3/22 Beach and Company Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Thursday, March 22nd

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I'm very LS commercial stuff said they mentioned Luigi is our transit there's Medved says swarm bill in that area right. Diagonally across from a swarm of fire department. Let me just say this about low wages they have the best lasagna. Ever. Anyplace. Anytime. Anyway. Louis g.'s best lasagna ever and see them a while ago a drug really good guy to an Amazon is like home. Let's go to our jam in Hamburg Jameer on WB again. We're proud that. Bank stress because you know now I know we're getting by annex next serving goal. Well I was I had total wages you got that right what's going on gem about FaceBook. Yeah Obama that this I've just been doing it for I don't know. I'm on at 10 o'clock Pakistan repeat step by myself. Anyway. Yeah I guess it's kind of the goal is listening to one side of that political party pushing. An agenda about the data being open source store access MySpace is not just look at the entire Internet. Everything is is just plain text. And now Marquis Cooper I just call Marky Mark because series you'll look at that. And I'll open source database Harvard. And we started the other talking about their craft and that they didn't get their IPO can really go a long ago in the mid thirty. And our secure I want sixty by 167 certain religion now battery is just there's more that they're chasing after FaceBook. And I find that pretty ironic. It's obvious he's become a target hearses. Let's say Microsoft. Well you know Obama but he deserves to it's pretty well known and and was hey there is being looked forward thinking this campaign is. And are there was no backlash there I think it has the zoo as much with the candidates. As a do as it did those are where they got the information wrong. Easier. Trumpet is that target what do you like him or not you know they're getting things done and it. The other day Hillary Clinton had I it's this art climate. I guess it. So I think this the world order. And that it wants to I think we're religion it was going to war trumped caucus. Or America was becoming part of this you were aware United Nations says you know we're we're just gonna become another. Element just this this global movement. Out rush rush was mentioning that a few days ago same thing yeah the let's get together under the European flag or the United Nations flag or whatever. Is that something that was an obvious target for Obama not not on the radar screen and Donald Trump and so he's been a target ever sentence. I think based book right now back bit they've opened up under the empire missed the last administration REIT Q import show it to do it. Opening up the open Internet source Jim and and we're seeing that are offshore. So now this he's IP blocks there are being accessed. Across the world. Uprise and how long commute now all around where resource service and that all the data goes out and actually in this day. As well he gets broadcast over to the Central Europe so people are on the rise and Colin Stewart out all four days to publicly android. Which happens to you or because distill what Java platform. Oh this guy is just like everybody. Why and I am the last newscast Saturday. One of the senator's eyes I don't recall which one I was. Says we got to get our arms around this and talk about some kind of regulation. But when I when I hit the word regulation. It gets me nervously goes very seldom. The more they metal. Two of the better against is usually the more than metal worse against so I don't know hours and go from here you think. Congress is gonna jumping in there and say we're gonna have more or congressional oversight. I I I think our government right now so far behind the idea equality like watching that the computer based. It is they're just being absolutely regulation and trying to that they move at this pace of slot that got a lot incredible. Well I I like your ID characterization and I think you're right Jim thank you political operation. Are you guys these are regarding your arms around this. Because they they want to be associated I'm surprised Chuck Schumer hasn't set up as little Lola. Cardboard. Stage in and jumped up on us and we're going to straighten out FaceBook. But FaceBook. It was it was used by Obama no problem. Raised reviews by you have by trump big problem that's because everything the trump does. Is a big problem for the other side let's go to Dave in Toronto David you're on WB again. Yes it will all roll. That you. Is that distinct possibility that this gate that I and then the game back into the US. Now they're very maybe maybe it did maybe didn't okay thank you David. Where asking you 803930180616. Niger reserves so I'm I'm thirty. Is FaceBook give you an honest let's appraisal. As soon did you get what they said you would get. Keep in mind is says information. This is FaceBook now it's as information will be shared with the business partners. And wit and densities conducting academic research and surveys. Now just in that one paragraph. It's basically everybody. Where do you when you draw the line on business partners. That means you go to FaceBook. And say he's here here's ten dollars I'd like some information. They can give