you know what the deficit well let's start that over and over. What we did not hear you over. Yes he said he was great. What you're very kind I appreciate that. It I had my my shot and you know things happened but I appreciate your support your very kind thank you. All right I won't I'll call you can you can on the campaign. Thank you are very much. Thank you very much for the call we're gonna move on these delays seems to be especially along with now it's like we're like out of radio top Cohen and for fires in this reminds me of the old days are like it you know if you call these are fighters all back to late sixties this is what it was like in your grandmother which outlined. At least Germany. Your family. And so your family in Germany yes so what you call them on the phone like this you now there were some people it would hook up a radio. And actually talk to people through. You're here receive that. The old Hillary. Radio talk to get over people in Vietnam when they were in the war they would call somehow were ham radio they would talk their parents. And it was cheaper than call 20 yeah and the all the days yeah yeah but that's not my grandparents the hand radios as he's got. It is easy for them. Telephone grandma or should I say are 241. Liner well actually actually with the crowd would visit WW valuables are key because. Things that is they have to have pictures that wave of this appeared to some theory so we owe was nodded knowing he was he wasn't. He was saying get out of the photo story wasn't in any way you vote you know what's interesting is that oddly enough after they came to his regret at what point. All of those pictures of my great uncles of their Nazi uniforms and Seton seem to have vanished but you don't know what's going to wait till I'm in Germany as an American soldier. And 2002. And I walking around and start to meet people. Every World War II veteran I met. Not a single one fought against the Americans in Germany all in his craziest thing they all fought against the Soviets every one of it's in the odds statistical just complete anomaly. Well that you could find it cross section of World War II veterans in Germany. Not a single one raised a rifle to American anger sure capture the singles if that ever beat up and down American pilot never like never happened you know never I mean we only hear about that one Davis case but it happen everywhere every. It is you know our guys get shot down bombing overture and they the trees should be equivalent goals and I'm not. Nazi fascism. One of the worst place to have respect to the world. But to find a World War II aged male and not have him in uniform and what do they spot you don't what's the biggest it would look at. Such what does Steven Spielberg when he did guessing Trevor I'm. You know the we'll talk about this after weather and traffic. WP he can't so are we ever courtesy of the sabres for the bills parade down Delaware have you ever people whose sons and daughters and say. Pay attention this might never happen again I got I've got this world high into lakes I wanted to follow the squirrel out of the hole look at it start. So when you watch Saving Private Ryan one of the biggest mistakes Gilbert made. If you talk to anyone that served in the Normandy campaign. The guys that were in the toolbox as for the Germans goes we're either like. Pre pubescent teenagers or they're like eighty year old man. There were no 22 year old Nazi soldiers left. To fight. During that time of the war a lot of guys to who were there at Normandy they were people that were basically pressed into service by the Nazis right places like yeah that's right there can descriptive Vermont and you have these these guys fifty years old from the past to be rightly. Ordered out of staters chute and completely and if you don't shoot them or shoot you right exactly so at least that. But he knows history Spielberg maps well I think it's great move. It's fantastic if we're ever rise first thirty minutes or. I think openly uses apps. Riveting via Oregon I've made the mistake of starting to watch for the first time 1 of the morning are known I was doing warnings yup yeah that was equipment without sleep. Let's look salute to say let's go to Chris on the WP yet while our ability lied for prior aviation and buffalo means business. Hey guys I'm delighted. We're to a great. Over. I'm now. No later but I just wanted to comment on decision on the tradestation. I was when I heard the announcement this afternoon I was surprised that. It was then sent a terrible station and you know it's been a great opportunity it would be paid back back in the days when the medical campus was warming. It all the band and out. Where people were just pitch in that he'd been a mailboxes and no leaving out the abandoned them anyway you know the developers were finals houses in. Building and expanding the medical campus this sort of been a great opportunity to. You know you bet money that had a turtle and and developed east side in the end in the pat weighed on Genesee street. For the airport. And they and I commend this group of eighteen that aren't you there hi Raymond. You know I'm sure there are a lot of and hours and research involvement in making that decision. But I still sometimes we. At an area we move one step forward and we goat to step back wheat. We lacked vision and it'll all be known for its architecture that people comparable around the world who either their for building a prequel it right. The traits Asia central terminal would about a perpich. And now my guess I was kind of stretched out of the surprising wanna get your right. On the central term art I think what that the the point is I think that I was a bit shocked that they ginkgo. Central terminal only because it seemed to be. When they started making the argument that chippewa used to be volusia and that all the sudden they added some businesses and the best of money into it. You know chippewa became a better district in the argument was that the east side's