3/7 Sandy's Interview with Andre Rieu

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, March 7th

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When I'm very true world renown Ontario is on the line I'm great thank you for joining us we appreciate it have those send me. I will tell you first I wanna thank you. A last year Andrei. I put it traveled trio. Grouped together sixty people are so and so we're going to see all of Europe but the high point will be and I under review concert in monster. Yeah we went there it was unbelievable. Won a moment it is life changing. I never saw an audience Andre was as much commitments to the people performing as the performers. Have two of the audience you'll be commended. At a particular month and I can tell you. Give concerts over the world but their confidence in my hometown and Maastricht phase bats or your right because you know and last year we hat. AT eight or 189 nationalities on the square now. You know whip his arm press. That we're coming the Maastricht again this year in July yes oh yeah learn in July I and then you're coming to buffalo right here once and a dark and we've got tickets from paso Udonis cover. Now I've come to a conclusion and see if you agree were made I think you have. The best job in the world. Because you're and you are on very little that is the best jump in let me go over this and see if you can find an flaws in my assessment OK that's. Q you play priceless stradivarius. Yet you conduct a peerless orchestra with yeah beautifully jewel and down women. Yeah tuxedo and manned. Use use speak Dutch English German French Italian and Spanish. You played a worldwide sold out concerts with a audiences that won't let you off the stage. You have them. You have the kind dance sing and stomping their feet while you transport them to the world a beautiful music and when the show is over. When it's over you go home to Marjorie where the two of you actually live in act castle. Not if I did I miss. It doesn't get any better than that. And opera and I thought I don't think I don't object I met him at the U herb they haven't had and. It wasn't this grant the stay out I read your biography ego last year. And at one time or your children were painting the abuse extend hands. And making sandwiches for inner mixed up and now you started that way and you really builds itself up. My first real hustle were sent to school of my board's Rico's we didn't have money to hire a rehearsal room. And to have Martha can we can we were nuts yeah you can do a bit but he didn't tell me that the trend. To it. It was meant winters so I remember that farewell up to five minutes one of their guys. To adopt and he said I'm not crazy. Realizing your recorded time and Ned Colt I go. And I think he regrets that a little bit not a. Our younger you know took piano lessons and the only Cassel and Matt got there. And you decided this is nice I think I'll buy it and now you live there. Yep but I have to tell you that piano lessons at the consulate that time was freight dock and grew media and morphed. And did an entity to work through that being totally up in their power and she was a bitch. What's good what's at its home might go up I still had to ya know. You are first of all when we arrived in in mastered it you look around we've seen mass storage on television and we've seen it all over the Internet and you can't believe you're really there. And then you are hardly wait to Wisconsin's guards. And the concert starts before you're even on the stage you'll walk out you've got your stradivarius you've sought and autographs and then the march you march to the stage it's remarkable opening. Yeah I left that because then I I already know cam ten no my audience you know. And I EU from the first second when I hear the applause and that he would. The audience I know they even is going to be like debt and then we you know we marks with the audience weakest part 57. And then we have where we get to feeling debt that I can look me in the eyes and I can put them because that's from me the most important thing traveling the world. That's after the concept. I can say I noticed people we got friends forever. It is is remarkable in the fact that the audience doesn't like Q the audience loves you get a if you watch the videos that are either online or maybe once you've purchased or are in the PBS. Are you see that there's going on in the audience that you don't see and other concerts. People are actually hugging each other kissing. There at all happy and every member of your entourage everybody up on stage. Don't miss a beat every every moment. There may present that that warm feeling that we're glad you're here in the audiences says we're really glad your here. Yet you are mistaking sandy I we DC and we think. I see everything no death screwed people up to the concept but yes it you use you have been then laughing or you have been. Peaches see it at its I see everything and that's my mother has told me when I was small book don't look to people into the I've talked to me that's not polarized. But that's exactly what I want to know I'm I want to group of people into the eyes because that's the way I am I. I can make contact with them. Via people you have vote working with a view. A residence when Carmen comes out and sings bevy you know apparel from blue Jamie. It makes me cry and the audience gives are rounding 00 ovation or more Russia. The singing ave Maria it takes you to a different place you're not in a concert hall Europe haven't if