you some information and suddenly your business market. Okay academic. Information and is also part of that they said area academic research and surveys. That's everything. So they had it covered him one paragraph. Now keep in mind here's how FaceBook replied. People knowingly provided their information. No systems were infiltrated. No passwords are sensitive pieces of information were stolen or hacked. Now just in those two blurbs that I just read to you seems like FaceBook is pretty well covered. I think if your looking for the problem get a mirror I think the problem is you know you put stuff out there. That you may be didn't want disseminated. Either gonna help a candidate. Or to hurt a candidate or whatever reason you didn't want it to it is shared. But if you read read the information when you sign up they have the ability to do that and the right to do that so. Don't here's a lesson don't post anything. The jury either don't want generally seen or traveling or are said to somebody else or some other country or anything else. Don't post anything that's proprietary. To your life will take a break your return on newsreader I'm thirty WB and. Some on the decks more were trying to diapers Barbara resides at aboard. That Crist who stopped on the way home and then a cup of coffee at McDonald's a two greens and assure. And when he got home found out his house have been broken and do it says America's rule workers is Chris is busy filing a police report. So he is he's not in the police what was stolen from his house seat it's not good to post everything. There's there're there are Paronto was out there waiting for you. And parameters are kind of the current Everest and so they're going to eat up any information you put out there and when you say you're at the movies. And they know how long the movie lasts guess what your houses all alone going get that from the movies. So he got to really be careful I think when you do that you really leaders oval and it. People do it anyway let's go to pat you on a cell phone pad on WB. Well or. Are. Apparently. Well. According to. It's not the Obama. Dropping out. In its marchers Obama you. Social media report. May help us out on didn't. Get information and then. Aggregate. Should. Rating. Each. And other. People like Nationalists use people. Well all information bundles that's exactly what they do look at any any bit of research you do you always do that. Because if you're just looking is it's like looking okay. We have integrated radio or we'd do regular ratings we do a moment to two weeks a year. And you get first of dog you get the overall view which is twelve plus. Anybody that's twelve years old implies that they have all the devils and the demos are what really Gary and gets their radio station. I'm I'm good stead when their clients or not. And they're divided up. By a by Dem I demographic inside the graphic reasons so. That's how information packages are disseminated. What you're your capsule right. What they're looking at different levels and when you're able to extract from there. For the purposes radio you would go and come. Ready age. All of those. Yeah. Got more looser. And talked about of people you know what. Whether they're no more nationally is viewpoint what a Mac or whether they work. More left. But remember one thing all of the information if there was filtered through FaceBook. All of the information as there disclosure is right there that they are allowed to share and there willingly shared it and they did not have. And they did not break in the use anybody's passwords so information that's out there let's say out there that was freely given no audio legally chosen. A what difference does it make how they divided up they're gonna look at they're gonna look at things that are helpful to them they're going to use their strong points and that. Eliminate the weak points. Well let's them Mark Zuckerberg. Yesterday there's FaceBook there's specific policy that brought it. Groups like there's Cambridge analytic up from eight. They're separating it out and and disseminating. Well I think if these second party did something illegal. We give me legitimate. Card collection of data. That's a that's the difference or of course. But in their case the second party was working what trump you. So giving up an idol and that Vicky are here are reporting out the differences between what Obama did with very generic Manila. Demographic information. Mercer there's more specific. Well Lloyd you're telling me of all I know the point you're trying to make torture actually tell me is there less adept at using a precisely. In other words if you're trying to gain information. On lifestyles. And and choices and all of that the more precise shooting get the better because it's a you'll whom a market up against. What the community as a whole Leo's. And it is a certain percentage of that community does this percentage does this and then you make up your battle plan on how your going after this. You're you wanna go after the biggest targets the most effective ones the most cost effective ones. And all of bat. Is it is common practice. In as far as disseminating information and making it that part of your game a game plan. I agree 100%. With the exception. From the other side. They look at their