ever gonna recover it's gonna takes a bit like central terminal for it to appear it's gonna take some electric station do that. But that being said I mean. I don't I don't understand why they had to be so secretive about this meeting. Well. We're a victim when it was talking about going down Tuesday meeting today and there was like eight police or done. That round where these people were you know what I find interesting about this is the fact that. If you've got the Democrats who run this entire area and it's almost like each of the individual power brokers has a different take on it is so badly needed train station. A ought to be located at her at all water for a down column. And that we notes we know it's not going to be this terrible at least until somebody says well we only to buffalo 1000 lawsuit because you know the train station late in dangerous species that they don't give up hope on that central terminal I'll tell you right now we can have Led Zeppelin exchange we can put a blockbuster video. There we can make it. A place to sell into machines well it is illegal that they just like about this when he legalize weed let's do away with the first up restore the upper stories of the central terminal and used it as like a great cops broke don't have that dispensary on the grounds out to you what when they legalize weed the dams are gonna have a whole lot of primaries because there's going to be more people. They could think like they do but let's seriously. There's nobody else but it appears things that like Poland cars Byron brown and Brian Higgins they're not all on the same page on this matter is that just is that just theater. You know what that went all the cars leaked out that we've by the way we also need. It reminds that Amanda got a convention set to hundreds amid. It's like your your your pour and your you've lost your house you get your life back together and then the first thing you do is invest in like Lambert. You don't mean you don't need a Lamborghini if you put your life back together get yourself a job get an apartment worked your way back. Buffalo is not going to beat Cleveland and Pittsburgh overnight it's gonna take the Renaissance is gonna take awhile. And we got a good thing go with a waterfront Butler sakic crazy it's like this huge Star Wars don't get cocky kid. We got a little cocky here and where were start to put things on the wish list that really are needed I train station. You know we unfortunately didn't have to take a break and best serve you wanna hold out you're more than welcome to thriller at the guys back to the station which want to hold over. And it is hourly ability live from prior aviation. And at the party look it if you're not at prior aviation right now for the WB Ian buffalo means business even at. It's not too late to get here because this event is actually going to be going until 8 o'clock tonight and we still have people coming. And here's the beautiful thing it's only fifteen dollars you can buy the tickets at the or go online at by buffalo perks dot com. We are in hangar number two. Night or to think if it's Randy. And I don't have to park faraway look. Everybody we've seen has come and absolutely bone dry and everybody is totally raving about the shuttle service that were offering. The up buffalo liberty executive shuttle that has been. The like one of the highlights of this year's buffalo means business and frankly with the weather outside we couldn't have arranged for a better day. To have that now inside you can see a private jet you can see a training plane used by prior up close and personal or wineries breweries distillery is represented food places represented. A lot of great. Buffalo businesses altogether to celebrate 185. Years of buffalo against fifteen dollars at the door and is have been telling people what to becoming yet. Right now if the party is really just beginning because I have found over the years doing this and this is the support of the great events we do this this one has a lot of fun. The party starts now because by now people look at one or two glasses of wine. Him and I'm just saying yeah well it's really cool looking as a monster truck competition going on outside between what. A buffalo liberty cab and Nissan leaf from Hoover are actually gonna it's gonna. Volley ability of this ready about thirty WBE. So they were talking with a bunch of people during the break here it. Go back right so this guy comes up to us about you're talking well a lot there. Too. And your time is proposing. Some pros here. I'm sure go ahead which deals were to show. He comes back lives X school. I'm like I'd like that's possible security in Europe. Our own well I bet someone stole an umbrella that it is highly the problem here is not if I had though. We were supposed to be umbrella security detail and well I'm minute pop a cap it is that time that yet I think something. A grown man ProLogis dot lecture. Watching president Kennedy and sunny day bright men don't hold umbrella I don't think mentioning happened it's kind of like to me it's like that your English. Now about a that I I have to say that this this whether I'm afraid that you do not all the in this you do not. Lose points and man are you having a ballot in weather like this you still get dripping wet is. Yeah but anyway. Because you're working so hard anyway 80330. Is the thought of you know 330 start at thirty cellphone. And that we are live one of the stations big events of the year and this this it is. Think about the stuff that we do ya this I think this is my favorite event that we do it it's fun to watch people about Q Wednesday. It shows in years ago Carol. It's a leader in the military zones like get that was stationed in Texas for two years like Jeff. Now I've always Corpus Christi you. Each other up but you can like that is referenced the phone call they made seven and a half years ago to the show well aren't any labor black listeners can relate to this it's like a lot of laypeople like that every