you are music you're there or. First of all common man is but being you know Oceana is a few years yes balls he is young. And and you know that's what I like it always did the pair did the tail it's. That makes the music that makes life not only in music. But the people ask me how can you do this all your life and every year again. It's did details you'll never stop going for a until. You with things that fuel. 100%. Weeds then and debts that that gets the fun and that it the Hannity. You can seek Harmon's eyes and your eyes nearly end of that song. You really are communicating and then in the audience exposed. What I like here's your attention to detail to view I'm gonna go over some venues where your world tour and certainly her US tour. But in Australia your shooter player waltzing Matilda in India in and then a will meet again in mass in Mexico. But if comes off as we know well I'm yes. Well up that through our debts so nice roomy and allow that to give to people something from there home from dead. From their home and debts and then you know we we play our conserved our program all of the world to same. But then at the end we love to play it's something from there plays and and I see. That they love that. And you're doing six concerts in Mexico City that's just one of your net international orders. And that they will not let you off the stage you know most concerts you go to you know that there's a certain amount. On cores that are expected. They won't let you go home I mean you pretend your following mislead people on stage and nobody ever notice that come out your pajamas. And they would still want more Andre at the what does it feel like. Getting off the stage after that kind of high. And we are Garces Kanye yeah it's really fantastic I can tell you. That is you know I'd. And Mike Todd was a conductor and term. That was classical music and don't buck poem you're. And he was a fantastic conductor but. This thing I missed in in depth concerts what's the interaction with the audience and and defect that you missed it since onstage. And played for them and not for themselves. And that is why I created my own caucus here with weight if only musicians that play went down hard only without heart. It you know it's amazing to me is how casually you handle your priceless stradivarius. You got it tucked under the or your walking his. Arms and at I assume that you don't put it in the overhead bin and the airplane and I have a special even seat or box war. Note coats and over. You sold forty million. Dvds CDs or whatever yeah 30 AM I've been number one chart positions. And V mix of music you play it's phenomenal. Everything from show tunes the classical whatever. I'd viewed do you use set up the set list on every concert or yeah. Regardless faster what does it feel like Andre. To you know cut the terrorists are ahead knocked Erica turned. I pray that that idea sitting in my part of his conduct their print what's under the claps to music and musical or hoped that we're that was good but for me there's no difference there it's only good them bad music so I don't make it's. Two border between pop and and and and classical music the so called classical music but. The way I play all this music is in the classical way so weak. We use our education on the clones of Victoria and all our ops to play. All the music we play in the best way we we think we can play it. For example the Valero for about alone. We played that Andy your eternal is eighteen minutes. But you know we live and quicktime. So well I passed the family up rob well if I can make it six minute first. And that's what we did so arm and and they set who we love it it's even better than that long for us. I'm a you know what's amazing about you there's not one thing you can point to a bit is in first class. You you view played John Breaux on a palace and you thought it should be nice to have a replica to take on tour. Why don't we just do it. And you thought about it cost the few dollars to do that yeah I was bank route out there. Oh my god I'm hundred sitting here again with that I have my money back back but it was due to the bank. Who was them sitting in my console here and threw them they're worth up to that at fencer Ira sort of 36 million below zero. Low and 00 what what should be doing and there was a lot of little bank man who was looking who were re looking on what what can we steal more from them. But the balls were sitting opposite to mean he said none on and let him play let him play because that's the only way to reconnect our money back. He was completely right so the year after that to him. That terrible his computer. All that all the holes than the world we're sold out because them you know I sold more ticket in that year. Then mobbed on the and Bruce Springsteen to god it's over. And your concert is such a mixture of you can actually go from song to song and bring people from laughter than tears. Yeah I've not seen that and I bit I didn't just fall off the concert trying to obstruct I've seen a lot of concerts I've never seen anything like yours. And also you are responsible for me to have many sleepless nights because of all on line. And and value up and explore in the morning I can't shut it off its life changing the neon. Thank you very much tickets that that that you know there's a lot of people made a meal or at me or it's good to me. And today I went through concert it took me two weeks to come down to earth with cook and that sinker that that's the biggest compliment you're going to