specific policies that are. And it company did it anyway that would seem to violate the spirit of what it was nobody should be violating somebody's heart that you. Well I see your CEO of the offending group there has have been what put on administrative leave something like that. Is. Got over the information he got in trouble because he's got. In order to get you clients we would send a hooker after the movement. All last night and I I've ever radio ratings books on members and hookers involved hey hey tack. That is good it's not clear goals again we appreciate it. Hookers while announcing that. Ottawa touch them and I'm a lot of worker. I don't blame Leo yeah that's that's their judgment. Are right. Look at best anyone need a new truck I stole Christmas struck while he was at the police station throwing out the crime report. It comes with some a whole. I read that I. I'm pretty creative people out there who can be pretty funny when they want to be and that's that's very good so so far Chris. Say oh wait questioned why anybody. Would put where they are I'm going to be there. You know all kinds of things on on FaceBook because you open yourself up through the criminal element. So Kress. I started off the day here on our tax board. Which is our version of that and export and he said that Adam he was going to stop the yard gets gets a bullet. And that we found out later that he did and he got pine. Will we weren't sure if it was going to be fine it was fine on his way home he stuff. At McDonald's coffee. He as usual copy while he was doing this and everybody knew he was robbed because a person's activities and I just robbed Chris is arousal or is there. And that we wonder where Chris Chris discovers house was robbed. And went to the police station to file a police report which is which is supposed to do now I guess it's next. That that while he was throwing out the police report. They knew where his truck was in the stolen so this is a bad day for Chris all league does he decided to share. Everything that was important to him with the general public and there's adolescent boys and girls wa wa wa wa. I will keep proprietary information to myself a shared things that I don't care. If blue is my favorite color and you tell everybody I could care less in I mean. That's fine but when you get and others that you're going to be a variety careful. Let's go through frank in buffalo fret your on WB yeah. I seem to be given Kurdish over many years they drag him. Well pretty well I think get a run on the Obama administration was lauded applauded. For the work they did with social media. They gave him an apple is centrally that you signed on for. Then Anna gave you permission. To view not only mine information. But all the people right here on FaceBook as part of this area. You were able to basically sock out. Our whole bunch of people from just one person say yeah I'm interest that I want to helper clerk. Be part of the campaign. Are okay so yeah I remember. That they were patting them on the back for being progressive. Not politically aggressive just progressive banking the using today's. Information drag your shirt you're right. But there are strange enough was not a big outcry about that Franken I'm glad you brought that up thank you. Yes sometimes like with the I was reading books I don't know if they do this with a kind of information that they got from FaceBook. And they have to wait every once in a while if if the percentage of respondents coming back doesn't doesn't correspond with the same percentage of people in the community. They are they waited up. So that I would say five people who would normally represent five people suddenly they have the represented eight peoples of his weight up with a five people says. So that's that's something gave them for years and years and years and something you are you learn to read that sort of stuff. With the information package they got from FaceBook who knows. Who knows because I don't know structured information was. Good but then the his FaceBook came knocking at the door like a friend. And you trust a best friend or maybe you didn't read all the what their friends and was required. Because next thing you know. That information that you thought was gonna stay right there was someplace else. And now you care you should've cared before your proposed that it because when you post that it's gone. Is gone Amy's that you don't have a good luck trying to get it. We'll be back remark I'm newsreader I'm thirty WB act. That's good beach in government may here's the deal of the day let the kids play all day at least some bounce. Geared to kids admissions for the price of one that's two kids emissions through leaps and bounds for just ten dollars. It's today's deal of the day from my buffalo perks details of my buffalo perks dot com. All I think Chris is in trouble. Because I'm getting more tax. I think this is from his boss Chris first of all you called in sick today. And not only did you buy lumber you're using the company truck to get it sure would you are fired. Chris the fired. William and just before that. Chris came home inside his house have been robbed. And his girlfriend was there she called or chris' girlfriend. As you want the mother because she wasn't on FaceBook. And nobody