black person of buffalo knows every other black president buffalo. It's like wait well. What has really. Oh here we go. Does it just. It just Simon heard that her district that's going to be an article with Jeff's Jeff's haven't looked into art which is as pure as the slow a little immoral platform on which decree got pretty in my view that it's been splitting those that it literally is like. You'd ratio. I'm an important person that was the one thing that there was another one that was like. Show about a guy who stole your herbal from the cage and if you. Remember that. It. Actually echoes. What some people actually were there holes like. It was before which talk about orchids pickup truck posted it's back to be very. The key really close which view it. That. Much to. Rest. All right he's got like this act. Swiftly. Six inches these are our offense which secured the perimeter of the airport and the irony he's an eye doctor. Now. Have a coach to ask you about a specific joke and you remembered and I thought that was pretty yeah pretty impressive well. It's. So you don't focused culture altar server for thirty years ago. Or call that. Definitely is going to be too personally. Anyway I did hear it can't see apparently. Not Tom ice has claimed responsibility of top pocket earlier. Ice is has claimed responsibility and again this story. That's for timber being fired. But it if you that the situation parents. This situation. That an individual. Shot two police officers. You know and and it was near the location where the presidential debate occur earlier this. In pairs course there rob. They're big election coming up this weekend. Yes and currently. What is lying in wait for the motorcade was Kerry candidates for a year by. Political debate. Is currently. We know. Easter memory here that IC has targeted actual political. And it was actually it was successful. In Germany as a soccer game. Was Merkel and soccer game that was the art on. The outside the stadium. But where aunts and that Merkel on their side. I. Art for its. Broadcast live from -- age we hear it. Upright aviation witnesses the buffalo business. Now notes that day. Their. Lives by. With he is happy with it but it is not yet become the buffaloes means business because it's for fifty dollars. Work. Because actually where. The person. Who. I think that the situation is people rave about the executive shuttles that we use. We've persons we we shot and that's. That person's wish. I believe people. A lead though believe believe. War. Ticket here. It is well. Means business as those that even after the year. It is Agassi but he did quality. And start others there's a blues. And there's what was it like cars and nice. It jaguars. They're ours. Is that 9081 dot com that your public in. Seventy were. Great don't use them it's really. Amazing cars in 1987. Mercury's. You're like why. There are. Give our next next year at New Orleans where. It's probably. Like (%expletive) beat. It that are you use as this was your car and I choice because my grandfather. Our I get that treated. Because that car with my sister in law. She trashed. She trashed as future. She's not only does it. But that due to the net when he got it for free. Well. I was. Order please if you would of stood your ground exit some. Cherished card. And treasury put it under a little. It starts. It anyway it is. Our ability so. The because really there's guys that the 1110. Lead you can meet. The first. Or second or third. It's. In the output that umbrella now I. We. Are you oh key to GO witnesses there is here she went just accused us an umbrella. That. Misses bird. Microphone here so. Like here is you know of misses view I don't hear that well. So thank you so long story short. Sure you check out. There. That. There. So. It. Actually worked. So that. You guys this series access. Excuse. You're say. That you should not just about the fans with this truck. Over the hello there. Carol parking job is pretty awesome so way so finally we we don't we saw Eric church's airplane. And that gentleman hit Eric church is there. Part okay a case. Now here's like here's what I hate we god forbid something happens to better plan then the we're gonna call from the saying we are right by Eric churches play it and did play a pickup truck get irked with. Really began don't know about Eric church's tour buses out of the area where anchor Israel to work and but the jet is right here prior year. It affected Donald Fagen and Walter Becker probably use those very doors is just beyond. Sorry to cut it is this the VIP hangar. I think it has yet because I am a bit jet jet that can Alter got a pretty I us that's a pretty nice together look like corporate a corporately oh gently I would object to people leads but that it was a it was a very nice sort of organizer Chris. But at it guys come on down to up buffalo means business it's only fifteen bucks at the or is it really is. It's it's a lot of fun there's a lot of great businesses there and some people it will be very very happy that there is wine available. In side there is there yes there is line item that you might not be able to enjoy yourself but there is. Talking to misses her to me yes like I was not asking David up front line in what Hollywood David and reckless. We show our separate residences and beat any shot that went Luka. So anyway up with the record we got all the with a 55 camps. A certain wandered. All the way. So in case you missed it I would like to recaps of the things that go on on a that I that you the buffalo means business is happening until 8 o'clock tonight that's first and foremost. And the eggs that liberty executive shuttles are a big hit here. And there's a lot of great businesses in sight you can check out now what you missed today is if you missed any of the hourly development. We actually started out by talking about. Start out and almost a roar of battle royal begin with over the years. But who wouldn't want little anyway. So there there was a horrible shooting