be because. I want to send them home happy and and having the feeling that the I'm happens because that is for me haven't. Along with a happy when we add fuel. Last year ice that we go to Gordon and so we've booked another two this year will be in monsters John. July 8 and that we get back the buffalo when we find archer you're going to be a buffalo to. And you go from Bob this is good from buffalo to Buenos Aires that's quite as quietly. That's very good if I had I don't wanna ask you one question that it's important to me I love cars. And I I heard you say that your first car after you made a few dollars. Was to get a Mercedes and how how good you felt driving in a way. When you're driving now on my Bob Iger yeah that's I don't see behind me I am here they're very intrusive. And out. But did it that it you know it's not a fantastic card you you have to feel as always if it is. Yup I love that that video piece of use surprising somebody you're in a a limo and a man gets out there and is the woman there and she obviously is huge fan. Next thing you know you get out of the limo and play the violin four I it's remarkable. Owed it was in Australia and no I think so yeah. I got got got there was an that and it's traded him program Bloomberg then. That base there we played that who knows that well known program and in the on course. And that the produce so the programs that you played hard Joseph and cash and can you come in the program some next day I wasn't and in this it girl. Here is here we have here are your itineraries first of all we're very happy that your. I was gonna come and see you near Christmas and England mental health problems like couldn't but I will see you when you come back here let's see who is on the US tour. You're you're going to start September 15 the Milwaukee going to Chicago. And Detroit Washington and Philadelphia. New York City Boston Montreal Quebec Ottawa buffalo on September 29 so anybody listening are from Canada this listening now. Or if your from Ferrari wanna come down that show will boundary will be on September 29 and then you go to Buenos Aires. Are the audiences different. Say yeah let's say the American audiences from the European audiences are they basically similar. I I can tell you it. That them you know we we go to new York and then people to roll my god to have very sport and new Yorker regard to very sad. And Japan via all of no to people all over the world that same warm heart. And you know music. I think my music is the optic go straight to your heart. And and that is what that view every night music doesn't work you know what that's why were instrumental music. You know I too much I take my violin and play for you and you know exactly what I want to tell you. What amazes me on stage we view it is you speak Dutch English or German French Italian and Spanish. And you go from language the language in the same sentence on the same paragraph without missing a beat. And if you look out in the audience and you see the flags of the various nations yeah yeah that's got to it's like your trying to the UN every night with a it up my Maastricht I have really to obtain through our. Words it's for all time but it is once hit the that is Brussels. You know Brussels. Is it terrible because. I'm originally Brussels it's dots you know Indian days ago worth Holland. But now own the French to corporate so. And when you when you have the feeling that throughout something in Brussels and not to speak French. So I come there and I because it's normally doubts are speak Dutch and on the front that was franks. And down. And then you know that I am but that's Wii doesn't think it's it kicked him over from England and that they felt. Oh my god makes me crazy yeah. The international tour policy starts march 6 would you in Mexico City and I see you're doing six dates there. Now I and then you're going to Tel Aviv with Florida it's. Germany Austria Slovenia. Croatia Poland and Czech Republic Austria Bulgaria. Denmark. Maastricht. Now and let's see Argentina Australia they love you all over the world I think personally. You can do anything except one thing. I don't think you can cross the street. Without getting run over it and in the in Canada the Netherlands by a bicycle us I didn't I never saw so many bicycles as in the Netherlands. It's true and a year ago I actually almost can't. If I don't sit back and he's he recognized me and he'd. He would I'm the left or my mayor books or on some sort of that dome was killed under area all that's left at one. Art thing to say to you my friend. I I knew I was just say this. Going to one of your concerts is seriously a life changing event and you know what I wish. I would Johann Strauss would come back sit in the audience of one of your shows. Because the name of your cursory as the Johann Strauss orchestra yeah they would be so he would be so happy and so proud that you you do that. I hope on that and that it. Really I left your works because that's that would give me a really good feeling and he would say Andre. You're doing it well. And one more thing Andrei I've seen millions of pictures you every single one year and a tuxedo. Tell me you're not working at Roxio now. I have had to hang around my house well or banged around the castle blows. I am and that I make a picture of myself I'm. I've tended to you about it thank you lie I was in Maastricht in policy in buffalo and we are so appreciative. Of your very valuable time thank you my friend you are the best thank you governments and the byline.