knew about it it's a year after after you've track Ares. Oh here's one how much is the truck. Say you've got to say this is like Revver is that our our game on radio grow once on the shelf. Every small town radio station played what's on the shelf. And they would have liked a peanut butter sandwich and Visio and you have to guess I mean it was like remarkable radial. But anyway very infrastructures result we don't know what it is we're kind of engine doesn't have as an all wheel drive is at four wheel drive what is so long as the matter is that the long back short bed is it via. Six a six person or is that the troopers and what that's like the last twenty minutes little trainee here and W does exactly what's going on. All. I cannot region an excellent. It's funny. Here's my suggestion. Get a job and in her come do their show me your read these because it is so these are very very. Funny I can tell you that. I now let's get back to let's get back to what you believe in maybe you're just wanted to get a board because everybody is talking about are you on FaceBook like what you're not on FaceBook when your cave dweller. Everybody's on FaceBook and we wanted to tell everybody all about our lives we wanted to call about. Things that are so important to us that we're sure you'll be interest. In true as a lot of people assigned oven and and was anxious to get all the info they can. On online where you with praise Morgan and they found out that. Well gee you mean they collect that information. And they have it it doesn't take a genius to figure it out if you surf the web it believe me it's not hard to figure out that they keep track of everything. This is a quote from ID an article in the New York or Los Angeles Times right David Lazarus. Who did not rise from the dead. It's from Scott Shackelford who is an associate business professor. All FaceBook users have to understand. That the reason for the firm is the reason is so profitable is because our data is gold. And where giving it away for free. So you have to remember that that finger means nothing to you you know it's like it's like putting things out of the curb on trash day. You'll notice that there are people who come around before the trash trucks. And in cherry pick the stuff you put out there so do you who was junk. But of a person cherry picking its money its goal. And that's exactly the scenario you give would have FaceBook somethings may seem innocuous some things that are trivial not important. But they're important somebody and if you combine them. I put them together people willing to pay for information they always have. Information has always been for sale and information is what drives business. If you going to be competitive it drives our business certainly more information you have the better now Facebook's edit in this is if you are judge. And you believe what FaceBook says you say you're bizarre no fault and I would say that their right to win this quote. People knowingly provided their information. No systems were in infiltrated. No passwords are sensitive pieces of information. Were stolen or hacked. Now if that's true. I mean that's. Summary judgment and this leg of you know. Because it says in. In this article although the company's terms of service. Are emphatic FaceBook. Users own what they post. If you look in the FaceBook separate data policy it's takes a media a broader view. It says information will be shared with the business partners. OK and with and agencies conducting. Academic research. And academic research and surveys. So that's virtually. Everything. So if you are okay well that. And then suddenly they put out I am going to. They're going to unite here presidential candidates say hey good to be here in Keokuk Iowa. Where Millie Jones. Each say your red pepper every day I've known as Arabic like that. At all but what they're gonna do is they're gonna combined. In this case they have billions of people. I don't know how many air India in the sample. I and the exactly what they provide but the bottom line is that the larger sample size you have. Tends to be more accurate so. The bacon they have a very large sample size if they want and go out and and mind whatever they have and that's premium information. Now regarding somebody earlier said well there were road. They were really processing and looking for things like echo what he's white extra emphasis on America I don't know how they would glean that information. Because even if you were a white extra points. I don't know what you would have to say or do or post. For that to be the extracted. His people don't. I don't think. Go around saying yes I'm Harry what are you Lima common gardener. All I'm bill Obama white extremists I don't think date they do that so I don't know how they could be. Kind of take the the gist of what they're saying and converted that. Let's go to a merry castor Mary here on WB again. The boring and it's hello Mary. Maybe I have a maybe a different take scientists let I. Number one I don't have a computer I use it in the library but the other thing is FaceBook. I mean I what these people are doing everybody you know poor me poor me or this is terrible and FaceBook the effect is. Any time people just. Everything is that. Why didn't they read the pre can contract before