in Paris and we were sure if it was good it proved to be a terror attack of epic proportions and adults say that lightly and horrible terror attack. And it's very regret for couple of our families of Paris police officers because one Paris officer was killed another gravely will it. By a terrorist in Paris who apparently was waiting for his political motorcade go by France's elections are coming up on Sunday. But that was a -- appears to be a single shooter situation whether they had papers on the ground ball the guy -- they are okay rather wait a road report who goes and if they did have a spotter that which makes the conspiracy and apparently this guy it was an Islamic terrorist but we don't know that for sure we crisis and called other crisis has claimed responsibility but you know what ice has claimed responsibility for any exact thing he vetted the shuan. Which depicted in the empress and and I can't help out was not and we're talking Carl I'll deal about the situation with the central terminal. Because the central terminal is not I repeat is not going to be the location for the new tradestation that we don't need but the politicians wanna chance for throats and ironically ice has claimed responsibility for that as it if it's to give back a debt. I'm I'm convinced that. And back Karl has that look there's nothing wrong with the support term structurally there's nothing wrong with the central terminal environmentally assisted building whose time has not yet cup and I thought coming from the developer Carl out you know. Those were some very insightful comment because it's. The situation. With falls if you like you might remember where a place that is now known as the Giacomo hotel was it run down the lap but it office building. And Paladino delicate development. And maybe some others mature they've made that disgusting building in Q what is now a beautiful hotel in downtown Niagara Falls so it says the simple term is building whose time is not yet come I took a listen to Carl and also we're talking about the buffalo sabre situation because. You know papers were talking about off the year. You know as a as somebody who used to follow buffalo sports a lot more than that I do now I think Jeff all the periods are we to do with that but it's as somebody sir. As somebody who. You know used to follow them. I got sick at the tees and this does everybody else just get the idea that. It's just this game that we play in buffalo you come buffalo are going to be coach if you don't you've got two years maybe you can buffalo you're going to be the GM. Going to be here for two years maybe. Now the good news unsettled situation news at least Terry at camp would Guba. They pulled the trigger date you know they they knew it was working. And they were afraid to make the changes that they believe had to be made it may be Jack Ike with that the two with a maybe he did his agent the guys he said anything about an area like this again but long story short. It will be who is looking for. The fuel coach and general manager for the Buffalo Sabres they. Russ Brandon who who else why not bring in us excellent since 1997. With the Buffalo Bills you know. I just I don't understand why don't hear more people in the sports media call out rust branded that there are I should say that's true there are some people that but here's the thing. If your. If you're an age and your represented the next general manager or coach of the sabres or bills and that you get handed a five year deal. Do you just laugh at their fair and I. Mapping server five it's like it if your. You sit down you're like OK I am decide to be the coach of let's just go month to month let's just do that about a month I'm I'm getting yet you're the of those extended stays like if I could rent. That to my house no point buying a house. But the point is I think our listeners can relate to lose all I remember again. Scotty well in 19791980. Scotty Bowman the sabres the box that would breezes got people would ever repeated teenage boy that it myself while Scotty Bowman is running the Buffalo Sabres were gonna win the Stanley Cup they named a top. After him that yes they actually but you know obviously it. It never. And since that we've come maybe trying to close ones against the Dallas Stars. And you know we know the story about the Buffalo Bills in the worst rates of doubles and four straight losses but let's that technically this enormously is just this giant tease it would never going to be satisfied they're real. The real story today that Tom is desirous Quantico in alma. Would no pants on. Climbing the fence and asks a cop to shoot him which by the way Tom that's exactly what happened to me. After the last patriots game I was. Half naked. Asking any law enforcement officer to please shoot me. Because I can't take this anymore that's a really strange story or not to believe everything I read especially when it you like that at times you mix professional athlete in public at no pants you've got a story it's got to be thinking OK so he was added acts NC east all the sirens go. You gotta be thinking I mean apparently. Made a lucky me he thought they were after him she's always liked what I like oh. I don't have time to get my wallet picked the pants off man this is time we were gonna need to be a little bit more Agile than happy. Levis on got to take the pants off gonna take the shoes off and actually that's new that's drilled on the comp line you if that's not how fast if you run. Your underwear out by Arthur 400 that the real quick runs off 47 naked. 49. Well. I was gonna make a funny joke the hookers but if we have the more trouble not a day that it has been a very fun a bit I think if you remote with you. Actually got four but I won't forget I don't buy hourly development we let you guys got left president truck. Now another addition of out of context that would be and Russ Brandon. Dripping wet Russ Brandon. Russ Brandon my little jugular nugget Russ Brandon. Russ Brandon. Cause brain injuries.