they decide if you really want your information out there even that they believe that it would be shared. Believe me people do not read anything. Look at just get a get a statement from your bank about their new privacy policy is probably eight pages long nobody your exit. It's reported on and others are expected out for the sake you know this thing they privacy guard but that they can just say these little things that we still can do this that and the thing. That's why we have lawyers Clinton. This site entitled history. Might sound terrible and un Christian and everything else what. I don't feel sorry for the people I have no sympathy and then they got what they deserve because. People have to start learning to. Before you just post something. How do you know that maybe this week you're saying you know like all these people I didn't like I would like I haven't given unlike some of the people. But that all the for the next week you do something stupid at all and people are starting the ratings sink it and you. Maybe you were falsely accused of something. How do you go back and. On line exactly and and they get this false sense of security I have 8000 friends of 8000 friends you wanna know ask those 8000 people are bigger bar a hundred dollars well we'll find out you're like if you have one friend. And your family too he wanted to another phone I just don't don't just had a baby put it on FaceBook now. I don't have a computer so everybody in the world knows that my nephew or niece or somebody out that's but they get and maybe all that great. I don't know this. Yeah I and another was that a bit of people do that they post up about their family health and things like that. Information that is so tightly held in this state like New York urban liberals and yet that your sister will blog posts something about it does he just had a an operation he's now Jewish. I think here are. You know let's got to pay attention in this. And then you can't undo something that point I can feel like you know old fashioned but the fact that if you wrote something. And you voted. It's there. It's very new got to stand by that penalized unless you are an issue out yourself as just being a fabricated or the other person not exactly. Only thing is. They effect is that what do you mean by this. Now Mary I have to tell you this you've called to show many times and you're very learned woman and we don't like to argue but. I have notes about all the things like it don't like and send me ten dollars and I'll send them I'm going library. OK I ivory till merit badge if regular mines. It's amazing how people you know yes. Via via mr. had a vasectomy while but it's not this beamer or or his father is our goal is a certain some guy named beamer from Cleveland. So you don't know you pay attention you've got to pay attention. Will be back we're more we're preaching companies under his regular 930 W media. The couple more text before we go to those he beamer. Poll about this is what the truck is there Chris head until he has stolen. GMC canyon crew cab red four by floor and ice nice wheels thank you very much or. I I I don't get involved with stolen merchandise. But thank you for the thought. We're trying to prove a point when you go online. And its people are you are all the time that's not a good thing necessarily because if you're out of home. Maybe they will be at your home deciding what they're gonna take when them. RI but. See. I have to say something first I think also for people my age it's really interesting when people are relationships you can tell when the going through a bad time Campbell take themselves out of a relationship on FaceBook changed their profile picture back it's like. We don't you know every time you guys are an argument that your react on FaceBook. So you have to report it's a status report. Yeah how about 915. Champagne 930 got lucky. You know that kind of things of that nobody of the I forty feisty gal and you a lot of out of state calls from Mike Arizona. Montana and stuff. I'd probably make their money. Because the phone rings and when you pick up there's nobody there unless they get paid for you picking up the phone. What what good does that phone call of the affair you know their chances are that. Ice I get a call from Arizona every morning around this time but I ever since I heard the report that people with our records you sane how low. I'm a musician or hello yes I don't answer I only answer calls my until the end I know the number and I will answer I'm not want these people that. Cole the Rezko and I'll hang up and and tax them you called that is the most infuriating thing I made it through nobody answers the phone more now all right what do you abuzz UB. Lawrence says unfortunately now that I'm retired I'm on FaceBook more and more often every day. In order to maintain contact with many of my former co workers who like to see anymore retirement can be a very isolating boring experience. In its great to see what the old gang is doing. Well it as I mean it's going to keep up with people all around the country that's an advantage it has. It it'll you to do things in you can look up things and you can make context that you just couldn't do. Or is not practical with the library. Or are just normal means of communication so nobody is saying that there aren't really useful things. I'll blood to unfortunately. Wherever you have. A little potted goals something nice. Something useful somebody wants to come along and besmirched it. And a follow up or steal whatever and other ways Terry goes it's sad to see how much of my high school friends and aged I. I that's true and what do you know. What surprised thing too is if you get political like we just finish it seems like. Yeah yesterday. The presidential election when you were in high school. You probably didn't talk a lot of politics with your friends so you really didn't know their politics. And and generally viewed you graduated from high school then you may have gotten interest in politics but you don't know if your views match somebody else's that we're friends we view. And that's why you're surprised how many people country's borders said. Wow. I'd really. Like this person anymore I'm out of here and they unfriendly you want that. It's like here you know of throwing miracle water doubled from a dogs they do and I want gay duo like that. Janet who is getting on an airplane today at 650 to fly to Richmond OJ and a Mecca that's my mom or not. And if she says. If you have a number of friends and family living elsewhere it's a great way to stay in touch however you do have to be careful I posted things during the election that I now regret. I'll have to say I had no idea how sensitive people I would never drop her friend over politics but several dropped me over my political views I regret that I offended. Well that's that's who Greg it's nice what I don't like his facetime I don't use it that much I've probably used it all my life. Six or seven times but it's it's cool yeah abusers and oh yeah yeah I. For certain people. Ha ha yeah. I you have to be in the inner circle right buzzing yes well I do have to say I hope my mom and sister have a great trip to Richmond over on the week and it's very nice. You folks are big go to Virginia supporters well since he's amateur in my my parents are from Virginia all that's why yeah like Virginia was very nice we have no finally appear in buffalo are outside the immediate all of this is what you retreated to so. This story before me and my sister were born my my dad got transferred thirty some years now average is and I stay here that says the first voice over work drug efforts a beautiful state great to drive drive through the politics are shifting a little too much. Who are very hungry I'm not down there you have another voice. Appalling says pros TV up was schoolmates from the past sharing pictures to Farley relatives cons too much personal life stuff. Too many pictures of stupid stuff like what they had for dinner. Toomey bullying kids but tooling and certainly kids bully other kids that they quote don't like. You know what I do like I like to create appeared people that are creative. I go on there and they pose creative things or maybe I'm just soft but you may show cats doing what we go fun things and stuff like that. And then is you see a lot of people who are genuinely funny just funny a -- poses a shortage of people are funny. If you're not funny Norah naturally you're probably never going to be funny. But there are a lot of naturally funny people. We don't get an opportunity and so this is their chance. And they forward things that that are very amusing very good nonpolitical just fun and I like that side of the entertainment side. Elaine and I'm sorry a length feel like I do prose is used to be a lot of fun cons. It's not that much fun anymore. Well that's what a lot of people said and during the presidential campaign it was war it was war I can't tell you how many times Tony who was an avid online kind of guy. Say oh by the way somebody earlier said. Where's Tony. With Tony's having a cup of coffee and then he's going to McDonald's and he's going to go lumber yard now. Tony was injured. Pretty injured both outwards and elbows yes both of his elbows it was almost. His garage door I was kind of like frozen and went that lifted up. Abide by hand and just gave him that and popped out both of his elbow joints. It did something legal agreements or whatever so he is incapacitated. And there hasn't been here for a few weeks while he's recuperating because both of his arms are like in mobile. And if you know how the producer of the show works everything Mary do you have to touch something. You it's such a Mike but mute charger commercials sometimes you touched a call screener jurors rumored. There are. Still spread amongst all kinds of things that you have to nobody you have to have mobile albums you can't do this either. And Tony used to do that why one when he was working on my anger frustration and he still works here but he's at home these. It Homs saying I wish I could do that I know you can't you cared anymore. Do you think maybe I mean no you can't it's not possible. I got about wraps it up. Thanks in opposing big men and frank and and earnest we're always trying to so she'll answer that. I was there tomorrow morning and payment is greater than thirty but first wave arm and it. It's time for the cash code the thousand dollar cash code word for this hour is still. Used to. Tax bill through 72881. For your chance to win a thousand dollars.